The Ever Evolving Nigerian Scam

I’ve written about Nigerian scammers for about 10 years now. Over the years, they have morphed with the changing of times and different technology. When the wars kicked off in Iraq and Afghanistan, the guys that used to spam your inbox with tales of family members in Africa who have died and left behind millions of dollars shifted to stealing photos from troops and setting up profiles on dating websites to scam women out of money.


Well, the scam is evolving again. I was recently sent a GoFundMe campaign that appears to be a Soldier in need of support.

“I am currently finishing up with my contract for the Army. It was a very long three years. I’m honestly not one to ever ask for money. But at this time I am stuck in a hole. I’ve been sending my mom money every paycheck so that she can get rid of all of the credit card debt her ex husband put on her. She is very close to getting it paid off. But that’s not the reason I am here today. I am attempting to fly home to Knoxville, TN to surprise my mom. It’s been a while since I have seen her, and I know she would absolutely love it. Thank you for your time, God Bless”

These scams always include an emotional plea of some tragic event. Naturally, he needs to get home…as they all do. Those who would actually feel compassion for such an individual would probably ask why he needs to fly instead of driving and save a lot of money. He’s got that covered.


“So this happened way back in May of this year. I was cruising along after an hour or so at the gym. Well idk if it’s just bad luck or what but, the person that hit me didn’t have insurance. And obviously me thinking that I won’t get in a wreck had liability. Some stitches and and a concussion, but thank the lord that’s all. So this is a huge reason why I can’t just drive home.”


The “man” goes by the name Evan Palmer and even has a Facebook page. If it’s not there, I’ve already reported it as fake. Unfortunately, whenever you see these pleas for money, you must be suspicious first and helpful second, especially when it appears to be a military member. These scammers prey upon the overwhelming support for the American military.

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  1. Has anyone chatted with a US Army General by the name of Henry Freer, I met him on POF
    He says he’s deployed to Afghanistan
    3 years ago and will be home soon, shortly after chatting with him he asked me to delete my Pof account, asked me to buy him a Steam card, he says he’s from Brampton Ontario Canada Facebook says he’s from Washington US, he said he’d moved to Canada before he was deployed and he has a son who lives with his sister,
    Is be a scammer catfish

  2. Warning: Watch out for a military scammer named David Miranda. This scammer uses muscular pictures of someone, and says he is in the military and stationed in Afghanistan. His email is

  3. Hi! I’m talking to a certain ALLEN YANG over watsapp. He said Hi to me on msgr. He says he is from the US Army deployed in Nigeria. I just wanna know if you have come accross this name here as a scammer?

  4. I met a fellow named James Arroyo but he goes by “Arroyo” who said he was in the Army in Syria. He said that he was an E8 non commissioned officer and was a very handsome man indeed. He was originally from Miami Florida, has two houses there. His family is all dead except for a Uncle named Kelvin Smith Arroyo who lives in Culver California. Arroyo claims to be the heir to a gold mine in South Africa called AngloGold Ashanti’s. He states that he needs to come back to the US and be married before he can claim the mine. He says that he is very rich back in Miami Florida but is unable to access any money until he is stateside and married. All of his military money goes into an account setup in the states by his father and so he has no cash. He developed a stomach issue requiring surgery and it was done by a private doctor which charged him $2400 and which he asked me to pay for. I told him that I didn’t have that kind of money and so the doctor decided that he would just take $400 because he likes Arroyo so well and we could pay him the rest when he comes back to the US. Now, because of Arroyo’s stomach problem, he can’t eat Army food and requires money every week to purchase food. It’s $100 a day and he also feeds his friend John Matta. So this has been going on since April 2018. So, Arroyo became very ill again in May 2018 and had to be hospitalized and treated by the same private doctor. The doctor said Arroyo went into a coma for 3 days and that when he finally came around he was very ill from not eating. So, the doctor wanted me to step up the money so Arroyo could eat. I needed to send at least $100 per day for food. Like who has that kind of money? The doctor now wanted $4000 for his services and I was asked for the money. I said I didn’t have that kind of money and would be willing to send $400 as a down payment and whenever Arroyo was headed stateside, he would send the rest. Well, I didn’t sent the money and Arroyo was arrested and had to go to court and his commander went with him to help. Eventually I ponied up $400 to shut everyone up and move on. I told Arroyo to talk to his commander about the fact that he was so ill and needed to come home. The commander agreed and got the necessary paperwork for Arroyo to fill out and sign. They said they needed $2400 to be put on a special flight home and do paperwork and have money for food. I gave them that. Arroyo and John took off in the middle of the night and got the paperwork done and an updated passport for Arroyo and then got on a plane. I thought Arroyo was headed to Miami but it seems he needed to stop in Ghana. So, when he got off the airplane in Ghana, he was arrested for having gold in his bags which he brought from Syria without documentation so he could surprise me when he got back to Miami. He is so in love with me you know and even though he is extremely rich, he had to bring the gold with him. He is now in jail for bringing undocumented gold out of Syria and is in jail in Ghana. He has a plane ticket to Miami supposedly which I paid $1200 for and it is only good until June 28. He needs $1000 to bribe the guards to let him out of jail, and his commander is going to get the paperwork for the gold and fax it to the jail Arroyo is in all for the low price of $1000. So, I need to send money quickly so Arroyo can be released from jail and continue to Miami with his gold. Once there he will send me all the money I need to take care of my issues and give me back all of the money I have spent on him. There you have a brief synopsis of my life with Arroyo. The other part of this story is that I have met another James Arroyo with all of the same pictures who says the other Arroyo in Syria is a fake. One has to wonder, are they both fakes….scammers….real …or what. My inquiring mind wants to know.

  5. Hey there! Christina again. I just realized that I forgot to mention that I have a bunch of pictures and screenshots of the fraudulent dating and chat profile. I was given permission to share these images with you from the Marine himself. I would love to share these and have them posted publicly as a warning to other women that there may be others out there impersonating this Marine. Let me know! Thanks!

  6. Hi there guys! I first off want to thank you all for providing this forum for women and soldiers to help educate and possibly protect individual’s identities. I’m writing today to share my story. But unlike most of the women on your website, my story is a little different. It starts off basically the same as everyone else’s; I decided to try a dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, due to the encouragement of my roommate. I found an individual who’s profile I like. We connected and began a very brief chat on the app. He asked me if I had a chat app called KiK so that we could chat further due to the fact that this dating app nickels and dimes you in order to continue to chat on the app. I did not so I downloaded it. From the get go I could tell his entire story was fishy from the start. I come from a long ancestral line of soldiers and military family. I have also dated a few military men and have friends who have military family. Any questions I have concerning details about rank and service I can easily ask my sources about. What really clued me in from the start was his inability to answer my questions about his ethnicity and ancestry. Red flag. Next, his story of his personal life read like a cheap and badly written novel with situations and actions a person of his ancestry would never do. Red flag. Then when further questioned about his ethnicity he changed it around said he was Puerto Rican. I tested his Spanish. He pretty much failed. Red flag. He claimed to be a Marine in Kabul. I tested his Marine slang terminology, what rank he was, needless to say, he failed. I tested him further by saying I wanted to send him a little gift and physical letters please send me your physical snail mail address. He said he couldn’t due to security reasons.(Bullshit! pardon my French. I had a Marine friend deployed to Iraq in 2003. I wrote to him almost every chance I got and sent him a little good luck charm to keep him safe). GIANT red flag. I suggested we set up a time to video chat or FaceTime, got the same bs security reasons answer. Red flag. He also never sent selfies in real time, but instead set up a fake Instagram account with pictures . At one point he sent me a picture. I looked at it in detail and saw some glaring discrepancies. His social media name did not match the name on his uniform. I called him out on this and got some ridiculous answer. I read up on the internet articles concerning how to spot a catfisher. One article suggested if youre in the know, why not string this catfisher along? That way you waste his time so that he doesn’t have time to really scam an innocent and trusting person. Great idea! So that’s what I did. While I was researching the signs of being catfished I also decided to research the identity of this supposed Marine. I found that indeed, this individual was a Marine, Gunnery Sgt Albert(o) J. Andino. In the meantime I also revealed next to nothing about myself and continued to let this scammer dig a deeper hole for themselves. This continued for about a month and a half while I waited for him to drop the money bomb. It took a while but he finally did it. Of course the claim was that due to his injury and being in the infirmary he couldn’t access his money. (Oh really? And yet you have internet access to ask me for money)?! He begged, pleaded, cajoled, and yet I kept refusing. Finally I had had enough of the begging and pleading and said talk to your CO, they will find a solution for you. He replied that it sounded like a good idea. It all came to a head one day while chatting. He sent a picture of himself and I made comments saying that possibly could not be him, and yada yada. Scammer took offense and pouted. I sarcastically commented that he should be stoked about compliments, Then tested him by saying “Oh poor thing! Got a straw?” This was not acknowledged, Red flag. I joked that he was probably really some 20 year old ugly ass Nigerian guy sitting in an internet café scamming women for money. He thought it was funny. I tested him further and wrote “Que pasa, Boricua?” Of course his response was why are you asking about a Puerto Rican? He had obviously put the phrase into Google translate and got the literal translation. I responded with dude, that’s not what that says. This is when the confession began. He addressed me by name, I responded with being a smart ass saying “Yes, my Nigerian friend?” At this point he confessed. Claimed his name is Christian, 30 years old, and Nigerian. He begged me not to do anything and said his dad was truly sick and he had no way of helping him get better since he had no money. Yep, he tried to turn it around to gain my sympathies with partial honesty. Wanted to keep chatting and stay friends. I responded that I would think about what to do next and I would get back to him. I took a day or two to think of what to do, I felt that perhaps I might be in danger of identity theft if I didn’t throw him off track. So, I decided to pretend to be a scammer myself. I basically said I was not who I claimed to be. My profile was fake and so were any pictures I sent. I was actually an illegal Cuban immigrant hoping to find an American soldier to marry for a Green Card and that we shouldn’t talk anymore. Unfortunately this didn’t deter him. He still wanted to be friends. At this point I deactivated the chat and dating app and deleted both. There is another twist to this story. I was able to track down the real Marine. I contacted him outlining the situation and asked his permission to share his name and images. He said go for it! I have attached to this email the images the scammer was using on fake social media, chat, and the dating profile. I hope this information will be useful to not only warn other women, but also to deter other scammers from using this soldier’s identity in the future. Thank you again guys!


    Christina Peterson

    • I’m confused & seem to believe I’m being scammed & would like to do the same thing you did, which is try to track down the real person whose identity possible have been stolen. If that is the case. Do you mind sharing those pictures with me?

      • +2349039385691 that is Nigerian number being used to scam my niece. i found out was nigerian scam. and he was using Costs Wu Marine Corps ID. have ID to show

  7. I want to know if this is real or a scam: Lt.Frank Newman is currently in Aleppo Syria we have been talking since April 26th 2018, He said he’s been in the Army since 18 yrs old. He wants to take a vacation leave had to clear it first to his barrister which this is the email they gave me this man wrote me a letter stating he’s in Italy an will be in Syria soon it cost $515.00 to send the paperwork for his vacation leave. I send the money gram to a Joy Rakich in Ohio Walmart to Walmart.I know this is a scam I would like to catch these people… This has to stop I used to work for the Police department. I have not sent no money.

    • Another way you can tell its a scam is a true military email ends in .mil for future reference. It used to be first. Last for example. The army has since changed there’s up a little bit, but any kind of military email will end in the .mil either way. The emails are not confidential either. If they try to tell you they can’t give it to you for security purposes they are feeding you a load of garbage. Some true soldiers don’t want to give out their email because it is for business use only, but they can already tell you the back half of the true email address. Hope this helps.

  8. Has anyone heard of a Army soldier named Albert Gibson? Claims to be Syria on a mission. Hasn’t ask me for money or anything. Just wondering if it’s a scammer?

  9. I have a friend from the side online, for the firstly time i didn’t know what his job, but on the next conversation in 3 days he said that he works as the Airman US Air Force that on deployment at Ondo Nigeria since January 2018; he also has a cousin who works in the US Army and we has been knew to each other by gmail and she has been on training for 6 months since on February 2018. Because of its, so this guy asked me to transfer the money for his phone connecting server $100 then i gave him by moneygram and his said they have the base picker at Ondo, Nigeria. Since that, i have been gave him the money $100 / month since on February 2018.
    Now, we have been still keep contact to each other and i can”t Video Call or Call because his said it’s dangerous for them and they have the person in charge at the server who would know every troops use the VC or Call, then the consequences is the jail and never come to get the communication with me.
    On March he asked me to post email to his base because he wants to take a leave for come to my country, and the email is
    I got the reply from them by name with “THE U.S AIR FORCE LEAVE PROCESSING DEPARTMENT”, they ask me the detail of this guy such as Name , The Rank, Air Force No, and Camp No then I got these from this guy and i reply to them.
    Next, from Leave Department give me in more details about this guy such as Name , The Rank, Air Force No,Camp No, Specialty Code, Permanent Base, Operation, Permanent base also THE DEPLOYMENT AND LEAVE BONUS DETAILS.
    My question: Is it true the email address for The US Air Force Leave Department? and Is he scammer?


    Naomi DS

  10. I had only recently joined the dating site Tagged, not looking for a relationship, but just wanting to chat to people. Within the first few hours I had received quite a few messages and friend’s requests, one of which was from a 50 year old General in the American Army, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. After chatting on and off for one day, he asked if we could stay in touch and gave me his email address. The initial email address that he had given me, was, but the first email he had sent to me was from I had wondered, why the different email address? I decided not to say anything, just to see what more he had to say.

    After a few more emails, I began asking questions, particularly about his usage of grammar. He told me that it was because he had traveled all over the world and also
    that his late wife, who had died 6 years earlier, leaving him with a 14 year old Son who is being looked after by his late wife’s Sister in Ghanian, had a huge influence on him and his accent.
    Because I had begun to ask questions, he immediately asked for my home address and phone number so that he could prove to me who he was. He had previously stated that he wasn’t allowed to make, or receive calls, so I didn’t know, for what reason, he wanted my phone number. I said to him that I didn’t feel comfortable with giving him my address and phone number, as I really didn’t know him. I said that he could be anyone, a scammer even, and that I wouldn’t have been any the wiser. I asked him to send me a photo of him and his Son, just to ease my mind, that he was who he said that he was. I also said to him, that I would ONLY give my personal details to the man in that photo THIS, was the turning point. He then began to back off, saying that he had a good feeling about us, but that he was now wrong. Also that I wasn’t who he thought I was and said we will wait until December to meet FACE to FACE, then we will see how things go. He told me to not bother “screening” him anymore.

