Letters From War

I love history, especially military history. And even more especially, World War II history. My grandfather fought in WWII over Germany as a bombardier in B17 and B24 bombers.

The other day, I was at my uncle’s house and he said he had something that might interest me. He opened up a box full of old papers from the 40s and 50s. My great aunt was apparently quite the looker in her day and there were a lot of letters from GIs to her. I came across one letter that I thought was too good to pass up and just had to share.

This letter is from a PFC Wayne L. Williamson who served in a medical detachment, I believe. I’ll put the transcript below the images for those that can’t read the letter.

world war ii letter page 1

world war ii letter page 2

Temple, Texas
March 28, 1944

Dear Mae,

Enclosed you will find the pictures that Bernard and I took the Sunday we ran into you. The only once enclosed are those of you because we got mad at ours and threw them away. I would of liked a couple more of you.

I was planning on bringing them in to you but you ruined that by moving back to Troy and so I’ll have to be contented this way.

And now there is a question that I have been wanting to ask you for a long time.

I have tried time after time to lead up to this matter but somehow I’ve never been able to; even though it’s been on my mind for weeks.

As you know, when I first met you my feelings toward you were those of a normal friendship; but after a while they developed into something more beautiful & sincere for that I want to thank you very much.

I don’t know whether or not it is proper to ask you this question since you and I have had a little misunderstanding; but I believe that you can forgive me for doing it.

Please promise me that you will never show this letter to anyone else and just keep it between the two of us. This is very important and personal to me and I hope that I don’t over step my self and hurt your feelings. What I want to know Mae is “do you think that Superman & Lois Lane will ever get married?”

I must close to get ready for guard duty tonight.

Please answer soon.

Your friend forever,
Wayne Williamson

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