Media Claims DADT Repeal A Smashing Success


Just one paragraph into a story by the AP that appeared in my local paper had me wondering if, in fact, I was actually reading The Onion instead of a reputable (do those even still exist) newspaper.


More than a million U.S. troops – roughly half the armed forces – have been trained on the new law allowing gays to serve openly in the military, and so far there has been none of the turmoil or dire consequences predicted by opponents of what had been expected to be a wrenching change in military culture.

But then again I guess it depends on what the definition of “training” is. You see the Army hasn’t been asking our opinion. They haven’t gaged our reaction to the repeal of the bill…hell, they haven’t even asked us what we think! In reality, we’re not even allowed to bring it up during the “training” that is forced upon us. Besides the changes haven’t even come yet!

Under the terms of the repeal, the President, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff must certify in writing that they have reviewed the Pentagon’s report on the effects of DADT repeal, that the appropriate regulations have been reviewed and drafted and that implementation of repeal regulations “is consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion, and recruiting and retention of the Armed Forces”. The problem is that unit cohesion and retention aren’t being gaged and I know that for a FACT! No one is asking Soldiers why they aren’t staying in. No is asking them if the repeal has something to do with their decision not to stay in. Just because someone isn’t parading in front of cameras claiming definitively that they got out because they don’t want to be forced to room with gays doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence!

The only thing – and I mean THE ONLY THING – the DADT training has accomplished is telling the Soldiers what the DADT repeal means: gays can serve openly; gays will not have separate barracks rooms or facilities; etc. The training is so bland and scripted I doubt anyone could even tell you what they spent an hour listening to. And yet, the AP definitively declares “There’s been no widespread resistance, no mad rush for the door by enlisted members opposed to the policy and no drop in recruiting.”

I personally know four Soldiers (two of whom are junior NCOs) that don’t want to stay in because of “what’s coming around the corner.” And yet the Army’s version of the story is quite different.

[LTG] Chiarelli said it’s too soon in the training process to downgrade the initial assessment by outgoing Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. that repeal of the law poses moderate risk to readiness, recruiting and retention.

The fact is that this repeal is disastrous. I can’t find any that are supportive of it. While waiting for the theater to open all the Soldiers were cracking jokes about it. You could hear them whisper comments to each other during the training. And after the training, it was obvious that this is being rammed down our throats in a “take it or leave it” manner.

The reason Soldiers may not be leaving in droves (or seemingly at all) is because we are focused right now. We’re more concerned about our next deployment (or coming home from it), leave, getting qualified on our weapons, etc. Right now, we aren’t being forced to share a barracks room with someone that may try to rape me while I sleep – and don’t try to tell me I’m just a when over eight percent (8.2%) of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual in nature and that’s BEFORE repeal! By the way, that’s 134 homosexual rapes in one year!

And don’t give me that “just because someone is a homosexual doesn’t mean they’re a rapist” crap. Their sexual desires are no different than a heterosexual. And if that is the case, we should be just fine with co-ed barracks space! After all, not all heterosexuals are rapists, right?

The AP can quote all the general officers it wants to quote but notice a glaring omission from EVERY single story about the topic: no ground troops are either questioned or quoted in these feel good stories about homosexual acceptance. NONE! And for good reason. I guarantee you if one Sergeant or First Lieutenant spoke their minds about the policy and what they really think about it, there would be hell to pay.

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  1. PS- Your view, as you state, that homosexuality is “immoral” has no place in forming policy. Many people might find a soldier who has pre-marital sex “immoral” or a devout catholic might find your use of contraceptives to be immoral, a Muslim or Jew might find you eating pork products “immoral” we don’t legislate their morality onto everyone. You have a right to view homosexuality as immoral; you do not have a right to demand that others conform to your standards of moral behavior on that issue.
    Homosexuality exists, in nature, throughout the animal kingdom in most higher primates; it has existed since the dawn of humanity and I believe it to be a natural product of the human race. Many soldiers in history have been gay, among them the band of Spartan men who fought valiantly against the Persians. It’s a rather big deal historically.
    Typically, people just shouldn’t care about shit that doesn’t affect them dude. You think homosexuality is immoral. Great. Don’t be a homosexual. Problem solved, right?

