Michael Yon Integrity Check

UPDATE 7/28/13–Submitted by LL: For anybody who is coming here because Yon has yet again taken off after CJ, here’s a good roundup about what a total flippin’ stalker nutjob he is.


UPDATE 5/4/13–Submitted by CJ: Well, Michael Yon is at again. He just can’t stand that I am capable of going on with my life while he wallows in his own self-pity in the third-world nation of Thailand. It’s just not fair that he is a failure and others can be more successful. Since he’s attacking me again with false claims, I’m bumping this post to the front of the line again. So, read on and also take a moment to read LL’s post here for even more information about Michael Yon’s defamatory and libelous claims. But, don’t expect him to respond if you ask him to explain any of the facts below. He can’t and won’t.

UPDATE 4/16/13–submitted by CJ Grisham, Emily’s husband: One can only guess why I would get a Facebook message like this and what it means.


UPDATE 4/13/13–submitted by Emily Grisham, CJ’s wife: (as with all images, click on it for a larger view)

If anyone knows Cj and I, you know that he leaves his computer up at home a lot, and I used to regularly post stupid things on Facebook under his name. Usually, it would be something along the lines of “Dance, midget, DANCE!!” Or some reference to Oompa Loompas. Since I am home, and his computer is unmanned MOST of the day, it’s not so fun anymore.

Last night, our two older kids were at a party, Cj was working on a website for some friends, and it was about time for him to go and pick them up. He showed me what he had come up with so far, i gave him my input, asked if I could look at stuff on his laptop while he was gone, and then he left.

While he was gone, I even chatted with one of his friends on his FB. Cj was visiting with the parents of the home that was hosting the party, with no access to his laptop. He was gone for about 30 minutes. I thought it would be funny if I put something that no one could tell that was an obvious hack. Oiy.. If Yon had showed the comments in the thread, it would have shown where cj and I joked about it being hacked later on that night.

CJ status1

If you have been to Cj’s Indigogo page, everyone knows that you can’t have access to the money until you raise it, or the time period is over with.

The rest is a moot point, but I will explain it anyway. We have a bank in a X state that is our joint account. When the legal funds get transferred, which would take days anyhow, it will go to a bank in Texas, not the joint one that we have together.

If you look at my receipt, you will see what my “spree” consisted of. A strapless bra on sale for $20.80 (yay me!). A $16.99 tee-shirt on sale (yay me!). A black skirt for my other daughter, since we are church going people and she has a lack of skirts since she happens to still be growing, you got it, ON SALE, for $19.99 (yay me!). Then, the main purpose of the “spree” to begin with..the shoes. On sale. Thirty-seven dollars and ninety-nine cents. yay me.

Further looking at the receipt, you will see I had a coupon for 20% off, which was great. I also had a gift card for thirty dollars. You got it, yay me! Thus bringing the spree to $52.93.


Now, if this is the kind of spree you all like to go on, with coupons and gift cards, and going to five different other stores to make sure you have the best absolute deal, then, yes. It was a spending spree. I had a blast with my daughter.

Mr. Yon has no say in that, and he can and will not take that away from me or my husband, no matter what jealousies he projects into our lives.

These, AGAIN, are the facts. What all the ignorant folks that read Mr. Yon as a religion, because, “trust” him, he “knows” need to know, is that, no. He doesn’t know. He never will know. He and my husband aren’t connected in some intrinsic way that makes him the keeper of all that is CJ Grisham. He is a sad, old, man with….nothing.



Originally published 4/10/13

I’ve remained quiet and silent about Michael Yon for nearly two years now. I haven’t said much of anything because, to be honest, he’s not worth my time. If I responded to every hollow allegation he made, I would have to rename this blog. But, because he is trying to interfere with my case here in Texas from his secluded hideout in Thailand where he knows he can be elusive I have no choice but to set the record straight. When he is trying to spread discontent by contacting people within the Army, Pentagon, local media, and Temple Police Department, he can’t be ignored.

