Still Scamming

The following email has been sent to me numerous times that supposedly comes from “SGT Robert Grey.”

From: Deployed embark Usarmy
Sent: Mon, Mar 24, 2011 13:21 am
Subject: Policies and instruction.pdf

Dear Mrs

In regards to your mail, I am pleased to tell you that you can proceed with the Vocational leave application of ”SGT ROBERT I GREY”. We have been informed about the incident that occurred on Mar 24th, 2011.You should also be aware that during this transit process, you are going to remit some amount of money to one of our finance agent in the IRAQ/USA as soon as possible. This will be refunded to you as soon your Fiance arrival to his destination has been confirmed.. I have attached to this email a copy of the policies and instructions for a vocational leave request and also a copy of the money back guarantee form, Please find the attachment, print, fill and submit the attached money back guarantee form through this medium (Email)

we are expecting you to fill the form and send back the completed copy to me us via email.. You are advised to make the payment of 1420.99USD to one of our Finance agent in USA as soon as possible. This will facilitate the payment for bringing another soldier who has the same Skills and training with SGT ROBERT I GREY. You will have to make this Payment Via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer.

Once you provide us with this information attached,you are no longer anonymous to us. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.

All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity. The information is what we are going to be used in registration of your name with the Military Transit Department.

Your urgent Attention is needed regarding this matter as you have a limited time to process.Please kindly fill the form as soon as possible so we can refer you to our account department.


APO AE0934

This, of course, comes on the heels of a statement of love by the scammer that goes something like this:

My Dearest,
If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to your ear if you are around me or me around you. The best thing that I can do is to show you now and i believe am not showing that to you the way i should just because am not closer to you but i know that time is coming soon where i can show you how much i feel about you.
I love you so much, You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky to have you and i will never ever let you ready to give up all i have,my life and my everything just for you and only you.!I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience.

Forever Yours,


One only needs to do a simply Google search to find that these aren’t original words. General Odierno and everyone else in the military uses official military emails to contact people on official business. We do not use ROCKETMAIL, GMAIL, YAHOO, or any other email address besides a .mil email address. Soldiers do NOT need money to travel home on emergency leave! If you send money to a Soldier because the military supposedly can’t get him home, it’s a scam and you’re a fool. If you have to send that money through a “courier” or any other method through Western Union or Moneygram, it’s a scam and you’re a fool.

I’m also attaching a form sent out and would like to point out a few issues:

* Header is incorrect. The address format and form number aren’t Army standard
* There is no such thing as “vocational leave” in the military
* 3rd paragraph makes no grammatical sense and would NEVER be approved at the “Assistant Secretary of the Army” level
* 4th paragraph: no such thing as a “leave bonus” in the military
* 5th paragraph: the maximum amound of leave is only two weeks, except as approved for emergency purposes. The rest is just laughable
* 6th paragraph: Soldier are not asked, forced, or suggested to pay for any portion of their approved leave from a combat zone, refundable or not. It simply isn’t true.
* 7th paragraph: Spouses do NOT apply for leave on behalf of their deployed spouses. That is the sole responsibility of the military member.
* 8th paragraph: bad grammar again not conducive to such an office
* 9th paragraph: this is added to prevent victims from seeking advice about this letter. The scammer will claim that the leave won’t be approved if anyone else gets involved or that the Soldier is in trouble.
* Second page is just a joke. There’s nothing I can add to that.

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  1. This is a continuation from the article sent 2 days ago.
    Today is the day he finally asked me to do him a favor. Accept a package that he can not take with him to Libya. He wants me to keep it safe until he returns to me. Yeah, you guessed right, it is gold. he still did not ask for money, he only wants me to pay the fees if there should be more and he will reimburse all I have spent.
    Wording is VERY wrong in the letter he wrote. He did show me another picture that was on facebook, that I had already seen, but did not tell him. He is supposed commander of the 82 Battalion in Kabul Afghanistan. His name again, that is being used, is Taylor Eden.
    I really would like to meet the real Taylor Eden to tell him how his pictures and name are being used.

  2. I found this cite. Thank you
    I am talking to a Sgt. Taylor Eden stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. I was in doubt from the first time he told me how he found my name. “”From your smiling face on facebook while I was looking for a friend with the same name as you” Conviently the “friend” was on facebook then after they met, the friend was no longer on, and can not be found. About my smiling face====this was taken at a bad time and I was DEFENATELY not smiling. Then I asked about him, he sent me a long message about “him” A few days later he sent the exact same message, commas and all exactly the same. Obviously copy,paste. He has told me he has 3 mo. left on his deployment then he is going to retire from the Army after 30 years. WHY IS EVERYTHING 3 MONTHS. He has not asked for money yet. but he has a big Secret to tell me. I told him once that I had some doubts about this, he got very upset and wanted to stop talking. I knew by then POSITIVELY what was going on so I pretended I was very upset and did want to continue. Now he has to go to Libya to finish his deployment so that he can retire from the Army. He said that he was leaving on a Friday (this was on Wednesday). When he got back to me on Friday morning I asked how long he would be gone. His answer “What, Gone who is going” Apparently he forgot that he was leaving that day. After ½ hr waiting for answer, he said that his tour was delayed until the next week. CONVIENT?????? Another thing, I looked on facebook under his name and found a picture of 2 men, one in uniform, but the name tag was his first name “Taylor” I do believe ALL name tags are last names. Another sign. Person was not even the same as the picture that was sent before.
    There was a lot more, but this is long.
    Please contact me if further information is wanted.

    • I have also someone trying to send me a package from Syria from a certain Sgt Richard Williams Huntoon. I am not sure if this is legit so I haven’t provided him with a complete address.

  3. SMFH! I had put up an ad on Craigslist in personals, searching for a military woman, and recieved a response from a scammer. I was getting pretty attached from looking at the photos of this VERY ATTRACTIVE young woman. She said she was in Afghanistan leading a unit and that she was a weapons specialist in artillery, and a Sergreant. She went by the name CLARA FRONE. If it wasnt for my previous girlfriend looking out for me, I probably wouldnt have noticed I was being had! My girlfriend told me that she conducted a search on the name CLARA FRONE, and boy, you wouldnt believe how many other ads this scammer had up on the internet with photos clearly identifying the description of this unknown female soldier. The pics that were sent to me, I was able to see the name FRONE clearly on her cammo uniform. Well, I spent the entire day, and the rest of the entire night last night, investigating and searching in hopes of finding the real identity of this woman that was robbed of her image. I can’t stop thinking about where she is, if she’s even still alive, or whatever the truth is. My heart is very heavy. I cannot believe the American government has failed their own, by not being able to protect their identities. That is just so UNACCEPTABLE! Let alone, not providing a website where anyone can post a photo of the unidentified victims of the men and women serving our country. I was able to view the image of this so-called CLARA FRONE, and in big letters, it stated WHO IS CLARA FRONE? (in the meantime I’m thinking, is she alive? MIA? POW?) I’m going to go CRAZY trying to figure out the truth about that beautful young woman. I was really falling in love. I am very sad. Someone please help solve this mystery. GOD BLESS THE USA.

    • She contacted me too say sad stroy and making me fall in love just to ask money. In Craigslist… Found out she got some picture and all the real person information from links. Her name Christy the real person. Report in gmail. She keep contacting other people cuz she did the same to a friend. Do believe

    • I also received a email by Clara Frone. She a fake! The real Clara is retired about 6 years ago and she’s happily married with Children. It’s sad that someone from Africa is using over US military names to scam people from the US. Why is it the military doesn’t do anything about it.

    • The same here, today 14 April 2018. Sounds scary but I want to talk with him, maybe he’s married, have kids but I want to know if he’s still alive.

  4. Stay away from this site. I joined a few days ago, and the majority of men are in uniform, and most are widowed. I seriously doubted that many widowers on one site. There are a few legit ones on there, but I tried to be smart and if their initial contact is too thick with praise, be very wary. I am most concerned of all these service men who have their pics posted, and I doubt it’s really them. Dating is hard enough as it is. I may have to resort going back to the bar. At least those men are in person.

  5. It is still going on. I was on a dating site okcupid and had it happen to me. He goes by the name MarkAndy even has pictures with kids. Saying he needs a responsible woman because his wife died in a car accident 2years ago. Little did he know I to have family in the army and had him looked into and he was a scam. I told the dating site as well because all he does is keep the name and chane numbers afer it. They banned him from the site. He was very believing and very charming. He even called me from a cell phone number out of Florida. That was my first hint. Please be careful ladies. They are good

  6. I have been chatting with one I met online at a christian dating site his email is he goes by the name Morris Draper, supposedly He is (cough cough) stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. we only have been chatting this week. Have anyone heard of this person??? He hasn’t asked for money or anything yet! I am glad I found this site.

  7. ……….To all ladies out there! …if your talking to a “Military Man” he might be real, but don’t be fooled by them.
    I know, because i do think that i’m a pro at this, after all, i did had 25 men (in the past) that tried to scam me.
    Yes, i was scammed but now i can tell you that i know how they work and what they will say before they say it.
    Be careful, rookies will tell you they love you after 5 minutes, after 3 emails or chatting with him, he will tell a story (i know them all) in order to get you to send money..The Military doesn’t need money!!

    It is sad that those scammers do this to men and women…it’s even more sad, that they use real Military Men pictures to scam women for money.

    I could say a lot!!! I have hear it all!

    Just Be careful!!!!

  8. Please tell me if this is a fraud, known online the soldier Smith Whyte Amerson and told me to come to me to do a request by mail to his boss and this is what I received:

    > Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 11:58:13 +0100
    > Subject: READ CARDFULLY
    > From:
    > To:
    > Good day Paola Cardona

    • It’s a scam. These forms do NOT exist and you will never see your money again or hear back. Don’t do it

  9. HELLO MISS… ROSANNE LOPES…. FROM THE ADMIN? 05/02/2014 Manter esta mensagem na parte superior de sua caixa de entrada
    Para: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    We’ve go true your letter and we’ve also ask our sgt BEN WALKER about your relationship and is leave form. he is permitted to leave the base and you advice to remit 700 dollars has the flight fees to this agent below. made the payment through western union. Get back to us with the payment details we will give the ticket to him as soon as our agent confirm the payment.and send to you the flight dertals. Then it can come to you.

    NAME: juanita wade, address:1150 R.R.Ave.B-14,GEORGETOWN, STATE:MS zipe code:39078, UNITED STATE.

    Your sincerely
    HELLO FROM ADMIN? 21/02/2014 Manter esta mensagem na parte superior de sua caixa de entrada

    US. ARMY. ADMIN? Anexo 28/02/2014 Manter esta mensagem na parte superior de sua caixa de entrada Fotos
    Para: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Exibição Ativa
    1 anexo (23,5 KB)
    Exiba downloadj.jpg na apresentação de slides
    Exibir apresentação de slides (1)Baixar como zip
    Hello miss. Ben. Rosanne. Well we are sending you this letter to inform you about your husband funds,we have attach some form to it there. Read it and send back the details of the letter you we send back to us and we hope your husband have show you the list of his funds. So this is the clam form we attach to it so fill it you don’t need to edit it just write it down of the form and reply back to us and you we remit this amount for the form. 10.000us dollars. Get back to us with the detials of the payment. Yours sincerely

    ********************************************* TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN *******************************************************? ( Editar Contato 02/03/2014 Manter esta mensagem na parte superior de sua caixa de entrada
    Para: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello miss ben. rosanne. We are sorry for the delay of your husband it is not our fault. It was the rule here. But we promise we will salt out the problem today and your husband we be coming on next week wednesday we are sorry but we will need you to go and change the receiver name of the agent you pay for for you husband flight for us the agent you pay for is in the war zoon now and he have no time to collect the money for us and to process your husband fight back fast you have to be fast do it on monday so your husband we join you on wednesday you have to change the receiver name before 24hour……madmen ask you send the money back ….let us know here so we can send you your husband flight detail full,thanks miss BEN rosanne

    John Allen.
    Defense department us army
    Public Affairs Office,Camp Victory
    APO AE 0934.

    Tenho fotos do mesmo, bem como o vi pela webcam, e falamos 2 vezes por telefone
    Please chek back
    thanks very much

    • hopefuly she is genuine but not handed any money over

  10. hi I got this email from a GEN.COM.ALEXANDRA about the leave of a military officer after I chose to cancel ,,,this person who claims to be a military officer deployed in spain email address….he say his name as roger has made threats to me he has threaten me for not continuing his leave …by using dirty words and saying he’s gonna kill me…is this the kind of people in the usa military …… this the email I got from this person who claim he’s a general plz let me know if this person is a scammer this is the email You are to inform to fly to Barcelona on your spouse Leave process or else your spourse will be called to pannel in few more days and you as a beneficiary will be charged. You still have few days to fly to Barcelona to avoid any military sanction.

  11. Novi he is a Scammer please cut off all communication with him if you have not done so already and EDUCATE yourself go to Romancescam and Scamwarners and also Google Military Romance Scams there you will be able to find out you are not alone and even see some of the real faces of the Scammers behind the pics they have stolen it is enough to make you throw up hope this helps Also ANY time a Man you meet online claims to be US Military and finds a way to beg you for one dime of your money for any reason and you have NEVER MET him face to face meaning you do not know him/her it is ALWAYS A SCAM NO Exceptions.Anonn

  12. i want to know about him
    his name Terry Raymon 51 years old from nevada
    his say a widower with 3 children , i talk with him since 2 november 2013 – 12
    he want me pick up the packet form afganisthan but i must pay first 3000 USD
    but I’m not do it , because I’m afraid of that
    his mail
    so after that his disappear, i can’t see his book from my fb. but i can see with my friends FB
    i have a pic of him with friends at battle area
    so maybe i can’t stop him to lying anybody

  13. Please i need to send those fotos cause this Military doesnt not in the pictures above. Please send me a email to sent those fotos and documents of this terrorists

  14. Im suffer a scam to one of the last letter who this man ask me for money:
    My Beloved Wife
    Honestly i understand your point no matter that the cash we have in that box holding there in UK is a very big amount of money to compare the noon Inspection Coverage certificate fee US$26.856 and from the $20.000 i paid to the Agent before he left here what left in his hand is only US$8.400 and we still need to look for extra US$18.456 . Honey about what you said if i do not have any body in USA that can help us? what you said is a very good suggestion but there is no body i can talk from far this stance asking him for suck amount of money while i am not around went for war mission and they are seeing me face to face and he we dont use cell phone because of the kind of our work to communicate with any person there in USA will be imposable for me from here because i can not communicate through phone here. Honey do know that i day i called you i take the big risks in my life because of the Love i have in you and i really want to hear your voice and unfortunately i take the risks called and you are not around your phone and i used satellite phone to avoid any body not to hear our conversation because if i might trapped that day i will be in problem but i take the risks because of the Love i have in you and i am still looking to opportunity to call you again. Honey if i am right now in USA this US$18.456 is a very small amount to me but the problem now i am not there in USA and there is no body i can contact from here asking him such a help while i am outside the country foe war mission and my father and mother is death and the only Brother i have is no more alive and remember that i told you that my wife died three years ago in car accident and my Son Steve is only Eight Years Old .Honey I understand that in your country there this US$18.456 is a very big amount there like you said but i will argue you to try and see what you can do because this money inside that box coming to you is a Blessing from God and we can not effort to lose it . Honey let me be honest with you as my Beloved Wife that I love is better that i died here at the hospital than to hear that the UK Government have notice what is inside the box because i will surfer at the jail and with my position in ARMY is better for me to die here at the hospital than to die in the Jail because UK Government find out what is inside the box. Honey after i sent you mail today i also sent email to the UN Agent asking him after they release the box back to him there in London what when he reach Brazil Airport and he said that that Noon Inspection Certificate will protect the box until l he deliver the box to your door step and he told me that me and my wife have to hurry up before it will be too late because too much of delay will give the customs the room to start scanning the box . Honey i am shading tears as i am wring you this mail now because i left here with no cash here at the hospital and there is no one i can contact from far here in USA telling him or her about this matter and my family are all death who i can contact about this matter at hand right now.Honey try and Contact the Agent and let him know that the fee for the noon inspection certificate is very high to you to raise immediately US$18.456 and you try to find out from the Agent there in London if you raise money money to add with the US$8.400 are they going to agree to collect it and issue us the certificate. Honey this is my suggestion but i dont think it might not work but try to talk to the Agent because I dont want anything to happen to the money inside that box as i am coming to resign out from work because of you once i come out from the hospital here . that Money will help us a lot because of my retirement . Honey if you dont want to hear my death here at the hospital try to resole this matter with the Agent as soon as possible. Honey tears are purring out from my eyes like a little baby Please i want you to surprise me by resolving this matter with the Agent before the Customs will take over the box . Honey Contact the Agent and see the best way out to resole this matter please and i want Good news from You. Honey my heart is beating now and my high Blood pressure is high

  15. Sargent Fredrick Oehmke, does anyone one know him? same story, he sent me a lot of pictures, he fell in love in 3 days and at the end of the week he wanted to marry and asked me money for the marriage certificate because he cannot get Access to his money while in duty, He said he was in Afganistán. I told him i only had 500 US dlls and i will wait until i got all the money, he asked me to send that 500dlls i told him yes, give me the address and i will go right now to send the money. He gave me the name and zip code of someone in California, when i “returned” from sending the money (by Western Unión) he was waiting for me online to ask me for the payment information, i told him i dont have it and i will not send him anymoney. He said many women wanted a good man like him, that he was not lying and it was my lost. I publish this, because it is not fair, no for women and neither for those brave and respectful men that their name are getting dirty by that kind of low men and beside all that, he was using God in all his lie…. so be aware of that name also.

  16. Hi
    I´m a victim as well,- unfortunately !
    I´ve met a “So called” Sgt. Richard Webre” based in Afghanistan, kabul..
    We wrote for about 6 weeks and he asked me if I wanted to see him in Denmark..

    I got lots of mails from Dep. of defense (Pentagon) so I was sure it was for real.

    i got mails from a guy called Nathaniel Huntoon, that asked me to send money via western union.
    It was all a very good set up, I got a mail with the flytickets, and exact. date for leave and arrival.

    After I sent US Dollars 1500 they started asking for more money. This time US Dollars 2440 !
    fortunately my friend copied the email and found these sites,- I had been cheated.
    Have You heard the name Sgt. Richard Webre ?
    I have a foto of the guy, he´s supposed to be.

    This to help others not being trapped. It cost me 1500 US Dollars, but all the details were so real as well as the details in his mails to me.
    lone V.
    Sept. 18 2013 I still have him writing to me, any chance to catch him ?

  17. Contactenme. yo Estoy con dos y si jugar quieren pues juguemos jajajajajaj yo despues de descubrir Sus mentiras me hize la victima jejejejej les dije que me corrieron del trabajo y ahi tragedia tras tragedia jajajajajaj capaz que Ellos van a terminar enviandome dinero ami jijijiji mi yo nada que les doy a esos estafadores

  18. hola, he conocido por BADOO al “CAPITAN DOUGLAS BRINKMAN”, del EJERCITO BRITANICO, una presentación perfecta hizo de su vida, Supuestamente INGENIERO CIVIL, hijo único, huérfano de madre y de padre millonario, actualmente en AFGANISTÁN, le solicite algún numero para llamarlo y hablar con el y me dio uno con la característica de GRAN BRETAÑA, cuando le consulte porque linea telefónica británica me dijo que era por seguridad. cuando lo llamaba por SKYPE nunca lo veía, porque la computadora de la comandancia no tenia webcam, todo fue perfecto hasta que me solicito la suma de $ 1.500 para enviarlo por moneygram. El permiso de licencia BRITANICA estaba firmada por el Comandante JEFF PORTLOCK y el deposito de garantía por el General RAYMOND T. ODIERNO, y el giro se debia hacer a OKOSUN VIERNES, pais: GRECIA, Ciudad: ATHENSE, direccion: MEDITERRANEO Y KATEHAKI 138, GRECCE, Telefono +306942172375 Codigo postal 10445, para empezar los tramites de licencia para venir junto a mi, que luego ese dinero seria devuelto a mi de manera integra. en la ultima semana me venia diciendo que varios soldados irían trasladados a SIRIA y que el no quería ir a SIRIA, que miles de soldados ya han muerto en SIRIA y que era muy peligroso, que quería estar a mi lado cuidándome. Las veces que entrabamos en contacto solo preguntaba si ya había depositado el dinero, yo le seguía la corriente porque quería llegar a la verdad. Al fin encontré que también hay miles de victimas como yo de estos estafadores. Por favor, si alguien del EJERCITO BRITÁNICO lee este mensaje y conoce a DOUGLAS BRINKMAN agradecería se ponga en contacto conmigo. Tengo fotos de “BRINKMAN” desde el CAMPAMENTO en AFGHANISTAN y una de ellas con mi nombre porque yo le había solicitado poner en un papel mi nombre para saber si era real. Todas las fotos que envía sale con el uniforme militar y el nombre BRINKMAN por el porta nombre. ES UNA LASTIMA que quieran jugar con los sentimientos de las personas de esta manera. Esperare comentarios y alguna respuesta por todo lo que me ha pasado. Gracias. por favor, mantengan mi correo sin publicar por seguridad .

    • I see he still cheat women. Few years and nobody cached him?! Last month he wanted money from me too 1850$ by Money Gram but this time he used name Steve Brinkman

  19. Chris Lauseng photo now attached to facebook page CARL SENG. I was in dialogue with the scammer first 3 weeks of May, unfriended me when I wouldn’t send money for son with cancer. I am outraged that the child’s photo was on the facebook page and ultimately used in attempt to extract money. I hope the real Chris sees this. Scammer is still very much active.

  20. Beware of Staff Sgt George G Gordon and Captain Edward Smith Massingale. Thank goodness I never sent them a penny.


    GOT BABK ON EMAIL TRACER YESTERDAY *********************************************

    his current email: troy2liz@rocketmail,com
    Current cell # 312-869-2261………….. provided by google

    The recipient has begun to read your message. You’ll receive additional information later.

    Mail Read Information


    Subject: Re: ?????

    Sent On: 01/26/13 (01:19PM)

    Opened: 01/26/13 (01:29PM)

    Read Duration (approx.): n/a

    Location: (US) United States, ARIZONA, PHOENIX (Data by NetAcuity) Show Map

    Organization (ISP): – / NOBIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC (broadband)

    Opened On: (

    Language: EN-GB,EN-US;Q=0.8,EN;Q=0.6

    Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/24.0.1312.56 Safari/537.17


    ********************* INFORMATION AFTER HE READ THE EMAIL**********************************

    Mail Read Information


    Subject: Re: ?????

    Sent On: 01/26/13 (01:19PM)

    1st Opened: 01/26/13 (01:29PM)

    Tracking Summary

    Total: Opened 1 time by 1 reader

    Tracking Details (latest first)

    Opened: 01/26/13 (01:29PM)

    Read Duration (approx.): 00:01:12

    Location: (US) United States, ARIZONA, PHOENIX (Data by NetAcuity) Show Map

    Organization (ISP): – / NOBIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC (broadband)

    Opened On: (

    Language: EN-GB,EN-US;Q=0.8,EN;Q=0.6

    Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/24.0.1312.56 Safari/537.17



  22. I am truely chocked by reading all the comments, I never thought I would go thru this, I am also speaking to Srgnt Troy D Turner, for 2 mths almost but he has shared whith me the lost of his wife who died of cancer, his father who died in an accident Meleysia , mother who past away, his brother who got killed in a car wreck & his only serviving son living Sammy who is staying with a guardian in Florida. He is very charming & loving with his emails n text I can say but regarding asking me for money, Not once has he asked me for any. He did apparently opened up to me. He states he is in Afghanisatn rite now and is collecting his dad life insurance but they cant release it to him until he gets out and thats and the end of Feb, 2013. So he asked me if it was ok for me to recv the Check for him in his name n I said yes, I did provide my address n requested a copy of my Drivers Lic, so that they could release the check n send it to me… n he would come pick it up when he gets out….Wowww Im truely shocked….. I put a tracer on his email today & he is in DALLAS TEXAS & his tel# is CHICAGO IL, he tel number is provided by GOOGLE …. Im just concerned he has my address n Drivers Lic and was gonna be given to his so call lawyer Chris wainwright to forward the check to me to hold it for him…. Now I know what he truely ISSSS…. I Am Very Concerned now That He Has My INFO..


    • Hello LORINA –

      I’m a little concerned. From your comments, it’s not clear to me that you realize you’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. There is no doubt whatsoever that he is NOT A SOLDIER. He’s a criminal probably living in Africa. If he sends you a check, it will be a FAKE. When you try to cash it, you will become an accessory to his crime.

      There are many red flags in his story. He says he’s an American soldier…he’s led a tragic life (full of untimely death and sorrow)…his child is living with a guardian…and he’s now come into a financial windfall. The first question you (or anyone faced with this situation) should ask: Why would someone I’ve never met in person want to send me a large amount of money? The answer is crystal clear – because it’s a SCAM. If it sounds too good to be true, it is to good to be true. Good luck!

  23. ATTENTION EVERYONE!! I’m looking for someone that lives in or near California that is willing to tell their story of being scammed to the media. CBS has contacted me and would like to bring attention to these scams. If you are in California and are willing to tell your story of being scammed, please contact me at If you’re not in California, but would like to share your story with the media so we can try to stop these people, please contact me as well. Right now, I only need those who were scammed living in the United States. I need someone as soon as possible!

  24. Troy D Turner. My oh my. Met him on Zoosk. Uh-huh. Lost his son and wife. In the Military. E-mails that were out of this world, filled with love for me.Uh-huh. Oh but he only needed $700.00 dollars! Ladies stay off those sites. Nothing but liars and losers!

  25. Sorry I forgot. both were in Kabul Afghanistan. Also i copied and saved Chats since November 21 st form Edwards, I have a folder over flowing, with poetry and chat sessions

  26. 2 more names you can add to the list: Captain Johnny Glenn Edwards & Clement Gruver. I spoke with someone claiming to be Captain Johnny Glenn Edwards for 3 months, have received 55 pictures, including 2 of deadmen and 1 of an injured man a song and beautiful words that stole my heart. Then he said he went on a mission to rescue the oil ministers daughter in Bagram, the Taliban kidnapped her and was going to kill her unless the minister paid 200 ml. The Minister went to Johnny Edwards base and offered them 60ml to rescue her which they supposedly did and the money was split with his men, he sent a picture of the suitcase and military papers rolled up he said, and lol, had the Diplomat send me a copy of his passport. Luckily for me I didn’t have even the lowest amount of 600.00 to send.. So I was one of the lucky ones so to speak. I only lost my heart, my pride and my dignity! As for Clement Gruver, he contacted me today, came right out and said he wanted me to send him money to Oakland California Army Base so he could fly here to be with me for Christmas, first thought HELL NO NOT AGAIN, so after reading on here, I asked him for a video and then his military Id, he said he didn’t know what I was talking about! I told him therefore, you are not Gruver and blocked him. I met both on Tagged, and Gruver has a Facebook, which I sent a message to hoping it was him, nope it’s the same guy! Sorry this is so long, just very angry! Ginger

  27. Hello!

    On Monday, I met with Meg Coyle of the KING 5 Television Station in Seattle, Washington to discuss the use of my photos in military dating scams. As many of you know, my pictures have been used by these criminals since at least 2009. They use various first names in their scams, but they always use some variation of my last name (HANNETT). Ms. Coyle’s story ran during Monday’s 5:30 p.m. news broadcast. You’ll find a link to the segment below:

  28. Be careful of General.peterson lewis, general j.miller, james.rick111, capatain francesco they all wanted to be my friend in SKYPE, They certainly groups of SCAMMERS pretending they are working for kabul PEACE KEEPING MISSION.
    They said they lost their wife on plane crash, lost their parents etc, etc


  29. Conocí a un Capitán Robert Gray que dice estar en servicio para la OTAN en libia, él me contacto por medio de una pagina para encuentros en Badoo, pretende tener una relación seria, propone matrimonio y pide se realice una solicitud al ejercito por medio de un correo eléctronico, junto con un pago por el servicio de tramite del permiso por 3 meses, él envía un borrador del documento que supuestamente debe ser enviado para su liberación,tengo fotos del Capitán, correo eléctronico, chris robert gray,, está persona usa varios nombres, pero siempre con el “Capitán, o Robert o Gray, en estos momentos él piensa que yo enviare el correo y la cantidad al ejercito para su liberación, desde luego se me hizo muy sospechoso, me di a la tarea de averiguar si alguien, tiene información sobre está persona, dice tener un hijo de 7 años llamado Ethan, comenta que la madre del niño los abandono por estar involucrada en las drogas con su amante y es presa en la cárcel, el niño está con un tutor en una escuela primaria de Manchester, tengo fotos de el también, dice tener casa en Dallas Tx, esta persona ya está en las redes sociales en Google lo puedes encontrar como una persona que hace fraudes, incluye fotos, lo pueden encontrar en imagenes como Robert Gray, incluye fotos con el niño y el ejercito, niega completamente todo, dice que a él le están haciendo el fraude, a continuación les presento la carta que me pide envíe al ejercito:Gray Robert dice:
    Le escribo esta carta para solicitar en persona, mi prometido capitán Robert Gray Anderson. ¿Quién está en Libia, trabajando bajo la OTAN, quiero volver a casa a nuestra preparación de nuestro matrimonio, nos conocemos el uno al otro durante unos meses y tenemos que seguir adelante por el bien de nuestro futuro. Sólo por tres meses, agradecemos su atención
    Unidad … Elegante y sofisticado
    Agente de código … Unidad 77 Omega
    Base Militar …. Benghazi Libia.

    Estaré agradecido si mi solicitud isn considerar.
    Esa es la dirección de correo electrónico que enviará la solicitud también.
    Gray Robert te ha empujado.
    Gray Robert dice:
    tener una buena noche.
    Tengo algunas conversaciones, asi como fotos del supuesto capitán con su hijo, y algunas direcciones de correo eléctronico que usa,…..
    Está persona sigue utilizando esas imagenes para engañar a las mujeres.
    Quiero saber la identidad de la persona que se encuentra en las fotos que este defraudador utiliza.

  30. I had several replies to Prov CL, from differently named alledged military men/widowers in Afghanistan.
    None were from New England so I asked if they had heard RI gals were gullible. A lot of bluster and denial
    and eventually they dropped off, but never asked for $. Probably because I asked if it were a military prank. Very odd there were so many lonely christian widowers in the military, that seemed to fall in love and overspeak relationship status from the get go. Sad they’re giving real soldiers a bad name.

    One man telling that his name is captain Barry Leo, and he using fake photos in “Tagged”

    I got this kind letter (down) from “US Army ” and this Barry want that I should pay money then he can come home from Afganistan. I know something is wrong, normal person dont talk on the first letter…..”how much he loves me and etc……)

    We got your request on behalf of Captain Barry Leo.
    You are to open this attachment and read it, You will send it back to us in good time for proper process on Captain Barry Leo’s leave from the war region.

    We are waiting for your respond in good time.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Officer in Charge

    This information is for other woman

  32. I have just met a man called Tomas Clarke from the us army. If anyone can help please reply thank you.

  33. i really new a true answer cause a man i love has been in contact with me several months writing lovely love letter to me and he swear he loves me..yet anytime i ask him about things he say he can tell me online someone might tappin in and he has to watch for the talibans lol..he said he wanted to spend the month of dec with me for the holiday told me he was goint to put in for it..the other nite he wrote me saying in the army you have to give something in order to get sosmething i said thats stupid then he said he needs 200 for a form and another 750 for other papers if he wants to get the leave…is this true about having to put all this money out to get a leave or is he a scammer…i love him so much but i dont want to send him the money i think he is making it up..did u ever hear that army men have to pay their wy out in order to visit their girlfriend. he is on facbook jerry.king77@ROCKETMAIL.COM he tells me he ccan call me from his cell phon i can leave message but he can answer the phone is that true…please let me know as quickly as possible so i make the right choice i would really appreciate your answer sincerely mary matteo

    • Hello MARY –

      You have definitely been talking to a SCAMMER. I’ve been a soldier in the U.S. Army for many years and I can tell you that the Army has NEVER required soldiers to pay a fee in order to go on leave. The soldier simply fills out a form and turns it in to his supervisor. There is no charge for this.

      Your SCAMMER mentioned “giving something in order to get something.” That kind of corruption exists in third world countries like Ghana and Nigeria – not in the U.S. Army. Your SCAMMER is almost certainly from one of those countries. Also, he’s telling you that he can’t talk to you on the phone because doing so would expose his terrible English accent. He’s probably from Africa and English is a second language for him. You would surely recognize that and dump him immediately. He won’t want to talk with you on Skype either – since you’ll see that he looks nothing like the pictures he’s probably sent you.

      He’s a lying scum, not a U.S. soldier. He’ll steal your money if you let him. Beware!

      • I was scammed by a man named LTG General Allen Hoffmam claimed to be in Syria .. 2nd in command , US Army Wife died from cancer .. I have his photos, cell and email. beware he is a very good con artist.

  34. has anyone been contacted by a sgt ssamel a. napier. i received an email today with pics, nd i know i am being cammed. i just want to know if he has contacted other woman. thank you

  35. I too was sent letters from Troy David Turner i met him on Badoo all the e-mail was from there. His e-mail i have is He said the same to me that his wife died of lung cancer and son was killed by a drunk driver and one son left no parents left. He dreamed to meet someone like me and on and on. His dad gave him 300,000 when he died and he needed $950.oo to release the money and he would have the check sent to me. He called me his wife and i could get him out of the army saying we were getting married and wedding was planed his captain was killed and he didn’t want to die…….was a sad story but i told him i had no money to send and that was the end……..

  36. Add Captain Mark Edward to your list contacted me on He didnt most of my family has been in the service and I know I dont have to pay 800.00 for hime to take leave from Iraq. Also there is a real Captian Mark Edward who doesnt match the pictures I was sent.

  37. I’m actually talking to Chris Lauseng right now on yahoo. He said he is a Sargent in Afghanistan and retiring in three months. He claims he found me though This is the second day we’ve been talking. I’ve also a soldier so I could tell things didn’t add up for me. He also asked me if I would even help my loved one financially if they were in trouble. I thought that was odd. Told me he loved me the second day we talked. I thought it’s too weird. I don’t know who reads these posts right now. Can we catch the guy? I can keep these conversations with him going. I don’t know for how long. I think he is about to ask me for money… wow…

  38. I am currently emailing/chatting with a certain Sgt. Troy D. Turner in Afghanistan. He’s fast-talker & really very sweet. He said his wife died & his baby in the womb. He’s also sent me pictures. Well as what the others have experienced, was said & done to me too. He asked me to send 350 thru western union so he said we could talk over the phone & that payment is needed to connect it so i did, now it has been 2weeks but still no calls. He told me he’s from Rowland heights & his son is in PA with a nanny. Can u believe that?? That’s why i started searching for his name online & this is what i’ve found… He also asked me to collect some money from western union several times & send it to a certain Roy DAvies in Lagos,nigeria. So now i have been wondering if the money i had collected were from his scams too.

    • Kristine this is absolutely a scammer and you are being used as a mule please go to where you will find mor information and support there you can register and find out quite a bit about scammers no worries they are highly experienced there and every time a scammer tries to register there they are immediately banned any time somone you do not know finds you on any social site and tells you they are Military and begs you for money for ANY reason they are scammers or asks you to transfer money to someone else is a scammer that has stolen money from others please cut off ALL contact and delete and block him and check your secutiry settings on your computer hope this helps also NEVER send money to anyone you do not know US Military Members NEVER need your help for any reason as they have access to their money at all times scammers will only tell you lies like this one has told you he has not called because he probably brought a cellphone and will call everyone else except you and since you have sent money be aware that NOT only will he try to scam you into sending more money BUT since you have sent money expect him to pass you on to otheres or he will create a New ID and try to scam you again please cut him off now Hope this helps Anonn

    • Just (lie) tell the scammer that you sent it, but now you found someone new. and leave it at that… lol. Just remember these two words in life reason and logic and it should help you make good quick responses. I try to use God’s greatest gift he gave me was my brain! And everything should go well. Good Luck with eliminating scammers. Best Wishes!

