Kenneth Klice – Fictitious Soldier

I started doing these Nigerian Scam blogs with “David” a few years ago after getting a little fed up with the sheer volume making it into my inbox. Over the past few years, they have evolved with the times. There are scams using the President’s name, the FBI, and military members.

One of the downfalls of our interconnected world is how easy it has become to steal someone’s identity on the internet, especially troops. The Nigerians have begun hitting hard on that last one. As a public service, I’d like to sort of reiterate what my buddy David Sneakers has been trying to warn everyone about all this time.

The first is a company called Military Telex Communication. I wrote about this when it first started coming out last year. Telex itself is an actual company, but the scam emails claim that there is a division that handles military communications for troops in combat. This is not true. Telex does have a military branch that produces military antennas, headphones, and similar equipment, but have nothing to do with how our troops are able to call home.

Here’s how this scam works. The scammer contacts its victims through chat rooms, IM, and dating sites. They claim to be Soldiers or Marines in Iraq or Afghanistan to gain the sympathy and support of anyone willing to listen, especially women. Some claim to actually be stateside and preparing for a deployment.

They string along the individual (or most cases many individuals) until they actually “deploy” to a combat theater. Once it’s obvious that there is a pretty decent relationship developed, either romantic or friendly, the scammer will make up some story about a loss of communication. Either the scammer has recently moved to a “secure” base or the command has forced them to pay for calls themselves because of budget cuts. The only way, they say, in which they can communicate is through this Military Telex Communications company. Naturally, this service doesn’t come cheap costing anywhere between $200 and $750 initially.

Naturally, most troop supporters don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around to keep up these relationships. No problems, says the scammer. He’ll simply Western Union some money to you via a “Telex agent”. You just need to pay a small fee to pick it up. Then you can pay for the service and all is good. If you pay that fee, there will be complications and more fees with result.

The scammers are using a number of Soldiers names for this. Some recent ones include SGT Kenneth Klice, whom I’ve confirmed does not exist in the Army. Another uses the name of a SGT in the Marine Corps. These guys pluck photos off the web from Facebook, MySpace, or even DOD websites and assume these identities.

So how do you know if the person you’re talking to is really a Soldier or a scam artist from Nigeria? The most glaring would be that they ask for money to communicate. This is simply not true. Soldiers have so many options of communications in today’s combat environment, it’s unbelievable. You don’t need to send any Soldier or Marine hundreds of dollars to talk to him or him to you.

The second is how they ask for that money. It is a rare, if any, military member who will write all their emails in all CAPS. Additionally, troops don’t ask for “350usd” when they are are asking for money. WE’RE AMERICANS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! Maybe if I were trying to scam a Japanese citizen, I’d ask for 350usd, but I still wouldn’t say it like that! If you are ever asked for any amount of money followed by “usd” cease and desist all communication. You’ve been had. Report all the communications to your nearest Secret Service office immediately, especially if you’ve actually sent money.

The third is the use of non-military email. Granted 99% of the troops in theater probably email their friends and family through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or some other anonymous webmail service, but if you’re suspicious about this person, ask them for a .mil email address. EVERY military member in today’s military has a .mil email address. It is usually set up in basic training and, if not, immediately upon arrival at their first unit. If it is a scam, i’m willing to bet that they look for all sorts of excuses not to give you one (because they don’t have one).

While there are some complete retards and uneducated people in the military (you’re reading one right now), most Soldiers and yes, even Marines, know basic grammar. If the person you are talking to speaks in broken English and can’t put simple sentences together, it’s probably a scam. Just check out the wording of ANY Nigerian Scam email David Sneakers has put up and you’ll see what I mean.

Finally, any Soldier or Marine who says they have an “agent” or “representative” who will handle any of these dealings with money is a liar. The people that actually handle these things are one of two types of people: con artists themselves or have also been naive and are being scammed themselves. If you see something that even mentions Military Telex Communications or just Telex in an email or solicitation, just ignore them right off the bat.

If you truly want to find some troops to support, there are a number of ways to go about it without getting swindled. The first of those is a group called Soldiers Angels. They have a program where you can sign up to adopt a service member legally and ethically. They do a LOT for our troops who are deployed and can be relied on. The other group is called Adopt a Platoon. Similar to Soldiers Angels, AAP is more of a grass roots community of hard core military supporters whose sole purpose in life is to ensure that our troops are getting letters, cards, and care packages. Supporters and troops are linked up by marital status, sex, and age to the greatest extent possible.

I wholly endorse both organizations and have dealt with each in a deployed environment. They are all angels to me.

If you’re unsure if you’re being scammed, you can always email me with your communication. I’ve become sort of an expert at fishing these things out. If I can’t help you, David can!! My email address is on the sidebar.

