Military Dating Scams (More Nigerian Scammers)

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of traffic to our posts on the dating scams being perpetrated by Nigerian scammers upon unsuspecting women around the world. What makes these scams so appalling is that they assume the identities of military personnel supposedly stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. They troll internet dating sites and reel women along for months before springing the scam and asking for money.

Recently, the name Festus Smith, Kells Kline, Billy Farris, Steven Gaines, and others. After writing about the Festus Smith fraud, he decided to leave a comment on this blog.

You can right-click the image and view separately if you’re having trouble reading it.

Interestingly, a “woman” named Jennifer accompanied Festus to the site and also began leaving comments, in the same broken English that all these Nigerian scammers use. It’s hilarious when they use this poor grammar and spelling but tell their victims they are full bird Colonels. Here’s one from “Colonel Billy Farris”:

Then Talking about my Job…I Graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and held a Degree in Masters of Military Arts and Science from the Army Command and General Staff College,Fort Leavenworth,Kansas .Then I worked for the Military and later Got promotions becoming an Officer..I was Deployed to Iraq and later Transferred to head my Squadron and the Special forces team in Afghanistan. .I was the Former Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division,Fort Bragg ,NC .Which I was Just transferred to the Pentagon and also Active Duty Mission in Kabul,Afghan.
Sending a pic of me also 🙂

Bill Farris 🙂

First of all, Colonels don’t command Divisions, Generals do. Second, we don’t “later Got promotions becoming an officer.”

Anyway, this “Jennifer” person is trying to provide Festus with an alibi and make out others to be supposed frauds.

You can right-click the image and view separately if you’re having trouble reading it.

Notice anything interesting about those two comments, other than the terrible English spelling and grammar? Check out the IP addresses! Then, pay attention to what is says AFTER the IP.

Ladies, don’t fall for these scams. Real troops ALL have military email accounts. If they tell you otherwise, it’s a scam. If they ask you for money, it’s probably a scam. If you’re unsure if the guy you’ve been hooking up with online through a dating site is actually in the military, ask him to send you an email from his military email account. There is nothing illegal or wrong with this. If they say they aren’t allowed to use their military email for this purpose, they’re lying to you and you should drop them like a ton a bricks from a Chinook!

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  1. I think I had someone trying to scam me. He contacted me on Instagram. Started talking a bunch of “lovey” type stuff. Sent me his phone number and .. I don’t think he is real Supposedly goes by Torres Maxwell. Said he was originally from New Jersey but his navy ship is in Nigeria right now. Crazy part is is some of the pictures seemed ligit with the navy ships and his military clothing. Even had a live video of himself at a bar taking shots.. I deleted my Instagram and and have blocked his emails.. can you help

  2. Hello,
    I am supposed to be with a sgt. Named David Jay Lynch. He have broken English and claims he is in Djibouti Africa and needs Google play cards for wifi connection because the base internet cost too much. Anyboby know a David Jay Lynch?

    • Hey June,

      You can be sure this is a scam. I was talking for 5 days with a guy who contacted me on my Instagram. From the moment we met I was suspicious but after 5 days I was sure. His name? Randy Charles Baker. I even found out who’s pictures he stole. I was really stupid to pay him the apple store card. I feel so stupid. There where so many signs and I ignored them all. Don’t be as stupid as me. He’s a scammer!

        • Simple. Just ask them for their military email (ending in .mil). If they give you ANY reason why they can’t or won’t – any at all – then it’s a scam.

        • Simple. Just ask them for their military email (ending in .mil). If they give you ANY reason why they can’t or won’t – any at all – then it’s a scam.

        • Use reverse picture look up, via google image too.

      • What was his name from the picture you found because I sent an eBay card around the same time.

      • Richardson Mark, ist er jemand bekannt? Auf telegram.ichorthopäde bei militär z.z in Irak.will nach der Friefensmission mach Deutschland…….

      • Mir auch ..Verlust 15 Euro.mehr gabs nicht.dann kam ich auch scammer Ratgeber web sites.

    • Hi guys someone introduce. Himself as jeff. Byrnes Rodríguez, jes from NY but he is now in Libya, he told me that he was adopted his late parents died way back 2001 bombing in world trade center, and i was overwhelmed with the long messages from him he wants to see me after the mission i dont know ifnit tru or not now since i gather info online insaw this forum i sign up so i can easily track.

      Im telling him i want to see him and call still waiting for the reply he’s to good to be true so I know somehow theres something wrong.

      I tried to look for the name online i cant find him, the thing is he send me. Pictures that he is wearing the uniform with lastname.

      I want some help to report for the sake of the real us army reputation.

      Not sure if he is real or not.

      His email add is
      Thisnis all emails to me

      ———- Forwarded message ———
      From: Jeff Rodriguez
      Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2020, 11:24 PM
      Subject: please I’m Rodriguez from tagged.
      To: melanie maronilla

      I don’t know how to start this letter, because I’m afraid it might be
      the end of our good acquaintance, or if I’m lucky, the realization of
      my dreams, which is for you to love me as I love you. I told myself I
      might as well take the risks because it’s the only remedy I know that
      could unburden this feeling I’ve been keeping ever since.

      I love you. I know you’ll find it hard to believe me if I tell you now
      how much you mean to me. I could hardly understand what I feel for
      you, knowing how to endure those long sleepless nights just thinking
      only of you. I’ve never been like this before. I just don’t know how
      to pour out my feelings for you. I wanted to find the perfect words to
      make you realize how much I need you and love you, but words continue
      to elude me, what would they be? Something poetic? I’m sure it should
      be heartfelt and out of the ordinary. I’m afraid it’s no use; every
      time I look at your pictures, the words came out the same… I love you.

      I will be waiting for your reply and also your pictures.

      2nd email

      Feel we’ve got a connection already. I am Jeff Byrne Rodriguez, honest person
      that has no reason to lie cheat or steal or talk a bunch of shit t
      make myself out to be something better than what I am, I will love to
      tell you more about me. i want to tell you about by family. My
      mother’s name is Grace; my father’s name was Eric Brian Rodriguez Both of
      them are late, they died on the September 11 2001 WORLD TRADE CENTER
      BOMBING, i came from family of one, which i happened to be the only
      child of my family, never married i want you to know that nothing
      will stop me from loving you.

      Am a US soldier of Ss 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry (Reconnaissance,
      Surveillance, Target Acquisition), 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th
      Security Operations Group Division (OK CORRALL) my Assignments Before
      coming to Fort Drum, i served assignments at Fort Riley, Kan. Camp
      Stanley, Korea (1st Battalion, 506th Infantry); Fort Bragg, N.C. and
      Camp Casey, Korea.

      I graduated from basic and AIT i was stationed at Fort Riley, Kan.i
      was then assigned to the Korean Peninsula as part of the 1st
      Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, in the demilitarized zone. After
      leaving Korea, i moved to Fort Bragg, N.C. From Fort Bragg i went to
      Korea before eventually ending up at Fort Drum, N.Y. My military
      education includes completing the Combat Life Savers course in 1992,
      Basic Airborne School in 1994, Primary Leadership Development Course
      in 1996, Basic Non commissioned Officer course in 1998, Air Assault
      course in 1999 and i Join bomb specialist/Control course in 2004.

      My awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple
      Heart, the Army Commendation Medal with four oak-leaf clusters, the
      Army Achievement Medal with three oak-leaf clusters, Good Conduct
      Medal 3rd Award, National Defense Service Medal (2), Korean Defense
      Service Medal (2), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (2), Kosovo
      Campaign Medal, Non commissioned Officer Professional Development
      Ribbon with numeral two, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon
      with numeral three, NATO Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War of
      Terrorism Service Medal, Combat Action Badge, Parachutist Badge and
      the Air Assault

      Lifelong soldier. I was born to be a Soldier. I am currently living
      the dream and am a U.S. Army Soldier. I must study politics and war
      that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. I
      cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the
      formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody. ***Sound
      funny never mind****.

      I love kids and pets. What do you seek in your idea man? Am a caring
      man, i work according to word of God. I am a romantic man, I love
      going to the beach, listen to music’s, love taking a walk, love going
      to the cinemas. I would describe myself as very caring a gentle and
      positive person, Very generous and like life and like meeting people.
      Have a good sense of humor. Life is too short so i live life to the

      I have no serious relationship had like to meet a woman who is caring
      and considerate, someone I can trust and who will trust me and will
      always be honest with me, someone who enjoys laughing at the silly
      things that happen in life. Someone who is willing to share the work
      to make our home a comfortable place. Someone who likes to live in a
      tidy house too, I do not like to have things very messy. I am happy to
      share in all of the work required to keep the house clean.

      If someone was like that and loved me for who I am too, I would be a
      very happy man. I am very happy to have a message from you, makes me
      feel things would be all right. I just hope we can find a way to be
      able to meet and chat always and get to know ourselves better and
      start from there, I hope you’ll get back to me. Take care of yourself
      hope this will do my dear? I will be waiting to hear from you.

      My dear how are you today, I was over the moon with joy anytime I got
      an email from you. My dear from today I will be calling my queen
      because I have made you the queen of my heart and the only one that
      makes me happy. My dear I want you to know that nothing can stop me
      from loving you, war or no war; I love you just as you are.

      Before you came into my life, I had given up on ever finding my soul
      mate; the one person who could set my heart on fire with just one
      look. I thought that was the stuff of silly, dime store romance
      novels. I want you to always pray, I am a man that have the fear of
      God in me so when I tell you I love you I said it with all my heart
      because God hate lies and that is why I am still alive till today and
      I pray that I will be alive also to see you my queen.

      One thing that I don’t like in my life is lies. My dear what I am
      looking for is happiness, love and care and I have seen and feel
      happiness in you because anytime I see your email I am always over the
      moon with joy, all I ask for is just and open heart so that we will
      see what the future have for us because I believe so much that the
      future have something for me and you. My dear I know that I have not
      seen you face to face but I promise to come and see you as soon as I
      come back from Libya. Like I said before presently I am serving in
      Libya, as a U.S Army and as for my hobbies, I love reading books and I
      enjoy playing basketball.

      I fell in love with you the moment I saw your picture, I cannot
      imagine what my life would be without you. Filling asleep in your arms
      every night and waking up beside you each morning is how I want to
      spend the rest of my life. You are my everything… I love you so much.
      Every day that goes by, every time I think of you, I fall deeper and
      deeper in love with you. I know there will never be anyone else that
      will make me happy the way you do. Thank you, sweetheart, for healing
      my broken heart. Thank you for making me believes in miracles and in
      love more, thank you for the joy you added to my life I love you so
      much with all my heart

      This is the 4th email

      My queen how are you, as for me I am fine just that the situation of
      things in Libya is getting worst day by day, so my queen always put me
      in your daily prayers.

      We can’t chose our parents or children, we accept and love them with
      all our hearts as we receive them from God, but, my love, I chose you
      because my heart liked you and I felt that you are what I want and I
      want to love a lifetime! I chose you so I can make you happy. I am a
      happy man because I love you…..!

      Wow I can’t stop admiring your beauty and I cant stop loving you with
      all my heart, you are all I have and the queen of my heart the only
      one that makes me happy the only one that makes me say life is good.
      Thank you so much for the joy you added to me life and I promise to
      love you till I die.

      I want to to look for your engagement ring for you,
      just want you to know that you are the woman I want to be with all the
      days of my life I love you so much my queen, I think about you day and
      night, you are the only one I think about. I just want you to take
      good care of yourself for me.


      • This is such a scam. I got the same crap from someone else. All of that I love you my queen stuff. Plus he is using a gmail account. You need to block this person immediately. Protect yourself.

  3. Hi

    I met a girl on dating site. She introduce herself as a military nurse at Yemen posted.
    She told she is interested in my business and want to invest. She did not ask for money only she need some information which I gave to her. Like bank details and contact details. She told she send money but didn’t asked for any money till now.

    Then she provided that her name is benker Kenneth, I’d no is BK20141108, from California.

    What to do next is it scammer then what to do with the details.

    Please guide me

  4. The name Jennifer W is used in a scam with pictures. This person’s identity was stolen.

  5. Also, the name Garcia is used in a scam as a part of US army. Beware!

  6. I just received this email…………………………..

    Hello, My Dearest,
    Nice to meet you
    My name is Commander Patricia Nikki, I am U.S soldier from Baltimore, Maryland United States of America but I’m currently serving in the peacekeeping mission in Libya.I am 56 years old.I lost my Husband Six years ago in a Car accident but before his death, we had one beautiful daughter together called Jennifer.
    My dear, Please I contacted you because I was pleased by your profile and I want to establish a strong relationship with you based on truth and faithfulness as I will like to to go into business partnership with you and I sincerely believe that you will not betray me , I am a loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor, I enjoy meeting and sharing views with people and also knowing their way of life, I also enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer
    Dear, I want you to know that occupation, age, color, religion, and the distance does not matter in a true relationship, what matters is love and truth, and I sincerely believe you wouldn’t betray me.
    It is true that we don’t know each other very well but true relationship starts just one day, and I know is too early to start this kind of conversation with you but considering my situation here as a military woman in this battlefield and the urgency of this issue, I decided to contact you hoping that you will not disappoint me.

    My dear, I want you to know the problems we are facing here in Libya as a result of our military duty here in the war zone, as we are being attacked by insurgents every day and car bomb explosions. During one of our rescue mission, we came across a safe box that contains a huge amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they use it in buying weapons and ammunition’s, and it was agreed by the Army officers troop in the present that the money will be shared among us.
    Out of the total fund, my share was $4,560,000 ( Four Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars ). I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $4,560,000 ( Four Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars ) out of here to you; in as much as you can assure me that my own share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is not stolen money, and there are no dangers involved.

    If you can be trusted, I will really want you to assure me that if this money gets to you in your country that you will not disappoint me, until when I will come to your country to collect the money from you. I would also want you to know that I have made a solid arrangement with a reliable security delivery company and they have promised to cooperate to deliver the funds through their diplomatic method to any of my choosing destinations.

    This delivery is going to be handled legally by the security company and there will not be any form of risk involved during the process and the money will be packaged safely in a military truck box case. Also, I have decided to compensate you with 30% of the total money once you received the money, while the rest balance shall be for my investment funds in your country.
    Meanwhile; I do not know how long we going to remain here and my fate since I have survived two bomb attack here, which prompted me to search out for a reliable and trustworthy person to help me receive and invest the Fund, because I will be coming over to your home country to invest and start a new life not as a soldier anymore.

    Please do not discuss this matter with anybody, and if you are not interested to do this business with me please kindly delete this letter from your email box to avoid any leakage of this information and it will be dangerous to me based on my position here is this information is leaked by you.

    I hope my explanation is very clear but should in case of any question, please feel free to ask via email only because we are not allowed to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message.
    Below are my photos, I hope you will like them
    Kindly write me back so that I will know your responde towards my message.I wait for your quick reply.
    God Bless You.

    • Let me put my boots on cause the bullshit is really deep

    • Got a message that is almost the same crap. Wife died. Has one child and much of what your email says. This is scripted material from scammers. Block this person. Protect yourself!

  7. I am getting up to 10 messages a day on grindr from these cunts! Grindr seems not to care I report them and their profiles are still up!

    • Has any wine talk to Dr. Scott Walden
      Since he is stationed at a hospital in Kabul Afghanistan in the first month or so it was sweetness and light but then he needed me to get him I won hundred or $200 steam card when I told him I couldn’t he just get angry but didn’t stay angry when I told him he could send the money to me And I could get it that way so he is figuring it out we’ll see but I would love to know if anybody else has had dealings with him

    • Has any wine talk to Dr. Scott Walter
      Since he is stationed at a hospital in Kabul Afghanistan in the first month or so it was sweetness and light but then he needed me to get him I won hundred or $200 steam card when I told him I couldn’t he just get angry but didn’t stay angry when I told him he could send the money to me And I could get it that way so he is figuring it out we’ll see but I would love to know if anybody else has had dealings with him

    • Has any wine talk to Dr. Scott Walter
      Since he is stationed at a hospital in Kabul Afghanistan in the first month or so it was sweetness and light but then he needed me to get him I won hundred or $200 steam card when I told him I couldn’t he just get angry but didn’t stay angry when I told him he could send the money to me And I could get it that way so he is figuring it out we’ll see but I would love to know if anybody else has had dealings with him
      And this is the first time I am posting this comment

  8. Have you heard of a colonel David mclord??? Was talking to him for a few weeks before he was deployed to Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. He asked for a thousand pounds to help his kids in the states as there was a problem with financial health aid. I didn’t send any money, he said I turned my back on him when he asked for help

  9. Ive been talking to a Sgt first class Kirian Logan online for some months and I was wondering is she real or not

    • I’m talking to David Rico Hernandez Master Sgt. and don’t know if he’s real or not.. asking me for Steam cards, to accept his FSA allowance, that he’s sending me package thru Red Cross he needs my bank account information so he can send me money.. he is in Israel on a mission.


        • Hi all.
          Is there anybody here ever chat with a first class Sgt. John Milligram ? Said from California, single with 1 adopted daughter. Please inform me. Thank you.


  10. Do you have a Four Star General Scott Daniel in Afghanistan?

      • Dr.John Walker.Afghanistan Kabul
        Ist das ein Scammer

        • I notice throughout your article everything is women being scammed by men & a few men being scammed by women. I doubt Ixm the first. But I a gay man & Ixm not sure if the man I’ve been chatting with is real or a scam.

      • Do U have a Kim Leonard in Ur list? He asked me to send the below email to so that he can come to Australia to be with me?!… He drafted this email for me and asked me to just send it to this email address… I think he is a scammer…

        Good day, the United Nations Department of Tourism, I am the future wife of Kim Leonard, who works in Syria for health care under this great organization. I write to you in his name for a vacation so that he can meet me in very urgent matters in US . It is very important, because we want to plan our marriage. I hope to get a positive response on how and when his farewell letter will be.


      • Dobrý de? chcem sa opýta? na sgt majora dr Wilsona Millsa mal by by? ako lekár v Afganistane ?akujem

    • Has anyone spoken to a mark Garland supposedly serving in bagram, Afghanistan. Hes 49 and a 2nd lieutenant

    • Hi my name isSherry I have been texting army man named Gabriel Kingsley Moreno or Gabriel Moreno he has send me only 5 pictures in 1 year and a half He has told me that he is coming home to visit me this month I have never talk to him .

        • Do you have any pictures of this man you call Nickels Brown I call him Gabriel Moreno

    • He’s a scammer and I just got done with being scammed by him so please help me spread this to get him where he belongs.

      • Can you please send me a pic of this man that you got scammed by I really need to know if he is a scammer I have been with this man texting him for 3 years and I need to know if he is true or not is my Gmail

  11. here is another name Thomas Hall he says he was on a peace keeping mission he said he was being discharged in feb my mother sent him a few itune cards his email is my mother refuses to belive he is a scammer has anyone heard of this name

    • Ask for his military email and ask him to send you a message on it. If you don’t get it
      then it is a scam. Reads like a scam anyway.

      • Can you please tell me some more about the man that scamed you any pics of this man please help me I really have put so much in to the relationship with him just need some trueth out of all this

  12. Hi, just want to know about someone I am talking to. His name is Michael Heinrich, states he is a 11z Infantry Senior Sergeant/First Sergeant and is on a peacekeeping mission in Yemen, has been there for about 9 months. He states he is retiring from the army after this mission. He has not asked me for any money yet?


    • I have been chatting with Staff Sgt. Michael James Williams,
      UN/ US Army 009/16770/UNAMIL, posted at Camp Buehring, Yemen.
      He states he is retiring from the army after this mission

      • 7/26/2019. Michael Flores age 36, he said me since birth bnk have mom and 3 years keep mission of Afghanistan, he found me likers and he taken my number, and he said me download WhatsApp , and I know he’s true, he told me , he gave me my god and so very sweet and caring loving and thoughtful, all I need the guy I saw my Michael Flores , so very sweet massage, and me I’m so in love, and one day he said he need pray bacause all troops, he’s moving mission Afghanistan, and one day he said me, he found money and gold, and he said me, the money bag he sent me, and got my Gmail, and me I gave bacause I trust him but he fool me, and the company money he said need pay 140k money Phillipines ,I’m from the Philippines, you know 6months always fighting bacause he need my money for my family, and I know is true sent me the money bag more than 90k USD he said keep and safe, but this is not true I pay the payment package the money, but he said me again another pay for the payment package for clearance more than 10k USD, he said logistic but he’s not true, and I said Michael Flores I have no money, and now Jan 2020, he said me again I’m pay for marital for plane ticket but this is not true always he said me ,I’m pay pay and I think and I pray my god please help me who the guy, and one day I said Michael Flores, bye always you and I said I want to said goodbye and I said your true I’m waiting you my country bacause I love you so much, then until now he not me message, Michael Flores and I don’t he name Michael Flores bacause he scammers me , and I’m searching so many military scammers, and I don’t know why I’m victim God please help victim bacause he so scared thank you I don’t know who Michael Flores , bacause I’m so in love and. He said my god he my heart and my soul

    • Avoid him scammer trust me I went through similar situation they will wait for about month then ask

    • If you choose to keep talking to him please don’t give him any money. It is a scam. Cut him loose.

  13. I Women have to understand that there are wolves in sheeps clothing. Ladies it is time to walk healed and not wounded. When we go on these sites these posers know by having a short conversation with you. From what you say they begin to move in for the kill. It will always be about the money. There is no love involved here. They work off of your emotion to get what they want. You are merely a number. Don’t get me wrong, men you are not exempt. As Americans we need to man up and ask tough questions. If they can’t answer the questions that will eliminate them being a poser, then baby they are a poser.

      • I have been in contact with Randy Clarke Jones and he is a scammer,I was able to get him to do a video chat with me for a brief moment and he is not the man in the photo he sent me. Also I asked for proof that he is who he said he was and he gave me a pic of an expired driver’s licence for Randy Clark Jones who is a 5″9 54 year old man. The man I video chatted with is definitely older and in his 60’s. I asked him to show a picture of his military ID or anything to prove he is in Syria and he could not. I asked him to stop contacting me. HE IS A LIAR AND A SCAMMER!!!!

    • I am currently being harrassed and being tthreat by.the. army. tthave scammed us out of alot of money .they are trying to.make us pay for a soilder medicine who gott in aa car accid they are using. a gmail web sight im. tired of. It.all . want to. Be left alone . by them and they threatening me with the. Fbi .they said they were coming to get. .me and my daughter to take. Us back to texas .

      • Contact me immediately for to direct you on what to do

  14. Yes he is a scammer one big liar. The real man is Shane Nickels Marine/fitness model.

    • Buenas tardes yo hablo con shane nickels y quiere conocerme pero le tengo que dar una itune card de $50

  15. Hi susan I talking to Guy on facebook and sayed he USA military guy in negria he 42 his name is Eric s Johnson I want know if he really a scammer.? Please help see if he a scrammer

    • He is a scammer. Ask him his rank and APO address.

  16. Also a friend of mine is talking to a Micheal Ronald Webb, stationed in Afghan, any information will be helpful

    • Hi my dear friend I work with also talks to a Michael Webb. She has daily phone calls to him and had just recently started sending money to him. He claims he has a child in the states and has her believe she will one day be his mother. Just a few weeks ago he told her he got wounded in combat and needed surgery but they refused unless he had a deposit of 1400.00 and she sent it to him. He claimed the military would refund her. I have had many conversations with her but she doesn’t want to here it.

      • This is a total scam. I had a guy claiming he had a child in the states and all kinds of crap about how he loved me and wanted to be with me. It is emotional but she has GOT to get away from this person. Tell her to ask him to email him from his military email address. It will end in .mil.

  17. Does anyone know if a Mark Scott is in the military or any information on him

  18. Has anyone been contacted by Richard Morgan, goes by the name Richie Morgan, he said he is stationed in Nigeria as a Commander Officer. I have send him money and I believe he scammed me

      • Hi, have you heard of a Ramos flores micheal US ARMY Airborne Sergeant, I’ve been talking with him on twitter, instagram and now on Facebook messenger, he hasn’t asked for money as i told him I will not send money because I’ve been scammed recently, on his Facebook page his name is Miranda ramos flores, and it also says he’s a US ARMY AIRBORNE SERGEANT and went to Fort Benning, I just want to know if he’s a scammer or if this Ramos Facebook has been hacked, can anyone help please.

        • Has he asked you for anything else besides money? The fact that you’re even suspicious means he’s probably a scammer, but I need more information. Can you email me links to his profiles an I’ll check them out. cj(at)cjgrisham(dot)com

        • Hi Vicki. Ramos Flores is a womanizer. Don’t trust him.

        • He is a scammer. He claims he is divorced and is from Phoenix AZ. Can message the victim but ‘cannot’ call them over the phone. BIG SCAM

    • Hey i need to know of I’m being scammed I’m talking to a guy name Sgt.Dewilliams Jordan and he sent me he emailed me his commander emailed he is trying to get home but he needs 75.00 dollars he said to his commander if he can get a request leave he is trying to see me but i wanted to know if he can send that email as the commander

  19. Has anyone been contacted by Richie Morgan (Richard), claims to be a Commander Officer stationed in Nigeria. P: 708-540-6248, when called # said Google Subscriber. Don’t know what that means. Need help.

  20. I am posting one for my friend. She has been communicating with a certain Tony Flores and he is supposedly deployed in Syria for peacekeeping. They first chatted on POF. What’s funny is that on their second day of chatting, she noticed that a lot of wrong grammar on messages, as if she is talking to two different person. Then, she asked if they can video chat and the guy said he is not allowed in the base even if in sleeping quarters. My friend wanted to see if this guy is real. He sent her lots of pictures but she felt something is not right. So if someone could answer these, I would appreciate passing this information to my friend.
    1. Are they not allowed to have video chat in their sleeping rooms?
    2. This guy claimed he is Army patrol at the Kobani Base in Syria. First, he said Damascus then Kobani.
    3. He said he was in Afghanistan for 5 years and video chat is allowed there but not in Kobani. Does this make sense?
    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi I met a guy by the name Davey carney USA army combat engineering. Said he based in west Africa.
      Asked me to send £90 for feeds and give me agent address to send name and nagaria blessing country.

      Ya this a scam

    • Have you heard of a Eugene Solis stationed in South Sudan

    • Sounds like the one I have been talking to. Do you still have the pictures of him he sent? I would like to see one to see if its the same guy or person we are talking to.

      Thank You

    • She just needs to ask him to send her an email from his military email account. It will end in Everyone in the military has one and they are allowed to use them. If he doesn’t he is definitely a scammer. I got the same crap with the bad grammar and the deployment for peacekeeping. Total crap. She needs to block this guy right away.

  21. Hello any peace keeping mission in Syria under USArmy reserves with a date of April 25th returning to theUSA, deployed for 6 mos and the supposedly soldier name is David Morgan from Houston, TX. Use the app Google hugouts. Please email me at: Thank you.

      • How can i find out if the person i talk to is for real. He says he is stationned in fort hamilton brooklyn ny . I tried to email the base but still no answer . Strange thing is he never said he was working oversees. Did asked for money . Send photo’s and all . All i want to know if this person is stationned there or just warn the person who is in the pictures

    • Hi my name is Vieiecha Richardson and I was talking with him for over a year and I have sent him money a few times omg….

    • a week ago I met an alleged American military man Andrew Molton online He asked me for my phone number to talk on whatsapp and wrote me about a number from Nigeria. He told me he had been sent there. From that moment I began to investigate and turn out to be a Nigerian scammer, I found the profile of the real man in the photo and decided to contact him to alert him of what was happening. The Scammer told me that he had a 7-year-old daughter and that he lived with his grandmother, the girl’s mother had left with another man, His parents died in an accident, First he asked me to give him a birthday card a game card thing to which I did not access because I knew what was known. I followed the game a few more days and I said yesterday that I was sad because I needed money to send to his grandmother since his daughter was very sick. I confronted him and told him that I already knew he was a damn Nigerian scammer .. And I said that if I didn’t believe in him not to write to him anymore .. Finally yesterday the wife of True Molton answered me and I said they received many warnings from others women and who are going to make the complaint

  22. So I’m guessing there is no one on Travis Air Force base named CSM James Smith who is being deployed to Spain this weekend to assist Doctor’s without Borders for 10 weeks withhthe 82nd?

  23. An Owen Alex Smith hit me up on Hinge. Sent me tons of photos and told me that he is deployed in Iraq and can only use government issued equipment to take new photos. Is this true? Also, he did call me to video chat when I asked him “how do I really know you are in the military or you are who you say you are?” Then I asked for ID which pretty much pissed him off. I feel bad if he is real and I just became paranoid but too many scums and scammers out there.

    • Sorry, also uses “Owen Booth” as name on dating app.

      • My scammer was Owen Christopher does anyone else know him. He said he was neurosurgeon in Yemen n was moved to Apollo,Syria. Just curious if someone else was scammed by him.

      • I met a girl from Nigeria and want to come here Sunday I have to send money to micheal Sandra
        Country Nigeria zip 23401
        Is this a scam

    • These guys are more stupid than their spelling. I’ve had 3 guys recently contact me using attractive men’s photos. Although English I used to live in west Africa so very aware of these scams. They are so obviously not who they say. If they seem too good to be true THEY ARE !!!

  24. Hello , my son of 15 has recently hooked up with a Farrell Ashley (Questioned her about which is her first name and she says Farrell, Though ‘she’ tweets as Ashley Farrell!) She says she is a sergeant in the US Army on a peace keeping mission. She is constantly asking my son to send Itunes cards and he is sending hundreds of dollars of them to her. There is lots of lovey dovey song lyrics for messages and terrible grammar and I think my boy has been sucked in. Please confirm that Ashley Farrell or the other way round is who she says she is.

    • This is definitely a scam. Soldiers can buy their own iTunes cards. We do not have any soldiers on peacekeeping missions there over.

  25. Do you have someone in the military by the name of Jefferson Parker? He says he is currently on tour in West Africa and currently in a war zone. Also says he’s originally from Durham, North Carolina. He has all sorts of pictures supporting his identity, but refuses to video chat. There is a lot of broken english and strange phrases in the conversation. And he says video chat is “against the law and regulations at the war zone”. But would he be allowed to call?

    • More regarding Jefferson Parker. Was told he is a paratrooper originally from Fort Bragg, NC. He is currently in Nigeria working with the UN soldiers to help keep peace due to the Boko Haram terrorist attacks that are getting worse. And exactly how homey would a dining room of a base camp appear? He has so many pictures! If this isn’t him, then he really has a great stash of photos to use.

      • Could you please help me been talking to Sargent davey Carney USA combat engineer for few weeks he was serving in Syria today being sent to west Africa we not spoken on the phone just what’s up as he can’t speak on the phone yet. I need to know if he is a fake he’s not asked me for any money but still got to b sure!! Andrea Meyrick

      • Hi!how about this Jim Greene?have you ever heard about him?he kept on sending messages in my hangouts…

  26. I’ve met a person by the name of Randy Clark Jones. E-9 Sergeant Major a Key assistance and advisor to the platoon leader is currently serving in Syria for about 8-9 months. He is a signal support specialist, supervise, installs, maintains and troubleshoots signal support systems and terminal devices. Email I was given is He says that his birthday is Feb 19 so he would have just celebrated his 54th birthday. Randy also states that he will be retiring soon. All messages that I get from Randy are stating at the bottom are coming from a military base system. I met him on the POF website and I’ve asked a ton of questions to see if this is a scam. Randy is stating that he is based out of Camp Bowie Army Base in Brownwood, TX. Randy is stating that he has served 27 yrs. and is about to retire. His home is Manhattan, NY grew up in Germany and born at Little Rock Air Forces Base. He is also stating that he has been widowed for 8 yrs. now and wife and child 7 yr. old child were killed in a car accident. Can you please advise me if this person is a scam?