I appreciate that LL has largely taken care of handling him so that I could continue to remain focused on my troops, my family, my mission, and other things. My goal here is not to get into a pissing match. Again, I don’t have time for that. My goal here is not to verbally spar with Michael Yon either. I am also not going to discuss my ongoing case here in Temple, Texas. It is still an open case and once everything is resolved, either through court action or dismissal, all the facts will be on my side in the end. I am simply going to take his accusations point by point and refute them for the record. Some areas I will NOT address specifically because they have already been flushed out. I will link to those issues instead. So, let’s get started.

1. Mr. Yon frequently accuses me of stalking him, while providing no proof of such “stalking.” The fact that I haven’t so much as breathed a sigh of his name in nearly two years while he has averaged mentioning me several times per month should be proof enough about whom is stalking whom.


Even prior to the point I decided Mr. Yon was not worth responding to any longer, his claim that I stalked him is dubious and unsupported by fact. Ask him for proof. Ask him for screenshots. He says I plague his email, when the fact is that he writes me quite often demanding answers to his questions while refusing to answer any himself. He has tried to comment on my blog.




In other words, when Mr. Yon doesn’t have the facts, he will just invent them. LL discussed his obsession with my awards and decorations here so I won’t rehash that in depth in this post. I don’t have to explain myself to Michael Yon and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. In Mr. Yon’s world view, absence of evidence is evidence of absence. The stalking claim simply doesn’t work and isn’t supported by facts.

Look at any story that mentions my name, and you’ll probably find a comment from Mr. Yon on it. In fact, he spammed my legal fund site with nearly 1,000 comments after donated $1 to my compaign and was eventually banned by Indiegogo for terms of use violations. I provided screenshots of all these emails to LL upon request for her post. He has gone through great lengths to keep track of the units I’m in. He has TRIED to triangulate where I live (wrong-o). He has shared my cell phone number, my email addresses, and other identifiable information.

2. Michael Yon frequently uses one of my photos without permission as a way to further his narrative that I’m a crazed psycho. This is the picture that he recently posted on his latest defamatory screed directed towards me.


Since April of last year, Mr. Yon has used this photo in spite of my request for him to take it down as he didn’t have permission to use it on a site he uses to raise money.


Well, I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with an absurd back a forth argument through email. My attorney was CC’d on each email I sent. Michael Yon loves to complain about people using the lucky photo that made him famous, but ignores others that want similar treatment of their intellectual property. Mr. Yon knew that the photo was mine because he lifted it from my Twitter account. What Mr. Yon’s reader’s see is what looks like a deranged photo because he recognized early on that he could use it to suit his agenda against me using his bully pulpit of 60,000 followers. However, he intentionally removes the context of the photo entirely. Here is the photo with the caption that was originally under the photo.


Notice the caption underneath that says: “@LaserLyte new pistol bayonet. The last line of defense against the Zombie Apocalypse!!” In other words, I was poking fun about the need for a pistol bayonet. In fact, my Tweets and feedback to the company actually influenced them to create a Zombie Apocalypse version of the pistol bayonet, as you can read here. Every time Michael Yon uses this photo, he uses it as some kind of proof of his constant stream of defamatory statements that I’m “unhinged,” “crazy,” or “mentally ill.” And his readers buy into it as well because Mr. Yon doesn’t provide the context of the photo.

3. Michael Yon claims that I was sent home because of mental health issues. This is another libelous and defamatory comment. Mr. Yon is trying to connect comments I made about a separate issue (namely constant stream of mortars launched against the FOB at the time) with the reason I went home. He is very good at word games. Mr. Yon constantly mentions that I didn’t “complete my tour” in Afghanistan.


This is a key statement because he doesn’t state that he “believes” or “thinks” I was sent home, but passes off the information off as fact. The truth is that I was sent home to deal with more skin cancer. I still have the signed release letter signed by my Brigade Commander saying as much. Michael Yon claims that this was an after-the-fact reason I invented for coming home as a way to hide the “real” reason. Prior to my deployment, I put up this photo of post-op stitches after having some skin cancer removed.


Because of the procedure and subsequent recovery, I was unable to deploy with my unit on time and had to fight a non-deployable rating to join my unit later. However, during a check-up in theater, the doc found another spot on my scalp that they couldn’t treat. It looked invasive and he deemed it necessary to take care of as soon as possible. So, I was sent home to deal with this problem. Here is a photo the doc took for me immediately after it was removed in May of last year.


