Jakson Adams Is A Fraud

I’ve been writing about the military dating scams for far too long. Far too long. I’ve recently decided to stop just talking about it and actually get involved. I have a little extra time on my hands since I’m alone in this here garage for a few months.

So, I’ve started to converse with these morons. Interestingly, they’re starting to disappear. It’s amazing what happens when you challenge them. The key is to stick to one of just three questions to assure yourself that the person you’re talking to is a fraud:

1. What is your AKO?
2. What unit are you in?
3. Send me a picture of you holding a sign with a heart around my name (for the ladies).

That first question is the kicker. I asked one guy to tell me his AKO and he sent me his first name. I asked him what that was and he said his user name. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not an AKO user name. The unit one is fun if you know anything about the military, but if you’re not in the military do some research if he answers that. It’s not hard to figure out if the unit he claims to be in is actually deployed (as most of the these scammers claim to be).

One such guy I’ve been messing with lately scams women by the name of “Jakson Adams,” a Soldier who doesn’t exist by the way. I traced his IP back to Africa and asked him about that.

Hello CJ,
I still defend my self and you don,t know anything about me. stop saying what you don,t know and don,t think you can put me to fear. I am who i am as i stated, and stop talking rubbish. You said i should,t contact the ladies again and i think you must come and get me rather than wasting your time over where you are. I reply this mail to you because i wanted you to come traced me.

Grammar is a major indicator of a scam. Very few Soldiers type as bad as EVERY SINGLE one of these scammers does. So, I asked two simple questions: What is your AKO and what do you do in the Army? His response? “I don,t have time for you.” That was cut and paste by the way, comma and all. I explained to him that if he didn’t answer these simple questions that the good “Jakson Adams” would be exposed as a fake. He didn’t seem to care much.

Tell everyone that am fake. I don,t have time to prove my self to you. If i do what will i gain by wasting my time to prove who i am. I have a lot to do and please tell everyone that am fake because that is your job. try and contact [name deleted to protect victims] to send you my picture so you can past it at all the dating site including my name. i think that will make sense, don,t write to me anymore because i will not reply. i have giving you the go ahead and do what ever.

Well, “Jakson Adams” did provide some pictures that he most likely got from elsewhere on the internet. I’ll publish those at the end of this post, but first my continued pressing into who this dude is.

You will just change your name to another fake Soldiers name. You just wasted more time not telling me what unit you are in. The picture you sent Trish is not you, it is a REAL Soldier. Someone worthy to wear the uniform. Someone who isn’t a criminal panty waste who doesn’t get scared from his own shadow like you are. Why is your email coming from Africa if you’re an American? Can you explain that to me? That seems weird!! Oh wait, you AREN’T an American.

When you change names, I will find you again and post that name. You will change again and I will post it. I will continue to hound you because I now have your IP address and find you wherever you go! Maybe you should just start finding real ways to make money by actually working for a change. You can start by cleaning up elephant poop.

Hehe, I said elephant poop. He didn’t like it, either.

You are a fool to tell me to start cleaning up elephant poop. I can see you don,t have anything better to do. Just write back to me and let me know the kind of job you will like to do. I said this because you are always on you computer doing nothing and i suggest you need a job. waiting

Well, you know me. I’m not one to leave a good scammer waiting. He has a lot of women to get to and no time to be waiting around on me.

Me: I’m in the army, unlike you.
“Jakson Adams”: So you think i don,t know who is written to me? I do and just pretend i don,t know.
Me: Yeah, you’re a great pretender. Like when you pretend to be a soldier.

For some reason, I haven’t heard from him since. The same goes for “Christain Browning” that I was talking with for a LONG time on Yahoo Messenger who also “didn,t have time for me” when I continued to press for his AKO. He has oddly disappeared from Yahoo as well. Here are the photos of “Jakson Adams” being circulated among various women.

Now, “Jakson,” if you’re a real Soldier, I challenge you to leave a comment to this post and prove me wrong. I’d hold my breath, but I’m not ready to beat the crap out of Murtha’s hellbound soul just yet.

Now as for the photos, a dead giveaway that they’ve been stolen from another person’s blog or Facebook page is the size of the images. Typically, they won’t be bigger than about 130kb, the size that most Facebook photos are edited to. If you the REAL Soldiers in these photos, please have them contact me.

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  1. Has anyone had dealings with a Sgt George Paul Reynold suppose to be in Eggers camp, Kabul, Afghanistan .
    Divorced with one Son called Daniel x wife is supposed to be living in Texas.
    I ave been chatting to him for 6 weeks and yes Ive sent money but Im having massive doubts .

  2. Hello All-

    As ashamed as I am to admit I was scammed by this FOOL who turned me into an idiot. I don’t consider myself a stupid person and somewhat cautious and very leary. David Wagner contacted me through facebook and I never thought a thing about it. It was just a friend request. As a friend I would chat with him and his words would play with my mind and my heart. Being in the gullible state that by the way I didn’t realize I was in I fell in love with the words thoughts and the idea that somebody out there LOVED ME. And call me STUPID, INSANE, or anything else you want but never being in love before my life was in a whirlwind and I got swept totally off my feet. His story was good and believable. Everything he told me matched with what I was hearing on the news. I did send him money amount not disclosed. He needed just $XX to have enough to get his plane ticket to come home to ME. Once he got that money it wasn’t enough he needed $XX more which by the way I did not send but probably would have if my best friend hadn’t found this site and warned me. Thank you for your wisdom and may God forgive these people for the pain they are causing.

  3. See if anybody knows kelvin or kevin Kump kelvinkump212@yahoo.com Afganistan city Kabul, He hasn’t ask me for money yet, real sweet, Email me if anyone knows this one //////// Thanks Patty

  4. Jackson Adams has created a new identity. They stole pictures from a white man who lives in Denver,Co and South Africa. He contacted me on a dating site and we have emailed each other. Once he got my email address they removed the profile off of the site. The story that is used now is that he is a widow his wife died from cancer and he he has two kids. He claims to have several college degrees although the grammar in the emails are horrible and are cut and paste..I did my own research and found the name Jackson Adams and found him on a dating scammer site with the same pics and emails he sent to me. I am not an idiot I will not be involved with or communicate with someone who is shadey.

  5. Hello Everyone, I just have been in this scam situation on Facebook, but thank God I find out on time.
    But they have my name and address an a copy of my passport. But I didn’t send them any money.
    He is on facebook now with the name of Harrison Walter, Medical assistant in Afghanistan.
    these guys are really something. I hope there is someone out their that can stop them, they are playing with peoples feelings and are not afraid either in using GOD’s name for promise love and marriage to the ladies.

