The Fallacy of Yon (Part I)

Unlike Michael Yon, I have a real job that doesn’t involve traipsing around foreign countries taking blurry photos of water, mountains, etc. I’m training for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan which means my internet access is limited. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this instead of getting much needed sleep. This post will probably take more than one day to write since I don’t get home until after the kids leave for school and leave for work as soon as they get home from school.

War on Terror News did a good job calling out Yon for his attempts to use my very public conversation in dealing with PTS against me. While I don’t need to defend myself to Michael Yon, my goal in writing this post is to show his readers how off the reservation he is and directly respond to his questions – something he refuses to do – starting with the low-hanging fruit.

In the same thread in which Yon labels me “insane”, he posted a link to a story by my friends at the FlashPointBlog, a conservative, political blog in Huntsville, AL. He preceded the link with “Grisham gone wild.”

Since Yon has a problem with integrity, we’ll never know what he meant by that, but based on his previous behavior I’m positive he was trying to use the link to support some false argument about me being “dangerous”, as he also alleged without backing up.

The link speaks for itself about my very public battle with the Huntsville Public School System in 2009. What Yon won’t tell his fans is to click through the links contained in that post and they’ll come to the same conclusion I did: the school was WAY out of line and I did nothing threatening or dangerous. As a matter of fact, the Garrison commander, a full-bird Army Colonel, ordered Army Criminal Investigative Division to investigate claims by the principal and PTA president that I had somehow threatened them. I freely gave CID open access to my emails, the backend of my blog, and Facebook accounts. I gave them all the videos and audio recordings I had taken. As expected, they found no wrongdoing on my part. The only finding that they mentioned was that I shouldn’t have pounded my hand on a table prior to leaving the PTA meeting. However, based on my treatment the previous hour, it was also an understandable reaction.

Yon also won’t tell you that my lawsuit against the school district forced the school board against renewing the Superintendent’s contract. Through emails I obtained between the Army and the Principal and Superintendent, I was able to catch members of the School system in blatant lies and misrepresentations about me. Members of the school board, including Topper Birney (school board president), Jeannie Robinson, and Alta Morrison reached out to personally apologize to me, both in person and over the phone. Yon won’t tell you that.

The simple facts surrounding the Huntsville City School district is that its employees were way out of line and I and a few other parents stood up to them. Because I was responsible for organizing the other parents, the superintendent, PTA president, and principal (all black females) began an organized campaign to silence and intimidate me. It was determined during my lawsuit that race possibly played a factor in why they were attacking me since many parents who assisted me in opposing the school were black, but were never targeted. The only people to speak openly against me in the school board meetings were also black parents. Yon won’t tell you that. According to him, standing up for parental rights is a threatening gesture and deserves consternation and excoriation. But, I’ll do it again and again and again.

When the school system got the Army involved, I was threatened with article 15s and court martials. I was called a “disgrace to the NCO Corps” by CSM Ricky Cooper, someone who truly embodied what a disgrace to the NCO Corps really looks like, in my opinion. However, the Army could never find anything that I did that violated ethics, regulations, values, etc. Since they realized that I hadn’t done anything wrong, but their spineless leadership style dictated that I be punished just because a civilian was complaining, I was transferred to another assignment. Those same leaders even attempted to persuade my current leadership prior to my arrival, but being the epitome of what GOOD leadership looks like, they gave me the benefit of the doubt and I’ve proved them right for doing it. The only fallout I experienced from standing up to an out of control school system and weak leadership is less-than-stellar NCOER rating that only embarrasses them further when placed side by side with my 16 year history of ratings. It was a petty gesture. Yon won’t tell you that.

I have to end right now to get back to the TOC, so I will update this with the rest of Yon’s ignorance as soon as I can. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely address the PTS issue he keeps going on about! I promise. I will also detail why I think that Michael Yon is dangerous to units as an embed.

4 Comments on “The Fallacy of Yon (Part I)

  1. As of yesterday I followed MY on FB although I was getting a bit disenchanted because I had a hard time understand where he stood and I was tired of hearing about Thailand. He posted your DADT story about the fighting 69th and that is what lead me here.

    After spending a significant amount of time researching all the back and forth, MY is gone from my FB. Will be keeping up here and with the WOTN.

  2. So basically, Mikey Yon is a former varsity player who spent his first two games sitting on the bench for hitting a spectator, got booted from the team, and took to hanging out in NFL locker rooms with a camera, commenting on the coach’s junk, and Monday morning quarterbacking all the games based on his “experience,” and has now been asked to leave the stadium. Do I have it right?

  3. CJ,I served with you for 3 years you are an amazing NCO and have always stood up for whats right.Its sad when people have to attack others with out facts and integrity. I spent 9 years in the army and have seen many many good and bad leadership. worked in Bosnia and Iraq as a contractor so I have seen both sides and guys like yon are shit stirrers. no real life no real honor just make it up as they go along. always looking for the next controversy to cause or be involved in in the end they always get whats deserved. I am glad your still the same guy I knew CJ don’t ever give up your beliefs man and I deal with PTSD every day and I function fine, still have firearms and I still work an honorable job every day and if my injuries from OIF didn’t prevent me from joining back up I would follow you into any battle knowing you would do whats right. keep fighting the good fight and thank you for your continued service. sorry brother you have to deal with people like this but that’s the life of a hero the jealousy of zeros……..

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