Life of Duty – Untold Resistance: The Guerrillas of Luzon

NRA Life of Duty, presented by Brownells and Smith & Wesson, have teamed up to release this month’s Patriot Profile “Untold Resistance: The Guerrillas of Luzon” – the true story of two unlikely friends who escaped the infamous Baatan Death March on the island of Luzon and found a way to fight on despite overwhelming odds. View more documentaries like this on the NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles channel sponsored by Smith & Wesson at

One Comment on “Life of Duty – Untold Resistance: The Guerrillas of Luzon

  1. Thank you both for your services and sacrifice.
    Thank you to those that have served, are active, and will in the future.

    NRA LIFER, American-Filipino

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