Jaecyn Bayne’s “Stateside”

Hip hop artist Jaecyn Bayne (pronounced Jason Bain) is the cousin of a Marine that’s done 3 tours in Afghanistan. Jaecyn wanted to show his thanks and appreciation to him and all the troops that have risked their lives so selflessly. So, he did it the way he knew best – through song.

I’m a music lover. I listen to literally everything…even Perry Como. And while my man musical interests are in the rock and country genres, I’m a huge 50 Cent, DMX, Ice Cube and Eminem fan. I think people would be surprised to hear that. What’s funnier is that I only buy the clean versions of their music, so usually half the songs are blank.

With that said, I really like this song. I like the beat, the melody, and the rhythm. The rhymes are flowing I could see being something I put on my iPod (before it was stolen). I also like it because it’s not not vulgar or demeaning in any way.

Watch the video. Listen to the words. Its just a clean song. For the troops. Listening to “Stateside,” you’d think that Bayne is a combat veteran. He’s not, but he sure has tapped into the mentality of those of us who have been there.

“I think the song would be a strong motivational tool and help a lot of soldiers mentally and emotionally to hear these words,” Jaecyn told me.

I agree. I think you will too. If you’ve been deployed, you can feel this.

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