New Military Scams Emerging

African scammers are being forced to change their operating procedures for scamming women across the globe. We have had a lot of success here identifying the identities, profiles, emails, and user names of those that have stolen photos from legitimate military personnel in an effort to scam money out of unsuspecting victims. As such, they are now resorting to other methods. I’m going to mention two here.

I got the following email from reader tipping me off to this new scam:

There is a soldier that has been emailing me for early release. He tried to go through Larry Christians to get money. They sent me money on a prepaid credit card. Totaling $300 I was supposed to Western Union it to Micheal Roberts. His email address is The address given for Western Union is 122 Church Street, Ikeaja Lagos ST, Nigeria, 23401.

This is a new variation of an old method of scamming. This works quite simply.

Scammers purchase stolen credit card information from the internet. This information is scanned from unsuspecting customers. These customers are generally in the restaurant business. Generally, when you go to pay your bill in a sit down restaurant, you place your credit card in an envelope for the server to take back to his/her machine to make the transaction. For a brief time, the credit card is no longer in your line of sight. Criminals only need a few seconds to scan the card through a small device that sends the information to an app on a smart phone. That information is then sold online around the world.

Here’s a quick video of just one of the ways this can happen:

You can buy these scanners for as little as $9 online. There are some that are only 1.5 inch by one inch in size, like this one.

Once the information is saved somewhere, the card has to be given back to the owner. So, how do scammers use credit cards to spend money? This is where the email I shared above comes in.

Anyone that’s been to WalMart or really any store knows that there is shelf after shelf of gift cards. These cards are just pieces of plastic until they are “activated” at a cash register. You could steal a handful of those and walk out with them empty and no one would probably care. As you know, gift cards all have magnetic strips on them.

How many of you have been to a hotel lately? What kind of “keys” do they have for the rooms? That’s right, magnetic striped cards that the door reads. I have a collection of hotel room keys from throughout my Army career in a box. I don’t know why I keep them, I just thought it would be neat to one day look back at all the different hotels I’ve been to.

A quick search of Amazon for “magnetic stripe card reader writer” will turn up at least one product like this one for about $300.

All the scammer needs to do now is “imprint” the credit card information onto either the gift card or the hotel room and in seconds those are now exact duplicates of the stolen credit card.

Ever wonder why sometimes POS terminals ask for a zip code, sometimes a pin, sometimes the last four digits of the card, and sometimes the security code on the back? Because cloned credit cards obviously don’t have those. That information (except the last four digits of the card) isn’t stored in the magnetic strip. Usually, the scammer will just write the 4-digit number on the room key if they want to use it.

So, what scammers are now doing is either buying or stealing credit card information from the internet and putting that information onto stolen gift cards. These cards are sent to unsuspecting victims and usually come with a request.

For example, the victim may be told that the card has $500 on it, but the scammer only wants $300. He instructs his prey to take out $500 and send him $300 by Western Union. By the time the police catch up to the victim, she has already sent the $300, spent the $200, and is now facing jail time or fraud charged for the entire $500 amount.

Another scam I’m seeing lately is the military charity scam. There are numerous sites that scammers can go to scam women. For example, Kickstarter is a site that allows groups, organizations, and people the ability to raise money for causes, projects, or whatever. Bands use Kickstarter frequently to raise money to self-publish great music. One of my favorite bands, Madison Rising, used it to get back in the studio since the music industry is basically blackballing them for their conservative leanings. There’s nothing wrong with Kickstarter, I’m just using it as an example.

Scammers create a profile and purport to raise money for a fallen comrade or to raise money to come home and see a sick child or whatever. They troll dating sites trying to spread the word about their cause. Money begins flowing and once the amount has been raised, they suddenly disappear.

The problem with these scammers is they call into question legitimate needs. My advice is simple: if you don’t know the Soldier or person professing to be in the military and they ask you for money, be careful. Before you send money to someone, check them out. Run a simple search through Google or Bing and find out anything you can.

If the scammer is claiming to be raising money for a fallen friend, look it up. All troops that have died are listed somewhere, like They Have Names. But, even here there is a catch. It’s not difficult to find the name of a recently deceased military member and use their name to scam people out of money.

In the end, the answer is to beware. Contact the person asking for money that claims to be in the military. Ask them for their military email address. If they claim that they can’t give it out for security reasons or because it has been disabled, it’s a scam. All military emails have the “.mil” extension. This is not an official military email: That is someone trying to make you think it’s a military account, but the extension is “.us” not “.mil.” Similarly, official correspondence from government agencies will end in “.gov.” Many scammers claim to be FBI, but even their emails end in “.gov.” There is no if, and, or but about it. It will ALWAYS be that way. This is the one surefire way to find out if you’re speaking to a real military person.

Never let your credit card out of your site. If it’s dropped, watch the person pick it up and keep it in sight at all times. If the machine is in the back, go with the server to watch the transaction. This isn’t as uncommon as you might think. One of my Soldiers dropped her credit card at the commissary this past weekend. Within a day her credit card information had been sold and charges were made in California and Kansas totaling over $1000. My wife had her debit card spoofed, but we caught it after only one transaction. Be careful about where you use your card and NEVER use a smartphone based credit card scanner to purchase something at a bazaar or something similar. Take cash if you think you’ll be purchasing at an unusual location. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to get a credit monitoring service like Lifelock or something similar.

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  1. Some girl under the name of Rebecca Arias, contacted me threw Twitter, I asked her how she started to follow me, she said threw a political comment, she told me she was a Sargent of the US Army, asked about my job, etc, I played along, then she said she was the daughter of a foreign investor, that donated 80% of his earnings to charity, I asked if your father has a lot of money, how come you join the army to be able to make some money.
    Then she asked if I was married, I told I was married to a wonderful woman and that I had three kids, neve mentioned the name of them, she got a picture that I posted in tweeter of me, then she send a very provocative picture, I played along for a few days, then I checked threw the internet and it was a total scam according to my findings.
    Never gave the chance to ask for money.
    All of this threw my WhatsApp account, I blocked her, eliminated her at twitter and thank threw the information in this web site, I realize this was a complete fraud.

  2. Surgeon in Syria Name Orlando Peters. A nice German fellow who uses this to explain his bad English. His birthplace is in question as he cant seem to remember where he was in fact born.
    Thinks I am gorgeous,calls me dear and last night apparently they were attacked in Syria and had to move the base in the middle of the night.
    So after not even 2 weeks as his only firend and someone he trusts. He is afraid of getting his 5.5 million dollars stolen from him and needs to have a diplomat drop his stuff off to me.
    I told him they would charge me 250 dollars and he acted all surprised as you had said he would.
    he gave me the diplomats email address ,I think his brother must be a diplomat as well as I had seen another Johnson posted on here as well.
    So I created a fake email and sent the “Diplomat” an email. Now poor Orlando is tired so he must go to bed and rest despite beig so SCARED he can sleep he asked me if I had heard from the diplomat yet. Upon saying no he told me he was going to bed.
    He will message me in the morning. Lets see how this plays out

  3. Hi I’m from Mexico City,
    I met my scammer on okcupid. I just let my imagination go with all the nice caring words and promises. I kind of knew it but I just played along. Gave him money no prob, I just knew it. I will not post his name as I don’t wish any harm to him, thanks to him I believe again I can have the perfect life and the perfect relationship. To all the people being scammed, don’t worry about the money, money comes and goes but an honest caring heart as your own remains for eternity. Love and best wishes <3

    • Hello been scammed by a major Clyne tucker Kabul but knew I wAs being scammed he then show me his face told me he loved me and said Clyne tucker was made up he was indeed nigerian.well spoken average look about 25

  4. Hi this guy his name Jake Mendoza he in the military he contact me thru tango is he real?

  5. Met Maj. Gen. Rick Mattson of Afghanistan camp online and he has also a son in UK that is ill today. He sent me his award money and asked me to pay for the tax I already spent 2000$ for his box which has 950000$. He said he will be retiring already and the money will be used for his child’s future.
    Is Maj Gen. Rick Mattson online is a scammer?

      • Can someone report a military man whose id is stolen hes called lexx haney and other names on instagram l know its a real military man but its a scammer using ssgt. Haneys identity

    • Yes hes a scammer. I was contacted by him yesterday. Justbask yourself this question…..why would an army general be on a dating site?????

    • Yes … this same person has said the same to me… i send on western union 200 for a agent to send me a box with 40,000 and said its is for his son future and much more… this is a scam ??

    • Maj. General Rick Mattson has also been sweet talking me and I’ve had a feeling that this person had to be a scammer so I asked him to send me a pic of anything confirming his identity. He sent a pic of his passport and it truely looked legitimate! I had a feeling it was too good to be true. And, unfortunately it is. Ladies, be careful out there!!

