Master Private

To my friends out that used to wear this rank, tell me what it used to be like when it meant something. I’m especially interested in stories about how it was encouraged to share information among peers and discuss topics affecting the Army.

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  1. Hi CJ,

    As you know, I currently wear this rank. I have to say this rank, as is every rank in the Army, represents the person who wears it and the level of responsibility it embodies. I truly believe Soldiers perform their perspective duties, and empower themselves through performance, situational awareness, and the Army values. Officers, and Non-commissioned Officers define their ranks through their day-to-day behavior.

    A quick example…

    I remember a young Specialist who did everything in his power to understand the mission, the motor pool, the Squad, the geographic area of his unit, and the Soldiers with whom he was assigned. This Specialist was truly an outstanding Soldier who truly care about his peers, his family, and his duties. This Soldier was you.

    You only had so much ability to influence and affect the mission at hand. That was your reality, but you embraced it.

    Now. As a Senior Enlisted Advisor to your Commissioned Officers you have your sphere of influence. Realize, though, that at the end of the day those Commissioned Officers are the ones who chose to take on the responsibility that comes with being Commissioned. You’re there to assist and advise them in their endeavors; to include understanding the people who make them successful. It’s a symbiotic relationship where one can’t be successful without the other.

    At the end of the day the Officers are the ones who pay you, who give you permission to carry out a mission, who create a system to care for you. You must understand and embrace this dynamic and assist/influence them so they can be successful so you and your subordinates can be successful. It is what it is…

    Your ego can’t be greater than the people you serve. We do what we do simply because we give a crap. That’s why we were given the opportunity to serve at the level we serve. Continue to servie. Be the man you are. Advise and assist. You’ll do well, and you’ll leave a legacy behind you. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

    – 1SG H

  2. As I came up, I realized that the more rank I had, the less authority I had. The greater the responsibility, the more I understood just how tightly my hands were tied.

    I know: not what you wanted to hear.

    Still, there are good leaders and bad. Learn from them both and always let your conscience, your values, guide your actions. NOT any fear of an NCOER bullet point. Trust me when I say that when you tell your rater that you don’t care about the NCOER says, so long as your conscience KNOWS you did the right thing, it’ll scare him more than a PVT with a loaded weapon at a clearing barrel or a 2LT with a compass.

  3. So, your CSM is a prick. Yeah, i said it. I know what he’s said to you. And like i said, you can either let him know, or it’ll be known when he checks up to make sure you are in your ‘lane’ on this site if another personal attack happens to you from him, i will personally file an IG myself, as well as a Congressional, so he really knows what a waste of time is. If it’s something i learned from all this, the public HATES it when civilians go open about crap like this.

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