If this isn’t really why I was sent home, I sure do go through some great lengths to get out of a deployment that I fought to go on in the first place. By the time my surgery had healed and I was cleared for duty again, my unit was already beginning to siphon back home. So, for me, my tour was complete. I actually came home along with a bunch of other troops that were to prepare the Brigade for the return of the unit. Did they not “complete their tours” either? Michael Yon plays word games when he makes these claims.

4. Michael Yon claims that I threatened to kill him while I was in Afghanistan. He frequently says that the Army should do something about me for supposedly threatening him. Mr. Yon has misled his followers for such a long time and told the lie so many times, I have no doubt even he believes it.

While I was in Afghanistan, Mr. Yon made several complaints against me through several venues, including IG and congressional channels. In fact, while I was trying to do my job supporting the combat troops that flowed through KAF, I had to endure investigation after investigation into these supposed “threats” I made. While my leaders were busy trying to make RC-South safer, they were sidetracked dealing with several nonsense complaints and accusations. Mr. Yon claims to have felt threatened and has written over and over again that the Army did nothing to me. Once all the investigations were concluded and I was cleared of any wrongdoing, I filed a FOIA request through my attorney for copies of the investigations. What I found was shocking.


If Michael Yon truly felt threatened, why didn’t he cooperate with the investigations against me? Why didn’t he defend his allegations? And it wasn’t just the MPI investigation he refused to cooperate with.


I already discussed in some detail these “threats” that were made in a post on the subject back in September 2011. I wrote that post to try and set the record straight, but Mr. Yon continues to forward this belief that I’ve somehow, sometime threatened his life.

In reality, I’ve never killed a man in a bar fight. I’ve never lost control to the point that I took another human life in anger outside of combat – as Michael Yon has. I just continue to find it the epitome of irony that a former Special Forces-trained individual who has DEMONSTRATED and CARRIED OUT an act of fatal violence actually takes a known statement of hyperbole from a popular movie and supposedly takes it personal as a direct threat. Regardless, if he truly felt threatened, he would have cooperated with at least ONE investigator trying to nail my butt to a cross. Instead, he blames the Army for not doing anything about me. These statements ring hollow and have contributed to his persona non grata status within the military.


5. Michael Yon likes to compare me to a myriad of unrelated people to make his points somehow sound valid. These individuals range from Jessica Lynch to Pat Tillman to Bradley Manning to Nidal Hasan to Robert Bales. I’ve also been linked to others as he decides to link them. The list is exhaustive.


In this quote, he says we both got our Bronze Stars during the “same timeframe.” However, he oscillates between that and getting it on the same day as Jessica Lynch, as he did hundreds of times on my Indiegogo fundraiser page (his spamming of comments resulted in his ability to comment taken away). Michael Yon also claims that we were in the same Division.


Jessica Lynch was a part of the 507th Transportation Company, 2d Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade out of Fort Bliss, Texas. I was assigned to the 103rd Military Intelligence Battalion, but attached to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) – a completely DIFFERENT unit altogether – out of Fort Stewart, Georgia. Jessica was awarded a Bronze Star for actions that occurred on March 23, 2003, in An Nasariyah, Iraq. I was awarded my medal for actions that occurred on March 29, 2003, near Al Hindiyah while conducting a feint operation with 4-64 Armor Battalion nearly 300 kilometers away! I kept a very detailed journal and began posting it two years later in 2005 when I started up this blog. Again, Mr. Yon can’t even get his facts straight about easily researchable things like this.

I don’t understand the Pat Tillman reference in the least, only share the same branch (Military Intelligence, though different MOS) as Bradley Manning who is a stain on the term “Soldier” or MI professional, and have absolutely nothing in common with Nidal Hasan. Again, Michael Yon is king of taking completely unrelated matters and forcing the puzzle to fit together into a blurry image, like most of his photos.

I don’t talk much at all about my medals. They have been mentioned in numerous stories when I have been asked to provide what awards I have, but I don’t go around poking my chest out in spite of what Mr. Yon proclaims. Again, he should provide proof that I am constantly sticking my medals out there for attention or whatever reason he concocts. Because it’s not true. Michael Yon is also wrong that it was awarded to me by an MI unit. As a matter of fact, I was put in for the medal in question by the commander of the Tank Company himself that I was attached to during the battle. Naturally, we were still involved in combat and no one was able to submit awards while we were still involved in force on force engagements. So, I had no idea I was even submitted for something until just before we were sent to Fallujah.

