Ryan Zull Scam Update

I’ve tried numerous times to reach Ryan Zull’s attorney, Scott Simpson. Ryan won’t respond to the accusations against him and his attorney won’t return numerous phone calls and an email asking for information.

What Ryan Zull is doing, however, is running a Gold Star Mother through the ringer. On top of having to deal with someone using her son’s name to raise money for a personal project under the guise of “charity,” this mother now has to worry about going to court.

Ryan is claiming that Lance Corporal Phillip D. Vinnedge’s mother is harrassing him for demanding that he not use her son’s name or image on his fliers. Zull’s lawyer is even trying to get Mrs. Vinnedge to agree to back off and stop exposing him in exchange for never using her son’s name again. This is the most absurd request I’ve ever heard!

I’ve made several calls and fielded numerous emails since writing my initial story about Ryan Zull here. They paint a disturbing picture of Ryan Zull. Because of the damning nature of these allegations and my inability to prove them, I won’t list them here. My goal is simply to publicize the despicable actions of a man lying about who he is.

The Supreme Court ruled – rightly in my opinion – that the First Amendment protects citizens that lie about being in the military or receiving certain medals and commendations. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t ridicule and expose these losers of society through public humiliation. If Ryan Zull doesn’t want to come clean about his military history, we’ll do it for him. To impersonate a member of the military and project an image that you’ve accomplished something many troops have given their blood, sweat and tears to achieve is one of the lowest forms of perversion.

So, since the Stolen Valour Act is unconstitutional, it’s incumbent upon us to ensure these guys aren’t able to freely use the accomplish of our troops as their own. And I definitely won’t allow such a dishonorable person to harrass a Gold Star Mother if there’s anything I can do about it.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Vinnedge goes to court and will need your support, prayers, and encouragement. She will be going to court trying to get an Order of Protection against the person that has used her son’s name and picture to support his “Charity”, a Memorial Garden on his private property – his front lawn. He has also filed for an Order of Protection against this Gold Star Mother, saying she caused him pain, slandered him, is harassing him and making false claims about him. He is blaming her for vandalism and harassment towards his family by others.

All she wants is for him to stop using the names of our military KIA’S and making up identities for true Hero’s that have been killed protecting our freedom. She does not wish any harm to any child and just wants him to stop disgracing our true Heroes. She does NOT ever condone vandalism or harassment, especially of children. So, the allegations against her are completely false and more than likely a smokescreen to divert attention from him.

Now, let’s dig some more into who he claims to be. Take a close look at this photo.

On Zull’s top row of the ribbons he’s wearing here, he claims to have been awarded: The Navy/Marine Corps Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and what appears to be the Legion of Merit. It is nearly unheard of to earn the Legion of Merit with anything less than 20 years of service. But, even assuming he is entitled to this medal, he has the order of his top row incorrect. The Legion of Merit is two medals higher in the order of merit than the Navy/Marine Corps Medal. The Navy/Marine Corps Medal is on par with the Soldier’s Medal in the Army. In order to earn that, one must have committed an extreme act of heroism not involving combat. Typically, it is awarded for actions involving the risk of one’s own life. The middle ribbon on the top row should be the third in order of merit.

While difficult to tell, it appears that the middle ribbon of the second row is either an upside down Combat Action Ribbon. The first ribbon on the third row down to the viewer’s left appears to be a Purple Heart. However, both of these ribbons are out of order of merit, like the first row.

Ryan Zull is obviously a fraud. His records do not indicate such valorous medals nor do they indicate any deployments that would earn him a Combat Action Ribbon or Purple Heart. He’s also holding an officers hat instead of that of a CPO!

16 Comments on “Ryan Zull Scam Update

  1. He’s wearing a sea service ribbon without any stars. There’s little to no chance that a submarine qualified chief only has one sea service ribbon.

  2. coast guard special ops ribbon is not a red flag. Got one for doing drug interdiction.

  3. David is correct in the assessment of ribbons and precedence. He is pretending to be a Navy Chief and a submariner… I would kick his ass personally.

  4. If a true submariner catches him wearing our coveted silver dolphins he will get whats coming to him…NOONE wears enlisted submarine warfare unless they have EARNED it.

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  6. He has started a “landscape and remodeling” company. Haha. I think it can be found by searching http://www.facebook/USvetslandscaping.com it is in the Saint Charles, MO area if that helps in your search. From the ad I read ( misspelled ad)He employs only veterans… Hmmm… Doubtful another respectable vet would work side by side him.

  7. As this goes public, this punk better stop whining about Julie and start worrying about several thousand battle hardened grunts with attirtudes. You don’t mess with a brah’s family or memory.

  8. ive read both these articles and he is full of it if he says he was in the navy from 2001 until earlier this year. me and my mother worked with him at the burger king at jungermann /hwy 94 around the end of 2007/beginning of 2008. i do know some things about him from around the time i worked with him. will dig up as much as i can to help 🙂

  9. How could anyone do something like that to a Gold Star Family? Haven’t they been through already? Somehow the names our our fallen heroes need to be protected from scum bags like this.

  10. I was looking at the three pictures — the top and bottom one show him as an officer — an Ensign yet the center one in his dress uniform shows no officer braid on the sleeve and even an ensign would have one small braid.

    Just curious CJ — have CV or Jonn Lilyea found out anything about him or are you having to do this on your own?

    I stand behind you 100% and would gladly help you hog time him to a Texas fire ant hill and pour honey over his genitals (just for starters) for what he is doing to a gold star mother.

  11. The third ribbon on the top row is most likely an old Navy Reserve Medal (now obsolete). Not nearly as prestigious as the Legion of Merit, but still out of order. The Combat Action Ribbon is upside down. The first ribbon on the 3rd row down appears to be a Navy “E” Ribbon – which, if he were entitled to it, would be properly placed. The last ribbon on the 4th row down appears to be a Coast Guard Special Operations Ribbon – another red flag.

  12. Is there away to throw her some cash to help her pay her attorney’s fees?

    • Chad, I’ll ask her if there is a defense fund set up. I don’t think it’s gotten dirty and expensive yet.

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