UPDATE – Richard Ruffert Doubles Down

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia was technically a combat zone. So, I would like to clarify that in terms of being in a country designated a combat zone, Mr. Ruffert is indeed a “combat veteran.” The point of my comment is that it doesn’t appear that he ever actually SAW combat or participated in armed action against or by the enemy. My apologies for not clarifying this little tidbit.

I would liken this to my service in Afghanistan. I’m not an Afghanistan “combat” veteran because I stayed on the FOB my entire deployment. Though we were mortared on a regular basis – some of which were less than 100 meters from my building – I did not see any real combat in Afghanistan.

Here’s what I do know: It appears that Mr. Ruffert lied about being an Iraq veteran, being awarded a Legion of Merit and Bronze Star, graduating Ranger School and being a Master Sergeant. So far, nothing refutes that. Based on this false information, I assume this information was brought before the Veterans Court. His service in Saudi Arabia was likely enough to qualify for the program.

I’m not arguing whether or not Mr. Ruffert served in a combat zone in Saudi Arabia. His records clearly show he did. What they don’t show is a Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Ranger School, Iraq service, or promotion to Master Sergeant.

Now, with that out of the way, I challenge Mr. Ruffert to answer all the other claims I’ve made based off his records. I’ve left messages on his voicemail asking for input. He refuses to give out his lawyer’s contact information.

ruffertrangerA couple of weeks ago, I profiled stolen valor tool Richard Howard Ruffert. After making his records public that refute his claims about being a Ranger and retired Master Sergeant, I contacted the Texas State Legislators, specifically Senators Wendy Davis and Troy Fraser. I passed along the information I had in an effort to get them to rescind the commendation they bestowed on this poser.

Yesterday, I found out that Ruffert isn’t giving up easily. Because people are questioning his claims, he is now trying to trash me to take attention off him. He claims to have hired a lawyer who has told me to cease and desist.

No such order has been presented to me.

However, I am more than happy to speak with Ruffert’s attorney and get this into a court of law. After all, he did defraud the Veterans Court as well and needs to answer for that.

Good organizations have been hoodwinked by this guy and he should answer for the crimes he has committed by lying about his military service.

I am running down some additional information about Ruffert that will shed even more light on the lies this guy continues to propagate here in Texas. He picked the wrong state in which to base his lies.

Ruffert can’t be trusted. He’s got a history of selfish indulgences. Trust is like a piece of paper; once it’s crumpled, it can’t be made perfect again. He can try to cover his past crimes of property theft, but when you lie to cover up a misdeed instead of accepting the punishment and learning from it – like crumpling up a piece of paper – it will not longer be smooth again. You can make it as straight as you want, but the creases will always be visible.

I’m not going to divulge the additional leads I’ve gotten recently because I don’t want him to have time to plug his holes. My point in writing this is again get his name out there as a fraud and prove yet another lie he has told about hiring a lawyer and shutting me up. It is not hard to find me. I don’t use an alias. My email address is public on this blog. My comments aren’t moderated. So, he has had numerous opportunities to both defend himself and give me proper notice of ceasing our efforts to expose him.

Rick has two choices: he can come clean and end the charade quickly, or he can continue to try and obfuscate the facts and hope that his personality can overcome the many lies he’s told. When you tell a lie to get financial or physical gain, it’s called fraud. If you would not normally be qualified to participate in a program or service and obtain that participation through lies and manipulation it’s called fraud. It’s against the law. And Rick Ruffert is no stranger to crime.

Now, if Rick wants to refute my claims here or in the other post, he can provide the proof and I will gladly issue a public apology and update. Here is what he needs to provide proof of:

– Bronze Star orders/certificate
– Promotion orders to Master Sergeant
– Clarify his many contradicting statements about whether he served 22 or 24 years
– Deployment orders to Afghanistan or Iraq
– Provide me with contact information for his superior at the VA to verify his employment
– Ranger training certificate, NCOER or other proof that he attended the Ranger School

I await word from him or his lawyer.

In the meantime, I’m also furious at Ranger Rick for lying to and misleading a reputable organization that cares so deeply for our wounded troops. This turdball convinced many people, organizations, and even government officials that he was the real deal. Being a 22-year, retired Sergeant First Class gave him the terminology and smarts to make his deception so much more believable.

Hell, I thought for sure that I was wrong when the NPRC sent me his records. I almost didn’t even pay much attention to them and was going to pass on the tips I got. Fortunately, I remembered reading an article which stated that Ruffert had served in Iraq in 2007, but the first page of his records said he retired in 2004. That little epiphany forced me to look closer. And I’m glad I did.

