545 Project Releases Powerful Video

The 545 Project has released a powerfully blunt video aimed at the administration and others in our government whose indecisiveness is putting our troops at risk. This is absolutely amazing!

If you’d like to check out more information about the group, click HERE.

7 Comments on “545 Project Releases Powerful Video

  1. Make this video know. As an infantryman who served in this viloent country i can say not a single statment made in this video is without claim. If the “president”(notice the quotations) DOES NOT STAND BY WE FEW PROUD AMERICANS SERVING IN THIS WAR WE WILL FAIL

  2. Personally, I want them OUT. I want my son HOME. But IF the military believes that more men could finish this once and for all, then make a decision and DO IT. Dragging this out for months and years is breaking the backs of our soldiers and the soul of this country. The soldiers need to know that their “mission” is fully understood and has clear objectives. The families need to know that the sacrifice is not just some slick political game.

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  4. I think Mr Obama needs to think about the Soldiers and stop worrying about stupid things. He is supposed to be the Commander In Chief, its about time he act like it.

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