Standing with Temple PD


I need to make something clear up front. I truly appreciate the support that I’ve gotten over the past few weeks dealing with these bogus charges against me. However, if there’s anything I deplore more than the illegal actions of police officers and Soldiers it’s the illegal actions of “patriots.”

If you support me, you support the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution gives NO ONE the right to threaten the lives of anyone else, especially our police officers. There are legal ways of dealing with the actions of those that would use their positions to break the law and threatening their lives isn’t one of them.

I will tell anyone that reads straight up: I will stand side by side with Officer Steve Ermis and protect his life with mine before I allow any physical harm to come to him. I will defend him to the death over your actions, whomever you are. What’s more troubling is that Ermis isn’t the only one receiving death threats, from what I have heard. People are threatening members of the City of Temple, the Chief of Police and even prosecutors. And guess what? I’m getting them too. However, I’ve been sending them directly to the FBI for prosecution and I hope the city is doing the exact same thing with threats against its employees.

I know this is a very passionate and timely issue, but let’s all keep our cool. I will not tolerate such illegal and felonious behavior under any circumstances. I don’t wish death or harm to these people and certainly don’t condone those that do. It is despicable and unacceptable behavior. I hope those of you responsible are caught, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and given the maximum penalties if found guilty. I don’t want any part of it.

Again, I will gladly stand guard outside the home of these people that did this to me to ensure no harm comes to them so that they and their families can sleep peacefully knowing that there are others willing to protect them while they sleep. I have plenty of military friends that would gladly sacrifice sleep for the safety of these people being threatened.

I hope I’ve made myself quite clear where I stand on this issue! Just DON’T support me if these are the kinds of things you are going to do. I do not want to be associated with such activities. You are no better than the people that bombed the Boston Marathon in my mind and deserve the shame punishment.

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  1. Officer Steve Ermis should be fired for official oppression.

  2. Well said sir. Hoping those 12 men and women can see fit to allow justice to be served. Thanks CJ for your service, then, now and always.

  3. This ignorant cop disarmed a citizen who was not committing a crime. He should be fired. I have seen a bunch of videos of cops stopping citizens who were open carrying which is not a crime in any of the locations the videos were shot. The cops have no right to stop and question these citizens. When they do they should be punished. If they violate citizens rights enough they should be fired with no future compensation (i.e., paid administrative leave or retirement benefits).

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  5. When its lawful to do something, one does not need permission or justification other than their own volition to do so. Only children ask permission to do something that’s allowed.

  6. Let me start with I very much believe in the 2nd . Now let me tell Ya’ll I have read so many storys about Grisham had the rifle to fend off cougars hogs and coyotes That is a lot of B.S . I myself have been all over that area for 50 years my family has been live there for close to a 100. You can here coyotes in the creek bottom or along the tree line at night. THERE ARE NO COUGARS .I have walked all over the airport property all up the cattle guard road I have been doing this since way back when all the roads were still gravel I did this at night alot of times never carried a gun.We have dove hunted for years on mouser road. Now I think the police were wrong. You have the right to carry the rifle but please don’t say it was to fend off wild animals on a paved road in the daylight that would be a lie.

    • James, let me be clear about why I was carrying my rifle that day: because I can. Maybe you should come out here near where I live to see the cougar. Granted, we’ve only seen it twice and both times around 2100. The coyotes are more afraid of us than we are of them. And I think I’ve already tagged all the feral hogs in the area, mostly off Old Howard Road behind one of our pastures and off 317. That’s not the main reason I was carrying my rifle. I always carry my rifle when we are out walking. You choose not to and that’s your choice.

      • CJ, you stated here, “let me be clear about why I was carrying my rifle that day: because I can.” That has not been your response to anyone before now (that I have seen in writing). You even stated on the Glen Beck radio program that you were carrying the rifle because for protection from wildlife, as well as making the statement to the law enforcement officers during the course of your arrest and incarceration. Now, we all understand that the real reason you were carrying it was “because you can.” Regardless of reality, this statement tends to imply that you were trying to make a point. However, I am glad that you finally came forth and admitted that it has nothing to do with fear of wildlife. I hope that if/when you are asked by court system that you are honest with them and do not try to hold to the original statements you made to them.

        • Erik, there are many reasons why I was carrying, but one of them was NOT to “make a point.” Again, if I wanted to make a point, I wouldn’t be walking in the middle of nowhere in the country. There are plenty of places to “make a point.” If I wanted to make a point, I also would have captured the entire encounter on film and been expecting a confrontation. Instead, I didn’t start the camera until I was thrown into the car. Your logic doesn’t make sense. My point in saying that I was carrying “because I can” is that it’s really no one’s business why I was carrying, whether it was defense against wildlife, thugs, or to exercise my rights. You can twist all you want, but I set out to complete 10-mile hike with my son and nothing else. I can “make a point” alone without involving my kids.

