The Bomb Drops On Ryan Zull

Remember this guy from St. Charles, MO?

In my updated post about Ryan Zull I noted several oddities about his uniform. My father, who spent 45 years in the Navy uniform, helped me with some of the specifics of which I was unaware. While possible, Zull would have had to be a stand-out Sailor to pin on his anchor. For the record, my father was one of those stand-out Sailors that did just that.

When I asked Zull personally about the inconsistencies with his story as well as his own military service, he told me I was basically barking up the wrong tree.

look im not trying to be rude but i dont know where your getting your information at. Local media and police has already looked into all these FALSE ALLIGATIONS and my official documents have been provided to them all. they have been proved to all be false rumors and lies spread by certain people in the st louis and have been delt with by the court system already.

Emphasis is mine. He also referred me to his lawyer and blocked any further requests for information. Likewise, his family refused to comment to inquiries about his service.

Last week, Gold Star Mother Julie Vinnedge went to court to defend herself against a restraining order filed by Zull. Ryan Zull claimed that Finnedge was harrassing him in her efforts to hold him accountable. Not only did the judge toss out his motion, but the lawyer to whom he referred me filed paperwork to withdraw representation. In other words, the lawyer had more integrity than Zull and wanted no part in his scams.

After the hearing, Zull’s mother apologized for her son’s actions towards Vinnedge and using Vinnedge’s son without permission. However, Ryan Zull never apologized or said a word of apology to Mrs. Vinnedge. So, there remained some unconfirmed allegations about his service. Well, not any more.

Yesterday, the Navy responded to my Freedom of Information Act request for Ryan Zull’s DD214. While heavily redacted for some reason, it does provide proof that he has been lying to everyone in his hometown about his military service.

According to Zull’s DD214, he only serve a little more than a year in the Navy. He only attained the rank of “SKSA,” which mean Seaman Apprentice, Storekeeper. One of the oldest Navy ratings, Storekeepers are tasked with maintaining ship or company military supply stores. Their responsibilities generally include purchasing and procurement, shipping and receiving, and issuing of equipment, tools, consumable items or anything else obtained through the Naval Supply System. However, the Navy stopped using that designation in 2009. Now only the Coast Guard uses it. Ryan Zull claimed to be a Chief Petty Officer, which I believe his DD214 would have identified him as CPO. Certainly box 4.b. would have said E7, not E2.

As for his awards, his DD214 only shows him having the National Defense Service, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon, and Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon. All these are “throw-away” ribbons, meaning anyone that makes it through boot camp and is assigned on a ship gets them. There is definitely no room for a Purple Heart or Legion of Merit in there.

Ryan Zull is a fraud and should be charged with fraud for using rank and military decorations he wasn’t awarded to commit fraud. He raised money from people based on the impression, both implied and verbal, that he was a decorated veteran. While the Constitution protects the rights of individuals to lie about themselves, it does NOT protect them to commit fraud with those lies.

Ryan Zull is a disgrace to his own service. I don’t know why he was discharged and I really don’t care. It is odd that his character of service and reason for separation were redacted. It seems to me that something really bad must have happened that they can’t share whether it was honorable, dishonorable or general, in my opinion.

In the end, I’m glad that we can give this Gold Star Mother and the people of St. Charles, MO, some closure and insight into this.

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  1. Even if a close friend wants you to use their criedt card details, I would recommend not doing it.If some random person offered you this, then its for sure illegal or shady. Stay away and protect yourself and the real victim (the true owner of that criedt card).Besides, if you were to go forward and get away with it, then scammers like the person that sent you that number will just keep on scamming us good people?Make sense?Have a good day and Happy Holidays.

  2. Can’t he be charged”stolen valor act” I do believe so and I think he should be…..fraud yes but stolen valor act will be charged also. Sad when we have heros that truly are heros that need help and someone like this is going to burn people to the point that the good people that do dig deep to help will now hesitate. True heros will suffer due to this act of stupidity

    • He’s being charged with fraud. The new Stolen Valor Act was passed AFTER these incidents took place, so this law can’t be used. The previous Stolen Valor Act was deemed, rightfully so, as unconstitutional.

  3. Ryan Moore- can u tell us more? Provide a link?

  4. He is also using a pro wrestling companies name he does not have the rights to to gain donations for a ‘Fallen Heroes’ campaign. The guy’s entire life is a fraud.

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  6. DD214 doesn’t lie. This is a true fraud. SKSA is a striker-not a storekeeper. He is under instruction to be a storekeeper. He isn’t smart enough to be a good fraud. He has a cover in his hand with the correct CPO emblem but with a gold chin strap. CPOs have a black chin strap. Officers have gold chin straps.

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