The Dishonesty of Michael Yon

Now that I’ve made a decision to seriously take a look at running for state office, Michael Yon’s Google Alert on my name (it’s a stalker’s best friend) has been going haywire. Anytime I am mentioned, he can’t help himself but to say something (it’s a stalker thing). However, as I’ve done before, I’m again calling out Yon for his dishonesty and lack of integrity.

On his personal propaganda page, Yon has stated on several occasions that in August of last year, I took a bunch of Boy Scouts out on a lake after dark alone. Here are few screen caps of that:


They say if you tell a lie often enough, people will start believing it, as is the case with Yonnites Heath Austin and Mike Barnett:

He claims to have “accurate” sources that give him all this great information, including the whole kayaking fiasco, but doesn’t bother even confirming his sources…if they even exist.


I can’t help but wonder if this is the same “accurate” source Yon is talking about here:

I retired from the Army as a First Sergeant, which is impossible if you get busted down to Sergeant First Class. It takes a relief for cause and court martial to be busted down from Master Sergeant.

Yon also claims that I was on the lake with these scouts ALONE after dark. He bases his “information” on “sources” who are “reliable.” So, what’s the truth about the “kayak controversy?” Well, here are a few letters from other leaders that were actually with me on the kayaks while helping the scouts earn their kayaking merit badge.

Unlike Yon, my “sources” will actually put their names on their statements. And unlike Yon, I have the facts here. Yon is guilty of defamation, slander and libel against me and many others here in the United States. He hides in Thailand to escape justice. He loves calling other people cowards, but won’t stand behind his own words. When he sent me an email asking for a comment on my nonexistent demotion, I sent back an email asking for contact information for his attorney so I can have him served a subpoena to appear in court and face the consequences of his words. Here is what he replied:


Obviously, most people can’t read Thai, so here’s what happens when you put the “address” into Google Translate:

Keep in mind, I never asked for Yon’s physical location or address, just his attorney. And he is too much of a coward to even give me that because he knows that if I am able to serve him a lawsuit, he’ll lose and all his lies over the years will be exposed. But, even if I can’t expose his lies in court, I can do it here. And I just did. Again.

3 Comments on “The Dishonesty of Michael Yon

  1. There are several Chandler Johnson on face book using a man photo who is innocent. How do I know. If the guy I am writing is real or not.?

  2. As a member of Open Carry Texas and perhaps the most out Lesbian in the organization, I can attest to the fact that CJ is in no way “anti-gay” as Masser Yon attests and is in fact Wholly Constitutional, which means that a persons sexuality is none of his or anyone else’s business. Mr Yon is so full of crap, he would float better than the canoes.

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