  6. I’ve posted here many times. My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. Pictures of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009. Back in April, a new opportunity arose to combat the SCAMMERS. An editor from Glamour Magazine in New York City contacted me and asked for an interview. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. The resulting article was published in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. I’d encourage everyone to buy the magazine or read the article on-line through a link that I’ll post below. Hopefully, the story will shed more light on this under-reported crime.


  7. Has anyone had dealings with a Louis Campbell out in germany?


    I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. Photos of me have been used by scammers since 2006 when they were downloaded from the Webshots website. I didn’t realize the pics could be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. In any case, I frequently search Facebook for people using my last name. The scammers are kind of stuck with that name since it’s on the name tags of my uniforms in the pictures. Today, I found these imposters on Facebook:


    Each of them used a photo of me as his profile photo. I reported the imposters to Facebook and sent warning e-mails to each of their friends. Fortunately, they didn’t have many. Hopefully, FB will delete their accounts soon.

    Also on FB were CARL HANNETT and JAMES HANNETT. Neither of them had a profile picture, but each claimed to be in the US Army. I can tell you that neither of them is in the Army. There are VERY few Hannetts in the Army. The criminals read these posts, so I won’t say anything else about that. I wish I had time to prowl the dating websites for imposters, but I don’t. Be careful and DON’T SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

    • hello Gordon, i am stephani , i would like to talk with you about that , i know this man as paul williamsson and he told me that a scammer also use his pics they have stolen his pics from myspace , i really wanna talk with you and know all about this . thank you

      • @ Stephanie I have already told you that you are dealing with a scammer I also told you to go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com for support hello what more do you need he has asked you for MONEY for a flight from DUBAI what do you not understand HE ASKED you for MONEY he is a scammer you can ask GOD to check him out but either way you look at it he is a SCAMMER and not only that hes given you a fake Name one he made up have you seen him on webcam a CLEAR view of him was there an interactive chat did you ask him questions did he stand up a scammer will never do that he will try some prerecorded crap or he will make up an excuse as to why he cant get on cam I know you have fallen in love with the pics this Poser is using but you need to face the fact that he is a scammer if you have lost Money Im very sorry but please stop pushing this and educate yourself about scammers so this will not happen again you are in denial.

      • Hello Stephani –

        I would be happy to talk to you via e-mail. I don’t really want to post my e-mail address here (for all the world to see). I suppose I could create another e-mail account and send you the address. I’ll look into doing that this afternoon. I’ll post that e-mail address here shortly.

        I’m a little confused about your situation though. On May 16th, you made three posts to this blog. In one you said that you’ve been talking to MICH PAUL WILLIAMSSON. In another, you said his name was PAUL WILLIAMSSON. In the third, you list his name as MITCH WILLIAMSSON.

        Why did you change his name in each of your posts?

        – Gordon

        • yes at first he said Mitch Williamsson, later he said he has a second name paul Williamsson too also Mitch Pail Williamsson and he wrote me with the mail address as williamssoncollins her said that is his sons name
          sorry for the late response i was not on this site since. stephani

  9. Thank You for the kind words and encouragement. and also for the info I posted it on his yahoo messenger and haven’t heard a word since. THank god for small favors. Hope yo all have a happy holiday and I pray for yor man’s safe return

  10. FORT BELVOIR, Va. (March 23, 2010) — Special agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are warning the American public to be vigilant of Internet scams and impersonation fraud — especially those promising true love, but only end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.

    According to Army agents, CID is receiving frequent reports of various scams involving persons pretending to be U.S. Soldiers, who get romantically involved on the Internet with female victims and prey on their emotions and patriotism.

    Aca,!A”We are seeing a number of scams being perpetrated on the internet, especially on social, dating-type websites where females are the main target,Aca,!A? explained Chris Grey, Army CIDAca,!a,,cs spokesman.

    The criminals are pretending to be U.S. servicemen, routinely serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. The perpetrators will often take the true rank and name of a Soldier who is honorably serving his country somewhere in the world, marry that up with some photographs of a Soldier off of the internet, and then build a false identity to begin prowling the internet for victims.

    The scams often involve requests for money from the victim to purchase Aca,!A”special laptop computers,Aca,!A? international telephones and transportation fees to be used by the Aca,!A”deployed Soldier,Aca,!A? so their fictitious relationship can continue. The scams include asking the victim to send money, often thousands of dollars at a time, to a third party address so the phone or laptop can be purchased for the Soldier.

    Once hooked, the criminals continue their ruse.

    Aca,!A”WeAca,!a,,cve even seen instances where the perpetrators are asking the victims for money to Aca,!A”purchase leave papersAca,!A? from the Army or help pay for their flight home so they can leave the war zone,Aca,!A? said Grey.

    These scams are outright theft and fraud and are a grave misrepresentation of the U.S. Army and the tremendous amount of support programs and mechanisms that exist for Soldiers today, especially those serving overseas, said Grey.

    Army CID is warning people to be very suspicious if they begin a relationship on the internet with someone claiming to be an American Soldier and within a matter of weeks, the alleged Soldier is asking for money or marriage.

    Many of these cases have a distinct pattern to them, explained Grey. Aca,!A”These are not Soldiers, they are thieves.Aca,!A?

    The perpetrators often tell the victims that their units do not have telephones or they are not allowed to make calls or they need money to Aca,!A”help keep the Army internet running.Aca,!A?

    Aca,!A”WeAca,!a,,cve even seen where the crooks said that the Army wonAca,!a,,ct allow the Soldier to access their personal bank accounts or credit cards,Aca,!A? said Grey.

    All lies, according to CID officials.

    Aca,!A”These perpetrators, often from other countries, most notably from Ghana, Angola and Nigeria, are good at what they do and quite familiar with American culture, but the claims about the Army and its regulations are ridiculous,Aca,!A? said Grey.

    To date there have been no reports to Army CID indicating any U.S. servicemembers have suffered any financial loss as a result of these attacks. Photographs and actual names of servicemembers have been the only thing utilized. On the contrary, the victims have lost thousands.

    The U.S. has established numerous task force organizations to deal with this and other growing issues; unfortunately, the personnel committing these scams are utilizing untraceable email addresses on Aca,!A”gmail, yahoo, aol,Aca,!A? etc., routing accounts through numerous locations around the world, and utilizing pay-per-hour Internet cyber cafes, which often times maintain no accountability of use. The ability of law enforcement to identify these perpetrators is limited, so individuals must stay on the alert to protect themselves.

    What to look for:

    Aca,!Ac If you do start an Internet-based relationship with someone, check them out, research what they are telling you with someone who would know, such as a current or former servicemember.

