Kassie Dill is a Moron

I haven’t done a Moron post in awhile, so I’m doing it now. Boy, did I find a doozie. Oh, wait. You don’t know who Kassie Dill is? Shame on me. Please watch:

I hope you laughed as hard as I did. Before I begin to completely rip her a new one, a few things I will agree with her on.

1. Just because someone serves in the military doesn’t make them any more patriotic, honorable, or better than anyone else. There are plenty of people who join the military that commit crimes that the vast majority of Americans will NEVER commit, yet have never served themselves.

2. No, that was about it.

Not that any of you need this kind of an education, but I’m banking on the narcissism that Kassie knows when she’s being spoken about on the internet and will hopefully get a bit of an education here, though I doubt it seeing as how education is only in the liberal vocabulary as it relates to shoveling more money at the concept of education.

I’m not going to send a care package, I’m not going to clap for them when they’re on the same plane as me…I’m not going to thank them for fighting for my freedoms.

The freedom to not send us a care package is one that you are entitled to. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a person in the military that trust a care package from you anyway. We don’t want your clapping either. As a matter of fact, while it’s appreciated it’s a little embarrassing to have people clapping for you on an airplane. Most of us don’t want the attention.

As for the last part, you ignore the fact that is was Soldiers that fought for independence and freedom from the Brits. Soldiers continue to fight an invisible enemy so that you’re not wearing a burka on your webcam or getting your throat slit for wearing such a whorish, low-cut top for the world to peek at. But again, you don’t need to thank us. The fact that you are able to publish that video without your door being beaten off and getting drug in the dark of night to some undisclosed location is thanks enough. All we ask is that you enjoy the freedoms that are secured through the sacrifices of those you loath.

They should know what they’re fighting for; they should know what they’re doing; and ignorance isn’t going to bring someone’s family member back. Ignorance isn’t going to change the fact that since WWII…90% of the casualties in…US warfare has been unarmed civilians.

We know EXACTLY what we’re fighting. Some of the silly restrictions and constant political changes muddy up the waters a bit, but we know why we’re here (I’m currently in Afghanistan, living in the birthplace of the Taliban). Every loss on either side is a tragedy. Just as you say that no military troop is more important than non-military, neither are the lives of those troops any less tragic in their loss than others. As for your 90% statistic, I couldn’t find that anywhere. I would really appreciate a link to your stats.

It’s not going to change the fact that we’ve killed over a million Iraqi people.

I’ve debunked this liberal, kook fringe argument for years! But, because you’re young and probably rely solely on your looks to get you anywhere in life, you’re not as educated on reality as your ugly peers. So, I’ll break this down into elementary math for you.

Number of months since the war in Iraq: 8 years, 8 months. 8 years x 12 months per year = 96 months + 8 additional months = 104 total months. 1,000,000 / 104 months equals an average 9615 deaths per month. Using YOUR numbers, there would have to have been nearly 10,000 deaths EVERY SINGLE MONTH since March 2003 until today to be accurate. I will give $10,000 to anyone who can provide evidence of these drastically high numbers. The worst month since the war began in which civilians were killed was December 2006 when 3,600 civilians were estimated to have been killed by both sides. Assuming EVERY month was the worst month for civilian casualties, let’s get back to the math: 3,600 civilians killed x 104 months of combat = 374,400. Hmmm. Doesn’t look much like a million to me.

Since we know that 3,600 is the worst month by a long shot to what the standard has been the past two years, we know that the number is really nowhere near that. The anti-war site, Iraq Body Count, has it’s highest estimate at just more than 113,000.

Most likely, Kassie is getting her numbers from another liberal thinktank, Just Foreign Policy, that quotes another company as saying that over a million civilians had been killed as of 2007. This, of course, makes even less sense since the average would have to be much higher (over 19,000 civilian death per month).

I believe that people in the military fall under one of three categories: 1) they’re either dumb…2) or they’re evil or 3) they couldn’t get a real job, backed into a corner, had to pay child support and you had to join the military to get money.

Her list of the three reasons seemed to go on and on and I would have gotten lost had I not been so focused on her ignorance. Kassie mentions that she had a friend join the military, but didn’t tell us which category he fit into. Is she calling him dumb, evil, or a lowlife loser? It’s difficult to respond to this sort of logic because one would have to know what Kassie considers “a real job.” I had a real job, wasn’t backed into a corner, didn’t have to pay child support, and made more money as a DJ. I joined the military for some focus and discipline. And I want to do something bigger than me.