6 Comments on “Kenneth Klice – Fictitious Soldier

  1. I am living in the Netherlands and today I am approached by a guy by a Datingsite (he told me he’s working in Nigeria for sometime) His emailadress is >…………………
    I had bad experiences with Scammers in the past and i did remember his pretty familiar Approach style
    Could You sheck if his emailadres is SCAM ??
    Thank You
    Kind Regards

    • @ Gemma hes NOT working in Nigeria he lives in Nigeria he is an African and he is a scammer if he found you on a dating site if her were a real US Military member he would have no time to search for women on any dating site but to get to the root of the problem simply insist that he get on webcam with you for an interactive chat for an hour or more if he refuses for ANY reason or has ANY excuses as to why he cannot show himself on cam he is a SCAMMER if he asks you for ANYTHING money or to send you ANYTHING he is a scammer period remember the Military takes care of its own and will not need anything from you and real military members have no time to search dating sites but this Nigerian scammer does.that is what they do they consider it a job

  2. Scam in Bearshere music free downloads This Nigerian scammer thought t they had me, but I just wanted to get as far as I could, had fun, they are getting better organized, mine was supposedly Ramos David from texas armyman004 in BearShere were I listen to music. he was 51 years, losts his wife to cancer two years ago,wanted a long term relationship, he took his time , he said he would get me addicted to him, after a week, then spoke about the of need money, was going to retired after 23 years because of love, stationed in afghanistan in the capital, had to retire and first to merry me, no transportation needed money until he gets retire money, he knew I did not believed that, then it for he has a check in the post office and had to take the money out, and when I asked questions told he need 200 to take that money out, told ok, were to send it? He said Nigeria,because they had a camp there. I did not want him to back off , so that I could know more of their scams, have all conversations in writing in my yahoo,( instant messages and emails). did not hear him after I send today a message that a friend on mine had advised me that her father a Genera of US Army told her about this scams from Nigeria and to ask them for the military email and if they did not have one, it was because it was a scam, told him I could send to him the money until he gave me his military email, I did not want the money to get to other hands, and he had to email it to me ,for I was going to be way, but as soon as I had his email on my Iphone, I would send him the money, GAME OVER, has not contacted me . well , hope this helps someone. Aida San Juan Puerto Rico God, I am Just so sorry I did not meet the real Ramos David, because he is cute . JAJAJA We all bless the American soldiers and their families and pray for them.
    Sorry about my english out of practice. If you need any Information, please contact me, don’t ask for money, joking, but real. Almost forgot, another ask for my friendship, he goes by fightf4myland from battalion 101 Benghazi Libya, wanted something serious with a pretty lady like me, then wanted to here my voice, then asked for a calling card, he gave me this service #A38846FS,Name Aledaran Wolf, I call Army and they told me that this is not the first they hear this about from Battalion 101 in Libya, and that they have ways to call. send him a message that gathering information came across this, no more of him. he told me get the card at , army told me that this were not them. If he is or not a service officer, I never knew.

  3. I too have been contacted by As soon as he started getting upset and then agry when I would ask questions, I knew something was “weird”. Also, all those bad typos! Then he just wanted to “Hear my voice sooooo bad”. He asked for a phone. It would cost “ME” 600.00. I told him off, then blocked him, then did some research, then unblocked him to see if I could find out more about him. Just as I thought, as soon as I unblocked him, he was IM’ing me and asking for that phone again. I don’t know what, if anything, can ever be done to him or so many others like him. All I know is that now, when I have the time, I am going to “play” with his mind for a bit. He was so angry that I wouldn’t pay for that phone! Yet he still wants “to talk to me and get close to me”… Blah, Blah, Blah. I told him he was probably from Nigeria! Most of them are! Why don’t we just shut that stupid country down! They PREY on Americans in all sorts of scams and have for years! Why doesn’t our government do something?! I know, I know – What can we do? It’s called a massive bombing! Ha! Maybe that would shut them down – at least for a week or so. So many of them are working out of Europe, so I have heard, as well. They are everywhere. I hate them and they’re horrible country. I don’t care about hearing that they are “Not all like that”. I’m concerned with my own people. My fellow Americans. Signed; “Joy” I’m getting a divorce and soon to be ex army wife. Yep, but at least I know he’s really in the army. He’s a moron, but I don’t blame the army for that! I still support our REAL troops and always will!

    • I to was a contacted by this But he also uses the name McTavish Klice. Also he says his middle name is John. States he has a son who lives in Texas. This guy needs to be stopped. He has told me that he wants to comes home and spend the rest of his life with me. Ladies if your reading this he is a sweet talker. Will send you many emails telling you that he loves you loads! Its all crap!! There are real troups out there that can use our support. Don’t let this moron get away with this!! Shut him down the minute you see him.

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