    Aca,!Ac Be very suspicious if you never get to actually speak with the person on the phone or are told you cannot write or receive letters in the mail. Servicemen and women serving overseas will often have an APO or FPO mailing address. Internet or not, servicemembers always appreciate a letter in the mail.

    Aca,!Ac Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees.

    Aca,!Ac Many of the negative claims made about the military and the supposed lack of support and services provided to troops overseas are far from reality — check the facts.

    Aca,!Ac Be very suspicious if you are asked to send money or ship property to a third party or company. Often times the company exists, but has no idea or is not a part of the scam.

    Aca,!Ac Be aware of common spelling, grammatical or language errors in the emails.

    To report the theft to the Federal Trade Commission, call 1 (877) ID-THEFT (438-4338) or contact the FTC online at http://www.ftc.gov/idtheft. Or contact the CID at http://www.cid.army.mil or the Internet Crime Complaint Center at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.
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  11. I have been doing some digging on this Jackson ryan and have found him on Myspace also… and on biker or not He seems to be sticking to his story on all sites. everyone beware

    • @ Stephanie no thanks needed Thank CJ I am just here to share what I know as I am a Military Wife so i may not know everything but what I do not know my husband is just an email away.Take care and spread the word to all you know about these lying begging leeches who are proud to be professional beggars

      • the worst part for me and all the others that get preyed upon I work really hard I am raising my daughter by myself and yo really want to believe that someone could care for you Sorry I am having a hard time with this I lived with a husband whos favorite passtime was beating me up. And then this guy comes along

        • @ Stephanie be gentle on yourself you are stronger than you think you were able to walk away from an abusive relationship there are many Women that are living that nightmare right now as I type this.Emotionally I know it is so hard at this point because you do want to believe that he is who he says he is and you give him your heart only to find he is a beggar that has to be hurtful but like I said please be gentle on yourself now you know exactly what to look for and you will not be victimized again.

  12. Also Stephanie the name itself is typical of scammers they come up with the most assinine names but im going to google this name and go to spokeo which I already know it is a fake name anyways

    • I went to spokeo like you suggested and it is him in the pictures. what am I supposed to think now??

    • @ Stephanie you are not giving us Much information but just from the sound of what you have typed you have a scammer on your hands that has told you soooooo many lies that you are confused let me guess he told you he cant give you his military address due to security reasons and he cant get on web cam to prove to you he is the handsome guy in the pics he has stolen to try to scam you because it is not allowed or because of security reasons But I will get right to the point if he has asked you for money for any reason or asked you to pay a diplomat or to pay for anything he plans to send to you or if he has asked you to send money for ANY reason to anyone western union or moneygram or liberty funding or send any money in any way to anyone HE IS A SCAMMER AND YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED Military members do Not and will NOT need your money for ANY REASON so with this being said go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com there you will find out the real truth about this ugly black scammer pretending to be the handsome military member he is claiming to be

      Or you could just tell him to simply get on cam and have an interactive chat with you for at least an hour if he refuses for any reason there is your answer dont doubt yourself doubt this scammer and every lie he tells you.

  13. Here is Terry Wallace’s first email to me, thought you ladies might want to compare to yours, he already changed his image again. I’ve caught a few picture changes and reported them. But he continues to change the picture. It is usually a very handsome/modeling looking person. In his profile he has claimed, that he was in CIA, went to Military High School, served in Afghanistan and Iraq..

    Dear XXXX,
    I thank you so much for you care and understanding towards my needs.
    I would like to use this opportunity to ask you some questions.I hope this
    may help both of us to get to know more about each other.
    Please tell me where you come from,what you do for a living,your marital
    position(that is if you are married or single.
    As for me am Terry Wallace,of USA military,i have been working in Afghanistan
    for the past six years.am single searching for a nice to share the rest of my heart love
    Like i earlier said,I appreciate your care towards getting my package and safe guarding
    it for me till when i will be back to the states as soon as my assignment elapses here by next
    month.Please i need your urgent reply now so that i will relate to you the content of my package
    that i want you to safeguard for me.
    I look forward to receiving your mail immediately.
    I love you so much my sweetheart.

    • I got basically the same email…the package he wanted me to keep for him was “GOLD he had purchased while in Afghanistan”. He was using the name Sgt. Kelvin Gray, email address Sgt._kelvingray@yahoo.com

  14. I too have been speaking to someone who claims he is a Lt. Colonel in the US Army who claims he was in Afganistan yet when i got my phone bill guess what, calls were going to Nigeria. Ofcourse he denied it and said that someone had hacked his phone, well now he tells me he is in London setting up an Asphalt business and ofcourse has a London number however operators have told me that it is a Satellite phone and calls are coming in from Africa..Yes he has asked me for money he told me he wanted 15K, to buy some machinery that was needed for his Asphalt project (which ofcourse would be for our future family) etc…We have been chatting for 2 mths., yet he refuses to show himself on Skype..keeps coming up with excuses and tells me he is available to Skype at weird hours of the day such as 3am Central time, ofcourse when he knows that i am asleep..He is under the name Terry Wallace on Myspace and Wallace Terry on facebook, very handsome man (blue eyes). Claims he has no one that his parents got killed in Iraq war and that he was raised by his uncle who also got killed. So ofcourse is on a mission in life to meet his wife who will bare him a child..very smooth talker and sounds very convincing..Some of the pictures found on his profile were actually on the internet under Army images, found several of them there has used the following email address: terrywallace.w@gmail.com, terrywallace69@yahoo.com, wallaceterry.terry22@gmail.com, and now recently using usarmy.terry@yahoo.com, ..His pictures upon request if you are speaking to the same man let’s share notes..please contact me..

    • hello would like to talk about him i know him as mitch williamsson from irving

  15. Maria,It would really be appreciated, so us women won’t keep falling for this..Being a good samaritan and all. Please i look forward for your respond to this note.
    Thank you.

  16. Dr. orders he couldn’t used the keyboard cause the wound was in his arm close range and got 23 stitches. He claims that he’ll be coming home before christmas, because his crew and himself are there until September. So he said that he’ll be coming home sooner cause of the victory of Osama Bin Laden death…and all..I really would like to catch this guy..please reply to this email and maybe we can get this bastard..i feel that there are more than one involved, because i have names and addresses of others peoples that he send me. By federal express mails..I have check, names, address and etc..

  17. Hi, Maria..thank you for that info… because i’ve been trying to track this guy and i couldn’t find anything on him.. That letter you got was for me…oops! the a- hole slip, i am also a victim…I am so pissed off,,i been chatting with him since jan.22, 2011..I am pretty new on this, chatting thing with people i don’t even know..He goes by im mlpz2011 on my screen.. Same story about his son and wife..I even help him with sending money to charity on behave of donors all over the world..that he has forwarded to me to pick up at western union and then forward them to a priest at a church in Nigeria.. Now you got me thinking who was actually recieving those charity for real.. Last chat i had with him was on june 21, haven’t heard from him since, cause he claims that he got shot on his last mission.