    • Hi Kristine, I am truely chocked by reading all the comments, I never thought I would go thru this, I am also speaking to Srgnt Troy D Turner, for 2 mths almost but he has shared whith me the lost of his wife who died of cancer, his father who died in an accident Meleysia , mother who past away, his brother who got killed in a car wreck & his only serviving son living Sammy who is staying with a guardian in Florida. He is very charming & loving with his emails n text I can say but regarding asking me for money, Not once has he asked me for any. He did apparently opened up to me. He states he is in Afghanisatn rite now and is collecting his dad life insurance but they cant release it to him until he gets out and thats and the end of Feb, 2013. So he asked me if it was ok for me to recv the Check for him in his name n I said yes, I did provide my address n requested a copy of my Drivers Lic, so that they could release the check n send it to me… n he would come pick it up when he gets out….Wowww Im truely shocked….. I put a tracer on his email today & he is in DALLAS TEXAS & his tel# is CHICAGO IL, he tel number is provided by GOOGLE …. Im just concerned he has my address n Drivers Lic and was gonna be given to his so call lawyer Chris wainwright to forward the check to me to hold it for him…. Now I know what he truely ISSSS…. I Am Very Concerned now That He Has My INFO..

  39. I’ve posted here many times. My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. Pictures of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009. Back in April, a new opportunity arose to combat the SCAMMERS. An editor from Glamour Magazine in New York City contacted me and asked for an interview. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. The resulting article was published in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. I’d encourage everyone to buy the magazine or read the article on-line through a link that I’ll post below. Hopefully, the story will shed more light on this under-reported crime.

  40. so i was googling sgt thixton scam cuz my friend has been chatting with him. it brings me to this page but the post is missing

    does anyone else know anything about sgt thixton he claims there is a us army base or modifed base out in logos nigeria i have searched high and low and have found nothing on him he also had a fb page but my friend found his page send him a text and the next day the page is vanished no longer there. excuse i cant access my account its block so they removed my fb ( not true my cousin who signed up for facebook never used it has a profile with no info no picture still has active facebook you cannot deactivate it unless you yourself goes signs in and does it fb will not unless its flaged as scam )

    • @ Smile the guy is a fraud there is no Military base in Nigeria he is a Liar Lagos Nigeria is where he the scammer himself lives and they delete their profiles quite often and create another one either when they are busted or they claim that they have found the love of their lives which is probably the case here where he tells your friend he deleted his page because he found what hes looking for.Sometimes fb will delete a scammers profile if there are enough complaints

      Has he emailed her if so tell her to check the IP and remember Sunnyvale California is where yahoo is located

      Military email addresses end in .mil anything beyond .mil is a fraud
      Things to remember here is The US military takes care of its own and will NOT need your help for any reason they have access to their own money at all times they will not need your Money nor your help for any reason
      If he asks for money or anything else he is a scammer if he does not get on cam and uses ANY excuses then he is a scammer

      Ask for his APO address and google it ask him for his AKO and try to send an email to the AKO and if it returns to you undeliverable you know he is a fraud which this one is anyway.

      Give him time he will tell her he loves her and he will make his intentions known he will ask for something sooner or later they always do or they ask to send you something tell her to NEVER share her personal information and never send money nor any phones nor anything of value to anyone she does not know.

      Hope this helps Anonn

      • she sent money but it was less than 50 and she used a fake address and a fake last name to send it i told her he was scaming you but she wanted to because she felt bad for his kid and such. we talked yesterday and she said shes done with the online daiting for a while she feels so used like he was 2 good to be true i found another story about him and this guy was connected to a guy in mississippi

        • Smile the fact that she sent any money at all to the scammer will only make it worse if she does not block delete and cut off all contact with him he will invent more heartbreaking lies.tell her to visit and so she can Educate herself on scammers but in the meantime anyone that finds her on any social site that she has not met face to face nor been able to have an interactive chat not some prerecorded chat with them shouls always be considered a scammer especially if they claim to be Military in Afghan with a Kid and a either seperated or deceased wife is ALWAYS a scammer especially if they claim child is with a caretaker or Nanny automatically a scammer glad she realized he was a fraud Anonn

  41. I am a Soldier that recently found out that my name was being used by these scam artists. It is a real shame that good people are being scammed by these guys. Does anyone have a “real” way to clear a name? I just want all of this to go away. I would not have even known it was going on without the courage it took for a woman to find the real me and make me aware of this crap. To the moderators, please do not share my email…it is about the only bit of privacy that I have left online. By the way, nearly all of my information and pictures were taken from my old MySpace account.

  42. Please also ad the name Sgt. Phillip Thixton to your list. He is writing from an email address, claims to be with the 19d cavalry scouts, he has pictures of a man in cavalry scout hat and fatigues, and a Thixton name patch. There is also a facebook page of a Phillip Kelvin Thixton with the same pictures. He wanted me to request a “call set up” for him to talk to him over the phone. The email for that request was the email that came back was pretty good looking until the part where they wanted me to mail money via western union to a Billy Riley, in Hernando, Mississippi. He is a real sweet talker, evades all answers to real questions. After being told that I wouldn’t send any money he insisted he didn’t ask for any, just to find a way for us to phone, LOL like its not the same. After being told there are moral calls home available he claimed its his first deployment and he doesn’t know about these things but would talk to his captain and find out and find a way to communicate with me… He refused to write form his AKO, has evaded to give an APO address.BTW, he IM’d me on match.
    I’m pretty sure this guy is a scam and is using some poor soldiers photographs.
    I hope this information helps any other woman out there. I knew something was fishy when he professed his undying love after 48 hours… very nice emails, but way to good to be true. Please email me if you have any information regarding this scammer for me or need any more info on him

    • my friend was just duped by him last week he was talking to her for 2 weeks via yahoo ims through the phone he told her he was in the army in nigeria in logos top secret mission. it was crazy then he told her his son needed cash 100 and she said yes then she heistated and said i cant he got mad said i curse the day i met u kinda thing
      she ended up sending 50 bucks. but then after realiszed he was a fraud i wonder if he knows billy or is billy and has connections over the world. can you have money sent via western union to another country then call them with the security code and info and have the money sent back to the usa? i am wondering if so he is doing that

  43. Hi!! i was a fool, i got scam….i didn’t know about these things, yes i was stupid ….but it happen to me before and i didn’t gave in with a lot of those men who claims to be in the US Army. Please be caution with, Ryan Butterfield, Major Daniel Forson, Carney Barber,Joshua R. Labbe,John Lauseng Calitri known as Kipcalitri i got taken with that one and bad…for 3 years,…. and there’s some more men out there…. i have learned my lesson, the hard way…. and another man who’s not in the army Cosimo King,and a few more “Army men” can’t remember their names and i do want to forget them all……even if my heart got broken with this kip guy….i saw this lady’s story and at that same time he was with me…and i imagine plenty of others….Be very careful with this John guy…

  44. Hi the newest News 🙂
    the facebook profile is deleted of both owen collins and clowers vosper and the answer:

    i hope you really enjoying your self well i have to delete my Facebook acct because there was a woman sending me message that she like me i keep tell are to stay a way from me she never want to list to have to delete am Facebook because i will never wanna cheat on you baby i love you more then that kiss hug i just hope will meet by these month..
    🙂 lol

    I also thought that is not yet more mischief comes but also I was surprised today:

    Dear Mrs Martina,

    We got part of information requested from you. We are pleased to let you know your application for leave for Sgt. Clowers Vosper in still on going and we will get back to you as soon as you comply with the policy previousy sent,and we hope we can recieve it signed soon.

    Ma’am, with the information provided, we have confirmed from the above named Soldier if he is aware of this vacation and he response was “YES” so we hope you meet up all required arrangements to make this a success, and in additional to the requirements we have also recieved the ID card of the above soldier scanned and we can now proceed and hope for your reply

    In the meantime, we would appreciate a scanned ID card of you like a driver license or work ID too. We look forward to get that information from you along with the signed policy letting us know you agree to the terms of this leave.

    Thanks for you compliance,


    Gen. Greg Walker
    Processing officer,
    Multi-National Corps Afghanistan,
    Public Affairs Office, Kabul ,
    APO AE 09342

    I delete the yahoo messenger and i think i have more time in my live 🙂
    without nigerians they hope i pay the the golden faucet in there mud hut !!!

    best wishes Martina to all and thank you annon

  45. ahhh i forgot:

    clowers vosper has a profile on Facebook
    owen collins similarly

    can i post pictures or documents?

    How come the nigerian Sacmmers to Photos like these men. They are stay in Afgahnistan and i think the person are real but the name ?? the surname also, but how come the scammers to the pictures???

  46. Here the Details

    Bryan Lee ist the name and his mail adress at yahoo :


    Lt Gen Lloyd Austin
    Multi-National Corps – Iraq
    Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
    APO AE 09342

    Vosper Clowers his name and the adress:

    ***LEAVE POLICY***

    Gen. Greg Walker
    Processing officer,
    Multi-National Corps Afghanistan,
    Public Affairs Office, Kabul ,
    APO AE 09342

    I cant believe it !!! the first man i send money over western union money transfer bevor i google !! too late 🙁 now i am the sacmmer police and i found all an post it here.
    regards to all they go trough the same ….

    one man his name is owen collins give me a mobile Number with the area code +44 it is Jersey in UK, he say he come from UK but all questions i tell him over his city he dont reply to.
    At one day i think he forgot to call incognito and he call me form a numer with nigera area code +23
    the complete is : +2348078473515
    anyone know this number??


    • Martina that Number is a Nigerian number you are dealing with a scammer here sorry you cant post the pics here but you can go to and and post your pics there


    • dear Alexia, That colonel Mayo contact also me. in the same mode, he tells me the same things, he send me more pics of him, of his house in Pella, exactly the same. we must stop him. I have all chat, all emails that he sends to me. if they help us we can stop this man.

      I am so sad because exist also this kind of man…

      ciao ciao

      his email are and he chats on msn live

  48. continúa mi narración de la de arriba.
    Mi sorpresa fué cuándo luego de eso recibo un tercer mail diciéndome que tenía que hacer un ingreso por Western Union asi dejaban libre a MI SOLDADO.
    Le reenvío ese mail a él y le digo que yo ya le había dicho de que NO ESTABA PASANDO POR UNA BUENA SITUACION ECONOMICA, que saque ese dinero de su banco y haga el la trasferencia ON LINE o algo para cubrir ese costo y me responde que no podía porque él desde KABUL no tenía acceso a su cuenta en el Reino Unido –
    Más sorprendida y la sospecha fué mayor cada segundo –
    Me dijo que pidiera prestado que el lo reintegraría al llegar a mi lado y por supuesto mi respuesta fué NO tengo a quién acudir para pedir dinero – INSISTÍA QUE CONSIGUIERA AUNQUE SEA ALGO Y QUE ÉL VERÍA DE CONSEGUIR EL RESTO – QUE NO QUIERE IR A SIRIA.
    DE NUEVO MI RESPUESTA FUE: Lo lamento, yo no tengo la oportuniodad de reunir dinero de ninguna parte.


    Lt. Col. David E Cabrera,

    Processing Officer
    Department of Veterans Affairs,

    Anniston Army Depot,



    Sinceramente yo no he sido estafada, pero esta gente no para hasta LOGRARLO, y por lo que veo en esta página hay muchas personas afectadas de verdad por estas MAFIAS PELIGROSAS.
    Ruego una respuesta – yo tengo todos los datos y conversaciones y accesos bancarios y fotografías utilizadas por el CORONEL DONALD MAYO DEL Batallón de Rangers de sesiones de la ONU / Ejército de EE.UU. 009CH/7790/US66IL/US/Afghanistan.-



    A la mañana siguiente me llega otro formulario del DEPARTAMENTO OF THE US ARMY CON LA MISMA DIRECCIÓN DEL FORMULARIO ANTERIOS Y CON CORREO ELECTRONICO – Este nuevo formulario me solicitaba datos personales y como no había intercambio de dinero ni nada di la información solicitada y lo envié.
    Yo lo hice porque en uno de los chats yo le había explicado de la difícil situación que se vivía en ESPAÑA en la actualidad, Y EL ME DIJO QUE ME TRANQUILIZARA QUE CUÁNDO EL ESTE A MI LADO NO ME FALTARÍA DE NADA.
    Por ese motivo y luego de explorar bien esa web (tengo todo impreso – hasta sus datos de acceso) me animé a enviar esa solicitud para que le dieran LA LICENCIA.
    Mi sorpresa fué cuándo luego de eso recibo un tercer mail diciéndome que tenía que hacer un ingreso por

  50. No me han estafado porque me dí cuenta a tiempo – pero quiero que estas personas que realizan robos de identidades para estafar a las personas, queden publicados por todas partes.
    Desde el 4 de agosto de 2012 he mantenido conversaciones de chat primero por la web BADOO y luego por msn .
    SE TRATA DEL CORONEL DONALD MAYO – DE 53 AÑOS DE EDAD – FECHA DE NACIMIENTO 26 DE NOVIEMBRE y dice estar con un contrato DE LAS NACIONES UNIDAS para el mantenimiento de la páz en Afganistán.
    Se presenta como un hombre fiel y cariñoso y fácil de llevar, y que tiene un hijo de 17 años que está en un COLEGIO DEL REINO UNIDO, porque su madre los abandonó a los dos cuándo el niño tenía 5 años y el TAL CORONEL DONALD MAYO dice que se fugó con 90.000 dólares de una cuenta que tenían ambos en USA, y que mo apareció mas.
    Su dirección de correo electrónico es
    Y la dirección electrónica del supuesto hijo que vive y estudia en REINO UNIDO es:
    quién a pedido de su padre también me ha escrito, diciéndome que estaba felíz porque su padre había conocido a una mujer maravillosa.
    Muchas conversaciones de CAHT y envíos de correos electrónicos muy tiernos y llenos de pasión.
    También hemos intercambiado fotos, tanto personales como familiares – Tengo fotos de EL y de su HIJO Y DEL CAMPAMENTO. El también tiene fotos de mi familia.
    Una mañana leo un e´mail en el que me decía que estaba muy triste porque le habían dado la noticia de que debía ir a SIRIA llevando tropas, y que el había sido asignado por ser el hombre capacitado para realizar esos movimientos.
    También me dijo que si se iba, desde Siria no podríamos chater y que el peligro de estar ahí era enorme y que No regresaría hasta el mes de ABRIL como mínimo, y que ahora que me había conocido, NO QUERÍA IR A ESA MISION.
    Yo le respondí que si no podía hacer nada para evitar ese traslado y su respuesta fué que iba a averiguar y que me diría algo.
    AQUI COMIENZA LA HISTÓRIA DE MIS MAS GRANDES SOSPECHAS, ya que anteriormente no lo podía creer, pero no había nada alarmante en nuestras conversaciones. (tengo todas las conversaciones impresas).
    Me responde que si había una forma de que el no se trasladado de KABUL a SIRIA, y la forma era que yo solicitara su presencia en mi ciudad para planear nuestra boda – que si me parecía bien decir eso y que cuando él estuviera fuera del campamento comenzaría a activar su RETIRO, para pasar el resto de su vida conmigo y ofreciéndome CASTILLOS DE ORO. (tengo fotos de la que dice ser su casa en) EN LA CIUDAD DE PELLA – IOWA Y DICE SER MUY CRISTIANO.

    Como no ví que me pudiera hacer daño alguno le dije que enviara el formulario que había que llenar haciendo esa petición de LICENCIA.
    PRIMERO me llega un formulario del DEPARTAMENTO DE DEFENSA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA – con sello de agua incorporado y aparentemente muy legal, en donde me detallan LA POLITICA E INSTRUCCIONES DE MI REQUERIMIENTO. STE FORMULARIO tiene un sello y firma a NOMBRE DEL Lt.Col. David E. Cabrera – PROCESSING OFICER – La dirección del formulario es: ANNISATON ARMY DEPOT ALABAMA

  51. Hi is write in the month june with a man who take the name bryan lee, he send me pictures in uniform with lee. i send me a money back garantee and such other things. i know than that he was a sacmmer.
    At the moment i write with a man he take the name vosper clowers, also he take pictures with clowers on the uniform. I cant belive it that it woks !! Sorry my english is not the best, i am german.
    Today send me
    Gen. Greg Walker
    Processing officer,
    Multi-National Corps Afghanistan,
    Public Affairs Office, Kabul ,
    APO AE 09342

    a policy and Instruction for leave/vacation request

    I think it is a scamm ?? can someone answer me. Please post the names that no other women purely falls on something stupid nigerian mens!!

  52. I want to be a giant scamming DOUCHEBAG and post contact details for people. Well, guess what? It’s not here any more.

  53. Does his story sound real? or I am so stupid?

    About Kabul

    Hi ,

    I hope you’re having a great day today, i just returned back from the Dining Facility, The defacs always put out an abundance of good food.The defac or dining facility is the main place for civilians and the military alike for eating. The defac is generally a large tent-like building with a hard floor. The walls and roof are tent-style with mortar and rocket type absorbing covers, Tables are set up for groups of eight. Chairs can be plastic and/or metal. Dishes are disposable because there is a shortage of water.

    At our base camp in Kabul, Breakfast is usually served from about 5:30am to 8:30am, Lunch can be expected between 11:00am and 1:30pm, while Dinner is served from approximately 5:00pm to 8:00pm, we can expect burgers, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, sausage and meat dishes with beef, chicken, and pork. These are served with french fries, onion rings, vegetables, and whatever you want from the salad bar. Some of the bases try to have a special night each week to add to your dining pleasure with themes such as steak night, Mexican night, Italian night, lobster and shrimp night, and so on.

    Getting into the defac is easy if you have your CAC card. If you are an American who does not have a CAC card, you can still get in to eat by showing your passport. If you are not an American and you do not have a CAC card, it is a bit more difficult for eating.

    Eating in Kabul in the defac is pretty tasty most of the time. It is not cooked by the military. The military has contracted with civilian American, British, and Kuwaiti companies to cook the food. Most of these companies employ people from India who do the actual food preparation and serving.

    The land is a desert, yet for a few months each year, you think you are experiencing Noah’s flood. For most of the year, it is hot with temperatures exceeding 130 degrees and yet some nights a winter coat is required. Believe it or not, some parts up in the mountains actually get snow!

    Afghanistan is a bit different with it tall peaks, colder winters and milder summers. It is filled with many peace-loving people and yet there are so many hateful insurgents and terrorists who want to kill all Americans–The same Americans who have purchased the Iraqi and Afghanistan people’s freedom with their very lives. By the way, most Afghan civilians were very happy to have us in their country, helping them to obtain freedom from terrorists. They just wanted to live in peace and were glad that we were there for them.

    Our working hours here are regularly 8 hrs and 12hrs on a bad day, if there’s any threat from the insurgents sometimes it’s a 24hrs job, I think I have said enough..Just want you to know more about what we do here and our daily activities, have a great day.


  54. The following email from the lady.
    Hi ,

    I am glad to inform you that i have arrived London Heathrow (LHR) in London tonight, ready to fly over to Phitsanulok Airport in Thailand with your package that has been registered with your name and contact address, The Custom here in London, asked me to inform you to obtain an Administrative Document of international Delivery and Delivery Passage Permit of the package here before i fly to Phitsanulok Airport.

    Furthermore, the Custom Director said you must obtain the above documents before I can fly with your package to you and I have contacted them to know the cost of getting this documents, so they said it will cost you the sum of £1,250.

    Finally, i will make the delivery as soon as you meet the demand and i hope to hear from you shortly as a matter of urgency in order for me to obtain the said documents and fly from London Heathrow to Phitsanulok Airport without delay, Thank you for your understanding, Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Denice C. Shroyer

    And followed by this mail

    Hi xxxxxx,

    I hope you are fine, i think she needs to get some documentation completed before
    she can fly to Thai from there, so i want you to pls help me send her the money
    so that she can complete the delivery asap.

    Ask her how she can receive the money there before you send it to her, i hope
    you understand me. I love you too, take care.


    i sent back
    How do I send the money, What’s her account details?

    He replied
    I have forward your email to Ms Denise, she will let you know how to send the money
    if she can get it tomorrow, i am sure she can leave Monday night.

    And followed by hers

    Dear Ms. xxxx,

    I got a forwarded email from Mr. Arnold, it’s confirmed that I want you to send the money to the details below as soon as possible so that i can leave here tomorrow as i have been assured by the office to get the document tomorrow morning. Mr. Harry is the officer responsible for the docs.

    Receiver: Shroyer Denise
    Address: 4, Adams road, London, UK
    Country: United Kingdom

    You are to send the money via any Western Union or Money Gram office near you, it is required that you send details of payment to confirm it here. Bank wire transfer will take several days to clear, i need to leave here soon, so it’s not recommended. Thank you for your time and wish you a good evening.

    Denice C. Shroyer


    When we chat, i told him i never use Western Unio or money gram. He then got her [ or himself] to send me this email

    Hi ,

    I have attached the details of Bank transfer for you, hope to hear from you on Monday.

    See you soon.


    Account Name: Osagha Omogiate
    IBAN- GB19 LOYD 7791 0920 0314 68
    BIC- LOYDGB21J11
    Address: 18 Acra Lane SW2 5SQ Brixton, London, UK

    I sent an email to a very good friend, working at the UN.
    The reply was

    I Can’t believe that you have fallen for this on line scam. Thought you away too smart for this. Not much you can do, but at least advise the ‘soul catcher” below. I would delete this email address, as they will try and use your ID to contact other people.

    Shouldn’t be any other problems.

    I can’t just let go this criminal.

    Here are the emails from them
    From Mr. lover:
    Honey, how are you doing, i miss you, hope you’re having a good day
    i will be online later, hope to see you then.

    And from his package delivery lady

    Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

    I hope you’re pretty fine Ms. xxxxxxxxx, keep me posted soon, i am waiting to hear from you,
    i wish to get everything done on time and leave here for the delivery in Phitsanulok ,Thailand.

    Waiting to hear from you.


    Khun Denise

    I have blocked their emails, what should I do?
    Thank you for reading,

    • Warina cut off all contact with the scammer there is nothing he can do with your information but try to use it as his own to scam others at this point it would be best for you NOT to talk to him/her or who ever they are I suspect it is just him they often pretend to be Women when it is convenient for them go to and for support and NEVER talk to anyone you do not know online and any time you hear from a complete stranger on any social site including chatting and they tell you they a military you should know most of the time they are FRAUDS demand they get on cam and prove to you who they are ask for their APO and google it and ask for them to send you an email from their AKO if they cannot do any of those things they are scammers and they have all the time in the world to tell these kid of lies REAL Military members will NEVER find you on any social site and ask for your money or assistance for any reason they have access to their money at all times no matter where they are and the Military takes care of its own NEVER send money to anyone you do not know Packages or letters will go directly from the sender to the Military member there will be no need for a third Party hope this helps Anonn

  55. He is now using this name
    Gen Arnold D. Carl , work at the Marine Corp. Department, station in Kabul
    He also pretend to be an American lady working for the delivery department for the Marine.
    His account details:
    Account Name: Osagha Omogiate
    IBAN- GB19 LOYD 7791 0920 0314 68
    BIC- LOYDGB21J11
    Address: 18 Acra Lane SW2 5SQ Brixton, London, UK

    • The pretended lady’s name Shroyer

      Here is her email to me..
      Dear Ms. Warina Punyawan,

      I am Denise C. Shroyer working with Delivery Service Department in Afghanistan & Iraq, i’m legally assigned to deliver a customer package owned by (Arnold Carl) from Kabul; to deliver a package to you in Phitsanulok, Thailand. Please confirm the details below and keep me updated before i leave kabul.

      Full Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      In addition, i have attached a copy of my International Passport to this email for your viewing pleasure and for you to recognize me when i come to you for the delivery, i would request that you send me you photo id for identification. I am waiting to hear from you soon so that i can complete this final delivery process on time before i fly, Thank you.

      Denice C. Shroyer
      Delivery Service Department & Consultants, Inc

  56. Hello there an “American guy” contact me at his nickname there is “sgtdavomarto” and his email is and IP

    His profile show him living in Dorset UK

    Above is his email and he has lots of pictures. How can I sen it to American force as he is using pictures of military and in duty?

    Hiya,Well i go again telling you things you may have known about me from my profile….. i’m David,47 this year and born and bred in Niles, Michigan(Though have plans about moving to the U.K soon)… i’m very down to earth, very honest and rather truthful – honesty is a big thing with me and you’ll always know where you stand with me! i am military and Marines.I am widowed as my wife died few years ago, I have been in the Marines for 17 years now, i own a degree in Architecture from the University of South Carolina, i have been alone for years now and i think its time for me to move on and be with the woman i want, Shannon my daughter is my source of happiness, she gives me a lot of joy. Right now she stay with my mother as i am away from home.

    My interests include football (Arsenal – COYI!), Basketball, i love tennis and Golf a lot too, i love travelling to new and different places and broading my horizons, meeting up with friends, general socialising really, i’m into old skool garage music, also like going to see stand up comedy gigs (Lee Mack, Lee Evans and Sean Lock are my personal faves), and i’m also a hard working guy who takes pride in his work.

    Also like to travel to the UK and other parts of Europe, … been to Dublin quite a few times, Spain, Portugal & Malta (3 times – a friend of mine has a apartment out there) so far… totally loved Dublin and London.

    Haven’t really got a ‘ideal type’ of woman that i’m looking for , just want to be happy again , since Cathy died, Shannon has been my only source of JOY… just someone with a easy going personality who is not going to play games with me as unfortunately I have attracted a few women like this in the past, can hold a decent conservation (that’s a big thing with me), affectionate and i’m a sucker for a woman with gorgeous eyes and a nice smile!

    I’ll stop there because otherwise i’ll be describing everything about me and won’t leave anything to the imagination so if you want to know anything about me just ask – I am a pretty open kinda bloke! Right about now .

    i will send you some pictures right now darling.

    Kisses and Hugs
    Your David

  57. Well, this one’s interesting. My mom was actually messaged on FB and then sent an email from a guy purporting to be LTC Steven Jordan. Sound familiar to anyone? Did to us too. Fairly ballsy using his info and pics for a scam…especially as high a profile as Jordan’s. Whoever this is has been circulating photos of Jordan with his son too. She was sent relatively the same sob story I’ve been reading above. I’ve blocked him on my mom’s Facebook account and reported him. Blocked his email(s) too and reported as spam. He tried to get her to IM in Yahoo, but she wouldn’t oblige. Here’s one missive he sent after she responded just one time trying to get more info out of him – clearly English isn’t his primary language:

    I felt so honored to read back from you. I’m very sorry for my tardiness in giving reply to your letter.
    I have been so busy all these while, I’m very sorry indeed, kindly find a place in your heart to forgive me. I can see you’re always busy as well. but, I want you to find a perfect time for me so that we can have positive result out of this relationship.

    I don’t want to lose a wonderful and hard working woman like you. I know it takes a day to meet someone but it takes a lifetime to know that person well.
    I was trying to get things straight so we can live together forever and spend a lifetime together. I want you to know that I need you from the deepest part of my heart.
    My feeling for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time, and I am just at a lost for words when it comes to you. I just wish that their was another way that which I can express my feelings for you to be together forever without living so far apart right at the time being. I can’t afford to lose you.

    Just have it in mind that there is someone out there who really cherishes, values and care for you always and that person is me.

    I would have loved to chat with you on yahoo messenger and I will like you to have a yahoo account so that we can chat and relate well.
    Kindly create a special place in your heart to let me in.

    This is my new yahoo mail account, the one am using before take so long to delivered message. Thanks a lot for your understanding. I can’t wait to read from you dear.

    This came from:

    Also uses:

    In total there were three very short messages that my mother sent trying to figure out who he was, then she received that – it really weirded her out. After she told me about it I did a quick search and found this site and thought I’d contribute.


    • Gwen simplify it tell him to get on cam and give you his APO then google it and then tell him to email you from his Military email address it will NOT be any of the free email providers it will end in .mil only anything beyond .mil is a scam and a scammer behind it he lives in Africa west africa which is why he claims to be in Africa the Name Joe Young comes from an old movie called Mighty Joe Young also that is the scam he will beg you for money for retirement and a ticket to the US which neither has to be paid for this is a popular scam these days almost all of them are either retiring soon magically or they need help getting back to the State as they call it know that the Military takes care of its own and they will NEVER need your money nor any assistance for any reason also just because he has not asked for money YET does not mean he is real………..when or if he emails you check his IP and also if he emails you from a .Mil email address send an email back and if it returns undeliverable you know for sure he is a scammer demand that he get on cam and proves who he is now or cut off all contact meaning delete and block Anonn


        • Gwen let me get this straight has no cam doesnt know how to skype sounds like alot of BS also have you checked his IP and says hes retiring soon and coming back to the States that is a common line that scammers pretending to be Military use but yes you right he cant prove to you who he is and he found you on any social site then he should always fall into the category of a scammer especially if he cant prove to you who he is by getting on cam great job Anonn

  59. I was contacted my a guy using the email nugent_69 He said his name was martin and in the army for 24yrs and a E7 in Afghanistan now coming home this fall. When I asked him basic info like was suggested on here what base out of and what state he told me he did not have to prove anything to me and stopped e-mailing. He also told me he could not skpye ever from there. I was suspicious before that because what he told me for his age and when he graduated high school did not match up.
    I think he might be a scammer.

    • C Monroe great job and yes he is a scammer if he found you on ANY social site then claimed to be US Military he is a fraud real US Military Members have no time to sit and search social sites for the so called love of their lives many are already Married and he claims to be in 24yrs and only an E 7 they ARE allowed to use a webcam and they ARE allowed to chat face to face this is definitely a scammer please go to and to share his email address and the pics he has stolen he became standoffish because you called him on his BS long before he started with the sob stories and begging for your help US Military NEVER need your help for any reason.Anonn

  60. i have this guy sgt collins cervantes who says that he’s serving in afghanistan,who wants to visit me and given me the address of his DAVID PETRAEUS
    Multi-National Corps – Afghanistan
    Public Affairs Office, Camp Egger.
    APO AE 09342.

    i have to pay some money for transit of this just starting to suspect that i maybe a victim of a scam here.please help me.

    • Jale yes it is a scam Mr Patreus is no longer in the uS Military do NOT send money to a stranger for any reason go to for support Anonn

    • Lisa there is no way to know for sure but there are a few ways to know for sure you are dealing with a SCAMMER

      if they find you on any social site and claim to be Military chances are they are LYING especially if they are special ops

      Kids with a care taker in Africa or Uk or anywhere for that Matter real Military members will NOT discuss these types of things with a stranger

      they invent far fetched hard to believe stories mostly sob stories claims that they cannot access their bank accounts which is BS
      They ask for gifts claiming it is their birthday soon LIE

      They beg for a phone or satelite phone so they can talk to you or ask for a laptop that is the scam they are begging for money

      They will ask you to apply for leave or beg for money for a flight home leave and retirement does NOT have to be paid for
      They can call home and talk to family or friends for free no money needed for that

      Remember Never send personal information to anyone you do not know nor money for any reason the US Military can get mail and it does NOT have to go through Africa to some diplomat who by the way is a scammer and a scam behind it

      Ask for his APO and google it ask many questions remember a scammer will never admit he is a scammer it means he loses money

      tell him to email you from his AKO it should end in .mil anything beyond .mil or any free email provider and you know it is a scammer also when you do get an email if it says it is from a .mil email address return the email if it comes back undeliverable you know you are dealing with a scammer

      Last but not least tell him to get on cam and prove who he is if you have freinds or family in the Military that can look them up on AKO ask them but other than that remember if they contact you on any social site out of the clear blue and claim to be US Military they are most of the time scammers who know absolutely NOTHING about the US Military they syeal pics all over the net NEVER trust anyone you do not know.Anonn

  61. this is the last comments and words ever spoken last night angry I am…

    Bryan Morris

    Reply via:

    IM Jul 14, 2012 2:50:06 AM

    2:39:12 AM
    shannonhahn4: so where is lagos at

    2:40:18 AM
    shannonhahn4: sorry no funds will be sent ever again i thank western union for saving me alot of money nigeria really yeah that is where your ip is from

    2:42:11 AM
    shannonhahn4: i am so glad google showed me what true scammers are and i got scammed 700 bucks enjoy it

    2:44:28 AM
    shannonhahn4: using our military for your amusement not cool

    2:45:04 AM
    shannonhahn4: so where did u get the pics of u and the kids and the one u use on here i told u i am not a stupid woman i should of checked u out along time ago whne i didnt want to send the money the first time

    2:47:39 AM
    Bryan Morris: what the fuck are u saying

    2:47:51 AM
    Bryan Morris: i dont seems to get all this shit u talking about

    2:48:02 AM
    shannonhahn4: i jsut ran your ip and it comes from nigeria so what is your real name huh

    2:48:35 AM
    shannonhahn4: if u are in afghanistan it would come up and nigeria is along ways away from there want me to show u the proof

    2:48:50 AM
    Bryan Morris: what the fuck are u saying

    2:48:55 AM
    shannonhahn4: IP:
    Decimal: 691674355
    Services: None detected
    Type: Broadband
    Assignment: Static IP
    Geolocation Information

    Country: Nigeria
    State/Region: Lagos
    City: Lagos
    Latitude: 6.4531
    Longitude: 3.3958
    Geolocation Map

    2:49:13 AM
    shannonhahn4: wow now what do u want to say

    2:50:06 AM
    shannonhahn4: so where did u get the

    • Shannon stop talking to this lying Nigerian he will swear he is Mother Teresa for a small amount of money delete and block him you got your point across to him you know he is a lying pos scammers NEVER repent………Bryan Morris: i dont seems to get all this shit u talking about…………this scammer knew exactly what you were talking about and he types just the way he speaks and he sounds really ignorant be Thankful you got the biggest part of your money back and Shannon NEVER send money to anyone you do not know or never even seen face to face or on cam no matter what their story is EVER he has stolen from you and your Family so Block him he will try again as he has sold your email address so be prepared for it and a whole load of spam messages.when I posted my email address here within an hour I had over 100 Messages in my spam folder so they troll this blog daily take care Anonn

  62. well might as well add a met him on ok cupid got me for 700 bucks had me send it to malaysia to a ashley williams cuz he said is 8 yr old daughter got burnt and they wouldnt do the surgury until money was sent. being a single mom of 3 girls just went through a divorce my motherly instinct took over well then it came back they needed 3200.00 for her to be released and her and her brother be sent to me in the states. western union blocked hte money of 2000 and called and asked me if i knew it was being sent to another name he gave me in canada a brandy derkach i told them I didnt know her and i was doing it for a soldier deployed needless to say my money was returned I want to know whoes pic he is using for his fb which on fb is bryan morriss misspelled on yahoo he has a pic and a pic of a man and 2 kids its really sad that they are as scummy as they are. I ran a ip on him if he was in afgahnistan his ip wouldnt come up nigeria i confronted him and he went off line..

    • Shannon I am glad your money was returned to you and happy to hear that wu finally got on top of that and caught the scam for a change you are one of the lucky ones good job checking this lying Africans IP address from here you ned to go to and to to share your story and the pics this scammer is using and there you may find the Man in the pics he has stolen and also find out the Name this scammer used is NOT the real Military members Name they are such Idiots that they come up with really silly Names they have no clue bout first and last Names for some reason he left because he knew it meant no more money for him thats what scammer do they find people on social networks and pretend to be Military and make up silly sob stories that always lead to one thin MONEY A real US Military Member will NEVER beg a stranger for money.Anonn

  63. can anyone confirm this email for me?

    RE: Mr. Darren Piercy,

    With reference to your application for the acceptance and secured Transit vocational leave concerning our officer Sgt. Boone Trish. Your Proof of Identification received and confirmed.

    kindly make provision for the sum worth £ 2,287.00 GBP, Deposited as a refundable expenses of surety, for Her Exit and Entry Permit from duty and proof of health Insurance and status of Healthiness while in United Kingdom, as this is part of the requirement for the International Health Insurance Scheme Permit and Support for officer going on duty discharge, this has to be presented before the leave can be granted. I have to notify you that the fee is refundable as stated above.

    Kindly advise me when you are ready for the payment deposit so i can provide the Bank account details for you and also proceed with the Application letter and also the Leave approval letter from the desk of the General. The approval has been Schedule accordingly soon so that Sgt. Boone Trish, can join you as soon as possible and also the ETA flight details shall be released to you.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Col. Robert Coffey.


