Open Letter to My Wife

Dear Emily,

I’ve done a lot of wonderful and honorable things in my life. There is much to be proud of and much to celebrate. But, looking back on my life the thing I’m most proud of is finding you and building the family we have together for the past 16 years.

Unfortunately, many people get married and forget the love in those young hearts that brought them together. Couples grow apart, find reasons to be selfish, or blame society for why it doesn’t work. Others refuse to acknowledge their weaknesses and seek ways to blame others for their failures.

But, some of use recognize that marriage was the best thing that ever happened to us. Since meeting you my life has found true purpose. I fall asleep wishing you were with me and wake up lamenting the dreams have ended. The very thought that we will be together again sends flutters of anticipation through my heart.

Every day I question what I did in this to deserve the blessing that you have been to me. I love you more today than I have ever loved you or anything else before. It’s a love I didn’t think could exist. Just one of the many things to which you’ve opened my eyes since meeting you. It’s a love that is undefinable with words. I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you. Even when the sun is obscured by stormy clouds, you provide much needed sunshine in my life. When I’m down and out, you’re always there to pick me up or take care of me.

I’m grateful for the support you give me as I endure the many pressures, stresses, and distractors that come with deployments. Your willingness to sacrifice time with me as I go where the country needs me does not fall on unacknowledged appreciation. Raising a family alone, especially during these teenagers years, is not an easy task, but you tackle the challenge with zeal and determination.

I can’t imagine being anything but your best friend and your husband. I love and miss you dearly.

Love, CJ

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  1. Well done. You not only know what you have, but appreciate it and show it.

  2. This was a very sweet heart felt letter. It shows what real love is and how strong it is to withstand anything. It’s rare that a man will show his feelings and show how much he appreciates his wife or girlfriend. My favorite line from the letter was the last one. ” I can’t imagine being anything but your best friend and your husband. I love and miss you dearly.” it gave me chills and I’m sure gives people hope that love is real. Good luck to the both of you. Stay safe and God bless.

  3. This wa a very sweet an beautiful article to read, you both are very lucky to have eachother!

  4. Very sweet article to read, you have a very lucky woman to be there for you through all of this!

  5. CJ, I LOVE READING THIS, it bought a smile to my lips. I can only hope to find something like this. MANY BLESSING TO U AND YOUR FAMILY.

  6. You have restored my faith in love and hope.
    Treasure every moment
    this melted my heart and put tears in my eyes

    Wishing everyone here a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  7. You are a hero man! Not only to the country you’re serving but also to this beautiful woman you love. Nowadays, its a mere fact to see couples having divorce because of relationship problems. Soldiers like you may have some worst days of their life when they are home with their family but you, I can see how lucky your wife is to have you. Rare to see a man like you who wrote a letter to the woman he loves and so proud to tell the world how lucky he is to have her.

  8. These are some very heart felt words and Emily sure does deserve them!

    God Bless.

  9. God Bless you guys! About time you wrote something good!

  10. WOW CJ, that is the most beautiful and appreciative letter. Its really very thoughtful and caring of you to acknowledged Emily for the things she does. She deserves it. You too can give yourself a pat on your back because you too have been a great service to your country and all those who are under you. Yes, I agree with you that some couples does not appreciate their marriage and make it work etc. Yours is an eternal marraige and its good that both of you are going in the right direction. Take care and God Bless.

  11. CJ, you could have not wrote that any better to be in love so deeply and to care for someone so special is a blessing, cherish it and may God be with you both. Thank you for your service and for sharing such wonderful words to believe in. With Love and happieness Lynn Perser

  12. Wow — unfortunately, no tissue alert!! But, you and Emily have a relationship that all should aspire to. God Bless you both and even though apart, may you have a Blessed Christmas.

  13. Sweet. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. I love the last photo best because you both look satisfied and happy.

  14. Dude, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You so married up.

  15. CJ: you are a tough man willing to do a rough, with a tender heart to protect the rest of us….

    Thanks for your friendship and helping me find the Moon over Yusufiyah and for friendship all these years.

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