  7. Breaking the law (threats) is immoral. Breaking the law while the prosecutor breaks the law doesn’t solve anything. The prosecutor should be run out of town, or face criminal charges and if found guilty, whipped in the public square.
    Making false charges, then retracting them and then inventing new ones and inflicting these charges on innocents is so offensive, and so criminal that the prosecutor is a public menace.
    The Rule of Law doesn’t permit public officials to stand above the law. The people of Temple who have not run the prosecutor out of town are contemptable and pathetic.
    We are a nation without sufficient numbers of repentent and moral people. We are reaping what we sow.

    • One would hope that this will negatively impact this district attorney’s chances at reelection, however this isn’t the 19th century, there is a democratic process, and he can’t simply be “run out of town”. Lets see how this plays out before we condemn an entire city.

    • There is no basis to state that we deserve and answer, but I wonder if CJ would comment on the validity of the claim that he “even established a legal defense fund to solicit contributions from supporters.” With regards to the the school board incident. If he did, what did he do with the monies he received? If any.

    • Erik, here is the email i sent to the author of that piece. Keep in mind that her criticism is based off of information from Michael Yon.


      I was a little surprised that you would quote Michael Yon on a story questioning my motives when I was arrested.  For starters, I’m an advocate of the 2nd Amendment.  It doesn’t matter WHEN I would have been arrested, you could have tied anything I’ve done or said to “having an axe to grind.”  The fact is, you are completely wrong.  Had I wanted to make a point, I would have hiked through more populated areas.  Instead, my son and I sought out on a hike in the back country, among fields that are mostly farmed by my family.  I’d like to address a few inaccuracies or offer some context to your story before I address the Michael Yon quote if you’ll indulge me.

      “He eventually threatened to sue and even established a legal defense fund to solicit contributions from supporters.  The case never went to court.”  We were going to sue the Huntsville City School District.  The charges were interfering with a business relationship, defamation of character, and libel.  However, when the district fired the superintendent after I met with board members, I agreed to drop the case.  Other parents also began taking up the case against the school since I was being attacked by the school and the Army unfairly.  The fact is that there were over 50 parents angry at the school, but I had a popular blog on which I exposed their efforts so I was targeted.  The controversy involved the principal’s decision to force parents to pay for school uniforms halfway through the school year without warning or without parental involvement.  The decision was going to cost parents approximately $400 per student in a military community.  

      “As more details of this case emerge, there remain many more questions to be answered: Is CJ Grisham just unlucky with the law or is he a PR hound looking for an axe to grind?”  That’s kind of like asking, “do you like beating your wife?”  The premise of your question sounds like a page out of Salinsky’s playbook.  The truth is that I’m a very principled person.  I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or others when they’ve been wronged.  In a politically correct Army this puts me at odds with conventional wisdom of the old school officers.  I don’t need PR.  I don’t make money off my writings or my military service other than my monthly paycheck.  

      And now we get to the crux of this email.  

      “As we’ve noted, military blogger and author Michael Yon has his doubts.  Grisham is “very good at manipulating people,” Yon says, but his real concern  is that Grisham’s case is a symptom of a larger problem within the American military:”  Michael Yon is not the be-all-end-all of all things military.  There is a reason he sits in Thailand unable to get another embed with military forces.  He has burned so many bridges the military won’t have anything to do with him.  

      I’d like to address Yon’s specific comments since you decided I wasn’t worth contacting to confirm or deny what was said about me. 

      “Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham (next stop Sergeant Major) has become a de facto representative of the US Army.”  I’m not a “de facto” representative of the Army.  I make it very clear in my blogging and on my weekly radio show that what I do online is not representative of the military or the Army.  I speak for myself.  If Yon wants to call me a representative of the Army when I’m not wearing my uniform, it’s meaningless.  He is not the decider of who represents the Army or what I do in my private life.  Do I represent the Army when I’m cooking dinner for my wife, mowing the grass, or watching a movie?  

      “The Army permits him to promote his agendas while wearing a uniform purchased by American taxpayers. He uses his rank, his uniform, and the Army in his many public writings.”  The Army has no say over my personal opinions.  None of my activism is ever done in uniform.  I don’t blog while at work, I don’t conduct interview while at work, and I don’t use my official title when I do those things.  I blog as “CJ” and nothing more.  Media outlets like to identify me as a Master Sergeant or First Sergeant and I have used my experience in the Army to add credibility to my opinions, but I don’t write in any official capacity.  Just because I have a picture of myself up on a post of something I did in the Army doesn’t mean it’s an officially endorsed action.  Yon uses his picture when he enlisted on his Facebook page.  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean that he represents the Army either.

      “He may be free to speak, but he is not free to invoke his employer without permission. That the Pentagon allows him to speak while using its name makes him a de facto spokesman. Grisham speaks on behalf of the US Army and its intelligence community, whether we like it or not.”  Again, show me where I do that.  The only person that keeps invoking the military in my writing is Michael Yon.  You can read my blogs and I write about military life, but the military cannot and does not control it’s troops’ personal opinions.  

