Newsweek Open Carry Article

Several cases for arrested open carry advocates are making the news. CJ has court next week to clear up the charges related to his arrest back in March. From what I understand, it will be 2-3 days long, which seems excessive for “interfering with a public official,” but then again, this is a complicated case. We wish him luck.

In other news, of course Michael Yon is dragging out 2 year old posts slandering CJ. The guy is pathetic.

3 Comments on “Newsweek Open Carry Article

  1. so whats up with the after math what did they say about it

  2. There’s nothing complicated about it. It is a clear case against that officer, and the other officers on the scene.
    Perhaps the only complicated issue is how can they cover it up and try to get themselves out of the trouble they are in.
    Even if they fire the rogue cops and press charges against them, then they are admitting the wrongdoing and are liable.
    Maybe CJ can make a deal that if they press charges against those officers, fire them, and get better training for future cops as well as cover just the legal fees, then he can settle.
    This way, the city wouldn’t have to be afraid of losing millions in a lawsuit, and it would be a win-win.
    Just a thought…
    CJ you are a hero. Never give up! I bet you never thought you would go to war for our country and have your biggest and most heroic fight here at home.

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