    Confidentiality Notice: This email and any attachments, if applicable, is intended for only the address named above. It contains information that is privileged, confidential, or otherwise protected from use and disclosure. If you are not an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, disclosure, copying or dissemination of this transmission or taking of any action in reliance on its contents, or other use is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

    here is a copy of the source code,

    Received: by with SMTP id bp6csp138814oac;
    Sat, 7 Jul 2012 06:52:35 -0700 (PDT)
    Received: by with SMTP id kn8mr45083125pbc.162.1341669155517;
    Sat, 07 Jul 2012 06:52:35 -0700 (PDT)
    Received: from ( [])
    by with SMTP id rd4si23880344pbc.100.2012.;
    Sat, 07 Jul 2012 06:52:35 -0700 (PDT)
    Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of client-ip=;
    Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of; dkim=pass (test mode)
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jul 2012 13:52:34 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jul 2012 13:52:34 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jul 2012 13:52:34 -0000
    X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
    Received: (qmail 27514 invoked by uid 60001); 7 Jul 2012 13:52:34 -0000
    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1341669154; bh=ImD2dfNd7s4v4AYukjtk+WNqXmdhQdtg/l3uZX1bVEY=; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:References:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=ZnfBUVhTaU2fA0+a4cOxcrh0mi6eYIR4ye0XC0w7CYb0/UheqGqb7lisnv8RH8EfXhHU0PzgB3TWCPKBrQ6mDPe+/goV7Ajnls28JJtWLrsMwAgB2wNz065Do1oJob14VoxEhLd3JJwspX9nwCfXIFIsYcXnz1N7cnhirdjplTs=
    DomainKey-Signature:a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
    X-YMail-OSG: gFGrE3kVM1kIoPj0Hl0G6ri3eeEw51pMcUOAESzimIYstMr
    Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 07 Jul 2012 06:52:34 PDT
    X-Mailer: YahooMailRC/708 YahooMailWebService/
    Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 06:52:34 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Robert M Coffey
    Subject: Re: Voluntary transit leave co, Sgt Trish Boone
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”-983831124-670232227-1341669154=:1827″

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    • Darren –

      It’s a scam. American and British soldiers don’t have to pay to go on leave. This “Vocational Leave” scam has been around for a long time. It’s a common one used by these African scammers.

      Also, a sergeant is not an “officer.” A military colonel would never make that mistake in a letter or e-mail.

  64. Some statements that should at least make you question his affiliation:

    He is in a special operations unit and therefore cannot share any information with you. I would say that 95% of the ones we have proved to be fakes were claiming to be in a special operations unit. This is usually easy to figure out as they claim awards, schools or beret colors that just don’t make sense. Or their pictures in uniforms are all messed up – I’ve seen Army uniforms with Air Force tapes and Navy insignia – no joke.

    He has been deployed for two years, has been denied leave time and will not be coming home any time soon therefore you won’t be able to meet. Just not plausible at all.

    He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, we certainly do have troops in other countries. However, they don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t tell you they are on a “top secret mission”. Also, any special operations soldier worth his beret will not reveal his location to someone he doesn’t know (or even someone he does!).

    He says he is not allowed to talk about what he does, however, he has cleared it with his CO that he can tell you enough to make you believe he is who he says. This is usually followed by outrageous lies. If he truly is not allowed to share any details about his job, his CO doesn’t even allow him to talk about it with family, much less someone he met on the internet.

    He says he doesn’t have a mailing address because either he is in a classified unit or his position changes so often. It is RARE for a soldier not to have a mailing address overseas, even if he is in special operations.

    He says he needs you to pay for his R&R leave because the Army doesn’t pay for it. This is absolutely false! A real soldier will not request money to travel home as he doesn’t need it! The Army pays for all travel to and from a war zone. It’s not like you just book your own flight home from Afghanistan on Delta.

    He says he can come home but you have to request his leave through an email address. If all an Army spouse had to do was email her soldier’s commander to get him home from deployment, don’t you think ALL Army spouses would be doing this? There would be no one deployed. The Army does not require leave requests from Army family members. In fact, even in the case of the death of an immediate family member, the information has to be verified by the American Red Cross before the soldier’s command is contacted for possible leave by officials at the Red Cross – they don’t just take your word for it.

    So how can you attempt to find out if he’s telling the truth?

    Ask for his mailing address overseas. If he can’t provide one, he is likely lying. There is nothing secretive about an APO address.
    Ask him to give you his AKO email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. This will be his name All soldiers have an AKO account. There is NO reason why he can’t provide it – regardless of what unit he is assigned to, what his mission may be, who he’s working for, etc. And the AKO account is free so him saying his credit card hasn’t been processed or his account is locked because he didn’t pay is also a lie.
    Ask him about the unit he is assigned to and where he is stationed. Usually, though not always, they will trip up and give the wrong duty station for a unit. Ask for specifics about the unit. So rather than just 3ID, have him tell you his company, etc.
    Ask him what his MOS is and then ask him for the identifier. For example, infantry is 11Bravo. If he passes that test, then ask him about the training for his MOS. How long was it? Where did he go for it? You can easily find this information online to fact check him.
    You can easily do this by playing the “I don’t know anything about the military, teach me!” card without raising suspicions. If you need further help to find out the truth, email me the story you’ve been given and I can give you more specific questions based on your situation.

    Many have been provided pictures, copies of military identification cards, even videos. First, pictures can be grabbed from anywhere on the internet – there’s no guarantee you’re talking to that person. They may very well be using the picture of a real soldier but that doesn’t mean you’re talking to him. I’ve seen very badly doctored military ID cards where it’s obvious he’s typed over information on the card. What’s funny is he’ll type over the only legitimate information on the card and replace it with something that makes no sense. Such as rank of SPC and pay grade of MAJ. Some of these scumbags are using the pictures of soldiers who were killed in action to run their scams. It’s sick.

    99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

    So let me sum this up:

    If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
    If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
    If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
    If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
    If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
    If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
    If you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

    • Hi , Im glad I thought to check on the person who contacted me a few days ago . Name of Engle Lauseng. Special Forces Sargent . Deployed in Kabul at present . Contacted thru facebook and has photo on . Seems ok but im worried now. I was nt on a dating site and asked him why he contacted me and he said he just needed some company. Says he is a widow , age 48 , 8 yr old son who lives with spanish born mother and has a native american father. Im the suspicious sort so thought I d do some checking . I will not send money ever . Maybe he is real maybe not . Thanks fot the info about AKO email accounts . Im going to ask tonight.

      • Jo I can tell you with no hesitation he is a FRAUD IF he were a real Military member he would NEVER tell you he is special Ops and ALL scammers want to be any other race except for the one they really are they almost always claim to be miced or biracial so yes your gut is correct block and delete him and stop all contact before he starts to invent alot of BS stories and begs for money for some dumb ass reason you are right REAL Military members will never beg you for money they are well taken care of they have access to their money at all times so therefor will NEVER beg you for money nor will they be so desperate that they will find a total stranger on any social network and tell them they are military or special ops only scammers do that if you are on Fb make your profile private and do not talk to people you do not know go to

  65. “Lieutenat Samuel Anderson” scammer! i found out before any money was asked for, my friend sent me some articles on this scam i got onto here, was really hopeing that his email address was not here but when i seen it my heart sank, he was charming in what he was saying, made me fall for him and now im left worse off than before, heart broken. what to do i have no idea . i have pictures of this handsome man, so if there is anyone out there whom can help me idenify him that would be greatly appreciated. So someone please reply to me. Thank you.

    is there anyone out there that can help me find him

  66. I was scammed by Mast. Sergeant Troy Turner I caught on just before he asked for money. I have a bunch of his pictures. I’ve already called the Pentagon and his home town police dept. They took my info and said this man was innocent, that’s someelse who id oing the writing and using his pictures!

  67. Troy Turner will tell you to send and email to this address to find out how to set up a line, then you will get the letter above. He comes on really strong which creep me out then when he ask for money i knew he was full of it. Anyway Good Luck Ladies

  68. Here is the letter troy turner will send you to set up calls:

    Dear Ms

    The Armytelcom communication specialize in providing global satellite access services. MIC solutions have been implemented for United States Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, United State Air force , United State Navy (USN), United State Marines in Afghanistan, Special Military Formation GROM, 1st Reginat Battalion, NATO Forces in the Middle East National, Headquarters of military base , Border Guard.. we specialize in the enhancement of Information Technology and Communications Vertex Aerospace.

    Your Full name:
    Subscriber service provider:
    Phone number:
    Billing Address:

    For this service to be rendered to subsribers, A subscription fee of $350 must be made payable to through western union to the agent address below AND Send the Comfirmation M.T.C.N Number:

    Name: Brandi Sanford
    State: Georgia
    City: Adrian
    Zipcode: 31002

    we hope you enjoy our services
    Commander William James.
    Armytelcom Communication Afghanistan

  69. I too am talking to Sargent Troy Turner in Afganistan. Only been talking to him for a week. Last night ask me to send 350 USD western union so we can talk in person. Told me he is a widower and show me a pic of him and his son, which he has a house in Texas. I met him on facebooks are you interested too. He is really sweet but when he ask for money I knew it was a scam. Anyway glad I found out before talking to him too much longer.

    Troy Turner watch out for this name on there

  70. I have heard of scams but this has got to be the worst I’ve seen to date. Unfortnately I fell for it to a certain degree where emotions were beginning to get involved. However I’m happy that I noticed the red flags before it got too far. So I wanted to report this to get the word out about this scam so no one out there falls for it. Scam is through a dating site. I was contacted by who I believed to be a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan. Messaging back and forth on the site, then email addresses exchanged. Communication continued fom there. It was odd that questions I’d ask were avoided. I was even contacted by his supposed mother who is a missionary and is taking care of his 4 yr old daughter. I did a search on his email address after I started getting emails from him asking me for money and to open a bank account because he was having issues with his and wasn’t able to take care of it until he returned back to the states. When I rejected him by letting him know that I wasn’t able to do it. The amounts of money requested would change in each email. Also the reason he was asking for this money because he didn’t have it to give to his mother which by the way had originally asked me for the money before he started asking me. The money is to take care of his daughter who is suffering from pancreatic cancer that is in need of surgery. Also that he got his approval to leave the army to go see his daughter and mother who is at a missionary in Malaysia. Pictures that were sent to me are of him in uniform mostly but a couple in plain clothing and I have a pic of his daughter and mother. Pictures definitely consistent but I would like some how to alert the real Sargent Lewis about his pictures being used. Now as to a full name, not 100% sure because first it was Brown Lewis, then Lewis Brown and there is a Alan in the mix somewhere. The email address I searched on google and it shows up as a scam for money on mulitple sites. So is anyone else in contact with this scammer? I wish there was something that could be done to stop people like this simply because people’s pictures are being used in identity theft along with their names. When the whole sick daughter came into play I was really torn. When the persistance of the need for money was in the emails my suspicions were heightened. I tried to do a search with the mother’s email address but came up with nothing. I’m wanting to see if there are other ways to search for scam with that email address. Any assistance on getting this reported would be greatly appreciated.

  71. I am currently in contact with a Michael Smith Davis anyone hear of him? Asked to send stuff to him in Iraq but need to send through his diploma inGhana – Huge red flags, did not send it…my question is how do i find out who the real person is in the photos that I have been sent from him. i would like to let this soldier know that his photos are apart of a scam, I even have photos of his kids!

  72. is there anyway that we can post the pics here? I knew david arnold’s pics were too good to be true!

    • @ Cha you cannot post pics here only CJ can do that but you can go to and and post your pics there and share your story you will not find any scammers in these two groups they are BANNED as soon as they are discovered which is in minutes they tend to give themselves away.Anonn

  73. Hi Mandy,
    I have sent an email to your Mr. Lauseng asking why he would like to chat with you when he says he is in love with me? He calls me his wife and says he is coming home soon. (Since last August) I have spent almost my whole retirement to Chris Lauseng. I believe they are the same people. One of my pictures has him in an army uniform sitting infront of him is a meal of chicken and in a bowl is broccoli with cheese sauce. He also says he has a son named David in a military academy in UK and his wife died in car accident on the way to her parents. His father drowned in his family swimming pool this last Sept. His son looks mexican, and they are kneeling with fishing poles at the bottom of stairs just to the right of a curio cabinet. Also have pix of him sitting on a white bench on a pontoon on a very large lake. He says it is in PA. He sent me flowers for my birthday in December. I even went to Spain before Christmas to meet him. But a bomb went off in Italy and he lost his phone and his passport so he couldn’t come to Spain.I feel like such a fool, but I love him, or the him I thought he was. He is so religious, going to church every Sunday, or so I thought.

    • Photos are of real life Chris Lauseng. I discovered those very photos as well as ones used on facebook page of CARL SENG, who I was in dialogue with Feb to May 2013. Real Chris Lauseng is not the scammer, many fakes using his photos.

  74. Michele send me your pix. I am curious if I am chatting with the same guy

  75. Watch out for Troy D Turner, claims to be in Afganistan, Sgt. Major…..says he was to retire last October but it appears it did not happen. Claims wife and son was killed in a car wreck in California and he has a son in college in the UK…….asks for money and marriage. Claims he wants to settle down now. THE ONLY THING MAJOR ABOUT HIM IS THAT HE IS A MAJOR SCAMMER

    • i to was almost scammed by a guy claiming to be troy david turner said he was a master sergent inafghanistan he even sent me a copy of his birth cirtificate and some other stuff said he need money to get out early dont be fooled by this guy

  76. Hello please help me! I am currently corresponding to one LTC. David M. Burchett, from the 4th Brigade Combat Team,10th Mountain Division, Afghanistan.. I did asked for his military email address and he gave me a one. I want to know if he is real or a scammer? He said he cannot access his US account from afghanistan and that he cannot send money out from Afghanistan, is this true? A couple weeks ago he tod me that he will be sent to the front line but when his mom had a heart attack learning this news he asked a replacement officer to replace him instead. The officer agrred because he needs money to send to his pregnant wife who lives in UK, the address this replacement officer sent was in a UK naval base. He also use a email address. This replacement officer was killed last May5, 2012 but i did not see his name on any casualty list i searched! He wants some money now to send to the late officer’s wife because the wife reported to the board to hold his leave pass unless he pays her! Please help me, i am desparetely in need of any advice!

    • The best thing to do if given a .mil email address is to reply to it. If it comes back undeliverable, you’ll know it’s a scam. However, based on what you are telling me, it’s a scam anyway. But, use that email and send him something to confirm. Don’t reply to the email, actually type it into a new email and then hit send. My bet is that it comes back unrecognized.

    • @ King this…………This replacement officer was killed last May5, 2012 but i did not see his name on any casualty list i searched! He wants some money now to send to the late officer’s wife because the wife reported to the board to hold his leave pass unless he pays her!

      IS The Biggest Crock OF BS I have EVER read this scammer has to be a complete IDIOT I am so happy that they know absolutely NOTHING about the US Military which is why the invent these silly stories. Real Anonn

    • I got a email fro the email that is supposedly his moms on June 2 from her. I would say best to quit contact and dont send money.

  77. I had posted on this site last evening a list of scammers that have tried to scam me to warn other wonderful ladies, but my post is not up yet. …. Is there a reason why ???

    Thank you from Canada


  79. Here is another name, I’ve just been contacted by him through skype: General Miller Heli Christos
    He started in a nice tone, but when he saw I wasn’t going to be his fool, he started swearing and cursing, lol. You can have a lot of fun by making these people angry :)))

  80. I need help ben morisson is a scammer he fraud out of hundreds of dollars he is in nigera claiming to be a US army and deploy and plan on marrying me when he returns.his email is sgt name is ben morisson or vanben morisson hill. Please help me bcoz im in debts coz of him.

    • Hi Janet
      I’m sorry you got scammed but thank you for posting this!!!! I’ve been talking to “sgt Ben Morisson” for a couple of days now. Things just weren’t adding up so I decided to google him and this came up!!! I’m so glad I dodged this bullet!! Us women need to stick together he now has a new email:

      Women be careful


  82. Hoi all of the ladies

    I was very foolish to believe al this

    i met some guy his name his fred gray who is now in kabul afghanistan
    we talking to eachother 3 months

    I have somepictures of him
    can someone help me or wanna talk to me
    i a m despered and dont know what to do

  83. I paid 14.95 to SPOKE to check his email address and came up with absolutely nothing. He is no wheres to be found on any of their searchs. Is this common. I understand I have been scammed but he is waiting to hear from me when I contact to pay for this phone. He told me this morning if I did it right then we could be talking by tomorrow morning. I don’t know how all of you recall the turn around time for any govt. dealings but there is no way anything like that would happen over night. May God Bless and keep our real troops safe.

  84. I have been reading this site for >5 hours now. There is a new one He is 49 and is a captain in the Special forces ops stationed in the Afghan. He gave me all the military verbage you could possibly think of. He is so smooth. Up to this point have totally stayed away from all the military guys just didn’t want to have to worry about them. What ever possessed me this time I do not know why. I offered to send him packages of anything he needed from the states “no because he was with Special ops on assignment and there was no record of him being there. He is of the group that got Bin Ladin. We have been talking for 3 weeks he has never asked for anything but my love. I googled “vocational leave” as he spoke of coming home w/troops soon…that’s when I found all of you. I am devastated. But have not lost any money just my self respect and a lot of tears. I did not know that these guys existed. When I confronted him this working of course he denied it “are you saying you don’t beleive me” etc…That’s when I get “I need to hear your voice, I need to hear your voice on the phone”. He explained how I would ned to go to ta wesite to request permission for a phone. There it was I to had been scammed.I need to mention his background. Mother died giving birth to him, father was in the military, died shortly after he retired. Wife died 6 years ago and 2yrs ago he adopted 2 orhan girls ages 2 & 3 Traccy and Kim.

  85. add captain_hatfield50@yahoo to your list met on WAYN , claims to be captain max hatfield wife died 2 years ago 13 yr old son blah blah blahsend money blah blah reported to FBI and scammers web site. If only i was able to tell real soldier in pic his I.D had been stolen. Have photos if anyone wants them.

  86. Troy David Turner is alive and well – never asked for money but had a line that was beautiful. Have pictures and passport picture,plus birth certificate and father’s journal, even got flowers.

    • looks like we fell for the same guy. flowers and all.

    • @ Judy Brown I seriously doubt that you have spoken with the REAL Troy Turner have you seen him on cam and also the REAL Troy Turner also has posted here so I dont think you spoke to the REAL Troy Turner as I believe he has a Family so again I think you have been in contact with a Fake a scammer.Anonn

    • @ Judy Brown You have spoken with a scammer if you scroll up you will read where the REAL Troy D Turner states his middle Name is NOT David I had to make sure myself but You are speaking with a fraud the REAl Troy D Turner is NO longer in the Military he has been retired so be careful who you give your home address to online now the scammer will use your address as his own remember if you have not seen him on webcam he could be ANYONE especially a scammer.Anonn

      • I too am talking to Sargent Troy Turner in Afganistan. Only been talking to him for a week. Last night ask me to send 350 USD western union so we can talk in person. Told me he is a widower and show me a pic of him and his son, which he has a house in Texas. I met him on facebooks are you interested too. He is really sweet but when he ask for money I knew it was a scam. Anyway glad I found out before talking to him too much longer.

        Troy Turner watch out for this name on there
        He told me he has land in Nigeria that was left to him by his father, who died recently and his mother as well

  87. just been scammed his name keith engle from santa monica , california staationed at fort irwin, california is in herat, afghanistan at the moment, needed 1650.00 to come home on leave big bullshit and i feel for it

  88. My guy’s name is Sgt. James Paul Parker, Army Special Forces, sniper, and is in afghanistan and needs $1600 to come home. Thank God i have a Navy Reserve friend and he told me DONT SEND ANY MONEY!!!!

    He says they wanna go home they have to request it themselves not anyone else plus the military pays for all expenses.

    U may have lost your heart dont lose your money too.

  89. Also I forgot to mention his email address and yahoo address is:

    Please if anyone can help me out, as I really want to catch this person/or people!
    Regards Ant.

  90. Recently I have been in contact with a US Military Soldier who I met on an Australian Dating Site called eHarmony. Within the last 3-4weeks has professed his undying love and has stated that he will come to live in Australia and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He said he would love his home in the US and come and live in Sydney (as he is supposedly half Australian and born in Australia).

    There have been a few things that have brought up red flags for me, 1) his profession of love within the space of two weeks, 2) He is a widower, 3) His grammer and spelling is almost like a 5 year old , 4) he states that I am not allowed to send him any parcels or letters as he is in a high security base in Afganastan and 4) just last night asked me to pay 650USD to pay for a phone line so that I can talk to him on base.

    This is all sounding very much of a scam. I unfortunately have sent him photos of myself however, I have only received one from him. The email address he gave me to send request a phone to speak to him is :

    His name is apparently 1st class Sargent Mark Adams.

    Can someone please please verify that this is all a scam, I believe it is..
    Regard Ant.

    • @ Ant you are right to feel this way he is a scammer and he cant type or spell correctly because he is an undereducated scammer and he has begged you for 650 dollars when if he were a REAL US Military Member he would be able to speak with his love ones for free The email address he gave you is ALSO NOT a US Military email address real US Military email addresses would end in .Mil only anything beyond .mil is a Scam and a scammer and if he were REAL US Military you would be able to send him mail as well as care packages but this one is a scammer so he would need you to email his FAKE DIPLOMAT and would need you to send more money or send it to the fake diplomat which is really him the scammer in Nigeria or somewhere else in West Africa

      Remember the US Military takes care of its own and they will NOT need your financial help or your help to solve ANY issue they may have only scammers make up fake lies and only scammers find you on social sites p[retend to be Military and start LYING and BEGGING and making up stupid ass stories and they can also use the webcam so unless you have seen this lying beggar you know he is lying thorugh his African dumb ass teeth lol a 5yr old can spell better than him that is FUNNY AL US Military Members MUST know how to read and write and that means they must have more than a 3rd grade Education.Anonn

      • Hi Anonn

        Thank you for your reply, my suspicions where correct. However, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t right. Have the time he didn’t understand me and I thought surely the language barrier between Australians and Americans is that bad!!!!! And the constant “I love sooooo much and I think you night and day” after 5 days was so irritating. I just played along with it as it seemed too good to be true!

        I went back online and basically gave him a mouth full and told him that I wasn’t going to pay any money and that he needed to prove himself to me by sending me an email via the military email address, of course he made excuses and became quite upset with me, telling me how he is never going to allow any to touch his heart again, but there’s always that small doubt in my heart blah, blah, blah “what if he was the real thing”??. He called the phone an Electromagnetic Satellite Phone or something – what a load of bulls**t!!!!!

        I am sure that a marvelous country like the USA would certainly look after its soldiers and they would be supplied with phones to contact their loved ones and to be also able to receive parcels etc

        I’ve ended all contact with him, have closed my Yahoo account, however, he does have my other email address and a few photos of me. Hopefully I will not hear from him (them) again being a paramedic I have a lot of Police Officer friends who can take this matter further.

        I am just so angry and upset for the real soldier in the photo, I wish I could somehow warn him that his photo and name are being used. Do you of anything I can do here in Australia to inform this Mark Adams that he is being used in a scam. It’s such a shame the real Mark Adams is a handsome soldier.

        Once again, thanking you for your time to reply.
        Cheer Ant. from Australia

      • Dear Anonn

        I forgot to say a very big thank you for having this site up! Thank God putting up this site. You are doing a wonderful job.

        I like to pride myself on being a smart woman, and even though I had my doubts from the very beginning I was still slightly sucked in. Thank God I found your site and all the stories on here sound exactly the same as mine! However, I was never going to part with my money! However, I’m just so upset and angry that this poor Soldier Mark Adams is being used in this scam!!!!

        As we say here in Australia “Good on ya”!!!!!
        Cheers Ant.
        Cheers Ant.

        • @ Ant no CJ deserves ALL of the credit this is HIS blog and hes the one that brought this to peoples attention I stumbled up on this site by accident one day and I get here as often as I can to try to give my two cents to give REAL information AFTER these lying scammers have lied and begged so much I have had a few scammers troll this site and actually send me email but I’m still doing my thing NO THANKS needed just spread the word to your Friends and Family is all I ask you to do.Anonn

      • Dear Anonn

        I wish I could shake this CJ’s hand, I makes me sick to my stomach that these animals are using these poor soldiers’ names and photos in vain! I will be on here regularly as well from now on, even though I’m in Australia I hope to help as well.

        I have taken action here today I have contact the US/American Embassy here in Australia and have reported and they are going to follow this up. I have also contact eHarmony via telephone and have now sent a big email describing everything that’s happen and that they need to delete this profile.

        Even though I am far away in Aussie land I can still do something. I just wish I could contact the real 1st Class Sargent Adams (whose photo I have) and let him know what these animals have done, hopefully the US Embassy will let him know.

        Take care Ant.

  91. I have been contacted by a soldier and for a year have not talked to him.he needs money transported through a dipe been talking to all these months a lot of sweet talk I have the pictures and want to know where to send them. and will come to see me.I recently got divorced and thought this was my love of my life until he asked for money from me.could someone tell me where to send these pictures so the real man knows his picturesare stolem..also would like to know who I have the pictures

  92. Just to update this a little, all U.S. combat troops were removed from Iraq in December 2011. If you got some email from an “American in Iraq” then you got an email from an idiotic internet criminal who doesn’t keep up with the news.

    Also, In my post above, anywhere it says Iraq you can replace it with Afghanistan. Scammers (the ones who actually read the news) know that there are still American troops in Afghanistan. Some of them are updating their scam formats.

    If you get an email from “an American in Libya” it’s absolutely a scam. American military personnel are NOT in Libya.

  93. @Anonn, many thanks for your reply. I just came across this link, with the exact same letter. it is really bad that they are using the profiles of innocent people to defraud other innocent people. I can’t wait for him to contact me again.

  94. I cannot believe all that I am reading! I guess I live in too small a country. Recently I have been contacted through Facebook by a guy who *claims* to be serving on the U S Army stationed in Sudan. He claims his name is Cpt David Mason. He sent this… “hey how are you doing today? i came across your lovely profile which look attractive to me and no man on is right sense will see without saying a big hello to you over there… well i love to read from you soon, you can get back to me with your email address so that we can take it up from there or add me to your im my email is cpt.davidmason at hope to read from you soon.”

    And this “Thanks for taking the time to respond, makes me feel we’ve got a connection already. I will love to tell you more about me. A very good friend of mine got me started on the internet as a way of finding my soul mate, it’s just that I don’t always get to log on there to chat. You’ll need to know that I’m serving the US Army and currently on deployment here in Sudan..

    I have been to a bunch of places in the world, some of them hot spots, and continue to do so today. I am privileged to have served with highly professional individuals in the Marines, and the tradition continues now in the Army..I’m fortunate to command a small, very specialized unit and get to interact with many guys on the tip of the spear: US service members of all branches and ranks, Coalition forces, contractors and locals.

    i believe in your heart not your age. just want someone who is gonna show me how to love.

    I feel I’ve got a perspective not often seen in the media. Seeing as I’m heading back home soon, that also gives me a ‘different perspective. I generally socialize outside of the military community since I’m single and my peers are
    pretty much all married with children. I am an avid athlete, having played most sports at one time or another – everything from Adventure racing to Wiffle ball!
    These days I mostly play rugby and lift weights.And someday I’ll move back home to and be able to surf, paddle and dive like I love to do. I want you to know am a man of one woman, i treat my woman with respect and care. Am an affectionate and passionate man.I love kids and pets. .. What do you seek in your idea man?”

    I am seriously doubting that he is real, we chatted on yahoo messenger and he sent a photo of *himself*. I accused him of being fake, to which he denied and allowed me to know that soldiers are not poor and he has everything he wants and I was wrong to think he needs anything from me. Says all he is looking for is love. He asked if I wanted his details and I told him yes. Will see what happens there.

    Now, I am going to play along to see how far he will take it.

    • @ Doreen you are 100% CORRECT he is DEFINITELY a SCAMMER not one American types nor speaks like this but AFRICANS do and they all play that OMG you called me a Fake or a scammer they all play that game and they lie and swear it is them so ask this scammer to get on cam and prove he is the Man in the pics hes stolen and tell him you want to see him face to face for a chat for an hour or two HE WONT EXCUSES is all you will get from him and also REAL US Military members have no time to sit on social sites and look for Women claim to be Military and then all of a sudden need their help The US Military takes care of its own so if this guy is rich hes got it from being a beggar a LIAR a con man………

      .I will love to tell you more about me. A very good friend of mine got me started on the internet as a way of finding my soul mate, it’s just that I don’t always get to log on there to chat. You’ll need to know that I’m serving the US Army and currently on deployment here in Sudan..

      The above has been copied and pasted VERY OFTEN so yes this is a scammer great job keep him busy because mark my words he will beg soon they know now not to beg right away.Anonn

      • Update: The scammer is using photos of a Cpl who dies in 2006. These scammers are sick!

  95. Don’t give any money to a Ralph Sigmund Witt. Claiming to be in Afghanistan in a peace keeping mission. He states that he is a Staff Sergeant 6. Says he is from Texas. Funny he had an Aussie sounding accent. He will ask for the typical stuff, undershirts, candy, cookies, and a cell phone. Then he comes up with this scam about having won the gold medal and he has sent this million dollars in a bag with a diplomat to give to you. But there is a glitch, it is stuck in Heathrowe Airport because they need $3000.00 for customs to get it out.The diplomat even sent a picture of himself with the passport. Even the diplomat texted me a number. 011 44 7835 405578 Send the money to David Williams at Littleborough, OL159EL Lancashire Says he is stationed at Camp Eggers in Afghanistan. He wants you to send his stuff through a carrier named Richmond Sowokey a courier for the special troops, because of bombs that have been sent. The guy has his PO Box in Accra, Ghana. I mean seriously, who would send a diplomat out with a bag of cash. Plus, the governmnet doesn’t give out bags of money. Oh! wait maybe they do….. Darn, I wish it was true that I could pay $3000 to get a million. He was on I feel bad for the soldier whose pictures he is using.

    • Angela, seems they are all over…just yesterday I was contacted by at least 5 of them. WOW. It’s too bad doesn’t screen IP addresses before they post those profiles!!! I don’t know why they couldn’t. And really, how much checking do they do…it seems to me my profile was approved in less than 15 minutes. Something really needs to be done, if not for the victims, but for the soldiers!!

    • This Sigmund Witt is now on ….. Be careful ladies ……. Without this site I would not have known…. Thank you for all your postings.


    I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. Photos of me have been used by scammers since 2006 when they were downloaded from the Webshots website. I didn’t realize the pics could be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. In any case, I frequently search Facebook for people using my last name. The scammers are kind of stuck with that name since it’s on the name tags of my uniforms in the pictures. Today, I found these imposters on Facebook:


    Each of them used a photo of me as his profile photo. I reported the imposters to Facebook and sent warning e-mails to each of their friends. Fortunately, they didn’t have many. Hopefully, FB will delete their accounts soon.

    Also on FB were CARL HANNETT and JAMES HANNETT. Neither of them had a profile picture, but each claimed to be in the US Army. I can tell you that neither of them is in the Army. There are VERY few Hannetts in the Army. The criminals read these posts, so I won’t say anything else about that. I wish I had time to prowl the dating websites for imposters, but I don’t. Be careful and DON’T SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

    • hoi ,

      I see that you are active in the us army

      i am scrammled to with a Guy Gray Fred i need to talk and have so many questions.

  97. An update today Richard T Donald asked my girlfriend to pawn her car for 4 days since he was shot in Frankfurt Germany 2 weeks ago (coming home to her) and military hospital is to slow,so he needs to go to a real hospital in Frankfurt gonna cost him 6,800.00 for the surgery Did I mention he got shot in the kidney and the bullet is still in there 2 wks or so later!? I want to get this guy so bad for my girlfriend and the poor officer that he stole the pics from

  98. Hello everyone this site has been so useful my girlfriend was just chatting for the last 8 wks to a Richard T Donald he claims he’s in afganastan kabul been in the army 23 yrs has a son 23 yrs old named Steven single father and asked my girlfriend to send him money so they could talk she did! She has pics he has sent and they look identical to a REAL army officer Sgt.Charles Schnitz He is on facebook and never wanting to chat there he begs for the women to go on yahoo chat My girlfriend thought it was weird when she had to send the money to nigeria if anyone else has come in contact with him we would love to know he has 2 other email addresses richard richard donald 1 @ My girlfriend has warned all the women so far on his facebook account Just again thank you for this site!

    • @ Maggie this was your Friends first mistake NEVER send money to a STRANGER if he were REAL Military he would have no need for her money the US Military takes care of its own the 6Gs hes begging for is for him he is a SCAMMER he lives in Nigeria THE US Military has NO Military Base in Nigeria shock your friend back to reality use tough love and ask her is she really that desperate and above all tell her to demand he get on cam and prove who he is NOW! Anonn

  99. Here’s Colonel Mike Robert – from UK but serving with Intelligence Dept, USArmy, Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo is clean cut kid looking about 25 but was listed as 36 then 45 on Parents killed when he was 4, raised by uncle who is old and sick in England and needs money for hospital. ‘Mike’ can’t access his money so asked me to help.
    Are you kidding me? After 2 weeks of dripping sentimentality I am going to give him money?
    His email was

  100. Bueno, por este sitio no me han respondido, si lo hicieron por este otro d turner, en este lugar me respondieron, tuve la oportunidad de subir algunas fotos las cuales me enviaba el estafador para convencerme. por lo que se el estafador aun está utilizando el correo srgtroy001 de yahoo. Aun está echando lavativa en la red. Las fotos que me enviaba el estafador que se hacia pasar por troy turner. Es muy triste el uso que se le da a la red, cuando suceden este tipo de cosas.

  101. Bueno, Yo gracias a Dios, descubrí a tiempo lo de el que se hace pasar por el sargento norteamericano Troy Turner. El año antepasado me recomendaron una página de internet para buscar pareja Zoosk. Yo entré a la página, Conocí a varias personas a través de élla. Luego me llegó una foto de un sr llamado Troy Turner. Según sargento del ejército, yo al principio creí, decía cosas maravillosas, además me envió unas fotos, una vestido de militar. Yo muy preocupada por lo que sucede en Afghanistan por mi amado Turner. Empecé a buscar información de Afghanistan y me imaginaba a ese sargento que había perdido a su esposa y su hijo, además a sus padres. Según tenía un hermoso hijo llamado Williams al que cuidaba una niñera. Claro, no hay que negarlo es muy atractivo el sargento, no hay ninguna duda. Yo emocionada y preocupada y estaba haciendo planes para esperar al pequeño de 10 años a vivir conmigo. Luego, el lunes en la mañana, me conecto a la red. y estaba el supuesto Turner conectado. empezamos a chatear, pero no tengo camara web instalada. Y me preguntó si había visto lo de Afghanistan y yo le respondí que si, que para mi era terrible esa situación, y el me dijo que había habido un tiroteo. Claro por la noticia, vi que habían asesinado a dos oficiales norteamericanos a quemarropa. Yo sufriendo por mi Turner y por su pequeño, Luego me dice que si yo puedo enviar a los Estados Unidos 300 euros porque su niñera y su hijo se han quedado sin alimentos, Yo le dije que si esto estaba pasando por qué el no me lo había dicho antes. Me dijo que porque el mensaje le terminaba de llegar y que el no podía movilizarse por lo que pasaba en la base de OTAN allá.
    Le dije que me enviará el numero de teléfono para llamar a la niñera o su hijo y me dijo que el teléfono estaba desconectado. Le dije que no podía creer que el ejercito mas poderoso del planeta dejara a los hijos de sus combatientes a la deriva. Yo le sugerí y pedí permiso para llamar a la embajada norteamericana en mi país y avisar por lo que pasaba su pequeño hijo, y me dijo que para que iba a llamar a la embajada, porque el pequeño Williams no podía viajara solo. Dijo que le enviara por wester union el dinero, yo le dije que durante el día iba a estar ocupada, yo le había enviado allá mi horario de trabajo. Le dije también que yo podía llamar a un familiar que vive en USA para que le tendiera una mano al pequeño y a su niñera y me respondió que se gastaría más dinero, porque mi familiar y el niño estaban en estados distantes. Se molestó cuando le dije que por qué me estaba probando por tan poco dinero, entre otras cosas. Ahí logré ver que todo fue una mentira. Eso fue esta semana 26-02-2012. Ya dejó de comunicarse. Revisé en Badoo y aparecen unas fotos iguales a las que yo tengo en el correo de esa persona. Es decir que quien suplanta al querido Troy está en boga, su email es Quizás sea el mismo que está en badoo y hay otro en, el cual dice que nació en Nueva Jersey y que actualmente vive en Lincoln Nebrasca, allí en badoo dice que tiene un hijo, en este momento no recuerdo el nombre. Gracias a Dios a mi no logró quitarme cosas materiales, pero si se llevó algunas de mis fotos, seguro las utilizará como usó las de Troy Turner. Por esa situación me puse a huzmear en la red hasta que conseguí este sitio, que no se si es otra de las guaridas del farsante. No les niego me divertí mucho, sufrí por la escena del pequeño que ese hombre me pintó y uno trata de ayudar . Claro cuando tenga mayor cobertura me gustaría enviar nuestras conversaciones por este medio. El que se hace pasar por Troy Turner me conectó la primera semana del pasado mes de febrero. Creí que yo era la única víctima, veo que hay muchas aquí y a las que no solo le quisieron robar el corazón sino que las estafaron. Dios les bendiga. Saludos al verdadero Troy Turner, un abrazo.
    P.D: Pueda que con esto me esté exponiendo a algo peor. Gracias a Dios uno actúa de buena fe.

