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Eva Gardos has worked very hard on the movie based on my book and story. Eva won second place in the Cynosure 2009 Screenwriting Awards in the Female Protagonist catagory. Producer, Julia Verdin of ‘Rough Diamond Production’ has a short synopsis of the script on her web site. Please check her and her site out, she is a really cool lady.

CINDY IN IRAQ  Executive Producer: Susan Hoffman  Producer: Julia Verdin  Co-Producers: Margaret Riley and Jason Blum  Director: Eva Gardos  Screenplay by: Eva Gardos

Director & Screenplay by: Eva Gardos

Executive Producer: Susan Hoffman

Producer: Julia Verdin

Co-Producers: Margaret Riley and Jason Blum


“Cindy In Iraq” is the story of Cindy Morgan, a single mother, struggling with men and struggling to support her kids. When she loses her job and can no longer support her kids, she takes a job as a civilian truck driver in Iraq.

The government contractor, G.U.T. operates directly in the war zone, and sends them into the war zone with no weapons or training. Cindy, as the only female driver, is singled out and prejudiced against, especially by her convoy leader, Sean, an ex-Vietnam veteran, and a real hard-ass.

In order to keep in touch with her kids, Cindy begins sending e-mails back and forth. These get forwarded around, and eventually she is a landline of information for people across the United States. Cindy then decides to start a website called “Cindy In Iraq,” which provides a behind-the-scenes perspective of the war, telling the public the real truths behind what exactly is going on in Iraq.

When their Assistant Convoy Commander returns home, Cindy volunteers for the open position, and proves herself more than capable of handling it. Her new closeness to Sean, and the trust forming between them sparks on a passionate night, making love as the world goes to hell around them.

The prejudice has not ended against Cindy, however. On Christmas night, as she lies in her bed, longing for her children, an American soldier knife enters her room andrapes her at knife point. Holding herself together and telling no one, Cindy accepts her new job as Convoy Commander and starts winning the respect of the men under her command, as she saves their lives on her first mission.

Still shaken up by the events of Christmas night, scared to tell anyone, Cindy becomes cold and calloused. It is only when Sean returns from a mission gone terribly wrong that they are able to reconnect and Cindy is able to tell someone about her ordeal. Sean convinces her to stand up for herself and report it the head of the company. He tells her to “forget about it” and “have a little sense of fun.” The last things this company wants to do is to put their multimillion dollar in jeopardy. Not only does she warn the other women to protect themselves, but she posts details of it on her website to spread the word.

In retaliation, Cindy gets her next assignment: a near-suicide mission to deliver food, supplies, and ammunition to soldiers fighting in Basra, Iraq’s largest oil fields. The mission is full of peril, and the convoy is ambushed. In a last ditch effort, Cindy orders the caravan into a circle, and the truckers try to endure a hail of gunfire and explosions.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the G.U.T. officials are trying to shut down Cindy’s website and get rid of her. After successfully delivering much needed supplies to the stranded US Soldiers and saving the life of one of them she returns to camp and is fired by her company.

This script is based on the true story of Cynthia Morgan. Her book “Cindy in Iraq” was published by Free Press. Her stories are on her website:

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