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Business As Usual…With a Twist

Ahhh, Monday. The beginning of another KAF-tastic week here in the waterless beaches of Afghanistan. At least, they USED to be waterless. That’s right – I woke up today to an odd smell; and it wasn’t the Poo… Read More

Fobbits Kill

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little about “fobbits.” I won’t rehash the term since I just linked it, but I want to talk about the “fobbit mentality.” There is a distinctive difference between the fobbit… Read More

A Fobbit’s Life For Me

Fobbit. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “fobbit” is “a term used to describe soldiers in Iraq [and Afghanistan] that rarely if ever leave the relative safety of the Forward Operating Base (FOB).” Image courtesy of Mark Baker…. Read More