Paintball with the Navy SEALs

Omaze and the Navy Seals are offering one lucky winner a chance to train in the fundamentals of close quarters combat and sniper assaults before an epic paintball battle with the most elite special forces team in the world, the Navy SEALS!


The winner and their friend will learn from the Navy SEALs how to train their brains for the mental strain of covert missions, the secret to holding your breath for two minutes, and how much effort it actually takes to build those sinewy biceps before going into a paintball battle with the experts. The best part is every entry helps the Wounded Warrior Project empower veterans recovering from combat wounds. Airfare & hotel included for the winner and their super lucky guest, so there is no worry there. Enter HERE before September 20th for their chance to win!

2 Comments on “Paintball with the Navy SEALs

  1. This sounds like an incredible opportunity! What a once in a lifetime experience – though it’s probably going to be impossible to get even one shot in!

  2. This should be an AWSOME experience. But the question is……Are you going to be good enough to tag a SEAL with a paintball before you’re tagged by them withing the 1st minute?

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