The Complete Book of US Presidents (A Review & Contest)

Cover ImageDo you know which presidents never attended college? Do you know which president gave the longest state of union address and was also the president for only a month before his death? Do you know which was the first president to be awarded the Medal of Honor or which one saved a fellow sailor’s life by pulling him to safety while swimming with the man’s life jacket strap clinched in his teeth?

George WashingtonThese are just some of the great little tidbits that author Bill Yenne brings to life in the new Zenith Press book, “The Complete Book of Presidents.” Unlike many books who only select a few presidents or who only provide limited, boring stats and information, Yenne does a great job of summarizing the lives of each of our 44 presidents, from George Washington and his bravery as a battlefield commander to Barack Obama and his bravery as a, well, community organizer. Don’t worry, the book is very apolitical and doesn’t seem to take a side towards one particular ideology. It’s very well written and sticks to facts, not political rhetoric and historical revisionism.

Each profile contains a brief biographical essay about the candidate. However, Yenne goes even deeper. Included with each president is also a short biography of the First Ladies along with illustrated sidebars about each president’s vice president(s).
Ronald Reagan
Theodore RooseveltThe Complete Book of US President is a great addition to the library of any history buff and makes a perfect coffee table book or discussion piece. It’s easy to read and engaging, unlike many of these types of books that tend to be dry and monotonous. In today’s heated political climate, it’s easy to assume that the rancor and divisiveness is a new invention of an every increasing chasm between political parties and ideas. As you’ll quickly find, not much has really changed since Federalist Party candidate John Adams narrowly defeated Democratic-Republican Party candidate Thomas Jefferson in a very contentious campaign. Only the names have changed.

Pick up a copy pretty much everywhere books are sold. Or, you can win your own copy by leaving a comment on this post about which president you look up to the most and why. A commenter will be chosen at random to win their own copy of this amazing book! So, let’s hear it. Who was your favorite President and why?

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