      Michael Yon has been spreading libelous and defamatory opinions about me for years.  In fact, during my most recent Afghanistan deployment, he accused me of threatening his life.  He continues to say that I threatened to kill him.  He initiated several complaints against me when he was disembedded for violating embed rules that resulted in investigations against me.  It was a major distractor during a combat deployment and I was absolved of any wrong-doing in each investigation.  What’s worth noting is that Mr. Yon refused to cooperate with the investigators and give sworn testimony against me.  If I was supposed threatening him, why not testify against me instead of just launching investigations?  Because he would perjure himself.  You can read where I counter his accusations point by point here:

      Yon won’t come back to the United States from Thailand because he knows that he will be sued. He is free and clear to say whatever he wants without consequence while he stays there.  If I was who he consistently claims I am, I guarantee you the Army would have gotten rid of me years ago.

      If you have any other questions, please ask me.  I have nothing to hide.  


      CJ Grisham

      • CJ, I see the reasons for why you dropped the case in the school district, and I think your methods are actually commendable; however, I noticed that you didn’t address the issue about the money you raised. Whether you care to comment on the disposition of the funds or not is your right. I will say that, by default, you did, in fact, make money from blogging, regardless of whether or not you choose to cal it “pay.” Let me also say that if a group of people decided to send someone money over the internet in a situation like this, it is their loss, but I think that maybe they had the expectation that it would be used in a manner for which it was not. That may actually create some liability on your part if there are no discalimers on the donation site.

        • CJ, one last note. I am not sure if you are aware, but you can actually sue Yon “in absentia.” If you can prove your claim, the court can award damages. You will not be able to get them until/unless he returns, or has some type of US equity.

        • Erik, I didn’t raise that much money for the school board issue. The money I DID raise was spent on my defense. I had to retain a civilian and military lawyer (civilian lawyer familiar with military law). The only money I collected above and beyond what I needed was a little more than $100 which went to a local charity (can’t remember which one) in Madison.

        • And sue him for what, Erik? The guy has nothing. I would spend thousands of dollars and, best case scenario, get a judgment that he’s a douchebag. So what. We also contemplated a cease and desist order, but that is unenforceable while he’s in Thailand. He has to beg for money just to update his site. $20,000 to update a website, and you’re asking ME about fraud?! He’s running a blog, not Ebay or Amazon.

  8. I understand CJ’s position and why he is doing things this way. We all know it would be a direct reflection on his military career and his permanent record. He is taking the correct legal path to try and resolve these issues.
    As a former Marine I stand by his decision up to a point. The legal system is also to blame. How many of us remember as teenagers, we used to get a note from our parents to leave school early on the opening day of deer season?
    We kept our rifles and shotguns in the rack of rear window even at school and never had a single issue.
    In my entire life growing I’ve never heard of anyone from our generation grabbing their gun out of the truck due to an argument with someone. Has the world ever changed!
    I remember walking on the back roads hunting, and a cop would drive up and roll down the window and ask “Had any luck today?” you’d smile and humbly say “no sir” and then he’d say “Well there were two nice bucks in the field I just past. Try up there” and he’d smile and be on his way, as he waved.
    What happened? These were the old school cops. The decent one’s who could make judgements on their own in the field.
    The police today may smile at you, and may even say hello. But let me tell you from personal experience they don’t give a rats butt about YOU or your family! You show me a decent cop and I’ll show you a rookie who has not been indoctrinated by the system or a desk jockey! The term “Police” today is synonymous with the term “Gestapo” to the American public! I now avoid them at all times and in all places. They do not like Veterans or those who advertise they are Vet’s. They look at you like you are a Terrorist and up to something.

    One day I had my old duty cover on while having coffee with a friend in the local diner. We were just sitting there talking quietly minding our own business. A young cop came up behind me and yanked my hat off my head and said ” You supposed to be some kind of tough guy wearing that hat?”. We couldn’t believe it.
    We were both dumbfounded as were the others in the diner and the owner as well. He got real cocky with his comments about the Corp. I didn’t even respond to him for obvious reasons ( I didn’t want to make a scene or get arrested.) except to ask him to “please put the hat on the table”. He threw my hat down on the table laughed and walked away with his fellow Gestapo. The owner came over and apologized as he refilled our coffee. Then he walked over to these police officers and said “I want you out of my diner now”. The one cop stood up and said you have a problem with cops? He said no , just you. I don’t serve people like you in my establishment so you can leave now! They left, and on the way our he looked at the owner and me and said I’m going to remember you two as he walked out the door. The owner called the local station as he knew many of the older officers who always come and sit with us. He was pissed to say the least. So please don’t tell me how wonderful cops are. They’re scumbags, low life’s, liars and thieves. The only difference between them, and a bad motorcycle gang is the Badge, the right to arrest (and harass & Beat the living shit out of you) and the uniform. It’s not just a few either. It’s better than 85% of them. You will, once and a while run in to one nice one, who studied the law, doesn’t have an ego, or a bone to pick with anyone. He tries to find a way to resolve problems in the field by using common sense and doesn’t often arrest anyone unless truly necessary. Especially young people. He is the RARE exception, and not the rule. The average ones are not interested in protecting anyone but themselves.
    As far as those who threaten the officers in your town I agree they are totally wrong and should be arrested.