    • Hi I am now learning more about all this I supposedly have been talking with a Gen Rick Mattson he is on a peace mission with a son in the UK
      David his name he is so convincing not going for it he hasn’t asked for money but saying exactly what I have been reading his wife died 4 years ago he loves me is going to move here and buy my son and I a house but yet he can’t talk to me until he leaves camp I started talking to him on POF.
      He insists he is him

      • Yes,General rick mattson,told me he is in Syria and has 1e year old son.if hes retired what’s he doing patrolling there. Asking me for a steam card. Dont believe it.

    • This guy is talking to me right now been about a week said he wants to marry me has a son in military school in the UK named David was supposed to find out yesterday about his final release papers. Said he is going to get out go pick up his son and live happily ever after . What a blessing I heard from you I never would have gave money but he is so convincing. Yes he is a scam. I really feel for all the people he is scamming he has my number and I need this number and don’t want him giving it out or hurting me with it . But here is his number he even sent me his ID and Pass port and lots of picture but nothing proving 334-392-0447 Run while you can and be safe so many creeps out there
      Met him off of POF and he is still on there

    • Adele, can you remember what email this scammer used? Thank you!

  6. Met Maj. Gen. Rick Mattson of Afghanistan camp online and he has also a son in UK that is ill today. He sent me his award money and asked me to pay for the tax I already spent 2000$ for his box which is amounting to 950000$. He said he will be retiring already and the money will be used for his child’s future.
    Is Maj Gen. Rick Mattson online is a scammer?

  7. Hi gays be careful from all men working in american armies all of them are fake .rick mattson sent me his ID but i made research about him .he was fake .and when man works in army do you think his kid not safe? Which army man ask money and he never ask you what colors of your eyes?? The funny they love since first i am here to advice all girls to never trust these. Cheaters they are stupid african lazy they want money from women because women have a good heart.God protect all of you

  8. I have been approached twice by someone claiming to be Major General Rick Mattson. The first one asked for money, $200. When I called him out he blocked me. Now I have someone claiming to be him again. This crap needs to be stopped. I have my friends. I have known them for years. Help us to stop the savages wreaking havoc on us.

  9. Army sergent Michael Slover found me on favebook.. Stationed in Syria as a peacekeeper.Needed money for a sick kid in the UK . Fell in love with me real fast he is a big scammer. Now a Craig Jones a.k.a. Patch, Army staff Sergeantstationed in Kabul Afghanistan has also found me on Facebook please can you tell me if he is also a scammer

    • If you want my reply my dad is an ex marine he says they are all false.. and by advertising put soldiers lives at risk… Dad says no lt is definitely not allowed seeking women on dating sites… And he also says your that busy in the forces you dont have the time to chat to women… its up early bed making uniforms got ready shoes polished… breakfast..
      training duty… exercise… dinner back on patrol and by the time its finished its time for bed ready for next day he said l was silly to believe any of it

    • Can someone report a military man whose id is stolen hes called lexx haney and other names on instagram l know its a real military man but its a scammer using ssgt. Haneys identity

  10. Someone who is using name Hudson stevensson and changes by first name first or the way he types. But supposed to be a Sgt us army in Syria on peace mission. I am widowed and he says he is. I don’t believe him because his spelling is off so his wording but wanting money to order pistol from Maine to replace the one he lost while fighting rebels. He would pay me back. Did some checking and he prays on widows. I have picture if interested. He has Facebook page

  11. Henry James an Army soldier claiming to be in Kabul Afghanistan during earthquake last month (10/2015) lost his “card” and unable to pay for cell/internet service. Communicating with asking for wire transfer…very suspicious as he wants me to send to a Julie Wisley in Bloomington IL. Of course…..I want born yesterday. Scammer!!!

  12. my friend is being talked to by some one claiming to be MAJOR GENERAL RICK B. MATTSON He says hes due to retire from the forces in about three weeks. He says his son is at boarding school in uk and that he wants to meet her and maybe start a new life together. He has now asked her to send £1500 so that he can get his wages sent to her. Please can someone help tell me if hes real or not

    • Does anyone know a Sgt Seem real nice but I think he tried to scam me out of money. Wanted to put money in my acct. No way also wanted a itune credit card. To bad he is a nice person.

      • Update he was using other people picture. Was turned into facebook as he changed his picture while talking. they notified the people and shut down that acct. I got a nasty email from him. I really don’t think the picture I have of Donald is him it is a Nigeria scammer. The authorities are suppose to be working on this. Thank you.

      • Thank you I will just in case facebook didn’t do that but they told me they did. Wont hurt.

      • How do you report to the secrets service? I let the person who is contacting me feel like he has the upper hand and get as much information from them and then let them know after they start pestering me for money, I state I will need to talk to my friend who is the generals aide. That if there is an issue with his leave and finance that my friend can fix it if they would like. Then they just diappear. I fell for it once and consider myself luckier than others.

        • Just do a Google search for the Secret Service and try to find the office nearest to you.

    • Yes general rick mattson tried scamming me to but did not work so he is fake don’t fall for him he is a lire

      • Hi if any one went thru this please let me know so i cant tell my friends before it too late! Ty Martha

        • Hi Martha,
          My name is Melody. Could you please give me a call sometime, I want to talk about these scammers and see if you encountered Francis Tarin. Thx I live in Texas. 214-793-1192

    • He is trying to talk to me now also from tango app. Someone needs to report that the real General’s ID is being used in a scam. He even showed me what he claimed to be him holding his passport. I know its not legit, because his spelling is off and it’s not educated enough to be coming from a General Major.

    • Wow im txtn him now on Tango asking for the same thing also about his son this person is sending me all type of family pictures about his son and london..

    • Why would an army general ask for money? Dont be naive never ever send money to anyone!!!!!

  13. I found out I had been scammed yesterday. I had all the love letters,(E-mails) and promises. I sent £5000 by 2 money transfers. Can someone tell me what to do now?

  14. I had been emailing this guy on and then he sent me his cell # and we were texting .. Seems really nice and he has never ask for money .. He says he is Staff Sargeant E-6 Stationed in USAG Fort Hamilton , Brooklyn ,N.Y. but presently on Private Assignment with his Collegues to Moron Air Force Base , Moron de ia Frontera , Spain .. Iwoulkd really like to know if he is for real .. Says he might get to come home in December .. So how can I find out if he who he says he is ?

  15. I think there is another scam going on. I received a facebook friend request from a Collins George & he says he’s an E-6 Staff Sergeant(SSG) stationed in Syria. He said his unit name is Airborne & he’s even messaged me pictures of himself. Although he doesn’t message like an American, he says he is an American. Beware everyone! His email address is and He likes to use google chat or yahoo messenger and says he is passionate, romantic man looking for a life partner to spoil. Just beware & smart!

  16. I believe Ive been scammed aswell, has any one heard of Bobby Tripplet or Captain Stevens Robert he actually gave me a military address of, but I can never respond back to that email, he says its because of security reasons. They both have called me but their voice does not sound american, sort o confused they do send plenty of pictures and videos. How do they have so much access to someones pictures and videos if they are not the ones in the picture? They sound very believable. HELP!!!

  17. Hello everyone my name is Anna Barger, am here to testify how i was scammed by various loan lender from this site.I was in need of a loan and i applied from various loan lenders from this very site.They asked me to pay some amount of money at different basis but i never get my loan.This was how i lost the sum of 5000USD .I was now in debt because i borrowed the money from a friend.
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    Am here to tell you that most of the loan lenders in this site are scammers. If you truly need a genuine loan please meet Elvin Morrison through his email is a registered reliable loan lender.

  18. Thanx anyway I called him on it he basically admitted it. Got a new one today. Duke (lol) Taylor
    Blocked…none of these idiots can speak. AMERICAN!!!! You will pick it right up if you pay attention to the language..the words…grammar
    Just block them immediately!!!!!!!

  19. Also he is using …… says he using a government device cuz yrstetday he damaged his……

    Seems it should or something military….I can make a domain too….Hahahhahahahaha

  20. I received a request for a phone..I know we can donate used I am not concerned with that..what I want to know is…is he one of our soldiers…Hahahhahahahaha he added he would like noodles and cookies too!!! Hahahhahahahaha
    This is the info he gave me where to send it..says this is the ammo pick up place and they can get mail from here brought in with their ammo and other supplies:
    Oluwaseun Adeniyi
    #5b kajola st
    Ikere ekiti nigeria 23401
    And a phone# 2348063083915

    Says he is
    Phil Jones
    11z infantry senior sergeant. (1Sgt)

    I hate to not send a real soldier what seems like so little I could do…
    I would absolutely NEVER send money or anything I could get hurt from…

    Can u tell me if he is legit????

