Let’s Talk About Stalking

As many of you may know, CJ was arrested about two weeks ago for “resisting arrest” and had some of his guns confiscated from him without cause or warrant. Because this is an active case, there isn’t a lot of information that can be put out yet. Suffice it to say CJ rejects any and all charges and all the armchair lawyers, well, they can chatter all they want about knowing this, that, and the other about what went down, they’re full of crap. CJ set up a legal defense fund to help raise money to fight the charges and get his guns and licenses back.

Not long after he set it up, he began getting notices of dozens, then hundreds of comments being left on the page. This is what his inbox looked like. And if you use gmail, please note that you can add “labels” to emails with certain parameters, so this is a shot of all those with the label from Indiegogo that show Yon’s name (mostly from the email address in the notification). Also, some comments were from innocent bystanders, so those have been blacked out.


No get this, you can’t comment unless you donate. So ol’ Yon coughed up the big bucks in order to have his say on CJ’s fundraiser page.


Hey, a dollar is a dollar. It spends the same whether to a defense attorney or in Yon’s case, for a box of Twinkies. No problem leaving a comment right? But nearly a 1,000 comments that all said the same thing for that dollar is stretching its value if you ask me. So, what was so important that it needed to be said nearly a 1,000 times?


Wow. “Domestic abuse.” That one right there leapt out at me. Are you kidding me?? I am good friends with his wife and let me tell you, if CJ ever laid a hand on her, their kids, even their cat, I personally would monkey stomp his butt into the ground. The most hilarious part about that lie Yon stated is that CJ & Emily have one of the most loving and supportive marriages I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous how in love they are with each other (notwithstanding the typical stupid man stuff that CJ pulls and that his wife has to call him out on). Yon literally just makes stuff up. I’ve seen and shot a lot of CJ’s weapons myself, last fall, and I can personally say he does not have even remotely close to $20K in firearms, but again, Yon likes that nice, round $20K number for some reason. That’s what he was saying he needed to get his webpage working again. I hear Go Daddy charges about $5/month. He might want to look into economizing a little more. Fraud and cowardice, well, again, $20K for a website and CJ having a Bronze Star with V, I guess we know which is which and the truth here.

So Yon had too much coffee and too much time on his hands, copying and pasting over and over again, and then he decided that a better angle would be to create some sort of Team Michael to harass CJ by posting comments as a group. You know, share out his indiegogo account login to people and have them comment under his name also. You can tell by 3rd party reference in a couple of these below that someone else is posting or maybe Yon is so flippin’ crazy at this point, he’s referring to himself in third person. I honestly would not be surprised if that were the case.





You want to know what is amusing, he keeps insisting that CJ is obsessed with him and stalking him. I personally have watched the last 18 months pass without seeing a single reference to Yon by name on any of CJ’s public social networking or blog. I myself have written extensively about Yon because he’s a BIG FAT LIAR, but CJ pretty much decided well over a year ago to just ignore the fool.

Funny enough, Yon brings CJ up over and over and over again, tying him in to any and all events military-shooting related, fraud related, hell, even this comment he made on his FB page, he’s somehow smeared by a General because he was under him in about the 10th tier of downward infrastructure. His most recent post is all about Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman and he was nice enough to lift the image of CJ’s BSM citation from here on ASP to throw in there, but that is the only solid piece of evidence of ANYTHING, that I provided 6 months ago, and Yon is trying to use Lynch to smear CJ. I cannot even understand the convoluted logic that the most recent post is supposed to be delineating.


So I’m going to link several posts, many of them with screen shots going back to April of 2011, a FULL TWO YEARS, of Yon talking smack about CJ, and you are certainly welcome to check if CJ has said anything about Yon in the past 18 months using your google foo. What you will be amazed to find (or not find, as the case may be), is that there is only one party stalking the other. There is only one person who just can’t get enough of ol’ CJ Grisham. That would be Michael Yon. The nutjob.

Here are the posts you should use to educate yourself on what a crazy, lying, manipulative crackpot Michael Yon is:

Wherein Yon hides evidence of his releasing CJ’s unit to his FB readers and then retroactively hiding that perfidy.

Wherein Yon continuously claims CJ only discussed cancer after he returned from Afghanistan and yet, I have proven without a shadow of a doubt that Yon is a LIAR and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I’m gonna throw Yon a bone here and even link to his site so you can follow how stupid he is in real time between his ridiculous post and my counter post dissecting CJ’s military records. That was done last October but mine was updated to yesterday because really, people need to see how full of crap he is. I am really REALLY amused where he says “(Trust me)” in that graphic above capturing his FB comment because after reading all of this, WOULD YOU TRUST HIM?

And lastly, just for my amusement, I am posting this graphic from a parody site of Michael Yon. I suspect Yon will devolve to this point quite soon.


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  1. Libel? Surely he’d have cash spare from his legal defense fund to seek damages. Anyone makes dodgy claims on the web is publishing it to the world… which means $$$ and more guns! Not to defend yourself against such lies means you give credibility to lies.