  2. I read your blog entry regarding DADT. I made an extra effort to contact you because I felt it was important to shed some light on this issue from my personal perspective as a sailor.
    First off let me tell you that I respect your views and your right to have them. You’re using your first amendment rights and you are exercising them in a way that displays caution that we need to as enlisted military personnel.
    It is unfair, in my opinion, to single out gay people and tell gays that they must be silent regarding who they are when straight people were free to talk about their families/wives/children/have pics of their families etc and never faced the specter of losing a career over someone being spiteful and vindictive.
    There are many cases, and CPT Farenbach in the USAF is one that illustrates my point. He has a false vindictive allegation of rape made against him by a jilted partner. This caused an investigation which did find that the rape charge was BS but that he was a homosexual. They started his discharge proceedings based on statements he made affirming his homosexuality during the investigation. He has to be honest.
    It’s just un-American for you to ask people to live in fear or force them to be quiet when we don’t force everyone to be. What kind of unit morale can we have when you force someone to hide who they are? It’s contrary to logic. I feel like I have to be open about who I am with my unit in a tactful respectful way.
    As for the shower thing, do you really think it’s comparable to men showering with women? I’ve been showering with the same sex since little league. If anything, there might be ONE gay guy in a unit, and he would certainly know to keep his eyes to himself and his hands to himself and his comments to himself in a shower unless he wants to lose a few teeth or worse. Men with women would be introducing something totally alien; and unlike the gay guy in the shower men are emboldened and encouraged by their peers to sexually assault or verbally assault a woman. Further, we were there before DADT was repealed and in many cases everyone already knew who the gay person was. So what exactly is the big deal?
    The argument is a canard.
    I am a gay guy, but I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve. I am not “flaming” at all and I fight under the same flag you do to protect and defend our constitutional values that all Americans deserve. We both gave up a lot of our freedoms to fight for this country, and why are you asking me to sit on the back of the bus? I’m not some alien experiment being forced onto the military, this is my life, this is what I want to do, and I come from a family where all men have done military service. My brother is in Afghanistan currently, and I am facing a deployment again.
    Can you remind me, why, at a time when we are facing so much insecurity in our world that you aren’t viewing us as any other American who wants to fight to defend this country?
    In fact I am open in my unit. I simply aknowledged it once when I was asked post repeal of DADT with my very close friend. It made us closer friends. Not once have I ever looked at anyone in my unit in a sexual manner and I never would do that since I respect these guys and I know they don’t want that. No one has said shit about it. No one cares.
    Like I said, I know people who think like you on this issue. I can respect it but I don’t agree with you. I think in 20 years people will look back at this in much the same way they look back at Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement.
    I don’t want any special treatment. I just want to be who I am, not be afraid of losing my career, and live. Is that too much to ask in America?

  3. DADT Repeal 100% Successful

    Jim Macdea of NBC News reports from Logar, Afghanistan reports that repealing DADT posed no danger and caused no problems.

    Even after the nation, Congress, and President Obama agreed to lift the ban on gays, lesbians, and bisexuals serving openly in the military, some people said repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law would never work in the real world. They said that letting open gay and lesbian soldiers serve in close quarters would cause chaos, and that combat units would implode.

    • In manpower, they predicted fewer recruits, more resignations, and a return to the draft.

    • In units, they predicted harm to order, discipline, morale, and unit cohesion.

    • In battle, they predicted disruption, distraction, mistakes, injuries, and casualties.

    • Off hours, they predicted coercion, illicit activity, health issues, and sexual assaults.

    • Overall, critics predicted high risks to property, freedom, national security, and the American way of life.

    But despite all these things that critics imagined, none of them ever happened.

    Today’s soldiers, from grunts to top brass, even U.S. Marines, have actively embraced the law, with no reports of incidents like hazing or gay bashing. Behind front lines at large bases like Bagram Airfield, groups of gays and lesbians now meet publicly, at coffee hours unheard of only months ago.

    Hundreds — perhaps thousands — of gay soldiers have recently posted their own coming out videos on YouTube, often to their own families. A phone call home by Airman Randy Phillips, based in Germany, to tell his parents he’s gay, went viral, with more than 5 million hits. Even commanders like Marine General James Amos, once opposed to lifting the ban during wartime, now support it, allowing soldiers to excel, as they always have in war, but now, to do it freely.

    Source: “No incidents reported since DADT repealed”

    MSNBC Nightly News, 22-Dec-2011

  4. With the passing of this ludicrous policy,I may have to rethink how I am going to serve my country. I refuse to serve any flag other than the US flag. I do not embrace communism, nor nazism, nor will I embrace the homosexual agenda. I’ll retire first.

  5. Common sense is that, sorry to have to reiterate, NO ONE has “the right” to be in the military. One must qualify to the military’s terms- 100%, period, end of story.

    CJ, right-on, dear brother!

    There is a move afoot to demoralize the military. In DC we have “a fungus among-us” that wants their own Civilian Security Force, of what, thugs? for what? I dare to ponder…and they are the lefties that are at the same time implementing anything that they can that will weaken the military while they build their slimey, little world of ultimate control.

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  7. What a disheartening, disappointing blog. Gay people have been serving for decades, serving beside you with valor and courage. This law and your “training” doesn’t mean that there will suddenly be drag queens prancing around the barracks (from your writing it doesn’t seem that you have an issue with gay women, just the men). It simply means that if they admit to being gay they can not lose their position and that they will be safe from harassment. You know, because they are AMERICANS, just like you. I’m the daughter and sister of military men who served proudly in Korea, VietNam, and Desert Storm. From where I sit, any person who is willing to commit their life and make the sacrifices involved in serving their country has my respect – gay or straight. They don’t want special rights, just equal rights…again, because they are AMERICANS.

