Superintendent Moore Gets Demoted?


Huntsville City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Ann Roy Moore, accepted a compromise to end negotiations about whether or not to extend her contract. The school board voted today on the compromise that would allow the incompetent superintendent to finish out her nearly $200,000 per year job through the 2011 school. As of June 2011, Dr. Moore will be “demoted” to a mere advisory position to the incoming superintendent that will pay a mere….exactly what she’s making as superintendent ($197,686 a year).

So, a superintendent that allowed illegal searches and seizures of students, supported illegal interference in business relationships, and alienated and ostracized parents throughout the district will make another $400,000 of tax payer money. This after firing over 200 teachers to pay for what she blamed on “pro ration”.

Last year, we attended a school board meeting in which Dr. Moore was complaining about the school budget out of one side of her mouth while advocating that she be given another assistant from the other. That position would have paid between $40,000 and $60,000. When asked if she would accept a pay cut, Dr. Moore responded, “depends on how drastic the pay cut is.” Tell that to the 200+ teachers to whom you gave a 100% pay cut, Dr. Moore! I say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Instead of addressing the real issues of why parents are opposed to Dr. Moore, her racist supporters decided to use just that – racism – to complain about the decision.

“The racists want her gone,” said Madison County Racist Commissioner Bob Harrison, “because they don’t want a school system that still has a majority white population headed by a black woman.”

Is that not the most ignorant and racist thing you’ve ever heard? I knew many black parents who couldn’t stand Dr. Moore and are happy to see her go. If you ask me – whom some would call a “white male” – the racist in our midst is Dr. Moore and her cronies. It didn’t escape me that when I was having my issues with the school system, I was up against a black female PTA president, a black female regional PTA president, a black female principal, a black female school liaison officer, a black male First Sergeant, and black female superintendent. And while all these people were attacking me, a black female parent who was more vociferous and angry than I was was never so much as cautioned.

I’m glad to see Dr. Moore go, but not because she’s black. Because she’s incompetent and ruined an excellent school system! I just wish we didn’t have to waste another nearly half million dollars on this woman before she is let go. I can’t say I don’t have a huge smile across my face, either.

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  1. CJ, Would you please investigate and report how many superintendents and assistants contracts have been bought out since 1990. Also investigate whether the superintendent before Dr. Moore bought the district to near bankrupt. Please investigate whether during her tenure there was the highest reserves in district (% wise) ever. Please investigate how many time she asked for cuts to avoid a major layoff during the previous years of proration. Investigate whether the boards chose to continue draining the reserve and spending more than coming in. Please investigate the level of training teachers got since Dr. Moore’s contract. Believe you have been closed on this issue because of your impending litigaton. You argued with Janet who gave a personal account of how things got better. So can I. She is SO disliked because she requires people to earn their pay. It is so hard for her to meet with everyone who wants to meet with her. There are so many frivolous complaints it is hard to prior meeting with parents when she should meet with etc. I found it better to start with the Assistants and was please each time. I do like your investigative skills but not quite sure you have fully utliized them in discussing Dr. Moore.

    Also when my supervisor makes a ruling, I go with it as long as it is not immoral, illicit, or illegal. I do get my say. But, end discussion when told to – to do what is best for the organization and its image. I salute the flag and go forward.

  2. As a person who served in this countries Great Army I don’t appreciate that symbol being used in conjuction with your person agenda. If you respect that organization seems you would know that!

    • James, CJ did NOT bring the Army into this. THEY DID. This woman went to his command and started saying a whole bunch of crap about him.

      Because of THEIR LIES, the Army was about to hit CJ with something that would have, quite literally, killed his career. No possible chance for advancement ever again. And when his current enlistment was coming to an end, they would give him the gentle and not so gentle hints that he should leave the Army for good.

      CJ is an honorable and brave man. And they tried to ruin him. So now Karma comes back and bites them on the ass.