    Thanx Bren

  21. Raymond Lopez on facebook hasnt asked for anything in the US Army. Is he for real? Also Andre Collard Army STATION IN iRAN?

  22. I forgot to mention that all of them post pictures, Col. Bakers were on facebook which now has been taken down; a mix of civie and uniform shots; some with kids. I have forwarded the emails and pictures to cj. My favorite was when I asked Col. Baker for his MOS and he asked me to “spell it out and tell him what MOS stood for”.

  23. I have been scammed by multiple guys claiming to be in the military- a Col. Baker,; sgt; sgt. chris alanio “74DchemOPS.specialist, sgt.alanio; Matt 20013 from Columbus, GA;, PFC or Sgt (his rank changes from day to day); who claims to be a general; my “favorite” Ssgt Eddy Massingale, Ssgt eddy is my favorite, he wanted me to send an email to to activate his cell phone that he had listed in his profile so that he can communicate with the outside world. None of these guys like care packages (number one clue). Col. Baker wanted me to buy an AT&T iphone 5 , to be sent to an Nathan Joseph, Plot 25Y Apple Orchard, Lagos, Nigeria. I never sent emails or phones. General Raymondlarry wanted me to call his son in Africa and send him a cell phone so that we could “video chat’ even though he’s not allowed to video chat with his son. I met all of these folks on, they all claim to be in Afghanistan, can’t give me a APO address because that’s ‘confidential information” and SSgt eddy got angry with me when I referred him here and cut off the communication. I haven’t found out what sgt. johnskrause’s game is yet. I like how they suddenly have one child, then all of sudden it changes to 2 or three; Ssgt eddy called himself “Johnson” in one IM, then corrected himself, which makes me think that the same guy(s) are perpetuating these scams. General Raymond Larry sent some long misspelled printed letter which was so full of garbage, it gave me a headache to read. Beware of these guys. I don’t give them correct personal information and I never give them my cell number or send any emails so that that our “confidential communication can be validated and they can be released to “video chat” with me. That is garbage.

  24. I would like to know if you have to pay for fiancee papers ? N wen i asked for military email i was told that the defense department would give it me in time can any body please help

  25. I also a victim of said scam with the of ssgt. Freddie rodriguez .he said he is a u.s. army deploy in nigeria.asking money and address to..lawal olalekan ,wema lane ibadan oyo fredfie150rodriguez.he said he lives in 49th st. Apt.5 tulsa,oklahoma..its unfair to our brave soldiers that thisstupid idiots people are using their name andpicyure gor scam..hoping you made some action about this..thank you god bless

  26. sargento Edwin dunn dice estar in Nigeria acepte su request in Facebook error muy grande lo mismo a las dos semanas profeso amor eterno a las cuatro semanas pidiendo dinero averigue en otros sites for scams y alli esta las mismas fotos que me mando a mi tiene dos e-mail Edwin dunn98@yahoo y Edwin dunn778@yaho las fotos son de Michael dum el es muy romantico manda poemas profesa amor eterno pero todo es una mentira si alguien habla con esta persona el es un scam las fotos de el aparecen in romance scam y otros sites .gracias por darme esta oportunidad de poner mi comentario . lucy

  27. He anyone came across a SPC COOPER WHITE, currently deployed in Korea until 2015..He said he has 2 kids in Australia and caught his now ex wife in bed with his best mate 3 years. He asked me for 6500 USD as he only got paid small bonuses while on deployment. he said he lent 20,000k to help his sister who had breast cancer. He said the loan shark is holding his ID for security, when it get paid he will get it back and come back to Australia to visit me, and resign from the Air Force while on leave. I would love to believe him but I don’t, the photos he sent are of him and his kids, mates and sister, I feel so sorry for the person who’s ID has been stolen because he is very attractive and its not fair. Anyway IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING PLS ME KNOW, thanks

  28. Can someone tell me how to contact sgt william cornelius coz someone is emailed me saying he is in syria and wants to take a vacation but I have to help him since he is in syria he dont ha access to his account so I have to pay they forwad to me leave form to be filled up and the policy for beneficiary to be sign. I did not pay any money yet even if he said I need to pay 55 usd…… please can someone help what im concern is he got my picture s and info.

    • Dear Rhia, do not send any money to Sgt William Cornelius. I have lost a lot of money already . I’m so stupid. You can contact me any time . WIlliam Cornelius is a SCAMMER

      • Johnny Lopez in Syria asking me to pay for plane ticket…Raymond Lopez facebook and okcupid asking for money for his internet phone…josh porter aka kerrysmith asking for plane ticket on okcupid porter136….Jeff Peterson in Afghan wants money…John Castillo wants money in Nigeria…

  29. I was fb by a ” Bobby Wood” on 1/30/14…. sent me a random friend request…he has a scant fb page….some ” military” like photos….claimed he was sent to boarding school,and his mom a head teacher,his Dad medical….said he was 49…. I investigated further and found his “story” on the wall of shame! Where it belongs….how can people do this? Thank God I am intelligent enough to question everything,and I have a brother in law enforcement…so I’m naturally suspicious! I blocked him from my page…but wanted others to beware… careful what u post on ur timelines! Very personal info is an invitation to be scammed!

  30. I receive email From Sgt.Stuart Roberio Pearce we almost 2 weeks changing email and to tell you honestly I’m a bit in love to him but something came into my mind and forcing me to search a few info to Sgt. Stuart Roberio Pearce then i read this blogs we always talk about love the past experiences and he not asking for money or anything else pure talk and story .

    but thank;s to this blogs it help me to figure out that there’s existing Sgt.Stuart Roberio Pearce as a scam er and talk you guys for sharing your experiences and alarm other people

    • A friend and I accepted a friends request from two (2) men claiming to be military solide’rs and military police. Also that they are on a piece keeping mission stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. Everything was so perfect, proclaiming undying love for us and one of them ask one of us to marry him and he proceeded to say he sent an engagement ring along with some gems worth 58,000$. The courier he was using was sending me emails claiming I owe them for the proper delivery of these “special military delivery. He went on to send to two(2) checks one for $10,000 and another for $3900.00. Both of which I brought to my bank to deposited and the bank said they were FAKE! How can we find out any information on these men? Their names they used were Sgt. Russell Townsend and the other used Captain Valentine Sakow, both on Facebook. We would like to know if these men are real solider’s and if so how can we help protect them from these scammers exposing them. Is there any way to contact these men to let them know what is happening to them to help as much as we can from this continuing to hurt our service men and women. We have pics of both men but unsure how to post them please help…..

  31. I was scam real bad by a man saying he was leaving the military after 19 year his name was Tom Luhn the email he gave me was . He said all the right things now I feel so bad that I let myself be taken in by all this I met him on match,com . I now know better to believe anyone.

  32. Can add Sgt. Roberio Stuart Pearce Vicker. He saved a life and was given a GOLD BAR he wants to ship home before he gets out in December. Got pictures, but can not seem to find the same pictures so that I could give the heads up. Not sure if any of the above is accurate. Tried to send care packages repeatedly over the last month and has refused all.

    • did he go by the name Roberio Stuart Vicker, and he was raised in an sos camp after his father died. and hes originally from the U.K. thats what hes telling me, does he use gmail. Im glad I caught this early.

    • I also received a message from a man claiming his name is Roberio Vicker who is currently serving in the military in Afghanistan. Wants to start a relationship

  33. Mark WILLIAMS BOWEN is a SCAMMER if you are involved with him in any way
    STOP NOW!!! These are his email and He is on FACEBOOK and He will ask for money to come home to you and make promises to pay you back. His stories get so elaborate!!!! Beware! He scammed me of $2200.00 He continually finds me. Has hacked my facebook more than once so he can solicit my friends. I have reported him but nothing has been done. He is posing as a soldier in the Army. Says his wife died and has twin boys.

  34. Another name for u guys master sergeant Timothy McAndrew Same scenario single dad. Serving in. Kabul and soon to retire. Stupidly he conned me for phone connection then asked for money for leave that’s when I sent him this site and not heard from him since.

  35. I have been contacted on dating sites so many times I can’t even count by men claiming to be in the military and are single looking for a long term relationship. I just tell them I am not interested. When I first got a computer I googled my own name and where I lived it basically proved where I lived and that I had a facebook and everything. When men contact me I get there name and where they are from check to see if they have a facebook. You can usually tell if they are fake. They have to be really good to get me. I even put in my dating profile if you are in the military, are a widow, have a child and are deployeed do not contact me. I know I want to find love but I don’t have the time or money to get caught up with fake people. Every day it seems like someone contacts me that seems to have fake profiles. I read that there are at least 1 out of 10 fake profiles on dating sites. I believe that it is way more. I think women we should be more demanding on asking there name and getting more information from these guys. Check people out. Don’t fall for these slippery tongue idiots. I am not trying to put anyone down but to me I think my money is more important and I will not send money to a man for any reason. I feel sorry for the real military men who are trying to fight for our freedom and these algerian, afganistan, or where ever they are from are giving military men a bad rap. Just wanted to say Good luck to all women so they we may find that true man.