My entire combat tour is encapsulated in that ONE medal because my MI Battalion wouldn’t allow anyone to submit a deployment award for me since I got an impact award. In other words, my five months of fighting up to Baghdad and then over into Fallujah were boiled down to one 15-minute fight and the rest was unrecognized except in my NCOER. I wasn’t recognized for any other battles I was involved in throughout OIF1 or any of the intelligence from my team that resulted in the capture or kill of eight of the top 55 high value targets (deck of cards). That is what happens when an MI unit takes over the admin of a combat arms submission. I was just happy to be going home with my life considering I should have died on at least three separate occasions. The fact is that my Tactical HUMINT Team saw the most combat of any THT in theater and the 3rd Infantry Division Museum at Fort Stewart still has an AK I was able to bring back from one of the ambushes I survived and had to use to keep fighting due to ammo shortages.

6. Michael Yon states that I should sue him if I think he is telling lies about me. He claims the reason I haven’t sued him yet is because he’s been telling the truth. Why would I sue him? What would I stand to gain? It would cost me tens of thousands of dollars to prosecute and if I won, what would I gain? Mr. Yon has nothing to give. In the end, I would get a judgment that he is a bully and a jerk and I’m out every penny I have to prove something most people already know. I don’t need a lawsuit to prove that. I can’t garnish any wages because he gets all his money under the table through donations that probably aren’t tracked by the IRS. There’s nothing in it for me at all. I think the above examples are proof enough that there is a crucial lack of integrity and obsession when it comes to Michael Yon’s writings about me.

7. Michael Yon claims that I “boasted” about going to a concert when I got home from Afghanistan on Twitter. While I was in Kuwait for a few days waiting on a flight home, my wife sent me an email that she got me tickets to a concert of two of my favorite bands, Godsmack and Staind (with Halestorm). In Michael Yon’s twisted sense of logic, Soldiers with PTSD aren’t allowed to go to concerts.


The fact is that I was coming home shortly after my birthday to deal with the skin cancer issue. The tickets were a birthday present since it turned out I would back by then. Mr. Yon then questions how it could be that a guy with PTSD could bring himself to go to a crowded concert. While she got me tickets to the floor section, I sat in a nearly empty section of the surrounding arena far away from the crowds, just enjoying the music. Here is a picture I took during the concert from my vantage point at the concert last April.


This is, once again, an example of Michael Yon inventing facts about something of which he has zero knowledge. As a matter of additional fact, there were MANY combat veterans in attendance at the concert and I’m sure some of them were also diagnosed with PTSD. It is common knowledge that music is a great treatment for dealing with the anxiety issues that are attendant with those suffering from PTSD. Music has always been a part of life and helped me through difficult times, so why wouldn’t it be okay to attend a concert to get my mind off other issues, even if only for a limited time?

The more talented troops with PTSD actually deal with their diagnoses by CREATING music. Guys like Mylon English of 7 Years Today and SGT Leo Dunson have written songs to deal with their issues and hopefully provide an outlet for others in their situations. Michael Yon seems to think that those efforts are fine as long as you have headphones on. Troops aren’t allowed to actually feel the music that impacts them in a live setting. It’s an ignorant and dangerous supposition to make, but one that he makes frequently. Going to that concert greatly eased my mind and I won’t ever pretend that I should be ashamed for it.

Honestly, I could go on and on. I have literally hundreds of screenshots of Michael Yon’s constant stream of libelous and defamatory comments about me. Much has been deleted because he has been proven false by so many others so many times. When things don’t go his way, he either deletes or tries to bury his actions under tons of fluff links.

I’m not going to make a habit of this. I already wasted entirely too much of my time I’ll never get back just writing about Michael Yon here. It doesn’t interest me and it won’t change the minds of the people he’s duped for long with his constant stream of accusations, innuendos, and fictional story telling. I’m done and have other things going on that are much more important.

