The Accountability of Michael Yon

I’m making this post public because it’s high time Michael Yon ate his words. I’ve tried ignoring him for two years now and he’s like a cancer without a cure. I don’t share this to pump myself up but to warn – again – that if Michael Yon ever steps foot back in the United States I will slap a defamation and libel suit on his ass faster than a Thai take-out place can read back his order. Yon has not merely suggested that I am a case of Stolen Valor or stated he “thinks” I’m a case of Stolen Valor. He states such as a matter of fact. He also states as fact that I lied about helping with the capture of 8 of the top 55 Iraqi leaders in 2003. He also claims I never saw combat. He has reported these and other false claims (like threatening to kill him) as fact both on his public Facebook page and his personal blog. I have screenshots galore, so even if he goes back and deletes these references, I have them. So, I offer this up to again discredit a man that has little or no credibility left. He should be shaking in his Thai sandals with this realization.

He has interferred in a police investigation by contacting Temple Police Department and County Prosecutors and passed these lies on to them. Just as he did in Afghanistan when he falsely accused me and other, he won’t fill out a sworn statement under oath because he doesn’t want to be jailed for perjury.

Defamation – Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.

Libel – To publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others.

Slander – Oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.

This is the NCOER I received in July while in Fallujah, Iraq. Feel free to share this far and wide. I’m not afraid. You can read more about Yon’s lies here.


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  1. As someone with a BSM/V I can tell you that they are not handed out. I saw Michael Yon’s comment and citation and he comments that the award should have a specific date. I will tell you mine is for a specific date but it just gives a general range of dates. It has to do with who wrote it up. The BSM/V was earned by MSG Grisham.

    • DC, and like me I’m sure you don’t go around parading your narrative where everyone can see it, right? I have nothing to prove to Michael Yon and his sycophants just as you have nothing to prove. Thank you for your service and your comment.

  2. CJ,

    This military dating scamming is all new to me. So I have spent quiet a few hours on this website. Wow, talk about finding the info I had been looking for. Okay, the question is who in the world is this Michael Yon. Or perhaps you shouldn’t answer that for he might get his panties in a bunch. lol. Okay, in all seriousness. I see a connection that might or might not be. So maybe you can help me out with this.

    Okay, the scammer I was so lucky to meet was named, “Micheal Harris” just a few weeks ago. I have a strong feeling it is the latest “Jackson Adam” make over. I was very happy to see you’re commitment to disclose this fraud. Now that was back in Feb of 2010, just curious are you still sticking to this commitment or have you come to your senses and realized that such a low-life like him doesn’t merit your time and effort? Well, I know what answer I want to hear for that question. But I’ll let you answer it for me.

    The connection I think I see……. the following are some of the fake military lover boys: Michael James, Michael Boers, Michael Dimeo, Michael Farris, Micheal Harris (too original…lol…. a change of a letter, really?), and then there was Newman Michael. He must have ran out of letters to change so he got really creative and switched his first name for his last name. Goodness, you got to be kidding me. So, the big question……… is this Michael Yon just another one of this Michael’s multiple personalities? One thing that stood out was his comment to the effect of “to what gain should I provide the proof”. Well this Mr. Micheal Harris responded with similar words when I first told him I had figured out he was a scam. First he responded with, “do you evening know what fraud is? I haven’t asked you for nothing.” When I asked for proof by emailing me from his .mil email address, giving me the name of his deployment base, and his squadron. He said something to the same effect of, “for what gain?” Coincidence? I met a Martin Jackson back in Nov 2012 when I first got on this crazy roller coaster ride. His grammar was very rough, so I made a comment about how English must be a second language. Well needless to say he never answered back. Crazy part is that I thought nothing of it until now. So basically this guy new he was messing with me specifically. I also met one other military guy on eharmony stationed in Hawaii but serving in middle east with a little girl with his mother. Shut the front door….. I am at this very moment putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Nah, it couldn’t have been the same jerk. You don’t think this sicko gets a kick out of setting a target and doing all he can to reach it? If so, he’s mental and it’s not just about the money! Aaahhh! Okay, moving on……

    One more question, I really think more needs to be done about this. Being a veteran of the USAF, my four years of service helped tremendously in recognizing this jerk of a fraud. But what defense do these other woman have? I do acknowledge that a human being should have the sense to not send money to a complete stranger they just met. But I consider myself educated, finishing up my master’s degree this December, yet I still fell for the smooth talking for a while there. The crazy part is that I showed many of the texts to my co-workers (in education) and no one including myself found anything suspicious about it. Until the last few messages of, “oh, I got to go for now because I need to email my best friend Jeff for money because ‘Mimi’ (the 3 yr daughter) is sick and I have no means to send money to my late wife’s sister who is caring for her in Australia.” Now, I must say my co-workers never had a chance to read that message to determine if it sounded suspicious. Lol. I felt like a big enough fool without them thinking the same thing.