      • I have met a Dr. Gary McNeil claiming to be a orthopedic surgeon stationed with UN peacekeepers in Damascus, Syria. He want to come home and needs money for a form to do this. Is this a scam? Thank you for any information on Dr. Gary McNeil

    • I got this today from someone via POF named “Kevin” that “lives” in Phoenix. This happened last fall. Guy tried to scsm me. Single father in Phoenix said he had to go to England, calls me from England and has Nigerian accent. I used a phone no app. I had to block him. This one sounds just like yours ladies beware. I immediately noticed the gross misuse of the English language.

      work with US Reserved Army under United Nations. My rank is E’9 Stuff Sergeant First Class but I’m currently out of the states and in Syria..
      You are such interesting ,
      I am here looking for serious and long term relationship , a woman i can get married with and spend the rest of my life with together and grow up with.Do you think that we can exchange our email address or number so that we can get to know more about each other through there and see where it lead us to?

      • I met a guy on Facebook by name Louis samuel Martino claiming to be a military man, and he’s in Syria for peacekeeping he has not ask for anything yet, but I’m having a feeling that he’s a scam we only chatted for a month, and now he want us to chat on email I ask for his military email but he said he doesn’t use his email for casualty, I really don’t know what it mean.

    • Wow my guys name that they gave was Steve Andy with the exact same info he gave you. Luckily I know it was a scam>>>

    • Are you still in contact with him? My mom has been talking to this person as well and she was told the exact story of what you posted, and for some unknown reason she sent him an iPhone because “he broke his”

    • I just recently stopped talking to this Randy Clark Jones just a couple of days ago. He too contacted me through POF. After several texts he started asking for care packages and then he stated that he was shot during a mission and wanted 9000.00 to send some documents to me. After that I told him not to contact me because this was a scam and haven’t heard from him since. So please be careful when talking to this person

  27. I’m speaking to a Randy Clark Jones- rank E-9 Sergeant Major a key assistant and key advisor to the platoon leader and currently stationed in Syria for 8 to 9 month. Military base is Camp Bowie Army Base in Brownwood, TX. Randy is claiming to be retiring in a short time serving 27yrs. He just celebrated his 54th birthday on Feb 19th. He has not asked me for anything but his time. Is this person the who he says he is? An email address if have is

    This is my first time on a dating website and I’m very skeptical.

      • I have met a Dr. Gary McNeil claiming to be a orthopedic surgeon stationed with UN peacekeepers in Damascus, Syria. He want to come home and needs money for a form to do this. Is this a scam? Thank you for any information on Dr. Gary McNeil

  28. Do you know Franklin Davies US doctor depolyed in Syria ?

    • Do you know a us soldier by the name of dan johnson goes by the last name burgado says he’s in Syria now on base camp called Dejava base camp

  29. Do you have a military member by the name Helen Grundy E6 Sergeant stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan on peace keeping mission? Met her a few days ago playing Words with Friends 2 online and she seemed real at first but something just doesn’t sit right with me. As I was reading the blogs on this website I noticed there were scams with I-tunes gift cards involved. This particular person happened to ask for an I-tune gift card yesterday. Sent a $25 gift card by email. This person then made statement about thinking I would go to Walmart and send it. There have been just too many yellow flags with what is being said in messages between us and want to know if Helen Grundy really exists.

      • Caught one today Facebook account for Bob e Rogers. I was suspicious early. Wanted me to hangout instead of Facebook chat. Same old stories too. Feel free to report him. Stationed in Iraq wife left him young son blah blah.

      • Hi I meet this guy who says he is in Gardez Afganistán I have been text with him since May 2017 but every time I ask him if we can talk in the phone he say he is not aloud is that true….?

        • I thought I met the man of my dreams. His name was Mason Wilkinson SSGT. He never asked me for money. I am widowed and I was a perfect target. I can’t find anything on h at all.

        • Hi I met a guy by the name Davey carney USA army combat engineering. Said he based in west Africa.
          Asked me to send £90 for feeds and give me agent address to send name and nagaria blessing country.

          Ya this a scam

      • I have been contacted by anEmanuel Garcia , US Army , he has never asked for money , we have been chatting since Oct 2017 , he said hello to me through FB and asked after a month to chat on Hangouts , he chats every Tuesday , Thursday and Sunday like clock work from 6-8 pm EST.
        He states he is in Libya he has sent some photos .

      • Hi,

        Someone is contacting me Dr.John Hernandez E-6 sergeant in a peacekeeping mission in Syria Aleppo now he said transferred to Iraq Baghdad. He’s pretending that he sent me a gift by carrier and now that logistics company is asking me to pay $8100 to deliver the courier to me. He’s so secretive doesn’t give any details about him sent me around 3 photos only whatever I ask him for video call he gets posses off and he says that it’s not allowed.
        I just want to make sure that he’s real or not?

        Please help me.

        • its acammer same story that Michael jonson tells me he said he want to srnd me gift but i need to pay for logisticfirst..haha then if i ask hi. to have video call he told me that its not allowed in hes office he said he work under the water lab .its oil company

      • Hi,

        Someone is contacting me Dr.John Hernandez E-6 sergeant in a peacekeeping mission in Syria Aleppo now he said transferred to Iraq Baghdad. He’s pretending that he sent me a gift by carrier and now that logistics company is asking me to pay $8100 to deliver the courier to me. He’s so secretive doesn’t give any details about him sent me around 3 photos only whatever I ask him for video call he gets posses off and he says that it’s not allowed.
        I just want to make sure that he’s real or not?

        Please help me.

    • Is it true that military people don’t have access to their money

        • Je pravda že vojaci Us marines vo vojnových zónach v Afganistane nemajú prístup k svojim bankovým ú?tom ani cez internetbanking a ke? požiadajú o núdzovú dovolenku musia o ?u požiada? cez druhú osobu ktorá musí zaplati? vydavky na túto dovolenku dopredu OSN ?akujem za odpove?

        • thank you for that information…

    • I have been scammed to by imposters who claim they are in the. Military. There are two i know of. Anthony. Loga n . and a james. Campbell. And anthony gibson

  30. i got a message from Jenny chris, as mentioned she is from london with no +44-7765303756, she is claiming that she has a shoes business and searching for a partner to expand business, she send me some pics of her also, i got a doubt, so i wanted to enquire about it and tell the people whats the truth. pls can u suggest me is it a scam or real.

    Mohd Ghouse, India, Email :

    • I thought I met the man of my dreams. His name was Mason Wilkinson SSGT. He never asked me for money. I am widowed and I was a perfect target. I can’t find anything on himat all. I met him on Plenty Of Fish. June 2017. It was emotional for me and I don’t want this to happen to anyon else

      • There were a gut named Vinny John Burk and started telling me that he wants to chat with me in Hangouts…he started saying that his wife cheated on him and that he was looking an stepmom for his children…he actually sent me a picture with his two children and some other pictures of him lying down in bed (covered with some blankets)…I thought it was real..he said he wanted to get married with me and form a family…also he said he lost his wallet where he got his passport, military pass, debit and credit cards, so he was asking me for money and food…he still chatting with me…but I know for sure this is scam, because I saw this guy on the tv his name is John Burk, and he is rich…how can a rich man put his eyes on me, I thought? it is so sad, that people like this play with your feelings…really sad..

  31. I’m in Taiwan and I just met a girl on Tinder called Olivia Johnson. As soon as we met, she asked me to download Kik. She said she is in the Navy and is on a peacekeeping mission in Nigeria. She said she will be moving to Taiwan next year to work in the US Embassy. After chatting with her for a day, she said it’s her birthday and would love a cell phone so she can video chat with me. I said I have a spare cell phone but she said she wants cash instead ($400). I said I wasn’t comfortable sending money online to a stranger. She said it’s ok then started telling me more about her. Next day she said she is sick and needs to go to a hospital but don’t have money and she couldn’t get a hold of her family so she asked if I can send her $500. By this time, I knew it’s a scam so I just deleted her.

  32. I have been texting with Arthur Carter Williams a Cpt in the Air Force in Iraq. He only texts . I have a picture but have never talked to him. I have I think scammed out of $50,000 . Yes I’m an idiot to have believed him. He says he is AWOL in the airport hotel waiting for me to send him $2500 to come home. I also have been contacted by Gerald Gabriel recently but blocked him.

  33. I had a guy named tobi seyi Steven porter ask me to send him money he kept on changing the amount of money to send him but I didn’t send it to him he said he was going to blackmail me if I didn’t do it

  34. I have been chatting with Harris Martin, who says he is with the UN. he was stationed in Syria and was suppose to go home the end of August and he ended up going to Turkish? He asked for money once and I just said I didnt have any and that was it.. he didnt ask any more.. until today. now his son is in the hospital after an accident in school and the hospital is asking for $2400 for treatments. Now he wants to get some shares in a company he has and get money from that to send to me, so I can send it to his ex to pay for the hospital bill.



  35. In one hour tonight, I’ve been followed by four GO’S. LTG Clinton Dominic, GEN Michael Flynn, MG Peterman Lucas Joseph ( MARSOC CDR), & MG Gregory J. Lengyel. Suspect all are fake. I’m asking questions they should be able to answer. Oh, and GEN Michael Frazier hit on me on POF. He said he had an associate’s degree. I called CENTCOM and let the IG know.

      • Right now in Facebook is a Nigeria guy that is using a fake Facebook the name is Franklin Rodriguez he said that in the Army in Kabul and that he is Puertorican guy living in Tucson Arizona and now because the pictures he stole from the Army guy is a real Puertorican guy he also send me a lot of pictures and videos of him that he stole from the real men and he also have a email from a company that he called smart express and also he said that his wife cheat of him and that he have a 3 years old son ! The story that he said it that he has a box with money they have to send to be safe ! That is the email that he use in the fake company right now I cut the conversation with him and also told him that I don’t want to talk with him ! Well if you need the pictures and videos that he send me just contact me via email !

        • Would like to know about it. Bcoz i think he”s chatting with my friend. Thanks. Send it pleasw

        • I think that’s the same guy I’ve been texting. He goes by Wayne Rodriguez. His from Arizona and has a 3 year old son.. Can you please send me a picture of him…

        • He is going by Nicolas Rodriguez now, with a 5 years old son. Smh! I’ve done some research and it appears the real Rodriguez is deceased and has been for a while. The scary part was I didn’t believe him but then he did a video chat with me and it was more believable. I eventually realized even that was fake. He found videos that he could edit. I’d love to see the pics to see if we are speaking of the same Puerto Rican guy

      • Do you have major David Gambrell? Working as a Nato soldier in Johannesburg.

  36. Hey i hear u we’re all scammed by some ppl to as i have been to and i turned his ass in he scammed me for over 7000.00 dollars and i wont ever fall for that again just be ware of a john corker if he gets ahold of u and asks u to send u money for any reason i don’t care wat the situation is or wat he comes up with but hes nothing but a scammer a loooooooooozzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr and a bog time thief yea if would be great to get that money back sure but i would love it more if he gets busted by the FBI tho and have them put John corker in federal prison for life throw away the key and have all of his benifets even for wat he has earned already be taken away from him permanently for good and for life just remember John corker is nothing but a total scammer and he will take u for everything u have and someone seriously needs to do something about this matter i just want him put away for life in federal prison

  37. To the Kelly Wright of FOX NEWS. CBS anchor Otis Livingston that i met told me he had secret sexual relation with Kelly Wright’s wife Livingston also wants to kill Kelly Wright’s wife if she will open her mouth. Becareful of Otis Livingston he belongs in prison!!!!!

    • There is a guy by name if staff Sargent e6 Evans rico says he’s in us army, doesn’t seem right anyone heard of him? He found me on pof

        • Are we not allowed to see pictures be of the people we’re talking too through this app I would like to see if there the one I’m speaking too

      • Is this guy called Michael Rico he found me on fb I been talking to him for about 4 mos says he is in nigeria i beleive he is a scammer many fb profiled never has money lol. Days he wants to marry me lol.

        • I had a Jordan Rigo, look me up on Facebook December 18th 2017. he loves me he wants to marry me but he never has any money. But he has an American bank account with over $300,000….lol he is also in West Africa deployed in the army. Nigeria his English sucks his grammar sucks.

        • I had a Jordan Rigo, look me up on Facebook December 18th 2017. he loves me he wants to marry me but he never has any money. But he has an American bank account with over $300,000….lol he is also in West Africa deployed in the army. Nigeria his English sucks his grammar sucks.
          so tell me what can we do about it is there anything we can do about it???

        • Do you have a picture??

    • A Charles Fitzpatrick deployed to Kabul approached me through Messenger in FB. He also had a 12 yr old son and wife had died 5 yrs ago of cervical cancer. I let him do his talking he has a few pictures on FB a good looking white american man. From Wichita,Ks and lives in Atlanta, Ga. Very well spoken, good grammar and gentleman. I googled this website and on second day of conversation I told him he was not real and probably was going to ask for money. He reacted confused and he said that was lame and he did not need my money and blocked me. Made me feel like maybe he was the real thing. Whose picture was he using? How can I let the person from the picture know they are using his pictures? Mr CJ Grisham waiting for your response.

      • The pictures of these people are fake also! They’re stolen from fb accts

  38. Does anyone know a girl by the name Keran Silvia Joyce? She says she is in the US Army stationed Syria. I need to know if she is a Scammer. She has been talking to my brother for about a month and has ask him to send her a cell phone and some money so she could video chat with him. How can you find out if these people are, who they say they are?

      • I have a guy that responded to a Craigslist ad, we started emailing and now we text via Skype. He claims he’s an Army Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan. He asked me to send him a care package. He sent me a very basic form with care packages prices starting at $300. The packages consist of toiletries, food, hygiene care. He game me an address in Afghanistan, Camp Dwyer, Helmand, Afghanistan, Patrick Ward. No APO, no mention of his rank and file, scam?

        • Just communicated with a guy who claims he is General Justin Rogger, medical doctor stationed in Aleppo, Syria on a peace keeping mission. Is this a scam? Hasn’t asked me for anything (yet).

        • Do u have a SSGT Mason Wilkinson in Syria?? I was played for a fool

      • I know my mom is getting scammed by a so called Dr Harold Heinrich stationed out of Syria! Sad she won’t believe her children!! What to do

        • I my name is Lily I am scammed by this person too. Does he say he is a opedidic surgeon from the us army and is on a peach mission in Syria. Does he have a 13 yes old son named David. Has he asked to marry you like he has me. Did he make you go on hangouts so he can talk to you.

      • Do you have a solider named marcus withers in Afghanistan. He hasn’t asjed for money or anything just my email so he can talk to me instead of fb

    • Hi Lisa,
      This sounds a lot like the girl I met on Tinder. She said she is in the Navy stationed in Nigeria. We only talked for 4 days and she tried to ask me for money twice. She asked me for a cell phone too so she can also video chat with me. When I said no, she played it cool knowing that I had doubts so she then started talking about herself and I have to admit, she was good at sweet talking and making herself sound real. She send me all these photos of her. As soon as she felt I was comfortable with her again, she said she is sick with a stomach virus and needs cash to go to a hospital and I’m the only one she can count on because her family was not responding to her. Anyways, my story and your brother’s sounds very much alike. I’m pretty sure they are scammers. I hope he didn’t fall for her trap. Good luck to you and your brother.

      • Met a girl who calls her self rosemary Instagram richrosemary she is asking for money because she had to go to the hospital. Does this girls name ring ax bell with anyone

  39. I met a guy called James Johnson through a online gay dating app called Surge. He said he is working in US military. By the time he said he was in Nigeria. He first asked me to send two £50 itunes cards. I didn’t suspect anything. Then he made this whole scenario and convinced me to send him money for his plane tickets. I sent him around £1000 . I was too late when I realised I was scammed. I feel stupid and I can’t believe I am this naive. Anyway I sent money through western union to a woman called Clara Adele. This name and woman should be real, otherwise she cannot receive money.
    This guy sent me photos of a US military guy. One of the photos, I clearly sea Johnson in his uniform and in another photo, name was little bit blur but it says Johnson. He also sent me a photo of his plane ticket which named to James Johnson but later I found out that it is a fake photo. He called me several times a day and he had an American accent. I also talked with this woman called Clara Adele. I think they are working together. And this happened to me last week.
    My advise is, be careful with online dating. Well I learned a very good lesson.

    • Can you send me £1000 to keep this site going? 😉

      On all seriousness, I do love music and would always appreciate ITUNES cards. I’m not a scammer; i just like music. I’ll even give you a real address here in Texas!

      • i meet someone name Frank Cellebreeze working as US army in Afghanistan. He ask me to email to his base to as for emergency leave :- I’m…… By name and here to apply for an emergency leave for my fiance………… By name Who is really being deployed here in kabul Afghanistan for a mission, I want to have him home as soon as possible for our marriage arrangement and I will be very glad if my request can be granted.

        Yours sincerely………… (Email:

    • Please send me photos of this man. I think he is scamming my Gma.

    • Hi I’m talking to a guy names johnson I’ve seen fb page with james johnson do you have another name he uses or a picture?

  40. I got msged from a major Jackson Barry Raymond who says he is in syria and will b back In March 2018. He asked for NO money and that he is there for peace making sent me many pics. But I’m unsure cause the name on uniform is a bit blur so I asked him to send better pic but yet to see one. He says he can’t due to security reasons they can’t take pic. I asked him to send me his army military email. He said he don’t have one. Only United nations email. Which is a gmail addresse. Idk I ain’t convinced.

      • Do u have JAMES PORTER he’s from u.s but he’s deployed in nigeria. .he’s u.s army
        I have send money ..3x ..he said he can’t access account. .so I help him to leave in nigera. .i send money 3x…

        Then do u have Gabriel kingsley U.s army he’s deployed in nigeria. .

        • Just curious do I have a picture of this guy My email is all lower case

        • Hi my name isSherry I have been texting army man named Gabriel Kingsley Moreno or Gabriel Moreno he has send me only 5 pictures in 1 year and a half He has told me that he is coming home to visit me this month I have never talk to him .

    • Hello,
      My name is Jeannie Larsen and I fell for this guy on Tinder. He went by John Gorecki on Facebook and John Burke/Douglas John Burke. He said he was stationed at Camp Navajo, in Flagstaff, Az. After a week or so of getting a bunch of excuses, I called Camp Navajo.Contacted JAG, and met 2 other victins online. I would like to ask if anyone has other names or Facebook profiles for this guy. I believe he has other profile names, since he only had a few friends following his page. HIS M.O. – SUPER SWEET, KIND, POLITE.

      • Good morning…. I was just in communication with a guy named john burke this last week…. He said he was in camp irwin going to camp arifjan. Deployed 2 days ago. He asked me to send i tunes cards… I did.. I have a really bad feeling about this because he said he was gonna transfer me money and i gave him my bank account info. Should i go close my account?
        I feel stupid right now. He was using all the words and language u were talking about… He left pictures and info on the telegram site. I havent let him know that i think its a scam.

        • It is definitely a scam. Do not send anymore iTunes cards. This is a way to get money from you without asking for it. They convince their victims to send iTunes codes (instead of the actual cards so they don’t have to give out an address) and they turn around and sell them online at a discount.

        • Close your account immediately. I hope you still have money left. Advice from a me, a 57 year old woman only trying to help you.

    • I’m an army veteran, and I almost fell for a scam involving Such a sweet talker widow wife killed in horrible accident. One son blah blah.Wanted me to get him a cell phone and he would pay me back when he got state side.He almost had me. ALMOST. Beware

    • Just curious, what did he look like? I think he’s still out there under a new name…. Raymond Lee/Jackson Morris. WOW!!

  41. I met a guy on Facebook going by name Johnny Greene smith he will be 40 on 10th October 2017.
    He hasn’t really said much about his past only that he was born in Spain and moved to the USA when 19.
    I ask him questions but he says he tell me everything when he comes to see me.
    He asks me no questions about my life.
    He says he’s a doctor with us military and works from West Point academy.
    His wife and son were killed 4 years ago
    He has Facebook profile.
    He is at present deployed in cameroon he hasn’t asked me for money just a care package which I have to send via their chef to address in Nigeria! Not sure if this is a scam or genuine please help

    • I talk to this one guy from nigeria his name is johnny arroyo i want to no if he is a scammer.

        • Hi :).

          My mom recently found this guy who says his name is Carlos Martines and works in Baghdad as an Orthopedic surgeon. My mom is madly inlobe with him and he claims to be inlove with her aswell.

          He told her that he will be travelling to SA tomorrow in order to meet with her but has asked her to make a hotel reservation for him.

          I do not trust him but please confirm my suspicions. I know it’s a scam.

        • If he’s truly an orthopedic surgeon, then he can make his own reservations. This is most definitely a scam. Do not spend the money.

        • That’s unfair to say. It’s just like saying everyone in the US is foolish because there are a lot of foolish people in the US.

        • There are special forces in nigeria correct? I have read about the special forces on the nigeria 24/7 breaking news website.

        • We have SF in Nigeria but they will NEVER tell you who they are because they can’t.

  42. After being in relationship with Wilson for seven years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back. But I am the type that don’t believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I meant a spell caster called Dr Adoda and I email him, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my husband will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My husband called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there. Anybody could need the help of this spell caster, his email: ( ) you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything. CONTACT HIM NOW FOR SOLUTION..

  43. I’m from France so my english isn’t good but I’ll try yo explain what happened. This man said is name is Jake Ryan. and that he is a General in mission in Kabul now. He send me photos but I had a doubt and surched on the net. I realize that he abused photos of Peter Pace. A real American General chief of the high quarter in US army. This man met me on “conversation exchange”. And I know that he always use the same photos to scam women. I have the proof just look on the website of scamsurvivors
    Please all of you be careful.

  44. Can you researchSgt Mark Scott Flores, birthdate 5/15/74, says from Ohio and currently stationed near Nigeria/Camaroon border? Been talking for 2 months, I met him on Tinder, moved to KIK. Never has asked for money or gifts but when I asked to send a care package the address is:
    Mark Flores
    110 Ijesha Road
    Lagos, Nigeria 101282
    I want to make sure this guy is legit

    • I am name is Sabrina ann clench I Was can’t merry to a Steven Johnson but I need to no about was isgoingno

      • Are there real USA troops in Africa? I Was told that’s not the case just wondering because I hear from all this so called army guys on line needing money,cell phones and iTunes cards clearly tells me they are scammers.

        • That is not true. We do have American troops in Africa. We constantly have US aide in Dijibouti Africa. There may not be troops in Nigeria, but to say they are not in Africa is ill-informed

  45. Has anyone ever heard of a man named Christian Lauria Martin, he said he is a captain in the army and is stationed in Iraq. My mom has been talking to him for almost a year now and he said he wants to send her money because shes on a tight budget. Shes been sending money to someone named Franklyn Odim Chidi in nigeria to claim this money and i think she is being scammed but she wont believe me. The place thats supposedly sending the money has sent her pictures of a credit card and a cashiers check to prove its real and i have researched the bank thats supposedly sending it and its a real bank but all of the people she talks to use gmail accounts. If its a bank shouldnt they use an official bank email address? She wont ask the guy to send her email on his military email because she doesnt want him thinking she doesnt trust him. So its a scam right?

    • Tell her to reach any army office and find upt like I did .it’s hard to believe but , the army officers have there own bank account.

  46. I am sorry to say but I think I am being scammed. I am chatting to a guy who says he is gay and wants to marry me and he says he is a captain in the us army. his name he says is marco rockwell. and he is from GA. the story at first seemed to be to good to be true. He says he has an adopted son in Africa somewhere and asked me to send some money to him and then i had a thought to google him and i cam up with a different name but same person as he has sent me some pics and they are the same as the person i have found. so now not only that but i have another guy on another site come to me and more or less say the same thing that he is an E6 staff sergeant Anthony Mega. and i think that is a scam too. But how do i find out if they both are. And yes i am gay and they both say they are gay and want to marry me.

  47. Just had a military man hit me up on Meetme. We been talking for alil over a week now. He chats with me alot on Kik as Frank Graham Gray, what caught my attention was the way he put his words, and that he loved me and wanted to be his wife, Im like no one can say they love u in 2 days of just talking. So I thought I’d do alil investigating and found a person with the name Graham Frank….Both names with the same pics, Then when I looked him up on FB I found another military person sayin he is Graham Frank and posted his pic on that page, then I found out he made a new FB account in the name of Sam Williams Rico. I have not conversed with this Sam Williams Rico guy. Just noticed the difference. So I just wanna know if this person who says he’s Frank Graham Gray is real…Also he says they are on a mission in Africa and are there to get the boko harem?? Last night I asked him for his email so I could write him, and he said he didnt know he have to ask his commander..later came back and says the email is
    which I knew was bs. I just want to know the real Graham Frank or Frank Graham, I have pics of this person whom I can send to you , just need to know where to send them of these this man and another man whos says he was Graham Frank also, then switched to Sam Williams Rico. He has not asked me for money yet, he says they can’t video chat due to the enemies finding out where they are located. I’m not falling for any of what this guy says but will tell you, who ever he is..Hes a hard one to crack.


      • I investigated through Facebook, I noticed he had a FB page so I went from there, then I went on the Army page on how some People from Africa, Guania were using Military Men’s Profiles, So I read up about these scammers and dug alittle deeper and found out more, as I was investigating this person Graham Frank I noticed this other person had been using this persons profile, except he uses his own pics, which is obvious you knew it was someone different, so I dug alil deeper on this so called 2nd guy using this profile and found out he opened up a new FB account under Sam Williams Rico, So I reported him to FB and they took off his profile immediately. Still havent heard from FB on this Graham Frank…I tried every tactic possible that I know to call him out but like I stated before he is one hard one to crack. I’ve had two others before him and called them out on there fake scamming bs. Just gotta do alot of investigating!! Good Luck!!

    • Well, I’m suspecting that I’m talking to a scammer too on Facebook . Says his name is Gen. Anthony Silvas 30, has a 9 yr old child and that his wife died a year ago. He says he’s from California City, California. He said that he’s peacekeeping in Afghanistan. However, when he uploaded a picture about America the geotag said Nigeria. Something felt wrong about it so I googled his name, and this site came and there it is with the same exact story with just a different name.

      • Hi barely met this guy too in facebook he is telling me the same story.

    • OMG the same thing is happening to me but this person calles himself John Martinez I told him about sending me email he said is not allowed and he needs to ask commander after that he got so out radge. And mad I told him until you show me proof

    • A guy names Charlie Jordan contacted me through He says he stationed in Afghanistan and has a son named William at Westminster, a prestigious and very expensive private school in Atlanta, and IMPOSSIble for anyone without serious connections to get in. I know people from Westminster, and it’s not a boarding school. Aside from that, his HORRIBLE grammar and spelling, and strange behavior set off alarm bells. He asked if he could ship his belongings to my house. I’m moving in a few days, so initially I thought what the hell, what’s a couple extra boxes, but then, I just started thinking it was too weird for some guy I never met to send me all his belongings. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t want the responsibility. He said he could tell I was a god fearing woman and I could be trusted, and I told him I was an atheist and he didn’t know that. I said not to send his stuff to my house, but now he does have my address. After reading this, I texted him 404-410-5931 and told him I knew he was a scammer and if any of his belongings showed up on my door, I’d call the police. He too told me both his parents died. He has no family, and his wife died in a car accident six years ago leaving him with a young son. He never got around to asking me for money, but I’m betting it was coming. He told me he was stationed in Kabul. His horrendously bad grammar and spelling definitely was outside the norm. I teach English and it was shocking. So Ladies, he’s on too. Be on the lookout!

  48. I just fell victim to this via a scam with a person I met on tinder. They use the American name Arthur O. Taylor, and currently have a Facebook profile with this name I am trying to get taken down, but the flagging is being overlooked because they are very crafty at the scam they are running. I met him on tinder, at that time he said he was a 23 year member of the US Army, stationed in central California. Here is the info I was able to gather:

    Arthur O’Brein Taylor, Arthur O. Taylor on Facebook
    Age 43
    Birthplace Yokohama Japan, born to father in US Army and a native Japanese women (he claimed he grew up there and immigrated to the US at 19 to explain his accent but never ONCE mentioned he was born in Japan, I noticed the accent when we spoke on the phone and asked)
    1 son named Sammy born to a woman who is deceased
    Stationed at Fort Hunter Liggett
    Claimed to be a Sniper Field18b
    Google voice phone numbers – +1 (419) 665-1128 and +1 (510) 560-3815
    Email –

    Beware of this person, they are very convincing and caused me a lot of issues.

    • I have been texting a man calling himself Dr William Franklyn. He call me honey sunshine you my love want to marry me. BS. HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN CONTACTED BY HIM. Nothing he says checks out.

      • I’ve been talking to a man. We met on fb. He goes by Jeff Duval. Stationed in Afghanistan says he is in US Army. He doesn’t use a face picture. Will show some on messenger. Definitely asks for money. Also Loves me and calls me his Wife. Anyone else heard of him.

  49. Was contacted on Tinder by Parker Smith Keller, said he is a Captain with the Army, out of Fort Hood, Texas, said that he had recently moved to Georgia (but told me he lived in downtown Georgia couldn’t give me a city) also said that he is currently deployed in Syria…after talking on Kik for a few weeks he said he lost his phone on patrol and wanted me to send him cash for a new phone via Western Union. He talks sweet and kind, says he lost his wife 2 years ago and has a son age 10…sent several pictures, rank, etc seemed to check out, no facebook page, etc.

    • Also, I asked him to send me an email from his military email address and he said that he “can’t” do it.

    • I started chatting via Messenger to a Donald G Anderson. A captain in US Army deployed in Syria on Peace Keeping Mission. Said he was from Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Widowed 3yrs, wife died in car crash. 2 children aged 11 and 4yrs. Nanny looking after them. Sent me nanny’s email address so that I could chat with his son!!! Beautiful messages from him saying he loved me etc. Asked me to marrry him without him ever seeing my photo.
      Said he was using military scanner to chat with me as cell phones and laptops not permitted. Poor English grammar.
      Sent me photos of himself and the children
      I fell madly in love eithh this guy.
      Never asked for money but said he was unable to access his money as Taliban had barred all bank transactions. When I said I had noyjing to offer him he started being funny. Would not answer any questions I asked him.
      I called him a fake and it ended.
      I have reported him to Facebook and his profile has gone.
      “Chasing a dream” that resulted in “Shattered Dream”
      Elaine Hughes x

      • Where can I send his photos to? To see if anyone recognizes him?
        Elaine Hughes x

        • Elaine, I have just barred a guy called Roland Miller, who sent mee a friend request on fb. Told me hr was. 56 yr old widower, with a 14 yr old son. His wife had died in childbirth, and he had no other family.. His dad died when her was 7, and he then lived an uncle, who died of. A blood disease. He joined the military, as he had no one, in the hope that her would fund love and friendship. His son Randy, was all hr had in the world, and he. Was receiving schooling guana.

          I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Feel such a Pratt.

          The alarm bell was raised yesterday, when he came out with story, that he had a call from sons head mistress, to say that son, v ill, and needs urgent operation, as he has skin disease, and they cant treat him, till they get paid. He asked me to please help him, and that if I loved him, please save his son. When I told hun, I had no savings, he askeed me to borrow money from my friends. I told him that my friends had no savings either. Then hr asked me to get a bank loan. All this occured within a time prior of 4 days!

          I went on to Google, typed his name, dateline scammers, and guess what? BINGO! his photo appeared, plus several other shots of him, The only pics, were his 2 profile pics on fb.

        • I’ve been talking to a man. We met on fb. He goes by Jeff Duval. Stationed in Afghanistan says he is in US Army. He doesn’t use a face picture. Will show some on messenger. Definitely asks for money. Also Loves me and calls me his Wife. Anyone else heard of him.

    • Hi I have been recently contacted by a first sgt Michael miller in the US army – he has not asked me for money and I have told him straight that I have nothing to give and will not be funding anything ever . He says that he is in Africa on a ” secret mission ” his story is that his family were all killed in a car crash when he was 7 and that he lived in Italy with his grandfather until he went on thee army – says he has his own money in the US and does not need anything from me – says he can take retirement in two years he is 38 . He says he cannot video call me as cameras etc are not permitted where he is but he can speak to me via whatsap ! Have you heard of this before ??he had no social media profile and I met him on tinder – Brenda

      • Anyone that tells you he’s on a secret mission is not on a secret mission. Otherwise it would be secret and you wouldn’t know it. Easy way to spot a scammer.