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  4. you know youv arrived when the communist party assigns you your own stalker, to perform character assasination in accordance with the orwellian playbook. stallin would be proud of Mr.yon.

  5. As a gun owner, i find it interesting when someone questions the need, or purpose of carrying a particular firearm. It shows that person doesn’t know anything about firearms, or the law. So, Gregrey, with all due respect, if you have to ask, you are not qualified to understand the answer. What you should be able to understand is that the law says he doesn’t have to justify what, or why he was carrying, as long as he was carrying legally, which he was.

  6. Here’s what I don’t understand. Mr. Grisham is willing to go online and ask for money to support his legal defense fund and pay for a civil suit against the officers that he says illegally arrested him. So, if what Mr. Yon has said are outright lies and defamation, and the reason why Mr. Grisham doesn’t sue Mr. Yon is a question of money, why didn’t he start a fundraising campaign for that purpose? And since Im here and asking questions, I really would like to know the purpose of carrying an AR-15 AND a concealed side arm while taking ones teenage son on a hike. I’ve read it was because of “rattle snakes and coyotes” but for one, the location, at least at the point when the video was shot, may be considered rural, but I watched several vehicles drive past while the incident was occurring, so its not like its some backwater dirt road he was on. And second, if he felt the need to go strapped with that much firepower just to go on a hike, maybe he should have considered hiking somewhere safer.

    • Gregrey,

      First off, the reason why CJ does not sue Yon hasn’t to do with money as much as it’s a total waste of time and energy. Yon is in Thailand, has been there for at least 2 years, since he was disembedded in Afghanistan by the Army, and what is the point? To get a judgement that says, “Yes, Yon lied, continues to lie, and you can do nothing about it because you cannot enforce US judgements in Thailand?” Really? It’s better to just tell the truth and someday, if he ever comes back stateside, serve him THEN, when he can be held TOTALLY accountable.

      Secondly, addressing your second part, everyone should come to you to determine what is best when hiking? I thought this was a free country, and the state of Texas allowed open carry of long guns? Do you have an office where people can apply so as to get determinations as to what is reasonable in YOUR mind for carrying? I’m just asking because I was under the impression that we do not need to ask the government’s permission (and surely not one individual such as yourself’s permission), based upon the 10th Amendment’s determination on what a STATE considers legal to carry, considers ok or not. Let us know where to apply for your ok when carrying. Thanks.

    • Gregory…..yer a dicktard lol. to carry, no reason needed, how about, BECAUSE HE CAN !!!
      And he was on a hike during his encounter with the corrupt TPD, Ermis resembles a FAT doughnut macking mitchelin tire lol…..
      im kinda tired of BS gun haters posting everywhere, if not for our guns and gun rights, even the dumb asses would be speaking a different language………
      gun haters…..suck it up n deal with it !!!

  7. Friend of Wendy’s here. Thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice. You deserve better than to be hassled by FMY. He’s one weird dude being fixated on you like this. I wonder why people believe anything he says when he sounds so much like a scorned teenager lashing out over unrequited love or something equally immature and delusional. I don’t know you, or him, but anyone with half a brain can see he’s gone over the edge where you’re concerned. Anyway, my other motivation for writing besides to thank you for your service and to note FMY is one twisted and angry individual, is to say I’ve seen the videos of the arrest and offer moral support.

    Its clear you broke no laws and the officers stepped over the line, especially with your son. I know if this happened to my son and I, I would be take the high road and let them off the hook for my arrest and then crucify the motherf*ckers for messing with my kid and giving him the wrong impression, not to mention a solid reason for not trusting law enforcement in the future-that is unforgivable that they broke their trust with a child.

    Whatever you do, I respect that you’re taking a stance against what has become a more and more common approach to gun owners and perhaps more importantly the more common occurrence in recent times of law enforcement and other public servants who think they rule instead of serve.

  8. Hi I just recently read of the unfortunate happenings, and wanted to wish you luck. One of the things I myself know is in order to better understand an opposing force you must know how such force works. This quote here is from Michael Yons biography and is as follows. Yon has stated, in general, that “If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear.” It just amazes me how such fraud of a want to be writter, and disgrace to prior service men would so blatantly show how much of a fraud he is and people still follow and believe his non-sense. I wish you the best from one service member to another. May god bless you and semper fidelis.