    I really think these dating sights should allow postings of such stories available by a click of a button their websites. Especially the big players like,, and yes, also Now if site members decide they don’t want to click on the button then they don’t have to. But it should be made available for those that do want to play it safe. Do you have any suggestions where I could get the ball rolling on this? Pretty sure they will turn a deaf ear because it’s all about the money. But it has to be worth a shot. Will it help if I compose a list of past reported user id’s, names, emails, phone #’s, etc? I am willing to put my actions behind my words. And if this message wasn’t posted quiet yet, I am pretty confident that I can reel him back in. Because even after he knew I had figured him out as a fraud, he was still persistent on keeping me hooked. He sent me messages, with I still love you. And you fell in love with me not the people in the picture. The last, “I love you” was November 7th. Just an idea.

    Well, I have rambled on long enough. I do hope I hear back from you. If not, well I do understand you’re a busy person. At the very least just let me thank you for taking time to read my long message and mostly for providing a place for so many victims to voice their stories. By doing so, you gave them (us) a means to start putting this undeserved disappointment behind us in the past. Hopefully making each one of us, just a little bit more wiser.

    Thank You,
    The Texan with Moxy !!


    I did a FOIA request which was a simple e-mail. Ms. Cynthia Blanch from the Army’s Human Resource Command (directed from FOIA) stated there weren’t any other documents uploaded with this award. If I had to choose between MSG Grisham and Michael Yon, a man who killed another man in a drunken bar fight and who took another Soldier’s weapon and blindly fired three rounds into a shop where a CSM was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy, I’ll stick with MSG Grisham. His actions were nothing short of brave that day. Mr. Yon is not a smart man.


  4. Well, I see my posts, which I took quite a bit of time to research and compose have been deleted from his site. I can only presume he deleted my input.

    I think I see now what you’re talking about. He wants to control the narrative, and isn’t very professional about his conduct. I’m sorry to see you’re a target of Mr. Yon’s unsubstantiated assertions, and character assassination MSG Grisham. I wish you the best, and hope people see Mr. Yon for what he is.



    • nm121244, thank you for at least taking the time to research, look around, and ask pertinent questions. It is unfortunate that so many people believe his lies, but in the end, CJ knows he has nothing to prove. CJ has given me a lot of leeway over the years to document Yon’s lies, against his better judgement, because CJ knows it is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, but for open-minded individuals like you, I have always felt it was important to set the false record straight. Thank you. I have despaired for a long time that his lies and censorship went unnoticed. You restore my faith a little.

  5. Good morning LL,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. From the links you provided, it looks like Mr. Yon should post multiple retractions, and offer an apology. I’m sure that won’t happen since most people have a hard time with admitting error. I see from the link the BSM narrative is available via a FOIA request, too?

    It’s a shame Mr. Yon is intentionally attacking Mr. Grisham’s service. From the outside looking in it’s fairly obvious Mr. Grisham’s record is truthful, and it’s Mr. Yon who is fabricating untruths.


    • nm121244, yes, an apology or correction or retraction would be the proper thing to do, but as you can see from the first link where I had to use the Wayback Machine, what Yon does is just hide/delete stuff after he is caught out in his lies and then he tries attacking from a different direction, changing the story slightly as he goes along. This has been an ongoing thing with Yon for 5 years or more. At this point, the evidence of his lies as I linked above should be sufficient for people to understand how that man works, and yet, here we are, with people like you who don’t know the whole story asking CJ to “prove” things. Any new FB followers Yon gathers, he drags out the lying “dispatches” and posts them up on his page and his followers are shocked and stunned at CJ’s perfidy. Since he deletes and bans anyone who argues that these are not truthful posts that Yon shares, it’s pretty much one-sided lying and people just lapping it up as Word From on High. Sickening.