Because I don’t want the organization he scammed to get any blowback from this waste of carbon, I’m going to contact them and ask if I can profile what they do for the troops. I’ve talked with others who have graduated from their program and successfully going about their lives so I know that they are appreciated, needed, and protected by great Americans. REAL combat veterans. There will always be Rufferts in the world that play on the good will of others for their personal gain. And there will always be people that expose them for the frauds they are.

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  1. Richard Ruffert is not just a poser about his military career. He is a habitual liar who has destroyed every person that has befriended him by either dragging his Male friends into adulterous situations to purposely damage the marriages. His goal has been to break up those marriages and then sleep with the hurt wife. So his inexcusable lying about his military career is just an extension of his sick fake life. He is a poser in ALL areas of his life. My advice to anyone who comes into contact with him, RUN away as fast as you can
    Destruction is sure to follow. Just some info: he has run from Texas to avoid any repercussions of his lies and returned to the Evansville, Indiana area. Please feel free to hunt him down and let every TRUE veteran teach him the lesson he deserves.

  2. I believe I came across a new scammer or military member that is being used. They contacted me through a dating post. I have since uncovered to facebook profiles both names on profiles were given to me in a combination. There r pics on both that were sent to me, but I have been sent others as well. Given regular email & .mil address.
    I’m hoping CJ can contact me to see if this is real.

  3. I have recently gotten on FB. The friend requests came rapidly, so I didn’t question an unfamiliar name. However this “Officer and Gentleman ” wrote me a thank you note and I began to Messenger with the unassuming man with the ethnic name AMORY OBERLANDER. Though I am brand new to actually using FB, I am NOT wet behind the ears. A couple of things he posted made me slightly suspicious. When I googled Mr. Oberlander’s name, I got photographs of a much younger man. when I continued to follow that thread it appeared that this man was a convicted felon. I just happened upon your article as I continued to follow the same thread. I have not let Amory know anything about my suspicions. I would love to be of assistance in any ongoing investigations. Please reply at your earliest convenience as I would like to delete this man as a friend if I cannot be of service.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Mertell

  4. i would like to know how to find info about someone claimng to be US Army Soldier
    and and how to post on this site other than reply

  5. I think the man I have been chatting too on Facebook is a scammer. He is going by the name of Amory Oberlander D.O.B 2/5/55 age 60. A Lieutenant General in Kabul Afghanistan. Been there for 10 years, lost family in car accident. He adopted a little girl named Gina 6 who lives in London, with a nanny. I accepted his friend request 16/8/15 and on 18th he wrote and gave me details of his schooling and service so far, I copied and wrote it all down, Very big romancer and started calling me his wife within for 2 weeks, then he said he had a shock, his daughter fell on steps at school and is in a private hospital. Doctors won’t operate until they have $950. He then pestered me for the money. I told him numerous times, I did not have any money and could not help him. With this he stopped writing as he said I didn’t care , that was 1/9/15. Left it for a day as I new something was not right, bells were ringing. I just wrote , Hi, then he answered and again asked me to help him. Again I said I couldn’t, and told him that I could not carry on like this, and it would be best if I unfriended him and we both go our own ways. Sadly I deleted all the conversations and deleted from my list but still kept his E-mail which is Amory Oberlander (Mr benkk@live.com) He has altered a couple of pictures on Face book profile, but is still active as of today 4/9/15. I have done some research on google, and there is one by the same name saying go to face book, and another which is not him. I also searcher for L. General in the peacekeeping mission in Kabul but he is not there. For a high ranking Officer, both the English and grammar left a lot to be desired. If he proves to be scamming, I hope you get him before he gets the money out of some poor gullible lady . I was gullible too but sense enough not to had out money.I have his life history if require this info. I think this is terrible, that US Military images are being used. Many thanks. Vilma Bartlett

  6. I just have a few questions about this gentlemen I’d like to ask you. A few months back a man by the same name moved next door to me and said he was retired military from texas please contact me when you have a chance.

    • I know where this man is living. Are u in evansville in?

  7. Cj
    I have some info on this guy, can u contact me. Thank u!

  8. If this is for real and he’s a fraud. He is still out there preying on people. From what I read mostly women. Myself included!

  9. CJ, can you tell me what happened with Richard Ruffert? If you get a chance, could you also email me? I have some questions for you. Thank you

  10. I think I am being scam by some posing to be a solider. I want to know if I am correct. Who can I can take to see if the person I am talking with on line is for really. I meet a guy on match and then my email was hacked and everything it was gone. I am not using my first name as not sure if they look at this site. I am still chatting with this guy and want to know who to contact to send a picture of him. Can someone please contact me? I am willing to help crack down this situation.

