KAF-Tastic Killer Bunnies

My mission here in Afghanistan is very busy, with bouts of extreme boredom. There is always something to do here since our job entails tracking and managing personnel and equipment coming through Kandahar. We also manage the R&R program. Because there are constantly people coming and going or here for short periods of time, there ALWAYS seems to be something to do. Add to that daily briefings and issues that pop up from time to time and we’re a very fluid team.

However, there are some days that tend to trend towards the more boring and our workload is decreased enough to allow my guys to do laundry, clean rooms and spend more time in the gym. It also leaves more time to play Killer Bunnies!

If you’ve never played Killer Bunnies, you haven’t known fun and excitement. It’s a fast-paced non-collectible card game with a log of moving pieces. It looks confusing, but once you play for a few minutes, it’s actually pretty easy. According to the instructions included in the Blue Start Deck and Blue Booster Pack box,

“The basic strategy of the game is to keep as may bunnies alive as possible while eliminating your opponents’ bunnies. Of course all the other players are trying to do the same thing which can get dreadfully vengeful, horribly nasty, hilariously messy, and just plain fun! While folks are trying to eliminate each other’s bunnies, each player is also trying to collect as many Carrots as possible.”

There are all kinds of whacky rules to the game. For example, there is a rule called the Two Twelve Rule which states that “the person who was born closest to February 12th goes first, and the play continues clockwise.” If two or more players were born equally close to February 12th, then whoever has the oldest living grandmother will go first. There’s even a funny disclaimer that pays homage to our military:

“In the great tradition of the United States military, all players in the game are referred to in the male gender. We are in no way negating or ignoring the vital importance of women in gaming and frankly, in our lives as both the mothers who bore us and the wives that support us. Absolutely no offense is meant or should be implied on any level of our menial XY existence, it was simply easier to compose the rules using only one gender reference. So please ladies, don’t get angry or hit us.”

We sort of adopted the Killer Bunnies as our unofficial mascot here. I even commissioned some patches to recognize those who play the game with me in a combat zone. The green bunny patch signifies that a Soldier has earned his Killer Bunnies Combat Patch. But, the one everyone has their sights set on is the Blue Killer Bunny Champ Combat Patch.

Every Saturday, we tally up who has won the most games the previous week. This gets interesting because some weeks we only play one game and some weeks we’ll get to play more. Doesn’t matter – if only one game is played then the winner of that game wins the patch for the week. Each week, the number of wins is rolled into the final tally that will go towards the last game of the year prior to our redeployment. The person with the most wins of the deployment will get to keep the patch forever! Of course, everyone that played will get to keep their green KB Combat Patch!

In other news, I got my first care package from my wife today which included my large Texas flag. This flag has flown over the City of Temple and reminds me of home. I have a similar flag that was flown over the Capitol on my birthday (which also happens to be Texas Independence Day) hanging in my office with a certificate from my State Senator. I don’t want anything happening to that one, so I keep it only in safe places.

We’re doing well here, but it’s hot! At least we don’t have to really worry about hurricanes and earthquakes, though! We’re keeping busy and my troops are staying motivated. As a matter of fact, one of them just returned from a couple of days at Brigade HQ and completed a promotion board for Sergeant. She was selected, so we look forward to hopefully pinning on her stripes while we’re here!

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  1. I love reading your post I pray god keeps you safe and home to families. I have a guy messaging me days captain Tony reeger in afganastan.. I’m trying to find out if it’s real or fake says he is 49 from Texas has daughter 7 Emma have you heard of him cuz before i send money for his emergency home pass

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