    The next one that contacted me, during the conversations with “General David Jaber Gabriel”, was an Army Captain who worked with the United Nations Special Forces, based in Kabul, Afghanistan, by the name of Andrew Fowler, 46 years of age. He was very pushy and it was almost the same scenario. His wife died, he has a 12 year old Son in Military School in Maryland USA. He told me that he was born and raised in Leeds UK. When he was old enough, he joined his Father in the US, went to Military School and then was drafted to Kabul, Afghanistan. He asked me to change from Tagged, to the “Whatsapp” app, as he said that it was more “robust and secure”. But what I noticed was that it had video and recording capabilities, as well as emailing capabilities, where you can email the conversation, which I had been doing all along, just to cover myself. He called me from this application and didn’t sound, at all like a person that was raised in Leeds UK. He certainly didn’t have a British accent. Instead, he had a very strong and distinct Nigerian accent. I am quite knowledgeable of the accent as my best friend had a Nigerian friend whom she had introduced to me while I was living in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. I questioned him about that and he got very upset. In fact whenever I questioned him about anything to do with his background, he would get all defensive and at times very angry. He even went to the extreme of putting me down, and saying degrading remarks about my background (Australian Aborigine mixed with Irish and Tahitian) and also my mentality, suggesting at times that I was, “insane”. It was water off a ducks back for me. The other thing is, he does have a UK cell phone number.
    He was questioning me a lot and at times would twist my words to make what I said sound bad, particularly if I were talking about myself or my family. Example, I said to him that my Sisters’ and I were raised by very strict Christian Parents and so we were never the “promiscuous” type. He replied, “You were promiscuous?”. I made sure and shouted NO! I didn’t say that. What came to my mind was that he was collecting information to use against me, if I were to report him and/or for his own benefit. Well I am putting it on here, so that means that I don’t give two hoots what he does with any information he believes he may have gathered. I have nothing to hide. Anyway, I am guessing that he, and the fellow who is portraying General David Jaber Gabriel are Scammers. Just need to have it confirmed.

      • I just left a comment regarding this person. I called them out on their B’S. Here is his picture and Rank which is false. I was raised by a Marine.

        work with US Reserved Army under United Nations. My rank is E’9 Stuff Sergeant First Class but I’m currently out of the states and in Syria..
        You are such interesting ,
        I am here looking for serious and long term relationship , a woman i can get married with and spend the rest of my life with together and grow up with.Do you think that we can exchange our email address or number so that we can get to know more about each other through there and see where it lead us to?

      • I have been talking to this guy for a little while yet and he says that he was granted a leave form, could you please email me so I can send you a copy of it to know if it’s legitimate or not?

        • It’s not legit. There is no reason for you to have anything to do with leave. It doesn’t cost a done. Even married soldiers don’t need their wives permission to take leave. It’s a scam.

    • I have a Nigerian sending pics of someone call martin sorensen the pics have been frequent of the same guy .but when I told him his voice didn’t match the pics he started being rude to me and he said he’s out of Korea camp and he’s from crystal lake Chicago telling me his dad was a cowboy and his back ground us polish and German honestly I wish I could find this Sorensen bc he is hot to bad it wasn’t legit and he has a tatty with semper I asked him what the tatty meant he said he didn’t know I said it’s on your body how do u not know ugh where do they find theses pics?? I wish I could find the real serensen

  11. I was just scammed by a man that literally took months to butter me up. I mean hundreds of phone calls, daily texting, messages and hundreds of photos of himself impersonating a soldier, Sgt John Lucas of 13D in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul South Korea. He claimed to be retiring after this tour which finishes in April. He applied for a marriage grant for us to try and get early leave. His story was intricate and involved soooooo many details, people and back story. He claimed that he was about to lose his family ranch in Turkey that his deceased father left him as he owed back taxes and the Turkish IRS was going to repossess it unless he paid fast. He claimed he used all his savings to pay the first 47,000 and needed me to help him come up with the last $3000. He also begged me to help him by sending money to his sick mom and 3 yr old daughter in San Elizario, Texas. I sent his “mom” $600 before Christmas and after about a dozen attempts through Western Union and MoneyGram, he gave me a Canadian personal account to email transfer to. That one cost me: $2650. Sooooo, I have a list of people, phone numbers and contact information for people part of his scam as well as all our conversation history where he stipulates I need to work with someone in the Jags office to provide information for the marriage grant application. What steps can I take now? I have a ton of info, there must be a way to track these guys down, no? I’d like to add pics of the soldier he’s pretending to be.

  12. I have been talking to a person for over 3 mouths now who says she is in the Army. It started on Facebook and now the Kik app. I’ve helped this person get iTunes gift cards and i have sent money overseas to this person through Western Union. This person says they were to come home at the end of the year but that later changed and is now asking me to help pay a flight fee. I’ve been contacted through a ( now and i dont feel its legit. We’re shared photos with other but im starting to doubt it all more and more. I need help.

  13. I was scammed by a Peter’s Mills, suppose to be on peace keepers mission in Syria, then sent to Iraq, I have lots of pictures.would like to know if anyone, recognizes the name..

  14. i have been messenging a guy on facebook named Anthony B Bennet. Said at first he was divorce. Then later said his wife died. He has a nine yr old boy in the states. His nanny watches him. so he talks to him on gmail. Said he is not allowed to take pictures with the uniform on. Been telling me to not text on facebook and convert to gmail or hangout to talk. said its not private on facebook and that they get monitored so he cant talk about certain things. i got upset with him yesterday and he got upset and said i cant believe you think im not real. i love and i need you. i told him way to fast and i dont say i love you right away. i asked for proof that he is who he said he is. nothing and today told me that he is happy that i am an intelligent and smart person.

    • Interesting email from “”

      this is quiet long and I just hope I don’t get you bored. In here is all about me and all about this mission am on..Finally have someone to talk to…Took time to write this for you..More about myself as I said I will write to you.

      Anyway you already know my name,Kelvin I am a christian and do normally go to Church, I lived in NYC Manhattan and serve in the Military as E-9 Sergeant Major (SGM) and I am the leader of my squad… Hmm, i work 6 days a week but not all the time.. I love my work and do travel a lot.I have been to Germany,Spain,Africa, UK and more to tell u later… I use to own a Eight bedroom house, and a garage with a swimming pool,but sold it right before I decided to embark on this last mission . About this mission,this is a UN Undercover mission and things are done very different. No one,absolutely no one knows about this mission but am risking to tell you more about this..You seem a very nice and kind woman whom I know will not hurt me. Even Army men and individuals in the state knows nothing about this mission… So honorably, my hard work was recognized and l was selected by the UN for this special mission. It is nothing like the usual US Army missions. It is a different thing altogether with different terms and conditions from that of the US ARMY.

      After understanding and accepting and signing the contract of the mission, Part payment was made to me, from which I got my flight tickets and other arrangements to Germany.likewise the rest. So we were assembled in Germany for the Pre-mission training and deeper explanation of the objectives. It is all about fishing out a stated number of men who are the people secretly promoting the wars by supporting rebels and providing them with arms, drugs and funds. They are the power to the rebels.

      Numerous training required,we spent a months in Germany training and then two weeks in South Africa and another two weeks in Ghana. Those were for the African combat skills and weaponry. The mission has its head office there in Ghana headed by the former UN Secretary General Hon. Kofi Annan and others. That is where the needs for this mission are sent from..weapons, food. software… these info are for your knowledge only.From Ghana we spent a week in the states then back to Ghana then off we came here here.

      As l mentioned earlier, There is a term and condition that says, Part Payment of at least half must be made to all the soldiers selected for the mission. So we were paid part of the contract fee. Almost a million, this is because due to the nature of the mission, the UN shall not be responsible for all the needs and wants of the soldiers on the mission that are not directly traceable to the mission…But they are paying way more than enough to cover for all that. Hence the nickname, a family support mission. That is why we were paid part payment of the mission enough to take care of us throughout the mission so that money is expected to be kept with a relative who will be the supporter of the soldier while out on the mission.

      In line with the part payment term and condition ,there is another term and condition under the Assets and Property safety Aid that states that, All Assets of the selected soldiers must be presented to the UN for safe-keep. this mostly applies to Bank accounts, investments and the likes. this is because, there is no way that the soldier on the mission can enter into transactions like that and to be monitoring his finances. He is not allowed to do so..
      Secondly, there is a need to withdraw the identity of the soldier till the mission is over. This is to avoid a successful tracking and identification of him by the enemy.,so the UN Financial department for this mission is responsible for the safe-keep through a temporal freezing of the accounts. In the past, without this security measure, assets of soldiers were stolen. Huge amounts were withdrawn from bank accounts and investments were mismanaged.

      There is a provision called the Back-up Funds. Back Up fund is money withdrawn from a selected soldier’s bank account and kept with a relative for his upkeep. Usually this is withdrawn from the part payment from the UN for the mission which is to be kept with a relative for support. it is any amount of money at all. One can as well decide to withdraw every dime from his accounts and present the empty account to the UN. The UN then temporarily freezes the account and its invisible. Me having no one, l had no option but embrace the opportunity and submit. To open up with you,I am quite a wealthy man due to hard work and in possession of a huge inheritances from my late family. l just shouldn’t leave my millions there like that unprotected. So withdrew what is handy and took it along with me.Having no one but myself. Gradually taking care of myself. till about a three months ago when l run out of cash.I love to swim but i am not a good swimmer, do you swim ? you can teach me lol.I will live with God and the house help,i have no any other family again. I have been lonely and want to be happy with someone and that is what am seeking for. I lost my Dad at a very tender age and mum . I have been a widow for few years now. I begun to tell myself that love don’t love me and was wondering if i was ever going to be able to love again. I had not made my mind up to find someone and also do you really know we attract love by the emotions we display? We retain love by the emotions we possess.”and Sometimes trying to find the partner of your dreams can feel like just that a dream??
      Well at least you made me smile and made my afternoon , hope you will stay nice to me. I am a kind soul and I have so much love that I want to share. Tell me for how long have you been seeking?. I love to listen to music a lot, that’s during my leisure time, i love salsa tunes, Jazz edits of some of my favorite R n B music and also lovers rock. What are your most hobbies again please tell me more? I like adventure movies, i.e Troy, Lord of the Rings, how about you ? I love the color purple. I did not have much to say on my profile , you know because i just got signed up on I thought I could update it later until we’ve met and therefore deciding to delete it off if things work out for us so I can have quality time and focus to get into serious communication with you. Then we can get to know each other more and, who knows. You can ask me anything you want to know about me and I will tell you. Will end here for now, please take care and have a very good evening.I will try and send you some pics as time goes on ..I will end for now. Enjoy yourself and hope to hear you soon,

    • Scam for sure he cannot go on Skype or talk in the phone.

    • Yes I had one miltary man who stated he was in Nigeria on a special mission. He told me his wife died of cancer and he had a 8 year old girl who he paid a Nanny to care for supposedly in Illinois. Each day we text he was saying more and more things, just the right things to get to my heart. By day 12 he was telling me he loved me. I knew something wasnt right then. I told him I have to meet someone and spend time getting to know him personally over time before I could ever tell a man I loved them. He got upset. I ended up blocking him. The name he used is BEWARE!!!!

      • I was scammed by Lt. General Bruce Lukeman. It started on Twitter where I post many photos. He “followed” me so I followed him back. I do this for most anyone who follows me if it is not porn or commercial. Of course in 2 weeks he loved me and wanted to get married. I allowed myself the luxury of increased dopamine until he wanted to send me boxes of money. He used a pic of Bruce Lukeman, Lt. Gen.

    • This is a Scam. They always have a deceased spouse or fiance, and a child that is being watched by a family member or nanny. Pictures with uniforms are allowed.

  15. Beware of Travis Paul Garcia AKA Travis Anthony Garcia. Met him off a dating site right away he he told me he was in love with me ask me to send $500 for a gift for his daughter who lost her mother at child birth. And like a dumbass I sent it. After that he told me he was in Canada going to some rifle School. He had his wallet stolen and couldn’t get money to pay for the duty and taxes but he also talked me into giving him $7,100 to buy a gun. After the so-called school is over he was sent to Nigeria Africa supposedly third day he was there he found treasure and need it to send it via any Courier system in Nigeria. I didn’t send him any more money. But don’t fall for this person he’s using a landline out of Louisiana. But I found out he is in Colorado. Not sure if the picture is he’s using for real I don’t think he’s ever been in the military and at all. So beware of this person. He’s a total scam artist don’t fall victim to his prey like I did.

    • I hope you went to your local police department and report everything you need to do that

  16. Could you help me with a guy saying he is Sgt. Timothy Chavez, Ft. Bragg, sent to the 102nd in Russia, A small compound of U S soldiers surrounded by 3000 Russian soldiers. under Col. Ruzinsky. Sgt. Timothy was not deployed, sent to finish a contract there. While there he has sent pictures of a certificate of Resignation. with a Bronze star, as well as honorable Resignation. Problem is , he has to pay for 3 different clearances , 2 through Russia, and this 3rd one is 1200 for Final Clearance to leave the base. comes down from Washington? Does it cost money for this resignation, and is it considered U S soil , when the U S pays for the land the base is renting from Russia? If so would it be free to resign? here is a picture of him. I have chatted with him for almost 3 years, and paid for a LEAVE he never got , from the base in Arizona, his Commander in Arizona, goes by Major KOR. , his commander in Ft. Bragg, goes by Col. Griffin j. he says he is from Asheville , N. C. They say they have no record of him at all. birth marriage or death. he did come on the voice chat, once for an hour, but his voice just didn’t fit the face I had seen all this time. I was never refunded for his Leave that he should have got from Arizona. He says all money will be paid when the final 1200 clearance is paid in full. they will put him on a flight as close to me as possible, with a partial certified check, and the rest will follow in less than 21 days, certified , by the U S Military. IS any of this true or was it a huge mistake ? I guess there is nowhere for a picture of him to be sent. but he has sent me over a dozen both civilian and in fatigues, and dress uniform, over time. I’d like to thank you for your time. Even though I am Canadian and he is U S , it has cost me a lot of money with exchange and sending fees. I was alone 25 years when first contact was made and just followed instructions without questions. Stupid of me, I let my loneliness get the upper hand.