  36. The funny thing is that he knows I have no money … he continues to write more.
    I just got is his email, I’ll see how far it will reach.
    I’ll follow their guidelines.
    I also valid to point out that he is using a blackberry and body of email I receive is written:
    “Your message was delivered to the recipient.
    Sent via U.S. Defense Platform
    Original-Message-ID: 2147483969
    Final-Recipient: capt.hammondray @
    Action: Delivered
    This should be seen, it may be a new type of fraud.
    I’m waiting anxiously for the call for help and I feel happy to be right in my suspicions. Thank you for your feedback.
    I have the pictures, how can I send to you?

  37. Dear Sirs

    I really need correct information of this person, last week he told me that he was at Camp Base Republic of Chad, near the nigeria. Just so I see this contact care.
    He asked me confidence, to get more information on the Internet and found your profile pictures on various websites scamm with various names.
    As in our conversations he never asked me for money, I have doubts about who is the victim of this story.

    That was the last message I got track, hope you can help me and also check if the person in the picture is, and that it may be being used for purposes not nice ..

    I received an email with this IP.

    In the body of the email is described: “Your message was delivered to the recipient.

    Sent via U.S. Defense Platform ”

    The person in question is said to be the Us.Army, however I believe queele be a scam.

    How can I check and legitimacy of IP?

    Skype : hammond.raymond

    ——– Mensagem original ——–
    From: – Thu Aug 01 23:49:50 2013
    X-Account-Key: account5
    X-UIDL: C5AEA87A-FB1C-11E2-B586-00215AD6E840
    X-Mozilla-Status: 0011
    X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
    x-store-info: SmXCjkY1Un5L3qlTmewTw69gy3Wq4YV30QjE5YRFHSFtV5kh8fWIzuAIZdcHgy5g/3mH+PWR/lGzMDKLgjXcjMQZN8cDPLF/oUi12iXsHaEUCrPDNxdoBYxlMv74rqAr+zaLfo0LqaU=
    Authentication-Results:; spf=pass (sender IP is; dkim=pass; x-hmca=pass
    X-AUTH-Result: PASS
    X-SID-Result: PASS
    X-Message-Status: n:n
    X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTE7YT0xO0Q9MDtHRD0wO1NDTD0w
    X-Message-Info: DFa+w7oqK+9KtdTT4RrJBRuZQl3TiSarEbaEbPmQMkcgClBiGI42OKg/M0AaOE+qF16iHMRshHoMhiy6+PxXQdFbU33JdOtL9CE9WxTWGazxInWmRu6RAje87HlmPYNI1kLtbzVhSJq6Km+XOBfafDDGKIQw2tXi01knGtmhxqA=
    Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4900); Thu, 1 Aug 2013 19:39:48 -0700
    Received: by with SMTP id n15so43411ead.30 for ; Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:39:47 -0700 (PDT)
    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113; h=x-rim-org-msg-ref-id:message-id:reply-to:x-priority:references :in-reply-to:sensitivity:importance:subject:to:from:date :content-type:mime-version; bh=/6mIsQufLqrOE+LfMSVQXwnr70lun8BmMf7OM4dEZQM=; b=VyOzhG71DLkqmH2NBCPmiFKO3k/fBxl51gtEFFyor+dCIFjumB8nwnEH6adGj8khxp tGUWDku1M7uGL93+RpoyoEsqGzK1S7WgS/seraT/hzXKYYGKnbuU4S/SRwfiSCpfIGo7 qkFWZFJawPERhxv4rtza/T7V9k6oyhpku16tQ99F1qwqd0mGalDpttQB8uQ1dUqeYWFN 2m1wKamG6pZMqydCsot6VrX2RBSUdv+TxDdR4DILccYcGa5924dWJ1nPvy2HvIVjiOWI 728bst6T/Dx+LdKVQ/vhBV7NuIsOop6nIbiqeSWcYf38Gec6YXfpMBMuUndpG6vKnVCI 2h0A==
    X-Received: by with SMTP id w3mr3842120eej.84.1375411187196; Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:39:47 -0700 (PDT)
    Received: from ( []) by with ESMTPSA id n42sm8508780eeh.15.2013. for (version=TLSv1 cipher=RC4-SHA bits=128/128); Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:39:46 -0700 (PDT)
    X-rim-org-msg-ref-id: 1742625894
    X-Priority: Normal
    Sensitivity: Normal
    Importance: Normal
    Subject: Re: That love and hope can always motivate us, to strengthen us and make us better people
    To: Yara batista
    Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 02:39:44 +0000
    Content-Type: multipart/related; type=”multipart/alternative”; boundary=”part3724-boundary-410299141-809751778″
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 02 Aug 2013 02:39:48.0328 (UTC) FILETIME=[8E3F7E80:01CE8F29]

    Awwww my baby, I’ll miss you & your priceless mails. You have my number so you could always call me up, send your number too so I could also do that te amo muchos muah!
    Sent via US Defense Platform

    • MAYSA –

      There are no U.S. military personnel in Chad. However, Chad, Ghana, and Nigeria are full of internet SCAMMERS. Your scammer told you he’s in Chad so you won’t be surprised when he asks you to send money or items to Chad. You should ask him for his official military e-mail address. Members of the U.S. military are encouraged to use these accounts to stay in touch with family and friends when they’re deployed. My guess is that your SCAMMER will tell you that he can’t give you the e-mail address due to “security concerns.” He can’t give it to you because he doesn’t have one and can’t fake one.

      • I think I am being scammed. I have been talking to a person that friended me on Facebook. Says he’s a surgeon working for nato in Syria. Has a son in Nigeria. Lost his wife and daughter in an accident. Claims he loves me and put in for an early retirement to be with me. I be even been chatting with his son. He is calling me mom. But what this guy is telling me is that he needs $20800. To pay for his early retirement contacts because there is nobody to replace him.
        Can anyone help me find out if it’s true.
        He claims to be a Dr. David Johnson of the American army/ nato.

    • i have contact with that person with the same dates than you put, dont believe it, is not real person 🙁

      • Do you have more information about Capt.Hammondray?
        I did a survey is to be jaw fallen.

  38. I have been scammed by a I can tell you that it is extremely terrible. i fell for it hook line and sinker. he said he was a sergent in the army at the Afghanistan military base. Even his e-mails had it on the bottom sent from the Afghanistan military base and the military time. he even sent documents that seemed real from the US Army. He claimed that he was a single dad and had a 12 year old son that his aunty was raising in Dallas TX where he supposedly lives when he was not on tour. He sent me quit a few pictures but i did find the same picture of some of these sites and it is tagged that it has been stolen and used for scamming. That was terrible to see and confirmed that I had been scammed. He did not reply back to me when I asked for his APO address to write to him and I also asked for his AK address(his He said he wanted to come home to be with me, of course all his pack of lies. Of course I did send some money and I do feel like a heel majorly. i have always had great respect for our guys who fight for us and was not very educated in military life and so forth. I met him on a meetme dating site. I always thought the soldiers are very respectful and honest with virtues to show my sons and daughters. I still feel this way but am having trouble believing there are good men out there that are honest and dependable. So I hope you catch these damm scammers who take advantage of good women, this scammer even said he wanted to take care of my children totally. So I am not on anymore dating sites at all and wont be. So if anyone is talking to or you know that he is a scammer delux. God help you cut this dude from your life.

    • Hello Distressed –

      U.S. military e-mail addresses do not end with .com. They end with .mil (ie., If someone gives you an e-mail address like, he’s a SCAMMER. Also, not giving you his physical address (ie., his APO address) is another sure sign that he’s a SCAMMER. Most of these romance scammers are located in Africa. So, you would have to mail your cookies or other goodies to Ghana or Nigeria for him to receive them. It’s tough to explain that when he’s told you he’s in Afghanistan.

    • im talking to the same guy and so far i have only sent him 100 dollars he has sent me a few pictures of him self in uniform and a picture of his aunt and his 12 year old son jake im in shock i talk to him twice a day and he says he wants to merry me so someone please send me a picture of the real paulsmith0264 thank you and god bless you

    • Just wanted to say thank you. This man contacted me and because of your post I was able to avoid any kind of entanglement with him. I just wanted to let you know that it is so important that we keep posting this information because it does help, it does work. I am sorry for what you have gone through, but grateful you chose to share.