  18. Ok I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the email I got yesterday morning from this guy who proclaim his love to be so real and he didn’t love anyone like he loved me: anyways this email was send to me but with just the name change read on girls I wish the girl that was suppost to get this email could find out the truth as I did

    Good morning mi amor, how was your night honey?. How is my little Angel (Kimberly) this morning?. I am thinking about you. We are so close here … it’s not like I am feeling that you are far – it’s just that I want to let you know again HOW MUCH I am in love with you. I will love you forever and for always, Baby. You are a woman every man is dreaming about and that`s not all … you are all mine. I don`t know what I did good in this life to deserve you, but I must have been doing something very good in my life! Being with you makes me feel like the entire world is mine. One day we will marry and have a soccer team of grandkids … I am dreaming about that. I love you, my Babygirl, and Yo soy tuyo para siempre!!
    love always,
    Your Michael
    Oh! His name Michael Lopez and his email michaellopez@globomail.com or his yahoo IM which is mic.lopez1968
    Claims to have a son name Stephen and wife die of lung cancer when the baby was just few months old! Never ask for money but he screw up with his emails yesterday! And I bet he knows about this website so watch out ladies they don’t really care about anything but them selves

  19. thank you for all the information, i have just joined a dating site and after just 1 day i received an email from Capt Marshal Ferris claiming that he wants a lont term relationship, that he is in Texas and on his way to Dafur in Sudan so i googled his name and thank God I found out he was a scam. Becareful ladies and thanks for your help.

    • Do you mean someone knew the person in above photos? what is his real name and where is he now?

  20. Thank you for this site. I suspected the person who contacted me was fake. He says his name is Wayne Jackson, a major general stationed in Baghdad. He said he has a son in the states, will retire soon, and then we can be married! He doesn’t even know where I live or my last name or any details of my life. I wish there was a way to nail him to the wall. Who knows, they probably read this site (and others like them) and change details. I hope by posting this, we all can be wiser. Here are some of his words.

    “I am a wonderful person who takes care of myself,love life and anybody around me.I am looking for a warm,caring woman that appreciates life and will take the time to get to know me and my unique traits and talents.I will then respond in kind,getting to know her and his uniqueness,I love to laugh and really enjoy life, I find all things wonderful and fun.I love to play golf,I like fishing,camping,travelling,cinema and movies.
    I believe there are hundreds of other things to experience that I haven’t taken the time to do or learn. So I am looking for that special someone to explore and enjoy all these new adventures.I am not always online due to the nature of my work.”

    • This guy major general Wayne Jackson,station in iraq now is trying to scam me now, just finished chatting with him. he also wants to marry me….hahaha.

  21. I am gathering as much infomation on a US Captain “called” Marshal Ferris as i can.
    Looks like my sister has been a victim of the scammer as she has already sent him money and want me to lend her more.
    your help is greatly appreciated.

  22. Ladies, BE CAREFUL of a Maj. Jackson Ryan is a FRAUD to the BIGGEST power. Will say and do whatever to get what he wants even use a sick son and an ill father to get what he wants. RUN!!!! in the opposite direction

      • hey my name is staphani, i wanns see your pics, i know him as mich paul williamsson i have also some pics
        he told me he is s twin , his sister live in australia and his son collins too, he asked me for money for a flight from dubai

  23. l was recently on dating site contacted by a us army fellow claiming to be a commander
    after three days he was in love and couldnt live with out me. he sent emails everyday of his undying love and how we would live in america in miami of course and l would care for him and his 11 year old son, claims he is in iraq squadroon leader, sent photos of handsome caucasin fellow stated at first was 45 then he was 51, his son was in ghana on school excursion and need money on 1500 dollars Australia if you please by western union transfer , how long would it take me as it was critical situation he has no money and gets paid at the end of the mission . please. He goes by the name of Richard Len checked no such person his email is sir_richard20@hotmail.com stated he would kill himself if we broke up.lol. l only feel sorry for the poor fellow whos photos he really sent me. on the photo shows they were sent by rashinda212@hotmail and siyam14@yahoo.com . lan an educated woman with 2 university degrees did they really think l was that desperate for a lover. Also was suspect when some one called Edward Brown appeared on my msn site uninvited which just doesnt happen state he got my email from dating site which is incorrect also confessing love and looking for life partner his email was Edwardbrown31@hotmail.com . please beware these are scammers from ghana and l looking TO forward there information on to the U.S. military if someone can advise me how to, the grammar is a dead give away and the best one was he liked lil wayne when l checked out singer knew it was not the person he claimed to be
    cheer glenys

    • Glen,

      Do you have pictures you can email me of this guy, the guy i am speaking to also told me he would hang himself if i would leave him, sent me a picture of a very handsome man in a suit/blue eyes. He is posted in Facebook as Wallace Terry..Let me know if it is the same guy. thanks.


  24. i forgot to say he said he was from greenfield in texas and owned a mansion there and he did send me a couple of pictures

  25. hiya i think i have just had a scammer he spoke to me once told he how much his in love with me already he said i have to contact militarytransitunit@yahoo.com for him to be allowed leave to visit his name and rank is capt Phil Anderson special service unit camp kabal afghanistan, how do they get away with all this when ppl are out there dying for us surely there is a way to stop them. has anyone heard of him oh by the way his wife died of cancer and he has a 9 yr old boy

  26. Hello. I need help. I’m trying to determine if this guy is fake or real. I’m getting very mixed answers and signals!! Please help!!!

  27. Not worth a comment……..yet you commented on it. LOVE IT!!!

    If I knew what my GOB was, I might shut it but I have no clue. I like Donna. At least she was decent. You on the other hand…….

  28. Chad your latest comments are not even worth commenting on ask CJ am I a scammer? he will inform you,,, Maybe I do have it BAD as you put it…. Cos maybe I have BEEN HURT and dont want others to lose what I lost…. so carry on as Donna said keeping your big GOB shut !!!

  29. Hi Everyone
    just wondering if you have heard of a guy called David Johnson


  30. Lena
    Good old ferris marshal seems to be exceptionaly talented at crying and begging for money.!!! I had the dubious pleasure of being contacted by this idiot myself.