  17. Im being scammed by a guy on facebook called Meyer Kelvin Morris. Replied to a post I did on a group and started talking. Sending poetry messages and about how much he cares for me. Then his stories started to not add up and saying he’s stationed in Africa and he needs money because he doesn’t get his allowance yet and needs for food and medicine. I asked to video chat, but claims he can’t because his screen is cracked. When I asked how he can do pictures and send videos he claims he’s using a friends phone. So he can use a friends phone for that, but not to video chat me? So know he’s saying after a day that he’s so in love with me and wants to change his transfer papers to my state to live with me and marry me. He know has asked for $300 with the promise to pay me back, and gave a Nigerian address. I’m a single mom of two kids, i’m pretty sure it’s a scam.

  18. I’ve been talking to a guy for about 4 months now his name is jimmy dickson and I would like to know if he is real

    • If he’s asking for money or claims to be stationed in Africa, he’s a scammer. The best way to find out is to ask him for his military email address. If he gives you any reason he can’t/won’t provide it, he’s a scammer.

    • Where does he live? I may have been communicating with the same guy.

  19. I had a guy friend request me on fb from army, i saw we had a friend in common so i added him( i have a son in the AF and my oldest son was in the army) his name was Sargent Conrad Alex and spoke a few times nothing weird, but im a single mom and he said he wanted to help me and kept pushing for me to get an online banking acct with first loan and banking i believe it was ,so he could send me money , i didnt nor did i give him any info that i had a credit card or a savings acct( being a single mom good luck to ya on that dime) well he said he was stationed at georgia then later said somewhere else out of country, n then he was off my fb , nowww hes sent a msg through msnger claiming to be using a buddys to get ahold of me n this name is Raymond Jenn Connie , i havent responded . He says he wants nothing from me just to help me ,and was pretty pissed off when i told him i thought he was a fake n i dont fall for that nice guy shit! So is he fake or on the up n up??

  20. I had a guy friend request me on fb from army, i saw we had a friend in common so i added him( i have a son in the AF and my oldest son was in the army) his name was Conrad Alex and spoke a few times nothing weird, but im a single mom and he said he wanted to help me and kept pushing for me to get an online banking acct with first loan and banking i believe it was , i didnt nor did i give him any info that i had a credit card or a savings acct( being a single mom good luck to ya on that dime) well he said hd was stationed at georgia then later said somewhere else out of country, n then he was off my fb , nowww hes sent a msg through msnger claiming to be using a buddys to get ahold of me n this name is Raymond Jenn Connie , i havent responded . He says he wants nothing from me just to help me ,and was pretty pissed off when i told him i thought he was a fake n i dont fall for that nice guy shit! So is he fake or on the up n up??

    • I know from my boys being in the US military that theres no reason for an officer to have to ask you for money , the pay is decent , A good man wants your time not money and vice versa !

      • “Joshua Barico ” is a new one with the same profile picture as “Raymond Jenn Connie ” a”friend/buddy of “Conrad Alex ” that i spoke of previously in my msg , so he’s using the same profile picture but with a different name and pictures that are supposedly of him. He friend requested my daughter who is 16. Just spreading awareness of this !

  21. SGT. Jason Dunn Williams. I’ve been talking to him for 4 years. I need to find out if this man is real or a scammer. Of course if I was certain I wouldn’t be writing to you. Can you provide any info at all. I’ll take the good, the bad & the ugly like a big girl.

      • So I have been talking to this man for 5 months I talked to him on Hangouts I have never sent him any money because I’m more intelligent than that yet he keeps talking to me his profile is all over Facebook under many names. He has asked me for money for his internet data his iPhone a laptop for his daughter money for a plane ticket home which I know better and various things. Of course the man I have been talking to claims that he is real but someone hacked his Facebook page. I have even asked and accused him of trying to scam me because I’m aware of the situation then he gets mad and tells me he’s real but continues to ask me for money even when I tell him I have none then continues to keep talking to me. It’s very confusing but I have a picture anyone else??

        • I have several names Wale Johnson, Eric Johnson, Michael Johnson,freer Johnson,Harry Johnson, Larry Johnson his Hangouts address is Tommynicole5 if anyone else is speaking to him please hit me up

        • I have a guy with the last name Johnson but contact me via WhatsApp
          I know he is a scammer but don’t have a Facebook profile not that I know but I have a lot of pictures

        • I was taking with a military guy he’s name Ryan Johnson I have a lot of picture but say he doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram… he is a scammer ask me for money already …. I can send you the pictures maybe is the same guy

        • General Bruce Abrams by chance

      • To be frank, he keeps saying he’s going to come see me. I’m still waiting.

      • Williams was deployed to help with training of forces fighting ISIS….he returned to the US & was redeployed to Austria on another training mission….He’s supposed to be back in December….Are there any US ARMY people at Camp Davis N.C.???

    • Oh my God quit wasting your time for years it’s a scam for sure!

  22. I’ve got a Pen pal named Sergeant Larry Greco US Army in Syria asking for a Care Package (including an iPhone) to be shipped through a Chaplain David Walker. Red Flags went up when Walker emailed me his Delivery instructions. After further research, I have determined that it is fraud and not sending him anything.
    I asked Larry to prove to me that he is who he says he is and he could not.
    These people should be ashamed of themselves.
    I still have the care Package and will find a way to send it to a legitimate Soldier.

    • I have been single for many years and decided to put myself out there by joining a dating website
      The first gentleman who only spoke French informed me that he was 15 years old when he lost his parents and therefore, he was raised by his grandparents.After graduation he got married and had a daughter but his wife died in a car crash and later his daughter died of an illness.I literally broke down when he told me all the tragedy that had occurred in his life and that he was now looking for someone to share his life with.He told me he was an out of border nurse and was going to be working in Morocco “saving people.” Then one day he tells me that he would like me to pay for his air fare so that he could travel from Morocco to London to meet me and that he was not going to return to France but live with me for the rest of his life.He also went on to tell me that he was in huge debts and that I would have to pay to feed him etc.I was disgusted and shocked by his demands and told him very politely not to contact me again.On the same dating site, I start chatting to a man claiming to be in the army who had been deployed Malaysia.Apparently, he lost his dad and only brother in a car accident in Texas and his mother and him relocated to England.He told me he lost his mother and his wife whilst they were in London to cancer and that he had a seven year old daughter.After 3 days of brief chats he asks me to loan him money so that he is able to pay his child’s nanny her over due wages.I was in utter shock and disbelief.And in both these dating online thing the one thing in common that the both fraudsters had was that they were paying pictures of good looking men and in case the widower with his daughter.It is very disturbing.The whole experience has really shaken me – I worry for women who will fall prey to this harbours these crooks!

    • Go to and send it to them, they will send it to a real soldier who’s in need.

    • Hi, I am currently speaking to a Larry Greco in the US Army….he hasnt asked me for anything…but now after reading this, I’m curious to know if its the same one?

  23. I’m trying to figure out if a military man who started talking to me on Facebook is legit. He hasn’t asked for money or anything yet just seems lonely and wanting to chat. Has anyone heard of Jason Combs from New Orleans?

    • I have been talking to a man called staff Sargent Michael smith miller … currently in Nigeria ..
      Has asked me to email his commander for a request for leave .. he hasn’t asked me for any money ! Yet !!
      He says he has a young son of 11 and he lives with his nana in the UK. Says his wife dies 4 years ago and he is looking to live his life with me .. he gets cross because I haven’t sent the email for requesting his leave .. is he light ??

        • Thank you for the information .. i have now blocked him and deleted him .. not falling for his plans .. these people should be ashamed of themselfs. .

        • Iam being scammed atm he says his America from austin texas nd he is based in Ghana is that true x

        • I was approached by a supposedly female US Marine on a lesbian dating app. The usual story. Has many beautiful photos and is deployed in Africa. I google searched the Photos that I received and they are photos of a US Marine. But with a different first name then I was given. She asked for an iTunes gift card (which I didn’t send) as she can’t access her funds while deployed (I’m sure that’s a loaf of crap too). And then she said she wanted to video chat with me but to do that we need to firstly ‘connect’ which costs $440. And of course she can’t access her funds. When I confronted this person to be a fraud they got angry and asked why I stalked them and it wasn’t fair blah blah blah. So I decided to mess with them. I asked how I would go about video chatting with her and behold, I had to send it through money gram or western union (which I haven’t of course). I did some research and found out that all army personnel have a .mil email. Apparently she has one but didn’t disclose it to me. Haha. So I’ve left it at her thinking I’m going to send money in the next few days. If you waste my time, I’ll waste yours. As if I’ll be sending $440 to someone I met online a few days ago.

          So is this a scam? I think so. I’m concerned about the person who’s images they are using. So I sent her an message via Facebook to inform her. But no reply as yet.

        • Do we currently have any troops in Turkey training the citizens against the ISIS terrorism? I’ve been talking to a guy and I’m worried it a scam.. No money has been asked from me. I just don’t want to fall for someone that is a ghost. Can you recommend a site for me to check to see if he is real?

        • I have been talking with a guy named Taylor smith in us army he says he is in Syria he 56 from kokomo Indiana How can I find out if he is real or not or if I’m being scammed

        • as of 5/13/18-5/20/18 yes i know him as james taylor, many aliases,,, omg,,,,,look and do reverse google searach u will see him with pics he has used and more for me,,,the conversation was endless, started on POF, he likes hangouts and oh to get u to the reg email, the story is incredible of what he used to try to get to me,,,,,yes at first he drew me in,,but then after much agony things started not to make sense, oh he says he is in syria now, coming home in dec oh wanted marriage, a billionaire, cars jet ” important high ranking officer over the syrian army for the us, knows the present president, obama, the woes and woos, and incredible story, for a week, and i played him, cant even type in good grammar, wont tt u, oh he faked a video chat, i am a photographer, and saved it all , the texts on all sites to the video, trying to get folks that have had touch with him to contact me! he is from Miami now parents dad is former white house diplomat and mom is from the Brazilian army…right and the sob story of rise to fame with it,,,is there anyway to contact or someone on this site running this contact me with the names of anyone with connections to this man, i want to take him down and for misrepresenting the military and trying to extort funds from me, oh i did not take it,,,i scammed him! i played him out to get as much info as i could, please can someone from this site call me . his story is long and it was exhausting to keep up my front,,,i am trying to organize what is called WOI women of intelligence and take this to the press for so many of us and start a campaign and a worldwide explosion of info to stop him and the millions, i found out yesterday in my own city he has hit here in the last few months and works , say whomever is working it, many at a one time, been in existence the pics of him into the 90’s! He finally broke his fake trying to get attached, fly me to dc and get married thing on the 20th,,,oh broke, will you support me, oh cant get to my funds, oh you must try my love, he called me not intelligent, i told him i am smarter than u think, he apologized , i held out acted so worried and 3 hours later sent him a text are u there, he responded, lines still open, will u or will you not support me, yes or no! oh he loves me so much babe, must try,,,,i sent a long involved letter of support of him as a couple,,,,then a copy of military scammers and abuse,,,oops have not heard back, but police tell me this same Taylor has been reported, i am taking it all the way up the ladder, for myself, women and the military and children of the wars they are using to fraud! feel free to contact me on face book, i wish to talk to anyone of this issued, let alone this Taylor, please see the blog on fb i have started, some of the names used all around the world whomever or if this is really him, and pics of what was sent to try me as bait! has anyone found anything to find who the pictures are of whom, or and who is behind this person of pictue as well, anyone tt him videos, other sites etc,,,go to reverse google with your pictures and repot

  24. Here’s another Military Scammer.

    He goes by Michael O Hersch from the Navy. The same story about he’s a widower, dead parents, ready to retire after 30 yrs stated he’s a Navy Commander, stated he got shot, he lives in Erie, PA has a dog named Mango. Sent a ton of photo’s and even video.

    Long story short, he ended up asking me to call his attorney Dawn 830-522-0567 and help assist in him sending me a package that consisted of Gold and Diamonds.

    Its to bad that this man who pictures these scammers are using probably dont know what going on.

    • I’ve been scammed on Facebook. And he his named a lot of profiles as Henry porter Mike porter john porter.owen porter and Jose porter he scammed me out of £ would I post this about him scamming me and putting him on here on wall of shame.

  25. Watch out for Nelson Kanter’in Army stationed in Nigeria. He is using Tinder. Will ask to use Viber to communicate under Attorney General. Wants you to request for leave permit. Story he is only child and parents died in car crash. Scam.

    • Hes also using the name Micheal Steven Dunn. Same exact story. Parents died car crash when he was 19 so he joined army. Married 22 yrs Wife died of breast cancer 4 yrs ago no kids ready to retire. Sent me a ton of photos then asked if I could send him $450 so that he could obtain a family leave and come home and see me. When I questioned it, he sent me his supposed account info which showed some ridiculous amount of money millions. I then said since you obviously have access to your account why do you need $450 from me. He said I should just trust him, well I looked into him and a bunch of stuff came up. All of it had all of the photos he sent me. Beware!!!!

    • I have also come across this guy .. saw through him just like the most recent one too .. watch out for Michael smith miller also using tinder …

  26. Has anyone heard of Wale Moore Smith? He told me he’s in NY for some ammunitions training and won’t be back here in my city until December. Won’t send me an email, won’t call me, and won’t give me his number. I did a reverse image search and it only tied back to one FB account that was created July 27th. I asked why all of his friends were Philipino women. I then asked him if he was catfishing me and he pretended to be extremely upset that I would accuse him of such a thing. I’m pretty sure he’s a scammer, but I sure would like to meet the soldier in the pics I have, he’s cute.