  9. I read all his “facts.” Do you realize how easy it is to make that stuff up? A kid with a computer can produce all sorts of “facts” to make himself look good.

    Godsmack should be kicked out of the Army and place in a home so he doesn’t hurt himself or others and he should damn sure be away from weapons.

    Those of us that have met/talked to him for more than a few seconds realized that this dude isn’t right in the head….and needs help.

    • Bob, all of those are counters to Yon’s lies with proof backing up CJ’s position. Have you seen any proof of Yon’s position other than edited photos (as in that Twitter picture with the bayonet gun) or has Yon provided military documents or medical records that show CJ was sent home for mental reasons? Because all I’ve ever seen are edited pictures and his words, words, words, but no proof. CJ has shown PROOF of his cancer going all the way back to 2011, which he still gets treatment for up to today. And yet Yon is the one who is correct about why CJ came home from Afghanistan?

    • Who are you to say in fact whether or not a person deserves to be ripped from their home and placed in supervisive care just because you might have spoke to him for less than an hour, or because of history that doesn’t even provide enough details for reasonable cause? I’m no expert in this, but i can clearly see that Cj here is just as sane as anyone else. I’ve met several military vets that DO belong in custody. I would hate to see further implications or opinions from you based on very little knowledge, because its extremely embarrassing to the efforts made to show these proofs, yet you spit on them by closing your mind to every potential reasoning and outcome. Perhaps its best to hold your tongue on matters you know nothing about, lest you have the actual proof that implies that Cj is in fact lying about all his issues to make a quick and large impression, because as of now, I see you as a fool, one I refuse to even consider listening to.

    • Bob go drink someone else’s kool aid dude. Cj is a stand up man and soldier. He has more integrity in his pinky finger than most anyone has in their whole body and wouldn’t doctor photos to make him look good. Cj will stand up for what’s wrong and makes things happen. How do I know? I’ve known Cj since 2004 and he stuck his neck out for me when I needed it because my chain of command was failing me. We need more people like Cj to help show the corruption and abuse in police departments and in our government. I’m outraged at what has happened and will stand beside him if needed. His is a brother in arms and I would do anything for him or fellow soldiers if needed.

  10. I think the coinage of a new acronym is appropriate after reading this – TMD – Too Much Drama. Good grief it’s like watching Mean Girls – Military Edition. Yon is a turd and this has been known for a while. His antics have been the talk on sites such as PF and SOCNET. When the SOF community openly rejects one of their own this says something. He’s well known throughout theatre for being a huge PITA. And it’s sad, because I think he was doing a lot of good at one point, but he’s certainly overshadowed that memory. And also worth pointing out he’s had plenty of opportunities to about face and correct course. Admit your wrong, apologize, and STFU, we’re happy to forgive, but instead he digs deeper. He has no way back at this point. As a side note, from my time in theatre I’ve come across a lot of contractors who lived in Thailand, extreme weirdos every single one of them. They were either American culture rejects, the most debase of individuals that have ever lived, or were ducking legal and/or debt issues back home. Without fail they all had huge problems and were hugely dysfunctional with managing their lives.

  11. Tried chatting with the guy from a grey standpoint. The dude really does refuse to offer any level of primary sources for his views on things.

    All I know is what I see with my own eyes, and on that video, your rights were taken away from you. I’m rooting for you in that sense. Anything more is a he says she says that I wish to stay out of. But with the refusal of co-operation that yon seems to show, I’m leaning more towards your side at the moment. Have a good one.

    • Don, thank you for at least looking and reading with an open mind. I know for my part, it isn’t even a matter of being on anyone’s side but I want people to think about whether Yon just makes declarations and people believe it to be true, regardless of lack of proof, or if they are willing to ask him to provide evidence of his claims. He only tries to get people to read his “dispatches” where, again, he claims a lot of things, but never provides things like 3rd party, impartial evidence, such as the MPI investigation document. Even with the second document, it shows how Yon tried to get the investigator to go to other sources that he provides but he never gives a sworn statement himself. He claims to be a primary source in his responses to you on his FB page, but if that were the case, why not just provide a sworn statement to either investigator back then??