    • hi donna and Lena,
      i am from Germany and i had contact (last mail yesterday) with “Marshall Ferris”… too It was very suspect, but at first i had trust him. Now I am very happy to found this site :)…and no, i dont pay 650 Dollar for TS2. LOL

  31. Hi Everybody
    I want to let all the women on this site and others to be aware of the danger these A..holes
    can present if you start to mess with them. I have been warned by a guy who said if I mess with his “guys” at the “camp” he is coming after me.I intend to keep on hunting them down like the dogs they are. I am now getting strange emails that can only be from these scammers because of some facts in these emails that only they would know. If you have an idea to contact them or mess with them PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF. Make sure your idenity is well hidden. This is a business to them and they will do anything to keep the money flowing.

  32. For Chad,s attention, I am not speaking for all the women on this site, but it seems to me we seem to have a lot in common, ie. being scammed, or we wouldnt be on here searching for some truths some where on the line, I was lucky this time I didnt part with any of my cash, because I had wised up a bit and wasnt so “green” second time around, yes us girls come here for support and to compare notes and sometimes we can actually see how many of us have the same scum bag jerk of a man writing to us saying the same thing, But REALLy all my explanations are wasted on you so not going to wear my finger nails down talking to you, you have your views we have ours, and thats the end of the whole thing i will continue in a bid to find the right guy to try and tell him his identity is being used ( my only gain really is to find him to tell him that ) if on the other hand I find him and he is single and I am un attached and we meet up ” INTHE FLESH” then so be it I will invite you to the wedding okay Chad ! you can buy yourself a new Hat ! and have a lovely time, But have to find the guy first,,, and there lies the problem, is he still in the forces , has he left, is he alive, did he lose his life in Iraq, we wont know til the records set us straight will we, un til then his pics stay put in my house, just as a respect for the job he did, I hope he succceeded in getting back to Home ( Florida ) I believe in one piece, and with his mind also ” whole ” and can live a normal life.. All the best Chad I dont need any more of your comments, you seem to be a hard faced hard hearted human being. Sorry to be blunt but well thats how I read your comments each and every one of them, so if you havent got anything positive to say, leave us alone to try , to do our best in finding the guys who we thought we had and lost somewhere a long the line…..and let,s try together to put an end or cut down the scamming by these scums, from some African countries, which give their countries a bad name as well

      • Chad
        are U sure trish isn’t a scammer, sounds like one/ or she has it bad

        • I have been assured by CJ that she isn’t a scammer though she surly appears like one.

  33. Sorry Chad I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.

  34. I guess I am part of the problem then. But that being said, I never said anyone was stupid. I just don’t understand how anyone (men included) can fall for this.

    Donna, the sock has been stuck……

  35. Chad
    I am speaking from a woman’s perspective something you cannot do. If you are not part of the solution you then become part of the problem. The women come on this site for help not to hear you say How could you be so stupid. So please Chad stick a sock in it.

  36. Donna, I think you can only speak for yourself and UK Trish. I don’t think you can speak for all women on the sight.

    Why do we as a society live our lives on the internet – including our love lives? I mean, I check my email, I check a few blogs but that is it. Just like I don’t understand why so many people are so damn attached to their cell phone. I have one but people get upset when I don’t reply to TM right away. People need to get a life…….away from technology and go geocaching. See the world!

  37. Chad
    You probably never will understand. I do and so do the other women on this site.

  38. I still fail to understand how falling in love with someone you have never talked to or even met works. I generally like people I can touch, feel, kiss, etc. You get the gory details.

  39. YES full name I couldnt remember last night in previous messege to this one ( ge whiz ( un dying love within an hour of being on line ) quick worker !and now i find 4 women attatched to me throug him on my mailsite? though I cant write them to ask them they just seem to have attatched themselves, anyway this one as i said Sergeant Richard Richardson( maestro.de@live.com on his last 3 months on peacekeeping in Iraq, completed 28 years originlly from military college, Is it diferent over in USa as here if you go to military college at an early age you are programmed for OFFICER material so how come a sergeant thats NCO with us over here in UK. or is it that different in USA in the way you do things like that you have diferent status as in segeant first class where as we would have sergeant major ( end of. never mind first class ???)

  40. Thanks donna, for those kind words you said.. no one thinks they are going to get scammed do they,? funnily enough had another one to night couldnt believe it after 2 hours he wants to settle down with me leaving Iraq in 3 months,, gave me all the crap as usual. Richard ( nick name “maestro” forgot his surname for a min but will look it up tomorrow on the BADOO site, army sergeant again, couldnt believe it…. well well well !!!not allowed to make calls out not allowed web cams.. stationed in Bagdad peacekeeping on” post” all night on in terent, what fab security they have in bagdad….. well there we go dont it again. will send his name to C.J tomorrow too late now, to go back to mail and find it but have blocked him been in army for 28 years…anyway… “T”

    • Oh so he tricked you using “love”. Oh man………

  41. another scammer his name is captain ferris marshal. says he is in Darfur. Same old story. be wary of him. He can spell. To Chad Never say never. Anything can happen to anybody. People don’t get scammed because they are stupid.They get scammed because they are trusting.

    • Thank you Judy Judy – why would you trust anyone you don’t know with money and again why would you trust anyone you did know with your money? You people seriously need to watch some Judy Judy and see how many people screw the pooch in relationships by loaning money. It is plain and simple – keep your money in your pocket!!!

      Unless of course CJ has a worthy cause. He has been checked out. I trust him.

    • there was an attempt to scam me by Capt Ferris Marshal
      when I told me about my suspisions, he called me a whitch but before that he informed me that he was crying……evidently over his broken heart 🙂

    • Another scammer calling himself Sgt. Kelvin Gray stationed in Kabul Afghanistan contacted me via Facebook. We talked online for months. He told me he wasn’t allowed to use a phone or webcam. He was always sending me pics of himself and poetry. He recently tried to send a package to me to keep until he returned home. Well of course I was suppose to money gram 650.00 to some guy in Spain lol…When I called him on his scam he told me I didn’t deserve a man like him. I told him he was correct, I deserved much better !!!!