    • Could be the same guy I have been talking to Wale Johnson and yes the guy in the picture is cute but I doubt it’s really him lol

  27. I just had an experience like most stated in this forum. I was contacted by someone claiming to be John Kartner, suppose to be a SGT. in the Army. I met him on Facebook. He was on one of my friends list that I work with and her and I had a conversation and I asked her how she knew him and she let me know that he was a friend of a friend. I proceeded with caution and on the 2nd day of speaking with him he was telling me that he loved me and that he wanted to be with me. That made a red flag go up and I decided to see how far this was going to go. I continued to speak with him and he asked me to register my information on this email address, provided supposely given to him by his superiors, this would allow him to come visit me. When asked why I needed to do this he stated it was for his safety. The email address that he provided me was When I looked up this information it led me to a site that people were being told this was a scam. I was given several pictures at my request to try and prove to myself that he was a real person. After the 5th day of talking to him, he sent me what I requested a picture of himself holding a sign that said “would u marry me Pamela” This freaked me out and I side stepped that question. I then started to get the idea that the pictures he gave me were not legit and I proceeded to check the internet to see if these pictures existed somewhere else. I would like for everyone reading this to be aware that even if they give you pictures please go to and do a image search to verify if this is a legit picture. I was told that the facebook account that he had was hacked and he could only speak to me on Hangout app on the phone. I proceeded to report the multiple accounts with his name and similar pictures as a fake account and they were removed.

    • I had the same thing happen, met the guy on Facebook, started talking to him, then poof, one day the face book page is gone and he is telling me to go to hangouts, tells me he loves me forever, wants to be with me, and to send him money via moneygram for his ticket home , because he can not access his money where he is at, Supposedly in Syria. But he will pay me back as soon as he gets here. Unfortunately when he does not get his way he will say : I share Tears” and I don’t want to die here!! having been around military all my life, I know how a real solder acts. And a scammer is a scammer!! He says his name is Alex Jackson and he is from Texas, where he has a house. And he even sent me a picture from a company in China that supposedly has his $1.2 million dollars on hold for him and if I pay $3500.00 he could have it sent to me to hold for him so we will be set for life. He got the reward for a job well done by the commanding officer. Ha !! And all they have on the base is Senior Officers and Jr. Officers. No enlisted men?? Come on dude, I was not born yesterday.

    • I Marilyn Campbell was wondering if you could look up sergeant Anthony b Bennet in US Army stationed in Afghanistan

  28. No. If he was approved for retirement, they wouldn’t do that. We don’t have troops in or going to Syria yet. There isn’t even talk about it. It’s a scam.

  29. I believe that my sister is been scammed by a Jeff Dunn who says he is in a Nigeria military hospital I beloved she meet him on a online dating web site about 2 years ago she has sent him money gotten money from others and sent to him. I keep telling her that he is a scammer but she doesn’t believe me she thinks he is in love with her and doses what she can to help him. is there a way I can expose him.

  30. You can add Tommy Fredrick to the list. He said that he is in Bininkeeping the peace an on patrols. His parents and only brother were liked in a,car crash. He is devorced has an 11 year old son named Steve. Who is being taken care of my a nanny. He comes from Decatur Ga. His son has cancer. He is telling that he loves me and hasinvested in gold, it’s very cheap to buy there. Wants to go into business with me. I looked into this and found the real Sergeant Tommy Purcell not Fredrick. Purcell picture is being used by this guy. He,has more than 3 pictures of this poor guy.. I have been playing along with this guy. So far he has asked for 13,000 for him and his son. Now he is asking for a IPhone so he can send me pictures of himself. I have told him about Tommy Purcell, and this guy is sticking to his guns. He is saying that Purcell is the imposter. Which out lady’s. This guy is good.

  31. Douglas miracles name is being used in a scam to send money to ghana africa in the amt. of5700usd and 500 usd for his son and so he can go home to his son

  32. Douglas miracles name is being used to scam money to be sent to ghana africa.he asked for 5700usd and an additional 500usd to send to his son for school. He got very upset when i wouldnt oblige.

  33. I do have his email address and we also used to text. I’m the only friend he has on fb with my pic. I just recently asked for his address over there so I can send a pic to keep on him when he is fighting on the front lines. He used to send money through the circle app. Does anyone know of any other way a deployed soldier send money?? He hasn’t been able to have access to his funds while deployed. TY

      • Has anyone heard of Cray McCarthy?He says he is from Texas, USA.He is 44 years old.Apparently, moved to Birmingham, United Kingdom after he lost his dad and only brother in a car accident.He moved to United Kingdom with his mother who also died of an illness.Lost his wife to cancer and has a 7 year old daughter.He has a nanny looking after her and he currently deployed to Malaysia.He is asking me to pay his Nanny’s wages the sum of £1150.00 because he has not been paid by the army yet!if he is an army personnel, it certainly hasn’t taught him anything!People do not have an ounce of integrity left in them!Their conscious is dead!Very disturbing and disheartening.

  34. Has any of U ladies come across the name Robert Alvin Sanders in the US Army? He is deployed in Ondo Nigeria We have been talking on video chat on messanger almost everyday for hrs for about 5 months now. I have alot of his Army pics even when he got wounded. He never asked for money in the contrary he has sent me $600. that I needed. His wife died 6 yrs ago and he has a 10 yr old daughter in Australia who I have been writing to. He does tell me he loves me very much and we R talking about getting married by proxy so I can collect military spouse benefits. It’s an unusual way to get married but a lawyer does it with a military officer with him standing up for me and we get the marriage license right away and when he comes home soon when his mission is completed we will have a regular wedding. He is retiring after 25 yrs of service. I truly trust him as we know so much about eachother. I believe he is real. I just got nervous about this romance scam going on in Nigeria. I told him about it and he has always been honest with me as far as I know!! Don’t want to start doubting him now!! We have never met in person and the online wedding does sound a little bizarre!! Go on proxy marriages to ck it out!! What is anyones opinion?? TY

    • He’s scamming you. This is the classic story. Ask him for his military email address. What address is he using? He’s not being honest with you at all. We don’t have troops deployed to or staioned in Nigeria.

      • It’s very easy to Google search any city. 1) we don’t have troops in Nigeria. 2) No troop that is really on a secret mission would say so. They would be breaking the law. If you’re on a secret mission, it’s just that…a secret. it’s a scam.

        • Can you please look up a palmer Johnson… Prettys sure im getting scammed

        • Sorry you got scammed about of this turd. If you have any other issues email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com. Also please go to my new Facebook page and share all this scammer’s information and photos he’s using. I’m hoping this new facebook page will both expose these scammers and alert the soldiers in the photos that their names are being used:

    • hello I have been dating with also with someone in the military he is trying to send money to me but we are having trouble with him sending me money he ask me to marry him but every time I get scared because I sometime think he is not real I think he is a scammer to he has a son he goes to maritime boarding care he want to retire in three years also I never seen him in person either he always text me sends me flowers when I have a problem and I need him he answer me very soon. just like you he said we would be married online never but I just wondered if it is legal he mention something about a lawyer to me he is a Syria solider he is station in AFGHAN for 5 years he says we have been on hangouts for a long while now he sent me a picture of him but he favors Mark A. Milley quite when I saw it he said his identity was stolen I am like you I get kind of worried sometime about things I see on the internet but he said to me that it was not him so I sometime leave it alone he is a very nice guy. we meet on Skype so I saw his picture we cannot yet talk on the phone because he says the military will not let him do it. so my question is how do I receive funds from him he has been trying to get money to me because of I don’t have a bank account it is very hard for me to get the fund from him PS. can you tell what should I do he want to come over here to get married but I am not sure my self because of the scam has been going on and with the military email I do not have but I do have is personal email and we text each other and I use my phone when I am not home to communicate with him I use my phone if we need each other urgent thought it was confidential for them to do that but he does it but he does it when I need him

  35. I found this article on another website devoted to the Romance Scam issue. It’s worth reading.

    Don’t let his smooth talk — and your desperation — cloud your judgment.

    Some people have great success with Internet dating; yet, there are hazards that must be known so that Internet dating doesn’t cost you emotionally, mentally and monetarily. Some are so desperate to find love, that they ignore warning signs, in a hopeful exchange of a possibility of being in love.
    Here are warning signs and online dating advice so you don’t waste time with frauds, and instead can focus on the possibility of real love. (Note: I used male pronouns here, but scammers can be either gender and can present themselves however they wish online):

    1. Vague profile. Start with what is stated on the Internet site. Scammers often are not specific in what they are looking for in a mate. Thus, more people will respond and fit their requirements. When making contact with you, scammers start by complementing you on your looks. Wouldn’t we rather be complemented on accomplishments or what your goals are?

    2. He loves you, sight unseen. “I love you” is a statement that everyone wishes to hear, but how do you know if it’s real? Charlatans tell you they love you before they have ever met you in real life. Think about it: How do you know if there is real charisma there? Some people can sound great on the phone, but when you meet them there is nothing there; or, physically they just don’t meet your standards. How can someone honestly love you before having met you in person?

    3. Too much, too fast. The other part of the “I love you” scam is when he says something like, “Something in me shifted, and I love you,” or, “I think I have found my soulmate.” Again, he hasn’t even met you, and there hasn’t been enough time to know you well enough to truly love you in the way you wish to be loved. How can someone want to spend the rest of their life with you when he’s known you less than a month?

    4. Going offline. There is a reason scammers wish for you to contact them directly via private email and not use messaging available through the dating site. You’re using a dating site to protect your privacy and help you avoid scammers. Don’t fall for whatever their reason is to write to him directly before meeting him in person.

    5. Avoiding questions. “How tall are you?” “What do you do for a living?” It’s almost as if his mail is sent automatically, like you are on his list and this is the next standard e-mail that is sent out. Him answering with questions to your specific questions is a sign of a scammer as he is not giving you an answer.

    6. Playing phone games. First off, I don’t recommend calling an online suitor without having met him first. But if you do … if your phone identifies the calling number, and you return the calls but the number is rarely answered or almost always goes to voicemail, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. Remember, there are a number of services where you can get a phone number with almost any prefix. Also, if he is supposedly overseas on a trip, and he gives you his foreign number and says call any time, it is more likely his real number. Why? He’s more than willing for you to get the long-distance bill, versus him calling you.

    7. He can’t meet, for some reason or another. Another indication that a scam may be going down is when there is a distance between where you both live. When you say you’ll be in his area and would like to get together, he can’t meet with you. This is a great test: Ask to meet soon after the introduction on the Internet. If there are continual excuses, then you know that person doesn’t really live where they say they do, and/or he isn’t truly interested in you.

    8. It’s all about the money. Most people who earn a decent living wish to be wanted for who they are, not for their income. Yet, scammers will often indicate that they make more than $150,000 a year in an attempt to set up the person who wants to know them for their income, and not for themselves. This way, when he says he’s gotten into a jam and requests money, the unsuspecting person thinks her investment or loan will actually get reimbursed.

    9. “How much money do you make?” Shortly after the introduction, the person asks about your financials as he’s looking to find out what kind of person he is dealing. In other words, he is really wishing to find out if you are worth his time to scam, as you have financial resources to share. Think about your friendships—do they ask you about your financials? Not many do, especially when you’ve not known each other for very long.

    10. His photos are fake. Ask him to send you a picture of himself via snail mail. When the exact same pictures show up that are on the Internet, it is an indication that the pictures may not really be of him, or why wouldn’t he send a different set of pictures? (Do a Google Image search to see if his photo shows up on stock photo sites or catalogs.) Notice the background in the pictures posted online. Are they indicating that they are wealthy? Does it show a big house, a new boat, or something else that yells wealth? Again, people who have real wealth do not advertise it. So, when a picture flagrantly indicates wealth, one needs to consider whether it’s real. Did the person go to a boat dock and simply stand in front of a great looking boat and have his picture taken? Did he ask a Realtor to show him an expensive house and then have his picture taken at the house? Be suspicious of pictures taken outdoors.

    11. He wants to “borrow” money from you. It’s easy for a scam to be set up by a foreigner, even one who is not currently in the United States. One of the more popular scams is to pretend to be a resident who has either recently moved to the States in the last two years, or who is in the process of moving here. Here’s how it goes: He gets called back to his home country to do a lucrative job with either really important people or for a really good commission or a big paycheck. Once overseas, something horrible happens that leaves him broke or close to broke—his money got stolen from the hotel, the taxi driver stole it, the airlines forced him to check his luggage and his money was in it. Whatever the reason, a smart person, or one who travels, knows better than to let it occur. He asks you for a temporary loan. Think about this. Why you? Doesn’t he have any friends or family that could help him out if the situation was true? How much money is being requested? Is the amount of money being requested realistic for the situation described? Be aware that the person may ask that you send money via DHL, or another global service to a name, other than his or her own. This is a huge red flag, as they must show ID to collect the money, so his “friend’s” name is more likely his real name. Either way, do you really want to get involved with this person? Ask yourself how desperate are you for a relationship? Scammers count on that desperation.

    13. Control by guilt. Most people are basically good people and want to help. So, if you start to get suspicious and ask if this is a scam, he will most often get mad and attempt to make you feel guilty. Then, he must create a new heartfelt situation that requires you to send money.

    14. He uses lovely speech. He writes letters filled with love, as if the letters were written right out of a romantic novel. Listen to how often flattery is used. He just met you, so how can he give honest flattery?
    In addition to the warning signs abobe, here are some of the commonalties among scammers. Remember, they have a plethora of these, but not necessarily all of these traits.
    • His name consists of two first names.
    • He has a foreigner or has an accent.
    • He doesn’t call often, as he would rather write.
    • The facts that he gives you don’t check out. Example: He’s not on the alumni list of the college he says he attended.
    • He must travel overseas shortly after meeting you.
    • He makes promises that are unrealistic.

    In summary, be smart about dating on the Internet. If the new person cannot meet you in person within the first two to three weeks of chatting or writing online, then he isn’t the person for you. If he’s moving too fast declaring his love, he’s not the person for you. If he falls in love with you before actually meeting you, he’s not for you. Constantly ask yourself, how desperate are you? The more desperate to find someone, the easier it is for you to become a pawn in the scammers’ game.