  3. What will be funny is how much money the city will be paying for her actions…

  4. When I was in high school in Germany, the principal was horrendous. But, even then, as a senior, I knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere. She was a black woman. When a minority – or in this case, a “double minority” – is incompetent, it’s harder to get rid of them than it would be for an equally incompetent white male, and that’s all because “they” know they’ll be accused of racism in getting rid of the person. It’s pretty sh*tty, but that’s the way it is. And, that behavior (the cries of racism) makes it harder on the competent minority people: there will be people who, because of the actions of the incompetent claiming discrimination, will wonder if other minority persons will be the same way.

  5. I am disappointed that all of this happened. You may not think this reeks of racism, but this is not an uncommon occurrence in this school system. When I was in middle school, we had a great principal. She moved the school forward and promoted a lot of programs that helped students. When she didn’t do exactly what some very powerful members of that community wanted, she was fired. It didn’t matter what she was doing to help because all they could see was that she was different. There were meetings held at parks to talk about getting rid of her, and they were reminiscent of the kind of things you’d hear about Klan meetings. After that, it seemed that anytime that someone who was different stepped out of line, they were canned. One of the members of the movement to get rid of that principal joined the school board, and things got bad for a little while.

    When Dr. Moore began as superintendent, things got better. They really did. I have lived in this town my entire life, and she is probably the best superintendent that I have ever seen. There have been ones that were deplorable. She has always tried her best.

    Being Superintendent isn’t about pleasing people. It isn’t about making one group (even a loud group) happy. It is about taking care of the needs of the system as a whole.

    Dr. Moore has done this.

    As for your complaints about her paycheck? By law, if they start her during the next 2 years, they have to pay her for the entire 2 years at the salary that she would have gotten in the first place. She’s under contract. Contract laws are binding by definition.

    • Never mind her lies to Army officials, the school board, and the press about what she knew and didn’t know her principal was doing. That’s not important because we’re just racist? Never mind her incestuous relationships with developers that took precedence over parental concerns. Never mind her lack of accountability, integrity, and equality for ALL.

      So, what were these “programs that helped students”?

      • And what about the rest of the school board? Why not call for their resignations? They’re elected officials and they participate in all kinds of crap. They do the exact same things, whether they say they do, that you accuse her of.

        Programs that helped students was a reference to the school principal I’d had. She promoted programs that helped encourage more emphasis be put on education instead of sports. She helped choir and band equally, instead of putting an emphasis on just the band (which was what the previous principal did).

        You seem to be most upset with Dr. Moore because she didn’t do exactly what YOU wanted. She has more than just your school to deal with. And how do you know exactly about her relationships and lies with groups? Do you follow her everywhere or anything? Or do you just make statements about what she does without doing research? You’re making a big stink about her because you assume that she’s just looking out for number 1, right? But how do you know this for a fact? It’s one thing to believe this, but to allege it in a public forum, such as a blog, is inane.

        • Janet, I have called for their resignations, believe me! Every single person on that board needs to be fired, especially Jennie Robinson.

          How do I know about her lies? I was engaged in a lawsuit against her. I have emails, taped phone conversations, and face to face contact with her to compare against what she’s said in board meetings and to the press.

          It’s interesting you talk about choir and band. My daughter played clarinet. Her teacher showed up MAYBE 20% of the time. The other 80% of the class was used to complete homework and the occasional scale exercises. When we finally pulled her from Huntsville City Schools, she was so far behind in her new school that the teacher was tutoring her before and after school just to help her with reading music. My daughter is an A student too, so none of that “it was your daughter, not the school” crap. The choir was equally poor instruction according to my neighbor.

          So, again, what programs are you talking about? You say “programs that helped encourage more emphasis be put on education instead of sports” and I say, What programs? Don’t come in there with “inane” (to use your word) comments without backing them up and doing YOUR research.

          I don’t go off half-cocked, Janet. When I pay $12,000 for a lawsuit on a Soldier’s paycheck, you better believe I have my ducks in a row!

  6. This is politics at its finest. If they want to get rid of her, why on earth would they keep her around to ruin the new superintendent?

    I think you’re right, though. If you want to find out who the racist is– 9 times out of 10 it’s the person calling everyone else a racist.

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