Oh Michael Yon, When Will You Quit?

Yet again, Michael Yon’s FB “friends” prove stupid and gullible when Yon posts a copy of the certificate that he lifted off this blog, but doesn’t post the actual citation that he claims he has in his hot little hands. (click the image twice to embiggen)

BSM citation

Army Medal Fraud

The guy who got this bronze star with V in Iraq has raised nearly $50,000 in a staged “2nd Amendment” fight. He waves this bronze star as evidence of his faithfulness.

Problem: This is a fraudulent award, though administratively real.

Several things:

Firstly, the recipient, Grisham, has said for years that his award was for taking out an Iraqi squad with nothing but a grenade and a 9mm. This is a lie.

He refused to show this citation, which we obtained through FOIA. There is no mention of taking out an Iraqi squad. In fact, such an award would certainly mention this, and it would be for a Specific Date and Specific Event.

This award is not for a specific date or event, but the sort we see for admin when command shotguns medals across the unit. Many Commanders love to give medals because it makes people carry the line, and makes their unit look good. Sad but true.

Most telling about this medal is that Major General Blount signed it on 28 April 2003, when the award extends to 30 April 2003. And so the General signed off on a medal two days in advance.

This is why most medals are meaningless. Troops who truly earned them are drowned by the frauds whose medals often are administratively true, but frauds nevertheless.

Stolen Valor.

Look at his “friends” froth and foam at the mouth and not even questioning why he didn’t post the actual document he claims to have! He claims to have the citation, and posts the certificate. Only one FB “friend” questions it and doesn’t even question Yon’s intentions, but CJ’s, as if CJ is the one who posted that status. I’m going to give you a small taste of what the citation should read and you can do a compare and contrast on whatever ginned up docs he might try to present. I mean, we already know he tried the stupid “gotcha” moment with the non-existent DD214 (you know, because AD guys don’t GET a DD214).

The citation states, in part,

“This enemy suppressive fire was severe, pinning down his patrol. Understanding that his patrol could not move and the enemy must be destroyed and with no regard to his personal safety, SSG Grisham ran, alone, over 100 meters over open terrain to the enemy’s flank. After throwing a hand grenade he rushed the bunker killing one enemy soldier, wounding two more, and capturing the remaining enemy soldier with his 9mm pistol.”

BSM_Citation edit

For all those who continue to blindly follow Michael Yon and his lies, I am flat out telling you that you are dealing with an unhinged man who doesn’t care what lies he tells you and doesn’t even care if he’s caught in them because you lap up every word and don’t even bother to ask for proof as we’ve provided over and over again.

From Yon’s own biography:

“If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear.”

I pity you.

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6 Comments on “Oh Michael Yon, When Will You Quit?

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  2. So Yon wants us to believe that even a general was involved in faking a BSM w/V, how stupid can someone be??

    • Actually, he just couches it as them handing out a bunch of “administrative” BSMs and the GEN just signed off on everything without, I don’t know, caring? Having a clue? Just accepting them and signing? Who knows how Yon justifies and mentally permabulates the lies, all I know is, he is a liar and after the truth is pointed out, he continues to disseminate the lies because his followers never, EVER question him on that.

  3. Maybe y’all should stop quoting citations “in part” and provide full details. This post does not clarify anything, it only calls the other side a liar.

    • And maybe Michael Yon, who claims to have gotten his information through FOIA should put up or shut up. All he has are claims, claims, lies and claims. He says a whole lot of things, but no one ever asks him for proof. Wait, one person did ask him for primary source proof and Yon had the gall to say he himself was primary source. He’s a liar and spin-master. Oh, and you might want to compare the document he posted of the original here, including the blackout in the corner, and ask yourself why, if he has all this information himself, why does he use information he’s lifted off of THIS website?

  4. Some people are awarded medals for not thinking of themselves and just being concerned about their men. Others are not awarded anything for killing a man in a bar fight in Maryland and begrudge an active duty man for that. it happens…
    ps not CJ

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