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Throughout the years, I’ve supported many great organizations – some large, some small. It’s great that in today’s day and age, there are so many people out there willing to do whatever they can for our troops. Many of these you’re probably heard of like Soldiers’ Angels, Adopt-A-Platoon, Fisher House, etc. Some you may not have heard about like Connor Care Troop Support and the one I’m about to talk about, Operation Pinecone.

I met OP President and Found Mary Hacker back in 2006 or 2007 one Friday Night at Walter Reed. She was there taking care of our wounded troops and we ended up having her as a guest on the You Served Radio Show and Podcast.

According to their website,

Operation Pinecone was officially launched in November 2005, while founder, Mary Hacker, and her husband were preparing holiday packages to be shipped to the soldiers stationed in Iraq. The name Operation Pinecone originated when Mary decided to include a little symbol from home for the holidays. Pine cones are found in nearly every state in America. Thus, a pine cone continues to be lovingly placed in each package that is shipped to our beloved heroes!

The organization has sent many boxes to me which I have disbursed to the troops with which I come into contact. We set up a common table in one of our offices for troops that are coming through to grab what they need from care packages sent from people and organizations. OP has a small network of NCOICs and Officers that do that as well.

As is the case with many small non-profits during tough economic times, OP has experienced a drop in personal donations and volunteers. They are based in South Riding, Virginia and consist of all volunteers who assemble gift and care packages for service members primarily stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you are able to donate either time or money to this great organization, please contact my good friend Mary Hacker. She’s a true sweetheart and really works hard to take care of us away from our families. You can contact her through her website or Facebook page.

She didn’t ask me to do this, so I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds in asking for help on her behalf. Mary, just let me know if I did.

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