For every person in the military, there is a reason they joined. Yes, some joined because they are dumb. Believe me, I’ve led them. There are some that are evil, though that’s not why they joined. And there are others that meet the other areas addressed in this dissertation. However, there are also those that wanted to ensure another 9/11 happened (I know, Kassie, it was an inside job!). There are those that don’t want another Pearl Harbor. There are those motivated by tradition. There are those motivated by gaining an education. Those motivated by earning a skill. Those that wanted money for college. Those that had a choice between the military and jail. Those that had a choice between living on the streets or in the barracks. I don’t expect Kassie to understand our reasons because they’re mostly selfless. It’s hard for people like her who have had everything handed to her with a silver spoon to understand.

We are aggressing against other nations that are of absolutely no threat to us. None.

The words “absolutely” and “none” are what kills her logic. The fact is that the Iraqi people slaughtered thousands of Kuwaitis in the early 90s. The United States was a party to enforcing no-fly zones to ensure that Iraq didn’t kill any more innocent people. During those patrols, Iraqis shot at our airplanes on numerous occasions. That sounds aggressive to me. Saddam attempted an assassination against the president at the time, President George HW Bush. Iraq shot down pilot Michael Scott Speicher (who went to the same high school I did, by the way) and never returned his body. It wasn’t returned until two years ago. And it wouldn’t have been returned had we not gone in there to get it. Saddam paid the families of suicide bombers $25,000 each for their heinous acts that killed hundreds of innocent civilians, including Americans, over the decades.

Saddam supported a terrorist group called Ansar al Islam that waged war with the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Ansar al Islam was trained in Al Qaeda camps in the deserts of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban that shielded and supported Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents, including nearly 3,000 on September 11, 2001. Afghanistan refused to turn over the people responsible for these murders after repeated requests.

So, your statement is just plain false. Both countries were a threat not only to their neighbors, but to the world – including Americans. The fact that Kassie lives in D.C., one of the targets of those people, should have been evidence enough. But ignorance is bliss.

If you were a serial killer, the perfect place for you to find employment would be the US military.

Actually, if you were a serial killer, the perfect place for you to find employment would be a nursing home. The rules of engagement in the military are so strict, it’s nearly impossible to commit murder serially. Not everyone in the military has the opportunity or ability to fire a weapon in at an enemy force. The majority of the military fills a support role, with a minority being combat troops. However, even most combat units never get to shoot at the enemy during their tours. Since many places in Afghanistan are supportive of our presence, these deployments are largely drama-free. For example, my Brigade has been in Afghanistan for 5 months and hasn’t fired a single shot at anyone.

It takes a hell of a lot more courage to…stand up to these wars…than it does to take an AK-47 to some 5-year old’s face.

Ummm, we don’t use AK-47s so you must have us confused. And I’d be interested in your evidence to support this baseless statement.

My retirement checks for life signed over to the person that can point out the AK-47 shoved in this little girl’s face being taught by a Soldier in Afghanistan.

What takes courage, Kassie, is going back out on the streets after your platoon leader has been killed in an explosion so large it lifts a 4-ton vehicle off the ground and lands sideways. That is courage. Courage is walking through a city center wondering if those will be the last steps you ever take. Courage is fighting through a hail of gunfire in Mogadishu to rescue a downed helicopter that is about to be overrun by hundreds of criminals wielding AK-47s and RPGs.

I don’t expect you to understand what courage is. For you, courage is probably crossing the street on a red light, trying a new type of eggnog over the holidays, or admitting that your boyfriend Alex is gay. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you in his own time.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for supporting the troops without realizing it. By exercising your 1st Amendment rights, you have given us a reason to continue on. We don’t need a thank you. Just watching your video made our sacrifices worth it. You don’t have to worry about stormtroopers raiding your house, arresting you and your dear Alex, and confiscating all your possessions. Nope. Your video is thanks enough that what we do is appreciated.

You’re welcome.

17 Comments on “Kassie Dill is a Moron

  1. Pshhh. Factual evidence? No all told there have been a million deaths in Iraq and Saddam didn’t try to kill Geroge Bush’s dad. That is a rumor not a fact. This opinion piece so bad the author should be ashamed. He has a duty to at least get his facts straight.

  2. Well said. I believe you covered every point that pissed most people off with factual evidence. I am proud to be an American and SO proud of our Troops.

  3. I think one thing that was left out here to show her one sidedness is in her numbers. She spews facts about isolated incidents from out troops yet says nothing about how many “innocents” as she calls them have been killed by terrorist attacks. Loved the article and very well spoken. One thing I would also like to point out to her is she calls herself Liberty Chick but how does a country obtain liberty again? Oh yeah by its military. @ Adrian the second I heard her after laughing so I hard I too thought well maybe she and Alex could go live with those that she thinks are slaughtered and see how well her opinions go over.

