Nice Ties and Suicide Prevention

I recently got this email. Now, I don’t normally pimp out strangers, but honestly, it’s hard to find nice, conservative ties and these are lovely. If you are military or former military, drop me an email at ll at chromedcurses dot com and I’ll send you the code to get an almost 40% discount on the $79 price. That will obviously be honor system but if you can email from a .mil address, that would go much to alleviate my concerns about scamming the system. Otherwise, your honesty is between you and God.

Suicide prevention within the military community is very important to me. We all know what almost happened with CJ and I will do everything possible to support organizations that support suicide prevention. Please, consider purchasing one for yourself, your husband, your retired dad, anything.

UPDATE: My apologies, I copied and pasted from email and didn’t realize the link wasn’t attached to the url. The site can be found here.

My name is Antonio.

I am former U.S. Marine, Texan, father, husband, and founder of the veteran resource High Speed Low Drag.

I’m reaching out to you as there is a big problem in the Military that no one talks about – Suicide.

Back in 2003 my friend 2ndtLt Christopher Shay killed himself while we were deployed. Sadly this wasn’t an isolated incident.

In fact about 20 veterans each DAY take their lives as a result of PTSD or other illnesses.

And no one at the top is doing jack to stop it. So I am.

I’m going to give Stop Soldier Suicide ( a non-profit vet run organization) $20,000 this Veteran’s day to raise awareness of military suicide.

To do this – I created 400 neckties to honor each of the 4 military branches. For every tie sold I’m donating $50 to the cause.

You can check out my project here:

FYI, I’m also a fashion designer (I run the website and so the ties are really nice (100% silk, regimental stripe, using historic service colors). I figure give Marines/Airmen/Sailors/Soldiers a tie they’re proud to wear all the while helping those vets that need it. Win- Win!


Semper Fi,

Antonio Centeno

6 Comments on “Nice Ties and Suicide Prevention

  1. Antonio,
    I played hs hockey with chris and football. I literally just heard bout his passing 15 years later. So sad. I’m playing in our HS alumni hockey game this week and I’d love to tell the younger guys about his service to country. FYI he was a marine type way before he joined. I need to buy a tie too.

  2. I know what to get my older brother for Christmas now! He has been in the Air Force and I am very proud of him. Thank for for the discount!

  3. This is great! I just ordered a tie for a close friend who served 5 years in the Air Force.

    • Chuck – appreciate the support sir – yeah, those Air Force ties are beautiful!

      Semper Fi,


  4. This sounds like a great idea and it supports a good cause. Where can I buy these ties? I would like to get two USMC ties for my father and I. Can you add a link in your post to where I can find these ties?

    • Marco – thanks for the kind words and support sir! – Antonio

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