  42. Brad, thanks for your mail and well justified to say least, and yes I did fall for the nice guy I thought he was and no doubt the real guy is nice no doubt, that I wont know , all i can say is that this scammer wasnt only writing to me he had a few on the go, 2 of which I write to at the moment, and some guys have a way with words,and some guys dont write much, if they are so busy,at work etc, and yes I swallowed a load of crap ! we all did, and he is still using the guys identity on other sites and hasnt been caught yet, hope he is soon, I thought I had found the real guy, different photo pose, to the 3 pictured here in this site, and I just wanted to tell him he was being scammed( as obviously he doesnt know ) and guess what it was the scammer who answered me!!!! on that site asking C.J. and me to go that bit further to track him !!! I declined to answer him. As far as face book is concerned I have never put my pic up there or on any other site except a dating site for older people such as myself, which is supposed to be safe and secure and all profiles checked, as you can imagine I have closed down my member ship on that site, so for your info thats how the scammer found me, all innocent like that…. easy peasy ! thats how they do it, as far as writings and abbreviations and english grammar is concerend, it is a well know fact that USA people do not use the same phrases or word or spellings as us BRITS, so I gave him benefit of the doubt there, in his lack of grammar etc .I certainly do not write the same on a computer as I would with my fountain pen and parchment writing paper, lots of people use TEXT language and Abbreviations on Pc,s yet another reason for letting things go a bit , but I wont get caught again will I…. and as i said I thought Military personel couldnt use web cams, and had to follow strict guide lines, as all their conversations were monitored I must have the wrong info, and the dating site also got it wrong ,and I have chastised them for that and they in tend to change their site to make it more secure and vet new and old people as to their true identities and where they are from, Anyway thanks for replying I just wanted to say that, some people get caught, some people dont, some people do trust a little and are nice people and take people at ” face value” which is right and which is wrong..?? I would love to put it all right and show the guy I fell for where he went wrong…. wherever he left his face and info, these scammer scum find everything there is to find and leave the person in pieces until they can find out themselves or someone tells them “HEY saw your pic on SOLDIERS perspective you are being scammed ” Now wouldnt that be a good gesture…. TRISH

    • I fell for a guy named Todd Obrien which is also same picture off but 16 other names . It’s a shame we can believe a person like him but he knew how to talk. I needed do to feel loved too..

  43. REPLY to CHAD …. EASY MY DEAR ,you could get conned very easily CHAD my BOY ! very easily in deed, if you feel the person is telling you the truth and talks military etc and how busy they are and about uprisings and the news we get over here backs that up ,so maybe they listen to the news to back up their stories, I have been scammed twice once for nearly a year…… waiting waiting ,and it never came,,,,, and I am NOT A STUPID WOMAN far from it,,, just got caught at a weak point or lonley time in my life, whose to say how it happens ,but thats what they play on and give you evidence to back it up ! they aint stupid either ,they are professionals at their line of work ( SCAMMING ) getting into peoples heads and hearts.so there you have it. in a nut shell, hope life is always good for you, did those guys in the phots know they had their identity taken from them DID THEY ????? NO I BET THEY DIDNT OR DONT NOW, so go look for them do me a favour find the guy I thought I was waiting for for 4 months…..there is 3 pics of him… ( the distiguished guy with the slicked back hair !!!! I thought military rule was no web cams…. connections kept to minimum, anyway have said my piece… getting cross so going. Thanks for your comment anyway Have you been on ILS lately have a look there at all the scammed pics do you good !!! “T”

    • Hey Trish — if a guy doesn’t know how to spell or use punctuation wouldn’t some pretty big red flags go up? Or you would just justify that many he has a little Arabian sand in his keyboard and he is using the comma (,) instead of the apostrophe (‘). I am going to take a huge stab in the dark here – you fell for one of these guys? (I guessed that before I even read your whole post!)

      Trish maybe if you don’t want your identity stolen you don’t put pictures up on facebook. I have a website for my family that is LOCKED. Not everyone can see it. I am not blaming the soldier that had his pictures stolen. I am blaming the gullible for not putting two and two together.


  44. How can anyone seriously fall for this?

    I don,t understand+

    • I dont get it either … call it cynical , but I just assume anything that isn’t right in front of me .. Is bs .. Not a chance in hell I’d send a dime … I’ll never understand why anyone, especially a woman , would fall for this stuff ..

  45. Hi girls
    I think it is about time we women help each other and show these dirtbags That hell has no fury like a woman scorned. They think we are stupid and easy marks. but they are to ignorant to think we will work together and I know we can beat any of them if we set our minds to it,Even one at a time is one less scammer .

    • i think i am being scammed…ive been chatting to phillip for 6 weeks and now he has asked my for money for his flight home…he is american, but he says the army wont pay for his flight to england. only america…feel such a fool…havent sent him anything

      • I met this man ayi.dating site in september2014 he say he in military. he say he widow with one daughter by october he wrote me alot of love text we never spoke on phone something strange about that. he post his self as a latino guy in military uniform name (JOSE RODRIGUEZ) when he ask me for $200 dollar so he can register me as his wife so he can leave the military he also say that he was going to send me paper to sign. (Bull*Shit) i don’t send nobody money i deleting his ass. I went on this (MILITARY SCAM.COM) it free if u know there email.So i put his email in which is (rjose19@yahoo.com) it show me a picture of a young guy look like he 17 years old and he africa america. He don’t look none like the guy on dating site which is mexican guy and look older than him.I’M black female love latino guys but i be dam!!’ if i fall for fake one. Lesley Field be careful.

  46. Remember, you would not give money to a stranger who rang your doorbell and you should never give private info or money to someone who rings your email bell.


    • Excuse me but every time you make a purchase at a garage or over the phone or anything at all believe me. anyone knows your everything about you, and if you hand over your card for any reason for it to be swiped they have the identity security code too so can clean your bank out. ( yes know from experience that too ) Gosh I am going to become an author I think on SCAMMING and scammers of all variations i am getting an expert any one want to join the club ????

      • Trish,

        I see a great difference between buying groceries at HEB and sending money to someone I have never met.

        The burden to ensure you are not dealing with a scammer or thief is on the consumer. Information is available from many reputable sources to aid in such decisions.

        The bottom line: the internet is a wonderful and happy hunting ground for scammers and thieves. It lends an amount of anonymity to any person.

        Also, no, it does not happen to just anyone.

      • So scamming the scammers isn’t illegal?

        Eye for an eye, I guess……..

  47. Marvellous CJ absolutely bang on! WOW! I am so excitied that you have them published like you have lets hope that these guys ” Bless em all ) can come forward at some point in time and say Yes Matey! thats me and gee thanks for clearing my name,and as i said before to you some of us ladies who , be it right or wrong fell for some pictures, must have seen something, woth falling for, hence the scam began, but good riddance to the Jackson dumbas , people who do in justice to the brave work you BOYS do every day of your lives. I Love you all..

    • Hello The man in these pictures has been contactig me for over 4 years he said his name is
      James Thomas Patrick Wagner , James patrick Wagner aka cooljamesce@yahoo.com aka waglove65 Skype.. wow what a fool I have been I wont disclose how much money I sent him, OMG when we first met he said he was in Afghanistan and he was a Major, he asked me to do a proxy marriage I could not I like to see things before I buy them. we lost contact for 6 months then he was in Essex London after being promoted to Captain, and he ran from the military, as of 2 days ago he was in Austin Texas. he was angry with me when I stopped the entire game so he sent me threatening messages. but I deleted and blocked him . I pray they catch up with this person and the real soldier is the one to punish him .