  102. If your scammer pauses or takes time to reply back ask them if the EFCC has raided their cyber cafe?! Only in Africa!!! Check it out on you tube.

  103. I feel like such an idiot i never fall for this kind of crap. I thk I’ve just been scammed by a matthewmiller

  104. Dear CJ and Ladies,

    I fell I have to tell all that I was talking with someone who I thought was a Captain in the US Army. It took him a while to ask for money, and as soon as he did, I knew it was a scam. He wanted to know if I had a Chase Bank account so that he could send me 150K dollars. He first asked for me to buy him a gift card for $40 and then $70 dollars. I said no, and then he asked about the bank account. He also asked if I owned a home and if i would take a home equity line for 100K dollars. Of course I said NO! The guy’s name is supposedly Captain Samuel Anderson and his email address is Sam 31202 is his yahoo messenger name. He approached me on and I have turned in his name to them as well. His ID on there is sam11112. I just want to make sure that the scammer doesn’t get anywhere else using someone else’s photos. I fully intend to turn in this guy to Army CID as well.

    If any of you ladies have any questions, please let me know. I hope that this guy doesn’t get anywhere with anyone!

    • Hi Vivian

      I’m from Australia and I am not sure of the avenues I can go through to find out if I am being scammed. My story sounds almost familiar to yours. However, he hasn’t for that much money only 650USD to set up a phone line. Where can I email this information to ?
      Kind regards
      Ant from Australia

  105. I just wanted everyone to be aware and add a new one to the list. Sgt. Roy Edwards, US Army, Infantry, Kabul, Afghanistan. His email is Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of all the scamming and heartache taking place and idiots using our service members in such a way, until I got caught up with this scammer. After reading all the stories on this site, at least I know that I am not alone.

    I am just so upset with myself for being so stupid and gullible. I am a very well educated, computer savvy woman and should have known better. I have been divorced for a year, after a 20 year relationship and was simply trying to find someone to correspond with. Like I said, how stupid can I be?

    I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say, I am amongst “the scammed”. I finally busted him when he insisted that I open a bank account in my name that he would use to put money into, so that I could then send money to his son, who was with a “caretaker” in Accra, Ghana. The money would be coming from his “foreign business partner”, to whom he insisted I provide with my online banking information.

    I started asking him too many questions and he got furious. When I asked him for his military email address, he gave me everything in the world except a legitimate one. This went on, back and forth for some time. I simply refused and he told me if I didn’t trust him that I could “go to hell”, his words, to which I replied, “then I guess I’ll see you there”.

    I eventually tracked his IP address to Kumasi, Ghana, after several strings and hops around the world, including Sunnyvale, CA. I guess we all live and learn, which I most certainly have. Again, just wanted everyone to have a heads up on a new name and game out there. Best of luck to you all.

  106. I had an incident this past couple of weeks with a James Vedder in the Army stationed in Kabul that I had met on; I did not know about the military e-mail addresses and he was using a yahoo address; he of course sent pictures and told me he was a widow and his daughter was being watched by a friend in England. I had asked him if he was from this country, because his writing sounded foreign, he then said that he was Germany and moved here when he was 18 but if you are here in thestates for 30 years, I think you would have written better English than what he did. Any way, he started getting serious fast and in two weeks wanted to marry me, I put the breaks on and told him to hold his horses, he then asked me if I felt the same way would I send him a care package? He sent me an e-mailed list of what he wanted, and then that is where I started thinking that something was wrong; He said he wanted an American football, a singlet, bible, American flag, cookies, candies, t-shirts and boxers size M; I told him a M, you are 6’1 and told me he was 225 lbs, no way are you a M, also I had asked him what a singlet was and he said I would hae to look it up on Google, so I did and it is a wife beater/Dago T, then he gave me an address of a “diplomat” I asked him if he had a military address and he asked if I trusted him that I would do as he said. So, then I started looking on line about scams and found your site. I outed him and he said he was angry at me and wasted his time for love and decided that we were compatible, so remember the name used is James Vedder! Thanks for this site.

  107. Hi can you please add Sgt Christopher Roberts email add to your shame list. He is right now in the process of trying to scam me out of US $ 4,150.00 and I have delayed him by telling him my money is in a 32 day call account and that the bank will need to investigate the details he has sent to me and if it was not legitimate then they would not pay the money across and they would involve the police, but so far this does not seem to have fazed him. Why have I not blocked him? Because I will catch him at his own game and give him enough rope to hang himself

  108. add Captain Samuel Anderson stationed Kabul, Afghanistan. email address I tried searching his name and email but nothing bad popped up. I hope by posting this some other woman can spare herself a heart break. He will try to get you to set up an account through there was some kind of problem with the account and he asked me to call them. it was the company who told me he was a scammer. he will try to have access to someone’s back account to launder money from stolen credit cards. I was 2 months into the ‘relationship’. cried for hours when I found out.

    • Hi Theresa, i to have been communicating with” Lieutenant Samuel Anderson”, “”, these bastards that rip the hearts out of vulnerable women, im so gutted i have not stopped crying since i found out , so charming and said all the right things, my mission is to find the real person in those pictures. So if anyone has any information on this US Army officer would you kindly contact me, i think this hero needs to know that his face is being tarnished.

  109. Only a Scammer will find you online and beg you for money or your help for any reason real Military members have no time to do such things but African Scammers do.Anonn

    My source of information? Husband is a REAL US Military member.

    • Yes Annon, we know your opinion. We have read it so many times. Thanks for making me feel even more stupid than I am.

      • @ Jocey No that was not meant for you it was just in general it was not my intention to make you feel stupid and you are NOT stupid you did not know the scammer who pretended to be a US Military member that tried to steal from you is stupid NOT you so please do not take what i said personal I have been to nice way to many times and I get well he hasnt asked me for anything yet so Ive become blunt to make people understand that these scammers are not after your heart but your money and anything else they can take from you I am sorry you felt that way.Anonn

        But i will keep spreading the word about scammers until there is no more breath left in me I am trying to stop ladies as well as gents from losing their hard earned money to these lying beggars I meant NOTHING personal towards you sorry you took it personal.

  110. Troy Turner is still on the loose. He has a new email address and YES I have been scammed. Sent money to the states and malaysia. I was lucky I posted a photo of him on facebook as my new pen pal and my girlfriend smelt a rat. That is when I found this site. I was about to send $1000 through as I was sent an itinery with details of his flight coming to see me. He said he owed money to another army personel and has also told me his accounts were frozen. I noticed no confirmation numbers on it. I sent him an email tonight asking for a photo of him with a note saying I love you Jocey. I have also been emailing his so called son Sammy so I emailed him tonight asking for his home address so I could post a card to his dad for when he returns home. I was done for $880 dollars plus charges. He also involves a Chris Wainwright as his solicitor. I will admit I am worried as I sent copies of my drivers licence and passport to him to get a cheque sent to me for his father inheritence. I suppose he will now use my details and photo’s to scam men now. I only wish I had recieved roses from him LOL. Many thanks to all who post here. It has save me money.

    • Tiene badoo y me parece haber visto el nombre de su hijo que se llama sammy. No entienden que ese tipo d las fotos está muerto. Ustedes no logran entender eso. Después que se murió se ha hecho famoso.

    • i too had a guy i met on zoosk that tried to scam me but i caught on before he asked me for money . his name was master sergeant troy david turner in the army!! haha said his wife died 3 years ago and youngest son died 2 years ago and his oldest son sammy was going to college in la,and he needed money to release his investment in malaysia and sent the address for me to send 750.00.i sent none and had talked to some guys in the service that i know and said no serviceman would ask to borrow money as they have too much pride!!so it just confirmed to me that it was a scam and i told the creep he needed to be shot!!!he sent me pics of family and him in uniform,copy of birth certificate,and how does he know i am not a scammer cuz he didnt even know me.i was catching on cuz things just werent adding up and he was evasive about alot of stuff.he told me his wifes name was laura michelle turner and his oldest sons name was sammy joe turner!! so be careful ladies as there are lots of imposters on the dating soon as i told him my nephew was a police officer and i was gonna check him out i havent heard from him . he had alot of good stories!!!

      • this troy david turner also had a guy involved by the name of james schrock that texted me at 12:30 am. he said his address in la was 6909 w 85th pl. and his phone # was 1 533 551 0714. this guy or guys are loosers so beware

        • oh! and this troy david turner email is troydavt@hotmail .com if anyone needs it

  111. I have been contacted by someone claiming to be General James Mattis. Two nights ago, my skype pinged.. A man, claiming to be James Mattis, said he had been looking for someone to talk to, could we chat.. No idea how he found me, but stranger things have happened I suppose.. He said he was on ops in Afghanistan, and he would rather talk on yahoo, as he didn’t cere for skype.. I said ok, i said I would have to set up an account, but in reality i just opened an old one as I don’t use it..

    I had my doubts.. The laguage didn’t seem quite right.. I would comment on the spelling, but I appreciate that not everyone is good with grammar etc.. However, nothing improper etc has been said.. What arouses my suspicions, is what isn’t being said.. I;m an avid reader, I asked if he read and he asked “why” I just said that I was curious, that I read a lot etc..

    Hence my googling Gen J Mattis..The pictures are the same as the profile of the man I am talking to.. But the real person reads Tolstoy etc.. Gives speeches..And so would not be stuck for words during a friendly chat..

    Anyhow.. I’ve come on here.. After googling the name with scam after it, and finding this site..I just wanted to get it out there that this is happening… I was pretty convinced two nights ago when he first got in contact that this wasn’t real, I just wanted to find out where it was leading to..I’ll see if I have the patience to talk to him again without denouncing him, and see if anything is asked of me.

    As It happens.. I’m in the UK..I’m a happily married , older ( hate that phrase ) woman.. No money to speak of.. So he’ll not get anything from me but bother.. I find people like this , are despicable little s***s..

    Good luck in rooting these horrible people out of their rats nesting places.


  112. I have been emailing for over a month with a sgt. felix O`connor he supposed to be in afghan (from fort drum)and he asked me to register with an out side company or what ever is called to speak with him I supposed to pay this people, I will like to know if the email I post on 1/23/12 is a scam or not, now he want to use msn IM to contact each other but I really want to make sure he is legit, can anybody help me out : (

    • @ Maria you typed this………he asked me to register with an out side company or what ever is called to speak with him I supposed to pay this people,…That is the SCAM he wants you to pay for a fake phone line when Military members can call their loved ones for free if you send this lying African money he will buy a cellphone or credits for his phone and call everyone but you.

      Demand he get on webcam with you and shows you who he is I dont mean just for a minute I mean for an hour or more interactive chat so that you can see his every move do not take his word for it

      ALSO Military takes care of its own so anyone who finds you on ANY social site and pretends to be Military and asks you to pay for some phone line or to pay for ANYTHING is a scammer.

      Only a Scammer will find you online and beg you for money or your help for any reason real Military members have no time to do such things but African Scammers do.Anonn

      My source of information? Husband is a REAL US Military member.

      • Thank You so much this web site scammers are out of proportion, if anybody need it i have his ip email address, we need to stop this somehow.

        • Marie.please send me his ip address. we have been scammed by the same person. sincerely kathy

  113. ANYONE THAT HAS COME IN CONTACT WITH A GUY NAME IS DAVID ROBBIES FROM MATCH,COM WELL I HAVE SPENT THE PAST 2 WEEKS TALKING TO HIM ON YAHOO HIS MATCH .COM NAME IS SMILEWITHME56 AND HIS EMAIL NAME IS he ask me to send him some things like a laptop,axe body wash,tshirts,snacks items but i couldnt send it to him in Afgan.instead he gave me a address of a dipolamt and his name is MR JONATHAN KAYIKAH PO BOX1512 ACHIMOTA-MKT ACCRA-GHAN 00233.He ask me to take my profile off of and always wrote these beautiful poems and even ask me to marry him!!he said his APOaddress had been closed cause he is retiring next month and the dipolmat would deliever the pkgs to him,when i went to mail it ,it was going to cost alot so i havent mailed it yet and i dont believe he will be getting it after i have read alot of these stories,,at least the things i got my boys can wear and we can always eat the snack food so thanks to everyone for tell their stories,i was trying to find out if he was really there are he was just trying to scam me and he did a good job getting to me but im glad i have found this site.This site needs to be put in all the papers and on all the new station so everyone will not get scamed,thats so wrong of taking advantages of the people that are serving our country.

    • @ Leigh you were right to trust your gut instincts he is a scammer and he lives in Ghana he is an African……but i couldnt send it to him in Afgan.instead he gave me a address of a dipolamt

      Diplomat =scammer
      .He ask me to take my profile off of classic Scammer they always remove that profile and ask their victim to remove theirs because they claim to have found the love of their life
      always wrote these beautiful poems and even ask me to marry him= Pasted and copied poems from the internet and the lets get married thing is also OLD classic scam

      he said his APOaddress had been closed cause he is retiring next month this is a CROCK of BS he never had an APO address because he is a SCAMMER an African

      dipolmat would deliever the pkgs to him,…..This scammer is the diplomat all US Military mail headed to Afghan is mailed from local US Postal Service it is then handled by the Military and delivered to the REAL Military Member NOT some african scammer and they will NOT ask for expensive electronics BUT Scammers will. Great JOB Anonn

      • Well I have been talking to a guy who goes by Keon Robbies. In Afghanistan…same MO…can’t call, can’t skype, lost his parents when he was a child, no siblings, retiring in May. Doesn’t have an APO because of his secret mission and needs to us a diplomat. Is going to open a jeweley store when he gets home…has a big house in Florida. He told me he closed his account the day after he met me, never asked me to close mine though…said he loved me after 4 days…said it “just happens”. Now the latest thing is that he needs to send gold bars to me because they are not safe there, but will have to use a diplomat. I am the ONLY one he trusts to do this for him. WOW, he must really think I am stupid! It is to the point that if I meet someone on match and they tell me they are overseas, I just stop it right then. And that is sort of sad, because I have the highest regard for soldiers and would love to have one in my life! But now I feel you just can’t trust any of them. So ladies, just say no!! And by the way, the photos he sent me are on this website!

  114. I feel fairly sick reading all these emails. Fortunately I had “red flags” before I did anything really stupid!!. The thing that makes me the most angry is the photos and lives of these service men and women that are being used for fraud! Add the name Samuel Anderson to the list of scammers.
    I am so grateful to have this information available so I could put this behind me!! I will say though there is saddness for our world, when those that fight for our freedoms and the freedoms of others are being used in this way!!

  115. I am glad I found this site. I am out about $1200 but still have some sense of when a rat is a rat. Add Sgt Chris Lauseng to the list of scammers. He was on early this month and we begin chatting via yahoo. He uses States he is a widower and has a 15 yr old son in the UK. Mother and father both deceased and he is an only child.
    It has been 2 weeks since we started chatting and this is what has happened:
    I wanted to send him something for his birthday and asked for his APO address. He said that it was shut down because of staff cutbacks and closing down. He asked me to send a bible, cards or dominoes, toothpaste/brush and a phone. An iPhone no less.
    He asked me to send a picture of the contents of the package, which lead me to believe it was for security reasons.
    The package did contain an iPhone! No sim card or service – out $700.
    I cooresponded with an “Army Diplomat” who arranged to receive the package and deliver to Sgt Lauseng. It was addressed to an address in Ghana. First red flag…
    A few days later, I received an email from the diplomat stating that the package was being held in customs for collection of import taxes. I wired $250 plus paid a $24 fee to the local western union office. Second red flag…
    Yesterday, Sgt Lauseng did call me for a total of 2 minutes and 16 seconds. He said he would email instructions on how to properly set up my phone to receive his calls. Third red flag…
    Today, while chatting he said I had to go to to set-up air minutes, because the sim card he inserted is too long and will not work. He wanted me to go to the site right away and set it up. I looked over the site and knew that this was the last red flag that I needed.
    I told Sgt Lauseng that I needed to think and pray on this for a day…he ended the chat rather quickly and said we could chat later.
    He is the info he provided me:
    E-6 Sgt Chris Lauseng with the UN 67th Armored Regiment at Awuul City: Zayona Camp Dwyer stationed in Afghanistan. uses email: and name as: choose1
    I noticed on an early post here that a Sgt Martin Lauseng was mentioned too. Is this the same scammer?

    • Before scammer Col Mike Robert, I had been contacted by someone calling himself John Lauseng Calitri – aka Kip. He was 51 and in Army in Pakistan – he was widower with one son and was from UK originally (as am I) – when he told me that he was a SSGT and didn’t correctly describe what that meant – it was a no brainer. What pathetic creatures they are. I was on His email was

      • Jen i just read your message i am now being contacted by this person John Lauseng Calitri and he wanted me to send money to this place for a field phone for some reason someone told me to check is name now i am glad i did got pic of them and his son and he told me he was from Utah Salt lake City and he said he was from UK

      • you are nothing but a stupid woman and very useless being all you do is just to past people name on here and i ain’t have time for a retarded bitch like you cos if you are a good woman just as you say you are , you will never be left all alone just as your husband left you cos he knows that you are such a bitch that has no heart felt . so stop all this useless post you are doing on here ok and have a life.

      • HI Jen:

        I had my run in as well with Kip Catrili a few months ago .. and YES … he is still on He was asking me to send him money for leave. After a while he got tired of saying NO to him and I deleted him from Yahoo. However, I reported him to and reported him as a scammer, but they still have not removed his profile. I do not understand why these social/dating sites do not remove reported scammers ??

        Take care,

    • this is weird cause there is also a John Lauseng Calitri – aka Kip that was trying to get a friend of mine to send money for a phone said they do not carry cash so he couldn’t pay for one himself.

    • Photos used are of real life Chris Lauseng and his son. I was in dialogue with a scammer, who also used these photos. Fake facebook page and phony identity CARL SENG. Feb to May 2013.

  116. I received this email and want to know is a scam.

    Good Day Miss Maria,

    Our satellite products TLNN5 satellite, Intelsat 10-02 (i Direct) and Inmarsat
    personal service (BGAN) are available also in the area of Camp **** vicenza Italy,
    TL5** is the star-based V SAT system for service providers, ISPs,
    and corporate network managers who are seeking a system based on DVB standards.
    TL5’s edge is in its dynamic bandwidth allocation that makes it more efficient
    and faster than other TDMA systems. Terminals can transmit data to the network
    hub at speeds up to 1.15 M bps, with data downloads of up to 60 M bps,
    satisfying bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data
    This kind of satellite access is available in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait,
    Armenia, Afghanistan, Africa, Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan, Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan and by
    soldiers in Afghanistan. They share signal from single terminal for other users
    in LAN network .
    in-Respect to Sergeant felix O’connor .

    Price list of two-way phone connectivity link. Downlink Uplink Ratio Recommended
    number of users Price in US Dollars…..Please Choose the suitable plan.

    *1025 k bps 1.1 $250:00—-(2weeks) 6days a week

    * 1035k bps 1.1 $300:00—-(2weeks) 24hours/6days a week

    *2048 k bps 1.1 $350:00—-(2weeks& 4days) 24/ 6days a week and 10 free text message

    *3059 k bps 1.1 $400:00—-(3weeks) 24/ 6days a week and 20days 30free text messages

    *4096 k bps 2.1 $450:00—-Platinum call (1month) 6days a week.

    Payment will be made to our Agent through Money Gram or western union to Our Base In USA
    when all requirement and a connectivity plan has been chosen
    *Connectivity will commence as soon as payment is confirmed within 2 working

    *We advise you to kindly send these following information’s for SAT connectivity
    configuration via Satellite 180000KHz surface .

    *Full name:
    Your Phone Number :
    Area Code :
    Zip code :
    State :
    City name :
    Country :
    *M-T-C-N :

    State : California
    Country: USA

    If you have problems, write us back or contact the sergeant you want to be connected with for further assistance thanks.

    • Yes maria it is a scam you dont need to pay for any telephone or any fake company to talk to this fake military member they can call and talk to their loved ones for free.

  117. Add a person scamming on facebook and yahoo.. calls himself General Heli Miller Christos.. a real fine work of art hisself.. professing love, money and is a scammer/hacker jerk.. watch out ladies..I was fortunate enough to figger him and his crap out before I sent any money requested.. a thousand dollars.. Also is using the Jack guy to get his scam going.. PLEASE STOP this itiot .. thanks Karen Jenkins

  118. It is with sadness that I have to add Richard Gruver ( to the hall of shame. I met him on Be2 an over 40’s dating site in the UK. I didn’t hand over any money, too wise for that after losing thousands of pounds and my marriage to Nigerian bastards some time ago, but I genuinely liked/loved who ever it was I was speaking to. Got all the poems which he said he wrote himself, have a look on they are all there. I won’t bore you with the details because they all here on this site. It does make you wonder if there are any real guys out there and my (broken) heart goes out to all you ladies who have been screwed out of heart and money. I don’t know how I can move on at the moment but I will and all you girls in the same position make your mind up not to let them get you down and tell at least one person every day about what to beware of.

  119. Someone please contact me….i have been conversing with a Robert Grey….these stories seem eerily similar…i want to know if anyone has pics of him so i can see if i am speaking to the same person…thank you so much for any help

    • Hoi lori

      the one you speek is not robert grey
      its Gray but i meat him als Fred gray
      I have pictures from him

      can we talk


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    • Wrong site to leave this stupid rambling load of nonesense on. Go tell someone who gives a shite. we come on here to get away from fools like you

  121. add randy stankovitch to the list..feel sorry for the real guys in story is oasis dating id only just joined and he was there straight husn]band had only died 3 month before so was vylnerable..he said his wife had died and had 5 year old son living with caretaker in us..he was in peace keeping in lebanon..i sent the boy a play station to an ad in michigan..then he wanted 4000 pounds for gold bars in ghana..i strung him along when i saw red flags..i cant believe ive been such a blood y fool..he didnt get any money..but i fell for the son bit.. i have a phone number which he forgot to delete and its 2332..i think its ghana..well the outcome is hes deleted me from his accounts..when i tod him i had the fbi on his case.lolo think hes scared ladies beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. CJ:

    Words cannot describe what a wonderful human being you are! Thank you for YOUR service to OUR country! You and all of the other soldiers who put their lives on the lines everyday for us deserve so much more recognition. Thank you also from every woman touched by one of these idiots! Whether these woman want to believe the advise you and your fellow soldiers continue to give to them TIME and TIME again, you have helped COUNTLESS others including one of my dear friends.

    I hope this message finds you safe and would love to help on this site any way that I can when (and if) you decide to continue it upon your return state side. God bless you and your Military family in that god forsaken land you are in!

  123. ALL US military e-mail accounts will end with .mil
    All military addresses in the current area of operations will end with APO then the zip or APO AE then the zip.
    There isn’t too much we can’t get over here either at the BX (base exchange) or we can even order stuff on line. What’s always really nice to get is something someone has put some thought and a little love into. A hand written note, something home made, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE, something that is darn near impossible to get……….Twinkies!
    Really, he would not need a phone or shirts or even socks.
    I’m just saying.

    604th Auto-Comms(When the button should push itself!)

  124. I would like to know if: name/ is an official military email address. can any answer this for me.. Thanks for your reply in advance


    • @ Irene NO it is not it is a scam and a scammer using it however if you think I am wrong if the so called military member asks you for ANYthing beyond a reasonable care package and NOT electronics and you have his real military address and have seen him on cam he might be legit but I doubt it if he asks for anything or ask to send you anything for any reason he is a scammer plain and simple the military takes care of its own.Anonn

  125. hi i am from germany…and there is a guy name BRIAN NICOSON on dat.hook up…soldier in afghanistan
    asked me for 7300$ for his leaverequest. he is also on facebook 3 times…nicoson brian or brian nicoson,
    each time different town and university. be carefull of him

  126. Ladies……

    I will tell you all just like I did on the other sites.
    The Army is now for the most part cutting our deployments to 9 months which means we do not get a leave in the middle. So, with that let me explain our leave policy…. IT”S FREE! Anytime we go on leave it is FREE. When we do go on leave, say he is posted to a perm base over here, it’s FREE. When we fly commercial air, the military buys our tickets for FREE. There is NO paper work or documents that a civilian can fill out that will get us leave that has to be paid for. When we have emergincies in the states the military makes sure we get home for FREE. There is NO fee’s when we do go on leave! We have DSN lines for phones over here so ALL or most of our calls are FREE. We have MWR’s which work to make sure when we contact our people in the states it’s FREE.
    I’m sorry if you think you had found your soul mate and he turned out to be one of these AS$%OLES. It breaks our hearts to know these guys are using our pics for this reason.
    I know, my wife found a picture of me in Iraq on one of these sites!! Also let me say it is okay to send military personnel items in the mail but make sure it is going to a base in the states or when it comes over here the address has an APO or an APO AE in it. This means Army Post Office which covers all branches of the service.
    Sorry if this rambled.

    • Jerry, I’ve been saying this for years, but some of these ladies still think “their guy” may be legit. I’m at the point now where I almost want to throw my hands in the air and just say they deserve whatever they get for not listening.

      • Hi CJ,
        I was so grateful to see your blog, is there a way you can contact me in my email and I would like to send it to you all what I got. . .so that you can examined all these which I did not see any of the similar story but I want you to know that I am not very familiar to tweeter I just hope you will get this reply of mine.
        My name is Jocelyn and looking fordward to hear from you and we can save few people to be scam. . .I see the 2 pictures here but do not know if this militar is victim or scammer. Please response ASAP. . .
        Thanks a lot

  127. I was on Skype when a fake general Carter F. Ham contacted me, supposedly from Libya. He wanted to buy a house and a car in Finland with my help and his 2 million dollars. He started phishing for info and not asked for any money yet…. I told him off… Another general in two days, I guess I’m lucky 🙂

  128. I was just contacted by a 3-star general Miller Heli Christos… Thanks to this site i won’t get fooled by him…

  129. Hi everyone,
    It has been awhile since I have been on this site. I like to check on all of you every now and then. It has been
    a couple of months since I was scamed by the fake troy turner, and I must tell you, 2 months laatr it still hurts as though it was yesterday. Like I said he did not steal any money from me, but he stole my hert and how do you recover from that. The one thing that I was most proud of myself about was the ability to love unconditionally has been taken away from me my heart is broken and I cannot seem to recover, I had been with my husband for twenty five yers before he passed and he was the love of my life. and to open my heart to someone else was
    very hard for me and he shattered that for me. if anyone can let me know how to get over that, please let me
    know. I would appreciate any help
    Thank you for listening.

  130. add sgt joe smith to the list. his email addy is ladies watch out. don’t fall for his line of crap. he claims to be an e-8 master sgt in kabul afghanistan. he’s smooth but don’t be taken in by him i was almost taken in. luckily for me i was raised in a military family. if anyone can help me stop him before he scams someone else, i would appreciate all the help i can get. i have saved all the conversations on messenger & all emails from him. he doesn’t even have a command of the english language.

  131. I have been contacted by a Richard Abell l armykeeppeace on yahoo i don’t no were he got my name I have not been on no date site just face book . Does anyone been contacted by him.

  132. i am one of the victim of this scammer people….he uses the name of an army General….patrick miller,heli miller.lionel miller and heli christos miller…..i want to know the real person……


    • Hi encounter also a name General Gabriel Miller of US Army from Washington D.C ..and he is in Peacekeeping Force ,Kabul Afghanistan. Is he really a US Army General.? Iknow him for 2 months now. He has a 2 sons. One is in UK schooling and other one is in Ghana schooling ,this boy in Ghana is adopted 18 yrs old. Since he is tied up in mission he cannot help his son in Ghana who has kidney problem. Asking for help to me for hospitalization and medication of the boy. He said soon he will retire middle of this April or end. And he is promising me to pay when his out of his mission. Please can any one know this person or encountered him.? His email is

  133. I have been contacted by a Robert Denis,i have noticed that some of the words he used were in some of these
    emails He was trying to get £2000 out of me so he could go on leave from Afghanistan but i became suspicious of this and did some research and glad i he can be added to the list of scammers.He was on pof for a short spell then came off and wanted to spend time with me.I’m not contacting him anymore and didn’t lose out
    i wised up in time

  134. I am doubt founded after reading pages and pages of what these evil scammers have done. I recently found out I have been scammed by these bastards. Col. David Mcnamara, I had never tried the online dating thing and was nervous about it then this guy says all the right things and makes me feel alive again. All I can think is what a dumb ass I was. I am out $2800.00 cash and might be responsible for paying back $23,000.00 because I trusted a scammer. I’ve been alone a long time and have made a good life for myself I just wanted to spend it with someone special and enrich my life, now I have to
    worry about losing everything because of this low-life piece of shit.. I’ve learned my lesson and will do anything I can to catch this guy. I have copies of every e-mail and copies of everything I sent and names also. If anyone needs information please feel free to contact me. 509-438-6804. Thanks for listening. Reading about other experiences on here helped me a great deal. I’ve been beating myself up for days maybe now I can turn it into something more productive. Thanks again Janice

  135. The name “Kevin James” supposedly in Afghanistan-Camp Eggers have his pics, but same story-sent 2 packages of sneakers, axe shower gel dvds misc., stuff. Was told to send to Ghana. Now wants money for packages to be delivered to Afghanistan. I knew at that moment it was a scam. Any way to send this phot so this real person is aware??

  136. he now uses Samuel Cendrich same story wife cheated divorce two years ready to move on .Is in Kabul.
    both parents died raised by grand parents in South Africa. caught wife cheating with best friend. Wanted $800.00 so we can talk to me. I told him I can wait. I have 6 pictures he sent me if you ant them to compare email . He use and


    • Ah, I think I have met the same gay by, I recognise his life story, but now he is half German, half American …. I would like to compare pictures!

  137. I had an attempted scammer sgt troy turner email address is He tried but I was on to him in the very beginning. Being that I have a military background it was easy. He was using zoosk.

    I had already had another earlier this year by the name of Todd McDonald. I met him on

  138. Has anyone been contacted by a Dennis Antonsanti or a Fredol Mascott? please let me know. Dennis goes by the email of and Fredol goes by the email I know Dennis is a scammer, but I’m thinking Fredol is too. If anyone has information on these 2, please let me know. Thanks, Stephanie

  139. i wrote you a while ago about a here is one of the e mails i was sent requesting his leave this man is still leaving me messages but i dont reply to them lol

    Dear Mandy Gibson,

    This is to notify you that your request for Three (3) month vacation has been granted by the US Army and your vacation starts from 07/03/2011 and it will end on the 06/06/2011.

    We really appreciate your partner’s contribution and effort in Iraq towards a better America, the 2rd Infantry SF Base Division wish you a happy vocational trip to the United Kingdom under Defense Section B of Decree 202 on absence from Duty with Voluntary Permission from the services duty.

    Unfortunately the Military Travel Card of SGT. Martin Lauseng limit is less than the required limit, at least his Military Travel Card should worth Ten Thousand United Kingdom Pounds (10,000.00 GBP) and the available balance on his card is Nine Thousand Four Hundred United Kingdom Pounds only (9,400.00 GBP). In order for the State Defense Authority to schedule SGT. Martin Lauseng’s flight from Iraq to United Kingdom, He is advised to top up his Travel Card up to the State Defense Authority requested limit.

    Moreover according to the SF recommendation vocational decree, He is also requested to secure/purchase a refundable Military Returning Notary Stamp worth 120.00 GBP (One Hundred Twenty United Kingdom Pounds Only).

    A money order has been written on your name and address on behave of SGT. Martin Lauseng. The Money Order can only be cashed at any Post Office in the United Kingdom or in the United State of America. This will cover for his Vocation leave allowance and all the money you’ve spent during these Transit process. You are requested to make a payment of 120.00 GBP for a safe delivery of the money order to your door step by a Military Dispatcher Unit.

    The total amount will be 720.00 GBP (Seven Hundred and Twenty United Kingdom Pounds) must be paid to the previous agent information (Sharon Grant) and you should get back to me as soon as the transfer is made via Money Gram so that we can proceed with the transit.

    Hence, He shall be given an authorization on Exit confirmation approval from the War/Duty Zone once all these payment are been made and you confirm the safe receiving of the Money Order.

    However, US Army has restored peace in Iraq since the war in Iraq started through the contribution of the US Army, on this occasion we remember our fallen soldiers that have served well.


    Lt Gen Lloyd Austin
    Multi-National Corps – Iraq
    Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
    APO AE 09342

    • 07/03/2011 and it will end on the 06/06/2011. What the hell is this scammer still in grade school I am sure they start early but this is pitiful this lying beggar cant even calculate 3 Months accurately if he is that dumb I can imagine that he doesnt make much Money especially since he probably works with a group of other scammers lol this was to funny what a MORON and still has the nerve to contact you after you have caught on to him being a lying beggar just makes it even more pathetic proving that they will do anything with the promise of money.

      • 7/3/11 to 6/6/11 actually does figure as 3 months to me, I’m Australian. We put the order as DD/MM/YY, different to American way. Not sticking up for scammer, but just thought the info may be helpful.

    From: “US.ARMY@MIL.COM” Add sender to ContactsTo:Message contains attachments2 Files (587KB) | Download AllLEAVE FORM.jpgMONEY BACK GUARANTEE FORM….jpgDear ,
    We got your request on behalf of our Military personnel [Capt. James Butler]
    Thanks for your leave request, our service is to make your leave to be safe and clear facilities for Civilian and Military Personnel.

    You are to make the payment of $325 for the leave processing fee.

    NOTE: Terms and conditions.

    The money should be paid Via Western Union OR Money Gram






    ZIP CODE: 98662

    Money is refundable to you personally or with the Military Personnel beneficial bonus.

    Once you provide us with the above information you are no longer anonymous to us.

    We protect your privacy.. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.

    We wait for your full payment details because this will make your processing be done

    We hope to serve you well in our course.
    Your Regards

    Administrative Officer ……..Sgt. Chris.

    Public Relation Officer……..Sgt. Scott M.

    Gen Commander ……Gen David Petraeus.

  141. While downloading songs on , I recieved a message from Capt. James Butler,he said he was at afghanista for mission. He seems nice ,so we continue communicating for two weeks now. He said he want to see me. He ask me to send a request for vocanional leave.he give me this e-mail add., so I make a letter requesting a leave on his behalf. After few hours I recieved a policies and instruction .While reading it, I know something is wrong. So i went and google, now here I am reading same story about a guy claiming to be in the millitary and trying to scam a lot of women. I want this guy to be put to jail.

    his e-mail:
    Flag this messageTo my Queen…………Thursday, November 10, 2011 5:07 PM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified”Capt. James Butler” View contact detailsTo: Message contains attachments1 File (64KB)James 52.jpg
    There is peace in my soul
    For such a long awaited time
    There is love in my life
    A love of melody and rhyme.

    Once you took hold of my heart
    I knew no other could have reached
    As whispered fate took my hand
    To levels only you could reach.

    You in my life
    Will live eternally
    I knew the first night we met
    You were meant for me.

    • @ Jean I am glad you did google this scam and scammer wow 2 weeks hmmm he didnt waste any time begging did he? and this email address is a FRAUD “US.ARMY@MIL.COM” Lol I see some scammers have been trolling this site lmao so he thought he could get away with using a fake email address good for you they are so sadistic and lazy as hell .

      The money should be paid Via Western Union OR Money Gram SCAM Military does NOT do business like this at all


      Once you provide us with the above information you are no longer anonymous to us.

      We protect your privacy.. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.