    But to have a a peaceful assembly as a protest is a Constitutional right! To gather together in protest of the actions of someone who is supposed to support the law and the U.S. Constitution is MY God Dam Right!
    If I choose to show up with 5, 000 other Vet’s to protest how someone is treated by a police officer who clearly broke the law then don’t bite the hand that feeds you! I was a Staff Sgt in Beirut , Lebanon on October 23rd, 1983 when some SOB drove a truck in to our barracks and blew it all to hell. I lost a lot of friends that day and I’ve earned the Friking Right to protest. In my humble opinion, most of the police officers today need a good ole USMC boot right up their ass if you ask me. Maybe then they would try to show a little more respect to our Military Personnel who put THEIR lives on the line every dam day, and much more so than they ever could. Cops make arrests with little hand guns, mace, and Handcuffs.
    Serving Soldiers do it while facing an ARMY of insurgents hell bent on trying to kill them with bullets and RPG’s raining down on them. For them “justice is Round that found it’s intended target, and kept them alive.”
    God Bless ALL Military Service members and their families.
    Screw everyone in the town of TEMPLE who does not support this soldier!

    Semper Fi,
    Patrick W.
    Staff Sgt (retired)
    “We Came in Peace”

    (If you need protestors, just post it here and I will put the word out to the national VFW and The American Legion as well.)

    • Patrick, thank you so much for your service. The Beirut bombing was a terrible, terrible act of cowardice and terror and I’m sorry for the loss of your friends. I’m also sorry that you were treated so poorly by that cop. He obviously felt he had something to prove. He was probably rejected by the Marines first before he became a cop. 😉

    • Patrick, I would argue that today things have changed, as you have stated. further as you stated, cops are making arrests with little handguns, mace, and handcuff, BUT there is a prevailing mentality among a cross section of the population that believes that if you can just kill the cop, you can get away. What would normally have been simple stop and question in the past has turned into stop and get shot at. It is easy to look at this situation and troubleshoot is from a future perspective, but you should put yourself into the officer’s place, who had no idea if he was riding up on some nutjob or just a hunter. That is why they start a dialogue, to try and assess the situation. When you prevent the dialogue, they have to assume the worst.

      • A ‘simple’ stop and question can’t turn into a ‘stop and get shot at’ if a LEO doesn’t stop someone for doing something that isn’t illegal.

      • There is no question that officers of the law have a very difficult job that requires split second judgements all the time…not easy, but if they wanted easy they should have chosen a different career path. I would counter your argument that the cross section of the population of which you speak is miniscule. I would add that an encounter with a legitimate gun owner is much more prevalent in an officer’s day to day duties than encounters with armed sociopaths, and therefore their competence in dealing with law abiding citizens should be at least as proficient as their skill in disarming drangerous thugs. You keep implying that CJ ended the dialogue when he questioned the officer as to the reason of the stop…why did that have to end it? Why wouldn’t a competent officer at that point continue the dialogue with an explanation of the circumstances of the stop and enumerate the steps the two of them could take together to ameliorate everyone’s discomfort? He did not because his goal from the ouset was to disarm CJ. All your assertions assume a good and honorable officer, which unlike some of the others on here, I believe the vast majority are, but unfortunately not the entirety. I have also had the misfortune of an encounter with a bully wearing a badge, had to politely endure his bullying tactics, and then suffer the financial hardships of successfully defending myself from the results of the stop. I learned the hard way, as has CJ, that although we’d like to believe they are always the good guys, sadly on rare occasions they are not, and on those occasions it is our duty to expose it for what it is.

  9. That is a completely asinine post. First, statistics bare out that CCW holders very rarely commit crimes. Just like they show that most perpetrators of gun violence are not legal gun owners…of all the people who are supporting C.J. (And I think it’s safe to say that that is a considerable number of people judging by public response) there are apparently a few unstable nut jobs out there that caused this article to be written. And what you get out of it is that CCW holders and law abiding gun owners are dangerous…wonder what your agenda could be….

    • Trey, I’m not saying that everyone that supports me is doing this. I’m positive it’s a very small minority, perhaps the .001% range. I hope I didn’t come across as insinuating that all my supporters are guilty. I just felt the need to address the few that are.

