Statement by the President on Ten Years of American Service in Afghanistan

President Obama last year during a visit to troops serving here in Afghanistan. The President made a surprise trip to Bagram and thanked all of the service members and civilians for their hard work and dedication.

Ten years ago today, I was finishing up training in counter-terrorism. At the same time, my brothers and sisters started removing the people responsible the attacks that took place that September morning in this country.

Today, I am honored to hopefully finish what they started ten years ago. It’s been a long road with wild ups and downs in progress. But, having watched from the sidelines and now taking part in the effort, I see the good that has been done here. The hope is that it’s enough to prevent another event like the one that happened in 2001 – at least preventing it from coming from here.

The White House just sent me the following statement from President Obama on the occasion of the ten year anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan:

Ten years ago today, in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, our nation went to war against al Qaeda and its Taliban protectors in Afghanistan. As we mark a decade of sacrifice, Michelle and I join all Americans in saluting the more than half a million men and women who have served bravely in Afghanistan to keep our country safe, including our resilient wounded warriors who carry the scars of war, seen and unseen. We honor the memory of the nearly 1,800 American patriots, and many coalition and Afghan partners, who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan for our shared security and freedom. We pay tribute to our inspiring military families who have persevered at home with a loved one at war. And we are grateful to our tireless diplomats and intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals who have worked these ten years to protect our country and save American lives.

Thanks to the extraordinary service of these Americans, our citizens are safer and our nation is more secure. In delivering justice to Osama bin Laden and many other al Qaeda leaders, we are closer than ever to defeating al Qaeda and its murderous network. Despite the enormous challenges that remain in Afghanistan, we’ve pushed the Taliban out of its key strongholds, Afghan security forces are growing stronger, and the Afghan people have a new chance to forge their own future. We’ve fought alongside Afghans, and close friends and allies from dozens of nations who have joined us in common purpose. In Afghanistan and beyond, we have shown that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam and that we are a partner with those who seek justice, dignity and opportunity.

After a difficult decade, we are responsibly ending today’s wars from a position of strength. As the rest of our troops come home from Iraq this year, we have begun to draw down our forces in Afghanistan and transition security to the Afghan people, with whom we will forge an enduring partnership. As our sons and daughters come home to their families, we will uphold our sacred trust with our 9/11 Generation veterans and work to provide the care, benefits and opportunities they deserve. And as we reflect on ten years of war and look ahead to a future of peace, Michelle and I call upon all Americans to show our gratitude and support for our fellow citizens who risk their lives so that we can enjoy the blessings of freedom and security.

4 Comments on “Statement by the President on Ten Years of American Service in Afghanistan

  1. Excuse me C.J., but what is your point? I am a 12 month combat veteran (11B) with an additional tour as a Huey door gunner in Vietnam. I find this CinC to be the lowest form of leader our military has ever had. He is cutting our defense making us more vulnerable to attack and is abandoning out staunchest allies. He operates from weakness and our enemies laugh not only at his amateurish tactics but at everything he does. As I sit back and watch my country being dismantled by a marxist anti-semetic muslim appeaser, I fear for what the future holds for our country. My feeling is that should this poser by chance be re-elected, America will remain as America in name only.

    • I don’t have a point. I’m sharing his words. I have no public opinion on this matter, though you say some things I agree with here. I just won’t mention which ones. 😉

    • It’s “antisemitic”. If you are going to call someone names you should at least spell the insult correctly. The Palestinians are also a Semitic people.

    • Cuchieddie, Shame on you if you are a Vietnam Vet you should know what politics lead you to Vietnam in the first place. President Obama is doing all he can to clean up after President Bushes’ mistakes and incompetence. you need to check the article Time America’s Broken-Down Army By Mark Thompson April 5, 2007 and get educated what is really happening out there and most Americans have no clue. This is President Bushes wars and mishandling. We should never have gone into Iraq President GunGho Cowboy has created a tired broken down Army.

      I thank you for serving and I appreciate what you sacrafist. However, please check the real information before make express information that is not true it is just your opinion and I well fight to let you have it like you fought to let me have it.
      Thanks again.

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