The Censorship of Yon

Michael Yon desperately needs to protect his reputation. People with intelligence have already seen through his Façade and abandoned him long ago (like the military has). So, it comes as no surprise that on his constant stream of posts about me on his Facebook page, he is quick to delete any comments by either people who know me or people who have researched his claims and call him out.

As a public figure, I try to keep tabs on what is said about me online. I have a Google alert that notifies me anytime my name is mentioned. That way, if there is defamatory, false, or libelous things written I can contact the author. A few days ago, I got the first news alert that was written about the dismissal of my lawsuit against Temple Police Department bully and liar, Steve Ermis, by a corrupt and frequently overturned federal judge Walter Smith Jr. This is the judge that oversaw the Branch Davidian trials in the 90s.


I immediately forwarded it to my wife and told her that within the day Yon would be posting the link on his page. Like Pavlov’s dog, the disgraced and discredited Yon posted the link as predicted. My favorite stalker also has a Google Alert on me so that he can follow my every move.


As is standard fair, Yon’s drones began reciting his carefully crafted narrative. Yon is a major donor to the philosophy that if you tell a lie enough times, people will believe it. In fact, he himself stated, “If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear. Yet to win the war, tell the truth.” No one epitomizes this ideology more than Yon. Over the years, he seems to have added to his mantra of not only avoiding the truth, but making up truths out of thin air and carefully ensuring that he can’t be discovered for the fraud he is.

A few of my friends said that they had left some comments on this posting of his, some of whom had served with me in Afghanistan and over the years. They sent me screenshots because they knew their comments would be deleted lest Yon lose more credibility. Here are some of the comments they made.







Amazingly, all but that last comment has disappeared and amazingly my wife’s comment is still up after more than 36 hours!!


Michael Yon is invested in keeping his followers in the dark. He deletes the comments that are damaging to his narrative and keeps the ones he thinks he can use to continue the libel and defamation against me. I know he’s read this blog and everything I’ve written, which is why he stays in Thailand. In spite of having the truth he continues to “avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear.” The few English speaking people that still follow him want to hear what Yon forcefeeds them and makes sure they aren’t educated on reality. Well, I’m always willing to insert reality into his little land of make believe. Mr. Rogers would be envious.

You can see for yourself whether these comments still exist by looking at his posting yourself. You can read about all of his lies – with accompanying evidence to the contrary – by clicking here. Sit back and get comfortable. You’re about to get a wealth of information

One Comment on “The Censorship of Yon

  1. I saw that weirdos comments. What stuck out to me the most was his attack on your wife. Really? He clearly has no boundaries and any “man”, would never attack a female in that manner. He is deeply troubled and will go to any length to show his hatred. This is the same type of behavior you see in abusers and stalkers. I bet if you looked into his past a little deeper you will uncover “mommy issues”. He is clearly troubled. Is he married?

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