      • I agree completely that it needed to be addressed, I am saddened that it did, but it is what it is. My assertion was that Steve’s premise that because threats were made, CCW holders were responsible was ridiculous. My guess would be that when these clowns who made these threats are found we will learn that they are already disqualified from lawful gun ownership.

  10. Just think, if you let the officers do their job, you would of had to answer a minutes worth of questions and you could of finished your son’s hike. And where is the footage of what transpired as the LEO’s approached, one of the articles yo umentioned you were taping the hike. Would that be the the footage that shows you failing to comply with their initial request, then going hands on the rifle and them drawing on you? They did tell you they had received calls regarding you walking with a rifle. Apparently your behavior caused someone to feel the need to call the poice.

    Should the police simply disregard these types of calls and just assume someone is “excersing their right to open carry”?

    • YES!

      He had the AR-15 slung over his shoulder. He was not pointing it in a menacing way at anybody. Just because you, the person that called the police, and the police officers are ignorant of the laws in TEXAS, does not mean that we TEXANS should give up our right to open carry.

      • Correction, he had his rifle in front of him in the ready position. Even in his description of events, he stated that the officer walk up to him, in front of him, and reached for the weapon. He then stated he pulled back and grabbed his weapon. Not really a description matching an “over the shoulder” carry. This is of course validated by the video that shows the rifle hanging in front of him.

  11. While I feel that the officer’s actions during your arrest were totally uncalled for, and I think the officer’s involved are real assholes. Their action DO NOT warrant any kind of death threats. As a minimum they should be reprimanded for their unconstitutional actions, but death threats are taking this way our of proportion. I commend you C.J. for taking the stand against them. I’ve seen the video a couple of times and I truly feel you did nothing wrong in standing up for your constitutional rights. The officers were clearly in the wrong. Keep fighting the fight brother and justice will prevail.

  12. I am an ex S/F soldier from Australia (Australian SAS Regt) after my military service I joined the West Australian Police Force, I graduated Dux of my academy. First thing I would like to say is, you have done nothing wrong, its great you have video footage of the event for court. You were not charged with anything so how can you be arrested for resisting arrest – resisting arrest of what? If the Police Department had any sense they would review the footage & withdraw the charges along with an official apology before it goes to court. The officers themselves want to look at there own actions re arresting & charging you with the offence when there is no offence to be arrested for, your firearms are legally licensed, there job is only to check you are complying with the law, no doubt they are regretting there actions now, its been along time tactic of Police all around the world if everything fails charge you with resisting arrest, its a petty charge which is often abused.
    Good luck with your case, I can not see you loosing it, main thing is you do not get a criminal record for something you have not done, being ex Military I also understand the repercussions of that, you get punished twice. Stay cool, especially in court, just tell the truth in a calm & logical manner, make sure your paper work is in order re your firearms & you have no charge to answer. If anyone is safe around firearms it has to be ex military, you better trained in firearm safety than the Police (I have been there) As one ex soldier to another -Good luck to you my friend – Let justice prevail.

  13. It would suck to get arrested trying to help when that help caused a small trouble that is not so relevant.

    It would suck even more when a person being helped became overly agitated, cursed an immature and naive helper with equal amount of death threats and was in hopes of having his supporter arrested and receive maximum jail sentence.

    Just simple request should have been enough to make your point, sir. It only made you look bad, IMO.

  14. I was so shocked and frustrated at the way the Temple police handled this situation. As much as It does…the only way for change is calm, respectable, and legal actions. There are always those that want to join the band wagon based on their own agendas…and those same people can jeopardize the peaceful intent and ultimate outcome of the situation. When threats are made – it lessons the message and it gives the entire cause less credibility. We have to show the Temple PD as well as the Nation – that peacefully standing up for your rights in a war free zone is the only way to successfully make change and at the same time earning the respect that we as US Citizens deserve!! Way to stand up with HONOR Master Sgt. CJ Grisham!!! Thank you for your leadership and for our service!!!

  15. Steve, every population, even gun owners, have their idiots. People with internet access and anonymity will be ugly and it is sad and pathetic. But CJ is making a stand here and saying that sort of behavior is NOT acceptable. I’m with him. There is recourse in the courts and he will be using those avenues, not threats and violence against police and city officials.

    • Wrong Steve. I’ve gotten death threats and demands to take my own life from self-professed gun control advocates. Nice try.

    • Do you believe only gun-owners have internet? Are you dense or do you just play a dense person on TV?

    • Lets do some math here genius…lets say C.J. has inspired 50,000 supporters ( I have no idea of actual numbers, this is for demonstration purposes only), now, lets say there have been 5 death threats made by nut jobs…1 would be scary enough, so to me 5 is a substantial number…but only represents .01%. Shoot, let’s assume the level of nut jobbedness is completely out of hand and say that 50 of them have oozed themselves out of the woodwork…still just .1%, to simplify for the geniuses 1 out of 1,000. I doubt seriously it’s that high, but the point is that you taking the slimy actions of the outlier nut jobs and trying to paint the rest of us with that broad brush is not only ludicrous and disingenuous, it’s offensive.

