Remembering Operation Gothic Serpent

U.S. Army Ranger Keni Thomas has traded in his weapons of war for instruments of strength and encouragement. A true warrior with a warrior’s heart, Keni takes us on a journey from the hard truths of war to a life of inspiring others with his music. This is Keni Thomas: from Mogadishu to Nashville in honor of Correction: Operation “Gothic” Serpent today.

Today is the 19th anniversary of the mission immortalized in the movie and book “Black Hawk Down.” The purpose was to capture warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Mogadishu, Somalia. When a Black Hawk helicopter is shot down, the bravery of our Rangers and Special Forces troops that day would result in two Medals of Honor being awarded posthumously.

I had the privilege of meeting Keni Thomas on a C-130 into Kandahar. He signed my copy of his book “Get It On!” about the operation. I highly recommend it. I wrote a review about it here.

Many thanks to NRA: Life of Duty for sending me this video.

2 Comments on “Remembering Operation Gothic Serpent

  1. 1/05/2019
    I remember when it happened and then seeing the movie with my family and three sons. 2 who are currently serving.

    It was so moving over taken by loss and sadness.. it was so silent in the theater…
    I remember when they ran a list of soldiers who had lost their lives..
    A man yelled out remember their names.
    It was shocking then powerful .
    I still remember it and it gives me strength whenever I struggle, I remember the names.

  2. ” Real Heros dont wear capes. Real Heros wear dog tags & combat boots.” Author Unknown

    Keni Thomas, Michael Durant, Matt Eversmann and the Men of Task Force Ranger are my Heros.

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