  39. I was rip of thousands of pounds by fake army who lure me and i reported to actionfraud who through thier investigation wrote me to report to the Official Ghana Crime Unit : and through frequest communucation a trap was set up for the scammer to pick money where the Ghan cops apprehended him, .Dont judge a book by its cover, consult Ghana crime detective.
    Thank you

    • Ms. Bob is obviously one of the SCAMMERS. If you contact this “Ghana Crime Unit” they will ask you for money and promise to track down the SCAMMER who stole from you. Of course, you’ll just be throwing good money after bad. There is no Ghana Crime Unit; this is just another African SCAMMER who’s found a new way to steal from gullible Westerners.

      • @ Gordon as usual you ROCK!!!!!!! Thanks for always being on time.Anonn

        • Thanks, Anonn. I noticed the post from Ms. Bob last month and didn’t comment on it (thinking that no one could possibly fall for his/her scam). But, sometimes it’s good to state the obvious just so everyone is well aware. What you and I recognize as a scam, may not be 100% clear to every reader – especially to someone who has lost money to these African criminals. Take care.

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  41. Sgt. Clark Russell – i need some informations of him. He wrote me in and now he try to scam me on facebook.
    But he is not in Africa, he told me he is in on a peace-mission in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

    • @ Yvonne NO ONE is on a peace keeping Mission EXCEPT this Scammer you have been chatting with he Lives in Malaysia BUT more than likely IS West African they are all over the place ESPECIALLY Malaysia Most Scammers seem to know NOTHING about the US Military so they make it up as they go THANK God they know nothing about the US Military delete and block the scammer since you know that he is trying to steal your money or your Identity.Anonn

    • hi Yvonne, thought I would reply to your message as I think yours sounds very similar to mine. I met Lucas Johnson on internet dating site he is supposed to be in the usa army on a peace keeping mission in Malaysia me being stupid have sent him money for flights etc (I know how stupid am i) every time he was due to come home he tells me something else has happened and he needs more money I last heard from him a week ago and now he apparently needs £3,000 which I refuse to send because apparently he is in an immigration lockup for stayng in the country for too long and apparently the usa army cant help him or the usa embassy. Because I refused to send him the cash i havent heard from him since. I presume I have just been scammed even though i honestly believed he was genuine I have been speaking for him for 4 months. Cant believe this !!!!

      • @ Lisa Adamson:

        Hi Lisa,
        thank you very much for your answer.
        I really can not believe, that this happened to us. Have they sent you a fake leave-request too? I paid 2x, but thank god not much. In total i spent “only” 400 USD. To which account in Kuala Lumpur have u send the money?. He wanted to have more money because of travelling fees he said. I told him, that i don’t have more money. Then he said, he have 1730 USD, he only needs 270 USD to complete the 2000 USD for showing at the airport so that he can fly to me. First i was believing him because he sent me a flight-reservation, but I think this was a fake. I had cam with him once because I was very upset because of the scammer-page i found in internet. The pic war not clear and he looked different to the pics he had in I was writing him that I think that he is a scammer. Since this time he not answered, he deleted his profile on and on facebook he was never seen since this day………
        Do you think, we should go to police?
        Sorry for my bad english, I come from Germany. Where do u come from??
        Is it possible, that we can change the pics of the guys? Maybe the scammers are using the same pics…

        • I wanted to reply to you YVonne because I have just went through the same thing. I feel so terrible and awful and embarrassed that I was taken advantage of by this horrible scammer. . He also sent documents for leave and a travel pass paper. Is that what you were presented as well. When I asked him about if he was a fake and asked for his address and army email address he quit writing to me as well. He couldnt tell me where he went to basic training or AIT. He have me a MOS number but my daughter looked it up and showed me how easy it is to find and get the number. He couldn’t tell me how long his MOS training was though. I feel stupid that I got a little smart after I was already scammed from him.


  43. OH dont I know this shitty military Scams!! I have been duped twice, but NEVER sent anything! Yes these Ghanians love to take lonely older women and run them through the “Break your heart” wringer. SOMEBODY PLEASE catch these bastards and let us women at them!

  44. How can you tell if. Some one is a fake. I was taking to a young man who said he was an orphan that a minister ooh him in he went to the military schools that’s how he found him self in the army now when I offered to send a care package all off a sudden he lost his cell wanted a personal camera And a wrist watch. A few woman from work an I were going to sent out some things I told him we were not allowed to send then cell phone and stuff like cameras I got a address for some one in Nigeria it sad when you have to miss trust our on men. In our military. Makes me very sad to know that you can not even do a good thing . The kid/ guy said his name was Kendall Brown he wanted me to send the package to his friend iin Nigeria ..

    • @ Dale he is definitely a scammer remember the US Military takes care of it’s own they will NOT need your help for any reason NOR will they ask for any Electronics or Jewelry like this scammer has they have access to their Money or accounts at ALL times There is NO US Military base in Nigeria anything that has to be sent ANYWHERE in West Africa to a Friend or third party is absolutely a scammer if they claim to be in Afghan then they should receive their mail there.

      Ask him to email you from his Military email acct it should end in .mil only anything beyond .mil is a scam and a scammer behind it
      Ask him for his APO and then google it there is no reason why they cannot get on webcam or email you from their AKO or give you their APO.

      Educate yourself about scammers, also go to scamwarners.hope this helps Anonn

  45. E6 ssg Wilson james can i have some info on him please i am sure he is trying to scam me on facebook urgent reply needed

    • Hello VIOLET –

      I did a quick search on Facebook for WILSON JAMES. I found three of them claiming to be in the U.S. military. All of them appear to be scammers. You should ask your WILSON JAMES if you can send him a letter in an envelope or a package with home baked cookies. If he’s a scammer, he’ll say no or give you an address in Africa. If he’s a real soldier, he’ll gladly accept and give you an address that ends with APO, NY and a zip code. Also, ask him to send you an e-mail from his official military e-mail account. A real soldier would have no trouble doing this.

      • @ Gordon “YOU ROCK” you are truly one of the good guys for still doing all you can to help here you to CJ.


    • @ Violet why such urgency has this scammer told you he needs money for ANY reason if he needs your help for any reason or needs a favor for ANY reason he is a FRAUD US Military Takes care of its own the name alone that he’s using tells me he is a scammer so block and delete him and do NOT share any personal information with him and NEVER send money to anyone you do not know for ANY reason even if they claim it is a loan and you will get the money back when they make it to you they will NEVER show up and your money is gone for good Anonn

  46. I just typed my story and posted it please reply as I did not give any money to this Edwardt.moore but somehow hes is replying on my emails I fee so stupid and really liked this person who was born in Miami Fla was coming home in 2 months and had one son from dec eased wife that died from breast cancer son age 17 named Michael sent fabulous pictures so I do think the person responsible is not the same dur to bad grammar and being so elusive still emailing me back with answers like I am fine am sorry but I take this to heart since I am a victim whoo just wanted a relationship and got hurt then ma no wants justice because I do respect the soldiers Please ifANYONE KNOWS THIS PERSON PLEASE CONTACT ME MALINDA

  47. hi still on the lookout for enyone scamed by staff sargeant harriet anzaldau i have passport medical report and police report from her but after i sent them all for proof they were real it came back they were all forged papers. she came on cam to me but the girl who was in the cam was lana brooke the porn star and she tried to tell me this was her but the lady who gave her the cam changed her image while she was talking to mecan anyone tell me where i can find out the true name of the girl i have in my pictures i know her real second name is anzaldua as its on her vest but thats as far as i cad find out.any help with this would be good. tanks davy

    • hello david im currantly talking to a harriet azaldua says she was a nurse in us army in afghanistan came out of forces on 15/1/13 claims to have been in 126th cavalry after seeing your message i asked her what her rank was she said staff sergant i have photos of her
      give me a shout and we can compare notes

      • hi kevin its davy really good to hear from youwe have a lot to talk about to do with harriet i have been talking to her for nearly 1 year now and she told me same as you she was a nurse in the army in afganistan and she came out last october to work on a hospital project in afganistan near kabul and i have been helping her with money to get a flight and a visa homeso we can get married and start a family. i wont go into it all here as i want you to mail me at and we can get to know whats going on she is still looking for more money just now so if she ask you for anything dont send anythingas this has turned out to be one big scam i have lots of stuff so we can compare what we have and have a good chat about whats went on . bud get me you mail address and we can be in toutch and arange for a time to be on line. dont let me down here it will benifit us both when we hear what each other has from the bitch i wont mention you so dont mention me when you talk to her. talk very soon bud !!!!! where are you from im in glasgow scotland ? thanks davy