      • Jeff Duval 4 star general, head surgeon. Ladies be aware he’s easy to fall for

      • Does anyone know a klink Lamar army doesn’t get to involved his rank doesn’t say much of anything about where or what says he can’t meet him on Facebook says he’s from Atlanta Georgia

  50. Dec 14/16 – Attempted scamming by someone posing as S.Sgt Linda Riggs ( on OKC dating site and working as a U-S peacekeeper in Syria, originally from Salt Lake City. Provided 856-413-5958 as a contact number. Wouldn’t provide me with a U-S military email address.

  51. Just got contacted by someone who says he’s active military in Kabul.
    Brian Maxwell

    Nothing in his profile and he doesn’t know much if anything at all about the military.
    Wearing an Airborne unit emblem.
    Didn’t know what a unit was.
    Couldn’t name his home fort.
    When I asked what his job was he said monitoring the camp.
    He disconnected when I told him I had a nephew in Kabul.

    Ladies ask questions, I accepted the friend request because I recognized the name and thought I knew him.
    Needless to say I was able to run him off, he will think twice before doing this again.

      • I was contacted on Tinder by a Robert Casey deployed to “somewhere on the border of Nigeria and Cameroon.” He had me switch to sending messages on Kik and asked me to send money through a Walmart money gram or Western Union to a Frank Jacob in Nigeria, 23435. He said he is a widow and has a nanny to help his failing mother care for his 8 year old son and she is threatening to leave them stranded if not paid by tomorrow. I did not send any money to him. Look out for these names as well. He has a Facebook page with the same pics he had on Tinder.

      • Does anyone knows Johnson Moore; staff army based in Syria, peacekeeping? He is from Dallas Texas. We supposed to meet nov.9 but didn’t happened because the luggages he sent to me Through Bolt Express delivery got on hold in Istanbul turkey. They asked me for money for the delivery tag, money laundering cert so they can send the luggages to my address, They keep asking money from me. Mr. Moore instructed me to email bolt express to send back his luggages but they asked money for the diplomat to bring the luggages back to syria.i sent them the total of $8300. They keep asking money and I told them I don’t have it anymore. Moore threatening my life because he’s luggages got seized in stanbul. He said that he reported me to the FBI if I don’t send money to bolt express for the diplomat.

        • Does anyone knows Johnson Moore , staff army based in syria, peacekeeping mission. From Dallas texas? I’ve known him through instagram. I’m not sure if I got scam., I think I am. I reported all of this to the police.

      • How can I report someone ..same story as above women Met on Tinder from there to Kik messenger ..lots of pictures.. How do these people get so many pictures? ..please help only went on for 3 days I sent no $ ..but I feel for Real The US Army Soldier .. This is just horrible

      • I’m hearing from a similar 3 star general in Kabul named Bryan Johnson. Also loves me and wants to marry me. Widowed with 11yo son. Pics very handsome. FB has,no info except a couple pics and he’s from San Jose, CA. Messages me through hangouts also. Has this name come up?

    • I had same thing happening to me he goes by Robin Smith aka iceburgrobin he told me he has no family in USA and in Kabul aufg. He is head of watching camp and video tapes missions after week he loves me wants to retire and help me raise kids. Gets sent home in may and needs to send packages back but needs me to help pay charges packages have gold bars he says I sure he wasn’t real but couldn’t find him by name got lots info. Plz help

  52. Im sadly believe im a victim of a scammer too i met him on Lovoo we talked a little bit and he added me in FB that account has gone now he sended me a email with this adress he also asked me to mail his boss on to ask him for him to comming home i get a leave permit i needed to fill in and now they want 620euro i need to send it to spain (i won’t do it ) today he added me on his “new” fb account with a difrent name he claimed his name is Johnson Matthew Amors vincent he sended me his ISAF and a few pics (with and without uniform and with his kid) he said hes a widower he has no family his parents dies a few years ago… i already searching if i can find anything (a pic he used of whatever but i cant find it) i think hes not who he says he is

    • He’s not. Those are fake email address and not military ones, for sure. His profile doesn’t seem to be active anymore, so Facebook probably noticed it was also a fake.

  53. Hi, I have been talking to someone named Keith Bright on facebook, a sergeant in the US Army, currently on tour in Sarawak, Malaysia. He says he lives in Scottsdale Arizona.

    His email address is

    Just wondering whether there is a sergeant by that name and in Sarawak

      • Be careful with a Sargent Scott Adam from U.K. Station in Syria ?? bad news Red big flag.. his English not good, doesn’t make sense most of the time..Ladies beware

        • Let me make it clear, I was writing to a so call, person so he said his was station in sybira, patrolling. A Sargent by the name Scott Adan middle name so he said John? Has a kid 15yrs old, his wife die of Brest cancer? 5yrs ago.. what a big scam. When he wrote to me, I didn’t understand him, if he was from the U.K. I would believe he knows how to write English?? Rt.. then he ask me if I could, ask for a holiday pass? only a love one can do it? I ask him, what about your son, he said he didn’t have access???? To him? He would call me, but I never answered. He send me a picture very handsome man n his kid.. ask me to send him my picture. Wrong move, I did but it was an old picture of me, but still. Ladies, please be careful, I don’t know how to send the picture of him..

        • Thanks. Now that you’ve left this comment others will be able to expose him.

    • Hi, I have been having conversations since 7th October 2016 with a Col. Gary Howard in the US Army who is deployed to Afghanistan. He said he is 51 years old and sent me his pic. He wanted to send me $US200,000.00 after only communicating for about 3 weeks. That was a red flag for me so I researched the bank. I couldn’t find anything on that bank. He told me to email my information to the bank and was asking me every two minutes if I did it already, that too was a red flag for me. I eventually told him I did not email the bank yet because I was trying to research the bank. He then got upset and said I was acting like a little child and we are not compatible. I then told him a piece of my mind to let him know he was acting as one of the scammers amongst other things. I went back on his facebook page a couple days after and the page was nowhere to be found. That confirmed that I was correct. I had my head on but there are other females out there that are so vulnerable and would be caught in their web. I emailed him my thoughts after and realized that he did not block it. The email address is Mayb the authorities can look into it. These people need to be stopped. They r taking advantage of people’s lives.

      • Hi, I have been having conversations since 7th October 2016 with a Col. Gary Howard in the US Army who is deployed to Afghanistan. I am He said he is 51 years old and sent me his pic. He wanted to send me $US200,000.00 after only communicating for about 3 weeks. That was a red flag for me so I researched the bank. I couldn’t find anything on that bank. He told me to email my information to the bank and was asking me every two minutes if I did it already, that too was a red flag for me. I eventually told him I did not email the bank yet because I was trying to research the bank. He then got upset and said I was acting like a little child and we are not compatible. I then told him a piece of my mind to let him know he was acting as one of the scammers amongst other things. I went back on his facebook page a couple days after and the page was nowhere to be found. That confirmed that I was correct. I had my head on but there are other females out there that are so vulnerable and would be caught in their web. I emailed him my thoughts after and realized that he did not block it. The email address is Mayb the authorities can look into it. These people need to be stopped. They r taking advantage of people’s lives.

        P.S. He also said his wife was from the Caribbean like me but she died 4 years ago of cancer. He has not had a relationship since the death of his late wife but he is ready now to move on. He has no children. He also said he’s from Columbus, Ohio and has two houses in which one is on rent. He even sent me pics of them. He said we would build or buy a house in the Caribbean if I want and we would live where ever I want. Another red flag for me was that his facebook page had no friends and about 5 or 6 pics of himself. That’s not normal. We never could communicate other than facebook messenger. I never heard his voice. His excuse was that because they r in Afghanistan they have blocked these other mediums because of security reasons. The thing is he never asked me for money he wanted to send money to me. I started to second guess myself. He wanted me to open an account at his bank so that he can transfer the money easily to my account. Then I can use the ViSA card associated with that account to get the amount I wanted. This sounds easy right but when I would have opened the account he obviously would get my information without him asking me directly. This now would be money laundering. They think they are so smart. Ladies y’all keep on y’all heads.These punks need to be stopped now before they destroy innocent young lives.

        • I too had an encounter. With Gary Howard, just like you said, he wanted to send me money, and I became very disturbed and decided to check him out when I came upon this article, very useful. I blocked him immediately and he vanished.

        • Women beware of Tony Hubbert also. He has asked for money. Asked me to open an acct for him to send money. Has a daughter, wife died at the time 2 years ago. He is from UK. On FB with photo

        • For real our gov won’t do anything to stop this stuff . Too bad ! I talked to a guy USArmy in Kabul peacekeeping. Uses Pattickyoung as username on hangout.askks for bank numbers so he can send me money . NO Go etc etc any one heard of him? Now wants me to gget a credit card and he will tell me what to do with it. Not .

      • I to hav beentalking to a james blakely…says he is in the army…in Afghanistan he also had 5 other identities all in the service…little did he know im no fool….he never changed his m.o.i called him out on it……he made one mistake..called me.i hav his #hes nigerian…please shut him down.

      • How can I find out if a man I’m talking tos real. He too says he is at forthood. Says he is in charge of bombs. Missiles aircraft and more. If I send in his name and pic will it be in confidence. We talk in facebook everyday. Never ask for money. We just talk. Says he is being deployed this week to Africa for peace patrol

        • I live at Fort Hood and NO ONE from Fort Hood is deployed or deploying to Africa. This is a scam.

        • Do you have a 2nd Lt.8n the Army named Dominic Williams with a 13 year old daughter Tracy from Hammond Louisiana? But Dominic nicknamed Billy still working in Kabul,Afghanistan?

          Please reply ASAP.


        • Actually my ex is in Ft Hood & was in Somalia.
          Sorry you all got scammed. Not sure if it was lies, but I may have a suspect like the ones you all are mentioning.
          I’m catching the grammar errors and he’s a Dr. graduated from Duke !!!???!?!?

      • So what about now . No one from ft hood going to nigeria I read different things on it since Obama leaving and trump starting. That you have sent some people out there to train their armies recently

    • I was just writing to Scott Adam in Syria, A Sargent from U.K. Asking for money to see me in the USA and to see his son. Who knows where.. I saw the red flags from day one… his spelling was odd, but the picture was great. That’s so sad that this ladies fall for them.. please Ladies be careful.

    • He tenido contaco con un marin de usa con el nombre de Mark Edison pulicando fotos de el en su perfil sin contactos declarandome su amor hace dos dias me pedia todos mis datos segun el lo iban a mover de kabul a kandhara al sur de alfagistan y segun el me queria enviar su dinero porque no podia llevarlo con el para cuando el viniera a mexico porque segun el se casaria conmigo y checando en google las fotos son del General de U.S. Army Mark Milley siendo una gran mentira

  54. Has anyone heard of Sergeant Calvin Flowers, goes by Calvin F. Jones also. Lives in Lubbock ,tx but from Dallas,Tx. Don’t know if he’s a scammer or not. US Army he says. His wife died and he lives with two kids and his mother. Supposedly runs his late father’s gold industry.

    • Yes I have heard of him. We have been talking for about a year. He sayes I am his wife. Yes he has 2 children a boy 10 girl 7 lives with his mom in Lubbocks, Tex. Was from Dallas. He was talking to others I know. I don’t know what he is.Truthfull I do not know asked for money to help him. Currently working in johannesburg S Africa an, Romania , an Egypt in construction his dads business. I have confronted him several times. About things told by others. Gets mad sayes no way not him.His picxs an such someone stole. Too many descrepencies in things. He want discuss past. He left S. AFRICA LAST NIGHT SUPPOSE TO BE IN Huntsville, Ala. Today at 4:48 pm. Did not show.,sent message said in France airport put up in hotel. I got 3 other tickets always something happened never got here. He retired from Army in 09. Wife died about 5/6 yrs ago.

      • Yes I have heard of him. We have been talking for about a year. He sayes I am his wife. Yes he has 2 children a boy 10 girl 7 lives with his mom in Lubbocks, Tex. Was from Dallas. He was talking to others I know. I don’t know what he is.Truthfull I do not know asked for money to help him. Currently working in johannesburg S Africa an, Romania , an Egypt in construction his dads business. I have confronted him several times. About things told by others. Gets mad sayes no way not him.His picxs an such someone stole. Too many descrepencies in things. He want discuss past. He left S. AFRICA LAST NIGHT SUPPOSE TO BE IN Huntsville, Ala. Today at 4:48 pm. Did not show.,sent message said in France airport put up in hotel. I got 3 other tickets always something happened never got here. He retired from Army in 09. Wife died about 5/6 yrs ago.Personally I do not know what to think any more.

        • Im suspecting that the name Leonard Christensen is a fraud.He said he’s a u.s.military and been assigned in Afghanistan for a mission.He started asking money from me to send to moneygram or western union to help her daughter Bella Christensen,he said Bella and her nanny mrs.Kesiena Eyanu also called Mrs.Jayden been stranded in UK..Kindly trace if this is also scam.

        • It is definitely a scam. If they are asking for money at all, but especially western union, it’s a scam.

    • Have someone talking to me and she asked me to request form for leave at department says it costs $500 to process and to get form

    • Has anyone heard of a Cole Dias? Adan Dias? He’s supposibly deployed and stationed in Nigeria. He found my mother on Badoo online dating site. Every time she ask him to call her so they can see each other on camera he always says that his commander won’t let him. He also says that he has a 9 year old son named Tyler. And this is what he gave my mother E3 mos 18B
      Then in July he told her that he’s an E7. I’m fed up with my mom not being able to see him. Can someone please help to find out the truth. So I can help my mom know the truth. He also has two different Facebook pages and never has added my mother.

      • I will send you an email through the email address you used on this post. If you don’t get it, please email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com (I don’t want to put the actual email address or it will get spambotted.

        • Who should i contact to give a list of fake scammers?

    • I have been talking. No a man named michael wagner .in kabul very high ranked .didnt ask me for anything.said his parents died yes ago his wife died in car wreck has son married with kids in texas anyone know him??

      • We can’t know him if you don’t tell us who he is, but I can guarantee you based on your story it’s most likely a scam.

    • Hi… met a guy online. Michael Keith. Says he is In Agadez. Says he’s military email account is classified. He’s a gunnery… sorry my english, I’m from norway . Is hes scam?

  55. I’ll confront you, douchebag. You won’t get away with scamming women on my site. I’d kick your ass if you weren’t a fraud in Africa.

    • I was contacted on facebook by someone claiming to be staff sgt..nathan massingale.
      Lots of broken english…i shut it down,but there’s another name for ya they are using.
      Pic showed a young good looking guy laughing,holding a beer…wearing fatigues.

    • I was asked to be a Facebook friend of a guy named Billy Andrew in Kabul Afghanistan says he has a son in Miami Florida wife died of cancer 5 years ago. Son lives with nanny, was only son of single mom now deceased. Is he a scammer? V

  56. There is a guy who calls himself Paul Percy who is trying to scam my Aunt for money. He said he was a US soldier stationed overseas and asked her to go pick up a box of gold and precious army metals at our airport but that she would need to pay him $1500 to get the box back into the US. She obviously didn’t do it and now he has been texting her non-stop saying he is back in the US and wants money to help pay his son’s medical bills and wants her bank account info to put money in there. I think he did send a fraudulent check to her account then withdrew thousands from her account and now the bank has identified that check and name as fake so she now owes her bank thousands of dollars. He goes by the name of Paul Percy and his supposed phone number is 734-796-1251 and his supposed email address is When I called the number a black sounding African sounding male answered claiming to be Paul Percy and said that he loves my Aunt, when I called him out that I was calling the police and/or FBI he quickly hung up. Be careful of these people, she is now living a nightmare because of this guy who claimed to be US Army.

    • Unfortunately, you just lost 5,500. It’s a scam. NEVER send money to someone you don’t know. Never.

  57. Peter Yamson. Ghana
    Amrylife1@gmail and the new email is
    His username on the dating site was
    Royalloyal the dating site was SeniorPeople
    1 586 335-4087

  58. I found this article on another website devoted to the Romance Scam issue. It’s worth reading.

    Don’t let his smooth talk — and your desperation — cloud your judgment.

    Some people have great success with Internet dating; yet, there are hazards that must be known so that Internet dating doesn’t cost you emotionally, mentally and monetarily. Some are so desperate to find love, that they ignore warning signs, in a hopeful exchange of a possibility of being in love.
    Here are warning signs and online dating advice so you don’t waste time with frauds, and instead can focus on the possibility of real love. (Note: I used male pronouns here, but scammers can be either gender and can present themselves however they wish online):

    1. Vague profile. Start with what is stated on the Internet site. Scammers often are not specific in what they are looking for in a mate. Thus, more people will respond and fit their requirements. When making contact with you, scammers start by complementing you on your looks. Wouldn’t we rather be complemented on accomplishments or what your goals are?

    2. He loves you, sight unseen. “I love you” is a statement that everyone wishes to hear, but how do you know if it’s real? Charlatans tell you they love you before they have ever met you in real life. Think about it: How do you know if there is real charisma there? Some people can sound great on the phone, but when you meet them there is nothing there; or, physically they just don’t meet your standards. How can someone honestly love you before having met you in person?

    3. Too much, too fast. The other part of the “I love you” scam is when he says something like, “Something in me shifted, and I love you,” or, “I think I have found my soulmate.” Again, he hasn’t even met you, and there hasn’t been enough time to know you well enough to truly love you in the way you wish to be loved. How can someone want to spend the rest of their life with you when he’s known you less than a month?

    4. Going offline. There is a reason scammers wish for you to contact them directly via private email and not use messaging available through the dating site. You’re using a dating site to protect your privacy and help you avoid scammers. Don’t fall for whatever their reason is to write to him directly before meeting him in person.

    5. Avoiding questions. “How tall are you?” “What do you do for a living?” It’s almost as if his mail is sent automatically, like you are on his list and this is the next standard e-mail that is sent out. Him answering with questions to your specific questions is a sign of a scammer as he is not giving you an answer.

    6. Playing phone games. First off, I don’t recommend calling an online suitor without having met him first. But if you do … if your phone identifies the calling number, and you return the calls but the number is rarely answered or almost always goes to voicemail, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. Remember, there are a number of services where you can get a phone number with almost any prefix. Also, if he is supposedly overseas on a trip, and he gives you his foreign number and says call any time, it is more likely his real number. Why? He’s more than willing for you to get the long-distance bill, versus him calling you.

    7. He can’t meet, for some reason or another. Another indication that a scam may be going down is when there is a distance between where you both live. When you say you’ll be in his area and would like to get together, he can’t meet with you. This is a great test: Ask to meet soon after the introduction on the Internet. If there are continual excuses, then you know that person doesn’t really live where they say they do, and/or he isn’t truly interested in you.

    8. It’s all about the money. Most people who earn a decent living wish to be wanted for who they are, not for their income. Yet, scammers will often indicate that they make more than $150,000 a year in an attempt to set up the person who wants to know them for their income, and not for themselves. This way, when he says he’s gotten into a jam and requests money, the unsuspecting person thinks her investment or loan will actually get reimbursed.

    9. “How much money do you make?” Shortly after the introduction, the person asks about your financials as he’s looking to find out what kind of person he is dealing. In other words, he is really wishing to find out if you are worth his time to scam, as you have financial resources to share. Think about your friendships—do they ask you about your financials? Not many do, especially when you’ve not known each other for very long.

    10. His photos are fake. Ask him to send you a picture of himself via snail mail. When the exact same pictures show up that are on the Internet, it is an indication that the pictures may not really be of him, or why wouldn’t he send a different set of pictures? (Do a Google Image search to see if his photo shows up on stock photo sites or catalogs.) Notice the background in the pictures posted online. Are they indicating that they are wealthy? Does it show a big house, a new boat, or something else that yells wealth? Again, people who have real wealth do not advertise it. So, when a picture flagrantly indicates wealth, one needs to consider whether it’s real. Did the person go to a boat dock and simply stand in front of a great looking boat and have his picture taken? Did he ask a Realtor to show him an expensive house and then have his picture taken at the house? Be suspicious of pictures taken outdoors.

    11. He wants to “borrow” money from you. It’s easy for a scam to be set up by a foreigner, even one who is not currently in the United States. One of the more popular scams is to pretend to be a resident who has either recently moved to the States in the last two years, or who is in the process of moving here. Here’s how it goes: He gets called back to his home country to do a lucrative job with either really important people or for a really good commission or a big paycheck. Once overseas, something horrible happens that leaves him broke or close to broke—his money got stolen from the hotel, the taxi driver stole it, the airlines forced him to check his luggage and his money was in it. Whatever the reason, a smart person, or one who travels, knows better than to let it occur. He asks you for a temporary loan. Think about this. Why you? Doesn’t he have any friends or family that could help him out if the situation was true? How much money is being requested? Is the amount of money being requested realistic for the situation described? Be aware that the person may ask that you send money via DHL, or another global service to a name, other than his or her own. This is a huge red flag, as they must show ID to collect the money, so his “friend’s” name is more likely his real name. Either way, do you really want to get involved with this person? Ask yourself how desperate are you for a relationship? Scammers count on that desperation.

    13. Control by guilt. Most people are basically good people and want to help. So, if you start to get suspicious and ask if this is a scam, he will most often get mad and attempt to make you feel guilty. Then, he must create a new heartfelt situation that requires you to send money.

    14. He uses lovely speech. He writes letters filled with love, as if the letters were written right out of a romantic novel. Listen to how often flattery is used. He just met you, so how can he give honest flattery?
    In addition to the warning signs abobe, here are some of the commonalties among scammers. Remember, they have a plethora of these, but not necessarily all of these traits.
    • His name consists of two first names.
    • He has a foreigner or has an accent.
    • He doesn’t call often, as he would rather write.
    • The facts that he gives you don’t check out. Example: He’s not on the alumni list of the college he says he attended.
    • He must travel overseas shortly after meeting you.
    • He makes promises that are unrealistic.

    In summary, be smart about dating on the Internet. If the new person cannot meet you in person within the first two to three weeks of chatting or writing online, then he isn’t the person for you. If he’s moving too fast declaring his love, he’s not the person for you. If he falls in love with you before actually meeting you, he’s not for you. Constantly ask yourself, how desperate are you? The more desperate to find someone, the easier it is for you to become a pawn in the scammers’ game.

    • I believe I am a victim of a scrammer
      Gray Taylor claiming to be in the military as a ltd.Col. army police. Said that his son is in broading school in ghana. That he was retiring in a month or so. Now he saids he’s in ghana because he’s son is seriously ill with malaria. I was ask to send money via western union y o a Peter Hanson in ghana.
      He even sent a military ID to gain my trust.

    • Yes, this is a scam. What will happen is that money will be deposited and you will withdraw as he asked to send to him, then the deposit will eventually come back as a fraud and you will be on the hook for all the money. The money is stolen from other accounts and you basically became the launderer for the illegal money.

      • Hi

        I met a online dating sites , she introduce herself that she is in military at Yemen as nurse.. she told to invest in my business. She is ready and asked for bank details and contact number. I provided to her.. later she gave information that her name is benker kennath from California and given I’d number BK20141108

        Now she told she will send money within a week.

        Is it real or scam ? What to do next I send him my details and contact number?

        Tell me the solutions

    • Gordon, thank you!! You just described Jeff Duval. Thank you, this is all I needed. Thank you

  59. I received an E-mail from someone naming himself Bowen Gordon. I googled his name but nothing came up until I added the “special peacekeeping mission” he was supposedly on in Syria. That got me directly to this website. Luckily I didn’t answer him, since someone mentioned, that it would only show him my email account is active and he might sell it to other scammers. Thank you for that. I wasn’t contacted over any other website, just email. But I am still a bit confused over where he got my email address. Any Ideas?

    • I need your help, I met this man by the name of Jasen Ramos. He’s said to be a Master Sargent in the armory deployed in Afghanistan. He had pictures of himself on social media in which he stated to me that he had to take it down. He had pictures of full Army attire with riffle in hand. We met back in May of 2015 and have been talking ever since, his wife is deceased and has a two year old daughter by the name of Angel. I need to know if this is for real please help me!!

  60. Does anyone know of a Hoy Rogers or Kevin Rogers active in the U.S. Army stationed in Afghanistan? I did a little research and found his photo on a facebook scam site, his uniform has the name “Hoy” on his arm, which I am guessing is his last name? Anyone else been contacted by him? He is asking for money for a flight home from deployment to visit family. He also wants internet money and a cell phone.

  61. Anyone heard of a Curtis Walker from Daytona beach Fl, asking for money for a leave 1,200 to be sent western union to a Kellie Hofstetter in Michigan, claims she is a agent for the military, please need help with this

    • Amy,

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. U.S. Army soldiers do not pay a fee when they submit their leave requests. They simply fill out a form and email it in to a supervisor. Scammers in West Africa have made thousands of dollars by convincing unsuspecting women that the “leave fee” is real. You should end all contact with this thieving jerk.

      • I had the same problem his name is Curtis Siegel. As for leave money to come from Gaza said he got shot
        I informed him after talking for months my dad was in the army now passed away u not getting any funds. I don’t pay for u leave. Leave is leave I will have to go back. Not stay in the USA
        If u was really hurt that bad there is tri care. All military has it. As well as there dependence the would of send u home. Like I said I was hit in the chest. In hospital 3 weeks why are u not send home
        Blocked him from. Messanger
        He goes by a lot of. Different. NamesNamed even send him the pics of him being a scammer. He gave up. Never heard from him again
        Also posted all his Scam pics next to his pics and the one he send me on Facebook

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  63. I just scammed by a guy which has been told he is from Military of US, and now having a war in syria, and he want me to keep a package and sent it to my address and want me to help him to look after it. Luckily I found out it earlier but unluckily i alredy sent 1100USD to this guy. He called himself Rogers Mason, and he sent me a lot of his picture, but not belongs to him. And im stupid I believed in his stories and joke…
    Everyone please becareful~

  64. Margaret I am in UK. Have been talking with a ‘US Millitary soldier’ Jerry Williamson On Tinder. He Claims to be a captain deployed in middle east. Says he is from Kansas He has photos up of a soldier in uniform, holding a rifle and a photo in civilian clothes with his sons he says are Jeff and Tracy (latter is a girls name) He says I will have to ‘buy him a phone’ to use in the millitary base that can only be used for one person and register as his girlfriend and then request leave for him. His English is ok not great but his vocabulary is not American. Please let me know if you know this man He has an gmail account

    • Margaret,

      His English is just “ok” because he’s from West Africa. Most of these romance scammers are from Nigeria and Ghana. Real soldiers don’t need strangers to buy phones for them and they certainly don’t need other people to request leave for them. Does that make any sense to you? Does that mean single soldiers are not allowed to go on leave? I can’t believe ANYONE would fall for this BS. In any case, you should cut all ties with this guy. He’ll steal your money if you let him.

  65. Apparently, these scammers have moved on to the gay dating sites now. I got very suspicious when I got messages from three Army guys in Afghanistan, on the same site, on the same day. I have asked each to send me e-mail from their Army e-mail address and have not yet received one. One calls himself James Percy Stuart, one Mark Edmonston, and the other John Porter. Fortunately, I have a suspicious nature and immediately started Googling for these types of scams. Please don’t be so desperate that you get taken in by this.

  66. And one more thing……anyone can send a pic they say is them, try googling pics of military men or something similar. Amazing how many options there are, all you need to do is download it and send to someone saying its you. Simple and way to easy. STOP BELIEVING ALL YOU SEE AND HEAR!!!!! Open your eyes, dont think with your heart!

  67. It saddens me to see so many people who seem so nice and wanting to believe the best in others. Remember if it seems to good to be true, usually is. Our military personnel do not have time to email, call, or whatever daily. Dont let being lonely get you hooked into a ton of Bulls**t. I can understand wanting to help, try sending a care package to a troop. Just write a letter to someone for encouragement and thank them for what they do. These cockroach scammers have nothing better to do then to discover new ways to scam and collect info on anything they need to do scams and ways to get people to believe they are being honest. If you really feel a need to give money to someone you have never seen or met, try giving that money to a homeless organization or a vet program of some kind. Hand a homeless person a lunch you bought them. Dont look for love online, too many out there with nothing better to do then find their next victim. Take care and to all the military troops, words cannot express how thankful I am for all that you have and will do for us. Stay safe out there, much respect and love.

  68. Robert Patterson found me on Experience Project and asked if we could communicate via kik messenger because it is easier for him since he is a US army guy in Syria. Sent me a pic of him in uniform in a helicopter. He says he has been in service for 20 years, has a 15 year old son in Bronx, NY. I became suspicious because his grammar is really, really bad. He has not asked for anything, it has only been 2 days of kik messaging. I asked if we could just email instead. But no comment with regards that.

    • The U.S. military does not have soldiers serving in Syria. Your scammer tells you this so you’ll feel sorry for him. He’s most likely a young, black male from Ghana or Nigeria. Eventually, he’ll ask you to send money to him through Western Union to an address in one of those countries. He’ll tell you that the money will come to him through a “diplomat.” I’ll bet he told you he’s a “widow” rather than a “widower” and that his wife died tragically (cancer or car wreck). You should cut all ties from this guy. He’ll steal your money if you let him.

  69. does anyone know of kevin torres serving as an officer in nigeria been here for a year now met on match .com, after reading this beginning to wonder if hes for real

  70. Thomas Dunn, bomb specialist, wife died from breast cancer 3 years ago, etc. Have to love google! My gut told me this was a scam, but they’re good. BLOCK

  71. my name is catarina and i am from portugal.i have spoken with u.s army sgt. jordan maxwell. he asked me 3000 dollars for the leave form. he says he has 42 years and a daughter name porchia. we started talking december28,2014. 3 days ago he stoped talking. i didn t pay the 3000 dollars. he is using the email . in december 2014 he said he was in afghanistan and now 2015 he is in syria. is it true? is he real or not?

      • Hi I meet this guy who says he is in Gardez Afganistán I have been text with him since May 2017 but every time I ask him if we can talk in the phone he say he is not aloud is that true….?

  72. hi everyone…..i need help….for the past weeks i have been chatting in facebook and his name is Valentine L Sellon…. there is still no money involve or i have not done anything stupid….but i want to know if i am being scammed before i prolonged this chatting with him…..he said that he is from Dallas, Texas and now serving in the US military and have a peace mission in Syria…..he said he is widowed and have a 5 year old son named Jason…. his english is okay , spelling is okay…. but sometimes keeps me wondering why he can not call or skype…. he said that his son Jason is being taken cared of by his uncle in Kent, UK…. i ask for the number of his uncle to check and he has given me a number +44 702405 – – – – …..i checked online and this is not at all a number in Kent, UK…..

    can anyone tell me if this is a scam?
    also, this man is using photos in facebook with a real american father & son picture
    also he have posted some photos from his school and also military training..

    i am confused….please help.

  73. Does anyone know if the men in the photo’s know they are being used or how to contact the real person to let them know they are being used.

  74. I am lecturer, a geographer, and have lots of my students and many other people as facebook contacts. Sometimes they just want to visit Poland and ask some questions about this and that. A few days ago I have added a guy named Gibson Smith who claims to be an American soldier in a military camp in Kabu, Afghanistan. He is in a patrol team, says he provides food and medical care for refugees. He does not have a profile picture, only American army logo – the first one from this website: . He said that there are very bad people in the world who use other people’s photos to do bad things.
    What was really funny to me, he expressed very quickly that he is my best friend. I checked his profile on fb and he is a new one there, with about 10 “friends” who are women, beside me.
    And then he called me “Honey” – ok, that was enough for me. I would punch him in the face right away. He obviously began to lose the threads.
    He send me an e-mail with pics (rather a very poor quality, so you can miss all the important details) – his address is: – which to me is suspicious enough to do do another check-out). His name is Gibson Smith (a bit strange don’t you think?), his wife is dead, he has two sons etc, etc.
    No asking about the money by now, but his English is quite bad for an educated man (mine is not good either, to be true, but enough to recognize someone who is not a native speaker for sure).
    I asked him about his military e-mail – the one with @mil on the end of the address. No response yet.
    He is a scammer!
    Please, ladies (and guys sometimes) beware of such criminals!

