Ollie North Joins NRA-Life of Duty

Retired Marine LTC Oliver North is launching a new video series with NRA-Life of Duty that will report on the various “frontlines” from all over the world. Below is the trailer for the first report. NRA-LoD plans to release a new Frontlines Report each month (similar to how they release a new Patriot Profile Feature each month).

I’m very interesting in seeing this new series, especially the videos from Iraq. Having witnessed Iraq from the moment American Forces went into the country, I’m naturally interested in seeing how our efforts have shaped the country over the past nine years and the progress they’ve made. I never made further north than the norther border between the Al Anbar and As Salahaddin provinces just north of Al Fallujah.

By the way, if you missed our You Served Radio interview with NRA-LoD host and executive producer Rick Stewart last week, check it out here.

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