    • Steve, I’m not a gun owner. I’m a supporter of the constitution. More importantly, I’m a former gun owner, a former military service member and a former law enforcer and I have had the privilege to have been trained by some of the best in the industry in everything from drug and vice response, to forensic interview techniques and lie detecting, to plain old out on the line cops. Many of my mentors were ex-military, but just as many were civilians contributing to the protection of their fellow citizens. I worked in Center City Philadelphia for 8 1/2 years and left to pursue a different career.

      My experience with this can be backed up by studies and statistics: 1) when people act in radically vehement ways, especially when their identity is almost certainly guaranteed to remain anonymous, they almost always have an ulterior motive. At that point, the comments can only be judged on the basis of their content and we learn to weight the content based on the emphasis provided by the person submitting it. So when a person says “I disagree” and “I’ll kill you” in the same post, we can dismiss their opinions about their actual intent, and surmise that they hope to affect the target of their threats with fear. I won’t go as far as labeling that as terrorism, but that is the basis for it. So, 2) when people use terrorism, or any threat based tactic, they are almost always coming from a platform of feelings that include their own fears, disconnectedness from society or the group(s) that they want to belong to, and a serious desire to project an image – usually an image of power. Pennsy is a ‘may’ carry state which means we have to go through a process to be allowed to carry, but I’ve lived in Nevada also and I can tell you that, regardless of the issuing state’s discriminatory methodology, the VAST majority of man and women who carry guns are either confident, thoughtful people, or the fear of something going wrong works on them until they relinquish. Then they’re not “gun toters” any more.

      Last, I can tell you this. Because threatening the police is illegal across state borders (I’m basing this on several federal presidents, if anyone have a case I’d love to hear it), the likelihood of a permit holder risking the loss of his or her precious permit, the source – you will claim – of their misguided pride (which equals fear), the likelihood of this is most likely below even CJ’s estimates. I also worked in a casino in Vegas, but you don’t have to have worked in a sports book to know that threats against people’s lives, especially government people who already risk their lives and work, use and live with firearms, really come from immature people with problems and little recourse to action, but lots of time on their hands, a hacked machine, an ip rerouter or some other attempt to evade federal followup and, lastly a desire for notoriety. Could one of them have been a permit holder? Sure. But morons, gun toting or not, usually don’t cover their tracks too well, so I’d stop worrying about it.

    • Steve, if you would lock someone up based on attire and attitude, then I certainly understand why you are a former officer. You keep insisting that its CJ who tells us that CCW holders are less likely to commit crimes…one would think that with your background and credentials you would be aware that it is in fact DOJ statistics that tell us this… In fact I find it hardly credible that someone with the credentials and background you mentioned would not be aware of that…

    • Steve, I have already addressed the source of the threats, if you understand statistics, then you understand outliers…it happens, there are nut jobs in every segment of society, but using miniscule percentages to characterize an entire group is beyond ridiculous. As for lions and tigers and bears…to be completely honest I couldn’t care less why CJ was carrying, the only part that matters to me was that he was doing so in a safe and legal manner and was completely within his rights. As for your public service, I am ever so thankful (as I’m sure your former constituency is) that it is in the past.

  16. This old granny may be too old to “stand” watch with you, but I can sure bring me a chair. And, I can bring some pretty dang good food too! Say the word Mr. Grisham.

  17. I wish that there were more people like you. Who fights for our rights which are disappearing at the moment and are replaced by unfounded fears.
    Veteran of the Vietnam War.

  18. You sir are the reason I am STILL proud to be AMERICAN. Thank you for your support of peacefull protest. History
    has given us the winners already yet we dont pay enough attention to the message. Hitle, Mao, Stalin all lost. Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., heck Mother Teresa, THEY won. I like winning, and peace is nice. May Love and all Honor be upon you.

  19. From some of the responses, you mite want to remember who is reading your posts and, be less confrontational to your readers. Its not everyday the police confront a civilian walking down the road with weapons and someone to video tape the outcome, Its like you set it up for a confrontation. We all have the rite of the second amendment I will fight for those rites but I also use common sense when applying those rites. I am not into labeling soldiers or as you did we also all have the rite to free speech. Corporal USMC

    • Corporal, you are not suggesting that Mr. Grisham hold his thoughts to himself are you? That, maybe he shouldn’t say what he thinks? I get that sometimes too. Doesn’t bother me at all. Course, I’m older and remember a time when people in these United States weren’t afraid to say what they thought. Some people may not like it, but as long as I don’t hurt anyone else, I figure I can say what I want.