      We wait for your full payment details because this will make your processing be done

      We hope to serve you well in our course. Translation we hope to steal this small amount of money from you and if you send it good news for us bad news for you we will then invent a long list of new lies and a stupid ass story full of mistakes and alot of bad grammer only begging you for more money as that is what we do LIE steal and beg and please dont call us lazy or scammers even though it is the truth we get offended as we are blood sucking lying filthy leeches LOL

      Good for you that you looked this bs up another scammer stopped dead in his lying tracks I Love it

    • your email sounds like the one i recieve from a David Robbies he even ask me to marry him and always writing things that no normal guy would write unless he wrote it from a book,but i havent sent his package to him yet cause he said i needed to send it to a Jonathan Kayikah opbox1512 ACHIMOTA-MKT ACCRA-GHAN 00233 and that guy would delivery him his package to him in Afgan.he said his APO was closed due to him retiring next month.i knew it was to good to be true,and his spelling was not very good,example he want some haines boxers and he wrote heinze boxxes .i finally figure it out but he wanted me to send him a laptop along with snacks but i said i cant send laptop i cant afford it then he ask for some PS GAMES,,

  142. Ok ladys… get sgt Daniel Williamson to the list
    here is facebook adress

    here is the badoo adress… but i made it clear by the admin of the site… they clear it… no longer exist…

    if someone use this kind of adress, telling you that you can have his info by that don’t trust him….

    Col John. Mack

    i just wna tto put some picture but i don’t know how…

  143. Omg has anyone been contacted by a SGT Jacob Holmes and a Mike Levine? These 2 guys just added me this week but Jacob Holmes is the 1 that has been sending me poems but hasnt asked for any money but wants me 2 turn on my webcam lol but im not that kind of girl and luckily i am a very nosey person and thought id better check him out so please let me know. And ladies like the saying goes “if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is” pretty hard 4 us ladies 2 find men when all these scammers are out there.

  144. I guess you can add “SGT Johnson Westfall Rank E7” to your list.
    He uses the email
    Gave me the story his wife died 2 yrs ago and his 3 yr old daughter was living with his grandmother in Canada.
    Says he is on a PeeceKeeping Mission in Iraq. Has been there for 3 months and had another 3 months to do.
    Sent me email after email how he didn’t want to lose me cause then he would be nothing.
    Poem after poem that made me fall in love with him.
    Asked me to marry him but said no. Even thou he keeps calling me his wife. UGH!
    Then last night I got an email asking me to fill out this Vocational Leave form for him “John” to come back to the states for a visit.
    A GENERAL DAVID H. PETRAEUS said he was heading up his leave.
    I goggled the general. He retired years ago.
    He even asked me to think of a way to invest his $39k in something for when he gets here.
    Good thing he never asked for money. He would be really pissed at me cause I am a poor single mother. lol

  145. I have an issue with this person e-mail address: and I was sad that I found this same e-mail address that was reported here. I don’t know and how to catch this people using someone Identity. This person was asking for money after a week of talking to him. He said he fly to Alabama for his building Apartment to fix. then suddenly then after 3 days. he said his son is in Nigeria. and he had an accidental call from the son that he is on ICU. So he had to fly to Nigeria, But then in 3 days he said that his son recovered already and ready to get home to States. The next day, he told me that he got robed total amount of $10,000.00 so he said they took all of his money and he had no money left at all. Trying to make me believe so I could help him. The first time he said he only need some money to activate his ticket and then he can leave go back to States of Virginia so I send him $350.00. then the next day. He told me the Hotel did not want to let hem go because he had to pay for the hotel bills. He said he needs 500 for the hotel bills. then he leave and go back to states. then next day again he told me he could not leave because the hospital wants him to pay first. It is really long story but I regret that I waste my time for this person. for more information please e-mail me back.

    Please help me how to get the real information of this person.

    I met this person online from Military I was just trying to look for a person to be a future partner.
    however, this is what what I found from this guy. I will copy our conversations soon I get reply from you whoever concern for all of this scamers issues. Please hide my name. and don’t want to show it up on public…

    someone who care for the women…

    • Dear DDLL, please do NOT send that man no money!! It is a big time scam. He is scamming you. Many women are being scammed by these parasites. Never send money overseas to people unknown. Those scammers use stolen Identities, pictures, and anything else they can get their hands on. Just please do not send him NO money. Take care, and God Bless. Stay strong, do not give in!!!

    • PS,
      You can ask these guys to write to you from their military emails. All military persons have military emails, not gmails, or usarmypeacekeeping emails either, or hotmail or yahoo emails. Military men & women should not have any problems writing to you from their military emails.

      • Daisy is right military email addresses for REAL MILITARY MEMBERS will NOT be from a free email provider and it also will not end with .com under any circumstances if it does it is a FAKE some will try the if so it is a fraud a FAKE.

  146. I chatted with troy turner tonight. he does not know that i have found this site. He is telling me the same thing he has tol others. He has also sent me roses.

    • “Sgt Sigmund Witt” sends beautiful roses. what a jerk

  147. Troy D Turner I stand corrected yes you are real Thank You for your service Anonn has admitted she was wrong.

    • Esta es una patraña más del estafador y sus cómplices. Dicen que se comunican, que conoció al verdadero troy, MENTIRA Troy está muerto. Hasta cuando van a seguir utilizando los datos de un fallecido para hacer propaganda por la internet. cuerda de ocioso. Hagan algo productivo

  148. Sorry its me again, since im not feeling so alone in all this, i have looked backed,NOT UNBLOCKED. and have retrieved this from my blocked contacts. Hope this is off help, David would be the person saying he was a doctor, howver i was so traumatised that i wouldnt dare answer him.
    Also if anyone needs the pics of Brian Miller plse leave a comment. I have the 2 he sent and 2 i took while he was supposably on Skype, i can now only assumw that they were playing videosin front of the cam. Let me know if you have other ideas.

    Clement (barima.yaw)


  149. Sorry i forgot to say that i only blocked him on the 2-11-11. So this ones very recent.

  150. Omg, i have just sat here for a couple of hrs reading all this.

    You a can add a Sgt Brian Miller, brian_miller44 Born 25th June in Germany, moved to USA when he was 11, after his mother died,i think he said. He lost his wife and beautiful daughter 7 yrs ago, He said he lived in Hamilton , Iowa. Has been in the army for 19yrs, and was stationed in Kabul Afganistan. He was due to finish his tour on the 23rd Dec 2011. Said he had been out there since 2009. He contacted me through Skype.and fell madly in love with me. This was all via skype,however as im no use on internet (even worse now) , i sent him pics of myself from my e-mail address. His e-mail is omg i cant think what he doing with them, im soo scared, and ashamed for being such a fool.
    He sent me 2 pics of himself, one in army uniform, dont know much about USA army, but it looks real to me, has his name on it but just cant make out numbers. Other pic of him standing next to his car. He also came on Skype for a few seconds, to let me believe he was real. He was moving about and pointed to his desk behind him. Then he was gone as he said videos would be monitored. He would often just want to see me so he would type to me as he couldnt make a noise.He quoted poetry,etc and so wanted to come visit me after he left Afganistan. He also said he couldnt phone me as he wasnt allowed to. I later copied and posted a piece about usage of phones while in the forces, that i found on a site i looked up.USA army being allowed to phone when in Afganistan . End of story being that 3 of his soldiers had found a box of money, to be split between them He said he wanted to post his share to me to keep for him, until he got here.He wanted my Address, phone number and full name on my passport. I told him i never give those out and alarm bells really started ringing and he then told me he needed them, i didnt love him etc, Next day i think, he said he was going to get a lady to take them to UK and i would have to meet her., but she lived in Ireland,he then again needed my details so SHE could contact me. i SAID NO, I WOULD MEET HER AT ANY AIRPORT, AND I WOULD HOLD UP HER NAME. H e started getting annoyed saying he had my pics ect. I have blocked but not deleted our conversation.Just in case i need to remember all the details. Soon after this i got Skyped by someone of the name of Clement, from Ghana if i remember correctly. (if needed i can unblock to get details.) He said he was 19yrs of age mam, etc etc. I immmediatly blocked him as well. Last someone then Skyped saying they were a DOCTOR, with Doctor being in capitals. I never answered. Wonder if they are all in it together.
    I also started asking him lots questions, like his zip code, what regiment etc however he just told me he lived in Hamilton,at first then said Blairbu.. not sure unless i go back on to see what he said, but i looked it up and it is near Hamllton.He aslo quoted the zip code, only after having time to look it up as i did.
    So if the real Sgt Miller is alive, you are as much a victim as we all are. So sorry.
    If anyone wants more information just leave a msge under here thanks. i will check back.

    • Many women have been duped by these scammers. I talked to 3 different so called military men. Yes they were all fake big time. No, I did not send them no money. Times are rough enough. I started doing some research about the military because many things did not add up. I never heard of anyone having to pay the U.S. military men to be on leave. They do not get 6 months leave either. I thought to my self, if the Military pays that poorly, then are federal govenment is in trouble right along with the rest of us United States citizens.

      Those scammers steal the military men’s and women’s identities. WHich is a reaL shame because the real military men and women are over in hostile territories protecting our freedom. Scammers are nothing but parasites.

      Here is how you may find military persons:
      Write down the basic information you have on the person in the U.S. Army. The only essential information you need is their name. However, information such as their rank, last known location, service number, and Social Security number can all speed up the process.
      Find out more information on the person through Click on the link that that says “locate someone” on the homepage. It will take you to another page where you can type in the first name, last name, or nickname of the person you are looking for. This will provide you with that person’s rank and current location.
      For information on how to contact the person you are looking for, send the information you have found and your request here:
      U.S. Army Enlisted Records & Evaluation Center
      ATTN: Locator
      8899 East 56th Street
      Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN 46249-5301
      Include $3.50 as a check or money order with the request if you are not an immediate family member of the soldier or a government official. Make it out to the U.S. Treasury and know that if the soldier you are looking for has restricted information with an address that can’t be given out for any reason, you will not have the money returned to you.
      Wait up to four weeks for a response. The military location of the U.S. Army soldier you are looking for will be mailed to you. Follow the detailed information that you have been provided with. Just because a letter gets to the right base, that doesn’t mean it necessarily gets to the right individual.
      Read more: How to Find Someone in the U.S. Army |

      Irene, always keep hope and faith in your heart!!! Its not your fault. You have all of us here. here is my personal email:

      God Bless you!

    • PS,
      You can ask these guys to write to you from their military emails. All military persons have military emails, not gmails, or usarmypeacekeeping emails either, or hotmail or yahoo emails. Military men or women should not have have any problems writing to you from their military emails.

    • Dear Irene,
      I just need confirmation from you as I have got contact from this person. Would like to know more. Please write me about this person. Thanks.

  151. I forgot to tell give you their email addresses, I deleted the fake Capt’ Jon Riches email. But here is the fake Major Lee Raymond email which is I have been to these sites to try to figure the Major Lee Raymond and i found out that he stole his picture from this site:

    The fake Major has also been on this dating website:
    I went to this web site and managed to search for the fake photo

    The fake major claims he is from New Jersey too and was stationed in Indonesia and has to stay in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is claiming he is sniper as well.

  152. The lady who posted that the Real Troy D Turner is still scamming. Well lady he is the real deal, i was the one who tracked him down and talked to him about what was going on with the FAKE Troy D Turner. I actually spoke with him by phone. So the real Troys email is the bagdad email address, i sent him all the emails and pictures that the FAKE one had sent to me. And trust me the REAL Troy Turner does not speak in brokern english. This whole thing started with him about 4 months ago. All he wants to do now is catch this guy who is doing this under his name. The FAKE one sent me flowers,,, and i have traced it back to the florist here in the USA>>> So i am going to help the REAL one nail this asshole… if you have any doubt email me at

    • @ Aunt B how can you be so sure you have spoken with the REAL Troy Turner I think you have spoken with a scammer and what you are doing is helping him become a better scammer helping him to learn what his mistakes were the REAL Troy Turner knows there is NOTHING the authorities can do about his name and pics being used unless he knows who this scammer is so you may or may NOT have talked to the real Man himself I assure you many scammers have learned about the broken English thing so unless you saw the real Troy Turner on cam and you had an interactive chat with him and you have proof he is who he say he is what you are saying is hearsay and also whose to say you are not assisting the scammer since you seem so obsessed with this Troy Turner you have typed that Try Turner is real on here way to many times taking up for him this is a typical scammer mind game you have no idea who you spoke with so why dont you just be honest here did you see him??

      He says he’s retired did you see his Military Id????

      Did you have an interactive chat with him? I doubt it sounds to me you have been chatting with the scammer on fb using Troys Pics If so Nice job educating the scammer but until you can answer yes to any of these questions I doubt your claim.

      • I will do anything to clear my name and keep my family out of harms way. If chatting with me on Yahoo Messenger and seeing my face and hearing my voice is still more proof you need to clear my name then I would be more than happy to talk to anyone here face to face if that will further clear my name. Do remember that I have two police case files and have provided both file case numbers and the Police Station Department number that these case numbers our on file. If “ANYONE” wants to talk to me face to face on yahoo messenger then you can find me at and I will accept your invitation and we can settle all doubts face to face. Thank you

        The “real” Troy

        • @ Troy D Turner I am satisfied that you are legit I typed this a few days BEFORE you proved to me who you were so there are no doubts and on top of that you just typed that you will do what it takes to prove who you are NO Scammer or Fake pretending to be you would type anything like this Nor would they type as intelligently as you have they usually type just the way they speak like a 3rd grader.I am satisfied that you are American but many of these Women have not yet realized that you are NOT the Man that scammed them but it was an Ugly African pretending to be you.Sorry you are still going through this and your name is still being dragged through the mud.

        • Usted es un mentiroso. Deje ya la farsa. Lo digo con propiedad

  153. I started talking to someone who was identifyed as Ltg, Charles Jacoby… I thought he was a wonderful and polite man but he fell in love with me so quickly… He posted poems, and told me how much he loved me so
    after awhile I gave in and fell in love with him also… We started talking in July but he never brought anything
    about money up until this last 3 weeks… He had been out with the troops in Iraq and they were shot at by the
    Taliban.. (I knew the Taliban was not in Irag)..They overcame the Taliban and he and a Red Cross lady by the
    name of Joan Kreigh were summoned to a house,,, The woman told him and Joan Kreigh that she knew where
    some money was hidden… She showed them two boxes of 8.5 million usd each… Joan Kreigh suggested that
    they keep the money for themselves as she had a way of smuggling the money to Kenya,,, They decided to do
    just that and now it being Oct. he was realizing that he had to get the money before the end of the month or it ‘would go into back into the bank,confiscated…I agreed to do what he asked and that was to send a letter to
    the banker and give him my email and phone number… I received an email from him saying he was the banker and was glad that I made contact with him… He told me that I was going to have to send $3550 usd to the bank to be used to put the money into an nonresidential account to be able to draw the money out for me and to deliver it to my door,,,I knew at once that the person I had fallen in love with was not the “General” but a scammer…My hair stood up on my head… My husband and I were getting a divorce and the “General” and I were going to get married… I knew I was not going to give anyone any money but I listened to his spill… I told him I didn’t have the money and I would not borrow it from anyone… He wanted me to use a credit card and I said I can’t because I don’t believe in them… He kept telling me that I didn’t love him because I wouldn’t pay a cent for him… I said it isn’t because I don’t love you it is because I don’t have it… He turned me over to the banker who I had already suspicioned that it was himself…The banker talked and talked to me and I wouldn’t give in to him… He finally said ok, so long sister and I said so long brother,,,, The fake “General” wouldn’t give up and told me I didn’t love him enough… He said I was his wife and he wanted me back home by his side where I am suppose to be…. Then he said just sent him what you have in your pulse which I interpreted to mean my purse… Then he said I love you baby… He contacted me Tuesday and asked how things stood between him and me that he still wanted to come down in a few days…. Well I showed him.. I reported him to Facebook and I blocked him… I went to Yahoo and deleted him as a contact… I still have all of his love letters and our chats… I deleted some of them that were to say the least a little too much….Anyway, they didn’t get my money but I feel like he took a lot from me… I want to see him caught….

  154. hi ladies,
    i have not been scammed by being asked for money but it was worse. my husband had passed away awhile ago. he was the love of my life. and i just started to heal and all i was looking for was a friend. this troy, said all the right things at a time when i needed it. he even had our own special song. and yes ladies. sight unseen, i fell in love. how u ask? just emotional connection(so i thought( i had his pictures and i loved that face. when i found out he was not real i was devastated. have not stopped crying since then i would of rather him of stolen my money that to steal my heart. i am so happy though to know that there is a . al troy and his wife and son are alive. that story broke my heart as i know what it is like to loose your family. so u see ladies, it could of been worse u could of or maybe u did fall in love too. but in my case it is a big lost to finally open your heart after it beig shut down. and for someone to be so mean as to take advantage of my sorrow because of this i dont know if i will be able to ever trust or love again. if anyone wants to contact me my email is i have a full bank account but a broken heart. thanks for listening ladies and please dont judge me for being so stupid. i am hard on myself enough.

  155. Please add Alex Lawson to your list… email:

    I just talked to him for about 4 or 5 minutes online and was suspicious right away…he did send me pics…I saved them to my computer in case I needed to publish them somewhere. Although I feel bad for the real soldiers whose pics are being used!

    Story- Has a house in Lake City, Florida. Single father. Only child. Parents died years ago.

    Broken English is a huge indicator. Plus, when I asked where he was stationed stateside, there was quite a delay before he replied to me.

    It is pathetic! And the scary part is that they continue to do it because it works.

  156. im sat here so upset writing this e mail to you i have been involved with a sgt martin lauseng e mail address i met this man on a site called bear share started talking to him then a few weeks later he asked me to send money so he could have leave to come here to be with me because i was so involved with him and belived him i sent him over 2 thousand pound in total i bet your sat there saying right now what a fool i am. when i first started talking to him he was based at camp victory iraq then months later thats when he was due to come here was on deployment to nigeria and now this last 2 weeks have been sent back to iraq camp victory again. i know ive been scammed now i got photos of this man quite a few could any one tell me if they have had contact with this man and if you havent please be careful if you come across him. he has completly destroyed my trust in people i dont want him to do this to anyone else

    • @ Mandy no we do not think you are a fool at all you just didnt know and now you do go to and scamwarners and NEVER ever listen to these clowns tell you they are in Nigeria the US Military will never be in a shit hole like Nigeria there is NO Us Military Base there if you cross paths with another so called US service member thats really a Lazy begging scammer who wouldnt know a job if it bit him right in his lying scamming ass ask him questions above all Educate yourself about the US Military those fools know absolutely NOTHING about the US Military all they know how to do is steal the pics that they wish were their own most are very ugly inside and out

      Ask him to show himself online on cam if he has excuses it is a scammer and ask him to video chat with you not for a second but for 30 minutes to an hour Nigeria has poor electricity and they often lose the connection if hes REAL US Military that wont happen and if he has an excuses about why he cant use the webcam he is a SCAMMER

      Ask him to take a new pic of himself holding a sign with your name on it

      Ask him for a copy of his military id card and drivers license show you proof its the same Man if hes a scammer he will have excuses or will send you photo shopped pics and the same pic he has stolen of the service member will be the exact pic on the drivers license SCAM

      If they ask for money for any reason SCAMMER
      US Military will not need your money for any reason

  157. Hello ladies I’ve been talking to a man called capt Harley Johnson who is currently on deployment in afganistan ?.. He first asked me for £560 to give to his son in Africa Nigeria as he needed school stuff I said no and the instant messaging continued and he nowvwants to come and see me, were I must request his leave and pay £1800 to the army via western union I knew this is a total scam the moment I read this email. Theaddress is, I meet this scammer on tagged and the letter he sent me was very similar to the one above
    How do I post pictures for you to see the pictures that have sent me ?

    • Tracey ive got a sgt harley johnson in my yahoo messanger now i wonder if there is anyway i can contact you as i have pictures to i would like to see if we have the same ones only difference is mine is a ymail email address ive been chatting to him for over 1 week as of yet hasnt asked for money or mentioned any of the above just he has a son in the states i really want to find the real owner of these pictures 🙂

  158. has any one heard of a scammer called david cannon or david elton as he messaged me on facebook and yahoo and wanted money to come out?

  159. i was contacted by troy david turner about 2 wks ago. he sen me a pic, very handsome i thought. he said all the right words you see i am a widow and he caught me at a week momentt. telling me how he is retiring in 2 months from the military and he has fallend in love with me and wants to be with me and only me.i started getting suspecsious as the way one day he would write properly and the next day the english was not very good. i googled and found this site. we are still s=talking.. as i have not told him i know all about the scam. i expect another letter tomorow. as i get one every day any advice ladies as to what i should write next. i may be a widow, but that men my husband died not my brain. he must think i am an idiot and just getting a kick out really yanking this guys strings. i think i might ask him for money tomrowo what do you think.i would love to know whose pics they r usingbecause this gentleman should know about it. any one want to share pics just contact me.


    • Cori…I too have been contacted by this Troy D Turner….same story, he sent pics, said wife and son died in auto accident, father & mother both deceased, says he resided in CA will be retiring from Army in 2 months, wants to be with me yada yada yada…please contact me if you can.

      • Yes he told me the same crap,,,, night before last i figured all this crap out, and called him out on it, I asked him why he spoke in broken english if he were raised in california, sent me pictures of his house in Los Angeles, pictures of him and his family, said his wife and youngest son died in a car accident. he was instant messaging me as well. sent me fake bank statement, a birth certificate, and military certificates. Yesterday i recieved roses from him.. He will not answer my emails now that i told him what i knew he was doing. I have tracked the transaction with the florist because he ordered them on line. You would think he would google his fake name and see this website, that is how i found it. Why wont the Army do something to protect the innocent man. or does this name really exist. the picture of the guy drinking coffe, has his name on it. He webcam me and i showed him the picture he sent to me and he said O i dont that picture very well. His english is terrible. Said his dad had been poisoned, and that his dad owned property in Malaysia… Girls what are we going to do about this man.. I have a friend who is in the Army and I sent him all the emails and pictures and documents that he sent to me.. we shall see what happens.. when i set up yahoo messenger, i could not get to my personal emails on my PC, only thru my phone, so i deleted my messenger. This guy is out of control…. are you still talking to him?

      • I have found the real Troy D Turner on facebook tonite and sent him an email telling him what is going on. I know it sounds wierd to him but he should know i told him i would send all the pics, docs, and emails. Look him up,,, i told him i was not the only woman he was doing this to.. hopefully he will take us serious

      • the real troy is not in afghanistan he is home and someone is using his pictures . yes i have talked to the real one and seen him. i too had talked to the fake one . his address was if someone is talking to him dont .
        they are several out there i founf 3 on facebook fake ones

        • TROY turners pictures are still being used . please do not responed to any that say he is in afghanistain . he is not there . he is home and retired . please ladies be very careful with the guy saying they are him . he isnt on any dating sites at all . please be aware of the language . he has file reports but nothing US can do with them in another country. just cut all ties with the the fake guys . yes i do know him . he is very upset this is happening .

      • His dad was murdered by his best friend for the inheritance money?? He contacted me thru Scout…What a pig

      • Hi
        This Troy Turner has been emailing me all week. So glad I googled him and found this sight. My emails are the same as everyone else on here..
        Dead parents, wife and son..from CA…retiring in two months..uses biblical verses..have 5 pics of him, wife, kids. He has not asked me for money and probally won’t. He asked me just yesterday what I did for a living and I told him I was unemployed and I have not heard from him. He found me on Craigslist dating section. He has my full name and DOB. Can he do anything with them?!

      • I have been talking to Troy for a few weeks sweet talker. So I started laying poetry on him. Tired of game so asked for his mailing address so I could send him homemade cookies. Lol He wants me to send his son care package because his bank act has been frozen. lol I emailed him told him I thought it was a scam if he wanted to talk to me I needed copy of military id,where he deployed from,name of commanding officer. Any advise? Is there any way he can scam me if I don’t send him anything? have emailed his son Sammy I have 2 pics of Sammy and 6 or 7 pics of Troy. By the way he is now from Chicago Ill.

      • he sent me the same pictures he sent you . He sticks to the same story. I feel like a old fool. I guess I just stay home a read a good book.

    • I blew his email up… he sent me roses yesterday this Troy David Turner, told me all the same things too, did he send a picture of his fathers secret journal? He sent me pictures too. I would send you pictures but i dont want my email address exposed on this site. He has the same song and dance… same story. I have the florist tracking his information as he ordered them by credit or debit card on line out of Michigan.. You should ask him about Brenda who he said he was in love with and see what happens… LOL… he has not emailed me since i called him on the carpet with it. He wanted me to set up webcam.. I would not give him anymore information. I did send him a thank you for the roses and told him whoever he was, this was a sick joke to be pulling on people, especially on the man that he has stolen his identity from…

    • I located the real Troy D Turner on facebook tonite and send him an email about what is going on. Hopefully he wont think I am a fruit cake.. I think you need to keep dragging it along for a while so we can get more info on this man… I want to protect the innocent man from this…I told him to google his name and it would link to this website… I have been on a mission to bust this guy.. I work with US Customs/Homeland Security, and I told him that, that did not seem to run him off.. we need to get him…

      • Guess what usually when the scammer uses a fake name of a real Us servicemember the scammer also has a facebook as they scam on facebook also it it likely you found the scammer pretending to be this real us servicemember so now he will find a new pic and use the same name and try to scam other women Nice job

    • Hey keep dragging him on.. I found the real Troy D Turner on facebook. He lives in Oregon. I sent him an email as to what was going on, i have not heard back from yet. Told him about the whole story, and the pictures. Let s get this man who is doing it to an innocent person. I also told him about this website. This has me so upset,,, and determined to get this guy… check him out on facebook.

    • cori, i talked to him tonite at midnight. he has sent me some pics and documents just like he did some other women on here. I chat with him at least twice a day. Have sent him money to have 3 trunks from his dads estate shipeed to me. says that he is retiring on the 21st and flying to where I live. wants me to pick him up at the airport. he had a check sent to me for $300,000.00 from Cemex Construction Company, supposedly where his dad worked before he was poisned by an associate. The trunks are to be shipped from Malaysia

      • @ Sandra sounds to me you have found the scammer and NOT the real Troy so why are you sending him money when you know he is a lyiing begging thief? Cut off all contact and leave this lying scammer and this silly scam with NOTHING he is not retiring and he is in Malaysia thats where you money went now that you have sent the money for the fake trunks he will invent a new lie and ask you for more money if you question him he will tell you he does not like u asking this questions have you had a interactive chat and seen him face to face?

        • no, i have never seen him, he always saw me on messenger but said that he was not allowed to show face because of war. I asked him to see his DD214’s but he said in war was not allowed to have. He had an excuse for everything that I asked him about. He has been waiting on me for 30 minutes now to chat. He wanted me to get a loan to send more money so trunks could be sent. I told him he would have to co=. Told him the lady at the bank would need him to scan me his driver’s license and social security card so we could send him application to sign. Going to see what he has to say.

      • I have one of those checks. It has a pretty ggod fingerprint on it. Do you want me to mail it to you. I am to ashamed to go to the police.

      • I forgot Troy even sent me a email address for and atty wainwright to check it after the fact and it would also go to default..

    • can you share the pictures you have so i can see if they are the same?


      • Hi, I too have been talking to Troy Turner for about 3 weeks now. He has just got to the part where he wanted me to contact his friend James Schrock. He said he wanted his help to get home. Just yesterday “Troy” sent me an email saying that his friend contacted him and gave him the low down on what I could do to help. He asked me to send an email to the NATO board and request that he be released from his service in Afghanistan because he only had 2 months left in the service. Now I thought that the email address he gave me looked a little funny, but I did send a quick email stating what he told me to say. Luckily my brother and sister-in-law are visiting for the weekend. I showed her the emails and pictures. She then went back to the hotel and googled him name –Troy Turner, Afghanistan and it led her to this website.

        I too had fallen for this guy. But luckily I haven’t been asked for any money yet. When my sister-in-law called to tell me what she found out, I sent an email to “Troy” and I sent an attachment of this website. In the message all I said was “Need I say more?” The only thing I did do was give him my name and address.

        I feel like such a fool, but this is exactly the reason I am alone. I keep people at a distance so I won’t be hurt. When I finally take a chance on someone, he ends up being an asshole. I will never trust anyone again. I have talked about this guy at work to all of my coworkers and told them I was happy I finally found someone. Well I guess I will just tell them that he got killed so I won’t have to explain how stupid and gullible I am.

        I do have all the emails and pictures he sent me if anyone is interested. I also have the phone number for a “James Schrock”. Feel free to contact me at

  160. Well.. here we go again … another to add to this long list of ignorant men posing as our Service Men ….

    His name is Sgt. David Kostohryz supposing to be serving in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division and has found me on His email is He apparently has found cartons full of money in Iraq in 2003 and wants to ship them to Canada. He sends you a shipping address from Dubai and they want your personal information and thousands of dollars to ship these goods. Another on of promising marriage. love of his life and pictures, and blah, blah, blah……. You know how it is ladies.

  161. There are 2 more names to add to your list…1 is Sgt. Ray Hueckstaedt he is in KABUL,AFGHANISTAN ,,after 2 days I knew this was a scam because someone else emailed me the same exact thing dumbass….email address is armyman.care200@ the second one is Kelvin Wills his address is willskelvin@ I am sure that there are other address for these individuals…… I think this sucks for all the innocent men and women who’s Photo’s and Names are being used especially those in the Armed Forces, who’s life is on the line Truthfully.

  162. I forgot to mention that he is special ops in Afg….never would give me any info about his base…division…I also asked if he wanted me to send him anything but said no…..

    • That is because he is a scammer wishing he was a US service member and oh yes you can send this scammer something but only through moneygram or western union glad you caught on to this lying piece of shyt

  163. Well I too have been fooled… We where chatting on Yahoo IM for a few months, said he was a Col in the USAF and that he was going to retired when he returned home which he didn’t have a date. I mentioned the military scam to him and he replied that I have been going slow with you to make sure we had a lot in common and that he did know of that happening..sure he did…I met him on and soon after we started chatting his profile was off that site. Just the other day he told me such a story about needing money to get back a device that was stolen so he wouldn’t loose his rank and that his life might be taken by these people!! I was thinking first what the ___ and maybe PTSD…..I am glad that in the back of my mind (for the past few months) he was too good to be true but it still haunts me… He sent me pictures and I would love to find the real man in these photos…he said he said he lived in New Haven,CT but in the pic the license plate maybe New York…I need help to find this guy .. any info would be helpful…

  164. Please add Mccarthy James or James Mccarthy to the list of scammers. Numerous, numerous pictures of SG James in uniform and in personal settings. Even sent a 95% correct Geneva convention ID tag. Fortunately the real veterans in my life could tell me what his correct MOS was and it definitely did not match the one the scammer told me.

    The scammer originally contacted me on OKCupid. Good luck, and be careful out there!

  165. I have been recently contacted by a variation of the above described scammer. I believe now he is working under the name of Travis Ramos and says he’s in the Army stationed in Iraq. I was just fixing to get a CARE package together for him, but decided to do further research before spending the package. And I was forwarded this web page for reviewing. Thank goodness I read it. I was given the same e-mail address to contact for a mailing address. The shipping address was to Ghana. I was initially contacted thru and then thru Facebook and of course, Yahoo.

    • There is NO Military base in Ghana nor NIGERIA Thank God you caught on

      • Typo No US Military would not be in a hell hole like Nigeria nor Ghana

        • i was told by a guy named David Robbies that told me his APO box has been closed and i could send the stuff he ask me for to a address in GHAN ….HIS NAME IS Mr.Jonathan Kayikah pobox 1512 Achimota-Mkt Accra-ghan 00233 and said he would deliver it to this David Robbies so i went to mail it trusting all the emails and all the daily texting i got from him and they told me how much it cost,i said i dont think so and he keep telling me not to say anything about who he is and he want even tell me what he does,he did say his parents were killed and he had no family and he is from Tampa Flordia and will b retiring this next month,,,i have pics of him if anyone would like to see if they have come across him..i thought it was just to sweet of a guy saying all those things like you hear in a pome book or similar,thanks that i found out all of this before i sent him anything,,

      • ANONN, i am the real Troy D. Turner. I live in Stayton, Oregon and I have a on going open police case on this scammer guy who is using my face and name to solicit money from women. Call information for Stayton, Oregon Police Department and ask for the case concerning Troy D. Turner identity fraud and they will clearly tell you that there is an open case to get this guy, thanks to Aunt B and others I have provided information to the police regarding this guy efforts to scam money from innocent women. You need to get your facts straight before you accuse me of scamming anyone.

        • I stand Corrected yes you are real Thank You for your service Sorry your pics are being used like this

        • @ Troy D Turner I do NOT think I accused you of being a scammer I asked the question how do we know that you are real simple as that excuse me but as I said Thanks for your service and also proving you are in fact the innocent victim in this case.

        • hi troy , i to was asked to send money to someone that said they were you . i didnt send any and they cut off communication with me . he said he needed it for his son that was with a care taker in london . i have all the emails if you want them

        • Please be informed that real Troy David Turner dead. The scamers use the documents of the killed soldiers. And you are one of them.

        • Eres un mentiroso, el verdadero Troy D. Turner falleció y los estafadores están usando sus documentos. Por favor, no sigas fingiendo que eres el verdadero Troy. Está confirmado, está muerto. No entiendo a los militares norteamericanos que tienen el mando que no detienen este tipo de cosas.

    • Hey just been in contact with a guy similar story…send to his diploma in Ghana and he will get it too him…how do we find the real person in the photo’s as I would like this guy to know that his photos are part of a scam..

  166. Alex Witt, Under the pics shows him at Sigmund Witt. I figured it was too much to be that smooth. I know he’s about ready to ask for money as his internet is going down weds and its his birthday the 15th and he really wants to talk to me. I hope everyone is careful.

    • @ Michelle you are correct he is in Fact a scammer see below just how quickly he has changed his name trying to scam another woman on this very blog drop this asshole he will have internet access tell him to go to the cafe thats what he does best…

      Brian Witt (You’ll need to know that I’m serving the US Army and currently on deployment here in Afghanistan. I am from San Deigo, California. I am also a former US Marine infantry man, having served 19 active years with different infantry units, from Camp Pendleton, CA. (1st battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, and 2nd battalion, 1st Marine Regiment) and Camp Lejeune, NC (3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment). Of course he is going on leave soon.

      • Regarding the real Troy D Turner, i am the one who tracked down the real one.. I just about puked when i saw what the real one was going thru,,, he lives in oregon and is the real one, i have talked to him on the phone and sent him all the emails and documents that the FAKE one sent to me. I sent them to the bagdad eamil.. trust me he speaks perfect english as well. He is a very nice guy and just wants to get his name cleared up. He has an open case going on with the local police in his town. So bagdad email is the REAL TROY D TURNER.. Very nice guy and apologetic about this FAKE TRYING TO SCAM ME…. Just wanted to help clear this up for the Real one.. The FAKE sent me flowers,,, i have tracked back to florist ,,, and I too am working with Local authorities to get this asshole busted.. THANKS TO REAL TROY D TURNER, together maybe we can nail this guy…

        • I smell BS scammers patrol this site DAILY and CJ has busted so many scammers on here pretending to be someone else or that there story is so real so until I see his real email address and NOT some free email address I am going to continue to think he is a FRAUD and you think scammers cant speak perfect English think again I know African guys in the military here in the US that speak perfect and clear English with no accent so think again…

        • I too have been sent flowers by this guy, he is really good with computers, he ordered the flowers online and they were delivered to me by my local florist. He had to pay for them with credit or debit card. Money has been sent to an attorney in Malaysia handling his dad’s estate. He had a check sent to me from a construction company his dad was suppose to work for. he has sent me military documents, birth certificate, bank statements, pics and sad stories like all the rest.

        • an you tell me what to do to prosecute this guy?

        • Aunt B
          A Troy Turner has been trying on me ….
          any pic or info would be appreciated hate to see a Good man being scammed


      ANNE J.


    • Yes Alex/Sigmund Witt is a scammer. He hit me up for $2000. Thank God I googled him and didnt send anything. PLEASE ladies lets band together and somehow find a way to put him in jail where he belongs. I can be reached at

  167. My friend is being scammed by one that calls himself George Newton. Even made a face book page. I saw him on the pictures of previous soldiers used for these scams.