    We all respect the hard work of soldiers around the world, do not let fraudsters slander their good name!
    Now, when I am aware of the existence and operation of such crooks, I’ll have to be careful and make sure they do not cheat others. I will look for their data that will allow me to report them to respective departments and especially warn other people, their potential victims.

    • Hi everyone!
      I’m a great cynic & currently playing along with a stupid scammer at his own game for even attempting to insult my intelligence!
      I’ll agree to all his demands, get him excited at the prospect of striking gold & then send him a nude of an oap with her head held high & her middle finger even higher, lol?

  75. I have been chatting with a guy from Afganistan, he has sent me several pictures of him very kind, no money asking he used the army image of becker and he said his name is Chris Becker, stationed in Kabul ?Afghanistan and is from Miami Florida, all the pictures he sent me really looks like the Becker picture also.
    I just need need to know if this is real since he spelling is great, no money asked

  76. Here’s one for anyone who might know something or be appropriately warned.

    A “Torres Brown” contacted me through He states that he is a Weapons Specialist in the US Army deployed in Afghanistan. He states that he is 46, a widower, wife (Dorothy) killed in car accident, both parents (mother’s name is Dawn) deceased within 6 months of each other right before wife’s death. Torres is his middle name and Raby is his first name. Apparently, he is a “Junior” after his father who owned some kind of cable stores throughout the country prior to his death. Daughter is named Sharon and her birthday is September 9. She lives with sister, Jenny, in Kansas who is 50 and has 2 children. Jenny is married to someone who is also deployed. He will bring up anguish at not being able to help sister, Jenny, with paying bills. When asked if he could receive mail, he sent a list of requested items – black tshirts, Dior cologne, Nike sandals, expensive watch, black jeans, belt, PSP, etc. He asked that these items be sent to the address listed in Nigeria (ooooo shocking!) as they used to receive packages through the Apple store but it was blown up. He also stated that he had a tattoo on his shoulder of the world and the script, “My whole world”. He avoids asking questions about sending mail. States he cannot Skype. Also, phone number is US number without an extension for country. I have countless other details for anyone interested….yes, I’m a skeptic.

    It doesn’t take long to figure out this all sounds and feels so scammy. However, I detest the idea of these fools using 1) our military personnel and 2) someone’s photos…..especially of their kids! Now if someone can prove me wrong and that this guy is legit, I will eat my shoe. Otherwise, I would like to get the word out as I have not seen this name on any of the scam lists.

    Oh yes…..he stated that he had a “friend” at the local post office who could get him a package. Here’s the “friend” and his address:

    Name – Ajayi Felix
    Country – Nigeria
    State – Ondo
    State Address – Western Avenue Ijapo Estate
    Zipcode – 23434

    Feel free to contact me with any information or questions. Lastly, do not let these soulless people rob you of the joy of love.


  77. Hello, in my case I contact for facebook me Mark Rogger, from the first moment it made me doubt, since the second day was speaking to myself about love and of taking to me with him San Antonio Texas. I am and live in Spain. Use the images that I order myself to look for them in google and the same photos were with different name. With me only I speak a day couple, but I immediately doubt. I sit it very much for all the women who you have been. My Englishman excused, I have used a translator.
    This one is his link in facebook

  78. My friend has been talking to someone named James Phillip Cole. He sent her three different pictures. His name is on the uniform. He has not asked for money yet but he made some weird statements like. He is relaxing in his room? He also started on a sob story about how his wife left him and took his son then changed all contact information so he could not talk to him. Said he is in Afghanistan but that he can come any time. Plus his English is horrible. Has anyone heard of him before?

  79. I was speaking with a man who said that he was Steven Hughes Leuitenant in the US Army stationed in Syria.Email, he was texting from number 616-239-0410. I was speaking to him for about 2 days then he was professing his love for me. He sent me pictures of himself and when I google searched them 2 of them were used in a scam with a person using the name Jamie Hughes. He first wanted me to send him money so he could add me to be his beneficiary to get his benefits and take care of his daughter. That would cost me $750. He divorced his wife because she cheated on him when he was deployed last. His daughter “Betty” was in a private school and needed money for his school supplies that would cost me $350. I told him I have expenses and live paycheck to paycheck. Told me he couldn’t believe it and to have a nice life. Just want to put this out there for other women to be aware.

  80. Hi Gord,

    Wonder if you could help check if there is Major General Mark Wills with US army? 55 years old. He is stationed in Damascus at the moment.

    Appreciate your help very much.

  81. Anyone know a sergeant Thomas Richard, or Richard Thomas, stationed in Kabul Afganistan????? DOB supposedly May 27, 1972, divorced, adopted son in Ghana. I have a picture of him. he also spoke of a diplomat who helped him adopt this lil boy..Need to know if anyone has heard of him, He FB friend request 2 weeks ago. we have been IM ing since. But I have gotten more FB request from the following: Mcgee Gentry, Philip Casitillo, nut in the picture on uniform name was Castillo, Martin Ron but in picture on uniform Martin , Tom Barr , Haggard Johnson yea this on has the picture of Mcgee LOL , yea ya think that’s enough??? I have had to change profile and everything. So I am still
    trying to find out if there in a Richard Thomas. I have a few photos, and he has a military
    dog, chocolate lab…. anyone??? please let me know! He looks kind of tall, not skinny….
    I think there is small scare on right cheek of his face ( you have to enlarge pic to see) not far from his nose. Dark brown hair…

  82. Has anybody talked to a Josh White from the military stationed in Afghanistan? He’s on Google plus and Google hangouts. He’s been talking with my mom and asking her to send 1200$ for his personal leave to come be with her. I know its acam but I have no real proof to show her, and without that she won’t listen. She blind to all the signs.

  83. I have been talking to a supposed military guy stationed in west Africa. His name is Chris w hutson. We have been talking for a total of 4 days and today he asked me for $150.00, said he lost his bank card while on deployment yesterday and sent me his deployment info so I could get a MSO. I also found a Facebook page for him. Only 4 friends and none of them looked American. I know this is a scam. He is on okcupid. Beware. He did the same thing as others, writing long emails about how he wanted to get married.

  84. Hello my name is Davis kewe Thompson am a Nigerian please when you see false message on your mail box about stupid military scammers don’t bother going further with that discussion cause its really gonna be a hell of a mess i bet you, not all Nigerians are scammers and not all are good as well, you might find one that is reasonable, responsible and understanding, and you might also find one that is despicable bad and maybe a scammer, you just have to be careful with the kind of relationship and people you entertain, that’s all i can assist you with at the moment.

    So therefore The recruitment exercise will commence with the Pr-Screening Examination to be written by candidates shortlisted based on general suitability criteria for service in the Nigerian Army.
    List of candidates shortlisted for the Pr-Screening Examination will be published on this website internet. All applicants are advised to check this website from 19 September 2015 to confirm if they have been shortlisted.
    candidate WHO apply the Nigerian Army form that needs help or assistance to secure the army recruitment Examination 2015 should contact Major general gbenga on 07035958307 for your details to be shortlisted in the Nigerian Army recruitment 2015 season, ss Pr-Screening Examination will hold on 26 September 2015 nationwide :

    • Troll –

      You should find another website to post your Nigerian scammer BS. No one here is interested.

      – Gordon

      • Hi Gordon, can you help verify a Staff Sergeant Allen Smith? Says he is the army stationed in West Africa.

        • I’m talking to a guy I met on-line who says he’s a physician with the red cross rescue mission in south Africa. Also he said he’s in the navy. He has sent me pics of the African men, women, and children in Africa. He also sent me pics of his medical team. I have really fallen in love with him but I’ve been scammed on-line before so I am praying hes not a scammer. Plz help me before I get in too deep.

        • I was messaged on Meetup by a woman who says she is in the navy. Lieutenant Rosemary Sandra Neal. We have been chatting. She said her company is deployed she is in intelligence. She said that quarterly the navy would have set up getaways for the servicemen and woman to have a weekend away with there spouses or finances. The trip was to Waynesville NC and cost $3300 I would pay half. Then gave me a name of who to send money too. Sargent Magdalena Rubio 270 Park Ave ny ny 10017. Is this a scam?

  86. Since the admin of this site is working, no hesitation very rapidly it will be famous, due to its quality

  87. I have been chatting with someone that claims to be Staff Sergeant Donovan B Anthony He has expressed his love for me and says he gets hot just looking at my picture So I figure this is a scammer His english is mispelled alot of the time and he claims he doesnt have internet in Iraq where he is Well if he doesnt have internet then how does he get on messenger on my phone He said he saw my picture on Soi Dog rescue He hasnt asked for any money yet Im just waiting on the other shoe to drop He said he was on his last deployment and would be out by the end of this year I on the other hand let them know up front that I do profiles and run background checks and usually that scares them off but not this one So Im just seeing where it goes I have been dealing withdifferent types of scammers Military and PCH and even 1 claiming to be affiliated with Facebook So Ladies be careful if youdont know How to scam a scamer

  88. I think I have one going in the works with a Sgt Douglas Becker stationed in Afghanistan. .. 47 years old…. born 3/28/68…. stated he joined the army at 24 from Elkins Park PA…

    Met him thru okcupid 2 weeks ago. Emailing now thru gmail…. his:

    Army email:

    Of course, I tried the army email today….. it came back undeliverable, no such address…
    He hasn’t tried to scam me yet… but nor will I give him the chance…

    I have screen saved his pics if you want..

    Thank you.

  89. Love is the most important part of our life and the problem is when we are in love we didn’t any 2nd thought about that person. Scammers understand this and took advantage of our weakness. We trust almost everything about fake person and never ask for more, but friends this is not good because today scammers became technical and empty your account.

  90. I never heard of having to forward information to an email address to be able to send a care package to someone. Also, he said he was stationed at Camp Eggars. I thought that base closed last year. Went online and I was correct.

    • Hello my name is Davis kewe Thompson am a Nigerian please when you see false message on your mail box about stupid military scammers don’t bother going further with that discussion cause its really gonna be a hell of a mess i bet you, not all Nigerians are scammers and not all are good as well, you might find one that is reasonable, responsible and understanding, and you might also find one that is despicable bad and maybe a scammer, you just have to be careful with the kind of relationship and people you entertain, that’s all i can assist you with at the moment.

      • Am happy to be in contact with you, my name is Sgt Makayla Zane I am a single female from USA and also a soldier working as a United Nations peace keeping troop in Yeman on war against terrorism my age is 28, I would like to have a good partnership with you if you are interested, so please can you tell me more about yourself like What kind of language do you speak and understands? and if you don’t mind I would like to see your Photos?

        Here are some of my Photos, sorry if I ask too much Questions, I just want to know you better

        Best Regards
        Sgt. Makayla Zane

  91. I have been in contact with ” ALex Bowen or James Bowen” claims he is staff sgt in Kabul Afganistan we have been emailing each other for the past 2 months i have not sent any money yet however he wants me to get stat phone so we can communicate better and have the Col email me saying he is putting me on payment plan.
    The location where to send the money is in CA at some apt #. I keep putting off the time and he gets upset and start saying things and then u can hear the accent come out when he is supset.

    Awating any response

    • Simone,

      You’ve been talking to a scammer. The Satellite Phone Scam has been around for a long time. You should Google it. The Army doesn’t provide satellite phones to its soldiers for a fee. Some units have them but they’re generally for official use. Even if a soldier uses one to call home, he would NEVER have to pay for it. I made many phones on my Army unit’s satellite phones when I was in Iraq. I never paid a dime. The scammers count on civilians not knowing much about the U.S. military. That’s why they say things like “a colonel will call to set up a payment plan.” An Army colonel would NEVER be involved with setting up private phone service for a Staff Sergeant. It makes no sense. Your scammer has an accent because he is almost certainly a young, black male from Ghana or Nigeria. That’s where most of these romance scammers are located. You should stop talking to this guy before he convinces you to send him money. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  92. Gordon,

    Did you get my inquire regarding Mark Behrens….currently at Camp Casey in Korea? I keep asking for pics and he has sent them of himself and grandkids (with him in photo) and daughter (with him in photo) and sister, mother, uncle and of course of himself in military attire. I asked for his ex wife’s name and daughter’s name and MOS number. He gave me all of those. I have not been able to verify through Google his civilian address not those names. Supposedly he is Command Sergeant Major and Senior Enlisted Advisor. Says he is the Chief of Command of Special Operation Command unit there. Please let me know if you can find out anything. His email is We met on WAYN a couple of months ago. Thank you for your help.

    • The above was suppose to be addressed to CJ. Sorry.

    • Hello Debbie,

      I replied to another of your posts about “Mark Behrens” today. As I mentioned earlier, he’s a scammer. There is no Mark Behrens in the U.S. Army. I checked our global e-mail system this afternoon. There are lots of folks with the last name Behrens, but no Mark or Marc. The system covers all U.S. military services. Every Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman is required to have an official e-mail address. You should ask your scammer for his official e-mail address. I can almost guarantee he’ll tell you it’s secret and can’t tell you. That will be a lie. I’m an active-duty Army officer and I send e-mails to family and friends all the time using my offical e-mail address. The Army actually encourages Soldiers to use these accounts to stay in touch with friends and family when they’re deployed overseas. Good luck.
      – Gordon

      • Can you help me out I have been talking to this guy name Micheal Noble and John Porter. John Porter has never asked me for money but Michael has. I haven’t sent any to Michael. I need this done ASAP please.

  93. My name is John yakubu am from bayelsa state i was among the successful candidates that wrote the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) exam in the year 2015, i am so happy as this was my fourth time of writing it and all my appreciation goes to Mr.OJO for his assistance i am very happy that few months from now i will be a member of Nigeria Air Force (NAF). if your name is still not out yet, i will advice you contact him to help you before the last list is out and it is only few names that will be released so hurry up and here General Ojo number 08055327605. 08103770033. thanks for all you have don in my life sir.

  94. Please,… there anyone who could help me????… talking to a man named Sgt.Christopher Robert Renz…he is saying, that he is on deployement in Sudan. He’s wife die from breast canser….he have 10y old son.I totali fall in love with him and i send him more than 6.000,00EUR with Western Union payment.Is there anyone who knew him or talk to him?????? I need to know :’(( ….am so heart broken….and whail reading all this stories….omg …..can’t belive it’s thrue…

    I have pictures from him.

    • Hello Petra,

      You’ve been talking to a scammer. There are no U.S. Soldiers stationed in Sudan. But, what can you find in Sudan, Ghana, and Nigeria? Thousands of young, black males who work as romance scammers. Your “Christopher Rober Renz” is one of them. He found and downloaded photos of a Soldier from the internet and is now pretending to be that Soldier – almost surely with a made up name. The real Soldier in the pictures is almost certainly happily married. A real Soldier would never ask a stranger he met online to send him money. Your 6000 Euros are long gone. You’d be wise to stop talking to the scammer before he takes more of your money. Good luck!
      – Gordon

  95. I had posted an ad on Craigslist in Scandinavia and today I received a a long reply from a guy named Roland (last name Polut or Poulon or something like that, I forget and didn’t keep the message). He attached three photos of a white macho looking military kind of guy with a mustache, claimed to be an army doctor currently in Kabul, says he is looking for his dream woman, blah blah blah. He made no references to what I wrote in my ad which is the first warning sign. But even without that, all my alarms went off: his reply was clearly 100 % fake and a total scam. I don’t know why other women can’t see through this kind of scam. Use your common sense, ladies! Not to blame the victims, but I think too many people are too naive on the Internet.

  96. This scam just happened to me too. I have been texting for the past 5 days with someone who goes by John Edmonston. I met him through I have contacted and they refuse to do anything about this situation. He started the conversation over “chat” and immediately asked for my cell number to text me. Against my better judgement, I gave it to him. He sent me several photos via text and e-mail. His e-mail address is: Yesterday he asked me to Western Union him $200 to a friend of his so that he could buy a cell phone and bring it to him in Afghanistan. He wanted me to send it to Frank Atsaka in Accra-Ghana. Even after I told him I knew it was a scam, he still continues to try an text me. It is all very disturbing.

  97. Please,… there anyone who could help me… talking to guy…he is saying that he is on deployement in Sudan. He’s wife die from breast canser….he have 10y old son….And CHRISTOPHER ROBERT RENZ…..i totali fall in love with that solder and i send him trou WU about 6.000,00EUR….am from Slovenia in Europe….Is there anyone who knew him or talk to him?????? I need to know :'(( ….am so heart broken….and whail reading all this stories….omg …..can’t belive it’s thrue…

    I have pictures form him….and if there is another one with her broken heart…please…you can contac me on facebook … PETRA MO?NIK ( the one with a hors)

  98. Can you please check to see if there is anyone in the USA army by the name off Jones brain known as sergeant Hancock aged 52 with a 9 or 13 year old son.? I’ve been chatting to him for about a month now.

    • Marie –

      You’ve probably been chatting with a SCAMMER. No one in the U.S. Army says, “USA Army.” For some reason, African SCAMMERS like to use that phrase. “Jones Brain” would be a VERY unusual name for an American soldier. I’ve NEVER heard of “Jones” being used as a first name. It’s a last name. Also, why would a soldier be “known as” something other than his name? It makes no sense. These African SCAMMERS are often confused about American names. Your SCAMMER certainly is. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      p.s. – I’ve been in the U.S. Army for many years.

  99. Lcf75 – chances are the real naval officer’s last name is Grant, but the scammer changed the first name. Because of their last names being on their uniforms, they usually keep the last name, unless they are so stupid to use a totally different name. Try looking for Austine Grant by googling, facebook, linkedin, white pages, etc. Most likely you won’t find anyone by that name. I can google my 91 year old mother and find her on-line. So if they don’t exist on the internet, generally its a made-up name. Unfortunately Grant is a common name to just google it alone. I tried finding my scammer, Talon Catecish, and he didn’t exist anywhere on the internet. When I tried just the last name, I came up with the real soldier whose name was Nick Catecish. If Austine Grant uses email, find the IP address and you can see where the emails are actually coming from. My “soldier” was supposedly in Syria, the emails were coming from Lagos, Nigeria ! bingo…..

  100. Pls. Help me notify US Naval Officer AUSTINE
    GRANT that his name were being used in nigerian scam..
    Is Austine Grant for real?

  101. Just get scammed by us naval officer Austine Grant, but i think his name only exploited by a nigerian Victor Thompson..he asked me money to sustain his food after the attack last june in their headquarters..and i sent him $ he’s asking me again $400 for his international passport w/c get burnt as he said during the attack..thanks God reveals me this site..helps me a lot..
    I didnt send the 400bucks

  102. Please check on Randy Lawson Simmon-commander in US Army in Iraq. He has been chatting with my sister. I don’t want him to break my sister’s heart.

    • Hello Jamie,

      I’m an active-duty U.S. Army officer. The U.S. military has a searchable “Global Address List.” I just checked for someone with the last name “Simmon” and a first name of Randy, Randall, or Lawson. There is no one in the U.S. military with that name. In fact, there isn’t even a person with a first initial of “R” and the last name of “Simmon.” There is a person with the first initial “L” and the last name “Simmon” but that person is a female. By the way, no U.S. Army Soldier would list his rank as “Commander.” Commander is a position, not a rank. It would appear that you’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. Good luck!

      • Please,… there anyone who could help me????… talking to a man named Sgt.Christopher Robert Renz…he is saying, that he is on deployement in Sudan. He’s wife die from breast canser….he have 10y old son.I totali fall in love with him and i send him more than 6.000,00EUR with Western Union payment.Is there anyone who knew him or talk to him?????? I need to know :’(( ….am so heart broken….and whail reading all this stories….omg …..can’t belive it’s thrue…

        I have pictures from him.

      • he is not asking for money but he is confessing her love for me and we've only met five days ago we met on a website for plenty of fish can you please help me find see if this is a real person

        Please can someone help me …. I have been talking to someone Who said he’s in the army in Syria and he is a sergeant major Ronnie Lengard …. he is not asking for money but he is confessing her love for me and we’ve only met five days ago we met on a website for plenty of fish can you please help me find see if this is a real person

      • I’ve been chatting with this named Robert Dickson with military Identification Number UNI02311/IR and deployed in Iraq. He told me to send leave request to this email address and someone named Tim Rodgers, commander ask for $460 as a payment for his release. Please confirm if this is a scam. Thank you

  103. Hello all. I have a person of concern that I wanted to see if anyone had any interaction with. My aunt has been talking to this guy over the internet and I am certain she is being scammed, but she refuses and has even cut off communication with other relatives and friends over this. He goes by the name of Kelly Adams from Houston, TX and says he is 55. He claims to have an 8 year old son back in Houston with his mother. He claims to be special ops, and is not allowed to talk on the phone because of security reasons….but he can talk over the internet??? If anyone has any kind of information whatsoever or knows somewhere I can, I would appreciate it so I can give her some solid proof on this matter. I have a picture of him as well that I can share over email. Thanks in advance

  104. I’m so glad to receive your message. My name is Steve Clark, born
    12/09/60 in Canada, to a Canadian father and a Polish-American mother.
    I am a Soldier by profession. I had my degree at the Canadian Military
    Academy. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991; the gulf war was
    fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam
    Hussein of Iraq. I’m currently on second mission in Kabul
    Afghanistan. My first mission to Afghanistan, was in 2004, my mission
    ended in 2008, Went back to Canada, and then lost my ex wife to Breast
    Cancer, I was in love with her with all my heart but until death
    separated us. As all great marriages should be, she was my companion,
    best friend, help mate, lover and other things words can’t describe.

    I’m having a very hard time dealing with my wife’s death. We had one
    girl together, Her name is Nancy, She is 21 years, studying Electrical
    Engineering at the University of Oxford, England before she had an
    accident that took her life in a plane crash. My parents are dead long
    time ago and my only brother died on 9/11 terrorist attack at World
    Trade Center New York. (May their soul continue to rest in peace).

    Meanwhile, being widowed for over 3 years, I am now looking for a
    woman who will love me and not for what I have, am looking for true
    love to spend the rest of my life with. I am a loving, generous person
    who takes care of the people in his life. I am passionate about
    things, and have a deep respect for others. I treat everyone I meet
    with kindness. I just believe in being 100% real and genuine. I
    believe that there is a special person out there who will love and
    appreciate me for who I am….not who I’ve been. A woman who
    appreciates kindness, respect, attention, affection, and honesty.
    Someone with energy and enthusiasm to participate, contribute and
    enjoy the precious gift of life. I am a very open minded person,
    someone who accepts people as they are, I am very direct,
    straight-forward, independent,
    intelligent, affectionate, compassionate and self-confident person
    with a good sense of humor (that’s what my friends say).

    I enjoy a variety of activities including the theater, movies, sports
    (I’d rather watch than play), traveling and sipping wine while
    listening to music. Fine dining, wine (especially Champagne) and
    stimulating conversation are among my favorite activities. I love
    poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners; I
    enjoy the quietness of the ocean, sunrises and sunsets. I have a
    healthy attitude about God and the Bible. I don’t smoke or use drugs.
    I’m a hopeless romantic and I like to make you laugh. I’m very giving,
    and never judge, or place people into “categories”. I am a very busy
    man due to the nature of my Job, but I am glad I am close to

    Hope to hear from you soon. Until then have a pleasant day.


    I just want to make sure if I’m not on the wrong track..
    Just wanna ask help..if this man i’m talking is really true.. and not a scammer…thanks

    • Hello please I need help about this man Sgt. Wither Fair claims to be deployed in Yemen asked me for money would like to describe the details but I’m desperate to know if I’ve been scammed, please help me

  105. Sergeant James Mason emailed and was on Facebook under James Maon with picture of cute British guy in navy tshirt and emailed pics of him as a British soldier … Said he was in Kabul,Afghanistan and his duties were top secret and not to tell anyone about him, I reported it to Facebook and they removed him, he never asked for money but was telling me he was in love with me and wanted to marry me inside a month…I want to know if the real soldier knows his pics are circulating , is he dead or alive?

  106. About 3 months ago, I got a message in an over 50’s Meetup group. Said his name was Talon Land and was a career officer in the Army. He had a picture of himself in uniform but it was hard to read the name. He wanted to get off the Meetup website immediately and go through email. I gave him my email address and got an email from Talon Catecish ! I asked about why his last name was different and he said “Land” was his profile name. His first email had to be 3 pages long ! He was orphaned young, widowed and his only child also died ! Claimed he was deployed in Syria and ready to retire in 4 months. He was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. sent me a few more pictures, one in his uniform which you could actually see his last name was Catecish. He was very sweet, but I immediately noticed the bad grammer. Then he sent me a picture of him and a little boy. When I asked who that was, he said it was his “abdoubted” son. Guess spellcheck didn’t work on the word adopted ? The picture also showed him wearing a wedding band. I asked about both. How could a widowed career soldier adopt a small child ? he said a Nanny was taking care of his son. He claimed to be born in Holland, had a house there and in Tennessee and his child and Nanny were in Florida ! As he started professing his love for me after a few emails I became suspicious. I started goggling his name, looking on Facebook, Linkin, etc. absolutely nothing – he didn’t exist. He claimed he would “run out” from the war to be with me. seriously ? a career soldier 4 months from retirement would NEVER say that ! Then I googled just his last name and came up with a story of a war hero returning home named Nick Catechis (in 2010). As I clicked on the links, this was the soldier who I was “talking” to. The real soldier had been in Afghanistan, but was now home in Texas, married with two children and a civilian career. I found his Facebook page and every picture that the scammer sent to me came from the real soldier’s Facebook page. At that point, the scammer asked if I could do something for him. He wanted me to send his son and Nanny money. I immediately stopped communicating with the scammer. He kept trying for awhile, but I refused to reply.

    I would have loved to tell him what I found out, but in doing research I’ve read that it’s wise not to get them mad. just better to disappear. I would love to let the real soldier know what has happened, especially that they are using pictures of his little boy. I did look for a phone number, but they have been disconnected. Since there is absolutely nothing he could do about this, it’s most likely pointless. I found that the scammers IP address is coming from Lagos, Nigeria.

    I know it makes no sense, but its still hard to separate the real soldier in the pictures from the sweet emails from the scammers. I know the picture is the real soldier, and the emails come from scammers, but I guess it takes awhile to separate them in your mind.

  107. Does anyone know if Sgt Danny Blocker is a scammer claiming to be sgt in marines in NIgeria with a son staying with a nanny in California? Im reading these writings and am curious because guy was doing the same thing trying to get money out of me.

  108. I met this man on Badoo, He claims to be US Army soldier John W Price. I have been talking to him for 3 months. He said he was a widower for 2 years and has a 12 yr old daughter and a 9 yr old son in TN. He is currently deployed in Nigeria. He said he fell in love with me, he was coming on a 6 wk leave and wanted to come see me and his kids. He said he wanted to meet my kids and discuss our future. Even said he was a God fearing man. He said he had no access to his account in Nigeria. His checks are deposited through BofA but he can not access his account over there. He could not make phone calls, he needed $450, for administration process fee for the vacation, then$600.00 for the medical/ebola exam. and the last one was $1500 needed to get a seal from the US army proving he is a US army soldier in order for him to leave Nigeria because there are so many people stealing the identities of US soldiers to travel. Then he said he was in a car accident and could not travel for 2 months. I offered to send a care package but he gave me an address in Nigeria but no APO address. when i asked him for the APO address he said he can not give me that address because they were not allowed to reveal their location. Is there a way the real John W Price can be notified his identity is being used for this and his photos. I have photos of him with his 2 children. that is scary that these people can have access to this.

  109. Hello all,
    I too have felt that I have been a victim of being scammed. Through, someone contacted me by the name of John Cooper, his match name is CuteSea6098. Right away he wanted to communicate through his personal email which is
    He says he is a Capt. in the US Army (Intel) and has highly secretive missions, but then writes about them in detail????
    This guy said I love you by the second email and his story never matched up and once I would call him on it, he got very defensive and angry. He too said his wife died and his parents died and his son lives in Canada, He was raised by a Preist in London by Father Andrew (Pa) that who had just passed away 6 months ago but them in another email Father Andrew died 35 years ago.
    Does anyone been in contact with this guy? He also wanted to have me sign for two boxes that a King gave him that are filled with cash and gold bars that he received after saving this Kings family and village from the Taliban.
    Sounds like, J Cooper would be the Taliban raising one.
    I really hope to hear from you.
    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      At the end of my note, I was trying to be sarcastic/funny to lighten the situation, when I said that J (John) Cooper aka Capt. John Cooper may be a gentleman working for the other side. In essence, if he is a con which it sounds like he is, then he is not an American Soldier.
      I hope that what I said makes sense.
      Thank you,

  110. I meet him on Badoo his name is Frank Terry westphal Usa military he ask for money for pay his application ,for me it was a red alert.
    And he can’t used his debit card because his count is froze
    His AKO is is fake and his mail is and his cell phone number is Google (620)263-0741 or(305)857-5612 he is in Nigeria

  111. I to fell into the trap don’t lose any money just my pride and stranded in another state. But this one didn’t claim to be overseas. He claimed to be right here in the U.S. Norfolk VA in the barracks a marine Dr whatever Boris peterside boris Kimmel the right one is Kimmel that was on the uniformed picture if someone could find that officer and let him know he’s being used but beware they don’t say they’re overseas all the time

  112. Hi !!
    Have anybody heard about Mike D.Collins…….from Colorado ?
    Are in Bagdad as a Sergant…46 years old…birthday in okt. , have a daughter she is 8 in nov.this year….Somebody else that no more about him – scammers ???

    Im waiting to hear from you…i must find you before i say something….or what to doo…


  113. I just had another one hit on me…wife died 5 yrs ago has a 12 yr old son studying in London. He is a service man on a peace mission in Iraq and wants to have a relationship with me!!! Seriously, how stupid do I look??? He is going by the name of Mills Errol. This is like the 5th one that has hit on me. I tell them up front that I’m not into Nigeria Scams!! It is to bad we can’t stop them!!!

  114. Don’t believe a Williams Smith either. My scammer admitted to me it was a scam after trying to get money. Lost his wife, service wasn’t taking care of them in Nigeria because that country was suppose to. He was in the service and was madly in love with me! !Couldn’t get his money because it was froze and the list just kept going! I don’t fall for that line of crap and I started questioning him with questions he couldn’t answer and then he admitted it to me! Please don’t believe in these people, they are scamming you for money and they use your emotions to get it!!

  115. Does anyone know a man called Dr. Henry Brian Newton? He claim to be in Kabul, Afghanistan as head of US department in The military hospital in Kabul and tell he has been in the Service for 27 years, are 59 years old, a widower with a son, Travis Newton attending a boarding school in Fresno, California. Dr. Newton claims he is fra Quenci, Massacusetts? Please tell me, if anyone have comed cross him (We are fro Denmark) We don’t know if he is a scam, but want to be sure, before reporting him

    • Dr. Henry Newton IS NOT A SCAMMER, he is a nice and honest person.

      • It seems now, we were wrong. Mr. H.B. Newton IS a scammer. He had lured us to pay around 70.000$ for getting as box to Denmark in our names. Everytime we paid, something came up, another department to pay etc. We have just stopped it today, when they asked for more. He is working with a Charles G. Nehmeth from OHIO and an “agent” called John Evans. Mr. Henry B. Newton claimes to have a 16 years old son called Travis – in Boarding school in USA. Mr. Newton call himself Medical doctor working in Kabul for the US army. Be very careful, they are VERY proffessional. Does anyone know any of these men??

        • Dr. Henry B.Newton IS NOT A SCAMMER, the police was wrong too!!

  116. I met a military guy by the name of Mack Wilson, he is serving in Syria- as he said…looks too good to be true. email is please help me to know how genuine he is …asked personal information which I gave…no account numbers yet and he has not asked for money …but I just afraid he is in the grooming process now and would up his game later..

