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Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC Speech

In case you missed NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC speech, I offer it here.

NRA-LOD Presents Defending Our America

NRA Life of Duty’s newest program dissects three words: “Defending Our America.” We want to share what this phrase means — not to politicians or talking heads on the news — but to the people with their boots… Read More

NRA-LOD: The Patriot Profiles Outlaw Platoon

In 2006, a platoon of men stationed near the Pakistani border sat in the crosshairs of some of the Taliban’s best trained and fiercest fighters. They were not elite members of any Special Forces team or Special Operations… Read More

NRA-LOD: Frontlines Episode 10: Chicago

NRA Life of Duty correspondent Chuck Holton reports from one of the most surprisingly dangerous places in the world… Chicago. Violence in Chicago is growing by the second and while gang fragmentation may have something to do with… Read More

The NRA is on the Frontlines of Defending the Second Amendment

I try to keep up with any discussion on gun control, the Second Amendment (2A), and bills being considered that affect our right to keep and bear arms (RKBA). So, it’s only logical that I would find the… Read More

Ollie North Joins NRA-Life of Duty

Retired Marine LTC Oliver North is launching a new video series with NRA-Life of Duty that will report on the various “frontlines” from all over the world. Below is the trailer for the first report. NRA-LoD plans to… Read More