      • tthis man is in nigeria going as david wagner he has been trying to contact me threw facebook i just wanted to let u know that he hasnt stopped but im to smart for that because i always google image before speaking to anyone one facebook or any where else..


        • Janie, is there any other information about Master Sgt. Craig Wagner? Any links to personal accounts that are actually Master Sgt. Craig Wagner? This would be very helpful, thanks.


        • I am supposedly talking to a Craig D Wagner. How do I know if he is real or one of these scammers. Please help…

      • This man who uses these pictures is a pathetic. Excuse for a. Human being !! I’ve known him as
        For some odd reason the women he would SCAM would contact me and tell me their horror stories of sending him. $ 15,000.00 to 25,000. He would lie about knowing them and getting money…. I’ve known. Or spoken to him for. 8 years. Caught him in many lies and deal with his. Temper cause he could not get money from me .
        SUPPOSEDLY he is in GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN in a hospital until December 14 2015. I do not know what hospital as I don’t know the name he is using. I have names of people he would want me to send money via MG they would then send to him… I have 2 phone numbers that he used to talk to me on..and various pictures.

    • So, I guess I have now joined the ranks of middle aged women who have been scammed. It is not the first time, unfortunately, but I promise that it will be the last. The first time it was a preacher who conned me. This time it is by a man named who goes by rhe name Alex Solis Phair, who has told me that he is a captain serving in the U.S. Army stationed in Afghanistan. As I read the various stories from countless other women, this story sounds so very similar I wonder if this is the newest fad or trend. Of course, no one starts out with the intentions of being scammed. This relationship was built over time, months in fact, and a relationship was established because I truly had a desire to believe that love is possible to be found even if on line.

      We communicated over the course of 6-8 months first starting on Hangouts, on Google+, and then later it progressed to Yahoo messenger. I was never leery, and this is the scary part, when I should have been. He had me at “hello!” Who does that? So, that just goes to show you that sometimes, as women, and men, we can be so thirsty as to believe just about anything that anyone tells us because it is what we actually wanted to hear. So, I am writing this today, not to point fingers, but to accept the fact that most of this could have been avoided had I been a little bit discerning, and used some simple common sense and wisdom before sending this guy any of my money, or wasting my time on nonsensical lies.

      But it started out very slow, even though within two days, Alex told me that he was in love with me. Boy, just how flattering is that! He told me that he is originally from Spain, but lived in the U.S. His parents died tragically in a crash, and it is suspected that relatives are involved for the “inheritance.” He is now widowed, even though he later told me that his wife died right before he was married to her, which would by all intents and purposes make her his fiance, right? But, I was not asking him too many questions, but I was just listening to him talk. Yet, when I later asked him specifically how the wife/fiance died, he said it too was in a car accident . . . details too painful for him now to talk about. Even though early on there were inconsistencies and glaring red flags in the things he told me, I listened intently. So, he has one son named Daniel who is taken care of in France by his fiance’s mother (Debbie Kukoyi). Alex’s son is now approximately 5 years old. He has attached pics of himself in military fatigues with the name on the chest clearly visible, and photos of him with his son, and all looking very much like him, in all the pictures that were shared. I looked for these details, even though they could have been age variations in these photos, they all looked very much like the same guy. According to him, Alex has been in the military for about 13 years. He is scheduled to end this special tour of duty in December 2015. But, now that he is in love with me, and wants to marry me, after only chatting with me 6 months, he would like to arrange a special leave. Now, he tells me that many of his mates in the army use a method of “sneaking out.” They use bribes to pay their military commanders and superiors and they arrange for them to sneak out as civilians using civilian aircraft rather than the military planes. This fee is sent via Western Union, or Money Gram, and is sent to supposed travel agents directly responsible for making the flight arrangements. This fee ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. The unique thing that happened in this instance with me is that I really fell for this guy, hard. I wanted so much to believe that he was really in love with me. I sent the money, not once but twice. The first time I arranged for him to be sent home, the day that he was to arrive at Bush International Airport, (I had even seen what I believed as the flight itinerary/ticket). Yet, on this day I begin to get a series of text messages on my personal cell phone from a woman claiming to be a woman that was also involved with Alex and in love with him who is also serving in the military with him. Her name is Helena J. Soliz. She states that he dropped her immediately upon becoming involved with me, and that he has become so distant and cold with her, that she hacked into his Gmail account and has now blocked me from being able to access him anymore. And, she supposedly changed his password so even HE cannot access his own account as well. Also, she has now reported his unauthorized leave to the military police and they are now arresting him at the airport in Houston, and I will never see him again! She begins to call me all sorts of names and mocking me, and telling me that she is coldhearted, but that I deserve no less for taking her boyfriend. Of course I am distraught at all this news and devastated, because of all that is happening, but never once did I think at this point that I am being scammed or defrauded.

      After this, I begin to get all sorts of anonymous telephone calls from a woman, from a Google phone number and she would simply hang up. It was some days, but I finally got a text message from someone stating that they were also in the military with Alex, (another Google number) and his name is Jones. Jones states that Alex is in very big trouble as he has been apprehended by the military police and is now locked up. He may lose his job, but that Alex has contacted Jones to tell him to please contact me. He wants me to connect with him on Yahoo Messenger now rather than on G+. Of course all of this should have been a huge red flag to me, but having never served in the military, I do not know their protocols and if they are allowed internet access even if imprisoned. Doesn’t make any sense to me, hey, but what do I know?