  117. Dr Mark Bezzek. There is this man out of Durham, NC, that is on many dating sites (one being match – “Friend74E4FA7155”) claiming he’s a doctor, wears a lab coat, etc. and is claiming he was a Lt. Col. in the Green Berets (Special Forces) only to pick up military widows and try and get money from him to invest in his anti-aging company. This is very disrespectful, and he needs to be called out. His so called name is Dr. Mark Bezzek (might have already lost his license in NC – but google is only current until a few years ago. Has bankruptcy filings too. He’s a real tool. I always thought those guys were only from Nigeria, but the USA? What can we do? Thank you for this site, so we may warn other women about men like him! He is such a scammer, and they don’t realize he does’t even rent his house, he’s house sitting for rich people. His lab coat and scrub top is something you can buy off of ebay! Wake up people! When they start snowballing you with compliments, and want to marry you right away, that should be your first clue. H’es already scammed one military widow friend of mine, and once your money is gone, no one can get it back for you! Stay alert.

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  119. I was emailed from a Sergeant in Kabul, Afghanistan. He said he got my profile from Facebook. We emailed each other from the end of Nov.,2014 until Feb.14,2015. Then all contact stopped. I was lonely, and I fell in love with this man. He broke my heart, and my spirit. There was also a diplomat involved to deliver a package to me. I went in debt several thousand dollars. I believe that someone stole this Sergeant’s identity. Something needs to
    be done to stop these trashy people. I did my research after the fact. I am sure in a lot of debt.

    • A man called Robert Carlos said he is a military doctor in Kabul beware he is a scammer I have reported him his fake email is robertCarlos<

  120. I am on television and have a FB profile for my show. I was contacted by a member of FB, Mark Kelly, and noticed he had on an Air Force uniform. Long story short, he is claiming to be General Mark Kelly, USAF, (Actually, I believe he is Major General Mark Kelly as of today!) and currently in Afghanistan on a mission. So, I do some Google searching, same photos, check, he’s actually in Afghanistan, check, etc…

    But THEN I notice that my late husband and the REAL Mark Kelly (The REAL General) were instructor pilots at the same base at the same time (my husband was killed on his jet at the base, so Mark would have remembered it!) So, I said to the scammer, “I felt sorry for the pilots that couldn’t fly for two weeks because of the crash on the runway.” And he said, “Yes, I remember.” Which was not true, the planes were in the air a few hours after the scene was cleaned up. I also asked him, “Where did you get your wings?” Which every pilot knows within SECONDS, and he took a long time, and finally gave me another base, which was wrong. 🙁

    The part that bothers me, is he is opening up a FB account (that have posts from early 2014) and getting people to write him on his yahoo account ( ) then after a few days when all the women are writing him on yahoo, he’s deactivating his Facebook account so they can’t turn him in for a bogus profile. That’s how his profile stays intact and is not reported!! So, someone like me checks it out and it looks legit.

    I’m sure he’s going to ask me for $$ next, as he told me today HE LOVES ME!! Hahahaha!!

    Mr. 007 currently wants to meet me in Dallas when he goes on leave next month, and has already told his children about me and he cannot wait for his children to meet me… (Oh, I CAN’T WAIT!!) LOL!!

    I just don’t know what else to do. This is the time I wish my husband was alive to take care of this for me…

    PLEASE BEWARE OF GENERAL MARK KELLY ON FACEBOOK, MAJOR GENERAL MARK KELLY OR ANY OTHER NETWORK. Seriously, he doesn’t have the time to sit and email like he has me…

    In the meantime, I will keep messing with him and when I’m through with him, he will be nothing more than a ball of twitching flesh in the corner, crying like a baby…

    If you all would like to know what I do to drive them bananas, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook..

    I’m going to post this message on as many sites as I can, so his poor wife (Yes, he’s HAPPILY MARRIED!!) won’t have to constantly check FB for bogus profiles created by scammers. God Bless Her…

    Ciao everyone!!

    Teri Orlando, Virginia

  121. SGT. Silvester miranda Miller who is a three rank star in the U.S army with identification number un/201/013/9980098 posted at Tripolli Libya..

  122. This man is at his games again he is using the name: LEAVE PROCESS Sgt Silvester Mirinda. Miller






    RECEIVER’S NAME: Emeka Appolonia



    Thank You for your request of patronage while we look forward to serve you better.
    Department of the US ARMY Vacation Division.
    US Army Command
    Peace keeping Operations Center.
    Signed this 3rd day of April 2014, In the presence of the U.S Army General.
    Colonel Jeanne .S. Reed

    • My husband and I have been contacted over the last 10 month from a Dr. Henry Brian Newton, born in 1955.Widower with a 16 years old son. He claim to serve in Kabul as a head doctor. Has now got his pension papers in Dec. and on his way home, but withhold in the airport, because they ask for money (900$) to get on the plane to Boston on Tuesday 22.12.2015. We have been asked to pay more then 115.000$ over the last 10 month to help him. It seems to me, it must be a scam. He claims to have served in US army for the last 38 years. Is he not for real?

  123. a have been talking with a solder Sgt Silvester (sugar) Miranda miller he claim he i from Dallas tea an he a an was deploy to Tripoli Libya. and he ant me to pay for hi emergency vacation leave

  124. If ever you were scammed by a guy from Nigeria by the name of Craig James Pederson inbox me coz he tried it with me but because of his grammar I got suspicious. If you want to see his picture inbox me. He gave me his contact number then I checked him on whatsapp that’s where I got his picture then he lied by saying it’s his errands boy and it was his birthday.

  125. One other this, is there any legitimate reason they could ask for money? Such as for Data plans or something else?

  126. Are there scams going on involving fake women soldiers? I recently met a woman named Stephanie Kunstlinger for OkCupid. Her profile had been inactive for several months. I tracked her down on Facebook, and sent her an email. I heard back a few months later. We have been talking now for about a month and have really hit it off, she says she is a Sergeant in the Marines stationed near Dubai, she has not asked for money yet, But I would like to be 100% sure she is real. I dont want to confront her about my doubts, it seams rude to me. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hello Chris, boy, I wish it wasn’t true, but yes, it is, and they are. Now the Nigerians are targeting the Lesbian women, and the one’s who are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces of AMERICA. I had an ad in personals on CRAIGSLIST, where I was intercepted by one of these Nigerian A-Holes. I had one CLARA FRONE, (beautiful girl by the way) and for a while there, I was believing I was talking to the person I was seeing in those photos. UGH! So, anyways google the name CLARA FRONE, and sadly, but surely, she’s either still alive and serving, retired, or a FALLEN.

  127. Ladies… Military dating Scammers from Nigeria are trying to grab some gullible folks. These Nigerians are very creative, but should put that creativity to much better use. They’ve come up with a new scam and have just tried to invite a friend of mine into their con game web of deceit to solicit money…so heads up on this, please. Oh, and so, Hilson Kenny AND Kenny Hilson who are one in the same “four star army general”… y’all are both busted wide open for this scam… for-warned is for-armed, EH? Don’t drink that koolaid either, guys and gals! Here are both of those facebook account pages 1. Kenny Hilson and 2. Hilson Kinny… …very same 4 star general pic with a born on date of this month and nothing else in the profiles except that he “works in Afghanistan and lives in Houston, TX on both profiles.” And, here is the post about this new version of a very old scam.
    Love y’all!!! Muah!!!!
    Tif 🙂 <3
    Original cite for this article:

  128. New name for you… I research everything.
    Kiran Becker
    E-6 Sargent at U.S. Army,
    February 20, 1965
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Tartus, Syria
    Current city
    Just talking… I told him I would check him out.. and that is what I am doing. Not looking for a date, friends. Don’t mind friends if they are real. I have already called him a ghost..well. What is the scoop. And yes, there is a photo on his page.

  129. I got a message on POF website from a Lance Cromwell 38 from Texas with a son, stated he was in the Army in Nigeria and was with Fort Hood Army base in Texas stationed in Niagara. We chatted for a couple of days before he asked me to send him an Itunes card for him to call me. 1) that was my red flag for 100 because there its different bla bla i did it for less then that. 2) I was scammed already so i knew what to watch for they always say they love you and they dont even know who you are. 3) After chatting with him for a while he asked me to send money not a card or anything he wanted money for food $300. Omg that was other red flag…this guy must really think i am dumb. This person is on Plenty of Fish, and Meetme dating websites.

  130. Dear friends, also should know that there is this kind of scam for men, since that I’ve been a victim of these e-mails although luckily no fell in their networks… these scams are made through women soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who wanted bring suitcases and money… asking for discretion and my data… now in today’s receipt an email from a cute clarck claiming to be soldier of brisbane, australia and tells me the same context but not only send directly post but through partner agencies… eye your mail email is… I hope they serve also let a fake profile on facebook tapeface.

  131. I was on MeetMe and almost got scammed. A guy “named” Bruce Steve Williams” wanted me to email and put in a request for his leave with my name, address, and phone number. Said he was from Michigan, but stationed in Nigeria. Luckily I found this site and posted the link to him. Told him I wasn’t ready to be married to a Nigerian money scammer, lol.

  132. Hi everyone,

    I believe I’ve almost been scammed by a Master Sergeant Joseph Morgan. I need to know if he is “real.” We met on Began chatting quite a bit. He claims to be in Kabul, Afghan., retiring in a month, in Special Operations, a widower, with an adopted son currently with a caretaker in Ghana while he is in deloyment. (All the signs of this site’s thread.)

    I’m always curious about what I find on Google. Soon after we began chatting, Google’d him and thought I found a legit address in San Diego, CA, where he claims to have a home. However, when he asked if I could purchase and send a cell phone to his son for his birthday/Christmas because he doesn’t have access to his credit cards, things didn’t sit well with me. I decided to continue Googling and that is how I found this site. I am now extremely concerned and doubtful of this person’s identity. No worries, I haven’t sent a thing!

    Can anyone help me determine if he is legit. His grammar and punctuation are very good.

    • Google the unit he claim to be with. If it is a real unit, you’ll get a website with contact information on it. Call the S-1 (Personnel and admin) during business hrs. Explain the situation, and they will more than likely be willing to either confirm or deny that that person you are talking is in the unit. And might even confirm or deny if the unit is where the scammer you are talking to claims to be.

      As a former member of the Army, I know that those in the military hate this kind of crap a lot. And they will be willing to help you out if you ask them.

  133. I had been talking to a so called soldier called George Reynold ages 48 divorced with a son called Daniel who lives with his Mother in Texas.This gut has been corresponding with ME for nearly 12 months I did send money and he was still asking for money, I received.poems, love letters , you tube songs photos galore, he was coming home to Marry me, of corse I was madly in love with the photo, he txts but then he wanted too up vouchers for his phone, yes I sent quite a few, everyone but myself knew what he was , then when I joined some scammers website things started to fall into place.Now I dint talk to him I cut him off, he told me to go to hell because I wouldn’t help him anymore, I became friendly with a woman who is Russian from Australia who sent him $88000 Ive had other women contact me to, when I questioned him about these women always the same story oh they just sent me a friends request.Id like to kniw if anyone else has been in contact with this scum bag I have photos of him if anyone wants to see.

    • I wonder if its the same person we are talking about? Wish I could add a pic on here of the man that is trying to scam money

  134. I was contacted by a Timmy Bridge on plenty of fish. He claimed he was a capt in the US Army and coincidently just happened to get deployed the next day. Can you say BS? We began to talk on facebook and he provided me with his “sisters” account as well. He started telling me that he was not able to eat the food over there in Nigeria and that he was going to run out of money. Basically he ended up asking me to send him money. I am smart enough that I figured it was a scammer. He refused to skype when I asked him…something about the “internet” not working, yet he was able to be chatting on facebook??. I didnt send this scammer any money, but he is using a fake profile on facebook and uses the name TImmy Bridge with fake photos. Just beware ladies!

  135. There’s a scam for not only women but also gay men who are being targeted. Scammers go by SSgt. Patrick Dunn, Sgt. Matthew Dunn, Sgt. Chad Pritchard, Senior Sgt. Richard Dunn, Sgt. Brammeier. They will state the kid/divorce story. Say they love you, offer marriage and then hit you up for iPhone.
    Sgt. Brammeier I personally contacted about this. Informed him bout what his pics were being used for. But he’s one of the few active military men who now know that their identity was stolen. Be careful everyone. And no I didn’t send anyone anything.

  136. I met a guy on ZOOKS who went by the name if PFC Leonard Soto Collins has email address of, he stated that he was on special assignment in Africa. He told me he has a seven year old son, and his son’s mother died five years ago. He said that he only had three more years left in the Army and he wanted a fresh start. I have to admitted he came off as very sweet and kind. We corresponded for over month and then we started talking about meeting. He told me I would have to send an email requesting leave for thirty day for him to the Army leave department which he gave me the email address I thought it was a little weird that I had to make the request for him. about three days later I I got a response back which look very official but as read it I knew it was fake. It stated that I would have to pay a processing fee of $385. This was a big red flag for me that this was a scam because they wanted me to send the money Western union to this guy in Nigeria by the name of Daramola Benjamin with the address of 12 Adekule fajuyi street Ibadan, Nigeria 23402. I told him that the whole thing made very uncomfortable he told it was a test and the money was refundable. Before responding to this email, my gut feeling told me to research US military leave policies. That’s when it all hit me that this was definitely scam I was horrified and pissed off. I know one thing that someone in Nigeria is impersonating PFC Leonard Soto Collins and I do have a picture him if anyone come across this that may know of Mr. Collins. This person or persons have my address and picture so my fear is that they might use my information to scam someone else, which is very scary.

  137. I had a guy ask to friend me on Facebook, someone I had no clue who he was, I thought it odd….who the heck was he? so I mentioned it on my page and a couple of my female friends got in touch and told me the same guy tried to be FB friends with them and some of their friends out of the blue and then got to the point where he was stalking them, got ahold of one woman’s work phone and kept calling her. His page is in the name of John Cyrill now, but apparently he has or had a page recently with the name John Curtis. The photo he uses shows a highly decorated Army officer, and when I zoomed in on the photo it looks like the name says Porterfield. Nice pics, a guy with a young boy. I doubt that this guy Porterfield is the stalker guy. He probably stole Porterfield’s photos. And all but one of his friends are women. He told the other women he was a widower with a young son. I did not accept his friend request!

  138. I need someone to give advice on this one. The Man says he is divorced with a 16 year old son. No sob story. He aimed me from his email and I have the APO AE address. He has called me, and he has sent me flowers etc. He has given me a date of birth etc. I have sent the photos to friends in the military who say the uniform is legit. He also emails me from a yahoo account, and he does like to use yahoo text at times. However, I can email him at his military email, and he responds back all the time very quickly. I’m not sure what to make of this. I can send other info to anyone who can make heads or tails of this. The pics of him are all of him. if he’s not real, he darn good at this. Help!

  139. A couple months ago a man portrayed himself to me as a US army soldier Walter Chris) in Afghanistan. He portrayed himself as a friend of my brother who had been wounded in Afganistan and come back stateside. He wanted to know how he was doing how to reach him now and if he survived his injuries etc. He had claimed my brother had given me my email as a contact. .He sent pics of him in uniform and even a pic of what was told to me to be Camp ALAMO in Afghanistan. his story was he had spent 7 years in Germany, 5 years in France, and now 4 months deployed in Afghanistan. His wife had died 3 years ago and his two children were in boarding school–but a friend (Sheri) took them on Holiday. He had 24 years in the Army and would be retiring next year. when he turned 50 and he was looking for the Love of his life. Someone to Marry and grow old with. I had asked questions some about military life some personal–and wasnt comfortable with the answers..(I MEAN COME ON WHAT MILITARY PERSON DOESNT KNOW WHAT AN MOS IS?). I asked lots of questions and every time he responded I t was from a different version of the same email ( or He sent some poetry and wrote all the right things….last week he sent me message requesting I do him a favor and send him a playstation3 with s combat game. I blew it off saying that I didnt have that kind of money. He quickly turned to demanding large sums of money and access to my bank account even naming the institution I banked with. I receievd a couple restricted phone calls from an individaul to being the same person who really tried to pressure for personal information on bank account. A short time later another restricted call came and this time the person stated he was from my bank and demanded verification of bank account and login information card number etc and demanding my account information and online login detail. I refused them and contacted my bank. I notified my bank who said it wasnt us contact us if anything funny happens with me account. I ran email check on the two emails he had given me and both came back to areas in california. even gave me the ip address the email address was generated from. I did an email search and found the photo he sent me on a website called Tagged but the listing had address in Georgia but the same information he had told me was listed in the profile of the pic. The other day i recieved email from my bank that my email address for the account had been changed and all correspondence for the account would be sent there immediately——–Needless to say I sent email to fraud department and went in the account and changed the address phone numbers account alerts information so tight that if a nickle is used s text and email will got to 3 differnt phone and if i dont confirm it it will be stopped/ I had never given that individual my information but he had added the address as the email address in the account. I am fricking livid. The bank says it will take 2 business days to follow up with me on the information I sent them——-I already went out got another account at another bank and froze that account at the branch—-I aint waiting for fraud to tell me that they see i didnt make changes. I contacted for credit report but that could take month to find out if anything was done. I am greatful i dont store information on my computer or my phone and hope they catch this jerk. I guess what I am saying is be weary of anyone who poses as a army soldier on the internet till u see them face to face. This person whoever he is makes my blood boil

  140. My mother “met” a wonderful soldier online, he messaged her on Facebook. She was acting like she was in love and I thought there was something fishy about it so I got her password and got onto facebook to check her messages. He is a soldier by the name of Gorge Rakes, he has 1 profile pic of him holding a gun in the desert. He says he has a daughter in another state being cared for by her late mothers parents. He has gotten over $1200 from her and this started 6/19 and today he asked for money again! She has tried to pawn jewelry, get loans in fact has another appt at the bank this weekend, and tried to get lean on her truck. I am talking with her about this tomorrow, it has made me sick to my stomache knowing she did this. Is there a way to report this? Anyone have any information that can help me please email me at and please put moms military scam in subject so I know what the email is about or else I will just delete it. I am in Florida and she is in Ohio so I have to do this all over the phone. Thanks

    • oh and on top of all this she has given him all her information including her social security number, bank account inlcluding routing number, address, email, passwords to her online bank account. I dont know why she did this but please any information to help me with this will be appreciated please

  141. Has anyone been contacted by someone with the name ROSC anywhere in his claim. My cousin has been talking to him and contacted me to do some checking on him because something didn’t seem right. I have found several things on him and told her to stay away but I was wondering if anyone else has been contacted by this man.

  142. Met a soldier on an online dating site. We emailed for several weeks, he professed his “love” to me in a few weeks… never asked for money, THEN asked me to open an IRA Account so he could have his “friend” put money for me to help him out with friends who needed it…. First off, I am not about to open ANY account with my name attached to it. I am playing the game to see what he wants next… His name is Robin R. Beards born 7/14/1965, Army “Special Forces” currently in Iraq. I have several pics of the supposed Robin.
    Where do I report this person to? Even if he has not asked specifically for money. I guess it was too good to be true! Sad…. Thanks in advance for your help…. G

  143. does anybody knows about:

    owen john thompson or FORTUNE CHIBUEZE




  144. Have you ever considered writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.

  145. wondering if im getting scammed?

    snr. sgt. frank witt says he is e-7 rank officer plantoon number 25

    does anyone have any info on him

    email me at

  146. A couple weeks ago a handsome photo suddenly appeared on my facebook page of a Staff Sergeant Alex Jacob Campbell. He told me he was stationed in the Army first in Nili, Afghanistan and then suddenly he was in Nigeria, practically overnite. We chatted a few times and then on our 2 hour long conversation, he was professing his love for me and sending me poems, staring at my facebook photo and dreaming about me constantly. I was caught up at first then the inconsistencies started, He said his name was Campbell James, then Alex Jacob Campbell, then Campbell Alex. He said his wife died and had a son in the states who was being taken care of by a nanny. He kept asking for my cell phone number at least 5 times but I never gave it to him, I was too suspicious by then. He hadn’t got to the point of asking for money, but he did say I could ask his General for a leave and he could come back to the states if the General approved it. I am very sure it was a scam, I have a photo of the real Alex Campbell but don’t know how to send it, can you help me do that?? His facebook page has almost nothing on it except photo, where he is orginally from and his rank and where he is stationed. I could on and on, I have unfriended him twice . I told him he was scamming me and other women and wanted no more communication with him, but he keeps coming back and insisting his name is Campbell Alex. I still would like more info on what’s really going on here.

  147. Has anyone heard of a Ryan Halinsky! Met they dating site Date hookup. His email is Not sure yet if he Is a scammer. Says he is in Kabul Afghanistan. Comimghome end of July.

  148. I was being scammed on Facebook by a guy, Richard Mason, claiming to be a sergeant in the US Army currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. His profile picture showed a soldier with a sergeant’s insignia; I normally do not accept friend requests from people I do not know, but there was something about his profile picture that made me accept. He stated he could not give me his military address or military email address because he has to list me as his wife first. He also asked for $500 so he could buy some food and fruit; he didn’t like arab food. He also wanted money for his daughter’s birthday sent to his neighbor, Raymond Binni in Ohio. I spoke to my friend; whose husband is actual Military, no soldier needs money while deployed! And they can give you their military email address and their military address to receive letters. He sent me other pictures of himself as proof of who he is; it is scary that they had all these pictures. He also said he wife had died and he has 2 children; he sent a picture of him and his children. He has also been deployed for 2 years; I looked it up on the internet and the US Army does not deploy soldiers for that long a duration. I looked up his email IP address; and it said it was valid. He could be very convincing. This guy did everything that a scammer does. Beware. I hope and pray that the actual soldier is alive and well.

  149. How do I report a scam? Tell the impostor some data and I am very scared.

  150. Hello,
    I just discovered this fraud, and I got the time my mother stopped to correspond with a man posing as a soldier would be retiring with the name Kelly Johnson, and that would be coming out of Afghanistan back to the city of origin and California.
    I’m from Brazil, this is English by Google.
    Please ask contact by email
    I am desperate and very scared.
    Who can help me I thank you from the heart.

  151. Hi there, I think I have been dealing with a scammer, although I am unsure. I started talking to a man that I met online in December. He claimed at that point in time to be Sgt Stephen Collins, of the US Army and Australian Military, stationed in Afghanistan. He said he was supposed to be coming home mid Feb. Around the time he was supposed to be returning state side, he was relocated, and never told me where to. Well through out the time that we had been talking, he gave me his birthday multiple times… but each time, he would give me a different year. Always Oct 31, but never the same year attached. When I told him that I started seeing somebody he went crazy and started making all sorts of threats and started harassing me continually. He claimed he had made me his beneficiary to his military pension, and even went to the extent of having his “liaison officer” email me to verify that he did this. I blocked his emails and changed my phone number. Eventually his “liaison officer” emailed me and said the officer had been killed in the line of duty. But recently I started receiving emails from this Stephen Collins again. I would just like to know what the heck I am dealing with… Anybody with advise or suggestions or feedback of any sorts..?

    • Hi, i am a Nigerian but definitely not a scam, you can as well check my real profile on facebook KELS_Love, well i just want to let you know that the so called Sgt Stephen Collins you are dealing with is obviously a scam… I am doing this because i have a great love and respect for military men especially Us army cause my dad is a retired Nigerian Navy personnel and i would not be to knowing that someone is using my Dad’s pics to scam other people, and it hurts me to see that Nigerians are doing this horrible and heart breaking stuffs to innocent women. my sincere apologies…

  152. Hello,
    I just discovered this fraud, and I got the time my mother stopped to correspond with a fomem posing as a soldier would be retiring with the name Kelly Johnson, and that would be coming out of Afghanistan back to the city of origin and California.
    I’m from Brazil, this is English by Google.
    Please ask contact by email
    I am desperate and very scared.
    Who can help me I thank you from the heart.

  153. These scammers pop up at least 5-6 times a week on my Skype messenger account. I just tell them to stop scamming American women and impersonating an officer. Then I block them and report them to Skype.

  154. I was just scammed by a so called “Brian Hoccut.”
    Luckily, I did not give him any money, but am worried about the poor man whose profile was stolen.
    Is there any way to locate the victim whose profile was stolen, photographs and all?

  155. Martin Dillion Sharp aka Micheal Dillion is still on facebook scamming women. I found out he was talking to other women asking them for money for phone and to get home. $1,700.00 plus to get home. Now he is going by Martin Sharp in the army, and now lives in Syria Va. This man is a scammer. Girls wake up. Don’t let the good looks fool you. I was told to post this so you would know about Martin. So please be ware. He lies to you to get money. I have report him. Hope they catch him. He is a fake. Wish the real Martin Sharp would find out about the scam.

  156. I have been chatting for about a week with a person through a christian dating site. He claims his name is Morris Draper and his email is He has not asked for anything yet. He is supposedly stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and have 3 more months before he leaves to go home to Woodsboro, Maryland. He also has a son named Johnny who lives with said person sister-law who married a Dutch and they live in the Uk. He has been a widower for 9 years. Has anyone heard of him. And he did send me 3 pictures of himself. I knew something was strange when i asked him the time in Kabul and it took him some time to respond. I was already online from my phone looking at the time for Kabul before i asked him. And he finally answered with the exact time 1:47 AM. That is the exact way he gave me the time and that is the way it was online. Has anyone else chatted with this person??

  157. Could you check out a military person whose name is Steven Warren Jones. He states he is currently stationed in Nigeria on an OPS mission and will be coming home but having trouble with his transit. States that he needs $2500 to pay his insurance since he has not gotten paid since he has been there in February. I thought that all military benefits are free to them and family. Could you please let me know if this is a scammer??


  158. hi I been talk to someone name tony Thomas .I guess I was falling in love with so much I would anything.for him ,niw I fine his pictuers. and new names 1 William mller 2thomas tony he is a fake

  159. upto 2000 pounds hes had now and still has the cheek to ask for more when you say no he turns quite nasty with you and blames us he also asks you to mary him x

  160. i have been scammed by a captain clark anderson us army he said he needed money for his mother as he doesnt have access to funds i am not the only woman hes scammed he calls you love of his life and queen and babe and wants to marry you then he said he needed money for immigration papers.

  161. Could you please check on a Frank Barne, he has been talking to a friend of mine for a while now. Says his wife died in a horrible car accident. He is supposedly in the Marine Corp in Kabul. Asked my friend if he could send her 2 boxes on containing a large amount of cash, but she told him not to send it. He is supposedly retiring soon. Thank you.

  162. would like to check a Capt.Charles Bennett. He has been talking to a friend of mine for about 2 months.

  163. Hi,
    I did post for date on the craigslist start with Early April 2014, somehow he came to me for date He looking for new wife, He is at Nigeria, He told me that he hate the food there, He been army for long time he is 49 y/o but he have son living with his Aunt. Yesterday he ask me to fill out the form to leave Nigeria, he hate it there all nasty.. why he go there in the first place, Plus… we did share the picture, he seem play around he told me he not allow chat on line, if General find out, he the one will get into trouble.. He don’t have phone and etc… He didn’t ask me money, non,, but he did ask me send the phone, but I ask Post office about it they said no.. don’t know that person, don’t send… he seem player… look like he steal someone picture.. from Facebook, I have hard time to find the real person.. he told me that his wife died from cancer 5 years ago.. no way.. he have one child at home with his aunt.. brown Jacob…. I have no clue for this…. I been search everything, couldn’t find it. he said he from California .. where.. why hide from me.. all crap information.. I cant find in Facebook.. warn him.. I’m pretty sure he is married.. I don’t want damage his married…. How to find, but I did search in Spokeo.. one found, but not deep information.. he want to leave the place now… Do I trust.. I laugh…???

    • Guys i think i meet 1, he said he found my id because his friend met his wife thru skype.then he said he is looking for a friend he met in new york. He introduced as us army general frank miller assigned in nigeria for peace keeping operation finding kidnapped chibok women.few days after he was called to syria for another mission. He said his wife died due to car accident and leave him a son studying a vocational course in africa at 13.he said hes son wants to become an auronatic engineer ( gosh he mean aeronautic engr).he is always lost in the conversation checking his boys on duty bla blah…pc crashed…meet his personal trainor.he made promises of good life in new york in his retirement.he never show himself in skype instead sent photo of him & his son.he said he prefer ym but when asked he did not give yet his ym id. ive tried checking his identity via fb but a bunch is name as frank miller couldnt find any match on the photo he is using and has been sent. Guyz pls do share if you met the same. He is so romantic promising evrything to win you.

  164. And please ladies, don’t be so naïve and don’t open your hurt strangers you meet via social networks. At least in the very beginning until you are assured that person is the real one and not using somebody’s ID and photo. Don’t give your private e-mails !!! At least open temporary new one.

  165. O my god, so many scammers I couldn’t even imagine it. Couple of days ago I was contacted via Skype by Gen. Olivier Bavinchove ( miller.fulham32). No, he didn’t ask me for money .Didn’t have time for this as from the very first moment I was very suspicious .Knowing nothing about similar cases I have searched different social networks and Skype as well. I have found quite a few accounts for Gen Bavinchove. Looks strange for high level military person. I have checked some spots on youtube. Gen speaks goodl English unlike person who was able to write to me just short sentence with mistakes. he tried to call me and that made me annoyed . After this I become even more suspicious. I asked him where is his duty station and why is he calling during the day time. Isnlt he busy . The only thing he could write in response to my long monologue was : I don’t just go outside but, I send my men to mission while I am in office. Another example:

    [12:35:07 PM] me : why do you have so many skype accounts and face book as well Why are you searching skype contatcs
    [12:35:13 PM] Olivier Bavinchove: Nothing
    [12:35:23 PM] Olivier Bavinchove: No
    I just want to identify if real Gen. Bavinchove is aware that his photo and name are being used so intensively. I really can’t believe that mature chief of Eurocorps spents his time searching for women via social networks . Would be thankful for help.

  166. please help me to find out the real status of jack michael will US Arny deployed in negeria.thank you

  167. I think I’m being scammed. The guy says his name is Brian Watt and that he is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He didn’t give me his rank. I met him through Date Hookup site. His profile says he is native American and also gives the name Rios Coxy. He says he retiring from the army and that he is coming home at the end of the month. He hasn’t asked me for money. He asked me for my address and phone number saying he wanted to send me something. He emailed me this shipping receipt and it looks fake. Can you tell me if his name has come up in before or if there is anyway to find out if he is for real. Like I said he hasn’t asked me for anything except that information. Is he trying to steal my identity? He won’t get far my credit is shot and I don’t make a lot of money. Still I’m afraid of what he might do. Please help me get some answers.

  168. I was almost scammed too. A person from said he was Sargent Barry from Afghanstan. He said he has a 14 year old daughter and he was a widow. His grammar was off. He said his aunt was watching his daughter in Orlando, Florida. When I went to zooks to match the photos of the solideri he sent me age 46, there was no such person. I questioned him about it and he said he did not know what happned. he aske me about my son and acted like he cared. He quoted scriptures from the Bible when I said I was a christian. So a real scammer and hypocrate and blashphemer. I gave him a piece of my mind and he never wrote back. He also wants you to go to messenger (yahoo). They always that so be careful and never give anyone money. Oh he will profess his love and say that he will leave the military as soon as he finds a wife..don’t believe..thats a scammer or a desparte person that you dont want…

  169. I have been talking to a Sgt David Jones King who says he is in Afghanistan and he can come home by having me request him out, I have sent money ????and he says he needs another 1000.00 to actually be released, I fell for him and I do have pictures many of them and a whole lotta texts through Facebook! Says he does patrols there , first I sent him 200. For a thayara or some kind of sattelite system! Then 650.00 for him to be able to come home then I get another email saying that if I want him home send 4000.00 well I only had 2000.00 so I sent that he said he can get another 1000.00 from his allowance there and all we need is 1000.00 more, trying to get home
    Been stalling trying to get info but time is running out, a friend sent me this site and I just want to find out anything I can as soon as possible! I do not know what to do, if he’s for real yes I want him home because I have fallen for him but if he is not I want to get him blocked. He told me his commander added my name to his files as his fiancé and want to know if that is true, he said it would take him 3 days from getting the rest if money to get out he would fly arik air, please help me as soon as you can! I guess I am not used to scammers and never been hurt this way but better now than later right? Thank you I have pics if you want. I have other things he has said to me and sent me, I have talked to him by phone and everything sounds so real I don’t know where to begin here, he said US ARMY !!! Thank you

    • Hello Barbie –

      You’re being scammed. I’ve been a U.S. Army soldier for almost 30 years and I can tell you that there are MANY problems with your scammer’s story. First, it’s not possible for a civilian to make a request to get a soldier out of the military. There’s also no way for a soldier to pay his way out of the military. Enlisted soldiers leave the Army when their enlistment comes to an end. Soldiers in Afghanistan have no need for a Thayara or other satellite phone. They can make free phone calls at the USO or by using Magic Jack. An Army commander would have no need to add a soldier’s fiancés name to his records. The military is only concerned about a soldier’s WIFE since a wife (and not a fiancé) is entitled to certain benefits (free health care, etc.). When the Army sends a soldier back to the United States from Afghanistan, the flight is FREE. The soldier pays nothing to fly home.