    • Except for the fact that Yon is in Thailand. It would cost a pretty penny just to have him served, and for what? A simple judgement where CJ gets nothing but a big fat legal bill that entitles him to say Yon is a liar and maybe entitles him to a few dollars that Yon has begged off of his readers. Ok. That is a total waste of time, resources, and energy.

      • Libel damages people in the eyes of right minded people. You’ve left this post – which means it matters, despite the fact this guy appears to be a nut. You give him credibility. But stop short at legal action? It wont be a pay out like the temple police gig but the principle and a man’s reputation is at stake. Surely he’ll have money left over from his charity donation defense fund to mount a defense against lies? It wont cost him anything?

        • Actually, the money he got through the donation campaign will go to the legal defense of CJ, help pay for the civil case, a portion will go to the SGT who was also falsely arrested that CJ outlines in a blog post on here (and he mentioned him in the indiegogo thing), and I believe the rest will be donated to other legal defense funds of those wrongly arrested and accused. People who donated the money did so because they believe in 2nd amendment rights and the money has been earmarked to continue that. Michael Yon is a liar as we’ve shown over and over, he is in another country and won’t set foot in the US because he has lied about more people than CJ Grisham and they will sue him if he comes here and is available to be served, and again, yes, it would be a moral win, but those who donated to CJ’s indiegogo did so for gun rights reasons. Unlike Yon, who asked for $50k for a website rebuild (which is a ridiculous and outrageous amount if you know anything about website construction and maintenance), CJ has a moral code that leads him to use the money donated to his cause to further the cause of others in the same vein if there is anything left over.

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  3. I’ve been convinced for a while now that Yon pulled the pin on the crazy grenade. Anyone who dares to question the veracity of his claims is first accused of BEING CJ, then accused of being military Public Affairs, then ultimately either banned from commenting or ignored, even if you ask questions in a totally respectful manner.

    He’s an obsessed, corpulent, drooling bag of fuck, who has no decency and no honor. And forget about talent!

    I’m so glad he’s exposed for the jackhole he really is!

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  5. Michael Yon is indeed completely insane and a fraud. As anyone who’s been following him for years like I have knows. At the very least he has a pathological vindictive disorder (and that’s probably only scratching the surface). If anyone ever criticizes him in any way he launches a deranged jihad against that person and uses his popular facebook page and website to smear his enemies. He calls it “damaging” (“They’ve been damaged” as he loves to say like a complete whackjob). He’s done this to all kinds of milblogs (or “milkooks” as he constantly calls them) especially. And without a hint of self-awareness he bashed the military for ending his embeds by basically saying they were self-destructive idiots for stabbing him in the back when he’s (supposedly) their natural ally.

    Um, that’s exactly what he did to the milbloggers who largely made him who he is. I and many others first came across his work thanks to milbloggers like Blackfive who promoted the crap out of him. But after they criticized his advocacy for firing General McChrystal from Afghanistan he basically decided to screech allah ackbar and suicide bomb himself in their presence. And he hasn’t stopped constantly smearing them ever since – just like CJ who also dared to criticize him.

    I found it especially ironic when Michael Yon dragged CJ and his milblogger enemies into a story about U.S. soldiers getting in a fight at a Thai bar saying that there’s a small number of soldiers, soldiers like CJ and the Blackfive team, who make the U.S. military look bad by doing stupid crap like getting in bar fights. This coming from someone who killed another person in a bar fight while being in the U.S. Army Special Forces! What a freaking psycho!

    And let’s not forget his complete meltdown, caught on audio, where he went on a nonstop rant against UJ after UJ misspoke saying that MY had lost his embeds with U.S. forces, UK forces and Canadian forces (followed by 15 minutes of MY screaming “I’ve never embedded with Candian forces!1 Rawrkjadshfkjahfs!1”) They even had to cut his audio off because he had completely lost his mind.

    And then there was the time he went onto some U.S. Army Special Forces forum where everyone basically bashed him and then he retaliated on facebook and on his website basically saying that all U.S. special operations troops in Iraq were murderers and declared “I’m not one of you!” Welp, he better edit the canned intros for all of his interviews where they always describe him as a former Green Beret. Apparently they didn’t get the message that he doesn’t want to be associated with the SF anymore because they dared to criticize him…

    He also has tried to tear down an entire popular charity, Soldiers Angels, simply because Blackfive guys and CJ are involved with it.

    Overall, MY is just completely insane. I just assumed that CJ was writing about MY constantly since MY is certainly writing about CJ on a nearly daily basis for years now. But now that I’ve learned that CJ has decided to largely just ignore MY for over a year that makes MY look even that much more unhinged. Add on top of that his deranged spamming aimed at CJ’s legal defense drive… Good grief.

    MY just loves to say how this person or that person, like CJ, is mentally unhinged and is going to lose it one day and do something horrible. But that’s one of the most obvious examples of projection I’ve ever seen…

    • Luke, you are exactly right. I wrote this post exactly a year ago, outlining what I have personally seen of Yon’s behavior. I cannot believe it is still going on, after all this time, with CJ remaining silent. It shows that Yon is on some crazy vendetta, which only he can justify in his own mind as acceptable, because the rest of us on the outside have watched the crazy unfold and we are amazed and astonished that he has not just MOVED ON. I mean, seriously, GET A DAMN LIFE!

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