  4. Looked through all my gear and found I didn’t have enough ammunition to fulfill my craving to slaughter a million Afghan’s. Has anyone figured out a way to invite a civilian to theater, I would really appreciate having her on my next pump to Afghanistan.

  5. In July of 1990 US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, gave Saddam Hussein the permission of the US to invade Kuwait. Iraqi forces did not slaughter thousands of Kuwaitis. Very few Kuwaitis were killed during the invasion. Half of the country was permitted to flee. Michael Speicher was shot down during a war, surely even you would expect the Iraqis to try to shoot down attacking aircraft.It was the US that played games over the return of Speichers body. KIA, MIA, Captured…depending on what political agenda they were trying to push. He died in teh crash. Saddam Hussein probably never even knew the status of Speichers body. There has never been conclusive proof that Saddam tried to assassinate GHWB, even if he did it would be a natural response to the repeated attempts by GHWB to kill Saddam. Iraq was not a threat to the US, never was. We need to let the Bush family settle their own vendettas and not use the US military as their henchmen.

  6. Amen brotha. I wrote a similar article about this trash. I am a Marine Veteran and can’t stand trash like this. If she had a valid reason, it would be different. I have been on a tirade against her and her fiance. You can see on her blog that myself and another author on my site are trying to rationally discuss this, and we are destroying her. Anyway, my article is here. I just wrote another one about her boyfriend. Give it a read and tell us what you think. United we stand! Here is the first::

    and second:

    Kassie Dill is a real piece of trash.

  7. Not all people would understand a soldier’s reason why, at the back of his mind, he choose to join the troop and place his life in the front line. Amidst the sacrifices he had done, not all would understand. You may have no idea what they have been through. They don’t need people to thank them and praise them. A little of understanding and appreciation with respect is a big thing for them.

  8. CJ,

    Incredibly written article. Please remember that 99% of us civilians truly and graciously support our troops. And while you stat it’s not a big deal, allow me to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to yourself and all of our troops who defend our country and our rights.

  9. The War on Terror is morally right. God bless or Allied troops!

  10. I wish her luck in life and feel sorry for the loser who ends up dating this wack job…

    • She is engaged… she posted a video of it on youtube. Pretty sure her boyfriend Alex believes in all the same stuff she does. Sadly, he’s already run for office. I hope the majority of people do research of these two before they ever vote Alex into any sort of political office.

      • “She is engaged… she posted a video of it on youtube. Pretty sure her boyfriend Alex believes in all the same stuff she does.”

        After meeting, Alex n Kassie became engagee w/in a week

        “Sadly, he’s already run for office. I hope the majority of people do research of these two before they ever vote Alex into any sort of political office.”

        Alex is apparently an 18 YO,(Kassie is 26) so Kasie is lying. Alex was going to run as a Libertarian for state rep(not state senate as per /Kassie) in 12, but is moving to AZ w Kassie. BTW I’m guessing Alex is not in Law skool, maybe pre law or Pol Sci but 18 seems young.

  11. Good article. She is a psycho.

    If you look into her a little bit on youtube you can find out some interesting things about her. She claims in her youtube video that it is morally wrong to support something that has killed innocent civilians. However, she failed to mention that there are audio recordings of her advocating the genocide of all homosexuals ON YOUTUBE.

  12. She does not know what she is missing.I’ve been supporting your US troops now for 6 years,every one of them I’ve heard back from are simply lovely young men.
    It’s a shame she is so ignorant of the real facts.I wonder how many troops does she actually know?

  13. Here’s my favorite part, and it’s something that you paraphrased when you talked about the three categories. “…They’re dumb, and they would have to be really dumb because we livein a time where information is at our fingertips…” I’m going to take a step back and ignore the part where someone I’ve never met just called me “really dumb.” She’s obviously right, and there is a ton of information that you can find anywhere. She may want to stop mistaking “information” for “facts” though. She’s obviously reading her “information” off of a sheet of paper beside her computer that she has obviously prepared. If you’re going to take the time to make speaker’s notes, take the extra time to make sure they’re valid.

    As I look at her categories, I try to find where I fall. I’ve got a master’s degree, and I like to consider myself fairly intelligent. I’ve been faithfully married for 8 years, so there’s no child support, and I’ve gotten plenty of job offers. I guess that means I’m…evil. I’m glad she was able to narrow that down for me.

    Look, I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has the right to their opinion, and everyone has the right to voice said opinion. Please just make an effort to make sure that your opinion is supported in some way. Quoting sensationalized data is really no different than lying, and when lying is harmful it’s could easily be considered slander or libel (I don’t know which one because as mentioned, I’m really dumb). Of course, that’s just my humble opinion.

    Very Respectfully,
    Military Dad

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