  168. As with all of these report them with the email header to FBI on their site

  169. This goes out to Stephanie, Kaitlyn and Caren… I am Parker Graves latest victim of scam… From the first letter he sent to me I started shaking. He sent me 36 love letters, beautifully written and many pictures.. Red Flags everywhere, saying he missed me and I was everything to him. His story varied from yours. He said he was in the Navy for 27 years and wanted to retire. I was the only one that could get him out. Please send money to help him get home. If I didn’t that I didn’t love him, short tempered too. His phone number is fake 926-01…All of these are red flags…
    I can’t help but wonder if the real Parker Graves knows his ID is being used and he has many ladies who have fallen in love with him. Or if this is the real Parker Graves he is giving the Navy a black eye with this scam. I am having a hard time thinking that someone this intelligent would be sooo stupid… But anything is possible!!!
    Warning to any future Parker Graves girlfriends/fiancee’s, ask for proof… APO’s, real phone numbers and current photo’s etc…
    Let’s stay together ladies and stop this scam…

  170. add this jerk – he was on / (a UK/Ireland site)

    Staff Sergeant Marvin Ramos, half Irish and half US Latino – born in Dublin, has ‘BIG’ house in Staten Island, New York. Now alone after apparent painful divorce, 6 years ago. 16 year old son, whose birthday is 16th October (asked me to buy the kid an iPad, so that I can bond with the kid as he wants to marry me, have this beautiful family together…hmmmmm.. I should have smelt a rat!).
    After not being online a day or two, says he received sad news from home, that Aunt who is taking care of his son, just died in car accident, and he needs money for funeral arrangements as he can’t send it himself.

    Sent pictures of him, his son, aunt and dog! (as I mentioned I like animals)
    Smooth operator he is. Lonely heart I am, fell for his words of L-O-V-E.. Ha!

    I’d hate to think of the pain caused to the actual serviceman whose identity got stolen for this scam.

    • Good morning Laine,

      Think I got dooped by the guy.
      Similar story

      Staff Sergeant E-6 Marvin Lopez; born in Montreal, mixrace Latino Has a ”BIG” house in Staten Island NY (sent me picture of house, dog, of him in US uniform, and other pictures – on his bike, with his friend’s little boy) He’s a 49 widower – since 9 years (breast cancer), has a son named Benny. He begins to have problems with his laptop, etc… Do you have pictures you can send me?

      • Forgot to mention that he has tatoos on both arms. He gave his son my e-mail adress; and the young man wrote to me. He wants to get to know me better…

      • Hi Luciole, He has also been talking to me for the last 2 1/2 weeks and I have had the same photos and promises of coming to marry me in Australia. He told me his mom was half Australian/half Canadian. He’s asked me to send him $2000 for a new laptop because his “eyes are bad” and he has been at the hospital. He apparently wants constant communication with me also, which is I am guessing what he told you. The photos are the same of him in Germany on hols with “Jim’s” son and I have had 2 emails from his son “Benny” also. He has tattoos on both arms in the pic which looks like Disneyland?
        He is a lying, manipulative scumbag who deserves some payback so I intend to give him some, as he does’t know yet, I am not sending him any money. I plan on making him pay for trying to scam us. Cheers Linda

    • Hi Laine
      This guy tried to scam me also for $2000 to surprise,surprise buy a new laptop for him so he could commucate with me on a daily basis. I decided to check him out as he seemed to good to be true.
      He sent me the same photos – tattoos on both arms on holidays in Germany with a friend Jim’s small boy.
      He told me he would come to Australia at the end of his mission and marry me. What a jerk!!
      He also got his son “Benny” to email me and say that he couldn’t wait to come live in Australia. Boy this guy
      sure gets around. Thankyou so much for your story because now I know what a scammer he is and I hope
      karma catches up with him one day. Cheers Linda

  171. beware of barry ricky jordan also nown as mark davies jordan fell hook line and sinker !! for him


    Michael says

    I can describe myself as an open minded person with a good sense of
    humor, my hobbies are swimming, traveling…I love to mingle, which My
    career has made me to, My biggest dream in life is to build a happy home
    I can always look up to in times of dispare, joy and
    hapiness….Loneliness has so much bored my life in recent times and
    want to come out of this soon enough, I’m here to seek a friend,
    soulmate and neigbour who I can always share my taughts and qualities
    I’m looking for someone that is loving and caring as I am. Someone who
    is equally independent, strong and caring. Someone to enjoy life with,
    laugh and share experiences. Someone who enjoys traveling, who is
    mature, considerate of others, loving, affectionate, knows how to
    communicate, not completely self-centered, likes to have fun, try new
    things, who put GOD first, Who is a good listener, has good manners.
    Someone who is respectful of others, non-controlling and is committed. I
    believe in standing up for what I believe in. I’m looking for a
    committed relationship, after getting to know each other…I believe
    that women needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a
    relationship. I feel like u should treat somebody with respect and like
    they are a person not a piece of meat or whatever.. I am the type of
    person who wants somebody to feel wanted not just as a trophy..I really
    love to share a man inner life, emotions, gratifications, fears,
    prejudices, and longings, from to the deeper stuff.
    I would like to talk to u on my private email am always online there,i use it in my office here is my email would be looking forward to talk to u ….

    • I have an issue with this person e-mail address: and I was sad that I found this same e-mail address that was reported here. I don’t know and how to catch this people using someone Identity. This person was asking for money after a week of talking to him. He said he fly to Alabama for his building Apartment to fix. then suddenly then after 3 days. he said his son is in Nigeria. and he had an accidental call from the son that he is on ICU. So he had to fly to Nigeria, But then in 3 days he said that his son recovered already and ready to get home to States. The next day, he told me that he got robed total amount of $10,000.00 so he said they took all of his money and he had no money left at all. Trying to make me believe so I could help him. The first time he said he only need some money to activate his ticket and then he can leave go back to States of Virginia so I send him $350.00. then the next day. He told me the Hotel did not want to let hem go because he had to pay for the hotel bills. He said he needs 500 for the hotel bills. then he leave and go back to states. then next day again he told me he could not leave because the hospital wants him to pay first. It is really long story but I regret that I waste my time for this person. for more information please e-mail me back.

      Please help me how to get the real information of this person.

      I met this person online from Military I was just trying to look for a person to be a future partner.
      however, this is what what I found from this guy. I will copy our conversations soon I get reply from you whoever concern for all of this scamers issues. Please hide my name. and don’t want to show it up on public…

      someone who care for the women…

  173. The email address for Fred J Morgan is

    He will send you lots of pics, including his house and boat. If you look closely at his pics – The name on his uniform is “Edwards” and not Morgan. And he will send you lots of beautiful loving emails and that he is retiring from the US Military soon. He is full of charm and will chat with you for hours. His scam now is that he is looking to come home from Kabul and he needs money for his commercial flight home.

  174. HI everyone ….

    I have had so many men from the dating site ..”Who is Near” contact me and they have all be representing US military service men. You must add the following list to “Beware and Stay Far Away” from them …
    John Hatfield – Alabama – Serving Afghanistan – email address:
    Fred J Morgan – Datyona Beach, Florida – Serving Afghanistan – email address: sgt.mmlonely
    Williams Schulz – Chicago – Serving Afghanistan – email address:
    Jake Langston- USA – Serving Iraq – email address:
    Carl Brechan – USA – Serving Afganistan – email address:
    Robert Grey – USA – Serving Afgahnistan – cannot remember his email address as I delete him immediately.

    All the above-named scammers have all asked me for money for several different reasons. As soon as they do I deleted them, but wanted to add their names to this site. I think its pathetic what these people do. Hope this information will help others beware. Thank you.

  175. Has anyone come across a Michael Chris Cindrich, who is supposed to be serving in Kabul, Afghanistan as a SPC. He contacted me 3 weeks ago through the Elite dating site. Emails me under Guessing this is a scam. Got pics of the soldier in question if anyone wants to email me and just feel really sad that this man has probably had his identity stolen.

    • Hi I’ve been contacted by Chris Cindrich. He didn’t use the Micheal though. He e-mailed me a few times but I thought it a bit odd and told him he was to serious to quick so never got to the point of being asked for money. He did send me a few pictures. It would be interesting to see if they are the same ones.

      • If you don’t have the photos of chris cindrich i wonder if i could send you the ones i have to see if its the same one.

    • Hi Gill i have also been talking to a chris cindrich.
      I have pics too

      coffee morning, ping pong, me and dwayne, home. etc.
      Please get in touch and i will send you mine.

    • I sent this earlier….I am not sure you got it.Please let me know if you do……

      Thanks for leaving me your email address on the dating site. How are you, hope you are doing just fine?. I think it will be cool to start by telling you a little about me.I’m SPC Christopher Cindrich of the US Army and ISAF and I’m currently on deployment in Kaboul, Afghanistan. I have been single for 2 years since my marriage ended in such a painful manner.I think its about time i moved on now and find my self a good woman who i can hopefully spend the rest of my life with. I have got lots of love in me that i want to share.

      I’m passionate, loving, caring, trusting ,honest, romantic and faithful. .And all i am looking for is that special woman to move on with.A woman that i can love and will love me back.A woman that i can do that simple things of life with and share and enjoy life together.I hope to get to know more about you.I love all kinds of music but i have special interest in Blues,Hip Hop,Rap and a lover Basketball,Tennis,swimming and Soccer and a big fan of Manchester united football club,I also love the simple things of life like watching sunshine and walking the beach with the right with woman is my heaven.

      I want to meet the woman i can love,adore and spend the rest of my life with.I will also like to tell you that i am only interested in a serious and long term relationship as i want a more stable life now.I am so sorry if i sound too direct,its just that i wouldn’t want to waste either your time or mine cause i have come to realized that life is too short to pretend.I have attach some of my recent pix and i hope you will like it.Do you have yahoo messenger or msn,I have yahoo messenger..Looking forward to read from you soonest.



      This is the email chris cindrich sent me. i have photos of spc chris cindrich in kaboul? Afganistan.

      • Looking forward to read from you soonest……………Yep Scammer all day lol they fail to amuse me and make their fuckery so obvious Lol

  176. martin hook and yes i am and martin50@yahoo and eddyjane @yahoo and andrewtomarmykeeppeace and also armykeeppeace are all the same people asking for phone ,bible ,cross ,money for things and to come home to you and they are all lies i find out the hard way but save some one from losing 2000 dollas to him and i am glad he made a mistake by trusting me and ask brenda and i to talk well we did and put notes together and knew for sure same person saying he is so in love with us and want to get married when come home all lies when i was told from my friend from her uncle he is over service guys i was checking things out he told me if he ask for money to come home to you it is a scam and dont send any money he is not one of our soldiers and it was to late for my friend brenda we send the 500 but when he ask for the 2000 he couldnt get from me i told her not to send it to was already to send it then we talk more and find out two of the same people and i kept telling her dont send money dont do it and thanks to the help of god she never did but he is still bugging her i am now called a inturder and trying to come between them and telling her he loves her and told me tom and i hate you for telling brenda lies and never want you to message me again well i didnt but after a day of him not sending me a message he did this morning that he wont ever let another woman in his life well what a liar but he wrote the same morning to brenda i do have pictures that he got upset when he knew i took them off fb and one is a captain also tom is suppose to be a general and martin suppose to be a capt i never send money hell i dont got money to send brenda is out of 500 and a bad broken heart but save her from 2000 dollar and i am glad i did i dont care he can call me whatever turns him on as long as i know brenda did not send the 2000 was good so i was glad i listen to my grandson and my friend from work and her uncle when i did our brenda would of send the money again thank god he answer my prayer sandy davis

  177. Ladies I just want everyone to be on the look out for a man that goes by the name Adams Jeffrey. His email is he claims to be a SSG in Iraq. Ramadi Iraq at that. He is a big SCAMMER. He will ask for a phone and he will ask for you to get him an R&R. He will use for you to get the phone that costs $275.00 and his leave is $2,450.00. I did not lose money to him, I knew what he was but I want to inform all the ladies on here about him so they can be on the look out for him. He has really broken English and will tell you that is because he is part Mexican. But has been in the US Army for 15 years. He uses some dating cite on branched from facebook. So be careful.

  178. I have 2 pictures of a Sgt Lewis Robb ( after talking to him from an Australian dating site called Mrright, he had asked for me to request leave from and from there i was asked to send money via WU to Marie Johnson of 191 Swan Lane, Columbus Georgia, 31826 and then to a Marie Beatrice 78-2-1 Jalan matang 2,Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 51200. If there is some where to put them so people can be a where of this guy cos i have lost a large amount of money cos of this guy who is so smooth…

    • Ann, I feel your pain! I’m sorry it happened to you, also. It happened to me also with S.O.B.! Anyone, please be aware of this one also. He is nothing but a scammer!

  179. Hi i have been contacted by a Troy turner and a David edwards both claim to be stationed in Kabul Afghanistan i am just wondering if anyone knows if they are scammers. and how do i check to see if they are for real?
    thanks Brenda

    • rob grey also used kabul afghanistan as his place of deployment. seriously think about it. i did after a while. majority of your soldiers are married or have gf’s back home and families… they have better things to do then surf the net for strangers. so anyone who picks u up in chat or dating sites…they are all scammers and they all use gmail or yahoo email accts

    • This person TROY TURNER US ARMY has been in touch with my mother, he says he lost his wife and one son to a car accident, he keeps sending her poems and tells her how much he loves her, funny never met her or spoken to her, he sent her copies of his documents, all are obvious fakes, as if you zoom in on them you can see where they have been cut and pasted, he claims to be 56, but the fake picture on the passport scan shows a man in his late 30s, also he sent a copy of his birth certificate, to tell you how DUMB these people are, the DOB was 2 years diffrent from the issue date, he totally forgot to change this before he sent it Also why would someone that is above board send copies of his documents, he claims to be stationed in Afgan, but when i IP searched it it is sunnyvale CA, funny how so many of these scamms are from IP addresses there ( i have looked into this further and some of the IP addresses are Routed ones from Nigeria), The Grammer and Spelling on the emails is in broken english and spelt How it is said rather than how is is written, ie MOST BE rather than MUST BE, there are also missing words in his emails. his email address is


      • Hello Dan!
        Yes, I was contacted by Sergeant Major Troy David Turner in the US Army back in mid-Sept 2011. Yes, he too tried to woo me with all his emails and feelings in regards to a meaningful relationship. He would tell me all his feeling of a long lasting relationship meaning to him. All the question and answers he sent to me sounded like a job resume. I told him to chill out. Told me his wife and son were killed in an accident and his older son was sent to UK to study in college. His Daddy was murdered 10yrs ago from a business partner and his mother died about six years ago. I received some documents and family photo’s. I believe now if the man in these photo’s realize he being used as a ladies pawn he would be upset! In the mean time he tells me his Bank account was missing some money and sent me his bank statement. I ask him if he lost his mind to contact the bank directly. It was interesting on a checking account that was being compounded daily. I do not know of any bank doing that on checking account. Next, he told me his Dad’s estate would be receiving $300,000 and needed me to collect the check for him. Once again, I asked him why not a brother or sister, Aunt or Uncle, He had none…I asked him about his son. A 21yr old is too young to collect a check for DAD. Next thing I know his attorney is contacting me about sending a check for Troy for me to hold. I guess I asked to many questions and told Troy this whole things does feel right and I really was not sure he was real person. You guessed it. He shut down his two email addresses ( and and the yahoo messager well, he doesn’t answer his messager anymore. Troy had sent photo’s of his house in LosAngeles, Ca. The house doesn’t match the house on street view google. I tried to look up a Troy David Turner and did find a guy living in Or. that really looked like him and another Troy David Turner that is in DC working at VA Reids Hospital. I know that was not the man in the photo that was sent to me. Oh! By the way this may sound strange the uniform that this guy had on his name Troy Turner on it. He sent me a photo with him and one or two other people in a plane. One with him drinking coffee. Seeing him in uniform with his name at first led me to belief he was for real, but when I started looking up his information and could not find anything that is when I started questioning everything. I wonder if your Mom and I received the same photo’s. I wish the best for your Mom! I would not come down hard on your Mom. These guys are pro’s. They have a way of grabing someone attention with compliments and feeding on someone’s loss. I think I will go back to the old way of dating meeting the person in person. LOL!!!! Good Luck and if what has happen to me happen to your mom drop me a line or send the photo’s so I can compare with yours. Thank you for your time.

        • Oh God, I feel like dying. He got me too. I never sent a penny, but he asked me twice about money. He told me he had 900,000 in the bank, wife and son died, dad was poisoned……. I really fell hard for this guy. I feel so stupid.

        • He got me too. I have photos, docs, ….. I could just crawl into a hole right now and cry for a year. Feel free to contact me. I will send you copies of anything you would like to compare

        • I too have been contacted by a Troy David Turner w/ the exact same story that you posted. He sent me the photos of him in military uniform drinking coffee, pics of house in CA, birth certificate copies, said he was stationed in Kabul Afghanastan, etc…please contact me if you are able.

        • I think this Troy Turner is the same man who contacted me via however he is using David Turner. He claims to be in Bagdad, Iraq serving as a sergeant major in the army and is telling me everything I want to hear, sucking me in. He claims to be coming home on retirement after 30 years in the army, next month.I have been talking to him for about 10 days now and hasn’t mentioned a thing about money but just today asked me if I could get him a phone. He has sent me pictures one in uniform, one in a suit and one drinking coffee. I would like to compare pictures with someone who has spoken with Troy Turner to see if they are the same people. Please feel free to email me at

        • I got the same song and dance story and pictures from him too.. I will send you an email about what I have found out… Dont want it posted on here.. This guy needs his balls nailed to the wall….

        • I apologize for all the hardship and deceit this person has caused using my identity to solicit money. I was in the U.S. Army for 23 years and retired 31 December 2010. I do NOT solicit money from anyone, nor do I have the need to do so. If you have any information (emails, pictures, etc…) please forward them to my email address as I have an open case through my local law enforcement to prosecute this guy as soon as I can get enough information on him. He has been stating that he is stationed somewhere in asia working on helicopters with the Marines. If you take a look at any of the pictures he has forward you, you can plainly see that I am wearing a US ARMY uniform. There is nothing medically wrong with my kids or anyone else in my family so I do NOT need any money from ANYONE. I got rid of my Facebook about 3 months ago and then last night I decided I would put it up again and within a couple of hours a very nice lady who has connections with the military told me that this guy is still using my identity to solicit money from women he claims he is in love with. Never send anyone money you do not personally know! I am sick over this and I want it stopped so again, if you have any information that you can provide me on this gentleman please email me so I can forward it to the proper authorities. By the way my family is healthy and happy. Please help me get this person so he cannot hurt anyone again.

        • This guy is a fraud and is using my good name to gain sympathy and money from anyone he can.I apologize for all the hardship and deceit this person has caused using my identity to solicit money. I was in the U.S. Army for 23 years and retired 31 December 2010. I do NOT solicit money from anyone, nor do I have the need to do so. If you have any information (emails, pictures, etc…) please forward them to my email address as I have an open case through my local law enforcement to prosecute this guy as soon as I can get enough information on him. He has been stating that he is stationed somewhere in asia working on helicopters with the Marines. If you take a look at any of the pictures he has forward you, you can plainly see that I am wearing a US ARMY uniform. There is nothing medically wrong with my kids or anyone else in my family so I do NOT need any money from ANYONE. I got rid of my Facebook about 3 months ago and then last night I decided I would put it up again and within a couple of hours a very nice lady who has connections with the military told me that this guy is still using my identity to solicit money from women he claims he is in love with. Never send anyone money you do not personally know! I am sick over this and I want it stopped so again, if you have any information that you can provide me on this gentleman please email me so I can forward it to the proper authorities. By the way my family is healthy and happy. Please help me get this person so he cannot hurt anyone again.

        • Contacted by the same man,same story about wife ,so dying in an accident.Said his name is Troy David Turner.
          Sent pics,supposed to be retiring out of the military around Dec 1. Sent me birth certificate,bank statement,was investigating him,found this sight. Now I know.

        • I too have been contacted by a troy turner. Stated is is in afganastan but his home is in new jersey. Was going to be coming home in may 2012. Wife died 3 years ago and has a son 10 named william. Sent me pictures of him at his home….with some friends, with his son, and him drinking coffee. In and out of uniform. Said he was born sept 8 1968. Sent sweet loving emails…..had several talks on yahoo messenger. Me him on a dating site….zoosk. when I started questioning him on somethings he made it sound like I didn’t trust him and went on how I need to believe him and if I couldn’t trust him it wouldn’t work. Only talked to him for about 3 weeks but had us being married and me being a mom to his son. Said how much he cared and the emails he sent was so poetic. Hardly would answer my questions until I demanded. Beware…..emailed he used was …… or if on dating site used goodone or good1. Be safe ladies.

        • Bet I have some of the same pictures………what creep.

      • I just posted a comment on this website about this fraud using my identity to solicit money. I have an open case with my local law enforcement please send me any information you may have on him so I can go after this scum. Please see my comment on this page I have added my amail address that you can contact me through. I want this stop as soon as possible. I am very sorry for all the hurt and pain this man has put you through. i want to ensure you that my family resides on Oregon and they are all healthy and happy.

        • Me engañas, yo estuve tratando de enviar información al correo que usted menciona allí y no funcionó, contacté con alguien que fue estafada en otro país y usted no dio su cara, parece que lo del correo y lo que dice una mujer acerca de ti, que logró verle a través de cámara web, es un invento más de los estafadores.

      • I chat with this person 2 times everyday, he has gotten me for thousands/ he has told me the same thing and sent me the same documents

      • I am still having chats with this person, how do you trace his IP address

        • I have been in contact and still am with a man claiming to br troy d turner. He has sent photos of him and his family. please contact me and we can compare.

      • I was contacted by the same person 02/21/2012 said his name is Troy David Turner
        With the same story I see posted on line. From email addresses & I started searching because email didn’t come from military email address.

      • Hi Dan
        My name is Lisa and I have also been contacted by this Major Sargent Troy Turner. We just started chatting last Saturday so he hasn’t had a chance to ask for any thing yet. But sounds like the same one retiring in a couple month from L.A. Ca. widowed also lost a son a couple years ago and his other son is with a care taker . I have save the emails with the pictures he sent me. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I’m a widower and I’m sure he played off that. Thank God for friends in the Military that directed me here. Sincerely Lisa

        • I have been in contact with this ‘Troy David Turner’ lost youngest son to a drunk driver and his wife to lung cancer. In Military for 25 years and to retire in two months, until recently, says he has to stay in for another 1 year and 8 months, and only I can get him out. Sent me an email address to contact NATO. Warning lights went off when he started asking about if I owned a house, how much it was worth, and that there would be dues to pay to get him home. Thank you to all of you brave women who post here, or I may have not found a reason to listen to my gut feeling. He is a charmer…needs to be stopped!!!

        • Alice, Would any of you be willing to be interviewed by Glamour Magazine about these scams? They’re writing a story about these and I told them I’d link them up with some people who were scammed.

      • Dan,
        the scammer Troy is currently in contact with me, I am asking for assistance on what I can do. He wrote to me again this morning. Want to stop him. I have not sent money. Help me please.

        • @ Alice you can block and delete this lying scammer and check your security settings on your pc leave him with NOTHING Anonn

      • i need to fine out about John Walker he said hes in u.s ARMY(AFGHANISTAN) he wanted me to write a letter to Vocational this sounds like a scam to if you can find out please let me know…

    • Troy David Turner is a scam. I fell for it. Thank God I sent no money.

      • Troy David Turners newest email address…”Troy d Turner” ,

        • I too just about fell for this Troy David Turner, he has a new email address. But guess what girls, i was stupid enogh to give him my home address, and the next day after i busted him out on it, i received roses from him. I have however tracked him down throught the florist.. I also sent him an email thanking him for the roses and I did not appreciate what he was doing and I was going to do something about it. He told me too his wife died in a car accident with his son, and that his father was poisoned. He sent me pictures of his house in CA and his address, I googled his house was not the same as pictures, He sent me a fraud bank statement.. I just wish the Army would locate the real Troy David Turner and protect him. He sent me a picture of this guy drinking coffee too, and pictures of his wife and sons.. I never sent him any money. The kicker was he was trying to transfer money to his son in UK that was studying computer engineering, but was surprised to find he was missing $30,000 dollars,, That is when he came up with the fraud statement and it showed a balance of 886,000.00 in it..i am so mad at myself, for believing him. But i will get him that is for sure… According to the florist he had to pay by credit card or debit card cause they were ordered on line.

      • Claudia, I apologize for all the hardship and deceit this person has caused using my identity to solicit money. I was in the U.S. Army for 23 years and retired 31 December 2010. I do NOT solicit money from anyone, nor do I have the need to do so. If you have any information (emails, pictures, etc…) please forward them to my email address as I have an open case through my local law enforcement to prosecute this guy as soon as I can get enough information on him. He has been stating that he is stationed somewhere in asia working on helicopters with the Marines. If you take a look at any of the pictures he has forward you, you can plainly see that I am wearing a US ARMY uniform. There is nothing medically wrong with my kids or anyone else in my family so I do NOT need any money from ANYONE. I got rid of my Facebook about 3 months ago and then last night I decided I would put it up again and within a couple of hours a very nice lady who has connections with the military told me that this guy is still using my identity to solicit money from women he claims he is in love with. Never send anyone money you do not personally know! I am sick over this and I want it stopped so again, if you have any information that you can provide me on this gentleman please email me so I can forward it to the proper authorities. By the way my family is healthy and happy. Please help me get this person so he cannot hurt anyone again.

        • @ Trot D Turner how do we know you are the real man and not some scammer on this site soliciting and placing you email address out there only to try to scam these ladies yourself what is your Local Authorities going to do please they do NOT know this scammer but I suspect that you do.this is what you typed

          Please help me get this person so he cannot hurt anyone again.

          There are parts in this very sentence that scammers or an African would use I wont say what they are but I know you are NOT who you say you are and you also have way to many numbers at the end of your email address if you are so concerned about your good name being used why not give these women your personal email address not some free email provider but you REAL email address that your internet service provider gave you, YOU are a SCAMMER all day trying to get new pics and new information from people so you can start a New scam why would you be on this site in the first place nice try but you are a Scammer and I have just called you on you BS

          Ladies ignore this clown he is NOT the real Troy Turner he is another FRAUD trying to get all the information he can so he can find out where he went wrong and become a better SCAMMER leave his ass with nothing…

        • Annon, you are mistaken and if you want to talk about it and get the case number from the police department i will give you my cell phone number if you reply to the email. And as far as having too many numbers in my email makes no since?? baghdad1964 was taken so I added another “64”. I am trying to clear my name and all you can do is just guess that i am trying to scam by providing a means to contact me so I can get more information and scam someone……your an idiot. I am the victim here and all you want to do is play games and point fingers without getting the facts. By the way the Troy David Turner is not even my real name, the douche bag has my middle name wrong. We need to go after this guy and procecute him to the fullest extent of the law, unfortunately these guys are normally running their scams overseas….I live in Oregon with my family in a small town called Stayton. if you still believe that I am the scammer here then there is all the information you need to come after me and prosecute me. I have an open police case file on this so i would be more than happy to hear from you.

        • Yo estoy de acuerdo con la que hace el comentario más este Troy D Turner que se hace pasar por el real Troy es una mentira más, está tratando de obtener más fotos y más información para seguir estafando. Allá ustedes si se dejan engañar otra vez. Que falso eres, cómo tratas de engañar de nuevo

      • I to have had doings with troy d turner who’s wife was killed in a car crash and his son was in california waiting for his return he sent me birth certificates and army info on him pics of his late” wife and his fat ass son like I was gonna charish them I dont even know the dude for real and when it came to asking my personel info on me I responded the day you knock on my door with your fat ass ugly son is the day I will be more than happy to help you and guide your fat ugly son how to loose weight. He never responded back but he sent me the same bull- shit . I hope you all get him I am gonna go to the military record center on page and hand the documents over that he forward to me lets get this ass wipe……………..The one who was not falling for the bull-shit

        • Gabby, I understand that you are angry and that this guy that is using my identity and pictures to solicit money should be procecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have two case numbers and the phone number to my local police already posted on this website, just ctrl “f” on my name and please read my response to this asshole. With that being said, DO NOT EVER CALL MY CHILD A FAT ASS UGLY KID! That is my oldest son and I love him with all my heart and do NOT appreciate name calling. He did not ask for this, he got pulled into this scam just like you and I did. Do not ever refer to him in that manner again!


      • I tried to send you what I had last night but it would not go thru on Troy David Turner

        • Did you try my email address? I have set up this email for this purpose only. i would NOT give out my personal email out to anyone. Please try again, by the way my middle name is NOT David.

          Thank you

    • I apologize for all the hardship and deceit this person has caused using my identity to solicit money. I was in the U.S. Army for 23 years and retired 31 December 2010. I do NOT solicit money from anyone, nor do I have the need to do so. If you have any information (emails, pictures, etc…) please forward them to my email address as I have an open case through my local law enforcement to prosecute this guy as soon as I can get enough information on him. He has been stating that he is stationed somewhere in asia working on helicopters with the Marines. If you take a look at any of the pictures he has forward you, you can plainly see that I am wearing a US ARMY uniform. There is nothing medically wrong with my kids or anyone else in my family so I do NOT need any money from ANYONE. I got rid of my Facebook about 3 months ago and then last night I decided I would put it up again and within a couple of hours a very nice lady who has connections with the military told me that this guy is still using my identity to solicit money from women he claims he is in love with. Never send anyone money you do not personally know! I am sick over this and I want it stopped so again, if you have any information that you can provide me on this gentleman please email me so I can forward it to the proper authorities. Thank you

      • to the real troy david turner, I have tried to email you at your email address and it does not work / at I tried to forward what had been sent to me by this guy

      • If interested troy turner is still at it……if you are the real troy, the email he was using is and was a on a dating site….zoosk with member name….goodone or good1. Said he was from NJ. Thankfully I sent no money and stared questioning him about some things and accused me of not trusting him and that I and his and my children meant the world to him. Haha wish I would have known sooner. He was a scanner. I knew something was up but is real believable. If you are the real troy…sorry for your problems he created. Women beware and don’t send money to anyone……..

        • Hi Shelly He is still at it he contacted me 3/31 from zoosk He is using another email address now troy19566@hotmail. I sent a email to the real Troy Turner a few moments ago going to see if I can help in any way. Thank god for this site. Take care Lisa

        • Shelley, Troy D Turner is still at it, He contacted me on 4/5/12, have not heard back from him. The email address he is using He needs to be stopped.

        • Would any of you be willing to be interviewed by Glamour Magazine about these scams? They’re writing a story about these and I told them I’d link them up with some people who were scammed.

      • Eso mismo le dices a todas cuando te contactan a través de ese correo. Que a ese estafador se le debe capturar y encerrar, no te das cuenta que estás haciéndole creer a los demás que eres el real troy, eres una mentira más. Troy d turner.

      • Sorry you are going through this. I was contacted by this idiot by way of Are You Interested – the dating app on Facebook. He is very quick to get things going into a serious way and he sends some of the most intimate and romantic e-mails I have ever received. I fell for him until I figured out he wasn’t real and the man in the pictures he sent me was someone else’s husband. I am glad that your family is intact and that you haven’t suffered the loss that he lies about. It’s easier to get over someone who never existed! I wish you and your famiy the best and I hope this piece of dirt gets caught. Thank you and your famiy for the sacrifices you all have made for this country! Best wishes to you all!

      • Dear Mr. Turner,
        My name is kathy haddock and i have been in touch with your mr. turner( the fake one) . As a matter of fact
        I am still in contact with him. If you really want to catch me tomarrow morning. He is suppose to contact us to get a cid number. My daugther who is ex-military told him i was being held for questioning and he is going to contact them to get me out. He also told us to have them contact him at his web site. I have pictures and certificates that he sent me. My phone number is 903-373-7515 . I am sorry for all the trouble this man has caused you and yours. He will contact me tomarrow around noon.So try to get hold of us before that. I will send you what I have ormail it to the athourities .just let me know which.I can”t seem to get on your site. But he refuses to send a copy of the front of his id card.This may be your best chance to catch him. Sincerly ,kathy j haddock. And you have a lovely family sir. E-mail Contact me and i will give you both address i have for him.

    • I apologize for all the hardship and deceit this person has caused using my identity to solicit money. I was in the U.S. Army for 23 years and retired 31 December 2010. I do NOT solicit money from anyone, nor do I have the need to do so. If you have any information (emails, pictures, etc…) please forward them to my email address as I have an open case through my local law enforcement to prosecute this guy as soon as I can get enough information on him. He has been stating that he is stationed somewhere in asia working on helicopters with the Marines. If you take a look at any of the pictures he has forward you, you can plainly see that I am wearing a US ARMY uniform. There is nothing medically wrong with my kids or anyone else in my family so I do NOT need any money from ANYONE. I got rid of my Facebook about 3 months ago and then last night I decided I would put it up again and within a couple of hours a very nice lady who has connections with the military told me that this guy is still using my identity to solicit money from women he claims he is in love with. Never send anyone money you do not personally know! I am sick over this and I want it stopped so again, if you have any information that you can provide me on this gentleman please email me so I can forward it to the proper authorities. By the way my family is healthy and happy. Thank you

      • Anonn, thank you for finally realizing that I am not the one that is doing all this damage. I have two case numbers on this pending from Stayton Oregon Police Department #11-1230 & #11-374. The number to the Police Department is (503)769-3421. Get as much information on this guy and let’s lock him up once and for all. We all need to pull together and get the word out that the pictures he’s using and the stories are all lies. Everyone needs to just go out on the net and flood information on this guy so he can’t do this anymore and hopefully clear my good name in the process. Thank you again.

        The “real” Troy

        • @ Troy D Turner you are very correct I am sorry you and your Family are being subjected to this type of fuckery I hate scammers and everything they stand for for I have been approached by many as i am a Military wife so I know the BS when I hear it I can’t imagine how I would feel if my Husbands name and pics were being used again my heart goes out to you as well as your Family and hopefully you will get to see the real face behind this scammer trust me yoiu will need a bucket to throw up in as they seem to be challenged looks wise.

      • Hi Troy… i’m so sorry that you and your family have to live with that sort of things…. (sorry for my englis i’m a french canadian) i was approach by a men who said heis in libya now etc…. after i found this site i ask him proof of his military career… he told me to ask his commander…??? and send me this email adress( … is that an US military adress or do you think his a scammer??? Sorry to bother you with that!!! but i think you can inform me on this with your military career….. Thank’s again!!

        • @ Julie that is NOT a military email address at all that is a scammers email address it would say the persons name so this address is BOGUS cut it off surely you are not that desperate this is a SCAMMER and you have been warned.

          … … is that an US military adress or do you think his a scammer???

        • Military addresses end with either (for Army, simular for the other services). If he is operating from Southwest Asia Theater like Iraq or Afghanistan then it would be Anything else is a fake, don’t believe it.

      • To Troy D Turner… the real one who help me with my question and everything i need to know… THANK YOU!!!! you take the time to email me back to respond to my questions…. you are such a good man … your country , your family and friends, can be proud of you … You help me even if you don’t know me at all… i can’t never let you know how grateful i am …

        To every women who read this message… be carefull … you never know… you can be desperated , alone… but you’re better without all these men who try to convince you that you are beautiful or the woman they’ve waiting for all their life… without seeing you once…. YES you’re beautifull but you are also proud of being a good woman , an independant and honnest person….. don’t let an experience like this destroy your self-confidence…. YOU ARE A HUMAN and you , sometimes , make mistakes… but you can learn from that and be prepare to be a better person…..

        Troy send me some tips and assure me that he’ll do what he can to help me … he kept his promise…. i’m a luky person to found that site and person who want to help me… i don’t loose money… maybe a little bit of my pride… but it’s not much compare to those who lost money and other things…. But for those… be sure of one thing when you spit in the air , it’s always came back…. those people will pay someday, somewhere….

        //All military address are “normally” for example, (for Army) “” can be anything, I seriously doubt that it is a valid military address. Even if he is overseas the address will be noted with the branch of service he’s in “” as indicated above. The address could also indicate what FOB (Foward Operating Base) or COB (Combat Operating Base) within the address he’s operating out of or theater of operation, but I assure you that this is NOT a military address. //


        Good Day Madam Julie,
        In response to your message of Enquiry,As part of Security measures Sergeant Daniel Williamson can’t give you this details but I deem it fit to send you Sergeant Daniel Williamson’s Personal and Military data.Because all Officers must be duely protected and the loss of life of any Officer is a very loss to the entire United States of America as a whole.I should not be sending you all of this but i just hope it helps.

        Sergeant Daniel Williamson Military Information-

        Home of Record: Colorado Springs,CO
        Date of birth: 25/06/1967

        Service: Army Of the United States
        Grade at loss: E-0
        Rank: SERGEANT
        Division 4th Infantry Division”Ivy”{United States}
        MOS: MOSC 11C5O Indirect Fire Infantryman
        Length Service: 03
        NATO Code: SGT OR-5
        Unit: A CO, 2ND BN,4TH INF DIV, USARV

        Note-This informations are meant for you and you alone because they are Personal informations to be kept safe and not shown to a third party.
        This is to confirm to you that Sergeant Daniel Williamson is real and also a Military Officer.

