Skarr Body Armor Review

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to defend gun rights and freedom at a rally in Dallas. For some reason, I’ve received an uptick in violent threats since my arrest in Olmos Park. The statists aren’t happy with people who stand up instead of kneel down.

It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and a light breeze that eased the trapped heat within the concrete jungle of downtown. I had been looking into getting some concealed body armor after my buddy James Everard showed me what he typically wears and made some suggestions on what to look for. After being unlawfully tased in the back, I quickly realized that I need something that is not only bullet resistant, but stab resistant.

As I began my search, I quickly narrowed the field down to two companies: Skarr Armor’s SPV-06W vest and SafeGuard Armor’s Ghost covert armor. I had several specifications that I was looking for:

    level IIIA (up to 44 Mag)
    stab proof
    concealable (as much as possible)
    lighweight and breathable

Ultimately, I went with the Skarr Armor. The Ghost Armor was nearly twice as expensive as Skarr and offered the same protection. So, for the first time, I suited up and made my way to Dallas. I decided to go ahead and just wear it the whole way up so that I didn’t have to fuss with it in the parking lot and also just to feel it out for comfort. 

It wasn’t restrictive and I didn’t even really notice I was wearing it. One of my worries was that because I have a shorter torso than probably most people was that it would ride up while I was sitting down. I didn’t notice that being the case at all. When I got to the parking lot, I got out and grabbed all my gear and headed towards the rally. 

It was a warm day and I was sweating, but I didn’t feel overheated in the slightest wearing the armor. In fact, I just felt the normal heat that I think everyone else was feeling. Having worn body armor for many years, I know what discomfort feels like while wearing armor in the heat and I didn’t experience that. I have worn my plate carrier at rallies outside of my clothes and felt oppressively overheated, but not with this. It was hot, but I wasn’t uncomfortable. Again, I didn’t even realize I was wearing it. A few perceptive people asked me about the armor, but others didn’t notice until someone else mentioned it. The most obvious places you can see were around the neck area where the bulged out a little probably because of my enormous pecs (/sarcasm).

Thankfully, none of the threats panned out this weekend and I survive another day. I hope I never have to test out the protection-level claims of the armor since I’m not going to shoot up my only only concealable body armor to find out if it works. I can barely afford body armor as it is, but I definitely can’t afford one to keep and one to test. I’ll be wearing the armor at other events as well to get more of a feel for it and see how it holds up over time and increasingly higher temperatures. 

You can get the same body armor at the Skarr Armor website here (no, I don’t get a finder’s fee or commission if you buy any). I highly recommend it so far. I did a LOT of walking that day wearing bags and a rifle as well as walking through a crowded NRA convention floor without feeling bulky or burdened.

You can find some great deals on outerwear tactical plate carriers and ballistic armor by visiting this blog’s parent site here.

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  1. You are a braver man than I. I would fear being shot at a traffic stop simply because I was wearing the body armor.

    On another note did you consider something lighter for concealed wear? I have a plate carrier if I were to ever again encounter anything really serious and have considered a concealable rig. I have pondered a II or IIA, stops the most popular round with of course much less blunt trauma protection but much more concealable. Interested in why you went IIA, beyond the greater stopping power.

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  4. Dear Sir. Is the US ARMY on any peace mission in Nigeria now.? I have probably been scammed by a man claiming to be there..He has sent me video of himself near a helicopter, ( he a helicopter mechanic) other photos of himself there. We post on Wassup. He has called me a dozen times on his cell to my cell. I have known him since April 20, 2018. He contacted me on Facebook. 3 days later he leaves for Nigera. His Facebook showed he lives in Los Angeles..I live close to L.A. His profile shows he’s divorced. He has a 2 year old baby that he’s raising with his Aunt & Uncles help. The baby looks EXACTLY like him.All the photos look legit. What do you think?

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