      I was just so very grateful to hear some news that I thanked Jones for relaying this information to me, and I begin to IM Alex on Yahoo Messenger as he instructed where we continued to communicate for months thereafter. He tells me that he is so hurt and sorry that Helena has done this to “us.” She was so jealous and angry, and while he should have told me everything about her, he didn’t want me to know because it was in his past. Now, he is being sent back to Afghanistan to serve a harsh penalty in the “second” camp. It is going to be hard but, at least he did not lose his job. Now, Alex sounds very convincing to me all up to this point, I did not have any reason to suspect that all this was just a scam to get my money. Even though, he asked me to send some “little funds” to his son Daniel and Grandma Debbie Kukoyi because they were going thru some hard times now. She even fell and busted her knee at the news of his arrest! So, he says whatever I could send was appreciated. He would ask me almost weekly to send $100 to $200 for their care, and I did send it via Western Union or Money Gram. He gave me an address and a phone number for Grandma Debbie, but one time I tried to call that number and the international phone operator told me that I had an incorrect number. I asked Alex about this, and he responded that she recently lost her phone and so it was no longer a working number and she currently does not have a phone. I then asked him for her email address because to my knowledge he communicated with her on Yahoo Messenger, but he replied that “grandma is not the online type!” I did not press the issue, but stated that since I am to be “his wife,” in the event that something should happen to him, I should be able to contact her. Thinking back all of this sounds so very bizarre that I wonder about my own sanity for being involved in such stupidity. But, this was an elaborate scheme that was rehearsed and many people were implicit in participating in it. I sent money on several different occasions to travel agents both in the states and in Antigua and Barbuda. One was named Kathlyn Phillip in Antigua, and there was one in Belleview Illinois named Laura Rys. I sent money to Steve Dingman who was a supposed friend of Alex who assisted him financially, and who received the money when Alex asked for a cell phone. A mate was coming back to the camp and he was going to arrange for the phone to be given to the mate to bring back to him. As I type now, it sounds so ludicrous, but I really did not question this at the time. I wanted to believe this stupidity, so I guess I got my just dessert here. But, I sent him $180 for a cell phone, and he never called me one time with it!!! I even sent a reloadable T-mobile phone card with $20 on it! He says that immediately when he received the cell phone however, that a woman (Helena) turned him in to his military superiors and they took the phone from him because it was a breach of military security. He said that they were holding the phone for him and that whenever he left the camp it would be returned. Heavy sigh . . . there are just too many details but as the story unfolds, we attempt one more time to get Alex home for a 31 day visit. This time, I send to Western Union payments and Money Gram payments to someone named Daniel Akinde in Lagos Nigeria. Then, FINALLY, my headlights came on! Now, I begin to get the inclination that something is very wrong here. It wasn’t when he called me a Mother F’er when he got angry at me because he thought that I was out cheating on him when I did not respond right away to his instant messages. It wasn’t when he threatened to drop me and block me when I refused to borrow money from a loan shark to get him home, and he became angry saying that I did not trust him, and he could no longer be involved with someone who did not trust him. No, it was not until I heard that money was being requested to be sent to Lagos Nigeria that my intuition kicked into full gear. I had hear all sorts of horror stories about scams coming out of Nigeria. This was a big one. I could not over look it, but now I was so into this guy emotionally and financially. He had promised to pay me back upon arriving in the states and I needed my money!!! I was meeting him this time at the airport this time because he promised to give me his Honda Cross Tour as a gift and we were planning on driving back to where I live from Texas. So, I had purchased a one way ticket to Houston, Texas. So, imagine my horror when I realized that this all was sounding like a scam. I began to panic and get filled with anxiety. My whole family was waiting to meet mama’s new mystery boyfriend . . . I HAD BORROWED FROM EVERYBODY I KNEW TO GET HIM HOME, including my children!”

      Now, Alex is telling me in addition to the $2200 I had already wired to Daniel Akinde, in Lagos Nigeria, now there are BTA fees. Basic Travel Allowance of $480 I must send that he will not spend, but has to show in order to be allowed to leave the country. I began to research what are BTA fees because I had never ever heard of this term before. This is where I began to understand that I had been involved in a very elaborate scheme to defraud me out of my money. When I saw this I was horrified. Needless to say, though at Alex’s insistence, I still send an additionally $480. Then, in NO LESS THAN AN HOUR, Daniel Akinde and Alex were texting me telling me that the BTA fees were too low and now I had to send an additional $500 or he would be stranded at the airport. I tell you that I knew with everything in me that this was a scam. There was no way out of it but to just drop OUT! I knew this guy was lying but I had invested so much money up to this point that I really did not want to believe that this was what it was. I sent an additional $500!!!! Yes, I did . . . because even with all of that I wanted to still believe that there was a slim chance that he may be able to come home. That is when you know that you are the victim of self delusions and denial. So, I cannot fault Alex, or what ever this guy’s real name is, because I made taking my money all too easy for him. I failed on so many levels to just use basic common sense that the saying that we used when I was a kid came to my mind: If you find a fool, bump his head! This is what we used to say as children. Alex found me to be a big fool, and I was all that and then some. I say that it was this last $500 that did it, and even after sending it his greed kicked into over drive because now he wrote me to tell me thank you for sending the additional BTA fees, but now they won’t allow him to leave without his paying an additional $420 because he missed his original flight because of the low BTA fees. So, if I could just send the $420, we will be together at last. This sound so so unreal, I can barely type this, but it is all true. It really happened. But, fortunately, this is where I shut it down, and I did not let on to him that I know that he is just a scammer sitting at some cyber cafe scamming me for all the money he can get, but I just stopped replying to test messages an Yahoo messages. I haven’t let on but I told him Goodbye, no more money is coming. He keeps texting me, and Daniel Akinde was actually calling me from Nigeria but I refused to answer. Now, I just want this story to get out because I want people to really learn from my horrible mistake. I refused to look at all the cues and all the signs that I got early on but refused to look at because “I” wanted to believe a lie! I wanted so much for someone to love me that I was willing to overlook truth in order to believe the lies they were telling me. Alex could not spell, he spoke in broken English, and he even sounded rather illiterate at times. But the thing that I fell for was his innocent way of professing his love for me. Yes, he may have been illiterate, but love is from the heart. I fell for that illusion and this is how I was deceived so easily. In this instance this man spun a web of lies and I fell for it because I wanted to. I guess this is why I am sharing this with you all to day. Alex is just the figment of somebody’s imagination. When I Google his name, it does not even come up in the search. He probably does not even exist. Perhaps the photos of him are real, but I would almost bet that these photos are not belonging to any army captain named Alexander Solis Phair.

      I pray that this helps someone in the future. I pray that we all heal and get delivered from self delusion and perhaps one day have the experience of real love.


      • Boy. Don’t I know about. Him telling me the only way he could talk to me was if I paid for a TS2 phone..Nope I WILL not !! He needed Flight money and some cash at hand too. October 1st. 2015. He asked me to MARRY him
        And even showed me the rings he bought. Then of course he was changing a Tyre (tire) and the Jack and car fell on him breaking his Leg that was November. He SUPPOSEDLY is in Grand Rapids Michigan and will be discharged December 14 and he swears to me
        That HE’LL be here December 16
        And we will start the new year by being Married DECEMBER 31 in front of the Christmas Tree..
        We had a major disagreement. SATURDAY and he told me he was tired of me telling him I have no money.
        I told him I would always LOVE him and he added until Death. Do Us Part and he could never leave me
        How I believed him. We were online over 8 years. Call me foolish or anything you like but if he were to come December 16 . I AM not sure what I would do or wouldn’t do !!!

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