  11. CJ

    just in case you missed this interview with the new york times regarding sexual assaults in the u s military (June 2013). this is ruffert response to reporter james dao.

    Richard H. Ruffert, 50, said his boss in an Army reserve unit in Texas forced him to have sex with her by threatening to give him poor reviews. He said the sex continued for about two months in the late 1990s, until he attempted suicide. He then told a commander and, after a lengthy investigation, his boss was transferred. But he believes that she was never punished.

    He retired from the military in 2004 and spent several years struggling with nightmares, drug addiction and homelessness, which he blames on the sexual assault. Therapy and working with veterans have helped him, he said.

    But he does not feel comfortable dating women anymore. “This has completely changed my life,” said Mr. Ruffert, who appears in the film “Justice Denied.”

  12. This guy is so deluded–so sick….he needs to be hospitalized. what about his Military Sexual Trauma and his being in Somalia in the Black Hawk Mission? He joined a PTSD group and stalked the women. Made up lies aboiut the members and ruined their whole group. He is a disgust to veterans everywhere and to those that are trying to heal,

  13. How does this Gretchen know the name of the organization this man supposedly fraudulently obtained a service dog from if the organization is not named in this article? Hmmm… sounds a bit suspicious to me.

  14. This whole situation is sad honestly. Lying is never a good option as it seems they always snowball into bigger problems, hence the current situation. I do believe in PTSD and as a “civilian” cant fathom what combat is like. Therefore the situation will strike more nerves of anyone who truly is a soldier. Who have seen combat and truly have PTSD and suffered injuries in combat. And to the familys who have ones in the military and who may have ultimately lost loved ones. I think Mr. Ruffert just let one lie get carried away into the mess he is in today. I am not saying it is right…by all means he should be reprimanded. It is wrong what he has done but there are some issues apparently that he has. He needs help. Yes throwing him under the bus, blasting him to the media etc are great options. I personally favor public lynching It is wrong, he hurt and used many kind, giving, unjudgemental people. People willing to give all they had to help this man. I wont even refer to him as a soldier anymore. he turned on his brothers. He chose this route not at the encouragment of anyone other than himself. And he must now pay for what he has done. Everyone makes mistakes and if he feels he hasnt made any then feel free to comment on here as I know you are reading the posts. And I know you have accused me of posting a previous post which I have not. I was going to let it slide then I read the things said and must stick up for J. She is a friend who would give the shirt off her back to help anyone. Is she perfect? No but no one is. Her personal life is not the topic here and who she knows, how well she knows them or any of that isnt the issue so I think people need to back off and deal with the issue at hand. Mr Ruffert. You made your bed now lay in it. Stand tall and proud like a real soldier and take whats coming your way. You cant change whats going on. Its always going to be there the haunt you. But how you decide to handle this will determine the kind of true man you are. How truly sorry you are. I kind of think you are just more upset you got caught. Dont drag others into this by blaming them for your troubles. And dont email people trying to start fires between friendships because its not going to work. Asking for forgiveness is a big step…are you man enough to say ok I messed up, I need help…didnt think so now leave me and J alone…

  15. I know Rick and also know J only knows him only from an online relationship. She never met him in person therefor Gretchen she hasnt had opportunity to see medals, pictures, etc. I was lied to as well. Again, another woman who he met online. I did however have the chance to meet him in person. He seemed to tell his stories in a way anyone would believe as well. PTSD…pretty sure he has it. He sleeps for days on end. Has panic attacks. Then again who wouldnt given his life of lies. I hope to see him pay for his disrespect to our great land and yes i look forward to a book and/or movie about this. I think it happens more than people know. Ask J…she apparently knows another “soldier” who is a fraud Seth Whittaker. a liason from Brazil, living in Canada but a Major in the Army in NC? and she bought that story? and from picture Ive seen looks Middle Eastern. Does anyone else see a connection to J and supposed frauds?
    lets not take the focus off Rick Ruffert. Scum, turd, and many other names I can think of that shall not be printed. May he get whats coming to him and I pray for Millie his dog that she is a true victim here as she will lose a man she has been faithful to since day one. He has hurt so many and its just sad this whole thing happened.

