Josh Kueffler: Fraud

Recently, a friend shared a Facebook profile with me of a guy claiming to be an Army Sergeant First Class. Right away, looking at his profile I could tell we were dealing with a first-class douche nozzle.


The 19th Infantry Division of the Army hasn’t been active since 1944. So there is no 2nd Battalion and no 19th Infantry Division. He also shows that he graduated from Grafton High School in Grafton, Wisconsin, in 2011…A LITTLE MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Ok, I know that in a year it’s possible he joined the Army. So, let’s look at his Army picture real quick and take a look at this patriotic American high school graduate.


WTH?!?! I got promoted pretty quick to Sergeant First Class, the rank this tool is wearing here. It took me about seven years to get and I was cruising! This guy somehow made it in a year!! That’s one hard charger. Surely, with that kind of dynamite promotion time he must have accomplished something big. I’ll ignore the fact that this guy is unshaven wearing his uniform, has no rank on his hat, is wearing an Air Force combat patch, has a flag patch on his left sleeve, has a gray t-shirt on under his uniform, haircut isn’t within regs, and generally looks like a tool.

Let’s see how he did it according to one of his photos.


Dayum! That looks like one hell of a resume. But, it leaves more questions than answers. Again, what’s with the Air Force patch? That flag patch isn’t worn on any Army uniform I’m aware of. I have seen a version of it on some SF civilian headgear, but never on a uniform. The only ribbons I recognize here worn by Army troops is the Iraq Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. The rest of the medals looked familiar, but I couldn’t place them.

Then, I ran under my bed and found my Army JROTC medals from high school that I still have. Voila! Eureka! Okay, at least the top one in the middle made sense to me. I was the captain of our Honor Guard during my senior year and got that ribbon for being on the team…in high school. But, again, what about the rest?

Well, then I noticed that the bottom right ribbon with four oak leaf clusters means this guy is a certified badass! He has earned a total of FIVE Air Medals. These are awarded to those who have distinguished themselves “by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight.” I almost missed it because it was so low on the totem pole.

In the Air Force list of accomplishments, he’s got the Air Force Good Conduct ribbon thrown in there. The rest are anyone’s guess. I have no idea where they came from. I scoured JROTC, ROTC, and every service’s (including the Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Public Health Service) ribbons and couldn’t find them. I’m sure they are there and I was just going cross-eyed.

Either way, this guy didn’t even try to make it look good. I could be making something out of nothing. Maybe he wears this getup when he’s playing Call of Duty with his friends to get into character and didn’t intend for his poses to get leaked out. Perhaps, he’s on a super secret paramilitary team no one knows about and those awards are all classified. I’m sure one of them is the Bin Laden Burial at Sea Medal.

I’m more convinced that Mr. Josh Kueffler, high school graduate (suspect), is just a liar and braggart pretending to be something he isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are real Soldiers who still take pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror and use it for a profile picture on Facebook. I just don’t have them on my friends list.


27 Comments on “Josh Kueffler: Fraud

  1. I don’t see why everyone is slandering his name when they don’t know the full story. People change, if anyone had a fucking heart they’d shut up and stop dragging people’s names in the dirt. Nobody knows the whole story. Also so what if you dated him in school, you guys where kids! Kids do stupid stuff! You guys act like you’ve never done anything stupid. Slandering someone’s name and putting their personal information on here is completely bullshit. Threatening someone is completely bullshit. Let him live his life without you guys being piece of shits and move on. Mentioning his mom is completely bullshit too. Like leave his family and him alone.

    • He hasn’t changed..that’s kind of the point. Dude will be back in jail soon enough. He currently has some idiot girl pregnant, again. The whole story is that this guy is a liar, manipulator, thief, narcissistic loser. You are probably the girl he has pregnant. No one else will defend him.

