The Fallacy of Yon (Part III – Conclusion)

This one will be quick and to the point. Talking about Michael Yon seriously makes me want to hurl. So, I’m going to address the OPSEC issue. He asked me to prove where I think he’s violated OPSEC and here it is in the nutshell of ONE post:

Need I go any further? This is proof enough that the military cannot trust Michael Yon with an embed. He is a reckless “reporter” who posts whatever will garner readers without checking facts or weighing whether or not that information will harm troops. David Sneakers proved that!

I was going to post other evidence, but in light of the fact that I may need it in a legal case, I picked the most damaging bit of evidence. With this post, Michael Yon has no basis for any fake allegations of libel or slander against me.

I, however, have numerous. Why? Because unlike Michael Yon, i’m not a public figure and Yon has made numerous libelous claims that are void of fact. He has taken actions that, if true, could result in directly affecting my way of life. He has never presented evidence that I’m insane while labeling me such. He has never presented evidence that I’m dangerous to anyone, while labeling me such. He has never presented evidence as to why I should be allowed to carry a weapon, while writing such. He has never provided evidence that I have lied about my military accomplishments while proclaiming as much. Michael Yon has a lot to answer for. Because he has too much to lose by telling the truth about me, I doubt he ever will though.

And with that, I wash my hands of him provided he ceases with his indefensible attacks.

6 Comments on “The Fallacy of Yon (Part III – Conclusion)

  1. “Doc,”
    Those aren’t tactics highlighted up there. Those are weaknesses in Base Defenses Yon published for the enemy to see.

    Frankly, I find it difficult to believe that any Soldier would be stupid enough to have sent that email. And in today’s Army, there are few that would have grammar mistakes that Yon could correct. He certainly didn’t correct even blatant mistakes in that one.

    What is obvious is that the publication of that email would have put that base at risk of serious attacks, costing many friendly lives, assuming it was the actual situation.

    If one believes instead that some Soldier or other “baited” Yon, it demonstrates that not only is Yon more concerned with his own profits, than the Troops, but also has that Yon has no methods to check his “sources,” nor that he cares to attempt to verify before publication.

    True COIN does not disallow “kinetic operations,” in favor of soft power. True COIN recognizes the requirement for both, for killing bad guys as well as drinking chai with local leaders. But that is a different subject. One that Yon does not attempt to address, nor is qualified to assess, and not the subject of this discussion.

  2. youre wrong. i for one am tired of patching up wounded joes when the leaders are so wrapped around the idea of “soft power” that they endanger their joes. all the tactics mentioned above are all over the internet in insurgent manuals and videos. just get off facebook and look for them. youll be amazed.

    • Doc, so you’re saying it’s okay to publish sensitive, OPSEC information as long as the enemy has already published it? Has it occurred to you that maybe you’re patching up Joes because people like Michael Yon are publishing our defensive weaknesses?

  3. It would be good to put the Army tenets of OPSEC up there to compare with the obvious violations of it. In present form, it’ll scream to those that have sat through the classes, but those unexperienced may not realize the grievous infractions above, and why they are so damaging.

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