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Increasingly, our federal government has grown bloated and out of control. It has used it’s supposed “interstate commerce” authority to enslave the states by taxing them into oblivion and then bribing with that money to do its will. For the past few decades, presidents and congresses have usurped power from the people and the states, trampling on our protected 9th and 10th amendment rights, among others.

We now face a president who, more than anyone else, has single handedly destroyed the country he vowed to destroy before taking office. To fundamentally transform America, he has driven us into virtual bankruptcy, destroyed the health care system, nullified the rights protected by our Constitution, decimated our military, and made us the cowardly laughing stock of the world.

When I was active duty, I actively opposed these policies and paid for it. In 2009, after Obama was elected, I told his public affairs staff to their face in the Roosevelt Room of the White House that Obama was untrustworthy when it came to our veterans and troops. Not even three months into his presidency, Obama was pushing an idea to force veterans to pay for their health care. Not even a month later his Department of Homeland Security released a report warning that military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with combat skills could be recruitment targets, especially those having trouble finding jobs or fitting back into civilian society. He has signed dozens of executive orders infringing on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms by declaring veterans who need help managing their finances as “mental[ly] defective.” The United States Justice Foundation reported that “a coordinated effort by multiple federal agencies to disarm the American people. The tactics being used are not just violating the Constitutional rights of Americans, but include outright criminal acts such as extortion and blackmail. Veterans continue to be the primary target, but the groundwork has been laid to expand the disarmament efforts to the rest of the population.

“The veterans are clearly considered the most dangerous of the gun owners in the country because there are 23 million of us and we all took an oath of office to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ We are trained to do just that so we pose a threat to those who want to take away our Constitutional republic,” the Foundation continued.”

It’s not just the 2nd amendment protected rights of troops that are under threat. This administration has also assaulted the 1st and 4th amendment rights of our troops. This blog was virtually shut down by the Army because they forced me to submit every post I wrote for approval prior to publishing anything. The posts had to go through the public affairs officer, legal and my chain of command. I was told which posts were “approved” and which I was forbidden. For example, I posted a picture taken by the DOD of Afghan troops searching the homes of citizens and merely posed one question in relation to the photo: “Are we also teaching the Afghan military to respect the people’s right to be free of illegal search and seizure.” This wasn’t approved because it “questioned a military operation.”

Prior to retiring, then commanding general of III Corps, Major General Anthony Ieriardi signed a general order requiring troops to present ID to any officer that demands to see even if they have committed no crime. I personally filed both an IG complaint and a congressional when the IG came back rubber stamping the CG’s authority. The policy was removed shortly after. It was drafted after I and several other Soldiers exercising our right to keep and bear arms while off duty and out of uniform refused to present identification to law enforcement for doing nothing illegal. As a result of filing these complaints and daring to challenge the authority of unconstitutional actions by the very leaders tasked with protecting and defending our rights, the CG refused to sign my retirement award.

cptsmithThankfully, I’m not alone in standing up to the unconstitutional actions of our nation’s leaders. Army captain Nathan Michael Smith has filed a lawsuit in federal court against President Obama over the legality of his powers to execute the war against isis in Iraq and Syria. There’s no telling whether the lawsuit will result in a return to constitutional principles since the courts have basically given the executive branch absolute power to do whatever it wants. Additionally, the legislative branch continues to legislate away its constitutional powers to keep the executive in check.

CPT Smith is 100% right. Whether you agree with the war against ISIS or not, the fact is that Congress has not passed a declaration or authorization of war in Syria or Iraq. If the only standard is “terrorism” then what’s to stop the president from waging war here in America when/if terrorists take root? Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that this president already considers freedom-loving Americans to be terrorists. Despicable and corrupt leftist senator Harry Reid even went so far as to call patriots in Nevada “domestic terrorists” for daring to interfere with his crony land deals. Thankfully, the Bundys are now suing Reid and Obama (side note: I had the honor of meeting one of Clive Bundy’s daughter, Shiree, this weekend).

The people are standing up, whether they be ranchers or troops. We are tired of the tyranny and authoritarian attitudes of our elected officials. They have forgotten who rules who in this country. If the courts fail us and the ballot box fails, that only leaves one other alternative.

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