      God Bless you Corporal, and thank you so much for your service to me and these United States! God Bless the Republic!
      Granny, Extraordinaire

  20. Wow, now that’s being a true to life hero-soldier! Thank you, sir, for protecting our lives AND our U.S. Constitution! It’s too bad that when the second American civil war hits that that may get blurry real quick, but I definitely appreciate your morals on this! If we can somehow ousted the corrupted, simplify the government, get EVERYBODY educated on how and why the Constitution was created in the first place, and ACT on it, we can certainly avoid this oncoming war! Just keep up the good job, sir!

  21. Seriously, did you not think that this was going to happen? You had to know that there are people who would use this incident, that you have made sure is published everywhere, as a catalyst to act on their stupidity. If anything happens to these officers, or city officials, you are culpable. And even if there is no legal basis for you taking your part of the blame, you will still have to live with it. You wanted to make a statement, congratulations.

    • AND…it is really neat to say that you don’t want their support AFTER they dump $43k on you. That is a year’s salary. Bet you will have no problem at all spending it.

    • Eric, if we don’t expose the truth, how will it then be dealt with, huh? You can’t deal with ignorance and lies because they constantly sends the solution in the wrong directions! Yes, there may be some sacrifices when dealing with the criminal and corrupted elements, but if everybody jump on this bandwagon of truth, we wouldn’t be having these problems right now! Unfortunately that is not reality, and this soldier is only trying to right a wrong with minimal collateral damage. So please go see a counselor about your abandonment issues and quit taking this personal, okay? Truth can stand by itself, it’s the lies that needs support from ignorance and the corrupted.

      • It is funny, but one reoccurring trend of a person who is not secure in their argument is that they need to start attacking character of someone they have never met. Further, I am sorry, but there are two issues here. The first is that freedoms without constraints equals anarchy. This individual had the freedom, and even the right, to carry his rifle, but his lack of personal constraint, when approached by a Law Enforcement Officer, resulted in escalation of a situation that was unneeded. When asked by the officer, “What are you doing with the gun?” He could have given a simply reply, “protection from animals.” Instead, he responded, ” “Does it matter, officer? Am I breaking the law?” The answer is Yes, it does matter. We live in a world with crazy people doing crazy things. The officer just wanted to make sure he wasn’t one of the crazy ones. Unfortunately, his reaction was irrational, and in line with individuals who are conducting illegal activity.

        Secondly, there is a premise which we all support, except when it applies to us: within the policing arm of the criminal justice system, it is perfectly acceptable to minimally infringe individual rights to deter and prevent crimes. (Criminal Justice 201) It happens with drug stings. It happens when trapping online pedophiles. It happens when individuals are found walking down a dusty road with an AR-15. Determining if the infringement of rights was extreme is to be determined in court, not on the roadside. Neither the police officer nor the man with the rifle are judges. If you agree with it or not is irrelevant, it is the way it is done. It is the accepted norm of the US society. If you do not agree with the norm, you have every right to protest and try to create change in an acceptable way (which CJ has done in previous speeches in public meetings) or you have the right to move to a different society where your beliefs are normal.

        • So LEO can act however they please and the court system will clean up after them? Sorry,.. they need to be accountable for their actions. If the officer approached CJ in a respectful manner then he may have received more respect in return.

          You are correct it does matter what he was doing,.. but it also matters that he was not breaking the law. The mere sight if a big scary rifle may appear suspicious to someone with a biased opinion, but, it doesn’t change the fact that it is perfectly legal in the State of Texas.

          What you perceive as the “norm” or what the “norm” actually is doesn’t have any bearing on whether it is right or not. At one point it was the “norm” for women not to vote and for Africans to work the cotton fields. That injustice was corrected because of the brave people who didn’t accept the “norm”. CJ like many before him is standing up for our rights and I applaud him for it. (I will concede that those are dramatic examples, however, I am sure my point is adequately made.)

          And really? Comparing known drug dealers and pedophiles to a person handling a weapon within constraints of the state law? Just because guns are intimidating to some doesn’t mean CJ exercising his right to open carry (on some isolated country road) falls into the ranks of drug dealers and sex offenders.

        • Without getting to much deeper into this, because I am really not here to teach how laws are made and how the criminal justice system works in a Rule of Law sate, but Laws are based on social norms, so yes, what ever a social norm is determines right or wrong from a legal perspective.

  22. Good post CJ not what someone would expect if they were to believe all the garbage out of Thailand. You are a good and upright man with a moral compass most only dream of owning.

  23. Spot on C.J.! There is a civilized way to redress grievances. Unfortunately, we are swiftly losing respect for that way, in favor of ad hominum attacks and, as you point out, death threats. I can express my extreme disapproval of the officers’ action while not crossing the line…
    Stick to your (figurative) guns!

  24. Hooyah !
    I would stand with you anytime.
    Form an old Navy Vet.

  25. How can a person actually think that an illegal action is a form of justice in repayment for illegal action. Especially when you’re dealing with a fight that addresses the unfairness of illegal action.

    • > How can a person actually think that an illegal action is a form of justice in repayment for illegal action.