  36. Does anyone has been in contact with reymond henry stationed in kabul afghanistan
    Says that he is from pompano beach florida usa
    Is a widower has a daughter from 28 who has 2 children
    Does have a fb account
    I looked up a reymond henry in nigeria but he doesnot have the same colour
    According to me he is a scammer
    There is a photo on his fb
    So tell me if i am right please
    I would like to know if the man on the photo shown on fb is really an american soldier or also a scammer
    Where can i sent his photo to verify i tried many things but it seems to me that this man is not excisting al least not in all my searches
    According to me this type of scamming/using names of honourable men should be stoppped

  37. Does anyone has been in contact with reymond henry stationed in kabul afghanistan
    Says that he is from pompano beach florida usa
    Is a widower has a daughter from 28 who has 2 children
    Does have a fb account
    I looked up a reymond henry in nigeria but he doesnot have the same colour
    According to me he is a scammer
    There is a photo on his fb
    So tell me if i am right please

  38. You can add another soldier to the list of pictures stolen. Beware, the scammer is on Zoosk (dating site) and is using the name George Turner (profile name geoluvsreal) from West Palm Beach, FL…originally from Piqua, Ohio and now “stationed” in Germany…about to get out…blah, blah, blah. If I sound terse it is because EVERY male (and some female) members of my family have been military and my son is now an active duty US Marine half a world away from me. I spend a lot of time volunteering for the USO at the airport and love our armed forces men and women! Seeing someone impersonate a member of the United States military makes my blood boil!! I do not know how else to say it!

    (Please let me know how I can send the picture)

    God bless our military men and women!

    Patriotic and Pissed!!!

  39. Hello,i am here just to make a request about a complain of mine I had make in the past about a soldier captain Solomon Jeffery profile on Skype I think its a friend of mine had done it behind my back without me I wasn’t aware at all I am just arrived to know it..very recently but PLEASE FOR MY SAFETY AND SECURITY TO AVOID ME GETTING MORE PROBLEMS WITH ALL THIS SAD TRUE STORY I PREFERED TO REMOVE MY COMPLAIN BACK PLEASE

  40. Mike J Harmo . in Kuwait City . Kuwait . has anyone heard of him says he is a Seargeant in the US Army . ????????? Asking for money to come home . 6.000.00 . seriously .

    • Robin –

      It’s a scam. U.S. Army soldiers fly for free when they depart Kuwait.

      – Gordon

  41. I wasn’t scammed but they tried. Justin Mixon US Navy said he was stationed in West Africa for peace keeping. Wanted money for a leave request $448.00 . Had 16 facebooks. S S5 JAMES Gabriel said he was stationed in Iraq. Wanted me to open up bank accounts so he could get his money out of Iraq. William Fadley said he was stationed in Syria. Wanted me to open a bank account so he could get a plane ticket home. That the US Military wouldn’t provide him with one. Thank God I had a funny feeling and told them no.

  42. Hello,
    Just want to let you know that “someone” is using a Captain Harris Tickner’s name and, I presume, his photos to scam women. I and 3 others on Facebook have been contacted by him. I sent all the info to my brother-in-law, ex-Army, 25 yrs. He said, “Run like h… Says Sergeant, but his uniform insignia says Captain.” He contacted me today, I asked him to give me proof of who he was, and he began to berate and degrade me. I’m the mother/grandmother type who does not have money but likes to write and send cookies and socks and cards to show my support and concern for our military. This makes me SICK!! This is the link to his Facebook page, if it is still up after today.

  43. DON,T have a website just go thru google fb yahooand nsnoh and phone# he gave me is2534483628

  44. CJ-i feel stupid/ignorant and naive- you probably heard it all so i will just post his name- Armando Rudy Garcia -too fast love is so convincing but found out in time when i asked ??’s he deleted his fb

  45. Another similar military scam on OkCupid: this guy(s) signs in as okchankock05 and says his name is Brian too. His face is a soldier in uniform. Sent me a message totally similar to the ones I got from that “Bryan Kurtz”, without compliments, however, since I specified in my profile that I don’t expect them. Gave me an email address,
    saying that he seldom checks the OKC site. It seems that the Nigerian or Malaysian connection sticks to the name of Brian for now. Their complete lack of imagination is tremendous. They all have similar profiles and use to communicate with the same words. I reported this guy too as a scammer as soon as he wrote me.

    • Calista, I just had the same experience, the same words exactly with this Bryan Kurtz. He gave me his boss’ phone # for texting, it is 419-737-4245. Please tell me where you are reporting these scammers.

  46. I have just reported this scammer. For any other would-be victims, he pretends to be a US sergeant located in Miami, FL (and stationed in Kuwait on a peacekeeping mission that will end soon). On OkCupid he has the username loveat53. The e-mail address he gave to me is He may bombard you with compliments, depending on your preferences and expectations, and with flattering self-descriptions, portraying him as the ideal man. Please, do not let yourself fooled…

  47. Hello again!

    For those who are potential victims, this is the content of the second missive this guy ”Bryan Kurtz” sent to me. The style here has considerably improved from his previous messages and the first letter. It seems that they found a more ”literate” person to do the job or they compiled something more grammatical:

    ”It’s nice to have heard back from you . As you and i know, i am interested and will like to learn and know more about you. Here’s more about me and who i will like to meet; I am in the Army and have been in the service almost all my life. I will say even as a kid. Its a short and wonderful story, Let me tell you, I was 7 years old and use to have toy guns as my favorite toys as a kid but i didn’t have any feeling of using guns when i grew up until one day when my Dad took me to the city to see a marching band. As i watch the soldiers march and in uniform, i felt something run through me. Something i never felt before. Right from that moment i wanted to be the man in the uniform, I wanted to serve my country and started asking my Dad questions on that and here i am today, growing up to be the man i wanted to be as a kid. I joined the Army and have since served. Tell me what was your favorite toy as a kid? What was your dream job as a kid? what did you wish to be when you grow up?

    I would like to meet someone who is going to like me for who i am, not something I’m not. Be honest about who you are, what you like and look like and be proud of it, no one is perfect (myself included).

    That being said….. I am honest (and think that is important), I say what i think and think what i say. Believe in honor and the concept that a man is only as good as his word. I’ve been called attractive, gorgeous and handsome… but think i am average looking.

    I’m giving/generous, compassionate, passionate, intelligent, very open minded, chivalrous and love animals. I laugh easily and smile often, am funny. Can be silly at times but also have a serious side as well. Make me smile and you’ll see I can guarantee a smile on your face when ever you are close to me..

    I love to ride, feel the wind in my face as well as the feeling of freedom is tooling down a country road or a city street. Some of the things that i find attractive in a woman are; being warm,caring and affectionate, sensual, passionate, feminine, romantic, happy and positive. I believe that being able to communicate openly and comfortably are important to a great relationship.

    Just so you know, i’m currently stationed in Kuwait and here for peace keeping. My mission here will be ending soon and i will be heading back to the states when i’m done here. I thought it was good idea coming online to look and see if there is any luck of finding that special someone. I’ll like for us to learn and know more about each other here online and possibly meet when i get back to the states and who knows what the future holds. I think getting to know each other online before meeting will help alot. With open and honest communication, we’ll know if we’re meant for each other or not long before we meet. I hope me being away doesn’t scare you off. I will love to get to know more about you and meet you when i return back to the states. Let me know if you are still interested and want to continue with getting to know each other.Bryan”

    • I just recently came across I’m in the Air Force and he will not answer any questions about the Army like a true solder. He is quite the flatterer but he doesn’t type very well. He said he likes to cook and his favorite things to cook are rice and hotdogs. Really??? Thanks for the heads up ladies. You have configured my suspicions. This is his latest….
      I was born in Miami but didn’t grow up over there though i spent some of my childhood days over there. My parents were busy showing me the world. They were lovers of traveling and took me and my sister places. (I don’t have a big family as i didn’t get to meet any extended family except when i was a kid. Growing up the only family i had were my parents and my sister, we were very wonderful together). I spent most of my childhood days in Europe. We were in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and London, because of this i’m able to speak not only English but Spanish, Italian, small French and very little of German. Do you speak any other language aside English? They say i have an German accent and i think its true.. My Dad was into real estate. He was a big part of my childhood and growing up into adulthood. He was and still a part of me. I tend to tear up more often when ever i remember them. I know you’ll be wondering why remembering them makes me cry. They are both deceased, till now i don’t want to accept the fact that they are no more. They were always there for me when ever i called or needed them, they were the best parents anyone could ever wish for. There are lots of wonderful memories i’ve had with them and i can’t just get them out of my mind. I’ll share one with you so you have a clue of the kind of family i had grew up in, I remember on my 10th birthday, I woke up not even knowing it was my birthday and to my surprise that morning, my room was filled with boxes, both large and small with a birthday song playing, i still wasn’t sure what the occasion was and how the boxes got into my room but i wanted to see what was in them. I went ahead and did open one of the big boxes, you have no idea how long it took me to open that box, only to realize my dad was hiding in it. my mom, my sister and few neighborhood friends were in other boxes, they all came out and said happy birthday. It was so cool and till this day i remember. I really do miss those times.

      Beware ladies!

  48. Hi everyone!
    I?ve just been in the early stages of an ”online romance” with a certain Bryan Kurtz who sent me some messages in a bad English and then some e-mail letters that had surprisingly improved in style (probably the writer was different). He pretended to be an E6 staff sergeant in the US Army. He also sent me some photos, not in military clothes, surrounded by beautiful ”Middle East” scenery and pretending he was on a peacekeeping mission in Kuwait which was close to the end. I was intrigued by some incoherences and started looking for details as to how to detect a scammer. So I have seen the standard profile of a military ”lover-to-be” who pretends to be in the US Army. Some other inconsistencies drew my attention. First time he wrote me, it was implicit that he was in Miami, FL, and it was evening there. But in Kuwait it must have been past 4 am, not a good hour for a disciplined soldier to ramble online. He didn?t mention anything about Kuwait on the first exchanges, only the usual blah-blah about how willing is he to meet a special woman and how much he is disposed to do for that. The next two days he wrote me long letters at past midnight in Kuwait, again, how could he face his military duties if he spends all night writing ”love-letters” to unknown women? Then, I checked about the current ”Kuwait peacekeeping mission” and found none in which US soldiers could take part. The last mission of the US army in Kuwait ended in 2003, and was a UN mission of observance (not peacekeeping). Then all the other crap: avoiding some questions, inviting me to tell him ”all about me” as openly as I could etc. The guy in the pictures was an average, yet somewhat handsome man in his 50s. Probably a real military guy whose image and identity was stolen. I checked immediately his existence by sending an empry message to The e-mail was not returned, so there is a guy Bryan Kurtz in the military. But only an E6 staff sergeant? (he claimed he was 53). I checked the list of ages and ranks in the US Army and concluded that at this age he must have been an E9 or at least an E8. Probably the photo was stolen and the Nigerian or Malaysian charlatans who signed under the (otherwise common) name of Bryan Kurtz just created a silly story around him. They are not very clever, and you should not be Sherlock Holmes to detect they are fake. But how can I notify the real Bryan Kurtz about his stolen identity?!

    • Hello, I was just contacted by him yesterday. We talked a little bit on OKC. Then he asked for my email. Naturally I have a email that is fake for these reasons. Your story is EXACTLY like mine. I emailed him general public information nothing he couldn’t find out but never told him my real name. He sent me 3 pictures. 1 by a alligator,1 sitting down by rocks and 1 in the night holding a gun. Nothing military about any of these photos. Same part of Florida, same age. All his language skills were perfect which threw me off because usually men are not that articulate no offense.. This will be my last communication with him. Also I had a guy named Daniel Klingel same MO

    • Has anyone heard of a he says a U S ARMY Seargeant deployed in Kuwait City Kuwait . by the name of Mike J Harmo .
      Or another U S soldier in Syria name of Allen Richards . ?
      I have bern speaking to Mike for months . Allen i spoke to a couple times but wouldnt send money . and he just went away
      Please reply back if anyone has heard either of these names . thank you . was

    • Hi Bryan Kurtz or whomever he is, now using the Line App to pretend to be a gay soldier looking for a boyfriend to marry. He is using Line as it is harder to trace. He hasnt gotten around to ask for any money yet, but I always felt something wasn’t quite right.f He is using the photos of a very hot young guy with lots of muscles and tattoos. Single, parents dead, brother won’t speak to him for 3 years because he is gay. From Texas, Going on vacation in July.

  49. Be aware of this military Romance scammer Dennis Ben Hiniker on Facebook and G+. Carlos J Robles on G+ General Charles J Marc on G+ Even Dennis Ben Hiniker on Wk a Russia Facebookside.Dennis Ben Hiniker living in Accra, Ghana. Children Ryan Dennis and Sarah Dennis.
    He has got money for apply for leaving Syriah $1030 from me he. He has asked for help to take out gold from Ghana. I have never heard about this scammers in Sweden until I made the misstake and sent money.
    Thank God we don’t have this soldier scammers in Sweden.
    I can’t understand Facebook and G + who will not block them

  50. I just had someone claiming to be, General George Howard. YEAH RIGHT…. some General just happened to run across me on G+ and thought he’d get in touch.

    Says he’s in Afghanistan. I haven’t officially talked to him. He left 2 messages thru gmail’s message system. I just said Hello, hope you have a great day. DONE.
    His G+ profile only shows his friends, all Russian and Eastern European girls who I’m guessing he’s trying to scam, or has.

    The picture is of a handsome man mid 50’s, I’m 54, and he’s not in uniform just a button down shirt and standing outside what looks like a hotel. I do wish we could leave pictures on here.

    I started searching and am so glad I found this website. It’s horrible that loving people are manipulated by these losers. Our hearts are broken, we spend time and energy on someone we think is worthy of our time and energy and then we’re disappointed and so hurt.

    I have a question….. Do military men even use these types of sites to attempt to meet women while they’re deployed? OR should we women just abandon this fantasy that there are military men looking for love via the Internet? Maybe this is a scam we play on ourselves?

    I really want people’s thoughts.

    • I’ve been in the U.S. Army for more than 20 years. I’ve never used an internet dating website. And when I’m deployed, I rarely have time to check email much less search for love. These scammers count on members of the general public not knowing much about the military. That’s how they get away with the “leave fee” and other scams. If you’re looking to hook up with a military man, your best bet is to visit a bar outside a military base. At least that way, you know you’re not talking to a 20 year old Nigerian man sitting in an internet café.