    • Jenna, a few comments in direct response before I get fully into it.

      “Gay people have been serving for decades, serving beside you with valor and courage.”

      This is a strawman argument. No one has EVER claimed that gays are less valorous or courageous. But, we’re also not talking about combat. The military life is more than just being brave and shooting people. I could not care less who is standing next to me when the enemy is bearing down on my position as long as their aim is true.

      “This law and your ‘training’ doesn’t mean that there will suddenly be drag queens prancing around the barracks (from your writing it doesn’t seem that you have an issue with gay women, just the men).”

      Why not? What’s to keep gender confused gays from feeling empowered now to “prance” around the barracks. After all, they’ll be protected to do so. If we’re going to allow gays in the military, why not allow gender-confused transsexuals to serve? Why not allow cross-dressers? It’s just as normal as homosexuality right? I have a problem with homosexual behavior, whether its male or female.

      “You know, because they are AMERICANS, just like you.”

      Another strawman argument. I am not claiming that gays are not Americans. But, then again, so are murderers, rapists, racists, and other violent criminals! Let’s them all in. After all, robbing a bank or killing someone also takes a great deal of “courage,” right? It’s a matter of standards and principles, not whether or not gays are Americans.

      “They don’t want special rights, just equal rights…again, because they are AMERICANS.”

      I already answered the American ignorance. Let me be very clear about something: straight people have no more or less rights than gay people in this country! THERE IS NO RIGHT TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY! As the liberals are quick to remind us all – there are many different ways to serve this country than in the military. If they can’t serve in the military, there are plenty of places. But, the fact is that they’ve been able to serve prior to this repeal. They just couldn’t talk about their sexual orientation. It’s that simple. We already enjoy equal RIGHTS in this country. As a straight man, I can’t marry another man either! Seems pretty fair to me.

      I’m glad that you’re a proud sister and daughter of military men. Do you yourself serve? Are you gay?

      • You know you don’t have to be gay to stand up for their rights all you need is common sense. Just like many caucasian stood side by side with African-Americans during the civil rights movement.

        Just like African-Americans were gradually accepted into the military and treated as equal so will be the case for homosexuals.

        If you truly think homosexuals have equal rights then you seriously need to educate yourself.

        If you’re not a minority there is no way you could possibly understand what it feels like to be preyed upon and not treated as an equal. To constantly having to defend yourself against the masses.

        I would like to address the rape comments. Rape in most cases has nothing to do with sexual desire. It is a way to show dominance over another. Anyone willing to rape another person (and no amount of alcohol can justify this behavior) should be discharged immediately and put in prison.

        There is a HUGE misconception that a male that rapes another male MUST be homosexual. This is not true. HETEROSEXUAL males are known to PREY on homosexuals because they are considered weak and effeminate. Actually if you look at jail population a homosexual male is two thirds of the time more likely to be the VICTIM than being the one assaulting someone else.

        My point is that anyone willing to rape another is sick in the head whether they be straight or gay.

        On the other hand straight men are known to prey on animals when there are no women around either. Does this mean we can’t allow them to have pets?

        I agree that special training is ridiculous since there are already gay people serving and none needed special training so far, so why would they need it now?

        I would also like to say that one shouldn’t let prejudice get in the way of facts. Most gay people don’t feel the need to ‘prance’ around and there was a poll conducted and a majority of serving gays declared they wouldn’t talk about their sexuality or behave differently since they wanted to “fit in”.

        Conclusion nothing would change for the heterosexuals while the homosexuals won’t be able to lose their job or rank because of their sexual orientation. Is that worth all the fuss?

        One last thing, those who want to leave because they are paranoid about what will happen don’t deserve to be in the military in the first place. They can all scram for all I care.

  8. It’s good to see you blogging again, CJ.

    I was afraid that you were gone for good, but I’m glad to see that you only quit blogging for the duration of Milbloggie nominations and voting.

    Again, glad you’re back!

  9. Thank you very much for a well thought out comment on a subject not being covered by the Lame Street Media.

    I personally don’t care WHAT sexual orientation someone has. Just don’t ram it down my throat.

    Have I served with gays?
    I’m certain that over 20 plus years I have.
    Did I care?
    Hell no! All I wanted was my fellow soldiers to do their jobs and have my back if the need arose.

    I just hope to hell this doesn’t get you in trouble!!!

    God bless for your service.

  10. As one of the lucky few who got to sit through all three Tiers of training, who now gets to assist giving the training for my company (EVERY SINGLE TIME!), I would like to ask one really important question: WHAT IS REALLY CHANGING?

    Sexual orientation remains a personal and private matter. Soldiers will still be wearing the same uniform, no pink urban camouflage in any of my formations due to that one word….uniform, I won’t be getting hit on (not that good looking, so much so even here in the KFH area I have a hard time getting dates even with ID Card chasers), and that whole good order and discipline thing that got harped on on every single slide!

    I am not for DADT Repeal, don’t get me wrong, but good lord!!!!!! I HATE THAT CLASS!

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