      Easy: when you base your actions not on someone’s definition of “legal” (such as, 452 new federal crimes created since 2000), but on your own morals.

  26. I was angered at the video and the way you were and have been treated. I agree with your stance and the way you are approaching the situation. There are good Leos and bad Leos. Just like there are good and bad service members, a mob mentality when a member of either group does wrong should not be tolerated, threatening the lives of these people is no different than groups threatening service members that have been accused of misconduct that have not had due process or their day in court. Stay the course, your plight is just and you will win.

  27. Good on you, troop! This paratrooper supports you all the way!

  28. Go to hell, Mr. Grisham!! We were infuriated by the way you were treated in the video and we tried to come to your aid. Now you puff out your chest with this holier than thou attitude and announce who you’ll accept support from and who you won’t. With a piece of shit friend like you, a guy sure doesn’t need enemies. You’re on your own now as far as I’m concerned. I hope they bury you. Idiot!!

    • Sir, it is unfortunate that you believe that threatening a man’s life and his family’s lives is a legitimate method of civil discourse. We wish you well but please, just stay away if your attitude is such that calling people names and threats are ok with you.

      • I sure would not want that uneducated writer on my side, right or wrong.

    • When I first read this I thought now this is how a Professional Soldier should talk and act. This is the side of a Professional NCO not some of these other names he has been called in the press remark sections. I think the military now and across the country commends your thoughts. I know I do and I will also stand beside you any day. CJ thank you for speaking from your heart but most of all thank you for speaking for NCO’s all over the world.

      The time for using language of threats is over, it’s time for negotiation. We express our readiness for negotiations based on justice and a comprehensive compromise. We want to peacefully solve the problem.

      “The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

    • Richard Johnson, you are a disgrace to human race. There are better ways to express an opinion without exhibiting a lack of respect or being rude and discourteous. Shame on you Mr. Johnson.

    • Richard, Those officers made a bad judgement call, but they are still human and have familes and make mistakes just like you or I do every day. There are ways to address problems….but threatening someone is not the way to do it. They did not threaten Mr Grishams life in any way and do not deserve to be threatened. I would hope they just learn something from it, I do not even wish they lose their job. they have famlies that they support also….bad judgement…yes….bad people…don’t think so. They also risk their life to save others…not an easy job.
      I am proud to support CJ Gresham and he has a healthy attitude todard what happened to him. He deserves respect for keeping a positive attitude and handling it like a man. I believe he is setting a good example for his son to follow. Life would be nice if we did not need police…but the fact is…we need them and they do a thankless job…just like many soldiers do…but its a job that needs to be done.

      • > they are still human and have familes and make mistakes just like you or I do every day

        Well, if they made mistake, then, certainly they would apologize; the charges wouldn’t be filed at all, or dropped soon enough; apologies would be voiced. Right?

        Let me make little prediction about what will happen instead.

        Instead, the state will offer plea deal.

        If the deal is not accepted, the state will throw in more charges, quite possibly assault on officer, or attempt to disarm the officer. The basis for that will be Grisham’s move to keep the rifle that was already grabbed by the officer. The officers will testify that that’s what happened before the video started.

        I certainly hope that I’m wrong, but if I’m right, we will see if the tune stays the same, and how much is required for the realization that citizenry and today’s police are not at the same side of the barricade.

    • Richard Johnson, the only idiot I see is you….you can shut up now……..

    • We still have too many options to support the wronged without thinking about violence. We are no better than the ignorant (few) who violate are rights if we resort to violence so quickly. We just need to all give a little support to help each person who is violated and we will easily prevail non violently. Just spread the word to others and direct them to sources of the truth and we will prevail against those who are abusing us via their positions. There are alot of police who do do the right thing, but unfortunately it seems that they do not get the attention that the few rogue ones do. We must spread the truth and the proof of it (web sites, radio stations, magazines etc.) to all who care so that we will have the people well informed or WE WILL FAIL to win this battle. I know this mans rights were clearly violated and that his son had to watch it was even more upsetting to me personally, but there are many things we can do to right this without violence. I am going to tell this story and show the video to many others who I know are also going to be upset about it and I am also going to give a little financial support and of course I am going to continue to point people to sources for the truth like INFOWARS.COM AND PRISONPLANET.COM AND THE LIKE, the truth is infectious and it will prevail.

  29. I agree the actions of the officer are deplorable, but no one has the right to threaten him or take actions in there own hands. I may have disagrements with people but I would protect them from harm.

  30. I’ll stand that watch with you Master Sgt .

  31. i agree whole heartedly. death threats are not helping anyone. i am with you that most law enforcement uphold the law and our freedoms. yes some go overboard but we need go not go to the point of threats of violence.. let the constitution and bill of rights stand for what they say.

    • I agree with you. There is no excuse for any mob mentality. It makes other law abiding citizens look like radicals. We will protect our rights with passion, but won’t break other laws to do it. It’s not necessary.

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