    • hello! im from philippines ive met a guy name Dr. nelson paul, on my skypeid..he said he was assigned in afghanistan as a dr. specialized in surgical ,.as the days go by… he said he loves me… since i was separated and lonely, i accepted him as my boyfriend. he told me that he is a widow, his wife died i a carcrash accident, he has a 13 year old son, name Jack w/c is now schooling in nigeria. then he told me to send a money coz his son has no more allowance to buy his stuff.and he cannt send money becoz, he was in warzone. so i send it thru friend in new jersey name ida hickson. since nigeria is blocklisted here in the phils.the amount 52usd.kindl..check this skypeid dr nelson paul401 is no longer existing in skype.but were still friend in facebook.. stil communicating with him. but w/out his knowledge im asking your help if he really a dr. in afghanistan, til now. he said he goona finish his contract this march and he will come over in my i need to believe him? please i need your advice. Thank You so much!

      • please check this guy… introducing himself as dr. nelson paul..un missionary doctor, specialized in surgical .. from new york , but assigned in kabul afghanistan,he sent me many pictures as one person, i asked him to show himself in video call. yes it him.. but i cant hear his voice w/c accdg. to him his mic. is not working..the reason why i keep asking him to check bcoz, he asked me to send his son named jack, now schooling in nigeria,,but nigeria is blocked here in the phils.. so he told me to send thru her friend ida hickson w/c leaving in new hersey..shes an black american woman.i searched her in fb and i found it. but when i try to sent a message i cant.. then i asked nelson why? nelson ddnt know the answer as he said.. but they already picked up the money amounting to 52 usd. then sent to jack in never comes to my mind that he is a scammer, until i feel in doubt when nelson asked me again to send money to his bday son … bcoz he is in warzone so he cannt send money..and told me as her girlfriend i must love his son and do the favor again… but this time i hesitate.. and doubted .thanks god ive found this article… about scammers its just suddenly comes to mind to researched about people doing thse to the loners women.. after i refused to his favor his skype id was blocked i cannot chat him anymore, but were friends in fb..from then on he seldom greet me in i decided to unfriend him… and even i sent him a message he ddnt reply anymore. i need to know if he really exist …his skypeid Dr.nelson paul401 and dr. paul121..i need your answer …please about this guy if he is really a doctor or just pretending.. i really appreciate ur attetion regarding this that i can warned some of my friends in fb who is his friend too. thank you very much…good day!!

        • Reynolds Brain in Nigeria special mission asking for someone to open up account at bank to send funds.

  51. I received a friend request 2 days ago from a Peter Sewart, US Army in Nigeria with a peacekeeping force, so he said. I am all for helping to keep up the morale of our deployed military having come from a long line of former military, myself, as are my children. He was disturbed that I did not reply to his message to me right away.

    When I did read it I responded as he requested by email. I did not notice until last night after arranging to speak with him about something “extremely important” today at 3:00 pm, that his email address is – Quite a mistake in spelling his name.

    This is not all, I went to his FB page. It begins Nov. 27, 2015 and contains many pics of himself and other Army persons in small groups. I have forgotten some of my rates but, I do believe Peter Stewart is a Sargent with quite a few years in – cannot remember what 4 hash marks indicate ( 5 or 10 yrs. each?), and a chest full of metals and getting some kind of award in one photo. BUT, his profile photo and one other show him in civilian attire.

    I am an artist and find I have become nosy and suspicious, so I copied all the photos, blew them up on my art program and compared them – NOT the same person AT ALL! I was almost taken by a scammer by someone posing as a dear friend – no more!

    Besides, I despise people using our military men or women as a way to steal money from people like me who have a soft heart for our men and women in uniform, having been there myself!!!!

    Peter Stewart needs to be warned about this. I am going to read what this Peter Sewart has to say today, but I’m going to post my pic with the comparisons and ask him to explain that and the name change. I have already reported him to FB, so he may not contact me. Just thought you might want to add this one to your “watch list”.
    Nettie Grooms

  52. I met someone that goes by the name of Cole. In the army in Yemen. Said he’s a captain. At first he said he was divorced, that his ex was a drug pusher, said she got in a fight with his mom and pushed his mom down some stairs and his mom died because of it. Then said his ex died in prison. He has no family except for his son. His son is in boarding school. There were many red flags, I broke things off when he said he needed money to file paperwork so he could come home. I was on thee fence… His co started texting me….. Against my better judgement I western unioned the money…. A $100 bucks… I now know this was nothing but a scam. I got an email saying I needed to submit $500 for him to get stateside. His name is Jeremy Cole Adams. Yahoo id is jerrycole530. The money was wired to to an iris roman in Tampa fl. The number the co was texting from was out of Boston 847-600-2092…. I met him off of I’m glad I found this before it got any further than it did. The co said they would pay the $500 for him to come home….this Cole person was to be here by Christmas…… Yeah right!….

  53. Met Major David Bulk on, His profile is still active! Be AWARE SCAMMER

    Story goes–Stationed in Kabul, homes in Fullerton and Las Vegas. Widower, mom and dad died. Tragic story. Total SCAMMER. Ask me to send email to so he could get “vocational leave” –which is a phony thing. Was told there would be monetary charges.. and to save the receipts and I would get back every penny. Red flag went off. Hope this helps someone else. It was stunning how smooth and professional the operation was and sucked me in until I figured it out.

  54. I am a Nigerian… I will enlighten you more on so called scammers popularly known as ‘yahoo boys’….This scam has gone way back since social media started…i remember following my friends back in high school to login to yahoomail simply cos i just got exposed to the internet just got here..I was quite fascinated.. well few of them dived into the scamming habit.. To be sincere, the money was tempting…It was like magic.. But one thing held me back, As long as its someone else money made from his/her sweat i promised myself never to do it……
    Well incase you do not know..I do not know how these guys and gals do it but right now..They call something tax refund..I looked it up and discovered its a way of getting tax refunds from d goverment.. i asked a friend if the money stolen was meant for the government or individuals..he replied’ individuals’..I was more terrified and sad… You can’t report them here just to any kinda police…Dirty cops are everywhere..I do not need to lecture you about being an informant to dirty cops…. I prefer to be anonymous..But right now..I heard tax refunds happen at the end of every year…..So brace up and check ur security systems…..And to the feeble hearted victims..I know what heartbreak or loneliness means..But please these guys are not hard to detect..Their use of grammar is poor when sending emails, they spell incorrectly and above all they don’t do live cams…If they do( some have recorded cam vids of white gals nd guys) …Engage in more of live video chats instead of emails…. Am willing to help you avoid them…Can’t drop my email h can contact the admin..I will be talking to him..Bye..lest i forget, they don’t work alone… your atm card,social security and personal credentials are sold cheaply by hackers from your country,Egypt,Singapore,China,malaysia and so on So check yourselves too..Would make it almost impossible to help them

  55. Orton Helmick was mentioned above by myself and another women. I contacted ourtime about him also and they could care less that their site is encouraging these guys. This guys is scaring me as he keeps emailing saying he will find me? He denies everything like his good name is being ruined blah blah
    I’ve had a friend step in as of this morning to tell him to leave me alone and will block his email w USMC yea right. Anyway ladies and gentlemen stay off ourtime as they don’t care.

  56. Michael Jason Scott is another name to add to that list. Says he lives in long beach California. Told me he got deployed to Chad and then relocat d to Lagos. Immediately started asking for money for a hospital bill and a new phone. Even went as far as to make up a story about how he was in a coma and his friend was the one writing me. Then by a miracle he wakes up from the coma the same day I receive that news.

    If his name pops up ladies be warned. Goes by the screen name scottyraw on mingle2

  57. I’ m waiting for my post to be published as I found I wasn’t the only person Sgt Major Orton Helmick from ourtime. Com tried to scam. Here’s the deal he said he’s in the state I live, I told him not to come here period. He’s lying I’m sure but I’m curious and about to send him a scathing email. Should I just let it be..I’m so mad I can’t breath. To use our honotable military men and women to scam people??? What should I do..I’m not his first..

    • Hello Kathy,

      Your scathing email will fall on deaf ears. These scammers have no interest in what you think about them. As soon as they realize they won’t get money from you, they move on to their next potential victim. This is a business for them. Your scammer is almost certainly in Ghana or Nigeria. That’s where most of the world’s romance scammers reside. There’s NO CHANCE he’ll have the ability or interest in going to your house. It’s best to put this behind you and consider it a learning experience.

      • I’m scared he keeps emailing me and is now threatening me this Orton Helmick. He’s crazy .what do I do. It’s like two different people writing the emails. He said he’s here,he says he’s being held up feom being processed out of military because of his name being on this list which I told him it was..dumb me. He’s nuts ..

      • You were so right about everything. I moved on ,blocked emails,numbers etc and learned a valuable lesson. .most dating sites, it would appear are crawling w scammers. I’m naive,but sure learned my lesson. You all are wonderful thank u for all you do.

  58. Dennis Shimmin, in Kabul. Sent great pics of Shimmim in Army fatiges. Can say all the right things. I want him to be real but need to know if a soldier can buy his way out from a deployment?

    • Hello Lillian,

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. It’s impossible for a U.S. Army soldier to “buy his way out of a deployment.” He’s hoping you’re not familiar with U.S. military policies and regulations and will fall for his foolishness. Please don’t send money to someone you haven’t MET IN PERSON. Anyone who would ask a stranger over the internet to send them money is by definition a SCAMMER. Cut all ties with this loser. Good luck!

  59. Hi, I am a soldier and at first I didn’t go with my gut and wanted to believe. I did not give away my story but did say I am in the reserves- some scram & others try but they know $ is not an option or they would be the fool. I have noticed many small things that bothered me. Asking about their MOS, names inverted on uniforms, fake facebook pages with a very few friends & comments. I don’t answer most who want off quick but they do forget their own information on their profile- lol. Falling fast for you & of course you want to believe it. I am good at ?s;). First person : Michael DeWalt/ email address was michealdewalt53@ something? Gave me a phone number to text. Not American words. Used “dear” ect not typical. I have pictures & they r real so I do want whomever they belong to – to know. Second said name Thompson rios but ironically the name on his uniform was Thompson. Now we may not be honest till we know you but his FB was fake. I turned them in. I have met a true Finnish Soldier but he is just married & with UN so not a date. Most Soldiers will share when they know you. Also now I have someone who is originally from Spain- ended up in California. He is a supposed Marine & in Nigeria looking for the “lost” girls. He does have a valid position & uses correct terminology but he did show me is Marine ID. It does not look like my DOD CAC. A foreigner won’t always use correct words or grammar. He was believable but the term “dear” concerned me. I usually try to find them on the DKO or military email site . His name is mike James Robert? E7. 48. Says GS on CAC. Do u have a place to send photos? Thanks

  60. Hello!
    I received a letter from a certain someon Lt.Pablo Johnson?

  61. I have been talking to couple of scammers online I knew they were they go by the name richard bruce and gregg lasoker I actually the one called richard bruce I found out found out the real solider and I messaged him as the scumbag was using pictures of the soliders kids not sure whether he belived so if you let him know his name is robert amrani hes a flight medic please let him as it not right using his pictures thank you

  62. I feel like the only way to know now a days is to video chat with the person and have them show you their military Id. If they get offended when you ask them, then they are proving that there’s a problem and their intentions are not innocent..

      • Chandler Coleman just went to west Africa to fight boko. Need money because he lost wallet by being attacked by hood lems. Okcupid and badoo and blackplanet site and Facebook

  63. I would like to add a name to the list… Harry Alexander. Sent a friend request through FB. Claims to be a Master Sgt in Special ops in Air Force. Just left Afghanistan and now in Libya. Says he’s been using his Captain’s phone and needs me to send money so he can get a calling card. Uses the #1-661-383-0662. Sent pics of himself and kids. This is so wrong. These scammers steal this info while these men have fought for our country. I just hope that the real Harry Alexander is healthy and happy and at home.

    • Please also add the name Donald Jones to the list. Tried to get me to send money because he had no food. Really, this is the US Army!!!!!. As soon as he sent an address I looked it up and it came back to Nigeria. But this person was suppose to be in Kuwait. He was good, really good. The man in the photos was so handsome. This scammer even sent me other pictures of this person. I don’t know who this soldier really is but this is terrible. As soon as I called him on it, he was gone.

  64. Haar W Roberts is a scam watch out for him and he will tell you he has no cell phone. You can only talk on facebook he is a scammer

    • My mom has been talking to this same man along with 2-3 more. She has found the same man under three different profiles. I really need to talk to someone about this. Thanks!

    • My mom has been talking to this same man along with 2-3 more. She has found the same man under three different profiles. I really need to talk to someone about this. Thanks!

  65. I just want to inform you guys about this guy name Sgt. Stevenly Lewis Barr with e-mail add. he claim to be in the army and currently in Afghanistan I met him in Skout and his Skout ID is Flying Angel@40 there are some complaint regarding him and the complainant said that he’s not a man she’s actually a woman who uses a man photo. He/she will say that he loves you then later asked for money in order for him to go home in the states and asked you to file for a leaved for and pay some necessary payments for the completion of his leaved.

  66. Please verify if this person who calls himself Jesus Miranda Jose Montoya is a sergeant in the United States. It connects me right through the website or Love. Sensing strange things this person person and find their perfiel right through internet or dating websites with the same perfiel it claims to be. I have understood that US troops can only communicate right through military mail. Thank God we only share photos only. I think this person is using photos of a soldier who may not be aware of the what is con doing and that’s really dishonest on his part. I hope you can help. On page Love or listed as Kingsugar123.

  67. Please verify if this person who calls himself Jesus Looking Jose Montoya is a sergeant in the United States. It connects me right through the website or Love. Sensing strange things this person person and find their perfiel right through internet or dating websites with the same perfiel it claims to be. I have understood that US troops can only communicate right through military mail. Thank God we only share photos only. I think this person is using photos of a soldier who may not east and being aware desonesto with your information. I hope you can help.

  68. Nice ladies..
    Dont answers to Greg Tate..Captain in Afghanistan.. scamer has so many photos of him… somebody contacts with ..”greg tate” ?

  69. Contacted me claiming to be in the US Army. Gave me a number and when I searched the number it traced back to Nigeria. I searched the photos and they traced back to Kelly Armstrong. Email address I was given is

    • Did he take you for money to come on? He claims to be in love with you then ask this deal resigned from army now cant get home.

