Old Faithful Holsters (A Review)

A couple of months ago, I came across a small company called Old Faithful Holsters. Their Facebook page touts them as “the World’s Stealthiest and Most Comfortable Holsters” so I wanted to put them to the test. After all, can there really be a such thing when every gun owner has different opinions about what works and doesn’t? Obviously, everyone should consider their individual type of weapon, holster position, type of clothing, and body type when ordering a holster.

Founder Thomas Tedder started Old Faithful Holsters in 2010 with a revolutionary idea; offer the best designed and highest quality holster on the market at a price that makes their competitors cringe. As Thomas explains on his About Us page:

I have always loved guns and exercise my second amendment right to carry a firearm. I started making holsters when I couldn’t find the holster I needed and, of course, I don’t do anything without thinking it through thoroughly. I went through many design iterations before I was completely satisfied and in the end I settled on a design that is better than anything available on the market today from any other company.

The design uses higher quality leather than anyone else. It’s not just more expensive, it is a different type of leather with the perfect amount of waxes and sealers to make it more comfortable, more beautiful and more resistant to moisture than standard skirting leather embraced by the “big names” in the industry. It’s also a thicker piece of leather so you won’t feel a pistol poking you in the side.

The shape of the leather allows you to quickly grasp the pistol’s grip without running into leather. Most other holster makers still haven’t figured this out and the few that have realized it want to charge extra to cut the leather to where it should have been in the first place.
The shape of the leather has another feature missed by others in the industry. Our holsters have wide tabs to evenly distribute the weight of a fully loaded pistol across your waist instead of at one point.

For the past few months, I set aside my trusty XD paddle holster and strapped on two versions of the Old Faithful holsters for my Springfield Armory XD40 and Kimber Ultra Carry. I tried one of each type, the outside the waistband high rider and the inside the waistband hip holster. For as long as I’ve owned pistols, I’ve carried predominantly a paddle holster, so each one of these was a new experience.

The website is very easy to navigate and it appears that they provide holsters for nearly any type of pistol used for concealed carry. Old Faithful allows customer to choose between black or tan leather and a variety of Kydex molding options. I really like that the carbon fiber option doesn’t add to the pricetag.

For the first few weeks, I wore the waistband high rider since I was more comfortable with outside the pant holsters. What I really liked about the high riders is that I don’t have to wear really long shirts or jackets to keep the weapon concealed. The holster carries the pistol slightly below the belt line and keeps the pistol tucked snugly against the body, nearly eliminating “imprinting” (the outline of the gun showing through the shirt). The Kydex outer shell was perfectly molded for my pistol as ordered.


The Old Faithful high rider holster is virtually undetectable while wearing a simple t-shirt.

I also tested the holster while walking, speed walking, and a light to moderate jog. Initially I was worried about retention of the firearm in case I had to run or sprint. I was surprised that the pistol didn’t budge a bit during such activity. The molding is so exact that the pistol will only slide out with proper pressure by the wearer. It was also very difficult for anyone to pull the pistol out of the holster at any other angle, which comes in handy in the event that a criminal tries to disarm you. The pre-stamped leather prevents the pistol from digging into the skin and provides a level of comfort not always found in high centered holsters.

Once I had put the high rider through its paces, I switched to the inside the waistband hip holster for my 1911. I have to admit that I was very uncomfortable with the holster at first. As time went on, I decided to try moving the holster slightly further back around the waistband. After a few adjustments, I found a spot that was comfortable, considering. It took me a few days to get used to, but it seemed that as time went on, the holster conformed to my individual body style. The leather made carrying almost an afterthought. I began not even recognizing that I was carrying after about a week, except when I got in a vehicle.

Living in Texas, one has to be careful about wearing a concealed weapon inside the pants because of the heat. Sweat leaking onto your firearm can do some damage after a long period of time unless you’re a diehard cleaner like I am. Old Faithful seem to take this into account when they stamp the leather to serve as a barrier between the body and the pistol. The clips are very durable and hold the waistband tightly to prevent shifting during daily activity.