      • hi kevin davy again i was talking with harriet today and last night she got me so mad i saidi knew she was talking to you sorry ! she turned round and said she dont know anything about you ,then when i was talking to her today she told me you ued to work for her on the project she tells me shes working on. she said your were her friend when you were working for her as she is the boss on this project building a hospital called jalil hospital in afganistan near to kabul. kevin where did you meet her was it on some date site or what with me she got in contact first on clyde dating site asking to chat then gave me her maill address to go on to messanger for one on one . please get back to me soon as you can on my mail address so we can compare pictures we have and anything else we have from her i have lots of things here and cam film where she cam on for me but its not her its a porn model called lana brooke. dont let here put you off us getting together as she will try to do it if your still talking to her. please contact me so i can bring you up to speed with what i have on her here really interested to see if you have the same pictures as i have or diffrent ones do a google search on them and se what turnes up i did it but nothing showed till i did the cam film and it came up as lana brooke . look forward to hearing from you soon bud mind dont be sending anything i have lost enough to her for both of us and shes still looking for more i have told her no so she will turn her attention to you now more . reguards davy

        • @ David why are both of you Men still talking to a scammer SHE is a HE that’s why you saw the fake clip of only the breast webcams can be faked now but the two of you know that this is a scammer so why are you both still in contact with HIM? cut him off and block and delete him he is NOT Military he is in West Africa somewhere begging that is the only job that he has they consider it an honor to beg strangers for money.Anonn

        • hi anonn dont know who you are as you say you know harriet now your telling me she is a scammer. bud whats going on here ? anonn my mail address is on here so can you mail me to explane who you are and how you know sargant harriet !!?? i look forward to a chat with you as you seem to have changed your oppinion from the last post you put on here about us, the other person you were refering to on here was evelyn who harriet said was working as a cook on the project she is overseeing to get this hospital built.. i have stoped talking to her from yesterday after we had a rammy on line but see can be so convincing at what she is telling you i dont want kevin to end up out off pocket like i am £6000or the other guy on here how lost $60,000. i hope he has stopped talking to her as well but it now interesting to hear all the things she has been telling him to see if it compares to what i have been told if anyone dont believe i have been scaamed with this person i have all the western docks and reciepts i can show them and have had it confirmed by the police here what has gone oni have proof of that as well i can show him. so kevin if your reading this mail me bud so you keep your money and have a nice time with it and not send it to this person google her name it says there is no one in the US with this name on record and you will find lots off other stuff if you do this like i have i have postal addresses for her and some friend as well loads off confirmed fake docks medical report, police report, pasport card that army issue docks from custome in when she was sending bags home to me that were suposed to be impounded and they wanted money to let them come to methrough various means money ranging from £1200 to £5500to get them to my door. if kevin can mail me i will give him the full story so he can make up his own mind what he wants to do about talking to this harriet. anonn if you know the real harriet tell her im sorry if anything i have put on here is causing her distress as her things have been used here and i would love to hear from the real girl and tell her myself if poss and can you confirm bud who you are as well . thanks for reading this and i hope i hear from you all in some way .. take care all !!! davy

        • @ David it does Not take a rocket Scientist to figure out that you are involved with a Scammer just reading your post is a dead give away you say that you have sent money that is money you will never get back REAL Military Members NEVER need your money nor your help for any reason I am sorry you were scammed but your Soldier does NOT exist and it is a MAN posing as A Woman.If your story is sincere maybe you should educate yourself about scammers so that this does not happen again as far as emailing you I don’t know who you are scammers troll this blog on regular basis so I don’t know who you are BUT if you are telling the truth you need to block and delete the scammer and cut off all contact.Anonn

        • @ David are you the same David Hailes Pigbusters Verified as being in Malaysia?

          David Hales
          ScamBuster: Hello David, nice to meet you. Cute dog!
          David Hales: Wow what a loving profile, you look pretty beautiful, gorgeous, charming, magnificent and you are diva lady. am so impress about all i see on your profile page and your profile pix and others, i will be glad if you can please use your precious time to read my message and little of your precious time to reply back, i will be so much happy reading from you, all i want is to make good friend with you. Let’s see where friendship will take us to. I’m not here for head games please. I’m honest.. kindly provide to me your contact email address, so i could write you an email telling you more about me and also send you my pictures. my email is Davidhales99 at yahoo . com . Thank You. David

          Writing seems quite familiar Trolling at it’s finest huh? Davy lol


        • anonn please dont try and take the piss im pissed off enough getting scamed my mail address is in my post,im not this person your going on about here from malasia. think you have had a little too much happy juice before you wrote the last post to me . right now im just trying to save this guy kevin from making the same mistakes i did and save him some money as if he is still talking to her she will be telling him to ignore me as i dont want them to be together as this is what she used to do with me .and yes you dont know me and you would not say what you did in your last post if you did happy days bud please think before you try to take the mick with someone . davy..

      • kevin if she gave you pictures of her in uniform like she gave me they only show up two stripes as you know a sargant has three she sai it was her friends so beware she will have an answer for everything to throw at her talk very soon i hope . davy

        • hi anonn this film wasent just her breasts it was every part of her doing things with a big dildo i wont go into it but think you know what i mean after i see this wasent her i did a google search of the girl on cam and this took me to lana brooke and it turns out its one off her cam films i was watching she said before she came on this dont look like me and by her word it didnt and it explanes why when i ask her to do something she dont do it .. see if you can perswade kevin to mail me i think he is getting well sucked in by this girl and it will hit his pocket if he wont listen to me . thanks davy ….

      • KEVIN DONT GET SUCKED IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will come up with some fantastic story why you should not talk to me remember i have been talking to her for nearly a year so i know her well PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP . I CAN PROVE TO YOU IM GENUINE HERE I HAVE LOTS OFF STUFF I CAN SHOW YOU. when i told her i knew you she said she dont know you and the next night you were a guy who she employed at her building site in afganistan and your now back in england. bud mail me so we can compare everything we have . davy mail me your telephone number as well or we can talk on skype as she would not do this as she said she dont have a cam there she had to borrow one when she came on to me as lana brooke . davy

      • hi kevin listen get back to me and lets have a chat i was talking to this scamer for 10 monthe so i know what she will be telling you if you tild her we were on here together . talk to me and if you think im not telling you the truth i will let you find out the hard way when she hits your pocket in the near future. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE ??? mabee i shoul ask do you want to keep what you have !! get back to me bud !!!!!!!!!!!! davy

      • bud get back to me she told me she finished and retired from the army last year in september and went on to work on a progect building a hospital called jalil hospital she told you she finished with the army this year in jan 15th bud we really need to have a talk and i know she will be telling you im all the bad ones to put you off so we dont but ignore her bud and save yourself all the grieff i have went through before you get too attatched .i got a mail from her last night to say if i loved her i would never have put her name on here . if she was genuine why would she be talking to loads off guys on line when i was helping her with money to come home here so we get married bud i can show you all the mails and the western reciepts to back up everything im telling you . when your talking watch how many times she logs back on line this is her talking to other people and switching who shes talking todont be a fool like i was bud and lets get your head sorted and her out off it .. has she gave you her birthday date yet i got two diffrent one from her she dont notice she done it talk soon bud . davy

      • kevin you need to have a chat with me i have a feeling your getting well sucked in with this scam she can be very perswasive so break it off now bud. listen do you think if she was real and you were trying to romance her i would be letting you when she said she was coming to me here so we can get married no way would i let the two off you go on like your doing so think bud and lets compare what she has said and sent you to what i have i can back everything up i can tell you with mails or add ons.look up her other scam from 2010 where she scam some guy for $60000the guys name is andy fraser16th aug 2010on this site.bud even if you have stopped talking to her still get back to me ….davy

      • Hi hope you block this scum she told me she will send everything back to me but don’t do it. and I have been put on scam sites by this guy using her photo so watch what your doing.