  70. Does any one know a Donald Wayne on yahoo,com or a sgt Chandler Micheal Johnson

  71. Had a man who goes by the name of “Williams Steven Wayne” contact me on Immediately, he wanted to know if I believed in love. Within a few text conversations, he was claiming that he found the love of his life. Now I’m game so I played along, asking him question after question. It became very clear that he wanted to know nothing about me, even though I was asking him all kinds of detailed information about his life. He proceeded to tell me that his parents were dead, he had a sister who lives in China with her husband, and he has a 14 year old son in boarding school. When pressed for information about how long his deployment is going to be, he said 15 months. It wasn’t long before he asked if I would send him a phone so that he wouldn’t have to use his friends (James) phone to communicate with me. Then he wanted me to send him tennis shoes, shirts, shorts, jeans, wristwatches, alcohol, etc. I asked on multiple times where in Nigeria was he stationed and with what unit was he with. He evaded answering the question multiple times and when I did get an answer, it was when you have everything ready to ship, I will get you the information you need. So, I pretended to have all these items and he eventually gave me the address of a Nigerian army national who he said helps the troops get their items from customs. I became very suspicious of this individual, so I said to him, “Do you know who much it is going to cost me to ship all of this?” His response with how much baby? I explained that the alcohol could not be shipped and he said ok baby just take the alcohol out. We eventually ended up fighting over this issue and I told him that I felt like he was scamming me, that I have been reading on-line about this happening. He denied it and said he would send his ID when he got better. I asked why he couldnt send it now and he said that he needed to go scan it. When I did finally get a copy of his ID, I had to laugh. It was obvious that the picture & name had been cut and pasted over top of the real soldiers name. Also where the name was placed on the ID, the name overlapped the insignia in the background. Had it been real, the name would have overlapped the insignia and the insignia would not have a notch missing out of the picture. I told him it was a fake and I didn’t trust him and there fore didn’t want anything to do with him. Each time I would break it off with him he would give it a couple of days and then contact me again and profess his love and how much he missed me and wanted to just talk. But each time conversations would resume, it always came back around to when was I sending his luggage and getting his phone, even though I made it clear that I was not spending any of my money on an individual that I have never met. During the course of our conversations, he also was wanting me to register as his girlfriend/wife which was going to cost $600 dollars. I said no need for that, I will just wait for you to come home and then we can connect. He was always very suttel in making me feel bad about not wanting to part with my money; constantly would say his buddies were laughing at him. I broke of any further conversations with him because I was tired of being pressured and being lied to. I explained to him that I was currently talking with a friend in the army who advised me that he was a fake. His email address is:, the phone number he always text’s from is 361-239-0853.
    Hope this helps other ladies steer clear of this liar.

  72. I would lik to know if a soldier can resign his job and than have to stay in afghanistan tell he gets his own way home?
    He is a Sgt there is also a Facebook with a different name .where can I send you pictures of. Him.

      • Please add the name Donald Wayne to your list. He also uses the picture of Chandler Johnson . Thank you . Problem is he got to me. his email and found another Donald wayne 88 He didn’t write poetry or nothing just plain talk.

        • Ladies he will break your heart and try to make you feel . Like you deserve it. Please don’t get involved. He claimed to be resigning as Sgt. But then couldn’t get on plane no ins. Then took flight ended up in labia got arrested for gold ha. Then tried to fly out and no pass. Got sent to Nigeria. Still trying to get me to help no way. He says he can do it he has been really how many women help him. He is a scammer and. Uses the picture of Chandler johnson jack. Even tried to write me understand e r that name. Can he not be stopped by military. Oh yes now he a col over in Nigeria ha.

      • CJ,

        I met Major Orton Helmick on the Our Time site. I am a very cautious person, but after a few emails he stated that his membership was about to be up and requested my email address to still talk to me. He has been sending me messages and pictures thru Gmail instead of a military email address.. So I searched him on Google and one of the ID sites. No Orton Helmick to be found. So I asked him if this was some sort of a joke that he did not exist. His reply back was that he was waiting till later to let me know that he was on a special mission that lasted 1 year and 5 months but he had to agree to have his id removed as if he didn’t exist and it would be reinstated when he retires. Now I did check this out and was told that the military can remove military personnel on special missions and they are able to do this… So I googled his email address and up came a different picture.. his come back was that was not him and he sent me another picture of him. Then I ask him if he can call me, which he did and the number that called me was from Lansing Michigan. I know from a friend that some of the military calls comes thru with a Virginia phone number. The voice on the other end in no way even sounded American. I contacted the local Marine recruiting office and spoke to them of my concerns. The Marine Recruiter searched their data base and did not have his name. I also sent them the pictures I had received, they stated the pictures looked legit but not his story… I have no Idea who the marine is in all the pictures I have. I have been pretty sure he was bogus and that proved when all of a sudden I get an email needing money to help get his baggage back to the states. I asked him, was he not being returned home from Kuwait on a military transport? His come back was that he had sent baggage back by a courier that he had golds.. With that type of verbiage and requesting money I was now totally sure this was a scam. If you need pictures I will be glad to send them to you….

        • If that were true, he wouldn’t be telling you that. People with those kinds of clearances that they operate with an alias and “disappear” from the military don’t tell people that is the line of work they are in. This is a scam 100%. I know because I worked in such units during my career.

        • Cheryl,CJ..well he said he was Sgt Orton Helmick when I net him on Oh he laid it on thick,I was saving him from the misery of Kuwait,best thing ever happened to him since death of his wife etc. When I goggle. .same thing,same story .he was on a mission. Then he was retiring end of October etc. He had ne going for awhile but then he said he was coming to the state I live in which I didn’t tell him as I’m moving. Anyway..I let him have it because of the baggage thing and he became angry. He emailed me two days ago and said he was here
          I said..well c ya..kind of scared me. So I too was scammed by the sweet words,sad story stc. He didn’t ask for money but wanted his stuff delivered to my home to hold until he got here???I flipped. So don’t feel alone ..I’m very angry that these guys pose as vets to reel women in. SGT ORTON HELMICK. SAN FRANCISCO CA may be in Colorado. I’m a professional retired early smart woman who feels very very stupid

      • I need to be able to send you a message I got telling me the Indonesia’s govt is after me if I do n t send 1800for investigation of someone turned in. I need to know where to send pictures and info.

  73. I want to give you heads up ..I encountered two scammers from OK Cupid.
    The names are Albert Blair. He supposedly is in the Sudan. Same story. He inherited 2million dollars from finding 20 million US dollars. The Sudamese president , “so he slays”, rewarded him. I didn’t fall for it. I have had numerous
    Emails for money from the Nigerian government. He also claimed he had children in Scotland. His yahoo account comes up as,

    The second goes by the last name of Welch. His story is that he is in Afghanistan
    He wanted $400 to be sent to his Commander. This was for him to take a leave.
    What moron would believe that you could just pay and take a leave…

  74. Mr. Grisham,

    I wish I’d googled your blog weeks ago! I’ve been bamboozled “twice” and feel like a complete idiot I didn’t put all the odd pieces together before i sent a care package overseas. Please add Sgt. Chris McCarthy Lopez and Sgt. Tony J Hard to your list of names being used on amoung a couple others that have reached out. I’ll be sending word to also. Please note, the scamming scum have stepped up their game a little. I thought I was being careful, but something just didn’t mesh. Thank God I finally trusted my gut and found your blog. Wish it had been sooner.

    • Don’t feel like an idiot. These guys are good at what they are doing or they wouldn’t still be doing it.

      • Do soldiers need a military calling card? To call friend and family?

  75. I have been scammed by two men. I knew right away by the broken English you mentioned that it wasn’t real. One of them is claiming to be Rob Rico of the U.S. army station in Kabul. Im so glad I ran across ur page while googling this man. I asked for his military email he said he didn’t understand. Haven’t heard anymore from him. The other man, also claiming the same thing, goes by Roland allen. Thanks for this website.

  76. I have been chatting to what he has said to be Sg. Graham Roberts, E6, Staff Sergent in West Africa. He has said all the correct thing’s to make a woman fall in love with him. He has sent me photos of himself and one of him and his kids. We wants to cone home to start a life with me but when I got an email for money I started to think something was not right with this. I feel sick to know that there are people out there who would steel the identy of a soldier to gain money.

    • Don’t beat yourself up…same happened to me ..He didn’t ask for money but I’m sure it was coming . All the right words, posing as a Sgt Major in Kuwait,widowed and I was the answer to his dreams. Alot of pretty words . It was all a lie and I too,am furious these jerks hide behind a pretend uniform?
      I’m really sorry this happened to you..

  77. I recently have met a few months ago, a Military man stating he is a Captain .on a special assignment. In Yemen..that he has been Hurt in the paat.. was looking for a Christian woman to share his life with .
    Asking for a place in your heart.. Saying beautiful quotes and poems..Bible verses..
    .and his son is in Nigeria with his school from the UK ..Captain James Thomas son was already calling me Mom
    Which while this Captain James Thomas was online with me..he would put. BRB
    (BE right back)
    WHAT he was doing was chatting with another woman online, which this woman sent me several messages telling me this man is a fraud.
    We need to have a website, where it doesn’t cost us anything to be able to CHECK OUT THESE PEOPLE …SCAMMERS
    The pictures he posted on Facebook ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON
    ..( which he had at 3 facebook pages within a month) No more due to he stated the military has taken his Facebook pages down. He claims to have shot himself a few weeks ago..due to I wouldn’t have anything to do with him..Than a Sgt Peters contacted me stating that Captain James Thomas was in a coma, than ONE DAY later..poof Captain James Thomas, is NO LONGER IN A COMA….
    I believe these people should be caught and punished for what they are doing to honest people. I have pictures of this person,I need to be able to post here somewhere..Captain James Thomas,son was calling other women who was scammed Mom also.

  78. I meet this guy on badoo site his name is Frank Martin deployed in afghanistan he say he love me the next day we start talking which was strange to me but I end up believe him he told me he is gonna send me presents and at first I say no. And he push me until I give him my info a few days later I receive an e mail by the maylasia postal service telling me I need to send a scan copy of my Id if I don’t they gonna call the FBI I send it out of fear then they ask me to pay $ 600 USD for the us military aproval which I didn’t do and a few days a go I receive an treathening e mail telling me if I don’t pay they gonna call the interpol I really don’t know what to do I need your help I have save all the e mails and conversations I recive

  79. I met this man on mingle 2 dating site he claims to be an army officer. He is not after he tried to tell me he couldn’t give out his army email to civilians I decided to go back on dating site to see if he had any other profiles. And yes of course he did besides the one he first contacted me with he had 8 other ones. I reported him and most of them have been deactivated. But as of right now he still has 4 that are active they are Allison999, francisrobin123, jameswalker555, and Akinsmicheal. His yahoo id is he used to communicate with me is Oh and I also found pictures of him on military scammers site. Hey also uses whatsapp the number for that is 234-813-642-5347. I find this very offensive to all the REAL military people that serve and protect us. I was wondering how i could share the photos he sent me so that he can’t use them to scam other people>

  80. Sgt Stankovich is a scam as well. His “son” is in West Africa and he wants money sent to Tema Ghana, to either Eric Forson or Ahmadu Mamudu, for his son and for a phone and to ship his medals home because he is about to retire and for customs and …..

  81. Sgt Stankovich is a scam as well. His “son” is in West Africa and he wants money sent to Tema Ghana, to either Eric Forson or Ahmadu Mamudu, for his son and for a phone and to ship his metals home because he is about to retire and for customs and …..

  82. how can I find with the name roland santos lopez is a person existing as a military in afghanistan. we’ve met on internet . he told me he have a company gaz in Iraq and they didn’t give him his money before his end of mission now in afghanistan they will pay him but me I have to open an account and they will transfer the money. He wants to marry me . He told me to keep the money until he will come to see me. He seems true but its too nice to be true. how can I verify his name in afghanistant on Bagram base. Please is someone can help me with this I want to know if he is true. I would like to have ans answer. we communicate on yahoo I really need an answer please. Thank you.

    • Ask him for his military address where he receives his mail at. I had a Nigerian scammer claiming to be an American soldier in Afghanistan by the name of Able Burks friend requested me on Facebook after a couple of weeks asking about my bank account number and passwords so his banker can wire funds into my account for him because his account is frozen. A true soldier won’t ask about money the military takes care of their own. I asked him for his military address then he sent me a actual picture of himself then apologized for trying to scam me and asked for forgiveness. If he can’t or don’t give you his military address he isnt a true soldier. Hope this helps you.

    • Please do not believe him..

      If you give him your personal information and he wil transfered to a stupid who will manipulate your infor to clean your bank accout…
      He plan to leave you in bk….and use fraudulent name to direct payment from your account…last year some one tried to do the same to me..

      You do not have a idea all I went through…luckily I reacted fast before they messed me..

  83. Gonzalez asking for money to pay for a leave permit so he can come back home to California. Has a money mule to pick up money for him. Penny Ferrampu and a Theresa Morgan from PA. Claiming they work for the government. USA. ( Brooks C, Gonzalez aka Carter Miranda aka Gonza Brooks aka Mark Gonzalez)

    • Did pictures of your scammer Gonzalez resemble George Clooney, and did he have 2 small girls ? I have been in contact with a Michael J Gonzalez, from Fort Bliss, TX with an email … , I can’t seem to trace the pictures to anyone online, real or fake

  84. A staff sargeant Joe Smith told me he was looking for girl friend, we got talking it went on for 2 months and silly me started giving him money in fact 600.00£ I was scammed. I believed him and not anyone else. I have now got him back online to me as we speak evey day. He’s trusting me. Email address for Joe Smith is:
    That’s if you want to catch him.

  85. Annette-u asked smthing abt a Shawn henry & how u Cld check on him . As u mt him online it sounded, I haven’t talked w him unless I’m sry he’s one of those Nigerians who uses many names. I’m an xmil spouse so I’ve got tough skin not funny. U HV 2 ck evry1 u tlk 2 even whn their in front of u&trust no 1. If u lk up online as I don’t MBR his name in Nigeria its ins & us consultant as U r american. They r bilingual. Ur best 2 do everything in writing so u HV a paper trail With them. Then when sm1 drops the hat u knw who OK. I hope this helps. Good luck. I got scammed twice. U can also track his IP address which is in any emails he sent U. If ur NOT tech savvy find sm1 who is. As im on my ph not cmptr sry. I went 2 school for criminology.