      All of these lies he’s told you were designed to get you to send money to him. Apparently, it worked in this case. Please don’t send this criminal any more money. He will come up with more lies to get more of your money. You will never see him in person because you haven’t been talking to a real soldier. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • Hi Gondon…good day.kindly check this person also in AKO he said he found my id because his friend met his wife thru skype.then he said he is looking for a friend he met in new york.looking for future wife via skype. He introduced as us army general frank miller assigned in nigeria for peace keeping operation finding kidnapped chibok women.few days after he was called to syria for another mission. He said his wife died due to car accident and leave him a son studying a vocational course in africa at 13.he said hes son wants to become an auronatic engineer ( gosh he mean aeronautic engr).he is always lost in the conversation checking his boys on duty bla blah…pc crashed…meet his personal trainor.he made promises of good life in new york in his retirement.he never show himself in skype cam not working.instead sent photo of him & his son.he said he prefer ym but when asked he did not give yet his ym id. ive tried checking his identity via fb but a bunch is name as frank miller couldnt find any match on the photo he is using and has been sent. Guyz pls do share if you met the same. He is so romantic promising evrything to win you

      • Please help me find out if this guy is for real or a scammer! His name is Sgt. Wilson Kovats Jones, he said his rank # is E7 assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division Baghram Airfield.. he said I need to email a request for his leave & say I am his fiancee, he gave me this email to send the request to I feel it’s as cam but just want to be sure!! Any help you can give me would be great! Thank you


  171. Two more names for your list both claiming to be widowers. Mike B Linde ( claims he is in the British Army serving in Mali. Claims his wife died of breast cancer 5 years ago and has a 12 year old son at military school Also Destiny Brown from London, clocked him right away and deleted him.

  172. I was talking to sergeant Steve Lopez, i had never had any experience on this kind of sites and this is the first time i start talking to someone that send me a letter to my email, and then it turns out that he was a scammer it took me a while to figure it out his email is and they were also emailing me from and the phone number they called me from is233244753018 and the name of the diplomat is gerard afful. How can i file a complaint or how can i get rid of them they keep sending me messages, I already changed my cell phone but they keep sending me messages on messenger. I would appreciate your help. and Thank you in advance for paying attention to my message.

  173. Please beware of ssg (E6) Michal Forbes He is in Kabul, afghanistan but due home May 5, 2014. W’ll see. He is a widower his wife died 6 yrs ago. He has a daughter in Ghana who needs a phone IphoneS lol and money for food and meds. I phoned the embassy and they have no record of her via passport or Visa. As a soldier he could not call use his credit cards talk to the person with his POA could use the FRG. All crap. The army would trip over themselves to help. I am an ex Army spouse and promise these guys are pigs. They will show you pics declared his love for me and proposed within 10 days. I hope none of our good soldiers are hurt by this. His email I

  174. Hi there:
    I have being in touch with a female Sergeant Joy Rose, who claims that she has been in AfgHANISTAN for over 2 years now, in the City of Kabul.
    I really appreciated it there is such a person.
    Really have my doubts and I wish SHE IS FOR REAL.
    She is telling me how much she would love to meet me and spend sometime with me once her mission is done over there by the end of June.
    I am not sure what to believe anymore.
    Again, I hope she is real.
    Please do let me know.
    Very much appreciated.
    Toronto, Canada

    • Hello George –

      You haven’t given us much information to go on. You’ve probably been talking to a SCAMMER though. For one thing, U.S. Army soldiers spend just nine months on a deployment to Afghanistan. Air Force and Marine Corps personnel spend even less time there. So, no one is there for TWO YEARS. Also, there is no one in the U.S. Army named either JOY ROSE or ROSE JOY. I checked them both just now on AKO (Army Knowledge Online). To be certain, I checked every employment catergory (active-duty, reserves, national guard, civilian employee, contractor, and retiree). For some reason, African scammers often create names made up of two first names. As you may know, both Joy and Rose are first names in America and Canada.

      These scammers often tell their victims that they are soldiers nearing the end of their time in a hostile combat zone (i.e., Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.). Sometimes they say they are retiring soon. The idea is that they’ll be able to come visit the victim soon. That’s where they get you to send money for their leave or retirement fees (both are mythical creation of scammers), plane ticket, passport fee, customs fee, etc. You’re probably dealing with an African scammer from Ghana or Nigeria. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  175. Hi Gordon, can you please help me? if its possible, can you please search some data on AKO on someone calling himself sergeant Daniel Hugh Becker? i have the feeling he is a scammer..been talking to him on Fb for 2 months now, and by mistake found infos regarding the fake US soldiers scammers..he say he is in deployment, Kabul, Afghanistan, 45 years old, from Brockport NY..never been married but having his brothers son, sick and drama..he didn’t asked me direct for money but he mention he needs money for this boy and he will take his army checque in three weeks..but he feels so bad and he doesn’t know what to do..of course i didnt offered to help him and he didn’t asked me ..he sent me some photos with a guy in Army clothes, having Becker name on uniform and some other hotos as a civil.I checked his IP address, its Sunnyvale CA.asked him about it he said the army in Afghanistan uses US internet providers..he got very upset cause i checked him, etc..Im still waiting to see whats next.His English is good but making small mistakes..i didn’t asked for his AKO i don’t wanna make him feel I am so suspicious until im sure..searched his name on Google, nothing, no info, or about the pictures he sent me.I cant believe how big this romance scamming situation is..i really cant believe..
    Please if you can help me, would be much appreciated..thank you!

    • Hello Lola –

      I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online). There are six U.S. Army soldiers named DANIEL BECKER. However, none of them is a sergeant and none of them has the middle name HUGH. Just to be safe, I checked all employment categories (active-duty, reserves, national guard, civilian employee, contractor, and retiree). I also checked to see if there is a HUGH BECKER in the Army. There is, but his middle name is not DANIEL and he is not a sergeant. Based on that, you know you’re dealing with a SCAMMER.

      If you want to be sure, you should ask him to send you an e-mail from his official Army e-mail account. All deployed soldiers are encouraged to use these accounts to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States. If he tells you he can’t send you an e-mail from his “.mil” account, that’s just more evidence proving him to be a SCAMMER. You should also ask him for his physical address. Tell him you want to send him a card or a letter or a box of cookies. No deployed soldier would turn that down. A physical address for an American soldier deployed to Afghanistan will end with “APO, AE” and a five-digit zip code. If your “soldier” gives you an address in Africa or tells you he can’t reveal his address, you’ll know he’s a SCAMMER for sure. I hope this has been helpful. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      p.s. – The corporate offices for Yahoo are located in Sunnyvale, CA. So, anyone with a Yahoo e-mail account has an IP address in that city.

  176. I am hoping for a little help in determining if my Niece is involved with some kind of scammer. He claims to be in the Army, and mentions “was a sniper”. He also after only about 7-10 days enticed my niece to move in with him, and talks of marriage. I suspected from the beginning that he is a liar. Beginning with some nonsense about being deployed in about 3 months, to Afghanistan and told my niece she would go where ever he goes, including Afghanistan. I tried to explain, the Army simply does not send wives to that area. He hasn’t given a straight answer as to any affiliations in the Army, and he is 22 years old. I have seen he has several small criminal offenses, and I find nothing that indicates any real information. Of course when I gave my niece dozens of questions she asked me to ask him, and then never called. Since moving in with him in less than 10 days she has gotten a citation for shoplifting( she has never done anything like that before) and just two days ago she called a friend from the area where she lived with her mother and father. The friend showed up and some kind of Scuffle ensued, and as a result my niece somehow fell (or perhaps was pushed..we do not know) When my niece fell she hit her head and suffered a brain injury, and had to have surgery and was in ICU. Her mother asked me if I could try to find out if this guy is actually in the Army, and if so where is he stationed. I am assuming he is a total liar, His name is Daniel Luke Noble, he is from California.

    However, if he is in the military, I would like to report the incident to his superiors. He was placed under arrest for “Resisting arrest”. Whom ever gave the story to the sheriff I am sure failed to mention that there was cause for my niece to call someone to come get her and she was scared of something and then ends up very severely injured. His address in the mountains does belong to his family I checked that out.

    I also wish to add the local mountains, are quite far from any Army base and he doesn’t report to work and is without income. Another big clue he is a liar. If he is supposed to be deployed, as per his words,, I am quite sure that he would not be sitting on his butt until time to go. I think just the opposite, to be sharp and ready would be more like what the Army would do .

    I realize this site is mostly about the email scammers, but I did see the active help some people have been able to get from some members and Military people who are able to search active duty lists for names. I am hoping perhaps someone can steer me towards help or simply just look up the name. I got very worried when my niece started talking about “going” with him in 3 months. I think the injury , hopefully, will keep her away from him. But I would like to report him for telling lies about being in the Army at very least.

    Can anyone help me or tell me where to inquire?

    Any time or help would be appreciated …Thanks ~ Annie

    • Hello Annie,

      Your niece is definitely dealing with a SCAMMER and a CRIMINAL. I can assure you that he has no connection to the U.S. military. I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online). There is no DANIEL LUKE NOBLE in the U.S. Army. Also, for all of the U.S. military services, Afghanistan is an “unaccompanied tour” meaning that family members may not live with or even visit a soldier there. It’s far too dangerous for American family members to visit Afghanistan. A real soldier would know this.

      I don’t believe it’s a crime to pretend to be a U.S. Army soldier. There used to be a federal law making it illegal to falsely claim to have been awarded military medals. However, that law was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in recent years. I hope your niece sees through this guys lies. He definitely sounds like trouble. Good luck!


  177. is there a army website where I can poat this real soldiers picture and ask if anyone knows this guy or has seen him, so I can get in touch with him.

    • Hello Cindy –

      There is no U.S. Army website designed for the purpose you mentioned. Other than warning people about these scams through press releases, the Army doesn’t do anything to combat the scams. Most of the scammers are located in Africa, so there really is nothing they can do. However, you can post pictures on and search for names and e-mail addresses. You may well find a page or pages listing scams involving photos of a soldier with the last name “Burks.”

      You can be pretty sure that the real soldier is not named “Klint Burks.” These African scammers have very little understanding of American first and last names. “Klint” is clearly a name created by a scammer for whom English is a second language. It’s similar to a real American first name, but it’s spelled very badly. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • Ask him for his military email address. If he responds, send me an email to cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com and I’ll let you know if it’s a fake one. All military emails end in .mil and nothing else.

        • I was contacted by a Dickson Velazco. Said he was a MSG in Syria . I got suspicious when he wouldn’t talk on phone or face time. We finally spoke on the phone and he didn’t sound as if he were from Brooklyn or South Africa; two places he professed to have spent his life. A real army MSG looked at the pics this guy sent and said the uniform and rank were wrong. I looked up property tax rolls in NY where he said he owns a house: nothing. I looked up hos phone number, its a New York phone number but other women report the scam. I contacted him and said there was a special place in hell for him! He tried to explain! Delete!!! He wanted me to buy him some things but just send the money to an agent….scam! He has used the name Frank Velazco and Dickson Velazco.

  178. I was almost scammed by someone posing as An army soldier by the name of Klin Burks, I am sure that this Burks gentleman is in fact a real army soldier there are pictures of him in Afghanistan with his buddies, and he is wearing his fatigues and the last name on his camo jacket does say Burks. I think that his pics were stolen off his facebook and a ficticious faebook was put up in his name, at first this guy was real CHARMING but I caught on when he posted a picture of this girl saying that this was his daughter, problem Burks is as white as me and this girl was as black as night. Then he asked me to send him a package with my pics and a cell phone for his daughter, needless to say I am not going to do this. I ended up having to change everything from my email address to all my passwords and my cell phone #. I am wondering if there is anyway the real Mr Burks can be tracked down and made aware of what is going on. I think that he really needs to know. or can I write to the Army and send a letter along with Burkes picture so they can find him and make him aware that this is going on.

  179. If anyone on here has ever talked to a Sgt. Khall William, I am talking to him. I started to talked to him when he was in Afghanistan, now he is in Lagos, Nigeria. He asked me fro money because he lost the gun, and he needs to pay, also he said he closed his account for security. All this is possible.

    • Hello Katia –

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. I did a search on AKO (Army Knowledge Online) just now looking for KHALL WILLIAM. I checked every service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) and every employment category (active-duty, reserves, national guard, civilian employee, contractor, and retiree). There is no KHALL WILLIAM associated with the U.S. military. He is a SCAMMER who created that name. He is using stolen pictures of a soldier and pretending to be that soldier.

      There are no American soldiers stationed in Nigeria. There are however hundreds (perhaps thousands) of young, black, male scammers living in Nigeria. It’s the world wide capital of romance scammers. You should be suspicious of anyone you meet online with a connection to Nigeria or Ghana.

      If an American soldier loses his “gun” he is likely to be in big legal trouble. When a soldier loses any government property, the Army takes the cost of the property from the soldier’s pay check. He doesn’t have to pay up front. He certainly doesn’t have to ask a woman he met online for the money. U.S. Army soldiers ALWAYS have access to their bank accounts. Their Army pay checks are directly deposited into their accounts twice a month. There is NEVER a “security reason” for a soldier’s bank account to be closed. These are lies told by your scammer to get you to send money. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • Thank you Gordon for the information, I really noticed something wrong with this guy.

  180. Gordon, I have pictures of the U.S. Army soldier. I have been to the U.S. Army Recruiting office here in Houston. Also called the Houston Battalion Army in downtown Houston. They did tell me that there are Derek Rodriquez’s in the Army but now way of knowing if they are active, retired or deceased. How can I get these pictures shown to see if this soldier is still living, etc.??? I became very attached to this soldier in these pictures and of course, was scammed. Can you help Gordon or do you have any idea who can……Thank you and Kindest regards……

    • Annette –

      As the recruiter mentioned to you, it’s often difficult to locate a U.S. Army soldier when all you know is his last name – especially when it’s a common last name. There are thousands of soldiers with the last name Rodriguez in the Army. When the scammers use photos of military personnel in their scams, they’re stuck with a particular last name because it appears on the soldier’s uniform. They generally create the first names out of thin air. The scammers make a big mistake when they decide to use the photos of general officers though. Relatively speaking, there are only a few of them in the military. Your scammer is probably using the photos of U.S. Army General David Rodriguez. He’s been a 4-star general since 2011. General Rodriguez is happily married and has four children.

      It’s quite common for romance scam victims to want to contact the real soldier in the pictures. It’s often hard to separate the words of the scammer from the face in the pictures. You have to realize that you have not been talking to the real General Rodriguez. If you contact him (regardless of your good intentions) you will only complicate his life. His wife will not appreciate a phone call to her husband from a woman who says she loves him. General Rodriguez has many people working for him. I’m CERTAIN he is aware his photos are being used in scams. No good can come from you contacting him. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  181. I recently got on and connected to a “General Derek Rodriquez” . This person told me he was in Kabul, Afghanistan, a three-star General, was getting ready to retire in a couple of months. He was a widower, one child, 10 year old Jackie. Lives in Miami, FL. He was sweet on words, but his selection of words was off and broken. After weeks of communicating with him, he offered marriage and asked me for my passport, driver’s license. I cut him off, but the sad thing I fell for this person in the pictures he provided and stole off of Google and the internet. My best friend did some research on this scam of a person and he goes by many names.. This person told me that he is from Ghana .. I just hope that the real U.S. Army soldier in the pictures is well and living his life to the fullest.

  182. Anyone heard of a Parter Moore? Claims to be sargent…and asking for money…be aware…was on Evow…he has since deleted his profile….has a facebook account too…but no other information found anywhere on him.

  183. If anyone on here has ever talked to a David Harry Williams supposedly in the army please send me an email at guy is so good that I still want to believe him but Im not about to send money to him.He has me totally convinced that he is in love with me and wants to come here to be with me but still insist that he has to have 1550.00 to get a replacement for when he does leave Nigeria to come here.I told him I could only send 900.00 and that was it and of course he has a come back for everything I say so we just mostly argue about the whole sistuation.I have told him everything I know about how scammers work and he insist that I am wrong even thow his picture is on MILITARY DATEING SCAMMERS.COM with 5 stars beside his name.Tha t should tell anybody how good he is at what he does.His email is or The only reason I am still talking to him is to see just how far he will go thinking he will get my money so PLEASE if there is anybody who has talked to him email me so maybe together we can stop him.Thanks again. Donna

  184. i am talking to a guy he said was in kabul afghanstaion now he said in lagos nigeria telling me he want every month that he will come waiting since nov he told me in dec he was in jail then feb he said was in the hospital been sending to him what do i do please help i cant find out anything i have falling in love with him he this month if send the money will come home next week

    • Hello Makayla –

      Most of the world’s internet romance scammers live in Nigeria and Ghana. You should be IMMEDIATELY suspicious of anyone you meet online with a connection to either of those counties. There are no American soldiers stationed in Nigeria, so a “soldier” who tells you he’s in Nigeria is clearly a Nigerian SCAMMER with no connection to the U.S. military. Real American soldiers receive all of their health care for FREE. The military takes care of everything. American soldiers are paid quite well. They always have access to their money and their bank accounts. A real American soldier would not ask a stranger he met online to send him money. Only scammers do this. Your scammer will always come up with excuses for why he can’t come to see you. He will make one request for money after another. He will steal all of your money if you let him. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  185. Well the one i met he goes by the name of Martin Hillman. same crap military, first daughter broke leg needed surgery, then he stay there to long visa expired, 2 days b4 christmas i get a call saying he had been in accident n on life support. when he supposidly came to he needed 1000 to get out of hospital, then sent more but this time he said he lost passport in accident…… he got me for 10,000 so if anyone ran into this one email me plz.…. his moms name he says is brooks, daughter is Lori he is awesome plz dont believe him. God bless this is to all us ladies who have been taken, we r better then this and just bcuz we hurt n r lonely doesnt mean we have to settle for first one that says i love you………….. we r all beautiful…. God made us he dont make mistakes………………. God bless e1

  186. Gordon I have already asked him for his military email address but he asked me why I wanted it because he never uses it so we went back and forth on that and needless to say he never gave it to me.I just wish there was some way to stop these people.They make me sick saying they are in the Army and on and on .Maybe one day they can be stopped.I gave him all the info I have come up with on him even his pic.on scammers and he still says it is not him.So I wished him well and of course once he knew I had him figured out he said that he could no longer be in a relationship with a woman that could not trust him and that his life is in danger and even if he was with me his life would still be in danger.I have not blocked him as of yet I just want to see what else he comes up with. LOL

  187. olá´eu estou me conectando com uma pessoa dizer ser o general kevin j nally,do corpo dos fuzileiros navais dos Estados unidos ,ha um ano e 2 meses estamos nos falando ,ele ja pediu dinheiro para me ,enviei 3.500 dolares para ele pagar taxas de remesas para o Brasil ,País onde vivo,e sempre volta a pedir dinheiro ,mas não estou mas enviando ,acho que é um scammer,o pior que nunca encontrei a foto que ele me envoiu e usa no facebook em outros sites de namoro ,ja pesquisei muito mas não encontrei nada ,inclusivel aqui não encontrei. o e-mail que ele usa para mim é ,ele me conectou no skype ,e até hoje nos falamos no skype. O endereço do skype que usamos é , kevin loves julieta alves brito, gostaria que vcs me ajudassem e me falasse se é um scammer a pessoa que converso.EVIAR RESPOSTA PARA meu e-mail por favor,tenho sempre rastreado seus e-mail, e sempre vem de pretoria ou joennesburgo. tenho sempre seu IP,e é o mesmo e-mail nunca muda,obgda se vc puder me ajudar .

  188. I think I may be being scammed by a person who says he is in the army and statioined in Libya. He uses a yahoo email address and we chat via im or he sends me an email. He is says he is retiring in September after 20 years of service. He contacted me on a bbw website. He hasn’t asked me for any money or anything yet.
    He says his name is Craig Wolski, from Chicago IL. His home base is in Kentucky. He seems very educated by the letters that he has written. I just wanted to find out if there was any way I could find out if he is legit or fake before I waste anymore of my time talking to him.

    • Hello Trish –

      He’s a scammer. There are no American soldiers stationed in Libya. You’d think these African scammers would read a newspaper once in awhile. Then their lies could sound more convincing. You should ask your “soldier” for his official Army e-mail address. The real ones end with .mil (example: Every American soldiers has one of these accounts. The Army encourages them to use them to stay in touch with friends and family back home. My guess is your scammer will say that he can’t give you that information due to “security reasons.” He can’t give you the address because he’s an African scammer with no connection to the U.S. military and obviously – no military e-mail address.

      – Gordon

  189. I believe I am being scammed by a Corey Tanner has anyone come in contact with him?
    He says he is stationed in Kabul at the embassy, but doesn’t know what allegotor alley is. He also for a month now said that I could not write him at the base because there has been a bomb threat. for a month? I also can’t get him to give me his military email. When I googled his name a young man appeared same name and also stationed out of Ft Hood Tx. He says his ex wife is dead and his 8 yo is living with the nanny in Nigeria. Nigeria? also says I can send his package to Nigeria……have called him out on this and haven’t heard back. Thank goodness he hasn’t asked for any money. Need all the help I can get.

    • Hello Diane –

      You’re definitely being scammed. If a “soldier” ever tells you that he can’t receive a package or letter or write to you using his official military e-mail account, you know he’s a SCAMMER. Real soldiers can ALWAYS receive mail. Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan will have a physical address that ends with APO, AE and a five-digit zip code. They definitely won’t have a physical address in Nigeria. Your SCAMMER wants you to send a package to him in Nigeria because he’s an African living in Nigeria. He has no connection to the U.S. military whatsoever. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • hey Gordon could you check out a guy going by the name of David Harry Williams ? He says he is in the Army and is a Lieutenant.Has been in since he was 18 going to be retiring soon has 2 daughters ages 16 and one almost 18.His wife cheated on him and they divorced 5 years ago and now his daughters are living with his grandmother in Poland who is 91 this year.I know this is a scam but I would like to see what you think. His email is or Im wondering if there are any other women talking to him also. Thanks so much cant wait to hear from you.

        • Hello Donna –

          I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online) just now. I searched all employment categories (active-duty, Army Reserve, National Guard, civilian employee and contractor). There are more than 200 men in the U.S. Army with the name David Williams. However, there is no DAVID HARRY WILLIAMS. You’ve been talking to a scammer.

          Even with the name confirmation, I could have guessed that he’s a fake. It’s nearly impossible to be a lieutenant in the Army after 18 years of service. There’s only one circumstance I can think of where it’s possible. I’d love to hear your scammer explain this feat. You’re probably dealing with a Polish scammer. Eventually, he’ll ask you to send a birthday present to his daughters in Poland. You’ll actually be sending it to him, since that’s where he probably lives.

          Just for fun, you should ask him to send you his official Army e-mail address. A real one ends with .mil (example: U.S. Army soldiers are encouraged to use these accounts to keep in touch with friends and family back home. So, if he tells you he can’t give it to you for “security reasons” – he’s a lying scammer.

          Has he told you where he’s located? The scammers apparently never read the newspaper. So, they’ll pretend to be American soldiers deployed to places like Nigeria, Syria or Iraq. If you follow the news, you know that America doesn’t have any soldiers in those places. If he tells you he’s stationed anywhere outside the U.S. – read my response to Diane above. It deals with mailing addresses for deployed soldiers. Good luck!

          – Gordon

  190. hi I have been talking to a American soilder name is owen brown we been talking since Christmas and I have fallen in love with him, please is there any one else talking to him and is he a scammer he is based at sudan at the moment

    • Kim –

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER – almost surely a young, black, male from Africa. There are no American soldiers stationed in Sudan.

      – Gordon

    • Beware of person posing as Command Sergeant Major Trevor Proefect. He says he is 5th widower with to daughter in boarding school. He says he’s in West Africa And Kahului Afghanistan. Wants money. Is retiring.

  191. Hello to all, I too was scammed by “Tom Barker”. I met him at , he did exactly the same to me. Whoever got scammed by him please contact me at We need to talk.


  192. I was recently contacted through face book by a man named James Morgan. I thought it weird how he said he read my profile which is private. Talked one time and googled his mane and this site came up. Wow, to think maybe I was talking to a lonely soldier. Lol. Not so. Did some digging and things didn’t mesh up. He’s only had two friends on his FB page. I immediately blocked him before things went any farther. Never gave him my email thank god. Thanks for this site to educating me! Beware

  193. I am trying to find out if I am dealing witha SCAM also.I have been talking to a guy on fb that says he is in the Army and is currently on a peace treaty mission in Nigeria.We have been talking since the first of last month.When we first started talking he was in Afganistan.Soon after he supposedly had to go to Nigeria.I didnt think much about it at first then he asked me to help him get here to see me and STUPID me fell for it.I sent 1550.00 dollars as well as a LEAVE REQUEST for him but luckily I didnt do something right so the money was never picked up.It was sent but not ever claimed so as I sit here saying all this Im thinking what an idiot I am .I sent it through Western Union and after a 21 day investagation I was told that since nobody picked it up I would maybe get it back.Anyway I would love to know if this person is for real even though in my heart I know he is not I think I just need someone to verify it for me.He says his name is Leiutenant David Harry Williams and has been in the Army since he was 18 and has about 2 years left before retiring.Could somebody please check on this so I can get on with my life.Cant wait to hear back on this.

    • Hello Donna –

      He’s a SCAMMER – almost certainly from Nigeria. There’s no such thing as a “peace treaty” mission. Your scammer probably meant “peace keeping” mission. There are no American soldiers engaged in a peace keeping mission in Nigeria. However, Nigeria is the home to most of the world’s internet (especially romance) scammers. Also, real soldiers request their own leave. They can’t have someone else do it for them. The soldier simply completes a form and gives it to his supervisor. There is no fee associated with a leave request. It’s free. Finally, it’s nearly impossible for a soldier to be a lieutenant after 18 years of service. Lieutenant is the first rank for an officer. With 18 years of service, an officer is likely to be a colonel. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  194. I have a friend who met someone from and says he is in Afganistan. His name is David Cooper and he is 54 and a widow. Says he has a son that is 10 and lives with a friend. He only talked on Yahoo Messenger. She started noticing that his English wasn’t clear when he messaged her and questioned him and he got mad. He had sent a picture of him with his uniform on and also one with him and the boy he says is his son. He says he is from Ohio. Could this be a scam?

    Thank you,

    • Hello PSUE –

      He might be a scammer. You’d have to give us more information though. Did he say he’s in the military? There are plenty of civilians working in Afghanistan. If he said he’s in the military, which service? What’s his rank? What job does he do? What is his unit? Has he written to you from his military e-mail account? Did he give you his physical address? Has he asked for money or items? Has he told you he loves you after only a few conversations? All of this would be helpful.

      – Gordon

  195. Hi, I also think there is a guy called Michael Adamson, I just Started chatting to him but his mail is gmail and He says he lives in Texas illinois ….. He talks in broken english and He says he is a soldier on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

    The emails looks like someone cutting and pasting and here and there adding something that will appeal to Me. I just cant believe that there is scammers out there still thinking that woman will fall for this kind of thing and give someone money without meeting a guy. Also the minute I get asked for money there is something like a delete button. i just want to say thank you for all the comments and pple warning each other as i got to this site just checking up on the name Michael Adamson…..

    They say if its too good to be true it normally is…..Beware girls.

    Best regards

  196. Texto original


  198. Okay, in reference to my above comment and please keep in mind that I have to run several different browsers because of the flakiness of them and logging into both FB and VK, that I tried to paste “Soldier Boy’s” link in my above statement, but it didn’t take, and I didn’t notice it until it was too late, and you can’t edit on here once you post!

    Ergo, “Soldier Boy’s” link page is:
    I wanted to include that just in case his photo’s in my album on my page weren’t accessible due to privacy settings on that site – still trying to figure them out (the privacy settings, that is).

    So, in conclusion, my album link is:

    And, Soldier Boy’s page link is:

  199. Apparently, I have been scammed as well! This person created a profile page on that looks authentic. He later, after meeting me, created a profile page on FB, but the deleted his page after 2 or 3 days, for reasons unknown to me, however he told me that it was because they thought he was too young, yeah… right!
    Anyhoo, I have put together the photo’s he shows on his page which is on my page under an album entitled, “Is this your soldier in Afghanistan?”, which can be found at:

    In either case, you can view photo’s of this individual either at my page on via the link above, or barring that, by directly viewing his profile page on But from everything I’ve read, he’s a classic scammer and am now so sure that the photo’s he posts are not those of him, since I do know for certain that there is no such person that exists under the name he uses (or any variation of it), living in Houston, TX. age 43 – no older than 44!

    BTW, we have no soldiers stationed in Africa (Accra, Ghana) and there ARE NO SOLDIERS that have any reason to be asking for money from their countrymen since we are the ones already paying them for the job they are assigned to do! Also, how low is the male that tries to solicit money from a woman? That question, btw, is rhetorical!

  200. hello,

    nice to meet you. i have an american boyfriends who is in nigeria now. to travel from lagos to spain they ask
    him to pay 1500 euros tba leaving nigeria. is this by law?????

    • Hello Annelies –

      I have two questions for you. First, is your American boyfriend in the U.S. military? Second, have you ever met him in person? If he says he is a soldier and you have never met him in person, he is probably a SCAMMER. If he has ANY connection to Ghana or Nigeria, he is definitely a SCAMMER.

      There are no American military personnel in either of those countries. There are however, hundreds (maybe thousands) of scammers in those countries. When U.S. Army soldiers travel for work, the Army pays ALL of the costs for their travel (airfare, taxi, hotel). They even get paid extra for meals each day. When I travel to Jordan for my work with the U.S. Army, I get paid $130.00 USD extra each day for food. We call this “per diem.” If your “American boyfriend” were really in the military, he wouldn’t need to pay anything for travel.

      Good luck!

      – Gordon

  201. I met a Guy who says hes in the military in Kabul afagahistan I met sgtprestonthomas@yahoo in August of 2013 Ive been talking to him almost everyday and at night he asked me to marry him but he needed money to pay for a replacement for him so I did in fact help him I sent him 1450 dollars He did ask me To send to Nigeria through western union so I had done this for him My question is is he a so called scammer I have been researching him for sometime he does in fact have a facebook account a yahoo account all I wanted for him to be Real I have some photos of him in my facebook account all photos are of him so does any one been in any active corasponse with him

    • RAV –

      You’ve been talking to an African criminal (a scammer). He is not an American soldier. Real American soldiers don’t pay for a replacement. The Army assigns soldiers to their jobs and sends them there. Also, a real soldier in Afghanistan would not need you to send money to Nigeria. The scammer asked you to send money to Nigeria because that’s where he lives. He sent you pictures that he found on the internet. The Facebook account was created by the scammer. He made up a name and created a fake page. Facebook doesn’t confirm the identity of its users.