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Here is a perfect example of what I said in terms of not answering, dancing around it, linking old blog posts with no actual primary source proof and as an added bonus, a threat to block.

      Now, my question to anyone who reads this besides our commenter, is this “proof?”

  6. Hi Cj,

    You said, “I am not willing to provide the citation to respond to Yon because I have no desire to respond to his every false accusation just to make him feel good about himself.”, but that’s not really the case. In fact, you’ve spent a lot of time rebutting what he has said (as evidenced by multiple posts here, on Twitter, Facebook, and various other venues), to include posting a copy of your evaluation here a few days ago (looks great, btw!). Your evaluation has never been a point of contention; it’s the citation. By posting your evaluation instead of the citation you do yourself a disservice because the action looks at best like misdirection, and at worst that you have something to hide.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of you not wanting to spend the time to simply upload your citation, because you’ve demonstrated, and will continue to demonstrate an endless stamina to sustain this feud (as he will too), and to protect your reputation (as you should). Why not post the citation? What good reasons do you have to put in the time consuming effort of posting pictures, evaluations, and other things as a rebuttal, but you can’t be bothered to post the very thing that would end this silly point?



    • nm12144, I would add to CJ’s comment that a year ago, Yon tried posting this as “evidence” that CJ didn’t have a BSM-V. So I wrote a post countering all that bullshit. Included in that post is a jpg image of CJ’s certificate. Then I wrote this post because Yon had to steal the image and write a bunch of other crap. So at what point do we just say ENOUGH. Yon will continuously make shit up, just as shown in this post, where one of the updates shows he will take even a joking hack post on CJ’s FB page by CJ’s wife and say shit about how she was using money in the indiegogo account (which was not even available at the time!!) for some big extravagant spending spree.

      Why don’t you go back to Yon and ask him for primary evidence, as in someone who served with CJ at the time he earned the medal, to prove that it either does not exist, as his original post stated a year ago, or that the V device was not earned in combat. He will say, as he always does, that he has already “proved” it wasn’t earned, which I can only assume he means his “dispatch” where he tied in Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman into some sort of weird ass 7 Degrees of Separation justification for all his claims. Isn’t he supposed to be some hot shot “writer?” Can he not do simple research, contacts, and due diligence or is that beyond his skills?

      See, the way it works is that if someone claims another has “stolen valor” through deception, it is HIS burden to prove it, not the other way around.

  7. Whoops. I forgot to add that posting your citation would put this issue to rest.

    • I am not willing to provide the citation to respond to Yon because I have no desire to respond to his every false accusation just to make him feel good about himself. It wouldn’t stop his incessant attacks against me and frankly the more he continues to defame and slander me the worse it will be for him if he ever comes back to the states. I’ve provided the citation to several media outlets in the past as part of their request for due diligence in reporting provided they don’t release it publicly. Why? Because I don’t like talking about that day. And Yon is not a reporter. He hasn’t even been with troops for over two years after being kicked out of Afghanistan for lying about being assaulted and having his life threatened. I did what I did that day to survive and protect my troops.  they know what i did and that is all that matters to me. Yon is not worth much of my effort. I’ve largely ignored him over the past two years in the hopes he would just go away. He hasn’t. Instead he keeps publishing lie after lie and his sycophants eat it like gospel. His defamation will cost him and I will continue giving him rope with which to hang himself. Every now and then, as I did with this post and the other that is linked at the end, I will provide some facts with proof that Yon is lying so people can see that they CAN’T trust what he says about me. Contrary to his narrative nearly everything he says about me is completely fabricated because he’s jealous of my success. That’s conjecture on my part, of course.

  8. Hi Cj,

    I’m sorry you and Michael have this nastiness between you. I’ve noticed the one thing he likes to repeat over and over is your combat award, Bronze Star with V device was simply an award given to many during that period of service.

    Would you mind taking a little time to rebut the specifics within Michael’s charges regarding this award? For example, he grouses that you haven’t provided the citation accompanying the Bronze Star award. Would you mind doing that? I think people ought to know that you did, indeed, dismount from your vehicle, and charge the enemy position alone. This would put this issue to bed.

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