  86. Those of us who talk to scammers and then report them hate military scammers. We so appreciate your service but you are right there is nothing anyone can do. I am on Google + and post things I think my teacher friends will like (retired). In the last month, I have been chatted up by over 12 generals (Afghanistan and Syria) and a large number of service men along with contractors, engineers, doctors and may others. In fact over 50 men have contacted me and not one was real. Right now Nigeria and Ghana seem to have the market for Google + but they are everywhere. Women need to educate themselves about scammers and read the posts. Their talks are usually scripted and sound very similar. Again I want to thank you and all military me for their service. The more people that discuss online scamming the more women can protect themselves from these people.

  87. i have contact with billy mack robinson already one year hi say that hi isxnau in irag and hi he have one son kelvin billy wos born 21. 08. 1958 nau hi wont stopp his kontrakt tobe in irak and he say he need 4500 dollars and than hi come to me to estonija and hi wont that i help him but nau to many sckam i afraid i am widdou 6 years i cannot reard about him nouvere hi tell me hi afraid scumm bicuz i cannot see him in vikipedija please help mechi is real or not his skype mackrobinson pass(god son123) with respekting deutsch

  88. I don’t understand why my comment is still awaiting moderation………

  89. I started chatting with Sargent Daniel Foster. I reality his name is Daniel Stoltz he requested me in facebook. The first thing I notice was the difference on his last name on the picture he had send me. He claim to be on the Airforce under the U.N. peace keeping and anti-terrorism mission in Libya. This is his email
    Just wanted to be in the safe side

  90. I have to admit I have been scammed. I met this guy online on okcupid July 11, 2015. We have been Skype messaging until yesterday 9/17/15.
    His name is Jackson Griffin Dennis. I have 5 pictures, a gmail email, a 717 and a 434 area code numbers and 2 addresses: one in Lagos, Nigeria and the other in Chula Vista, CA.
    I realized he was fake when the APO was first not a U.S. Address and second did not have a division or unit number with the CA address. I also asked for him to email from his military account.
    He could never Skype video and when he attempted to call, all I could hear was a clicking sound.
    He did say both his parents were dead; mom from cancer and dad in accident.
    In the three months he never asked for money but did start saying love you 2 weeks in.
    I am glad this happened so I and others can learn from it and move on. I feel truly sorry for the pictures that were hijacked as I truly love the U.S.A.

    • Oh my gosh.. The same happened to me. This guy lost his parents. His wife was killed in a car accident and his 15 yr old daughter lives with his 1/2 sister in England. He started telling me he’s in love with me a week after texting each other. Sent me pics etc. He never asked for money, but the grammar in the texts were odd. Like 3 different people were writing at different times. He also asked if it was ok that the Army conduct a Post Marriage Research on us. What the hell is that?? When I started getting suspicious I asked him 20 questions. Like what’s his full name, his rank and MOS (of course anyone can make that up), what’s his daughter’s name. etc. He answered them all. So I asked him to email me from his military account and to give me his APO address. Haven’t heard anything since. I’m disappointed and I feel stupid.. I would never send money to anyone as I don’t have it anyway and I would never give any personal information out. It’s a shame because the guy was really cute.

      • Ame,oh honey don’t feel bad,if we are here,we’ve all been scammed. These awful people are good..I too met a scammer o. Ourtime. com. Oh he said all the right things but I too was suspicious quickly as I was his reason for surviving Kuwait within a week??. He became obnoxious and threatening when I told him I found himyself via Google on this site. He’s a Nigerian scumbag scammer. He didn’t ask for money but was up to something as he wanted ME to get hiS luggage from airport,and I used a fake city on profile lol So just be careful out there and don’t beat yourself up.

      • I got scam first time and they tried again then. I told him I needed money and I’m talking to a James Rodriguez same story no parents but ha 5 yr old how crazy these people are I just ask for money now lol love getting back at those creeps

  91. Hi I’ve been talking with a jabe hoover who is in Syria and works with the United Nations…I’ve done everything possible to prove he is not real! I’ve gone on and put his name on there, his name doesn’t come back as a scammer. Email is…I’m wanting him to be so real!! Can you help me! !

    • What story did he tell you and did he ask you for money? I met a Jabe Hoover in person, he claims to be in Syria

  92. Hi, I met a Sgt Major William Walker through Plenty of Fish on the 3 Sept 2015, Messages exchanged on this site until we began using Skype for voice calls and mailing. He allegedly is on a peacekeeping mission in Syria. He was orphaned at early age and has no family – lived in Orphanage. Joined US army at age 21, He is widowed 3 years, wife Hilda (a nurse) died in a car accident, he has a 6 yr old son in military boarding school. Presumably from Los Angeles per POF profile but claims to have home instead in Manhattan, New York. Retiring from duty end of September 2015. Plans to work on buliding shopping mall in New York once retired from army in order to ensure future income. Photos available on POF of a lovely looking guy and others with a young boy presumably his son. I know that the emails and phone calls didn’t come from the photographed man – although I really wish they had been real. The scammer was very very good at reeling me in with talk designed to get me on side slowly at first and then once rapport established I was even considering marriage, relocation, and being mom to a six year old again. He had given me an aol email address to write to in order to make contact with the little boy too as William Walker said he would be happy for someone other than himself to check in on his son, plus it would be a way for me to get to know him prior to meeting,I was so happy that it looked as if God has smiled and all right with the world. Sgt Mjr Walker would retire, come to Ireland to meet me and family along with us meeting his son. They would stay here for some time and then relocation could be worked out. Money was not to be an obstacle as he gave every indication that he didn’t need it, that he was comfortably well off.
    However, remember that if something seems too good to be true that it probably is….sadly
    The ruse was up when a request made for $2400 to be paid to put in an application for leave as things were getting exceptionally heated in Syria and now that he professed to have me and his child to look after he needed to get out early even before the retirement date. An email address was given for his General who was in US at time. I was to write to this General to request leave. Reply received with copy of form to be signed and returned – Yes, I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did sign and return it,,!
    The next step was for me to arrange a transfer of payment to a banking address in Antioch California.
    This was enough …I reported to POF the false profile, I spoke with police detective considering and data breach, no money had been exchanged so no crime committed. I have also advised scammer of these measures along with the fact that my good nature and trust has been abused. Wishing that they be hit 100 fold by the emotions this has brought upon me is not going to effect them in any way but it made me feel a little better.
    The scammer attempted to skype call me after this and message but all contact ignored. Last message from them …am sorry…
    I really feel for all the military individuals and ordinary civilians that have their id stolen for this purpose.
    Someone under the pretext of being the man in the picture had me believe I was opening up my heart to that pictured man. Being the person the scam is aimed at means a full fantasy world is fabricated around lies.
    I do hope that the guy who’s photos were stolen and used is happy in his life. Mind you, at the same time, if he isn’t, well I’m already more than halfway in love with him 🙂
    I have photos of him but unsure how to post on this site.
    I really hope no one else gets taken in like this. Carol

    • I’m so sorry’s hard to believe people can stoop to the levels they do. I too was scammed but stopped before he hit me up for money but he’s now threatening me. Turned info over to police . Never again will I trust these dating sites

    • Carol, your person of contact has the identical MO as mine! He was Captain Michael Porterfield. He was in Syria on a peace keeping mission. He lost his wife 4 years ago to breast cancer and has a 7 year old son in a “boarding school” in NY! He has fallen in love with me and wants to be “here ” with me. Yada yada yada! I told him from the get go that I was a married woman, 2 children, 4 grandchildren and the wife of a pastor. It did not phase him! I accepted a friend request on Facebook………his picture is online. Just Google his name and there should be two pics. One in plain clothes with his son and the other in full military dress at a dinner….He has medals on top of medals…..If this is the same person who contacted you….we need to talk!

    • I have had 3 guys approach me 2 of them had horrible English the guy I’m talking now has perfect English he hasn’t asked me for money. He would like me to open a paypal account so he can sell antiques he would also like me to open a credit union account he’s probably not for real any thoughts on this?

    • OMG i think that is the same scammer/ guy thats talking to me Now…… Oh my

  93. How can I know if a guy is really a bridger General? He has 3 facebook accts. One as a commandit the other general the other just in street clothes with his kid. He is smooth let me tell you he claimed is phone went out while in Syria when talking it would make sounds like zzzzzzzzzz but when he found out to phone or money it worked fine to yell at you. Why don’t facebook check people with more then 1 active site? Then wanted money to get his money out 850.00 then down to 500 no money now he wants to leave there neds 3000. No money just heart ache and thinking they was 3 different people but was just 1. I will not give money or nothing because of your info. more women need to know of this site.

    • I met a man on ok Cupid he said he in the army station in Afghanistan he claim he money is close cause he over they over thats he had no control over it.his is he email he claim Wilson462je and the other one is how can I k is he telling me the true who he is hes not smamming me for money but he send me money to send to Africa my name coal mining company name is the address could u check it out for me dont want to get in trouble.address: Richard Kwatson ,country,Ghana postal code 00233

      • I want to give you heads up ..I encountered two scammers from OK Cupid.
        The names are Albert Blair. He supposedly is in the Sudan. Same story. He inherited 2million dollars from finding 20 million US dollars. The Sudamese president , “so he slays”, rewarded him. I didn’t fall for it. I have had numerous
        Emails for money from the Nigerian government. He also claimed he had children in Scotland. His yahoo account comes up as,

        The second goes by the last name of Welch. His story is that he is in Afghanistan
        He wanted $400 to be sent to his Commander. This was for him to take a leave.
        What moron would believe that you could just pay and take a leave…

      • Sweetheart at first I was skeptical … It is definitely a scammer. Do NOT send
        Him money!!!!!

      • That address in Ghana is an address that scammers use one of the websites I got on said that the zipcode is actually part of a telephone number. There is a Nigerian from Ghana who has been messaging me over Facebook claimed to be a American soldier in Afghanistan asked me for my bank account number and password and other bank information so he can wire funds into my account for him because his is frozen has a Facebook page claiming to be an able Burks asked me to send him a Christmas card and gave me the same address in Ghana. My scammer finally came clean this morning after I asked his military address to receive mail he sent me a picture of himself apologizing for his dishonesty. That address is not legitimate. Hope this helps you.

        • If you know, block him. Don’t confront him because it won’t change anything and he doesn’t care. Just end the conversation, but expect more attempts.

    • I met a army major,from Afghanistan and he has this big story about $$ ‘i don’t know where to find out if this is a true solider “from the USA army’

  94. If something is to good to be true then prob is. So Staff Sargent Allen Mata is saying all the right things now. He hasnt asked for money yet has been only 2 or 3 days anyway I can help?

    • hello could someone find out how I can go about finding out if Christopher Jared Casey is a scammer… I have been talking to someone posing as him and sending next to kin forms to fill out and supplying me with other documents that seem to be from the military… please advise.


      • He is a scammer i know him with the name Paul Carney, but i found him with travis and william and others

        • I’m talking to a captain William berlin in Nigeria. he was deployed there the first week of September. on sooner did he arrive there and gave me a story about he lost the funds he put in his camo bag from the general. no is asking for money for medication. to be sent to another solders mother by the name of Patricia hall in Chattanooga ,TN. I need to know if this is a scam or for real. his Facebook page was under William Berlin and it is now gone. met him on military singles. he states he is a widow and has a seven year old daughter. they were on his Facebook page. any help please let me know.

    • I have been speaking to a Jenn Balducci he has identifyied as Burk Balducci

      • I was only just accepted a friend request on facebook by a jenn balducci. Says his name is burk and he uses dead wifes name as a ttibute. Says hes in Syria and a sergeant i think .is he a scam as well then? If so jeeze im an idiot. Lucky im firt poor so he wouldnt have hot any money from me anyways lol

        • Jessica! You and Lisa are useless and a shameless human being, you are a disgrace to every womanhood. Have I ever ask any one of you for money before? How dare you come here and called me scam? You have to provide every evidence that make me a scam or else you will both face the law cos am gonna take this matter up to any lenght

        • Hey Burk, you are a scammer. You are a liar, a thief, and a fraud. You will burn in hell for lying to women. Now, I’ll tell you what. Instead of going after Jessica and Lisa, come after me douchebag. Let’s “face the law” together shall we?! You can find me in Texas and I look forward to busting your ass one handed, you fake Nigerian dirt eater. How’s that for shameless? Bring it on Burk! Show me what kind of “man” you really are. By the way, I traced your IP address and saved the record. So good luck in your mud hut.

    • So, I’m in NZ on Tinder, had two “American’ servicemen come up recently. When I put one of their mobile numbers in my contacts it suggested a man called AdunntOluwa TJ as a possible friend – obviously not the Gavin W. Braxton that I had been talking to LOL! Only talked a couple of days on Viber, but seriously, who starts with how much they love you?? Anyhoo, terrible grammar, made a mistake sending a message about me being without a women, then backtracked. “Though we have not met but your words are made my heart whole”.

      • I have had 3 guys approach me 2 of them had horrible English the guy I’m talking now has perfect English he hasn’t asked me for money. He would like me to open a paypal account so he can sell antiques he would also like me to open a credit union account he’s probably not for real any thoughts on this?

      • Lovely

        I meet this Sgt.. Max Himmas Lopez.

        He is handsome… I have spoke with him on phone he sounds puertorican with american I have several pictures of him …I think he a leader of scammer….

        He had been asking me to send money.

        Words he uses “do not dissapoint me honey”

        It is a shame that this Ameeican Himmas soldier . scam women…

        He is a american.and he is the leader of other scammer..

        I wish I could be able to send pictures of him…

        He dis asked to send him money to buy his airplane ticket to visit me..

        I refused…
        When I call him scammer liear thief he get so mad..

        I told him what shame to ask for money …

        • Gary Larson wanting money in the US Army In Afghan. From Georgia…Different States….Wife died. Has Soon. Awarded Contract for construction job.

      • Love that CJ up there…wheww he dug a mud hole in dat azz and walked it dry for that scammer.. Yeah!!!!!

    • This guy keeps calling me too he said his name is Alex Mata . with the United States Army . he has asked me for money but I said. No
      Another man Harmo Mike . A Seargent in the Army . in Kuwait City Kuwait . he solid get money from me but he is in Nigeria now he was shot he said and he was takken to Jordan Hospital . I wish he would be caught

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