      If you send money to this criminal, you’re throwing it away. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  202. I have found out the scamer who were trying to scam me
    He uses the pic of the politician Doug Heckman. Terrible how many names he uses, I didnt give money for him, but he was trying to send me a “package”with 600.000 dolars from Afeghanistan. Then, after he “sent”me the “package money”he sent me e-mail asking me $1750,00 for release the package from airport, of course I didnt send him money but I told him, I knew he was a scamer, since then he is trying to intimidating me saying he will use my pics as a scamer for men.
    He says in the e-mail he sent to me. He is very mad.

    “OK so you are in the game??? Well your pictures will also go to the whole world as a scarmmer. I know you enjoyed the game, don’t forget you are also a fool thinking you know my name, wait and see>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”

  203. Sorry, i forgot earlier to include Rubin Jude’s email which is, On his Facebook profile says he’s from New York, New York.

    Sincerely, Roses

  204. I recently met a Rubin Jude on Facebook. He says he’s a Sgt in the U.S. Army. I went thru his profile he has photos of a U.S. soldier. In one of those photos I can clearly see the last name of Rubin on his uniform. I started to get skepital I asked several questions. He couldn’t answer them. Finally the day came when he asked me to send $750.00 to this name: Williams Gray Address: 33D Military Barrack Country: Nigeria, State: ONDO, StateCity: AKURE country code: 23434. His IP address Lagos, Nigeria. I never sent him anything. I’m worried since this scammer has pictures of a soldier with the last name of Rubin in the U.S. Army and now also has my email address and my profile photo.
    Sincerely, Roses

  205. hi there.. a guy claiming as US military added me on fb named jacobs luis levisee stationed in Iraq. he’s good looking and good in english grammar. he professed his love for me since the day i’ve accepted him on fb. He’s a christian so i got hooked up. i’ve found him so nice telling me that he is a widower, with 2 children who both go to boarding school, parents are deceased, no siblings.

    for a span of a week he told me his desire to meet me in person. for him to do that, i have to help writing an email asking the transit commander for a leave. i caved in. since am new to this kind of a thing, he drafted the mail for me and later did i learn that he is Sergeant Jacobs Luis PLT532 and have sent my mail to to my surprise, the night i sent the mail, he deactivated account without informing me which led me to google about US military, i’d melt with everything i’ve learned from this site.

    i too immediately deactivated my account. he found out later and was quick to email me. was wondrin how he was able to get my email address when the only time i did use it communicating with him was i sent my email to when confronted, he told me that my email address is publicly seen on my fb but i rebuked it as i am using different email address for my fb and yahoo account.

    i confronted him about it and he has reasons for every issue i raise. which i buy some some of them.

    to date, he keeps on bugging me to unblock him and add him up so he can prove that he is real. was preoccupied googling his name if he is a possible scammer; i even signed up for spokeo to check if he’s a scammer but zero results.. i traced his IP address and found out it’s from sunnyvale, california. he said, he hailed from queens, new york and his home address: 347 blissville queens 11101 new york. is there a way to know if he’s really at this address? u see, am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.. but if u guys can help me to check if he’s a legitimate soldier, my pleasure. i almost read everything in here but didnt get to read same name as his (except for brian edwards) so am kinda confused.

    here’s his fb for your review and perusal. pls feel free to email me and send ur thoughts about my ordeal. thank you.

    • Hello Mauinda –

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. The Facebook page is a fake – created by your scammer. You’ll note the real soldier’s last name is “Levisee.” It’s written quite clearly on his uniforms. The scammer’s Facebook page lists the last name as “Leviisee.” Do you think a young American Army soldier would misspell his own name? Also, “Jacobs” is not an American first name. It’s a name created by someone who doesn’t know much about western names. Most romance scammers live in Africa. English is a second language for most of these people. They know almost nothing about American first and last names.

      I was able to find the real Sergeant Levisee on Facebook. He has more than a thousand photos on his page and hundreds of Facebook friends. The scammer has only a few photos and a handful of friends. Scammer Facebook accounts generally appear that way – few friends and few pictures. I’ll send a message to the real SGT Levisee warning him about the scam. I’ll let him know to be careful about who he accepts as friends on Facebook. I’m sure the scammers would love to get their slimy hands on the rest of his photos.

      The fact that he told you he loved you the same day you accepted his friend request is another clear indicator that he’s a scammer. Do real people do such things? Of course not.

      As far as tracking his IP address – most of these African scammers use Virtual Private Networks. Using a VPN, one can make it look like their IP address is anywhere they want it to be. Also, the servers for Yahoo are located in Sunnyvale, CA. So, EVERYONE using Yahoo will appear to have a Sunnyvale, CA IP address.

      Finally, if a “soldier” ever asks you to help him request leave, you KNOW that he is a scammer. Real soldiers do not need anyone else to request leave for them. This is an old scammer’s tactic.

      Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • @ gordon.. thanks a lot for the info.. with regards to his frist name, seems that he really doesnt know how to spell.. of course at first I’m on the denial stage.. i kept ignoring how he mispelled his last name such “lev” “levis” levvisee” “leviisee”.. thought it was just a typo error now it dawned on me that he’s stupid not to know the right spelling for his last name. lol. he sent me more pics on our chat box..

        this is disheartening to note but I’m glad i learned about this as early as now. otherwise romantic pitfall awaits me. lol. but just got curious to know the real sergeant levisee? can u pls send the link of his fb page so i can at least take a peep of his profile? here’s my email address : looking forward to hearing from u soon.

        thanks and cheers!

      • Gordon got over a year now I have had contact with a few of these men that claim to be U.S. soldiers.. All of them think we women of the U.S. are dumb or stupid. Like we don’t pick up on their broken English. And each and everyone of them always has a lot of money , but for some reason or another they can’t access their own money. They will ask for your on line user ID and password. Please ladies do not give it to them. Or they will ask you to to go get a Walmart gift card.l don’t know what they do with the card. But I’m sure it’s not good. And this thing about asking for a leave to get married is a crock of shit.. They than ask you to pay for the leave. Do you really think theU.S.military would allow this? If they did we would have soldiers at club we’d all year round. Anyways Gordon l would like to add more scam need to the list . One in particular is a man that’s uses these names. Chris/Christopher, and last names of Graham , Jay, Thompson, Thomps, Allen in any order Or mixture. Sargent USArmy. Another one is Rico Belt Miller, And yet even another by the names of Andrew Cleverly Moreno . Juan Scott. They switch back and forth on. Facebook and Hangouts. And What app. They always ask for money or gift cards. Most of them say their widowed. And their children and with a nanny or family member. They go as far as to ask you to buy their children gift cards ECT.. l know it’s hard to be alone ladies. But please do not fall for them. If you don’t know them face to face and it sounds to good to be true it is. Sincerely Lorena Guzman

    • Facebook a person in military U.S.Army Philip Johansen First Sgt. needs money for internet and leave..please check him out?

  206. hi there.. a guy claiming as US military added me on fb named jacobs luis levisee stationed in Iraq. he’s good looking and good in english grammar. he professed his love for me since the day i’ve accepted him on fb. He’s a christian so i got hooked up. i’ve found him so nice telling me that he is a widower, with 2 children who both go to boarding school, parents are deceased, no siblings.

    for a span of a week he told me his desire to meet me in person. for him to do that, i have to help writing an email asking the transit commander for a leave. i caved in. since am new to this kind of a thing, he drafted the mail for me and later did i learn that he is Sergeant Jacobs Luis PLT532 and have sent my mail to to my surprise, the night i sent the mail, he deactivated account without informing me which led me to google about US military, i’d melt with everything i’ve learned from this site.

    i too immediately deactivated my account. he found out later and was quick to email me. was wondrin how he was able to get my email address when the only time i did use it communicating with him was i sent my email to when confronted, he told me that my email address is publicly seen on my fb but i rebuked it as i am using different email address for my fb and yahoo account.

    i confronted him about it and he has reasons for every issue i raise. which i buy some some of them.

    to date, he keeps on bugging me to unblock him and add him up so he can prove that he is real. was preoccupied googling his name if he is a possible scammer; i even signed up for spokeo to check if he’s a scammer.. i traced his IP address and found out it’s from sunnyvale, california. he said, he hailed from queens, new york and his home address: 347 blissville queens 11101 new york. is there a way to know if he’s really at this address? u see, am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.. but if u guys can help me to check if he’s a legitimate soldier, my pleasure. i almost read everything in here but didnt get to read same name as his (except for brian edwards) so am kinda confused.

    here’s his fb for your review and perusal. pls feel free to email me and send ur thoughts about my ordeal. thank you.

  207. Hi…I met this guy online at military cupid, who asked for care package and money and is Kabul. He eventually, told me that he was dismissed due to some faulty. He tells me he is inlove with me and calls me in an Unknown phone #. His name and email address is Johnson Ysalde .
    He stated that he is currently in Nigeria as he was supposed to get a job but it failed. When he calls I can sense an African accent. Pls. check on this as this person might be using this persons name and he was sending pictures of this person Johnson Ysalde.

  208. Tambien fuí estafada y abusada sentimentalmente por quien se hace llamar Gen James kelvin y las fotos que recibí fueron del supuesto militar James, Por favor ustedes que tienen las herramientas y el poder hagan algo es horrible lo que estas personas hacen, fui contactada en skype. Soy colombiana y no sabía de la existencia de este delito, en su momento lo denuncie ante las autoridades de mi país, pero poco o nada pueden hacer.
    Gracias por lo que hacen para que esto no le suceda a mas mujeres que como yo somos vulnerables.

    • @ Miryan

      Siento mucho lo que le paso… estos casos son vistos en todos los paises por la causa de connecsiones de skype, dating websites… todos esos en esas connecciones son impostores. Estan usando las fotografias de nuestros soldados Americanos y de otros paises las cuales son robadas de nuestros soldados y posan como se fueran ellos. estas personas son de Ghana, Nigeria.. esta mala gente hace eso para robar el dinero de mujeres que estan buscando amor y se ven vulnerables a las mentiras que te dicen para robar todo tu dinero.
      Por favor sigue leindo esta pagina y ve a y veras que hay mas mujeres que les ha pasado esto.
      Si le diste dinero a esa persona nunca lo vas a recobrar no se puede hacer nada simplemente se un poco mas vigilante de ti y de esas personas.
      l FBI tiene muchos casos de estos y lo unico que se puede hacer es cuidarse de gente asi y no creer en esas dating websites o personas que no conoces.

  209. I send a care package to Nigeria for a Jeremy mark any one know him . calms he don’t have the money to pick it up . should I send the money for it. don’t want it to come back to me

    • @ Joyce

      Please be smart we dont have no military in Nigeria….. you already have sent a care package that it cost you money to send it there. international pckgs are very expensive and now he is asking you for money?

      Please be smart educate yourself keep reading all comments on this page…Please dont be another VICTIM……

      You are being scam. Google his name and his pictures.. go to and you will see how many women have been taking for a fouls.


      Check his IP addres where is it coming from….ask him for his AKO if he cannot provide this to you or he tolds u he doesnt know it he is a FAKE..again Educate yourself google what AKO means. only our soldiers use that kind of form of communication with their loves ones and friends.

      Good luck to you Joyce.

  210. I’m trying to find out if the soldier I met on-line is true. SFC Edward Camp Army, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. E-mail Any information I can verify would be greatly appreciated.

    • @ Donna

      That email you have is a fake please check his IP address if it showns from Ghana or Nigeria he is a scammer please be very careful dont be another victim.
      Google his name and pictures allot of these guys are stilling our military pictures and posing as them to scam you out of your money. Just know our soldiers dont ask for money or packages or any information regarding your personal info.
      Ask him for his AKO google what AKO means to our military if he cannot provide that to you he is a FAKE…. please educate yourself going to and you will see how many women have fall for these kind of scams.
      Please keep reading all the postings on this page and you will see all in here is true and you are being prepare to be another victim.

  211. i think i am being scam to by a guy on facebok goes by the name thomas wolfgang he was nice at first then he starting to ask for money told me if i did n ot send money he would delete me and he did but i did not send no money though i have pics of him the guys in the pics were cute and there name on the uniform was peto

    • @ Sharon
      If you met that guy in FB and he is already asking you for money he is a scammer be very careful those fouls are just freaking trolls looking for women to scamm all their money.
      Please go to or google tjeir names or pics and you will see this freaking trolls are stealing our soldiers pics to scam women.
      dont be a victim of these freaking trolls be smart.
      good luck

  212. I think I am being scammed by a guy from Nigeria he told me he is an Army man, I found him on a dating site well anyways he told me he sent me a package and he lost his ID in the package and I was to send it back as soon as I got it and than he asked me to open a bank account which I will not. Can anyone help me know if this man is real or not

    • Hello Amy,

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. There are no American soldiers in Nigeria. There are however plenty of scamming Nigerians there. Ghana and Nigeria are probably the two countries most known for romance (and other internet-based) scams. A real American soldier would NEVER ask a stranger to open a bank account for him. If you’d like more information about these scams, go to: I post comments on that site fairly often. They have a searchable database. Type in a name and you can find instances were that name has been used in scams. There are many thousands of photos on the site too. Good luck!

      – Gordon

    • @ Amy

      Please DO NOT accept any packages from those guys, trust me you will be an a big trouble. you dont know what is in those packages please be smart dont trust that troll he is an scammer do not give him any info of yours or open an account for him you will be scamm of all your money and then you will not be able to recover any of that. DO NOT fall for his sweet talking to you. Be smart ask him for his AKO is a form of email our military people uses it to comunicate with their loves ones or Goodgle what AKO means. If he cannot give you that he is an scammer. Please be very careful

      Good luck

    • I have been contected by a Thomas Bowen Maupin. Text conversation once. Lots of “honey” “sweetheart” pics of him and his twin 9-year-old boys. Wife died after childbirth and lung cancer. Um… says he is retiring from the US Army in 3 months… in Afghanistan. I have no idea of he is “real” but he does seem VERY quickly affectionate and “too good to be true.”

      What is your experience?

  213. A man named Hactor Jacoby sent me friend request on facebook, he said he was a General in US Army stationed in Afganistan for piece keeping after talking for about 20 minutes he started asking thing’s that struck me as odd, like do I own my own car and my own house. Then he said to prove I am from the US by telling him the name of my bank and what tupe of account I had. I told him that I don’t give personal info. to anyone. He kept saying I mean nohm.So I kept telling him I don’t give that out and if that answer is not good enough converrrsations over he kept appologizing. Then asked if I had an equity account I said I’m not giving personal info out he sai it’s just a question yes or no. I said have a good night good bye. Then searched internet for his name and Just now unfriended him on facebook.This all happened around midnight tonight. His name is stiil on facebook. Hactor Jacoby. Can these scammers be caught?

  214. These people are nothing but terrorists and should be treated as such they prey on vulnerable women for money and therefore deserve to be called trrorists.

  215. I have met an Australian soldier Richard Chandler I met him on be2 can anyone tell me anything about him, He has sent me a couple of gifts, seems genuine, He is serving in the middle east

  216. What if you have checked Spokeo and they say they don’t exist but you see a Facebook page with all these photos? Also, when I mentioned something at his account he went and changed it on Facebook. Where do they get all these photos of men? So they create usernames on dating sites and also on Facebook for people like me who are trying to check them out, and can find no info. on them. He says he is from where I am but in Kabul and wanted me to send a phone to Nigeria. I didn’t. All these poor servicemen. They are stealing their identities. But it just seems so real…

    • @ Sarah

      Dont be naive… OUR MILITARY DOESNT ASK FOR ANYTHING TO BE SENT TO THEM. Please educate yourself keep reading the postings in here they are very educational. We dont have soldiers in Nigeria so please be smart. Go to and you will see so many other postings and pics of scammers.
      Good luck

      • Am the Victim to. He is Lt.Col.Mark Preston. From Afghanistan I lose my Money a lot to her. Am a innocent. I believe him. He promise to he will Come in Japan. And he need money to buy her Plain Ticket I send it in Western Union. He told me again. He accident her Train and now he is in the Hospital. I send it money because am very worried. I send it again money. To pay her bill in the hospital.and then told me he can not wait anymore. He want to come in my country in Japan. I send it again money. And am waiting to her in Tokyo international Airport. But he did not. I lose all my Saving Money. Now am very Poor. He Fool. Me. All my friend she told me maybe is schammer. But did not Listen to all. My friend. Because. I love him so much. I lose my about Ten Thousand Dollar.please help me find her. I have many picture he send me. Now I know am a victim. I want to send her picture. Maybe he know that man. God he Will Never forgive all lie people. Very bad job. Many Women. Or Man. Crying lose a lot of money. My husband face. Is still there in Nigeria. Or Ghanna. Now I know maybe he is a back man. But her picture is a white man. Please please help me to find her. To all schammer if you read this . Wait your Karma, no Mercy in your life. God is always with you. If you die you go to in he’ll. my name. Is maria.

        • Dear Maria
          Sorry to tell you this but you have been scamm by that man. Our Military in USA does never ask for money or other stuff. Our Military is well taking care by our goverment.

          Maria you will never find this man. He is not real he just stole somebody else pictures an pose as him… So sorry you lost your money but please educate yourself and go to or goggle his name and go to google pictures also and you will see how many women are being taking by this SOB’S.

          Read all the postings on this website, this website have similar stories like yours and next time dont ever believe on those dating sites because all of them are not real all are scammers from Nigeria, Ghana and UK.

          This man took all your money and he will never be found… if you have the add he gave you for you to send the money i will recomend to you to contact the FBI and make a former complain but sometimes this does not do anything because of so many women in the same position.

          Good luck to you Maria.

        • Hello Maria,

          You’ve probably been scammed by a young male from Ghana or Nigeria. He may have sent you photos of Kenneth Preston – the former Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army. Below you’ll find a link to the romancescam website. There are several pages devoted to scams that have included photos of Kenneth Preston.

          I hope this was helpful. I’ve been dealing with this issue since 2009 when I learned that scammers have been using my photos. I’m a U.S. Army soldier. Good luck to you!

          – Gordon

          p.s. – I visited Japan for the first time last May. I had a wonderful time. Tokyo is a beautiful city!

    • Sarah without sounding condescending the best thing for you to do is Educate yourself ASAP and the best way to do that is to Google Military Romance Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam.Know that REAL US Military Members will Never find you on any social site and begin begging you for money nor expensive electronics because they have access to their own Bank Accounts.

      There is NO US Military Base in Nigeria he asked you to send the Phone to Nigeria because that is where he lives he is Nigerian.
      If he were real you could have just mailed the phone straight to him in Afghan NOT Nigeria

      if you checked him out on Spokeo and there was no record of him he doesn’t exist the Name he used is made up they do this Often.

      Read and Educate yourself in any case I am glad you were not taken in by the Scammer.Anonn

  217. @ Cathy….

    Please keep reading the postings on this webpage OUR MILITARY DOESNT ASK FOR MONEY TO COME HOME. Please educate yourself dont let this guy scamm you. ASK HIM FOR HIS AKO IF HE CANNOT PROVIDE THAT FOR YOU HE IS A FRAUD

    @ Henri
    It sounds more to me that person is a scammer, please check her IP add and make sure you are not taking from someone in Nigeria.

    Henri ask her for her AKO if she cannot provide that for you she is a fraud.

    Please guys do your research.. if you have pics of them google their names or go to do a background on them.

    This is what AKO means and Military uses that to communicate with their loves ones or friend. the sacmmers dont know about this if they give you and AKO email add please check that right away

    Army Knowledge Online (AKO) provides corporate intranet services and single web portal to the United States Army. AKO provides the US Army with email, directory services, portal, single sign on, blogs, file storage, instant messenger, and chat. All members of the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, DA Civilian and select contractor workforce have an account which grants access to Army web assets, tools, and services worldwide. In addition, retirees and family members are also entitled to accounts. All users can build pages, create file storage areas, and create and participate in discussion on the portal. Users can build custom access control lists for each piece of content they own to determine the audience allowed to see or use their content.

  218. Does anyone know a Brandon Singale out there? He’s needing money too.. $850.00 to come “Home” to meet me and we buy a house to live in happily ever after.. Please! After reading everything here, I doubt thats gonna happen..

  219. Was recently left a message by “Lt Colonel Joy David” US army serving in Afghanistan, about to retire and looking for someone to love and settle down with when she gets back to the states. Her profile describes her as native American with blonde hair and green eyes. Her picture shows a brown-skinned brunette. Her profession is listed as law enforcement/security and her income as a million-plus. Anyone else hear from her?

  220. I just had a guy msg me on facebook about a few weeks ago. he im me yesterday and wanted me to go to yahoo i asked him for his other email (APO) and he didnt know what i was talking about..had no proof to show me, couldnt call etc..I did my research and traced his email from his buddy who was sup to be in spain ..and found the email to be from infuriates me that they are stealing real identities of our soliders over there risking their lives! I did report him, I flipped out on him for all the wrong he and many others are doing. I will not be a victim and I will spread the word , if i can save one person from becoming a victim to this i am doing my job! He never asked me for $ but he did ask me to help him with a package..

    • @ Amy GOOD JOB!!!

      Glad you did your research…. Those scammers from Nigeria are horrible and you did the right thing.

      PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY TYPE OF PACKAGES FROM THAT GUY…. They send drugs or ilegal stuff and you will be and a big trouble with the law.

      But kudos for you researching on this guy….. You are smart girl and thank you for sharing your story here.

      Im so happy and glad this wesite was created for us to be able to check on these post all the time and help other women with our comments and concerns .

  221. Has anyone heard of Michael Benson Mcdaniel serving in Kabul Afghanistan or a
    say he report to TLG Joseph Dunford multi national corps puplic affairs office, he is looking for transfer to the UK and looking for money.

    can anyone help me!!

    • Lisa

      Be very careful, please aducate yourself about this online people. He sounds more like a scammer to me.
      Go to google his name and picture. If he is already asking you for money please DO-NOT give him any money. Our soldiers or other branches of the military do not ask for money.
      Usually these scammers are from Nigeria, India the UK and other places. check his IP address and if comes out with a Nigerian IP he is not real.. Please read other postings and you will know he is trying to scam you.
      Good luck Lisa.

  222. I found this site while searching for a young man claiming to be Arnold Lanza, on a peacekeeping mission in Mali Africa…he befriended me on Facebook. I was only one of two friends when he added me, the other of which was a local young man. I asked about his association with this other young man right off, and he told me he he known him from camp…I’m assuming he meant, like church camp or some such thing….We chatted off and on for a couple days, and he told me about a near miss on his life, and how deplorable it is for the people of Mali…the next day was just a couple days before xmas, and he asked me to help with money for the kids there. After finding out from the other young man that he did not know Arnold, I told him no to the money and blocked him…Reading all these stories had made me wonder now if I have not been suckered by giving money to other individuals who have been injured or fallen on hard times on some of these donation sites like GoFund….sad!

  223. please .take note all the follower are scammers
    1)davmill ,2)springfalls09 ,3)m_gunn ,4)travs43, 5)jerryboy90, 6)harry091, 7)98327674, 8)lifeiswar000,
    same person all one militarysingles com. i cracked my scammer – he was 22 from Ghana says his boss is a white soldier in the US army and has boys in NIGERIA AS well. he sends them the id and emails to use as well as the scripts to use , He tends to use kids who drop out of high school with good english. he also runs a credit card scam and fake ID which some of them get given to go to the UK or USA.. he has has two other mates that work with him.PLEASE POST THIS ON AS MANY SITES AS POSSIBLE. just wish organsations like the FBI or British MI5/6 WOULD HELP.

  224. – Probabilmente Hi’s a scammer.
    If You know about him any information pleaseabout message on my meil.
    genallen11 @gmail. com – Pobabilmente two persons in one. One person and two adresses of meil.
    Please help me and other womens. Thank You

  225. Warning Ladies. I have just found a new scammer. I met him on datehookup, I spoke with him for the last couple of weeks and decided to do research due to all the scams that I know are out there. I was right on. He goes under the, Alex Garcia, Percy059. states he is in Kabul Afghanistan no kids, age 41 and never been married. he has also been on POF under Alex Garcia but from New Jersey. alhough he never got a chance to ask me for money, it is a shame that these guys are using pictures of our soldiers to scam innocent women.

  226. There is a General Alexander Keith Brian, stationed in Afganistan; he is asking for my help to transfer big money to me end he offer 40% for my help, also is asking for my datum; I ask him why he choose me end how he find me, so the point is if it is a scam or cut be real.
    He say the money was from Hamid Karzai`s family from 2011 Dec end it is in cash, mostly 100. bills.
    He post a photo wearing a military sut.
    Thanks for your atention.

    • Marco he’s a FRAUD trying to get your Bank Info so that he can steal your money he IS NOT a US Military member if he were real he would NEVER ask a complete stranger to help them in any way.Educate yourself go to Scamearners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams READ READ and real alot more you will find that this is only one of their Many LIES that they use to try to steal your money there is NO Money only yours he’s trying to steal.Anonn

  227. @ PJ He’s a fraud Google the Name he’s using also Google Military Romance Scams.

    Go to Romancescam and Scamwarners,If he found you on ANY Social site and you have NEVER met him face to face and he claims to be US Military he is a Scammer no Exceptions,Cut off all contact if you have not done so already.

    Know that US Military NEVER need money nor anything else of value from you only Scammers do that,In fact US Military members will NEVER beg someone they met online for money or expensive electronics.Anonn

  228. I recently started talking to a guy who said he is in syria with the army his name is peter michael Davis . Has anyone heard of him?

  229. hi i have some questions idk if any one can help me …. i started talking to this guy he is in afgan and wanted to know if any one has talked to him an if he is a scam ,,,,, name is LT David NIcolace Hooper he is 47years old from las curses nm ,,,, and he wanted me to send money to him to buy cigs but i went into a recuriting office Marines and they could not find his name ,,,,,, he gave me a name where to send the money in grand prerire tx i am looking for this person thanks to google the name he gave is some one that has a bad record i sent him the info and told him he said he is going to report what his boss gave him idk i dont want to say anything bad about a man that i dont know in person i just want to see if he is one of the scamers ,,,,, he told me not to worry about sending money which is good because im not but still im worried

    • Heather he is a FRAUD why would he want you to send money to someone in Texas if he’s in AFGHAN? Educate yourself ASAP google Military Dating Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam NEVER send money to anyone you don’t know US Military members have access to their own Bank Accounts and do’nt need your help for any reason.

      Anytime you are on any social site and a Man/Woman contacts you and claims to be US Military in ANY Part of the World and then invents a story to need money from you is ALWAYS A Scammer NO Exceptions.Cut off all contact and delete and BLOCK him of course he’s not going to tell you he’s a fraud it means no money for him hope this helps Anonn

  230. I have another question. Are these people real or scammers?

    Michael Blalock Sgt. Major (SGM) at USA Army
    Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan

    Steven Rogers 18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant at SpecialOpsM4

    • Wendy he’s NOT REAL,please Google Military Romance Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam there you will find support and many answers to questions you may have I can tell you this if you met him online and you have NEVER seen him face to face he is absolutely a Scammer.

      US Military NEVER need your money nor your help for ANY reason the US Military takes care of it’s own Bottom Line if you are asked for MONEY for ANY Reason it is ALWAYS A Scammer No Exceptions.Anonn

      • Thank you so much for the info. I have learned a great deal on this website. I appreciate all the effort everyone puts in here.

  231. Hi, After reading these posts I was wondering if this is a valid APO

    317 Provisional Squadron
    APO N.Y. 14777

    I have been talking to this “soldier” for a few months and I demanded this information this morning.

    Thank you

  232. Anyone ever heard of a guy name Harry Kwil?

    Met him on MeetMe on FB. He hasn’t asked for money….yet but I am waiting for it soon.

    • Dear Karen

      Go to Romance Scams you will be able to find pictures and names there from these scamers please be very careful, it will be matter of time he will be asking for money. Please take the time reading these postings and you will come acroos the same wording and all regarding letters of love or different tactics asking for money.


  233. I have been scammed out of $70,000.00(Canadian Dollars), it was my mother’s retirement money. I have sent all my original to North Bay R.C.M.P., I have not heard from them so I need another solution on how to get my mother’s money back. HELP ME.

    • Dear Yvette J. Hamrin
      If you have sent that money overseas to a guy you havent met before and he told you he was in love with you….I am sorry to tell you this, you will never recover that money that money is gone. If you have any paper trail and where you sent it to, you might bring that to the FBI attention and they might be able to tell you what to do but i have heard in other cases its no way to recover that money. I am so sorry what you are going thru and i hope you can recover that money. 🙁

  234. I’ve been corresponding with a guy who goes by Collin Ramos. He’s been writing for over 8 weeks and told me about the tragic deaths of both of his parents in a car crash and because he has no relatives he’s “all alone” in this world. He sent me photographs of his house in Silver Spring, MD, and tons of photographs of himself. As it turns out, the photos are all of Aaron Ramos, the military guys who’s photos have been stolen and used just about everywhere for the purpose of scamming. In the course of the e-mails I received he began to talk about the fact that his 30+ years in the military were coming to an end soon and he would be coming home and he looked forward to meeting me at last in person. Then, one day he said he had applied for retirement and would be getting word soon as to whether or not it was accepted. Then, about two weeks later a letter came filled with excitement saying that his retirement was accepted and he would be released sometime before Christmas. The next few days were letters filled with excitement. Then a letter came saying that a General somewhere had decided that he needed to stay for at least 6 months more…that he was really needed. A few more days went by and the letters were quite sad…and yes, even pulled at my heart strings. Then a letter came saying that he could turn down the General’s request and get permission to override it and still come home. But….and here is where the light bulb finally lit!….he said that the army would not pay for the flight back to Washington, DC, but that he would have to pay for it himself. He continued that it was not that he did not have any money but that he simply had no way to access it. A few more days went by stating this fact over and over.

    And then THE letter came. In the subject line of the email it said, “A special request of you…” After paragraphs of saying how much he hated having to ask me anything, he finally simply asked for me to send him $3000 for the airline costs!

    I stopped all communication at that point.

    I’ve since discovered his photos everywhere with a zillion different names. I feel sorry for the REAL soldier whose pictures are being used by this scammer. I find it all rather incredible just how much energy the guy uses, writing so many people for weeks and months on end.

    But it must work. And some must fall for it terribly.

  235. A man is now on OKCupid as truthful_woman and he is a military scammer working with North Africa to scam you out of money. Ladies beware!!

  236. I forgot..he tells me im his soul mate….and he cant live without me ect. He is in Libya as a part of a peacekeeking mission. Robert Groff@outook
    all he wants is money….I mentioned i was in the hospital and he never even asked if I was ok.or what had happend…..He is still on face book. White male, says he is42, short hair with facial hair but in uniform he is clean shaven and I cant tell if its him because he has sun glasses on…and on his facebook, he has eye glasses on and is wearing a shirt(like a t-shirt) BEWARE LADIES…..HE CHARMING AND HAS SUCH A SAD STORY TO TELL. GOOD LUCK.

    • Angelica

      All these guys in here are trolls and scammers glad you didnt sent any money, they all have sad stories and they always need money.
      go to Romance Scams that website has lots of pictures of the so called military men which they are real people but the scammers are using their pictures to scam good women. Our Military men pictures are being use by all those trolls to scam us of our money. Glad is inteligent women up there and they are putting stop to this.

  237. I think im a victim as well. A man who said GOD sent me to him via facebook. He claims to be in Tripoli Lybia
    at the oldest airbase…build in 1923??? any way..he never would tell me what branch and he sent me a copy of an ID so small i could not zoom in to see it. I asked him, it said it says “ARMED FORCES”???
    he emailed me via outlook and facebook. he said his wife and son died 3 eyars ago in an accident….and now he had found his :soulmate”…me…HE TOLD ME HIS NAME IS SERGEANT ROBERT GROFF. He asked me to send money via western union in order to speak to me by phone. I was sent a email from a “customer care @ outlook
    and the letter said to send $150 for one week, $200, $300 as much as $700.00 for a months worth calling card.
    I never sent the money. He will not disclose the address to the base so I can write, Im not allowed to send care packages…ect. he will only email me not and refuses to chat by facebook because he says he can not speak unless i buy the card…I was given the instructions and “receivers” info for calling card. When I told him I was not able to send the money because I could not afford it, he became very demanding, begging to hear my voice. He is still on facebook but there is no information. The photos I received looked like baseball cards with a soilder on it and above it it said…Sgt. Robert Groff. He said he is 42 and from Florida but his english is broken when he writes like he is not from the U.S. he says he is there for 2 more years. he refuses to tell me any personal information when I ask…all he keeps asking is if i sent the money. The next time (tomorrow) he will ask again and I will tell him i bought a whole month….Im to give him the reference number and he will receive a pin number to call me…BUT I will be the one lying…LADIES BEWARE…HE IS CHARMING, A SWEET TALKER AND PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THIS MAN!!! I NEVER SEND MONEY BY WESTERN UNION. And since when can a man NOT write a letter and put in the mail??? when your not where or who you say you are!!