      • hi kevin I have now found out that this person calling themselves staff sergeant harriet anzaldua and this evelyn on here are one and the same person using different mails . I even got your mail address from this harriet and I mailed you ,you said you were working with her on her project last year and went home last christmass after working in afganistan on this hospital project and you used to sit and talk everynight just the two off you and you had a close relationship while you were there.. thing is in your post here you say she told you she just retire from the army in jan this year don’t you find all this strange how there is no way the two off you could have done this. she sends me threats now saying the US army will come and get me cause I put her on scam sites. she says she will send all my money back when she gets paid for this imaginary work she does but don’t send back anything. ask yourself what girl would go up ladders and walk over guys in a little dress so they all see her ass and everything else!!what girl will sit by her window naked fucking herself with a dildo everynight and let someone film her through the slat blinds and put it online, or so she says, and when I see her on cam its porn star lana brooke. she even said she was druged and gang raped by her workers and all she could say was , well it happens sometime?????????????. I told her if you are who you say then come on cam and show me but she don’t so what do you think. and she told me you mailed her project manager to get her mail address and number?????????? so if you are still talking to this person its something to think about. cheers

    is the identies he uses
    SCAMMER!! Says he was born in Norway, both parents died in plane crash when he was 12, has a son 8 years old, an ex wife who cheated on him who live in virginia, uncle raised him, profile showed Bolton, Ontario, Canada, said he was in US Army for 27 years retireing in a week. Brags about being rich, owns nice cars, big expensive homes, wants to travell….LOL Just another “too good to be true” storey!! Born on July 27th 1963 Sent pics of himself and his son haha NOT a couple were of him coaching football…Gave a address to send a laptop to his son…114 Kearney Avenue, 2nd floor, Jersey City, NJ, 07305 USA & has a phone number that apparently he thinks is “private” 201 616 2408
    i found one of the pics he used to lure me on a site that posts most frequent pictures of military dating scam He gave me a fake military email address:…when I told him it was not real, he blamed me for confusing him and that I caused his typing error when typing the military email address, the confo ended when I told him I was not responsible for his stupidity, his last words were “HAHAHA” Asshole thinks it is funny!
    God bless our service men and woman, they are dear to my heart as my Brother just retired from the army!!!
    Never imagined that this type of activity was going on, I am really in awe

    • The story about FERRIS GABI is the one that I was told………. this time, I didn’t fall for his ‘computer for his son story’, so this afternoon, he tried to tell me that he had saved an oil multi-millionaire’s wife from an attack from suicide bombers and that they were so greatfull, the husband made a deal with him shipping oil and his payout was $4million CASH!!!!!!! Seeing as he had NO ONE in his life, but me, he was sending the money to me to keep for him until we could meet next week, when he comes home……….. he was going to send this money with a diplomat………… I asked him for the ADDRESSES of the THREE homes he claimed to own as well as ALL military information……….. he supplied me with TWO address that we in ONTARIO, CANADA and NEW JERSEY, USA as he had told me he had been, but the towns were different than he had told me previously. This time, he used 257 Leavens Court, Caledon, Ontario & 9 Herrick Court, Bayonne, New Jersey…….. No phone number, no address for his supposed Virginia home and no military information. He was using the email address of This person tried to plead ignorance until I told him that the police, Military and MATCH.COM would all be interested in his information and since I was also a trained investigator, that it was easy for me to find the information I wanted and I informed him that I was going to look up these addresses to see if they were real and how they were actually registered to IF real………… at this point, he ended the conversation!!!!

      • Ferris Gabi also claims that his real name is JOHN E. FERRIS GABI……. That his father was LARSEN GABI (Norweigen) and his son’s name is PETER LARSEN GABI…….. Mom was Canadian – Malisa Claims parents lived in Oslo Norway, then moved to Roros where he was born. Address given for Virginia Beach is just Manilla Ave.

        He sent a total of 9 pictures of himself, him and his son or him at work………….NEVER did he send pictures of his homes as he promised to do………….

  49. Caro Sr. Grishan,

    Me llamo Luciana, le escribo desde São Paulo, Brasil, para hacer una denuncia de 2 perfiles en el Facebook, a nombre de Edwin Dunn (;
    Me pareció extraño que este señor tratara de hablar conmigo en español, me pareció igualmente extraño que su perfil no tenga otras fotos, publicaciones y no tenga amigos. Se presentó como divorciado, 51 años, 1 hijo.
    Siempre que yo le preguntaba alguna cosa, respondía otra, o no respondía.
    Más extraño era que, sin conocerme, en menos de 1 semana me juraba amor y decía que quería casarse conmigo!!!
    Empecé a averiguar en Google, pero sin dar mucha atención.
    Así fue durante 1 semana, más o menos, hasta que el sábado por la tarde él me dijo que había perdido su tarjeta de crédito, que solo tendría dinero otra vez en junio, cuando terminase su misión y regrasase a Los Angeles.
    En este momento pensé: “me va a pedir dinero!!!”. Eso fue lo que pasó al día siguiente: me pidió dinero… y, como yo ya me había preparado mentalmente para eso, le conté una historia muy triste y le dije que yo necesitaba dinero más que él.
    Se enfadó mucho y ya no quiso seguir hablando.
    Aquí en Brasil estos golpes no son comunes, así que empecé a buscar páginas en que pudiese hacer la denuncia.
    Espero que haya entendido mi español,
    Gracias por este servicio,
    Un saludo desde Brasil,

    • Luciana, no fallo portugues, pero hablo español. El señor Dunn no es un soldado, ni un miembro de las fuerzas armadas de los estados unidos. Si él no puede responder a preguntas simplistas, pues es obvio que su perfil no es autentico.

      Espero que no te perdió dinero. Gracias por decirnos de Edwin Dunn.

      • Sin duda, CJ.

        En el momento en que no me contestaba a simples preguntas y se negó a hablar conmigo por Skype (yo quería una videoconferencia), sabía que había muchas cosas extrañas.
        Infelizmente, en el perfil de Facebook aparece la foto de un soldado, con el apellido Dunn, o sea, otra víctima más, que tiene su imagen usada para algo tan terrible.
        A través de los 2 e-mails, también aparecen las mismas fotos en sitios para relaciones y nuevas parejas.
        Yo no perdí dinero, pero dejo aquí mi alerta y mi registro.
        Ojalá esto se acabe, pues hay personas que siguen siendo engañadas.
        No encontré las fotos que recibí en su álbum, así que, si tiene interés, tengo una para enviarle y puedo conseguir la otra.
        Una vez más le agradezco por tan importante servicio, y también le doy las gracias por su atención.
        Un saludo,


  50. I’m still recuperating from my broken hopes and expectations , from my financial loss and from self-blame.I’m so sorry for the real US Army COL. Gareth Samuel of Indianapolis, Indiana,for his identity was used to deceive, scammed me.I apologize sir, I really believed that ruthless scumbag, who I thought was you. I pray and hope for your understanding.. I lost $3200 plus a blackberry mobile phone thru this scam I was in. Had I found this site earlier , I should not be in this sad situation.I felt so stupid, so ignorant , being smitten to this wicked crap thru his endearing, soughtful, nice words. I was so frustrated and disappointed.Have to pay for the debts incurred . Now, I’m striving to rise up from this nightmare, hoping to forget all the pains, determined not to let this happen once more. May this be a warning for those innocent ones . This fake Gareth Samuel is is till on fb. Thanks for giving me a chance to brought out my sad story.

    • I never dreamed to be involved with any military personnel at all, not even those from my country. And now I hate this scammer for involving me with them. The scammer who is targeting me has been using Brig Gen Bradley Becker (Schofield Barracks, Hawaii) real name and photos. I’m not even an American and I didn’t care about US Army at all before this.

  51. Fucking scammers giving Nigeria a bad image to the entire world. Believe in yourselves. I met a white gorgeous woman online with my real indentity, she is from Sweden and I am so glad I never lied to her in the beginning, we are so fine now and I feel so great about it, its been 2years now and I am not looking back… I can help you out cos I am not in support of scammers and they need to be put behind bars for life., e-mail me please, thanks

    • Hi dear sir my name is tasarla and I met a man online on flirt finder and now we talk on whattsapp I would like your advice on a guy who says he is in US special military he says similar things about scammers but iv fallen big time for him. And I’m such a nice person I don’t want to get hurt he says he is on active duty in Nigeria as a navy officer and that’s all he is aloud to tell me. I really want to know can I find out if he is a scammer without him knowing that iv been checking up on him. I want to find out if he is before I accuse him of anything I’m a bit vulnerable because I’m disabled I’m registered blind in one eye he does not know this tho about me. And is there a way I can find pictures of him to match the ones he sent me. Not everyone is a scammer so this is why I want to find out behind his back is he ligit. So I would be very grateful for your advise tasarla

  52. Recently was contacted on an online dating site by Army enlisted, supposedly deployed and widowed. However, the grammar was so bad (no capitalization, no punctuation) that he could not possibly have graduated from a university in Texas with a degree in Nuclear Engineering (doesn’t exist). I contacted the Registrar at said University and she said no one had enrolled under that name ever. Beware people! Pretty soon, they will realize the language issue is causing problems and will get better at it!

  53. can anyone who has ben contacted by a staff sargeant harriet anzaldua please contact me asap thanks

    • hi people seems this staff sargent harriet anzaldua is still scamming guys, I have now found another two guys she has stolen money from so lets bring this piece off dog dirt down where can we put picks off this ass wipe so everyone can see the image they use off an innocent girl!!