  12. Actually, it’s NOT easy to reproduce all the evidence that cj has come up with. All the e-mails, certifications, photos, screen caps, receipts, holes and scars in his head, etc. He’s not a photoshop savvy guy. Cj has provided the paper trail PROOF to MY’s (and from here on out, I shall refer to him as FMY since my phone auto corrects to it anyhow. You can guess what the ‘f’ stands for.) accusations and rants. All FMY has ever come up with are WORDS. Thousands and thousands of words about a man he claims is stalking him, and yet the facade is falling on who is stalking whom, here. And his sheep just lap it up like they are wanderers in the desert. No questions asked because if FMY said it, it must be true. After all, FMY tells you to just trust him on all things Cj.

    Yeah. Sheep.

  13. CJ,

    Very easy to reproduce all the stuff you posted to make you look like a hero and Yon a Zero.

    Get some soap on a rope because your attitude towards authority will clearly get you at least one good contempt of court charge….. 30 days locked up would be a good thing for you. Perhaps then you will get the counseling you need and the boot from the Army…….

    • And Yon can’t edit and lie to make it seem as if CJ is a zero and Yon is a hero? Puh-leeze. Did you not read the post at all and did you not look at the images or follow the links on how Yon lies, lies, edits, prevaricates, and LIES?

    • Bob … Bob … Bob … Bless your heart!

      t’s always so astonishing to me that people will believe the most ridiculous things just because someone they like says it. I think little Yonnie doesn’t get enough of the attention he craves, so, he has to create “situations” to get it. Sad. So sad.

      Mr. Grisham, I agree, this old granny wouldn’t waste anymore time on him either. And Mr. Grisham, I thank you so very much for your service to me and these United States of America! God Bless the Republic!

      Mrs. Pierce
      Granny Extraordinaire

      By the way, I LOVE the “crazy” looking picture of you … too funny! Guess Yonnie has no sense of humor.

      • That weapon hes holding is actually kind of a running joke in the Army…a pistol with affixed bayonet is the ultimate self defense weapon from zombies lol. When we get bored deployed we often discuss our Dawn of the Dead survival plans.

  14. Like honorable Vietnam veteran Mike Sarkisian (just now saw his post here), CJ Grisham serves on our all volunteer nonprofit’s Board of Directors. http://www.patriotwatch.com/volunteer.htm No one serves on our board who didn’t EARN their way there. Grisham has always stepped up when duty called to assist a military family in time of crisis or a critically injured returning service member the VA or in some cases, the military itself has failed to assist.

    The Good Lord has blessed us with an opportunity to serve real heroes (military and law enforcement). Service members come to us from military caseworkers after large well funded “charities” found excuses not to help. CJ was never “too busy” to lend a hand in getting the case exposed so we could meet the need.

    Thanks to CJ and his pals we’ve worked in many ways to advance support for all branches of the military in ways I can’t begin to chronicle here for lack of space.

    These are FACTS critics refuse to examine due to their own personal agendas. Some of Yon’s pals have gone so far as to say I should remove CJ from our board. They receive a polite but firm rebuff. Attack my friend; you attack me! Better leave your Swiss Army knife mentality at home because MacGyver won’t be there to spare you the agony of embarrassment.

  15. CJ, keep doing what you have been doing the right thing. A person can only take so much before they must stand up and protect the most important thing they believe in. This issue had gone way out of control. I don’t know why he cannot go on and do his job without taking take to mess with you. I have seen some good one on the net but this tops them all. Due what Johnny Cash states in one of his song. http://youtu.be/ZMycFu4esas I won’t back down. HOOAH Rick

  16. It’s a shame Yon is fixated on you, CJ, and that you have to expend time and effort defending yourself against baseless accusations. Yon uses self created controversy to solicit for donations, which are still on a rapid decline. Michael Yon’s active FB fans are no more than few hundred, and soon he will have to find employment. The gravy train is pretty much over for Michael Yon.

  17. Mike you’re not even making sense. Been drinking too much of Yon’s Kool-Aid maybe?

  18. Hark! Yon window’s a fake! The fact is that there are folks such as Yon who are judgment proof! They have assets to attach and suing them is not just costly, but fruitless!

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