News Coverage of My Case

KCEN ran a story tonight about my illegal arrest and seizure of my firearms. I want to make a few points of clarification. This was a father and son out on a scout to fulfill the requirements of his hiking merit badge. This was not a “Boy Scout hike” as some are reporting. It’s not their fault for saying so since we were only hiking to fulfill the requirements of the merit badge.

The Boy Scouts of America has the following rule about SANCTIONED scout activities:

Except for (1) law enforcement officers required to carry firearms within their jurisdiction, and (2) circumstances within the scope of the BSA hunting policy statement, firearms should not be in the possession of any person engaged in camping, hiking, backpacking, or any other Scouting activity other than those specifically planned for target shooting under the supervision of a certified firearms instructor. (Among the purposes of this policy is to prohibit adult leaders from bringing firearms on BSA camping and hiking activities or to unit meetings.)

So, I was not hiking as a representative of the Boy Scouts of America and we weren’t on a BSA hiking activity. There is a reason that we hike alone through the Texas countryside. It gives me a few hours to spend with my son one on one and fulfills a requirement for a merit badge requirement for advancement to Eagle Scout.

Anyway, here is the video from KCEN, Channel 6: – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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  1. Any cop that says he/she is exempt from the law, there’s a real problem…

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