        Have a Nice Day
        Col John Mack
        Commander US Army

    • TO ANY

      • Sandra, I am sorry for all you have been through with this “fake” Troy D Turner. i am the “real” Troy D. Turner and have been working with a couple of poeple on this site and my local police department to clear up my name. I have two case numbers out there pending #11-1230 & #11-374. Stayton Oregon Police Department (503)769-3421 is working this issue right now. Again, I am sorry for any misfortune and hardship this person has placed on you, please let me know if there is anything I can do.

        The “real” Troy

        • I am a single grandmother, 52 ,raising an 11 yrd old grandson. i work 7 days a week, 2 jobs and 5 days are doubles, I am only off every other Sunday. My 75 yr old parents help me with him. He has ruined my grandchildren’s christmas for the next five years, That is how long it will take me to pay back what I have maxed on my credit cards for him. My number is 423-237-1299

        • Hello that suffers writes to what it happens with TROY TURNER At this moment me daily, I have papers, photos and up to a direction of his son Sammy.
          For details me imagine that this was not royal, this waiting do a sending of money to him sew that for reasons that we know not hare.
          The history almost the same one the only thing that here his wife murio of cancer and only it has to Sammy, of the equal rest.
          I have worked for of the department of intelligence of the army of my country and have followed swindles and extract here this way that I am going to follow in this process to see up to where mas obtain information to make it to come to you.
          My mail and direction that has do not correspond to the reality, I work very much false profiles to be employed at these follow-ups that daily happen in the network and harm innocent women especially in my country Colombia. I am grateful to him me envie for a mail not the one that turns out to be published but line deprived to send all the information and to check his genuineness.

        • Hasta cuando vas a seguir mintiendo?

        • Eres un mentiroso, yo lo corroboré. Eres un estafador más.

        • “real” Troy.
          I just received a message from the scamming Troy just a few minutes ago. He is pressing me to contact someone to help him get out of Kabul. Says he will have to pay some dues to get his retirement to go through. I did not think he was going to respond when I started questioning him. Do you still have an open case?

        • Troy I have a bunch of your pictures. I’ll send them to you if you give me a believable email address. I called your police department yesterday and they veryfied everything. I also called the Pentagon yesterday! How shameful this is to hurt so many lonely women out there only to get stabbed in the heart. I just had open-heart surgery……..this could’ve killed me! Claire

    • I was scammed by troy david turner. Useing I feel stupid, hurt. and can’t believe I could fall for something so dumb. I sent money I couldn’t afford. But, my bad. I guess I learned my lesson.

    • I also have been contacted by a Troy Turner, not asking for money yet but I expect he will to good to be true.

      • It is false I speak with the real one for skype, the one who writes is a swindler.

    • did you ever find out anything about troy turner? he has contacted me.

      • Care with the swindler who exists in the network being made spend for troy turner.

      • @ Lisa this is a scammer you are in contact with the REAL Troy Turner is no longer serving in the military cut off contact and delete and block this lying beggar.go to for support

        • Hoi anonn,

          I am also get but tis gus the name of gray fred.
          so far i reed you know a lot of things on the ormy
          how can i be stupid to not inform my self before i make my foosih desission to send money.
          and after everything happend i go to look whats happend .

          now i am reading this i am shocked and understand they play with me.
          i can imagine how its happend to me i am so a smart women and feel in this shit

          i have some questions and i want your help or talk with you.

          My english is not very well but thats not importend.
          I am coming from holland can we please tlak

    • Brenda, I’ve talked to Troy and when I googled his name this site pulled up…Says he from CA, widowed, father of 2, lost wife and son in car accident. I’m skeptical after reading all this. He only sent 1 email so far. Met him on Scout

    • trust me they are scammers troy david turner tried to scam me also but i caught on very fast and he failed!!!also james schrock !!! dont fall for their lye’s !!!

      • i have kept all correspondance including pics,copy of birth certificates phone #s,names,imessages,emails,so if anyone would like them i am glad to just breaks my heart that these creeps are using our military mens and ladies identities and i feel so bad for them and their families.what a total pain for those families.and to drag their innocent children in also just makes me sick !!!!

      • there is also another name i would like to throw in the mix his name was alan morganson and he was the person i was to send money to in malaysia.i do have address also. so beware ladies as these creeps are in force on dating sites !!!

    • Brenda contact me I bet we have the same pics and letter even.

    • Brenda he is a scammer. he has been in contact with me and he will cheat you if you fall for his lies. please
      He has a beatiful line. and will send flowers, certificates and all. but it’s all a lie. he got me for thousands, don”t be the fool that I was.

    • Hi Brenda, yes, I’ve just got scammed by this so-called Mst. Sergeant Troy Turner. I’m 81! Boy is he GOOD at it! I loved hearing all the wonderful things he was saying, using bible verses and all. Telling me how his wife died of lung cancer then his 13 year old son died from a drunken driver, and lately his father and mother passed away. He was supposed to retire in less than 2 months and was looking for an older woman, etc., etc. I kept asking him about the age difference and he kept avoiding that question so I looked him up and found out about him here. He hadn’t gotten to the point of asking me for money but I had a bad feeling. His English grammar was terrible, that was another clue. I reported this to the Pentagon yesterday! Isn’t this rotten. Why can’t it be stopped ? We should all band together and gtve these rotten bums what they deserve!

    • can you tell me more or send pictures of this TROY TURNER PLEASE if you have
      Thank You

      • Troy Turner is now going by the name Master Trroy

        same chit he is telling ….. to smart to be so stupid ..

        so Beware All !!!!!!!

  180. I met some guy supposedly named Martin James Brown who uses; his name on there is maxicali. I don’t know his rank, just that he’s in ‘special intelligence’. The email address he’s using is The pictures he sent were so small that I couldn’t zoom in to see the name on the uniform and the files were named ‘Matt’. He claims ‘Matt’ is his nickname. I’ve never met anyone by the name of Martin that goes by Matt. Everything was fine until today when he asked me to send him $280 so he could buy a phone so we could talk. Saying that he was sent to Nigeria from Afghanistan to investigate the UN house bombing in Nigeria. I flat out said I didn’t have the money, because I don’t. But even if I did, I’m not a moron. This sounds like a scam.

    Has anyone else had any dealings with this ‘Matt’ character? Or am I being hypersensitive and conjuring this all up in my mind?

    • So this ‘Matt’ person contacted me again and gave me this address. He must think I’m stupid.

      Name: Harric Smith
      Address: Military Quarters
      City: Akure
      State: Ondo
      Country: Nigeria
      Zip Code: 23434

      • Andrew tom armykeeppeace uses almost same address.
        alabi Richard
        number 18 Hospital rd.
        Ondo State
        Nigeria 23434 and had 2 other address with different number but all rest the same

  181. Please add David McNamara to the list. I have pictures if you want them.









  183. Please add to the list. He got me good with the letters and pictures…thank God…no money. Started asking me to help him get an ipad, which is when I started researching. Anyone else been scammed by him? I would love to compare letters and pictures. I feel sorry about this scammer taking someone else’s pictures. I have also found him on facebook. Beware!

    • Hi Kathryn, had the nerve to send me an e-mail saying the reason I haven’t been able to reach is because he was injured and it’s just a shoulder injury and its getting better and he’s ok. I blocked him from my e-mail but not without letting him know I’m onto him. I found him on facebook also. He gave me the story that his wife died while giving birth to his child. He had me hook line and sinker. I wish I’d gotten away without putting out money. I feel so stupid and it’s degrading to feel that way. I have copies of his pictures and all the e-mails and addresses he had me send money too. I have made a formal complaint with Ic3 internet scam reporting. The FBI gave me the number. I am so sorry you had to deal with him too. I hope and pray somehow we can stop him before he does this to someone else. Take care. It would really be nice to hear from you. Janice

  184. I have been talking to this Same Sgt Robert Grey who also goes by dave. I thought this was something fishy abou tthis guy the way he wrote emails and such. the email is and his screename on yahoo messenger is Sgt_grey41. This guy is sick he is using the scam that he has a sick son with cystic fibrosis and he is in the hospital in intensive care and he needs to get to him and he needs to pay money to the hospital and wants me to send it to him nd he promises to pay it back. What a crock of BS I am glad I looked into this I wouldnt have sent money anyway even if I had it.

    I met him on so be careful ladies he will ty to charm you and then pounce on you for money. I have pictures he sent me as well and I would be interested to know if it is the same pictures as the other person put. Please contact me and let me know maybe we can find a place to post them and ruin his game forever.

    • wow when he tried to scam me it was for me to send money for his phone privledges so he could call his son and his mom

  185. Please add Big scammer. I have seen here that he has been on with other names with ramos in it. Stay clear ladies. I was lucky. Only wasted hours of talk and nothing more. If someone need pics. email me thanks

  186. Please add Sgt Larry Cerwin to your list…. email address is sgt
    Hostname is : Sgt/032larry/032cerwin IP;, suppose to be station in afgan… with the camp Phoenix, Lives in Chardon Ohio has a six year old daughter, one brother and a elderly mother… ex wife… who was abusive… he states he is 47 yrs old.. ready to retire after 25 years.. this is the information he gave me… Infantry MOS 11B, @ND cALVARY dIVISION, STATIONED@FORT HOOD TEXAS UINT: AC. 2ND PIT. 2-8CAL LST BRIDGADE, LST CALVARY DIVISION DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN…. I HAVE PICTURES IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEE THEM..

    • can you send me some of this guy pictures please i have the same discreption please Thank You

    • Can you please send pics, tell me did he send you a pic with him holding a dog? and A duck. And with him in full gear with his gun and maybe one of him sitting just a head shot. please let me know. You can go to Ted Cerwins phots and you will see he is the real soldier in the pic and he is out of the service and happily married. This is no lie. Cerwin is scamming you trust me.

      • are you serious, did this scammer write you too? I have those same pictures. OMG!

  187. LINDA –

    Can we please talk? Would love to see the pics you have compared to what he gave me. Please email me!!


  188. He’s supposedly in Darfur Sudan on peace keeping mission. Due to retire March 2012 but retiring early to be with me so needs money to pay his way home since leaving military early to be with me. His general supposedly pulled his name off list of men being sent to Lybia and told govt that he already returned to states. Said je needs to go to Washington DC upon his return to states to talk about what he’s been through. So much more but thought this needed said now. Thanks

    • i put one adress down further her is another for Andrewton armykeeppeace
      banji jude
      32b army barrack ondo rd
      ondo state

      • another address for andewtom armykeeppeace
        agent alabi richard
        number 2 hospital rd.
        ondo state

        • I have one that is talking to me he capt armykeeppeace with the same adress as banji jude can you tell me anything

  189. Add Andrew Lucas ‘Tom’ Eddy. Contacted me on Facebook but said he wasn’t allowed to have that account. So talk through yahoo at then Yahoo chat as andrewtom then armykeeppeace (this is current IM ID). Wanting to change from yahoo to google chat but I haven’t had time to get set up to do so. So he reverted back to yahoo. He uses pics of US Army man (I can supply pics if requested). He says he’s : widower who had to leave two children in Avon Park, Florida with nanny after wife died in international plane crash in 2008 ( I have more specific details but I just wanted to get this out there), I’ve also chatted with his two children Jane and Greg ( I have their info too), he prefers to go by Tom, is Latino and has brother and sister in Brazil, he has called (blocked no) but doesn’t sound or look Latino to me, I sent phone and now dealing with phone co over 4000.00 phone bill, I also sent watch and Bible he requested HA!, he says he’s in business deal with Nigerian to transport wood to US and he will be the US partner in all this as soon as gets home, the partner (or perhaps his real name) is Taiwo (I have more details about business deal and partner), his dead wifes name is Sandy (I have date of death Ect), his birthday 8-8-1960. I have so much more info and I’d like to see the real US military man be notified and I’d like to be in contact with him if he’s willing to try to pursue charges. I have other info just not with me at the time. I have sent money and am ashamed because I am an educated lady but he preyed on me using the info I put out there on Facebook while trying to connect with old friends and perhaps friends of my belated husband. He uses the poetry and is a sweet talker. He gave me name Sandra Davis in Ohio to send money to when Western Union stopped me from sending money. Shes supposedly wife of his general and iI looked up the name and address and got a phone number but no one ever answers the number. His general has taken the money I sent to get him home and wants more and won’t return any of it to me. He has threatened me because he has my phone number and address. I hope this keeps another from being scammed by him. I will provide additional info I eluded to in message. Thank you for this site. I just wish I had found it sooner. Anna

  190. Add Andrew Lucas ‘Tom’ Eddy. Contacted me on Facebook but said he wasn’t allowed to have that account. So talk through yahoo at then Yahoo chat as andrewtom then armykeeppeace (this is current IM ID). Wanting to change from yahoo to google chat but I haven’t had time to get set up to do so. So he reverted back to yahoo. He uses pics of US Army man (I can supply pics if requested). He says he’s : widower who had to leave two children in Avon Park, Florida with nanny after wife died in international plane crash in 2008 ( I have more specific details but I just wanted to get this out there), I’ve also chatted with his two children Jane and Greg ( I have their info too), he prefers to go by Tom, is Latino and has brother and sister in Brazil, he has called (blocked no) but doesn’t sound or look Latino to me, I sent phone and now dealing with phone co over 4000.00 phone bill, I also sent watch and Bible he requested HA!, he says he’s in business deal with Nigerian to transport wood to US and he will be the US partner in all this as soon as gets home, the partner (or perhaps his real name) is Taiwo (I have more details about business deal and partner), his dead wifes name is Sandy (I have date of death Ect), his birthday 8-8-1960. I have so much more info and I’d like to see the real US military man be notified and I’d like to be in contact with him if he’s willing to try to pursue charges. I have other info just not with me at the time. I have sent money and am ashamed because I am an educated lady but he preyed on me using the info I put out there on Facebook while trying to connect with old friends and perhaps friends of my belated husband. He uses the poetry and is a sweet talker. He gave me name Sandra Davis in Ohio to send money to when Western Union stopped me from sending money. Shes supposedly wife of his general and iI looked up the name and address and got a phone number but no one ever answers the number. His general has taken the money I sent to get him home and wants more and won’t return any of it to me. He has threatened me because he has my phone number and address. I hope this keeps another from being scammed by him. I will provide additional info I eluded to in message. Thank you for this site. I just wish I had found it sooner.

    • i am the sandy davis i am not his wife he call me his wife because i thought he was honest and a true soldier he ask for phone when we first met and supid me send him one with some snacks it was up to 3 months when i started to believe he wasnt who he said he was then he ask me to send money for wood for him to send it to his business when he got back to the us in fla where he said he lives he said he lose his wife in a plane crash 2 years ago and has a daughter name jane and a son name greg he used many e mail but always to do with army then got very upset when i woulnt send money to him for wood then got upset because he wanted money 2000 dollas to come home to me and again i told him i dont have it and cant get a loan told him my credit is bad he didnt care used everything he could to try you to do it i didnt really know him and this tom is the same person to i talk with a girl from michigan that had me help her send him 500 dollas from that time on i made it a point to talk to her and we started to tell each other what tom said and what martin saids to me and everything was the same i told her for no reason dont send money and told her what i think that tom and martin are the same so i got a hold of brenda and told her not to send the 2000 at all she said she wouldnt and we talk later and put all her stories from tom and my stories from martin hook by the way he was using with me and find out the stories are the same way i save one person from sending money to tom or martin two the same person i am now sure of the only nice thing come out of this was brenda anmd i are now friends from the first time i talk to her i like her and i told her to keep in touch only because i thought mr martin hook was really andrew tom and now i know for sure he is and i am lucky i now have a phone bill to pay for because i thought he was real now i feel so very supid and dumb but at less i got to brenda before she send money to this ass. i hope they can stop this so more woman dont get hurt i do have pictures on my phone of him he thought he got them off face book in time but i wanted a picture so i took them if they are him or someone else i dont know there is a captain picture also with two other pictures. i never thought anything of it until his made remarks to me that i can get the money and he knows i can i try to tell him i couldnt i left him think i was trying to get a loan but i knew i couldnt he would get upset with me then he tom had brenda call me to see how a western union works and i took her and then started to put pieces together that she said to me and it got me thibnking could tom and martin be the same person brenda and i started to talk alot to each other and that is when her and i thought tom and martin are the same person if i can help another person from sending money i will i am so glad brenda called me first on the day she was going to send the money to this andrew tom i beg her not to and we will see what happens when money dont get send out he wanted her to do 500 at walmarts 500 at western union and 500 grammail i guess it is called and another 500- at walmarts again thank god she believe what i felt about andrew tom anmd martin being the same person no money went out to them but she is out of 500 he also wanted a phone from her also just like me i am only out a phone bill and some snacks i send please stop this person and try to use me as his wife and i really thought he meant it but reading on him i am glad i save brenda from a hurt of money she hasv a broken heart but time will go away at less he didnt get her for 2000

    • Anna my name is brenda and did all he did to you Sandy saved me from sending $2000.00 to him ladies he will clean you out of money and your heart please hope more women read this he is such a smooth talker will make you very unhappy and not care brenda




        • @ Joanne you have been scammed I am sorry to tell you this man is a FRAUD anytime any one in the US Military ask you for money for ANY reason it is a scam and he is a scammer anytime they use the word diplomat for any reason or ask you to send money for any reason western union or moneygram SCAM the Military does NOT act this way at all so you are being scammed go to and for support and share your pics you more than likely will se the pics he is using to scam you also he is begging you for more money because thats the way these lying begging leeches operate they are very ignorant and not responsible at all when it comes to money DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone you dont know EVER!

        • Clearance certificates do NOT have to be paid for delete and block this scamming piece of shit and do NOT send this scammer another dime tell him to get on cam and show himself have an interactive chat with him for an hour he wont trust he isnt the person in the picture he is a UGLY Nigerian or UGLY AFRICAN both inside and out

        • Right now Mark R Robinson is trying his spew on me. The photos he sent is Gen Abizaid, who is a retired General and his name shows on his fatigue picture clearly so I did a search on Abizaid. When I told this Mark character what I found out he tried to cover his butt. I tried blocking him from my yahoo account and he got through tonight. I have to do some more work to get rid of him. I reported him to the dating site also. And he isn’t on there today.
          I think for these people to use our men in the military should be a crime that has severe consequences. But because they are not in the USA they can get away with it repeatedly. 🙁
          It makes me want to stay off all these sites. I have had scammers hit me up on every one of them. I have never fallen for there crap and it is only because of intuition that kicked in in the beginning.

        • My Mum in the UK called me tonight to say she’d been contacted by this Mark Robinson and could I check it out. I’m so glad I did so I can tell her to cease all contact with him before it goes any further. He’s sent her a long biog and sets of photos but the English in the letter is poor so didn’t fit right with a highly educated senior military doctor.

        • I too was hit by this scammer. i can not believe some thing can’t be done about this. It makes me sick to my stomach. I just lost my husband on Valentine’ s day. I let him get to me. I was very vauerlble. but not ant more. I know the Lord will take care of me. I just wish I would have known of this site earlier. thank you to my friend for showing me this about general surgeon mark robinson.
          Did you report this scam? Is their anyway to get this money back?

        • Thank you so much I am having a guy call Mark.r.Robinson message me saying he is a surgeon in Iraq n he has a 15yr old son who is in a boarding school in Kent, England, and said his wife died in a car accident. I was oblivious and did not think he was untrue he seems convincing
          Luckily my granddaughter done research and found this site as she was not convinced but I need more information off any of you. He spoke a lot about the bible and that he is due to retire soon he had his papers through yesterday. Please if anyone has been scammed by him and can tell me what he has said to you it would be much appreciated as I do not Want to make a mistake with him. Please write back immediately as I am online with him now!!!!!!

        • @Joanne I am Ann from england I’m afraid I fell for his story, I’m afraid that I need to ask you a little information too make sure it is the same man. What did he say his son was called? What did he say happened to his wife… Do you know the email address that he used because I am currently online with him now. I need to know because I gave him my name my address and my telephone number to him. I have not given any bank details fortunately my grand daughter was here and when she noticed the conversation and the things he was saying she stopped me from doing anymore. She found this site and done her research to prove to me he was a scam artist. She warned me from the start but I need to know you are on about the same guy. I’m 70 and have divorced and I’m lonely I have doubt that he is a con man because I do not know why anyone would do that to someone. Did he say that he wanted you to be his sons mother and that his son was happy about the relationship and could not wait too see you. Please I am begging you please help me I’m scared and I don’t know what go do.

        • Yes Joanne, MicheleJoy, Debbie, Ann and whoever else that may have been dealing with Mark. R. Robinson. I myself have been told the exact same thing all of you have. I have been on instant messenger with him for 2 months now. He gets angry at me because I wouldn’t send $5,000.00 that this Dr. Mcray Smith that had asked me to send, then when I recieved it, it was to cost something like another 15,000.00. He told me he would double anything I paid. I am so glad I didn’t do this. So now he’s been trying to go with this other option to contact this military lawyer to find out how to get an account opened up in my name and have the money slowly put into this account. Then find out how much that will cost. I’m hoping he’s got the message that I’m not sending any money anywhere. He gave me this story about the 15 year old son and about his wife being killed 11 years ago too. The past 2 weeks he’s been trying to get me to send $700.00 to London. He claims his son left his school in NM to attend his girlfriend’s dad’s funeral and he didn’t have enough money to get back to NM. He even has had me over the last 2 month to email his son (which is probably going straight to the Mark person.) I have emailed him a few times and he says he is so glad his dad has found me and he can’t wait to meet me. (Mark) has promised me so many things, and has told me to start thinking about where I would like to live because we would be married soon. He also refers to me as his wife, and Mark junior as my son. So many lies he has told. About this John Abizaid I questioned him about, he said he had to change his name because of military purposes. Oh yes, he mentions the bible often and tells me different verses to read before I go to bed. I thought from the very beginning this was not real, but I’ve played along with him. I guess it’s time the games stop, I’ve learned my lesson.

        • I had the same experience his son is mark jr and is supposedly in military academy in kent England. I have reported him to government and waiyiting ito hear from them. I do have pics luckily I never sent a dime. If I find out any info will notify you

        • Hi Joanne,
          My name is Cindy, had the same story from a GebbertVolker in Iraq, he request that I contact a Drmcray Smith

        • Hi Joann, I also received emails from a Army General Surgeon in Iraq, he wanted to retire, but he had a parcel that he needed to be sent home before he could leave. He wanted me to contact drmcraysmith to pick up the parcel in Ishal Baghdad at the Safety Security Company. I contacted Mr smith and he wanted me to send,6300.00 to Western Union office in Spain and pay the same amount on delivery of the parcel. I felt uncomfortable with not amount of money, so I started researching the dr info. I was lucky I didn’t send any money. Somehow we need to stop this scamming, any suggestions what we do. Feel free to contact me at 1-248-345-6442. Thank you

      • BEWARE OF MARK R ROBINSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE A SURGEON GENERAL ASING FOR MONEY TO SEND LARGE SUM OF MONEY TO US GE HAS A PARTNER DR MCCRAY SMITH WHO IS ASSUMED A DIPLAMAT WHO HELPS SOLDIERS SEND HOME IMPORTant military to me this is disgrace to our military I want yo get in touch with this officer to let him know what these two are doing Sincerely Winnie. 918 4396510

    • anna there is a facebook group of woman i wish you would go to and post brenda called stop u.s. dateing scams brenda

  191. I hope you could verify Richie Dunne(special force, served 15 yrs, in Cambodia so far), cos I dont want to misunderstand him if he is a real soldier. I already tested the email header, ip seems locating in US.

  192. Thanks for Mr. CJ’s blog.

    Can you please help me to verify this guy named Richard Dunne, claimed as a US special force delopyed in Cambodia right now.

    He is lovable and never rush to anything. For a month romance talking, he did ask me to send a phone at my choice cos no phone left for him in the barrack. He told me last week he was in Somalia help the peacekeeping, which was verified being true on the same time when the news got posted officially in the UN website. So, Im not so sure….however he did mention the leave said I had to apply and there are some procedures to follow when sending emails to their admin. I also have his pics, seems really cute and not found anywhere copied.


  193. Also he is trying to scam with a guy named David Donovan ..I think this is ridiculous that people are trying to scam under our military men/women! These idiots need to get caught like now.

  194. Linda –
    Scum bag he is! I understand how you feel. I was too stupid and didn’t research it more, because yes he had a way with words to make you think he’d really come home. I found out so much more about him after the fact. Is there a way you and I can talk off of this? I have so much to tell you.

    • If you want to leave me a phone # or your e-mail then i can contact you. It would be interesting to hear what else you have found out about him. We could exchange pics and see if he posted the same picture – who knows how many faces this guy really has. He really got you for alot of money – i’m so sorry to hear that – I hope the progress you have made that possibly he can be caught.

  195. – i found him on plenty of fish website. he’s just started to try and scam money off of me – when that started i did some checking. what a fool i am – to believe all the things he said to me. i’ve lost trust in humanity. how someone can do that i dont know.

    • OMG, Linda can we talk??? I want to get this guy so damn bad!!!

      • Just curious Linda, what is his name on POF? I met him on okcupid, but has removed his profile since I was talking with him.

        • Teresa – he deleted his POF page – i tried to go back in and find it but i didn’t write it down. I was new to that website really and didn’t know how it all worked. I never sent him money – we talked online for about a month. He just knew how to say the right things and i’m thinking he’s honestly a marine in iraq. He wanted me to set up a telephone connection with him – said i could contact the marine base to get it set up – costs $200. I honestly did try and call the marines to find out how to do it – but got voicemail runaround.
          Said he wanted to take a leave of absence to come home to me. Its just by chance that i found out this was all a farce – i was at the laundromat and picked up a Readers digest and they had an article about dating guys online. So i came home and did some searches and up he came up. OMG – i am truthfully devestated.

          I did print off all my e-mails from him and the pics he sent me of himself. I want to go to the marine base locally here to let them know – to somehow get a hold of this marine to let them know he is exploiting his picture. I am so mad – hurt – devestated by all of this. I’m on a mission now myself.

        • rob grey used POF dating site as well and once he was talking to me he deleted his acct as well

  196. no comment! has anyone been in touch with sgt ted hawkins or major Raymond lee? Netlog?

    • I have been in touch with one Major Lee Raymond on Netlog, one Captain Jon Rich, and Sergent Adam Locker all on netlog. The one claiming he is Major Lee wants me to send him a satellite phone or $400 dollar for a secured line but the fake Capt’ Jon Rich wanted me to send money to Nigeria for $217.00. So far, Sergent Adam Locker has not asked me for money but i got a feeling its coming.

      • Is this a real email address? A “soldier” sent this, & I think it’s a scam posted on NetLog.

        A “US Army 1st Rank Sgt” (of course!) Adam Locker has been contacting me, falling in love much fast, had me write a letter to his Commander asking for a 6 month leave. I did, Commander wrote back with his ‘okay’, but I was to pay $400 for processing fees, & give destination airport.
        Adam completely made me fall for him! Never mentioning there was money on my part involved. Being 1st Rank Sgt., wouldn’t he be making good? & for the people who sacrifice their lives, not have a paid trip back home if a family tragedy forced them to come home?

        Still believing him, I mentioned that all I had was my grandmother’s wedding ring.
        Only caring about the money & not what I was ready to sacrifice, to bring him home. That is what ‘clicked’.
        So, I googled him to find out there are many scams like this going on. Looked up his IP, found the address to be in Nigeria(where his boss is supposedly to be), & Adam’s IP was hidden.

        • @ Sarah NO it is NOT a US Military email address it is a fake it is a scammers email address Leave is NOT pd for under any circumstances and this is a scam and a scammer real Military members must request their own leave NO ONE can do it for them it is like vacation time so save the wedding ring and anything else you have of value tell this lying beggar to get a JOB and block and delete this beggar try and

    • Has anyone know about Sparkman Russel? He’s a US army and now in Afghan.

    • yes i was also a victim of this major raymond lee he told me he was in afghanistan and ask me to request him a phone and pay 450 usd.thanks to this site and i found out that this man is a scammer

      • Ive got a smith lee talkin to me he keeps wanting my address to send his stuff home to. Could this be the same person? Also has anyone talked to a Michael Burk hes supposed to be in Kubal tried to get me to do the TSA phone thing i didnt its a scam

  197. another one for the list contacted me thru facebook here is his first message, fortunately i didnt fall for it i played him along till i got bored of the very long tedious messages then blocked and reported him after telling him i worked for facebook tracking down people like him

    Allen Gensinger Wilson

    How are you doing? I think you are pretty I am here looking for that special woman with a lovely heart to spend the rest of my days with, Just thought i should say Hello to you, i will love to read your response,…..I’d like to get to know you, A bit about me: Well I’m a decent guy that is pretty complex but direct at the same time, and could do with a good laugh
    Have a great day
    allen GOD BLESS YOU.

    • At least I don’t feel alone now. Allen Gensinger Wilson, Got my rent cos he said he wanted to go home to St. Albans, West Virginia last week. N i sent him my RenT! In December? OMG! He gave me his first phone call today n he didnt sound American. He sounded Nigerian or something. I kept asking him to repeat what he said then hung up on me. All I understood was kiss, kiss to you n I said what? He told me he’s a seargent, first class n just left Nigeria on Friday. I had to keep reading this page trying to find his name n yeah, its there. So I wrote.. Sorry to say I lost my family home rite b4 xmas. So stupid. He calls me his wife on my facebook n still does today. He told me his mom in da hospital now with a stroke in St. nicholas hospital in St Albans rite now. His mom still in a coma. His phonecall made me so suspicious today so I searched for him online n found this site. What are gonna do? My sister could be going thru the same thing. She talking to a U.S. air man. n wonderin bout him.

      • I have found this allen gensinger wilson. Who do i tell that’ll find him?. He is nigerian.He is a scammer.

  198. Oh dear Lord, I can’t believe all that I have been reading. I have also been scammed and have been absolutely sick about it. It has changed my life, completely.
    The person that claims to be Sgt James Ward, email Anyone else been scammed by this liar??!! Don’t let him fool you. He’s in Nigeria and claims he’s a Sgt in the marine corp, but works for Blackwater?? I am willing to help others NOT get scammed by these lying, no good people who just want to destroy women’s lives and take every penny they have. He made it sound great, but how I feel so stupid and upset with myself about the whole thing. God help me get through this unpleasant life ordeal.

    • Well we are currently working on getting his ass….

  199. Info about this alias as found in research…
    Jul 07 2010
    Maybe Because of the 4th?
    Category: Uncategorized — admin @ 8:35 pm
    Welcome to July readers! We hope you are enjoying every moment of summer. It has come to our attention that since we celebrated our beloved 4th of July holiday we are now seeing an uprise of advance fee fraud from supposed American military forces. Below is an example that involves a scammer posing as American Army General Lewis Peterson.
    The Army General is based in Iraq and is looking for someone to help “evacuate” his money. This email is a common advance fee fraud scam since the victim is promised a lump sum of $4 million for assistance. Scammers are getting smarter everyone and so should we.
    Take a moment to read below and keep of mental record of this form of advance fee fraud. As you become more familiar with this type of scam they are easier to spot. Remember that the scammers can pose as just about anyone and will continue to come up with characters to try and get your attention.
    Enjoy your summer days and stay away from that spam!
    Dear Friend
    My name is Lewis Peterson, an American Army General;I am working in the military base in 1st Armored Division here in Iraq
    As you know we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs.During one of our rescue Mission we came across a safe that contains Huge amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they use in buying weapons and ammunition’s, and it was agreed by all party present that the money will be shared amongst us.
    Out of the total fund my share was $10,000,000 (Ten Million US Dollars).I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $10,000,000 out of here to you, in as much as you can assure me that my own share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is no stolen money
    and there are no dangers involved, as I have made arrangements with a UN representative who promised to deliver the fund to any of my choosing destination.
    I shall be compensating you with Four Million Dollars on final conclusion of this project, while the rest shall be for me for my investment purposes.This matter must not get to third party.
    Please reply me on my personal email:
    Lewis Peterson

    • I know something about this scammer. He used to Gen. Pace’s pic like his pic and send to other women. Here is some information about bad guy.

      Nick skype: lewis.peterson001


      Email on yahoo:
      Address: #200 Southend Ln Lewisham, London SE6 3AB UK
      Tel: +447403393887

      Acount Name: Osagha Omogiate
      IBAN: GB83HLFX11000107875794
      Swift: HLFXGB21F08
      Bank Name: HALIFAX, UK

      Catch and put them in prison!

  200. Good morning to all the beautiful Ladies. Thank you for this site. I am from beautiful sunny South Africa and was fortunately not caught by him. He sent me 6 military photographs dressed it top general rank and reporting to the white house. He appears to become more desperate and is very clever. Below an email he sent me this morning. His latest e mail is: He poses as a 4*general in Camp Victory Baghdad and talks about people dying in his arms to get sentiment.
    He also goes onto skype so be careful
    Lewis Peterson to me
    show details 3:07 AM (6 hours ago)

    hello my lovely crown Queen

    how are you doing today well i am just thinking about you this morning i decided to write you a poems this morning from my heart to you this poem make me remember when i was still in high school collage, just a sign of expression to you and to let you know how much you mean to me you are all i love and forever love and care for till our dying day the poems go like this….

    YOUR HAIR colour:- i love your hair when they strands enmesh and when ever i am looking at your hair make me feel good i imagine when my hand is on top of your lovely hair holding it i will not let go of it drawing it so close to my arm telling you how sweet you are and how lovely you look in the morning and at night too i love every thing about you

    YOUR EYES colour:- each time i look at your lovely sweet eyes i see love, care you may think your eyes are too small, or too beady. Tell yourself how beautiful your eyes are. The most important beauty a person has is the person that they actually are on the inside. We must know who we are, and act in life only as our true selves, doing this will ensure that we are as perfect as humanly possible.

    YOUR finger nains:-If I could, then I would put a ring on your finger right now but since I can’t do that right now you should let me put my tang on it cause I Will lick it like a stamp or ice cream and make it rain on me and mail you back to my heart with my name on it as a ring on it so I have to lend it to my ear for a second my wife right here getting pissed trying to smack me and I have to blame it on your third finger as a ring on it kissing it, I will be reminiscing on this i will put my ring on your finger just to let the world know that you are my wife forever till our dying day

    your lips:-i love your lips when they are wet with wine or ice cream when i kiss it and red with a wild desire lit with a passionate fire when i kiss it touches my heart your kisses against my face, your kisses tell me better than stabling words your lips taste of tears you are the best for kissing i cant stop kissing your lips becoz it make me feel fine when i am not and make me feel complete

    YOUR BEAUTY:-Right now, go take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, three times, aloud. If we listen to the world we live in today’s subjective point of view on what beauty is, we would never realize our true beauty on the inside and out. If you are completely caught up with your beauty on the outside make it a point to look in the mirror every day, telling yourself a reason why you are beautiful even when it may be what you consider a flaw

    WHEN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE Me i am happy to have you as my love my wife my all my sweet my every thing on earth i love you more than you know i will do any thing for you just to make you feel happy forever all becoz you are my every thing i have i love you more and more forever and ever

    WHEN YOU DANCE :- let me see you get your reggie dance on with a slow move I like the way the booty’s rolling to my song honey you got me up you feel it threw my cloth’s wanna lay you up and take you home and than we just rock rock rock rock rock rock drop drop drop dropdrop drop pop pop pop pop pop pop my love bring it back to the top don’t stop becoz i love to dance with you at home at the party at the bed any where any time i love it more when you give me slow wining move

    WHEN YOU TELL ME GOOD NIGHT with a sweet kisses telling my how you are going to dream about me that make me feel you are for me only forever i love you more for your care and love you have show me all true i will keep on loving you till my dying day

    WHEN I READY YOUR EMAIL:-that what make me go crazy more about you every mint of the day want to read your email in the morning at night too before i sleep it make me know that i am the man you love forever the way you express your feelings to me wow i am so happy to have you as my wife i love you forever

    WHEN I AM WITH YOU:-i am fully happy when i am sad you bring me joy, you put a smile on my face with your sexy smile i love every thing about you thank you for making me feel joy happiness in my life you have make me shinny as a morning stars

    WHEN I MISS YOU:-I thought of you this morning and wondered what it would be like, when you are not around,The felling of loneliness crawled into my heart and stabbed me, i lost everything as i fell to the ground becoz i don”t like missing you, you are all i have my all in this world I missed you today You are my all my soul mate my everything.

    WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME:- you mean allot to me you are my all my love my heart my sweet kisses my morning stars my hope my wife my lovely crown Queen my forever love my dream my life my one in a million my smile my world my food you are the air that i breath i love you forever till my dying day

    WHY I LOVE YOU:-I love you cause in your heart i know a simple beauty a quiet grace.I love you cause you have the gift of giving joy, cause you know how to be a child sometimes.I love you because i know i can always trust in you, because you love freely without reserve.I love you cause of the gentle way you have touched my life and made it bloom.I love you because of the way you are, always happy and with a smile so tender it makes me wonder if you are divine.I love you cause you see me for what i am , and what i am not , your eyes that i can not deceive.I love you because i never believed in love, and yet here i am today expressing my love to you.I love you cause i need never doubt in you, ever i love you becoz you love and care for me too

    WHY I CARE FOR YOU:-I thought of you this morning and there was a wide smile on my face,I picture you in my heart , a perfect combination of beauty elegance and grace becoz you have been there for me at all time when i needed you must you where there with my heart i will forever love you

    WHY I CHOSE YOU AS MY WIFE:-I cannot sleep any more at night not even under the quiet moon light,I wish you were here , right now with me together we could sit and see, the stars whispering about our destiny Of course we would not know the language they speak hopelessly sitting with an aim to seek,What lies ahead of us in this coming week? waiting anxiously for the secret to leak.The glistering stars, the moon so bright staring at us , with their keen eyesight,The bugs chirping , the wind blows slow telling us its time that we should go.We’do sit and wait staring at the dark night sky wondering whose looking at us , from up so high,Silent voices keep calling our name,sends a deep shiver time and again.We wait and wait but then we go let fate do whatever its been told,And if we live to see each others face we will come back to dis mysterious place i cant wait to be with you soon you know i cant do with out you

    WHY I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU:-I thought of what you mean to me and the million things that speak of you whenever i close my eyes,You are so important to me now, your face is fresh in my memory,your memories they never die.

    WHY I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU:-I thought of you all day all nigt and suddenly my heart was lighter, my spirit freer and my spirit was filled with joy, the gift of your love and care makes me feel good to be a man i am very gretfull to God for sending an angel like you to me as my wife

    thanks you for all your love and care you have show me i promise to give you my best love and care of the world i will be for you alone forever and i will make you the best wife on earth i am happy to have you as my wife i am full with joy, peace, happiness, hope, love, care, and the must of all is that you have bring me all the good things in the whole wide world they are all in my heart for you i love you more and more and more forever

    Your King


    We have better things to do than be caught up in this?
    I was fortunately not caught as I did not fall for it

    • hey i don’t know you and i don’t know what the fuck you are talking about why are you lying about me you better stop this because i am Lewis and i don’t like all this things you are saying about me…


      • Hey, fake Lewis. What are you doing to do? Send me a nasty email? Been there, done that. Threaten me with voodoo death? Been there, done that. You’re a loser, nothing more. Your threats are empty to me.

      • Hey so called real Lewis you sound a little IGNORANT and a bit undereducated and let me see what’s the word I’m looking for what is it??? A SCAMMER what are you going to do tell your Mommy you know you sit on a cheap laptop Lying all day and tell your BOSS you have been busted you live by the wish factor like so many other scammers you Wish you were in the US you Wish you were a US Service member life is Not just hard in Lagos or what ever part of Nigeria you live in it is hard everywhere and if you were so smart you would GET AN EDUCATION and a real job and stop begging and lying you stupid MUGU!

  201. what i just believe is most of this people uses names of real soldier to scam people..that is so terrible..i have also be involved in something like this but he never asked me for money but its hard for me to trust him but i keep moving on with my faith not until i met the guy in person…

    • thanks for knowing this,i am one of the victim,,,the scammer uses the name of an army General Patrick Miller,Heli Christos Miller,General Heli Miller and Lionel Miller.,,.i want to know the truth,and i want to meet the real person….at first when he called me,i noticed that his voice is not american accent,,,i asked about it and he said that he is the second generation african,,,from then,i have the feeling that he is not the real person in his profile….thanks alot,,,,you save me

      from:imelda narvante from California

      • you mention miller heli christos well i have been speaking to him on line. I have been stupid i have parted with 1.600 pounds but thanks to you no more. Just like to know did he also have a son named alex, 3 daughters. divorced. my friends said he was scamming me i didnt believe them. The problem is now his son alex is getting involved i have seen him on webcam so is he in the scam as well. Can you please tell me more if you can as im waiting to speak to him tonight which will be fun. He will have it coming to him.

        • We have disame person heli christo miller scam me he longing money he said his going to pay me as soon get to meet me I believed him he got his son name alex he sent me his son picture that he was kidnap and bit him to death by the kidnapper ye barrow money from me alots after I read ur stories I knew his scammer

  202. we all talk about these pics that they send. i have been reading all your articles and i wonder if he sends everyone the same pic. i have noticed that he is still using Ft. Drum in NY as his base. if we all have the same pic this is the same group of ppl doing it. and they all seem to be using gmail acct’s for the military and using yahoo as an email acct. and using the same plot lines. feel free to share your pics with me. and i have 3. 2 of him & his suppose son and 1 of him waiting to deploy. hell he told me he was british. stopped talking to me when i called him out on his lil quest for the money for phone priveledges. the day I made my 1st post here on May 22. that was the last day he ever contacted me…and good riddens 🙂

  203. Hello Ladies,
    These are some of the names of scammers I have come across so far. Major Christian Hopkinson & James Brooks contractor, Ladies these men are becoming easier to uncover. They with fall for you quickly and hard, express concern for your health, finances. their spelling & grammar is horrible. (please excuse mine) quote poetry, claiming it is there own. If you copy the 1st few sentences into google search you will find it. Their words will make you feel wonderful. I know who they are and I still smile everytime I hear from one. Check out this site , it shows you how to track a IP address to find where it came from, it’s very helpful. They will ask you to unsubscribe from the site the found you on, to not share you new love with family & friends. (this is similar to cutting one from the herd easier to catch). They will ask you to chat off site, not always a sign because the dating site chats suckbut be aware of it. The best thing that you can do is to report to the dating site you are on as soon as possible. Together we can catch all these bastards. Please always keep a friend involved, they will keep a leveler head than you.

    • Hello everyone, I have been chatting with this guy for a few months his name is Bradley Lennox. Do anyone know of this name he told me that he is in AIraq and he lives in Georgia. He has been trying to get money out of me for a leave from Iraq and for phone set up. I find it very weird that all of his photos doent match up can anyone give me advice. He requested me to send money to california for phone setup but the name he gave me was a wierd name. I addressed to him that he doesnt seem real but he keeps assuring me that he is real.

  204. Hello and greetings! It is sad to say that I wa scammed by a supposed sargent Randy Robles, in which middle name he said is (Craig) borned in Camelot dothan Germany, raised in Alabama, that went to the Montessori Academy. Said he mother is German and father from Alabama but no longer living, in which he was also in the military and as his father fallow in his foot steps! I met him thru on June 12th, 2011 and had chatted with him everyday up to recently in which I had him check his name in the data base and he does not appear! I have few pictures of this supposed Army Sargent E-6 in which his job is combant engineer that is in charge of 18 soldiers under his command. I had a local police sargent to ask a Army Sargent Recruiter to run his name as Randy Robles or Randall Robles or Randy Craig Robles with his supposed birthdate of June 20th, 1962 in which he claimed to have the same age of me 49! I am so embarrased and ashamed of myself to have been taken and scammed by this man in which I wonder the true picture of this soldier is being used by this man who is using someone else’s identity to prey on women like me! Yes he claimed to be almost retiring after 20 years of service in the Army been in several countries he said, presently station in Iraq but he has a dilemma, in order for his retirement to approved he has to pay a fine to the court of $7,000.00 USD (Court Marshall) because couple of months prior of meeting me his Commander which I do not know the name came to ask him to go to Afghanistan, but he said he pleaded to him that he is due for retirement and that will put him another year of service, so his commander agreed and he let it be as being okay not to send him, so he did not go and then his commander came to asked him Sargent Robles to send couple of his soldier to a job, and he did not agree with what his Commander wanted to use his soldiers so Sargent Robles denied him that request and so his Commander reported him for not going to Afghanistan. So then he has not been able to clear his court he says, so make the story short and to minimized my stupidity here, I was not knowledgable on how things work in the military and yes I am very naive in some ways and gullible for I care in always helping others and specially someoone in the military! And yes I did fell in love with this so called Sargent Robles in which the picture is problably legit of a true soldier, but problably not the same man I have been on chat all this time! I told him a do not have the means to help him with such a large amount for I am a single mother of two who is on a tight income! I did feel bad for his situation I seggusted family prehaps, but said that his family can care less what happens to him! So to shorten then he came up with the idea to send me 15 bars of gold that he supposedly got paid for a special mission, I know that you have been my red flag there, I did question some by asking how can that be, you are in the Army are these bars legit, (I even commented in joke these bars do not have Sadam’s name embosed, right? lol) He said no! He said that he has a diplomat by the name of Philip Akapaglo who is Ghana and he will bring these bars to me and a diamond ring as symbol of his love for me that he means serious to marry me and be a family! Well, he said that his diplomat will help me sell it, and with the money he can pay for his court fined! Well, this supposed diplomat made it until he got stopped at customs in Ghana and he needs a stamp for the package in which it cost 2,750.00 and that way it will not have problem with Homaland Security Customs or something like that well, I again to told him I can help for that is a lot of money, he was disapointed and sad to this! So then last Friday, July 22nd he said that he was able to get a loan from a bank in Ghana named Malbruk Finance in which he had borrowed $950,000 so he can start a business when he gets to the states! I told him wow why such a huge amount, but the money can not be deposited in his account because he is a war zone and the bank will not deposit, he told me that the bank will deposit in my account in the states, but that I needed to contact a Barrister lawer named Robbert Johnson at email ( from the bank to represnt me in court to obtain a power of attorney and a change of ownership name to my name so the deposit will go with no problem! But then again the cost of the two documents are totalling 1,570.00 and to send to Accra Ghana to the receiver name Kemi Saidat Babatunde. Well, again told him that I could not help him anymore! So I know know from the Army recruiter that all service men have Jag lawyers to represent them in their needs, and that they are allow to use webcam or skype to connect with family, and that they are allow to have access to their personal accounts, and can make phone calls to their families as well and up to know he has not done it becaus ehe has said that he can not do it for security reasons ect… and last he said he can not be on cam because he is in the dessert searching for the Taliban and checking on theor latest technoly and hi can not be detected for security reasons, etc… Well I know that the Taliban are not not in Iraq but Afghanistan, so how can that be! Wel I had sent him an email asking him for his military AKO address, his military ID, and what is his base division in New York and sent and offline IM with Fort Drum Division In New York, in which problaby he does not appear! I have not check that yet! I told him in the last email I sent him to his ( email) that if he does not provide with the answers to the questions I asked to them let me be! Well, I have learned a very sad and valuable lesson in life, I defenately never will go into a website to meet a possible husband! To this point better off being alone and just concentrate in raising my two kids and work to survive! I already had a hardship experience with my exspouse so I do not need more! I thank you for all you do Mr. C.J. Grishham, may God bless you and hope these scammers, users and predators of women get stop for the sake of their victims and for the sake of the true soldiers who are as well their victims to this low life individuals! I for one feel bad for the real person in the pictures I have and hope this man it is happy with someone! I am sorry I wrote too much!

    • Hi I think, I was dooped by the same guy, except he called himself davison robbies, andi got the same story, about gold bars, but I had to pay 3200,and when I said no, the threats by phone star rt ed, and then he told me wht my address was, and threatened to kill my you have pictures u can share. Thanks suzanne

      • i am glad to find all this info because i have been talking to this guy that said his name is david robbies and hes wanting me to send stuff to him but hes telling me that he will b retiring next month and his APO address has been closed and wants me to send it to a dipolamit jonathan that is n Ghann africa and he would deliver it to him but i was going to send it and it cost way to much.he is so txting me everyday asking if i havde mailed it

        • i also have pics of him he sent to me also,he always said beautifull things in his emails but i never could get him to tell me what he did over there except he was going to retire next month and he lived in tampa flordia and lost his parents in a accident and had no brothers or sisters,also i notice alot of word being spelled wrong,thats for all the info on here,i glad i seen it before i sent him anything.

        • So the man your talking to is the same man I was talking to for the last 6 months, he will send the most beautiful poetry, that u can find on Google also. But trust me he is in ghanna. I even found out he’s real name and address. . Ask him to send a picture of himself, but holding a piece of paper with. Your name on it, he wont be able to do it

      • Hi a Davison Robbies has been talking to me from He sent pictures. So if anyone would like to see I would be happy to see if it is the same guy. With me he says he is from Falls Church Virginia divorced for 8 years no kids. He states he is in Afghanastan on a piece keeping mission an E-6 Sargent over a platoon. This sounds like a few of the men. The only problem the picutures he sent the last name looks like Robles and I am not sure about the patches as one is crooked. My son is a Marine and I have seen him take a ruller and spend 20 minutes making sure everything is exactly in its spot. He has not asked for money but after three days is on the love thing. The love letter part sounds like it comes from cards. He is better than the other three that tried they played civil engineers. There word speak was so off I said no way they were american and they left me alone. I wish I could post pics on her if there is let me know. Oh and the amirican flag patch is colored. I have a fb friend who’s ex was in the army and his patches from 09 were not red white and blue.

    • Hi. I have been talking with a Srgt. Chris Robles E6 Found on pof. He states he is in Afghan.. he has two kids, a wife who died in Italy car crash.
      He wanted to instantly chat offline. I gave him my email and began corresponding. I mentioned I come from a military family…no reply to that.I also asked where his base is out of, when he returns where will he be stationed. No response I asked for a photo and got a photo of a bunk in a rm with a window and rifle. I also saw military gear a computer etc. He then sent a photo of him with his kids. We have only spoken for a few days but I think this might be the same person.
      Please let me know.

  205. I have been talking to sgt.Philip Nobiler who sounds very much like a scam, he didn’t ask me for money right away but told me his sad story that his son is on dialysis in the UK and that a sister in law has custody of him and that all his money goes to his son , his wife died in a car accident. He told me that he owed money to this guy in the army for saving his son’s life who lent him $8000 for dialysis and he has to repay him cause this guy is beating him up, took all his stuff. He told me a friend is sending him money but could only send so much and finally asked me to help him, when I said no he called me stingy and I don’t love him, in the begining he told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I was the only woman for him as he has no one else. I also got a email claiming to be his son and calling me mom. didn’t say much just that he could’nt talk long cause he was borrowing a computer. First Philip asked me for thousands of dollars then it went to hundreds , I told him I am not sending nobody my money cause I didn’t even know him . I was not scammed but he is a really good talker but I went along with it for awhile and now he won’t talk to me becasue I won’t send him money. his email address is

  206. Hi , reading this is making me sick as I have just been scammed as well from a guy Name Sgt David Edwards email addy is…. would be interested in knowing if anyone else has been scammed by him …. I feel like a right idiot

    • Edwards thought he had a good one going with me and he found out other wise. There were too many hints of improper English and not knowing to tell the same answer to a question after asked more than once.
      I have a scammer called Mark R Robinson working on me now. He won’t take NO for an answer. I tried blocking him on Yahoo and he got through. I’ll keep working on getting rid of him. I wish something could be done to stop these cons.

  207. hello out there!i´m frome sweden and tried badoo,have been there only for only seconds.there is one who had read my profil and would like to now be better.he e-mailed me photos.can´t anyone stopped this people.i have diffrent photos off him but i think is another person in them.

  208. Thanx sooo much for posting this… I had been talking to the very same Robert Grey same email everything!!!!! thank god for web sites like these………… people just suck

  209. I guess we can add this as well. The sgt rob grey is also going onto dating sites. And now asks for money for phone privledges. his screen name is sgt_grey41 on yahoo. anas for email address. Unbelievable what some people are doing out there to our soldiers who are protecting our freedom

    • watch out for Sgt Chris Superior 1
      He says he has a son named David who is in the same childrens academy as he was. Says he was born in Georgia. Said he had German parents. so I thought he would have German accent. When I finally heard his voice when I was in Spain he had a British Accent. He said yes well they taught me very good english here.
      and “He missed me so much” this was the first time I actually got to hear his voice. other wise we txt or IM

      he has other men with african and britixh accents….Frank Okingo: Charce: Sampson: Antwane:Mr. Kofi, he has a UN passport. Chris said he is an Under Secretary. Looked him up on the net he is a diplomat..


  210. Add the name Sgt. Chris Connon to this list…he also uses this Robert Grey as his bestfriend and boss in the Marines along with a certain Master Sgt. Kyle Gibson. Thankfully I have friends in the military who were able to get me this link before it was too late.

    • I have run across a jack wilson who says hes in afganistan and has suddenly received money from a mission and needs 11000 for his diplomat to get it out of africa.he has written very nice love letters also he is on facebook under jack wilson all his pictures do not add up any of you have some info on this guy also found him on antiscam

      • Back in 2009, I was communicating with a guy called Jack Wilson whose English accent was very weird. Everything he told me other than the things regarding money seems to be all correct to me. I checked if his e-mail address is listed as a scammer’s one but I’ve not been able to find it. In my case, he was in Malaysia and needed so much money since he has to get his father’s inheritance which had been deposit to somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Do you have his pictures? I do – 6 pictures. Cannot get hold of him after March this year. What did he tell you about his family???

        • yes I have been scammed by a mr troy d turner and Im not sure what i could do about itI chock it up to life lesson learned I have received some of those pictures as well he told me his wife and son died in an accident .well nothing like feeling like a fool.

        • I have been writing with mr. Troy D. Turner, and he ask me for money, but i dont send he anything. He is a scammer and his email adress is from Nigeria, so watch up for this man.

    • Hi,

      I need some help please. I noticed the name Robert Grey in a few postings like that email that was sent out numerous times which is posted at the very begining. I have been scammed a long time ago and almost wound up in a Federal prison. I got lucky and no charges were ever pressed, since that time I have devoted my extra time in helping others that are being scammed or have been scammed. I wish that I could post some photos that my neighbor is talking to because he is using the name Robert Grey only posing as a Major. I told my neighbor to let me talk to him; he has no clue that he is not talking to her. Anyhow, he already professed his love and I asked him about sending me a message from his military id and he told me that he is uable due to security reasons. I did not buy that at all, so I zoomed in on a few pictures and I could not make out the rank on his uniform. I did noticed that that name on his uniform was Gray and not Grey; when I asked him about it he told me that it was only his yahoo id that he in not using the correct spelling of his last name. I heard h is voice on the computer because we can call pc to pc. Anhow, I told h im he has a n igerian accent and he laughed. I wrote the CG at Fort Collins in Colorado because the patch in his uniform is the 4th Infantry and I asked him if he could help me in finding the real soldier. Please get back to me at my email address so that I can send you photos and so that I can get my neighbor to move on.

      Thank you for listening,


        • I have some pictures from him can you help me with it or can we talk about it
          i am shocked that people can be so.
          i was foolish

      • Hoi

        I speak for the last tree months with a guy wit his name was Fred Gray
        I have also some pictures from him maybe we can look together.

        I was foolish to believe this

      • hoi darlene

        i have also talk to him i think but his name was Gray Fred and he told me he is a captain and he is now in kabul afghanistan. He send me some pictures from him on his clothes he had the name Gray
        maybe we can talk

      • Michelle & Darlen I think i am speaking to the same person at the momen but he goes by Chris Robert Grey. Would you mind sending me a picture?

      • hello darlene I might be scam by a robert grey,do you still have pics of him?

      • Hola conocí a Robert Gray por Badoo quién dice ser Capitan en la OTAN, dice encontrarse en servicio en Libia, padre d un niño de 7 años, me ha hecho creer que está enamorado y quiere comprometerse, para eso me pide que pida un permiso una licencia para que el pueda salir durante 3 meses para cumplir con su palabra, sobre nuestro compromiso, me envío los datos del lugar al que debo enviar un mail, tengo fotos de el, aun mantengo comunicación con el, de hecho encontré fotos en google sobre la estafa que hace y se las envíe desde luego niega todo, dice que tendría que depositar una cantidad de 1000 dolares o menos para su licencia, después dijo que 505 dolares, en estos momentos el espera que yo realice ese deposito que por supuesto no haré, he copiado la información que obtuve de esta pagina. gracias

        • Hola, conocí al sargento Alex Jones en la pagina de Hi5. Hasta el momento no ha pedido dinero, pero si me pidio que llenara un formulario para solicitar una licencia con el fin de venir a conocerme. Puede ser visto en facebook. Es muy tierno y amable, pero no confio en el documento que me envio para diligenciar y ahora menos con todo lo que acabo de leer. Dice que esta en Military Base, Herat Camp, Kabul, Afghanistan.
          No he diligenciado el documento para la solicitud porque dice expresamente que es para la familia o esposa, quienes pueden hacerlo. El insiste que lo haga pero ahora con lo que he leido, no creo que llegue a diligenciarlo. Quiero saber que consecuencias tendria diligenciar este documento.

        • Hola yo Estoy en la misma situacion, en badoo Conoci a dos un tal Dillon Rodriguez y Thomson, obvio que no les crei nada pues es supe extrano que te conocen y ya hasta casarse quieren jejejejej como dices nomas les Sigo la corrientes, yo fui a las oficinas del Army y ahi me dijeron que no que Los soldados solo regresan por emergencia como una muerte de alguien cercano. No se dejen enganar chicas solo siganle la corriente a esos yo igual les pedia una foto con mi nombre para ver que eran real y nada, Cuando Conoci al segundo soldado jijijiji antes de que dijera algo le dije no te doy dinero, no te enviare la famosa transit leave request ok y ya no me text jajajajajaj escribanme is alguien ha Pasado por lo Mismo .


    • this guy named Dervin George us army is pulling the same scam. also be on the look out for george morris and raymond f chandller

      • would someone tell me more about Dervin George Thank u!

        • @ Mary Ann if you have NOT had an interactive chat with this scammer which I know he is because REAL US Military members have No time to get on social networks and search for so called Mates many of them already have families waiting for them but guess what scammers have nothing but time on their hands bottom line

          Ask him for an interactive chat with you for one hour ask him to show himself any reason why he cant is an excuse and he is a scammer

          Also ask him to scan and send you a pic of his most recent Les and his State Id Card and Military ID military id cards cannot be duplicated it will be easy to spot a fraud as for checking the ip address go google it also
          remember Sunnyvale Ca is where yahoo is located and scammers use proxies

          ask lots of questions oh he will be so hurt that you dont trust but TRUST no one that you have NEVER met face to face simple as that I know this is a scammer

          ask him what state he deployed from and the name of the base
          ask him for his units mailing address and then google it
          google the email address hes using
          anything anywhere in AFRICA is a SCAM
          if he wants to send you anything scam
          diplomat comes into this scam
          wants your personal info scam
          asks you for money clothes or electronics SCAM and SCAMMER

      • also how can I trace a computer Ip? I am wanting to know if this the real George dervin we beenin contact for 3 months and need to know more Thanks

        • Mary Ann,
          This is Dawn’s hubby. The IP will run to the Yahoo Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. I have 3 other women that are being scammed by him. What I have found is that this is coming from Nigeria and this is a common scam. Did he give you a phone number? If so don’t call it as it may charge you a great amount for the call. The photo’s were capture from other people off the internet. Search FB and there is another Dervin George scamming the India women. That guy is a model and I am still hunting down his real name as we speak. This person isn’t who he says he is. That’s a fact! Look on He is there and says that Luckylori1 is special to him. I will be contacting some federal and local agencies about him. Sorry! Nice meeting you the other night at the shell station.

        • Mary Ann try to check the ip hope this helps be careful you wanted this info because it sounds like this scammer has already told you an outrageous lie let me guess hes retiring soon and needs money to get back to the US so the both of you can live happily ever after right? or he needs money for his Son who is with a caretaker and he cant access his funds

          Military members have access to their money at ALL times and will not need you money or assistance for any reason since the military takes care of its own hope this helps Anonn

      • He is still doing this and is on several Social sIte’s, Facebook and MyYearBook are two of his sites. I know of two women that he is seeing so far and I know for a fact that he has asked money from one person. I am retired from the USAF and it ticks me off that he is ripping people off. Some of his friends maybe married women whom they feel their marriage may have lost their romance, not getting the attention like they did prior to having kids, or just lost the love for their husband because of the everything nice being said to them. They will be the real silent victims as they will send money, but when they figure out they have been scammed, won’t be able to pursue after them through Law Enforcement agencies. Hopefully they will be able to recover their marriage’s. They use obituaries to use names and get pictures off the internet to fit their scam, age, so on and so forth. Dervin George is using this name twice, here in the United States and in India. This person is also using the name Robert Grey (Gray) and I really haven’t scrapped the top of this crap yet. GO to these Social sites and report abuse and try to get them off of these sites. Yes, they will use another name and start over but that’s work for them. The sooner they are caught and removed from the social sites the better. May them work is key. Look out for profiles that have all women as friends or majority of friends are women. 9 to 1 is a red flag. Good luck ladies!

        • He contacted me through FaceBook as SGT Williams Jack or Jack Williams. All contact was hell bent on the end game of soliciting monies from me. I told him that we got you, all of you you bastard so run back to your dating sites but we will get you there too/bad english/bad forms/bad attention to scam detail blew him wide with me and know they are rotating shifts so one guy talks to you (he is diff personality) and then another picks up and yes they use yahoo site as their modus operandi. Whatever I said scared the shit out of him because he disintegrated his FB site Williams Jack that afternoon with no doubt a fake picture as you stated and his DOB was JAN 5 1964 and his only info was dating site ZOOTZ with as you stated random stuff and western union was to IL and thinking OHIO, etc. east coast ties picking up the monies. He tries to tie things to official Air Force business and that is why he really needs to be hung as don’t mess with my fly boys PERIOD. It is enough that our boys are kiling themselves daily for us but to have this ring soiling our military is WRONG. he said he had two kids in colorado that needed my support. he said i am their mother now and to send 700 western union which i never did. he provided me ARMY type forms, all bogus stuff, and I bailed with my nasty we got you, all of you and he caved his FB site, but he is now back into the other sites, etc. no doubt so beware all of you scammer central.

        • Troy D. Turner contacted me on the facebook app “Are You Interested”. I see his name mentioned by Michelle Monaghan. He’s so sweet and perfect I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten 10 cavities a day! He hasn’t asked me for money yet or for anything else. I’m glad my BS meter started working again. Wow, this is an awesome scam. I see a lot of women getting duped by this one. I think my total of 3 emails were pretty generic. He’s a fast, sweet talker…and he just can’t stop staring at my beautiful picture on his screensaver. lol. Never have I been so greatful for my years as a prison nurse! Hallelujah! Hang in there ladies and if it looks to good to be true it probably is!

        • Hi, I have been a victim as well!! Well he never asked for money, but this guy found me on Zoosk. His name is Troy D. turner Master Sgt. His Zoosk profile says he lives in McKinney, TX. And then stated he is in Afghanistan. I have 3 emails and 5 pictures. Wow, I’m floored!! I actually fell for it, but only about a week. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

          Holly Lyon

    • I think I might be a victim of this scam.
      I started to write to

      He is supposedly Martine I’m Martin Maine Hugent, Dallas, Texas and am of 48years old single.

      We have been doing IM through Yahoo and writing emails. He is supposed to come back to USA in March. So far no money or anything else has been asked, but after reading all these stories, I think I might being scammed.

      Has this name used before?

      Thank you!

      Best regards,
      Pili Grafton

      • @ Phili yes this is a scammer unless you have seen him on webcam chat for an interactive chat for at least an hour if you have never seen this person he could be anyone and if he is a Marine then tell him to get on cam and prove it if he asks you for help for any reason or money or to send you any money he is a SCAMMER the military will not need you money nor assistance for ANY reason DO NOT give this scammer any personal information do NOT Ever send money to anyone you do not know and never assume that anyone who finds you on any social network and claim to be an US Military member is telling you the truth because real US Military members have no time to search social networks to find people to beg for money or assistance but SCAMMERS do

        if he is a Marine ask him to scan and send you a copy of his State ID and Military Id card hint Military Id cards cannot be duplicated and you will know if it is a fake or photo shopped

        Ask him to email you from his military email address it should end anything beyond .mil is a FRAUD
        Ask hm what base he deployed from and what State its in while you have an interactive chat on web cam if he needs time and cannot either tell you what base he deployed from while chatting face to face or what state the base is in without having to google it then he is a LIAR if he has excuses as to why he cant use the webcam then he is a scammer.

        • Hello…I just read of the few scaming storys…I have contact with Lt.General William B.Caldwell…I’m …after the scam storys..not sure:really is He…Can I get the He’s real e-mail address and tell Him shortly the story and chek up:He or not…If I deal the scammer I will be apologised from Him……Please,answer me fast how is possible…Thank you so much…

      • @ Pili you typed this……………….Dallas, Texas and am of 48years old single……….I can tell you just from reading this he is a SCAMMER Texas is my home and we definitely do not speak like this this is an African and his home is NOT Texas nor is it in the US he is a scammer period.

      • My Sgt Chris started from he wanted my yahoo id to get me off the site. He said he was on for 5 times and no one answered his profile…Sad thing is…he was the only man who answered my profile. Am and was being scammed big time….Sent money to Africa, and Italy and even went to Spain to meet him. He couldn’t get to Spain.. he lost is pass port and phone in a bombing in Italy.

        Can some one help me get some satisfaction from this ugly relationship…IDK put some body in Jail or get money from him. Helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

        • Mary, a few days ago I subscribed to and a guy claimed to me a soldier in Afganistan. He says his name is Chris Hawkins. He immediatley wanted to start talking to me on Yahoo IM, so I have been for 2 days. He seems really sweet, and sent me 3 picts..but after reading these stories now I am getting scared. He wants me to mail him some toiletry items, candy, cookies, etc. Does this sound like the same guy?

        • Hi Mary,
          I have the same story of a Sergeant Chris Lauseng. He met me on Christian mingle dating sight. Wanted to get off there and go on yahoo instant messageing/ e-mail ” So he could have me all to my self” Im sorry to say I have sent him things in the mail that he has requested. The letter’s are so passionate, and loving. I guess coming from a christian sight I didn’t expect him to lie to me. After reading your letter, ant the others, I know now I’m being scammed. I would like to get my money that he promised he would pay me, But I think its gone for good. The story is his is retiring at the end of the month, wants to come home to me and live happily ever after. Of course his rich, and wants to buy a house when he gets here.

      • I have and been exposed to this person and he switches to a different name several times,
        I have, after a couple of letters
        he asks for money,
        when last he was contractor for the toms engeniering, but he gets no money from me, and I do not either receive free money or send any money to someone I dont know.

        the last time he sent the letter he calls himself or even 55 @ hotmail, com, he uses the same images of a named michael .. and I reacted very quickly when I was almost two years ago wrote a short period with a man named Michael,
        until the question was about money,
        the michael was a scam and profile that would buy gold in South Africa, sorry for him, but I told my bank account is not yours. He asked if I could receive free a package from him,
        lol what did he do?
        Well I wanted to see how far he went and he thought it would come one from the embassy, and deliver me this package but I had to pay him several thousand dollars,
        He again get the message, No honny sorry but I do not want. accept anything you send

        and not I send any money, this person says he is, has. been in service in the U.S. Army, either as a gene, or a soldier. or Sergeant

    • also add Sgt Chris Lauseng: OMG I have sent so much money and all the things listed are exactly what has happened to me How can I get my money back

      • I have also been talking to Sgt Chris Lauseng and he has asked for money for a leave request but so far i have not given any. I am so glad i say your post on here, and now i definately wont be doing it.

        • Hello,

          This is to all the ladies. This is the real Chris Lauseng and yes someone is using my name and alot of my information to scam women out of money. I wish I could catch this crook and make him/them pay. I dont know what to tell you all but beware of anyone using the name Chris Lauseng and asking for money or a relationship.

      • I think we all need to band together and find a way to nail these bastards. Please feel free to email me with any ideas or just a shoulder to cry on I was gotten by a Sgt Sigmund Witt.

        • Hello Karleen, there are also scammers posing as females out there. A Sgt Paula Mosites (US Army Afghanistan) has tried to scam money from me for leave applications processing.

          Be careful.
          Kind regards Kenny

      • Hi Mary my name is Phyllis I’m the future Mrs. Lauseng ..I meet christ on muimeet .com he was using the name haddyfox he never. Told me his name was chris however he told me his id was stolen off my so he stopped, using chris He stated that a scam was committed using his

    • Has anyone heard the name Denies Rechard his email is I met him on POF dating site and chatted with him. He says he is a deployed soilder. However, I seen through the crap and did not get scammed when I was asked to send money for home leave. the email that I sent a request to was It prompted me to go to a website http// and fill out a form. thier return email stated I needed to send 2100 dollars to a bank account in new york. the email had the bank info with a routing and account number listed to David Coker. I have been making efforts to report this to someone .

      • Melissa, Yes hes doing the same thing to me and saying hes a soldier same thing he said to you.. OMG!! I met him on too.. Said hes at Afghan and wanted me to request him for leave and get him home asap..

      • Is this what you got to send to New York? bank name – Citibank Newyork

        Address – 111 wall street,newyork

        NY 10043 ,USA

        customer name- Springbank plc,

        Account Number -36125024

        swift code – citius33

        Routing no – 021000089..,swiftcode sprgngla and for further

        credit to David coker account no; 0951602000462

      • I can’t believe for falling for this guy and then comes to find out some thing is not right.. I think hes is using someone else photo and think that you’re talking to that guy.. I did reported to the Army.. What Pictures did he send you of him?

    • Ya I got hit on by a “Sgt Sigmund Witt” I actually knew something was off when he needed “$2000 because I didn’t make it on the list to go home and now in order to get to you I have to bribe my way onto a NATO plane. I love you and want to be with you and this is the only way.” Believe me he didn’t get any money from me and I want to do something about this. If anyone has any idea how I can help nail the b…..d let me know. I don’t want other women planning weddings to a man that never will be. Any ideas please contact me

    • oh puhlease…dang soldiers in afghanistan hahahaha thinking they’d gain sympathy oh yeah…add DAVID L ARNOLD to those names sissies!

    • It is 7/15/13-I was just sent a request from skype to talk to Heli Christos Miller,,,,if this is a scammer and he has been known about for so long, why is he still scamming? I google his name as he claims to be a 3 star general,and I end up here. I can only hope the next person he contacts does the same.

      • Pls julie this person name heli christo miller his us army general his scammer belueved me bcous he scam alots of money to me his still scamming out there

    • Has anyone heard of Robert Travis Massingale? He is on Facebook, pretty sure he is a scammer! Just wish I could ask him something military wise he couldn’t answer! Any info would be appreciated. Yes I do have pictures! Just wish I new how to get in touch with the real person and let them know their pictures are being used!

    • Add Micheal Collins to this list. He messaged me on Kik messenger and Match & Chat. His commander is named David George (same person as Michael I believe). He wanted me to send him money to keep his internet on and he was supposedly shot in the leg. He needed me to send him money for surgery to keep his leg from being amputated. I told him good luck with that and told him why I wasn’t the one. He got very upset and started calling me names in broken English Nigerian style. The name of the only person in the compound that had an ID was named Oluwakemi Shikirat Cole. He was supposedly the translator and would pick up the money. The day before Micheal had asked me if I had a Facebook and I said yes but that I rarely ever got online there. (Side note: Remember the names Cole and Collins) I told him to not even worry about sending me a friend request because it was pointless. He said ok. Then the next day I received a notification that I had a friend request from a “Nick Mick Cole (Collins) in St Louis”…the odds of that made me immediately suspect foul and a fake profile. Micheal supposedly was Caucasian and the request was from a man of African American descent. Micheal had called me from restricted number and talked really low for about 6 seconds until I asked him to speak up so I could understand. He then hung up and started texting. Other times he would text from (708)733-7077. We talked for a couple of months and he was dead set that we were going to spend the rest if our lives together and thanking God daily that he found me. Ha…I’m. Blonde but not that blonde. I have about 20 pics and a few poems and thousands of texts. I really would like to find the real soldier to let him know about his pictures being stolen. If anyone knows anything like this please contact me.

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