  238. Ladies be aware of this one also goes by the name Tommy Derek Hughes. his email address is
    He gives you so much of a sad story about him, his fiance cheating on him his brother stealing all his money him loosing his home needing $6k to be able to save his home talks about his dog which i think the poor dog not even exist. Wanting to get your bank account and depositing a check the he will send from Lybia where he’s station and wanting money all the time because the army is not paying him on time.
    this one when he writes ans emails he is stealing quotes from books and i see here other postings with the same exact words… I’m glad i put stop to all his lies i caught this one very fast and he stop writting me he literally vanish not to be heard again from him.
    This is a shame how this scammers take advantage of women looking for real love and i am sad to say i am one of you girls but i have stop going into those websites because everyone on those sites are fakes.. Our Military is the best we have on this country and these SOB’S are using them to scam us.
    Please use you gut feeling and dont let anybody scam you no more.
    I thank God for this website and the real people that created this site for women and men being scam buy all these African people.. Nigeria, Ghana, ect.
    Good luck to all of you 🙂

  239. I think i have been scam also by a guy goes by the name Mark Miller staion in Ghana telling me he is divorce has a child his ex is Puerto Rican he also says he is half English sent me some pictures of him on uniform iam attention to detail and uniform had the British flag and he was trying to tell me he was an Anerican Soldier.
    Also he started to ask me for money telling me his son was sick and need it to send money to his ex…red flag to me we have been talking for 6 months.
    his suppose complete name is Mark Joseph Miller 42 yrs old a Sargent Mayor station in Ghana Accra and he has a driver by the name Samuel Gaymfi please be aware i dont think he is real i coaugh him in way too many lies until i had enough. emails he gos by or i have pics but i dont know how to download on this website. also he says he’s the only child parents dead his english is perfect but i think he is using google translator or other kind of translator to scam women. He told me he was coming back in December and since we were geting closer to the date he starting to tell me he might be sent to Syria and he will not come home in Dec so many red flags and he keep asking me for money and latter he wanted me to get packages in my house under his drivers name Samuel Gyamfi for me to send back to Ghana another red flag. I asked him why under that name and his excuse was he is an american soldier cannot receive nothing up there BS… God knows what those packages will have. I told him i was going to check with one of my friends in the military about the packages and his response to me was IT’S OVER MOVE ON. i havent hear anything from him since that day. PLEASE LADIES BE AWARE ABOUT THIS MAN BE SMART HE IS IN THOSE MILITARY WEB DATING SITES IF SOMEONE KNOWS HOW I CAN DOWNLOAD THE PIC LET ME KNOW..I bet the guy the stole the pics from is being use to do wrong to women 🙁

  240. Well, I guess I am the latest scam. Well actually, not the latest to be scammed, just the latest to share it in hopes that it keeps someone else from getting hurt. I met “Micheal Harris” on back in Aug 2013, but stop talking to him because he sounded too good to be true. Anyhow, he sent an email out of the blue in early October. I asked for pictures and he sent them. Lol. He supposedly had a daughter that was staying with his late wife in Australia. We IM on yahoo and emailed. After a couple of weeks I caught on to the red flags and did my research with those “find someone” sites. After reading all of the stories on this site, I’m not too sure he is from another country. The following is a snip-it from one of his emails.

    I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. I believe that Ronald Regan said it best to Nancy in a letter, telling her only that, “I more than love/need you”. Their love was a strong love, surviving everything, even death. I believe that even after his passing, Nancy felt Ronald’s love for her raining down upon her. . That is what i want and that i am building for you.

    We aint picture perfect baby but we are worth the pictures Still…
    Forever Yours
    Soldier of LOve

    He appears to have decent writing skills. Well other than the “aint”. It just dawned on me, he probably copied this out of something. Like the web…… duh. But, on our IM, he managed to maintain good grammar usage. Who knows, it’s a shame if it is someone from stateside messing with American woman. That’s just messed up all together. Well, if anything, the guy in the picture was good looking and his little girl was an angel. The two in the pic will always have a spot in my heart. I ever had the chance, telling them that would be my ultimate closure. Until then, I will try to tear down this idea that no one can be trusted. The worst part was that I lost a good friend over this mess, I kinda jumped the gun and assumed all men were liars and took out all my doubt, hate, and anger on him. I guess that bit of information was so useful, but I was hoping somehow it would make me feel better by putting it down in writing. Nah, I guess not, it didn’t. Well I am so sorry that anyone had to go through this unfair and undue hurt. But I hope each one of these messages will help prevent one more broken heart. I must admit I had never heard of this type of scams before this. I wish we could get these stories out to more people so we can take the power away from these low-lives. I think dating sites should allow these types of postings to be shared on their website. If they are truly about helping people, then they shouldn’t have a problem with the request. Does anyone have a suggestion where I should start this process or is this just wishful thinking? Best of luck to everyone in healing your hearts.

    I almost forgot the most important part. He goes by:

    • Hi Texan,
      I am sorry you had to go through this, much like you I did too. Go easy on yourself. I agree finding the soldier whose pics I was sent would be the closure I need too. But I cannot find him anywhere, and those pics had to had come from somewhere. I also wanted to say that I have the same email containing the Ronald Reagan love letter to Nancy and yes they do copy and paste these things. I wish there was a way to get the word out so more women and men don’t fall victim to these idiots.


  241. I met a man named Carlos on Military cupid and as recent as last week he started asking for money to do paperwork to come see me. Well, the emails and the BS was flying around like crazy. I let him know immediately that I am not a dumb female and that I knew he was trying to scam me. I am posting this only to warn others about him. He goes by the name Carlos on the site, but gave me tha name Alex Diaz. Email address is (not sure of anything at this point of what would be true or not, but since exposing that I know whathe is doing he has not responded to any of my emails. I am a doubter with good reason and Thank God I am. Anyways, I am in search of someone good to come into my life, but I am in no means desperate. I just wanted to try and see what would happen. He was very persistant and sweet and all of that was a red flag to me. Poetry every day which I found a little odd to begin with. Yes, I am a sap for that stuff but later on in a relationship when I become involved and serious. After emailing me for about two weeks he was already starting to say things like he wanted to spend his life with me and that he was starting to fall in love with me. The issue is and will remain that my trust issues will never go away when there are men like this around. Maybe one day God will send me the right one. Thank you!

  242. Newman Michael


    Newman Michael


    Hi Dear .How are you fairing today?hope you doing just good.i Went through your profile ,i must tell you are so beautiful hope distance will not create a barrier for us not to have a blissful relationship.I strongly believe there is no harm in trial and,am not far from finding the love of my life in you. My Name is Michael Farris. i, am from Dallas, Texas, am single Would like to know more about you if you wouldn’t mind ,so we can know each other better and have wonderful moment {conversation} Hope to hear from you soonest. Keep smiling!Micheal Farris

  243. i got one in too today, a request on fb…his name is NEWMAN MICHAEL, BUT ON HIS UNIFORM IS THE NAME FARRIS…ICLUDING A PHOTO…….

  244. some one asked me to add her in skype under the name “Joy David” and the following are p[art of her e-mail:

    “Like i told you before I am Lieutenant Colonel Joy David army officer of USA military. i am in Afghanistan now because of my rank and i have been here about 8 months which i left less then 1 month to go back home and when am back i want to retire and start a new life with someone that i will love and be with forever.,……..”

    can you help me and tell me is her is true or scammer?

    thany you

  245. I am corresponding with a Michael J Dimeo a CSM in the Army also stationed over seas, widowed, didn’t send me a picture of him with him a dog, but I got a few pictures of him out of uniform. I guess he isn’t real. He hasn’t asked me for money. Glad I saw this sight before I got sucked in believing he really cared about me.

    • Yes it is a Name that a Scammer has made up NEVER send money for any reason in fact if you are asked for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer.Anonn

  246. I just want to know if their was any scams reported of guys being scammed by female soldiers. Whether its guys pretending to be girls or whatever the case may be, because i think one of my guy friends is being scammed by a “female” soldier in afghanistan. Please excuse my english,its not my first language, i promise i’m not part of the scammers with poor grammer or spelling…i promise!! I just want to find out if she is for real or not???

    • Enryke YES scammers pretend to be Women all the time tell your Friend NOT to send money nor personal information it is a Scam and a scammer behind it if he has NEVER met her face to face if he/she asks for money for any reason it is ALWAYS a Scam. tell him to Educate himself go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams.Anonn

  247. hi listen to all on here thers lots scammers on line who make believe they in afghan in army but are not plz dont be taken in with these bloody idiots i know they sound lovely and charming etc but they only want to take your money they all stupid they nearly all tell the same story dont b fooled plz i realy mean this im sorry this is happening to you they dont want love just your money im not saying all are scammers on here just be careful ok thanx shirley xxx

  248. just last night he a supposed vice admiral of the united states navy ,goes by name of harry harris jr stationed in siria with the u.n. peace keapping mission gave me mail to u.n. to get info on marriage certificate got responce today they want 1.780 dollars payable to emmanuel aba west africa accra ,gana right then new was scam almost fell for it still have mail responce from them if anybody needs it


    • II have the Same story Rosario, do you have pics of him?

  250. I too met a soldier on a dating site. He told me his name was Michael “Ronnie” Dimeo. A CSM and widowed father of a son from Florida. He sent me the same picture he sent to Barbara Velazco. Him at a computer desk with a white poodle. One of the pictures had the name Ronnie on it when I asked who that was he said it was his middle name. He got angry when I wouldn’t give him my home address. He hasn’t asked me for money but he instantly loves me. Be careful ladies.

    • This is the last email he sent me. I haven’t answered him back. I too made the mistake and gave him my phone number. So he texts me from time to time.

      From the so called Michael Dimeo:

      Before we even met, my love, I should have told you this: there’s this special love that I have deep within my heart. That love is only just for you. It is far greater than this planet, galaxy or universe. I wish I could show you how much you really mean to me. If I could let you feel how much I do really love you in a kiss or hug, you would only feel the surface of the love that I have for you. The only time when I can show you how much I do really love you is when we are married. For then you will see and taste how much I love you. You can hear the language of my love for you by listening to my heart; it will speak to you. You can taste the sweetest of it in a kiss and you can feel it in a hug. When you look deep into my eyes, you will see how great my love for you is. You will also know and see that it’s no lie!

      If I could describe the love that I have for you, I would try and use lyrics of love songs and even the sonnets of Shakespeare and it would be impossible, because the love that I love for you is real, unconditional, everlasting and indescribable. You’ve had my heart and love from the day we met and you will have it forever. As time goes by, my heart and love for you will keep on growing stronger, brighter and bigger.

      Call me your love, lover and future husband from this day forth. You are all mine, as I am all yours. Although we have two different bodies, minds and souls, we have one and the same beautiful heart.

      This is my unconditional love for you, from me to you.

      I love you, my heartbeat, with all my heart, body, mind and soul. I will never stop loving you. You are my life, my world and my everything. Distance may keep us apart, but you will always and forever be embedded deep within my heart.

  251. Dunn Baker, Charles Baker and Tom Baker are all using the same photos. LOOK OUT!!!

  252. I’ve been talking to someone for about 4 days now, day 1 he was telling me how much he loved me, says he in nigeria and has been divorced for 2 years after his wife cheated on him, and has custody of his 5 year old daughter and loves me because I’m so sweet and honest and so loving. I went along with it until today when he was asking me to send him soap, shampoo, phone or tablet, etc. so he could keep in communication with me til he could come and be with me forever. Told me he only has $220 and has to use $150 of it to renew his internet because he’d rather go without food that not be able to communicate with me. Also, told me he’s been using his commandant’s phone to talk to me, and not once or twice a day, all day long. I wanted to believe him as I’m a single mom who gets lonely time to time but he went way overboard on how much he loved me, more than life. There’s still a part deep down in me that wishes he’s real, but after reading the stories on here, and he found me after I was on datehookup for like 10 mins. like someone else mentioned I’m pretty sure I’m being scammed. He says his name is Chris Frank O’neil and has a facebook page with photos, has anyone ever talked to him before. He’s also seen pics of me and my kids from my facebook account, should I be concerned, he does not have my address or anything personal other than a few photos and my yahoo email address. Also, he told me after day 1 he was going to delete his datehookup acct. and update his facebook status to, so I was getting further suspicious tonight and went on to see if he was still on there, and sure enough it said he’d been on there today and it was updated to say his location was new york, new york. Definitely not Nigeria. I’m hurt and feel like a fool, but I’m glad I found this site before it went any further, as I had bought him the toiletries he’d asked me to get him tonight, he surely isn’t going to be receiving them. Please reply if you’ve had dealings with him. I feel sorry for the true military people out there protecting us and our country and people have the nerve to pose as them.

  253. Look out for anyone calling themselves Ssgt Sam Carpenter. Met him on eharmony of all places. They have taken him down since I informed them that he was part of a scam. Romancing and then a few days ago, asked for money for his 14 year old son who was living in Africa with a friend of his. Son supposedly had bad soccer accident and Sam couldn’t send any money to help with the hospital and son in critical condition. Gave me the address for the Western Union money order to be sent and guess where? Ghana. Decided to look up fraud and found all these sites. I am a very intelligent woman, so ladies, don’t feel bad, they obviously have someone who knows psychology and are using phrases sure to lure us into their scam. His email address is I am sure there are more. On one of these sites there is a service that if you put in their email address it looks it up and he had 69 sites where his address is being used. I didn’t pay to find out where or what, but 69 sites!!! When I sent my last IM to him I told him I hoped there was a special place in hell for people who scam others for money trying to use their emotions. I later looked and he—whoever he is–apologized, said he would never have gotten me involved, obviously broken english, he was typing so fast, saying he wasn’t a bad or dirty man. As Sam, he said he was in Afghanistan and a team leader. But too many red flags had me looking about scams and I did not send money. I was lucky. Those of you who haven’t sent money, DO NOT. Be kind to yourself in realizing you were fooled, they are very good and aparently very practiced at what they are doing! Ann

  254. Thomas Grahek
    Heres a new one for you – reckons he’s in Kabul – speaks and writes excellent english says he’s from Duarte CA

  255. I am the real Dan Mosqueda (they often refer to me as “Daniel” or “Paul” or “Alex”). I have been contacted by at least a half dozen women who’ve been scammed by scammers from Ghana. I can assure you that I’m not in Afghanistan, though I was in Iraq but that was about 5 years ago. The bottom line is that if you are finding a Mosqueda on a dating site and he claims to be in the military with either one or two kids who had an accident and needs money – run, don’t hide. I am working one of the victims to see if the FBI will finally do something about this.

  256. Here’s another one….Williams Roscoe, US Army….several red flags…..first one being that his profile on AYI states that he lives in San Diego…..not army bases near here… and marine, air force…no army. On messenger as either Williams or Profile photos look much younger than the age listed of 43. What made me suspicious is his lousy spelling…and the fact that he called me ‘dear” and used the word “lovely”. Instead of asking me where I lived he asked me where I am “staying”. Said his wife died four years ago and that he has a son who stays with his nanny. Not many military personnel can afford full-time nannies. Not buying it. It’s only been a couple of days. Sent him message tonight asking him to give me his military email….just playing along to see if he gets nasty or by slim chance he is legit…..but thinking he is not the real deal. Jerks using our young men fighting for our freedom in this way. Also, said he was on peacekeeping mission in “Afghan”…..please……!!!!

  257. My scammer is “Bobbie Washburn” – he finally called me and he is clearly Nigerian. Here is his Facebook … Claims he is a US Army Captain. He also posses as a “Chris Kellogg” also US Army. And “Chris Anderson” US Army. Uses a google voice phone 1 (850) 466-8336. Piece of crap!

  258. Has anyone ever heard of Caption Dunn Baker? I was approached by this guy. He says that he is widowed and has a son of 5 yrsold staying with a nanny. Says his wife died 3yrs ago. and now is left alone with just his small son. I have tried to find this man and cannot find anything on him. He had a phone number on his website and I wrote it down early on. I checked on it and it goes to a landline phone in Jacksonville,Florida, but the person that the phione# belongs to is a James Battista. Like a fool I wrote to this guy on FB and started a friendship. He kept after me to give him my phone# and I told him No too soon! Well eventually I gave him my phone# and he called the next day. He said Hello this is Caption Dunn Baker and when I heard the voice,I came back with you’re not American ? He said, Didn’t I tell you I’m hispanic? I said No you did not. After that he did not want to talk to me anymore. Said I’ll talk to you later and never called back. So he knows that I’m on to him. He never got a chance to ask for money. Couldn’t give him anyway, I’m too poor. Now the guy that I see on FB is a Caption and on his uniform is the name Baker. I’m thinking this guy might be deceased. cuz why would you look up somebody that has passed away? But I don’t know how to check out the deceased records and I don’t know much about him. But if any one reads my story ,check him out, somebody’s got to know who he is , The real person in the uniform that is. Oh, I forgot to tell you this guy has a heavy hispanic accent. The phone # is 1-904-257-3349 or these guys are here in the US. This Dunn Baker also claims to be living in Kabul,Afganistan, now and is from Jacksonville ,Florida. Well Ladies I hope you learn from this I SURE DID!

  259. Has anyone heard from a Frank E. Rogers. He claims to be in Kabul. I asked for an APO and he said that he has disabled it since he was retiring. He only has 3-4 weeks to remain in Kabul before returning home – supposedly in Georiga. His wife died 7 years ago and he is 51 years old. He has not asked for money or for anything. He contacted me through I am assuming he is a scammer as well.

    • Traci you are correct YES he is a Scammer I have NEVER heard if disabling an APO it sounds like this Scammer will eventually try to hit you up for money using the Military Retirement Scam and or money for flight back to the US even IF he doesn’t have an APO which we know he doesn’t because he is a FRAUD he would have an AKO.

  260. I have just been scammed by a US NAVAL OFFICER in AFGANISTAN named CAPT.AARON LARSON. It started off when I joined, I then joined Match.Affinity which is a sister company but they ask you to complete a questionnaire so they can compare to other member and find your % compatibility. You also get a flag by your name if you are new saying NEW. I think I was targetted as soon as I joined as within a few days I was approached by this man who is living in Birmingham as he was born in Essex but then said that his children were living in SYDENHAM, London on a Special Guardianship Order as he has been a widow for 6 years and his children AMIE and NICOLAS were being looked after by their Guardian. I am a suspicious person but everytime I tried to check the information online I found something to show this person was telling the truth. He sent me photos of him in his Navy uniform with his name LARSON clearly printed on. He told me he was a pilot for the Navy and sent me photos of him in his pilot jumpsuit and flying jacket. When he asked me for money I said ‘no way’ and he did this on the eve of my birthday so that it was really upsetting when I should be having fun. I had a pretty bad day the following day and when we spoke again he sent me a photo of him looking pretty upset with his batallion? shield on the wall JTF 435 (Joint Task Force 435). It never dawned on me I was being scammed just thought I was dealing with a bit of an immature spender but then my brother rang to say that a friend had just been scammed and gave me the link to this website. I have since discovered that 2 work colleague have been scammed by this same person. I have tried talking to the Fraud Office, Match Affinity and now here to try to warn other ladies. I had sent him a phone but most of all I cant believe the amount of personal information I shared with this arsehole. I honestly feel I have been well and truly GROOMED as I would never give away my hard earned cash, I am a single parent on a very low income. He must have already logged in to my account under another alias found out my answers on my profile then copied them into his quiz so as to make out we were soulmates. I also spoke to a military wife in my office who said that some scams are supported by the servicemen themselves to pay for outstanding gambling debts so they pose for the pictures and sell them to the scammers. I cant stop telling my friends and their friends about this, if I can help protect a single woman I will continue to talk about it. I wish I could post the photos on here too. Ladies keep warning your friends. 🙂

  261. SCAMMER George Joseph Dunford

    I Thank you for your Interest in the Honor of My Request and I appreciate the Fact That you did not Turn me down When I sent you on the Request A Dating Site, I Hope That this dialogue help us to Understand ourselves in trying to assess the development of a true friendship and relationship with you. I want you to know there is no doubt in my mind in our ability to take the necessary step in strengthening of a true friendship. I must warn you that I am searching for a serious relationship and I hope I can find a through friendship in you? I believe we shall find a common language to communicate with when we meet.

    About me …….

    My name is George Dunford but please call me Joseph, I served as an naval officer in Kabul under NATO command I’m from Boston and I want a serious relationship with a serious lady and I am willing to relocate with this lady to a place of her choice if necessary when i retire from active service soon. I want to keep in touch with you so that we can continue to communicate through this medium and plan a way of medium and our meeting after my retirement from Kabul where I am currently serving as General commander naval under Isaf Special joint task force and hope to Live with you as A Civilian When I Retire.

    I HAD A wife and she died in April Six years ago after A failed cancer of the Blood and I have A Daughter Also WHO is 17 years old and studying medicine in the US It is time to begin plans for the future and accept a new lady into my life as I shall start a life full joy and happiness with my dream woman and she may be you, who knows? because it is the reason why I am on the Online dating to search for an elegant lady like you who would like to get acquainted to a man with dreams and ambitions for the future and we can together dialog on where to live and build a family because I do not intend to return to the states so I do not remember the sad events of the departure of my late wife. I want to live a quiet life when I retire and have a new civilian friends. My resignation is very close because most of my documents have been approved and some requires final approval. I love the physical game, Visiting the Sea Shores and Viewing beautiful places in the Mountains and Also I love going to concerts, theater and listening to Classical Music.

  262. Please, please, I need your help urgently, a person who is pretending to Erik Guse Sergeant, U.S. Army specialist based in Libya and currently in Accra, Ghana, I fell in love for nine months, I love this man more than life, but now I ask for money, and I suspect is a black African, calls me 300 dollars for your cell phone, but I would send your pastor in Accra, a specialist in American navy demanded money, which the army does not pay enough, lol, then introduce me to the real sergeant and tell him I love him more than my life, This was what I found
    Help me, please, I love this man, oh my God, is very terrible and painful for me to find this.

  263. I met a Captain Mark Fox on dating sight. He was very romatic with his emails and constant attention. I work for the AF, so I had suspicions right away, pictures did not match the “captain” rank, no phone calls, no mailing address. I finally insisted he call me, he did, and his voice did not match is profile pix (tall blonde, german) sounded african or nigerian. I then hung up and insisted he send me a military email address. He finally did (with much hesitation, said I was endangering his life), the email he gave me was I know he is a scammer, and accused him of such, he still insists I’m being untrustworthy. I’m thinking of reporting this to OSI, since he is impersonating an officer, I just want to be sure before I ruin someones “career”.

    • Hope you have been speaking with a Scammer and trust me you will NOT ruin his career because he doesnt exist he is a FRAUD the email address he sent to you is NOT a US Military email address period glad you knew he was a scammer.Anonn



  265. how do you know if the address is their army e-mail

  266. how do you no if the address they give you is their army e-mail

  267. If someone says there in the army and I ask them for their army e-mail and they say us army lastname@ I have e-mailed them.
    what does a army e-mail look like use the name John Doe to show me

    • Susan the email address or AKO you have is a fraud stop talking to this scammer and NEVER send money to someone you do not know The US Military NEVER needs to use free email sites such as yahoo or google or aol they do not use them the correct format is nothing behind the .mil anything beyond .mil is a scam and a scammer behind it go to scamwarners and romancescam and EDUCATE yourself on Military Romance Scams google it you will find this is not the first or last Scammer you will cross paths withHope this helps Anonn

  268. he sido contactada p capitan jack robert, que esta en la sierra lone, es capitan del 2 peloton del ejercito eeuu, esta en una mision de paz, quiere casarse pide q le envie un mail donde lo solicite para casarnos y que yo suministre mis datos personales habla de amor que me ama , que es viudo desde hace 3 años , y tiene un hijo de 9años . hoy pidio 200$ para un impuesto para poder sacarlo de allla .

  269. here is another scammers Name who is on Badoo and Facebook is Captain Guest Rodley claims to be from US Army based in Kabul. asks for money and also uses Yahoo IM .

    Please stay safe

  270. here’s another scammer.
    they were on ok cupid dot com

    using someone else’s photos by the name of Kevin Kump in the army

    they used this email address

  271. Hello, just to inform that I have been scammed. Nigerian scammer Obi Larry, Address: 33 Adebayo Close, City: Ikeja, State: Lagos, Country: Nigeria, Zip code: 23401 hides himself behind the identity of Ralph Vogt, ex- US soldier, widower and father of son. I have received many photos, even of the son. We have chatting daily on yahoo. He was calling daily from US number saying he was in Connecticut and then in Canada. Be aware!!!

  272. One month ago I met on Belgian dating web site BE2 a guy, ex-US soldier, widower. He said his name was Raplh Vogt. We have been chatting on yahoo and he would call me daily from US number. He was very very kind and I was falling in love step by step… He has described precisely his military past. He has sent many photos, even of his son. On 11.8. he said that he had some difficulties in coming back to Belgium cause of lack of finance and asked me to sent him 1000 EUR to …NIGERIA!!!! In that moment i woke up… I am very sorry for the guy on the photos….Maybe he is not alive anymore 🙁 I feel very sad since two days

  273. got another one Sgt jeffery Hawkins in afghanistan only yahoo account, haven’t contacted him .

  274. hi!

    I think i’ve been scammed too… i began to chat in May 2013 with a Mr David Koning based in Afghanistan. A few months later, he moved to Nigeria to continue the mission… I fell in love with him, he sent me a lot of pictures and we were chatting online almost every night. He asked me to ask for his leaves, so he can come to me and begin our life together… i was so in love, i just wanted to help him so i send him more than 9500 $… when he picked up all the money, he never talk to me again…

    Does anyone here have ever talk to a David Koning ? Please let me know… thanks for your help!

  275. There are alot of fake military profiles on
    Just beware ladies!!!

  276. me again i notice a pic of scammer site went to his fb page and it a firend of his -david hugh dah!!!!!!!!!! couldnt find my guy on scammers lol his name is daniel sneed form sedonia AZ lol htne i found out i ‘m not getting paid fo rbeing a secertary no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. well, i’ve been a victim of these scammers . from the beginning was asked for money for a leave . oh believe me i asked all the questions new pictures , military address, phone you name it i asked. was told it was top secret his life was iin jeopardy if he told me . i became a civialian secertary?? yea i picked up money then sent it to different people in nigeria or ,someone iin florida, then if it didn’t go through had to resend it i never paid the sending fee i took it out of that money . his commander supposely was takiing the leave money out of all the pick ups i did 600 became 800 well now plus the 300 he so called wants to get to the states until the leave was paid for . ok then i get mail stating he’s in london , room for the nite ?? then received another one there’s a quarnteen and he can’t leave. but won’t ask whats going on !!!!! cuz its a national security lol i replyed BS i would be askiing questions its your right then i said i would look it up on londons health site then he needed 300 for spending money , didn’t even know if his plane was still available to him . still owed on his so called room i laughed at hiim when he asked for 300 aka so he could beg his way home i have been trying to reach him but of course he hasn’t repliled yet he even threaten if i didin’t go refund a pickup . and his commander hughs would make his life misable and he would be sent back to kwuit or was it irag, afghanistan ?? oh and his commander had him locked up? cuz i told hiim off about picking up money . it always was just one more after another it would never stop i told them they are thousand miles from me what could they do to me oh as of yesterday he swears he’s for real and plans on coming to states hten he gave his aunts email lol now that has disappeared

  278. My God, Thanks to you I have not fallen into this trap, I met a course online Col. Lloyd Chandler but with images of the Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III, and this fool asked me to write to the following address of you reading now see clearly that there is an e-mail related to the armed …… Thanks girls … I have pictures , and even sent me the alleged identification card ………
    Thank you, thank you very much

  279. Hello. I just wanted to know if anyone has talked to a Nelson Brooks. 41, said he is in Kabul Afghanistan. He says hes from Colorado, and his things are currently in Dallas Tx. I have been talking to him since beginning of June. He said last week he was going to try to go on leave . He said they were going to let him out then came back with the info of they weren’t going to pay to fly him back. He said he needed help with paying for the ticket. I fell in love with him. Talked to him everyday. He texted me on his cell phone. I sent him 1,000 dollars. I have since been hurt numerous times by his words that what I sent was great but if I don’t send the rest we cant be together and its all in my hands. I felt horrible. Then my friend sent me info about the scammers. I asked him a few questions to see if I got correct info. Like the Apo and his mil email. He failed. Then I guess he forgot what he told me his middle name was cause he used a different one. He goes by Nelson Brooks. His yahoo is I have pics. Email me if you have questions. Im quite bitter, feel like such a fool.

  280. Armyman 7777e from Zoosk contacted me 3 days ago, told me his name was Col Ashton Pool, then it changed to Col Ashton Purple (said one was a nickname…). Said he was stationed in Afghanistan, sent about a dozen pics of the same guy, many in uniform with name on it, taken somewhere in the middle east because of the signage in the background. (How do I load pics here – would like to share so no one else gets conned – as well, who is this poor soldier whose identity is being used?!? Sickening.) Even gave me a phone # to text: 708-374-7659 – said that all deployed soldiers are given a cell phone to chat with their loved ones. Looking up that #, I discovered it was a landline in Deerfield, Ill. Unfortunately, the hinky feelings & red flags were not available until after I began chatting with him & exchanged a couple of emails. After reading here, I see quite clearly that he follows the definite pattern: going to retire soon, wife died 7 years ago, 16 YO son back home – said he loved me after 1st chat. I deleted & blocked him on Yahoo, stopped my Zoosk account. Is there anywhere else to report this?

    Thank you so much for all of the info and sharing here – helped me to realize for certain that my gut feeling was right, and that I am not alone. Thank you. I feel like such a gullible idiot; it’s scary how easy it is ti fall prey when you’re simply lonely.

  281. I have been contacted by two men both of them on the same day. The one is asking me to send him some toiletries and first he is going to pay off my credit card so I can use it to buy him these things. He is saying that I am his future wife and all that crazy crap. I asked him for his AKO email address and he hasn’t supplied it yet. he sent me an email from

  282. I was approached by a Lt. Commander Bismark Baker-Wilson who is stationed in Kubalt, Afganastan. States he is from a city near me and will be retiring end of September. He is a widow of five years and has a 7 year old daughter. Said his mom died March of last year who helped him with his daughter and now his friend Travis helps with his little girl when he is deployed. His daughter is named Christine.

    He has posted many pictures on and sent me even more,, all of the same man,, from running events, some with his little girl (who is much younger in the pictures), etc. I”m trying to figure out why he is online this time of day. He just stated he is hoping his daughter is online.. Things don’t add up with him.. But his english is good and there are so many various pictures, wonder if he stole them off somone’s facebook…

    States he signs documentations to send men out on missions. That he spends all day behind a desk. there is always a delay when I ask him about time.. Now he states there has been alot of rain there for the past month,, yeah, In the desert? I looked online and it shows now rain for the past week..

    Says he can’t send me an email from his military address, it’s too risky.. I should have thought of that one yesterday, being the sister and mother of military men myself.. LOL

    Best of luck to you all!!

  283. Hi I have been chatting to someone called 4 star General Olivier Bavinchove in Afghanistan? Can you confirm if this persons name has popped up in your conversations? He gives his military email address as Thanks. Julia