Connor Love is my hero. He’s just 9 7 years old, but this little man gets it. His parents have obviously raised him to love our country and the defenders of its values. Connor frequently sends us care packages that include my favorite candy bar – Snickers! Because I’m on a diet, I only allow myself one per week, but for that week I keep them in the freezer. Yum.

I just received this from Connor in one of my care packages and just wanted to share it. This little man is so inspiring and I hope to meet him in person one day. I sent him one of our flags a few months ago as thanks, but even that just seem to equal what we get.

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  1. This is how our country has to be raised. Being taught to be proud of our soldiers. Its so inspirational to see such a young kid (age 7) writing to soldiers and being proud that they are risking their lives.

  2. It’s nice to see such a young person with the ability to empathize with and understand what soldiers do. I can only hope that his craving for emotional and intellectual understanding among the people of the world doesn’t end here.

  3. It is nice to have a child understand the sacrifices that are being made to let them have their freedoms. However I hope it doesn’t turn into misguidance with political ideology as well.

  4. This. This right here. This kid should be a role model to others, if he is not already, that is!

  5. This is truly amazing! I’ve never seen such a young child know this much! This little boy should truly be an inspiration to everyone in the country! he has amazing parents! he is bright and i hope he keeps this attitude and is still carrying this on with him throughout his life. this little boy is absolutely incredible! its nice to see someone so young have that much dedication to something.

  6. This is so inspiring to see such a little boy so interested in writing to the soldiers at 7 years old, he is an inspiration and it shows what little you can do to help out. It’s nice seeing some kids being so respectful, great job to the parents.

  7. It is nice to see that some children are shown to appreciate all that the soldiers do for us

  8. I’ve known and been supported by the Loves since my first deployment back in Iraq when Connor was a young toddler. The amount of support that they show troops are unparalleled. I received a box from them today and it put a smile on my face, not only because I knew it was filled with goodies but because of the love and dedication packed in each box. Thank you again Howard and Connor, I cannot express how much we appreciate you. *air hug*

  9. Conner has made me realize i can do more to support our troops so if anyone has any informantion on how i can become a pen pal to a soldier overseas please let me know i would love to do more for our troops

  10. This 7 year old should be an inspiration to every American. The little guy has made a difference in many people’s lives and I think that is great. He makes me want to get more involved and do more for our troops. Connor has values that everybody should strive to have.

  11. It’s inspiring to see a little kid that’s only 7 trying to make a difference in someones life. It goes to show that it only takes one small step to make an impact. Connor makes me want to send care packages to everyone,and get more involved. Connor deserves to meet CJ , and I’m sure they will stay friends

  12. What a brilliant little guy! We are a charity that helps support our heroes and finds ex military jobs, however this has just given us an idea for a care package sending day…thanks a lot for the inspiration Connor! Now to get in touch with the local Cadet forces…

    Katie – Hire a Hero

  13. We all can make a difference in war. This boy just showed us this.

  14. This is great that Connor is doing this. It shoes that he has motivation and integrity to do this for someone else. It’s a great way to teach someone how to have respect for grown ups and others. Great job Connor.

  15. After reading this I am really interested in sending out care packages. To see the impact this little kid made made me realize that I too can make a big impact in someone’s life.

  16. First I would like to say that Connor is an amazing drawer, he is so much better than me. Second, he shows so much care for what these men and women do overseas and I admire that. He has inspired me and I would like to start sending letters and mini care packages overseas. Thank you so much Connor and keep up the great work!

  17. Thank you CJ !! As his papa I am continually amazed by Connor and his dedication to helping the soldiers. He has helped me shop and pack boxes (495 sent in 2011) since he was 3 (he is now 7) and never lets up. He also has adopted the gravesite of a young soldier killed in Iraq and every Saturday we stop by so he can make sure its clean so his mom has a clean place when she visits. Howard

    • This is heart warming—- an Old Soul in a little ones body : )
      It is fantastic that the child cares about issues most children aren’t even aware of–he has great parents.
      As we know there has been a secret agenda 2 destroy the U.S.A. apparently 4 quite some time & 1 of the way’s the elite have been able 2 accomplish what they have 2 this point is 2 deny our children a proper education as 2 why the principals this country were founded upon are sooooo important –why we need 2 honor/value the lives of ALL VETERANS.
      Sadly while We The People were busy chasing the American dream the elite took the pledge of allegiance & PRAYER out of schools. I’m glad u as a parent u take u’r job 2 guide u’r child seriously enough 2 teach him about what it means 2 be an AMERICAN– why freedom is important 2 us & 2 the rest of the world !
      Many Blessings 2 U & U’r Family,
      Michelle LittleOwl

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