  2. Well may not count for much but i dated this asshole in middle school and i thought he had troubles then… dude has seriously gotten even more fucked up since then. He loved playing mind games and lying about all kinds of shit. Even turned my bestfriend and I against each other. It doesnt surprise me that he would do this. its just another one of his many many many schemes. Makes me sick that he would shit all over the military like this. Hope he gets what he deserves… oh and doesn’t impersonating a military member count as a fraud charge??

  3. Sig Pupp, I agree that the uniform allows for wearing the subdued flag but the one in the picture is for a ball cap. The authorized uniform flag wold be flipped so it would be flying into battle like the full color flag. I wore the subdued flag in Iraq in 08-09.

  4. Just a lil FYI I work at a VA here in Wisconsin I see veterans in uniform all day the uniforms DO allow the wearing the the Flag OD type Right shoulder only. I am a Veteran and this crap makes me sick. If he’s a E-7 he must of gotten it on his knees. Sorry could not help it. I would suggest going to the local CVSOs office and see if they can do something about this POS.

  5. It took me three years to make E-5. I feel sorry for this kid because he would not know the difference between a rack for your ribbons and a “rack” that squids sleep on. Sorry for the gig you navy guys and girls but as an ex soldier I could not pass up the opportunity for a little friendly joking. It is obvious that this young man has a serious problem with being honest!!

    • Just a little public info off of the W.I. circuit court page….. enjoy

      • Understand he was wrong but posting his previous address…not cool he has family!

  6. I am laughing my ass off at this fucking turd-burglar! What a shit-storm he has unleashed on himself by posing as an Army SFC, and then not even getting the uniform close to right. I am sure that he has gotten hundreds of messages from pissed-off service-members from around the world, now that he has been outed. Plus, I am sure that he will get more than one ass-kicking over this bullshit. Ye reap what ye sow, Josh. Hope you enjoyed playing Soldier!

  7. word around town is he didnt even finish boot camp..or make it to the 3rd day for that matter.

  8. If I’m not mistaken 2nd battalion 19th regiment is a training battalion on sand hill and that it hasn’t seen combat since the civil war. Again I may be wrong on last time it saw combat.

    • 19th division infantry?? Even someone that’s JUST been to basic knows how to word that correctly… Us you’re correct. One is at Benning, but not the one he put down…. and he definitely didn’t see combat with them..

    • Ur right I was at sand hill C-Co. 150 this kid has some serious issues and needs his dome caved in

      • I don’t condone any sort of violence, especially these tools. They just need much public embarrassment.

  9. He must be in some other army. He doesn’t even have the army service ribbon

  10. 2/19 is a tradoc in fort Benning, it’s where you go right after you get all your issue shit before basic, I was in a-co 2/19 when I graduated in 2001,

  11. I was in 2-19 IN but it was my basic training Battalion in Fort Benning. Thats SUPER gay.

  12. Just FYI 2-19 is an infantry training batallion at ft benning OSUT. Doesnt exactly help his cause.

  13. Wow, hard to actually put words into a sentence to describe this tool. 6yrs in the infantry myself… still lost for words. I know privates that could make this jackass cry in his sleep and waking up screaming for his mommy. Someone please find this kid and hurt him.

    • hey, just wanted to say that this is my cousin and I want you to know that I even find what he did to be disrespectful and completely out of line and would like to say im sorry for this. please don’t take this as an idea of what my family is really like.

  14. Flip the rack over, the idiot has it upside down and it’s an Air Force medal rack not Army. The kid definitely has identity issues.

  15. I did a little research and got the names of all the medals and awards he has in his “rack”. They are as follows in order of precedence:

    Air Force Expeditionary Service Gold Frame Ribbon 2OC
    Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
    Air Force Training Ribbon
    Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon 1BS
    Iraq Campaign Ribbon 1BS
    GWOT Service Ribbon
    Combat Readiness Ribbon
    Air Force Good Conduct Medal
    National Defense Service Medal
    Air Ribbon 4OC
    Air Force Meritorious Unit Award Ribbon 1OC
    Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Ribbon 1OC

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