    God bless CJ and keep writing about this. And thank you for serving for our country!!! love America and grateful for the true soldiers for defending our freedom

  16. so has J seen his medals of honor? pictures of him in combat? Maybe she knows he was lying as well and now that its out in the open is trying to play the victim. not to be down on whoever this J is but how can you know someone personally and not know of such lies? Is she a credit seeker? whatever its not about her. I just am overwhelmed with the fact he did this to our country. used K9 for Warriors and took a great animal from a true combat soldier who deserves the help. I think you play a major role in it and again as you said most people arent looking for credit. you are a great writer and very thorough in your article. and the fact you update and correct yourself shows great character. I look forward to following your posts on this story and hope to one day see it on the big screen. seriously it would be a great movie. keep up the good work and hope justice prevails

    • Gretchen and CJ…. to clarify.. I never met Rick in person but online and had many hours of conversations with him. He was my friend…. that is all. (or I thought he was)
      Gretchen,….. I am not making this about myself…. Rick took advantage of alot of people and should be held accountable if the accusations hold true. I am sorry that my friends who gave their lives and those who are continuing to serve in the Iraq/Afghanistan war are being dishonored. He also took advantage of the wonderful staff at K9’s for Warriors.
      and K… I agree with you that Millie is a victim in this as well. anytime you would like to message me and talk I hope that you believe me now as you didnt when I sent you the link. sorry you were taken too.
      CJ keep doing what you do as I come from a military family and always respected veterans and those who are in active service. Anyone who serves should be proud of their service, why embellish? Freedom isn’t free and I thank you CJ for the mission that you are on to hold the value and integrity of those who have served honorably in such a manner.

  17. J this isn’t about you or how you feel you deserve an apology. This piece of crap played the system and screwed over many people and organizations that are far more important than some woman who claims to have been in a relationship
    With this scumbag. Let me guess…Internet relationship…never actually met him in person? Sorry you were duped but come on stop trying to include yourself in CJs findings. Great article CJ and great find! He deserves to pay. If he truly does have PTSD that should be taken into consideration and handled accordingly. Peace

    • Gretchen, J knows this turd personally, not online. His actions have hurt individuals, organizations and even politicians (though It’s not hard to fool them).

      I also need to emphasize that bringing this guy down was a callaborative effort of many people, most of whom don’t seek credit. I have a big bully pulpit here and when we are convinced we’ve got a fraud, go public with it. I just want to make sure I don’t take all the credit for something I played a minor role in.

  18. Sooooo. NOW that Rick knows that it was NOT me … how about an apology??? ……That’s what I thought too.

  19. I think it is important to remember also, that this man is in possession of a PTSD Service Dog and the safety of this dog should be considered until the WORTHY non-profit organization that allowed him to have it decides on a course of action.

    • I completely agree. My worry is that he skips town with the dog and another troop that actually deserves it goes without. I am working with law enforcement and the Criminal Investigations Division to ensure It’s done right.

  20. he thinks I told you about his other FB page and blames me for the comments being posted on there. Told him to ask you, CJ, who told you about the page….as it was not me! he cant even HEAR the truth! ….and that hurts….

    • Well, I don’t know you, so I’m not sure how I could have gotten it from you. Have him read this here that I didn’t anything from whomever you are. If you are someone I know, I don’t recognize the email address. He is in defense mode right now. He is seeing his world that he’s fabricated for years crashing around him. He’s lied to so many people and now they are hearing the truth and he’s lashing out. He says he has a lawyer, but he hasn’t contacted me which I would welcome. I reached out to him long ago before I went public asking for an explanation and he ignored me. I posted this and asked him again for an explanation and he ignored me. He thought that people would just forget that he has fooled a lot of people and ruined what should have been 22 years of honorable service. He forgot his Army Values when he hung up his uniform. And when the right people asked all the right questions, he shriveled in the light.

      I’m still willing to remove all of these posts if I am wrong. My post is based on the records released through NPRC. I’m sorry he’s blaming you, but he should be blaming himself. I repeat, you did not lead me to him.

  21. Can you divulge any phone #’s, email addresses, home address or ? so that we may jump on the band wagon by telling this moron what we think of him.

    • Dave, at this time I’m not publishing that information. It is available if you do a records request through the DMV, but I’m not ready to turn up the heat to full-on boil yet. I also don’t want to put him in any physical danger that releasing that information, though publicly available, to the general public. Believe me, this guy is getting what is due him through legal and public humiliation channels.

    • I sent you an email using the email you used with this comment. Let me know if you don’t get it.

  22. In the typical fashion of those who make false military claims they throw out the lawyer comment. This is par for the course and the mere fact that he apparently does not have one should be further evidence of his lies. Should he get a lawyer and bring this into a court of law he would have to answer questions about claims he has made, or permitted to remain, in the public domain. Those answers would be done under oath and once his lies are exposed he would be facing a minimum of a perjury charge. Of course you and I know this CJ but apparently Mr Ruffert fails to realize he is about to answer for the lies he has made in the not so distant past.

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