The hip holster is the stealthiest and most comfortable holster I’ve ever tried.


As you can see, there is a lot of weapon hiding comfortably in there.

After wearing each holster for a number of weeks, I found myself gravitating away from the paddle holsters and really appreciating the stealth provided by Old Faithful’s inside the waistband holsters. They are comfortable, well-made, and allow for the best concealability of my firearm.

The best part about Old Faithful is that they have a 30-day challenge: try out their holsters for 30 days and if you don’t agree that it’s the most comfortable and concealable holster you’ve ever worn, they will give you your money back and YOU CAN KEEP THE GUN HOLSTER for FREE. After trying them out, I can attest that the money you spend on an Old Faithful holster is money well-spent. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did and forget to annotate if you’re a left-handed shooter!

For $75, their holsters come fully assembled to the specs you identify during the ordering process. If you want the same quality and prefer to do the work yourself, you can order the holster kit – again to the specs you identify – for just $39.97-$45.97, depending on options. Check out their website here or their Facebook page for more information.

15 Comments on “Old Faithful Holsters (A Review)

  1. I’ve used Old Faithful Holsters for a few years now. Have one for my snub nose .357 and one for my full size Glock 22 Gen 4 .40, Buy are super comfortable.
    Will buy more I am sure

  2. Some company called Aegis Armory claims they are running a contest where you vote for the best holster, I went to the site and old faithful was not on the list,but ther were several on the list that I had tried and ended up trashing them,as they did not live up to there promises, I have been carrying my Walther PPK/S for a year since last March, every day, inside the waist band, I bought the kit and had no problem putting it together., about 5 months ago I bought an alien gear holster to wear my 38 snub nose on my weakside as backup,although it looks very similar to my old faithful,it did not work as well the leather is to thin, I quess everyone must find out for themselves but if you don’t buy an oldfaithful holster you will be looking for another holster in a short period of time this best holster list has mostly ones that cant be adjusted as they break in good luck with that .

  3. Best holster I ever owned puts all the others to shame I’m afraid to say.Good job guys keep it up!

  4. I just got my kit yesterday for my G-30. The online instructions were easy to follow. My first impression was is that this thing is monstrous! It’s big and heavy and ads extra weight where you don’t need it. The belly bands I wear are far more comfortable and conceal just as good. I am going to try this product for 30 days and believe me I will know if it improves. I live in Florida where T-shirts and shorts are every day wear in a very hot and moist climate. I will give this holster every chance I can but my first impression is not good. I’ll post at the end of the 30 days and let you all know if it improves.

  5. I was wondering, what kind of wear does it put on your gun. Don’t want to hurt the finish too much.

    • Brian, I’ve been using them now for some months and I haven’t noticed any rub or wear on the weapon. The leather is soft and the plastic is molded specifically for the weapon you choose.

  6. I have three Old Faithful holsters. They are an outstanding value, especially the Stage 3 kit.

  7. Cj, why is the gun on your right side, when you say your a lefty? Ok I get it, you kept the holster…

  8. Dan, get a smaller gun.. like an XD 3.8, I like the holster and plan on getting one…

  9. My concern with every IWB holster when carrying anything over a .380 is regardless of maker is I need to order pants 2 sizes too big to wear on days I’m using IWB. If I remove the weapon I’m now wearing jeans too big. OWB is the only logical way to go unless I’m carrying a compact carry pistol which I don’t carry.

    • I have the same problem. Generally, If I get pants big enough to carry my XDS or G33 I could park a truck in the back end. I went to a Kimber Solo in an Uncle Mike’s and appendix carry or shoulder holster rig.

    • I have the IWB for a Springfield .40 cal 4″ barrel and I didn’t have to go 2 sizes up on my pants. Same size as I always wear even without the pistol and have had no problems.

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