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Not Another Michael Yon Post?!

It boggles my mind, really. I’m open to anyone that has an answer for why Michael Yon, a disgraced former military blogger living in Thailand currently relegated to inane commentary on news stories, cats, food, and bugs, continues… Read More

The Dishonesty of Michael Yon

Now that I’ve made a decision to seriously take a look at running for state office, Michael Yon’s Google Alert on my name (it’s a stalker’s best friend) has been going haywire. Anytime I am mentioned, he can’t… Read More

Michael Yon Continues to Lose Credibility (If It’s Possible to Lose MORE)

My wife and I had an interesting conversation last night. She mentioned that disgraced former military writer Michael Yon hadn’t mentioned me in quite some time. Usually, friends or acquaintances will let me know when Michael Yon has… Read More

The Hypocrisy of Michael Yon

I’ve remained silent on this blog and in correspondence with the disgraced and dishonorable blogger Michael Yon long enough. It seems Michael is a pro at leveling baseless accusations using fake “sources”, but when it comes to having… Read More

The Accountability of Michael Yon

I’m making this post public because it’s high time Michael Yon ate his words. I’ve tried ignoring him for two years now and he’s like a cancer without a cure. I don’t share this to pump myself up… Read More

Newsweek Open Carry Article

Several cases for arrested open carry advocates are making the news. CJ has court next week to clear up the charges related to his arrest back in March. From what I understand, it will be 2-3 days long,… Read More

Michael Yon Integrity Check

UPDATE 7/28/13–Submitted by LL: For anybody who is coming here because Yon has yet again taken off after CJ, here’s a good roundup about what a total flippin’ stalker nutjob he is. ——————————— UPDATE 5/4/13–Submitted by CJ: Well,… Read More

Breaking The Silence

I’ve had enough of Michael Yon’s lies, libel, slander, and defamation of character. He sits there in the comfort of his Thai village with his iPad purchased with the donations of people he’s suckered into believing his tripe… Read More

ISAF Responds to Irresponsible, Agenda-Driven Journalism

Sgt. Robert Cowdrey, a flight medic in Company C., 3rd Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade, prepares a casualty in a rescue sled to be hoisted hundreds of feet into a Black Hawk helicopter during a training… Read More

A Little Perspective Is In Order

UPDATE 17 Apr 2013: Welcome Blaze readers. For more information about the attacks and false claims against me by Michael Yon, please see THIS, THIS, and THIS post. [UPDATE 29 Sep 11: I’ve cut off comments to this… Read More

Who’s Stalking Whom?

This is a serious charge, so I’m going to calmly respond to it. It was sent to me because of concern that Yon might be trying to lay some groundwork to go after my career again. I told… Read More

The Real Michael Yon

My biggest fan, Michael Yon, sent me an email today after presumably eating too many of those funny brownies! This twitter site has been forwarded to me. What do you have to say for yourself? http://twitter.com/Mike_Yon — Very… Read More

The Irony of Michael Yon

It’s no surprise that there’s no love lost between Michael Yon and I, especially since he attacked me (and ostensibly all troops with PTSD) on his Facebook page, telling his ravenous following to “take it easy on [me].”… Read More

The Fallacy of Yon (Part III – Conclusion)

This one will be quick and to the point. Talking about Michael Yon seriously makes me want to hurl. So, I’m going to address the OPSEC issue. He asked me to prove where I think he’s violated OPSEC… Read More

The Fallacy of Yon (Part I)

Unlike Michael Yon, I have a real job that doesn’t involve traipsing around foreign countries taking blurry photos of water, mountains, etc. I’m training for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan which means my internet access is limited. As… Read More