      • hi it seems our staff sergeant harriet anzaldua has been left in Dubai by the US army ( AS IF )!!!!!!!! She was left there to get her bags and travel home . now she is working as a cleaner in some little shop there to pay for some where to stay as the army don’t want to help her and she said the embassy there wont help her get home what a load off bull!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if this person ever tries to contact you and ask for money tell it to go f–k herself with a toilet brush .. stay safe friends as loads of this scum going about.

  54. Hi again u can not use my email 1 hour after i had written my last letter all 3 email adrss (2gmail and 1 ymail)got hijacked. So please dont answer me back . Kindly lone seibäk. I think i got in deep ” shit” . Thank u for reading.

  55. Hi i have followed your blog for a time. Im a well educated danish woman who for the last 20 years have lived in the swedish mountain forest of polar lapland. Divorced since 7 year . Since i apprx.3 month ago decided to try joining the dating scene my life has changed radically. I meet a man at a swedish farmer dating site who after a couple of mails revealed he was in afghanistan as a sgt.communications engineer for the us army. And here comes why my scam story is different .i have chosen to live in this remote area mostly becouse of my inhereted abilities. Im a seer and well known remote wiew’r. Which i told him it didnt seem to bother him ore worry him and i was content .as im known as such it prevent me making an ordinary “relation”. But after some time i could not “close my eyes” i saw this dubble man , starting to investigate some more and came across the word scammar for the first time.since then i have educated my self parallel with what i think you would call my visions. It leads me to now. ! I “see how they educate the kids ,how their families are proud of them taking back what west have stolen and a lot of other details. I can rather easy “see “when the headman of my talks leave and what his “work” are and lesser skilled practise “on me”. Then im sure u say why do i just stop is becouse i want to help .just now these scam pays for the islamic war against freedom . It will say they make the western women pay for their warfare against democraty. Make US. Soldier act like hookers who instead of walking the streets flashing the dating sites taking several customer at a time. And deliver the income to the “headman” who again deliver it further with the purpurse to educate more scammars, bying weapon for the terror wars +a lot of other things. All this i can “see” and follow. So now i write to you to offer my help if i can in any way , it feels frustrating to have and gain this knowledge contiennually and not doing good with it. It to begins to feel scaring even im quite safe due to my location. ! Yet ! I hope you will take this seriously and give me some feed back. Kindly lone seibäk im sorry for my rather poor writing also i must reveil tha i just have a normal nokia phone no blackberry and no computer all due to my location. Allso my last name is seibæk but i use a swedish ä to make it easier.

    • Thank you for coming back out to help. I too am a sensitive. Every time I think I will pull away from this work something like this pulls me back in like meeting a scammer this time. I saw what you saw about how the money is being used to support bad things. You helped me trust my visions more. We all need to support each other in what ever way our talents can. The information in this site is so practical. The people so passionate in their caring. The stories so heart breaking one cannot help but be moved to do something. What I learn here makes me better at my work, helping people. Than you all.

    • I have been talking to a person named John Well who met me on facebook. He has asked for money to get a phone to get internet connection. He also is in Nigeria. He ask for the money to be sent via moneygram to the attn of William Smith. He recently told me he could apply for a leave but I was askec to complete a form and asked to pay $1200 for his leave. The form came from a Lt. Col Roberts from email
      Is this person and whole thing a scam?

  56. Professed U S army Col. Gareth Samuel sent me his 1st message Jan 25, 2012.Was 56 yrs old, a widow [wife died on the 9/11 attack], has a 25 yr old son, working in a mining company in Canada..As he said saw my profile on fb and wants me to be a friend.That’s the start.everyday he messaged me, declaring his good intentions and undying love, desperately wants me to be his wife, to live with him in the states, Indianapolis, Indiana.. when he retires from service.He was deployed in Libya as peacekeeper, as what he stated.
    Wa s totally hooked, mersmerized . Gave myself a try to a long distance relationship w/ him, March,2012..then he asked for a mobile unit, a curve 9360 Blackberry, which I sent thru DHL to the address he gave , in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria to a certain Richard Olushola..
    Next, he wanted me to apply for a short leave with a refundable charge, so he can visit me at my place.I signed an application , printed out , no doubts for it seemed so real. Had my copy.I even mailed the army.[]. Replied to me., thought nothing wrong..But kept asking why I have to be charged $2,100. I loaned from my insurance policy $800, sent thru Western Union. Rest was shouldered by one of his friend. When the request was approved, again, I was asked to pay airfare and transit fee, $3500. I sent another $700 and $600 respectively. The rest was shouldered by Gareth Samuel.All these payments will be refunded to me when he sets foot in my place plus his allowances., that will be just 2 weeks away. 2nd week of August, 2012. But to my dismay, Army replied .his leave will be delayed for crisis in Syria is getting worse. It will be on Dec28. More than 4 months of waiting.We just keep on exchanging messages. September ,h e wants me to send him an ipad 32 gb. I refused. he will not send message for some days , then , again , asked for it. It was like that, till November. he asked for a galaxy tab2 or $300.I reiterated, I’ll give it to him as a present when he comes,it’s only a month. He got mad, saying . I’m making him a fool, bla, bla.bla., told me to mail the army again to withdraw my request for his leave.He’s not interested in coming here anymore.. I felt so embarrased.NNever admit or reveal to my famly and friends. They just know I had an fb friend.Was so heart-broken, despondent.. Army responded I have to pay $500 for the processing of the refund of what I had sent. I stopped communicating with them.Samuel took me out from his list, although his yahoo add is still in. Found this site already late.He has more thn 8 accounts, I think. all so private.
    I ‘m not certain how I could get back my money, all in all is $32OO inclusive the cost of transport… but I know it will never happen.Just want to tell my story to alert other woman l from this man disguising as a refutable army officer to victimize innocent ones. Anybody wants to help? Thanks for giving me the chance expressing my deep sadness and frustrations. I’m a widow, in my senior years with 5 grown-up children, all setlled down.

    • @Gloria Ramos, Hi. Similar case happened to my mom. I would just like to ask you some few things. I hope you can help me. My mom is talking to James Carl, he said he is in military but I doubt that. He just randomly add my mom on facebook. I wanted my mom to stop talking to this guy because I really have a huge feeling that this guy is fake. Please email me @

    • the samuel is part of the soldier that i have been corresponding with. i have refused his latest request, i just can’t seem to get things together to send it….lol

  57. hi there was a person on here who said they were scamed by a staff sargent harriet anzaldua it is most important if anyone knows how i can contact this person can they let me know as i have her here just now trying to do the same to me and want this person brought down . thanks for reading this davy

    • david hailes why are you been foolish my friend love you and give you her heart all you go about is fooling with her heart can you tell her if you did not love her and want her just tell me if you can’t tell her. the next time i see some comment about her on this site i will tell her not to chat with you again……….

      • hi evelinyou seen close to my harriet so close you will know everything that she does even the time she told me she got druged and gang raped there by a load of the workers and who film it to put it on line . i have triedtalking to here about the way she dresses . a building site is no where a girl to go climbimg about scafoldingin a dress you would wear for a night out, walking above her workers and when they look up all they see is her ass or more if she dont put pants on that morning so tell her to get proper clothing to work on this project and you try tell her this is why all the workers are asking the manager there for her mail address as the all want into her pants as the see her as an easy lay the way she dress going about there like some tart.. look you mail me you have my address here so get back to me this is only part of the stuff she does . davy

      • hi evelyn time for you to drop me a mail so I can see who you really are

      • Trolling the blog again under two fake Names AGAIN huh? good thing MOST of us realize scammers troll the blog Often leaving email address behind only to try to scam people who have been scammed here again.



      • I see our staff sergeant harriet anzaldua has dropped off the market for a little whileafter all the scamming they done just want to keep this here so no one else falls into this scam with this lot . when I now think back on everything that happened they were good at drawing you in. but being in the real world who would stand for there girl going about a building site near naked showing herself off to everyone and sitting in front off her window naked for all to see!! I think I have been a big fool for all of us so don’t any off you go down the same road. she scammed some guy on here for a few thousand dollars , me for £6000 and there is some other guy who said he got done for £3500??? so don’t think we will here off her for a bit then she will reappear down the line at some point when they think we have all forgot about them to scam someone else so take care all you out there and remember her name harriet anzaldua also went by Adrianna, cheers people keep safe !!

    • I’ve been contacted by someone stating their name is General Donald Brooks currently located in Kubal Afghanistan .
      We have been texting since 11/05/2015
      I need to know if he’s a legitimate person

    • Hi I was talking to a guy named Calvin brown who said he was in the us army in ibadon Oyo Nigeria 23401 I was scammed he wanted me to western union him some money that is refundable for a leave I want to know if he’s a real guy or not.

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