The Hunter Becomes the Hunted (A Nigerian Scam)

I’ve been covering these military dating scams for a number of years from the early days when the emails were simply “you won a kabillion dollars in an internet lottery”. The latest buzz that seems to be working for the Nigerian Scammers has been to use photos and images of troops to perpetrate their scams. With two long wars going on and respect for troops at a high, they have found a willingly ignorant society to scheme money from. That doesn’t make the victims idiots or stupid; they don’t understand the military and just want to help. Often time, they fall in love with the image of man in the photos. Unfortunately, in my experience almost every Soldier used in these scams is already married, which breaks their hearts.

I have a Google alert any time my name is mentioned on a website. This allows me to get ahead of any possible controversies involving this site or my name. Just was the case today when the following Google Alert:

I am looking for a Long term Relationship – United States
My name is cj grisham, i am 37 years I’m seeking a United States Woman for Long – Term i am cj grisharm,US ARMY,37 …

Click photo for higher resolution image.

Check me out on that link. Those that know me will find it quite humorous as the scammer has me completely backwards. “Browm eyes?”

Click photo for higher resolution image.

Yes, those are photos of me. I’m not sure where they came from since my Facebook page is private and only friends can see the photos. They were taken from somewhere as evidenced by the crappy resolution. I love the “About Me” section of “C.J. Grisham’s” profile on

I can’t stand most hip-hop. I do like some gangsta rap, but hip-hop sucks if you ask me! I was a little happy to see that after three votes, I’ve been given a 7.7/10 rating. Not bad for an old man! But ladies, if you see this profile, it is NOT me. I am happily married. I have contacted and let them know that the individual is a scammer. He’s obviously not a smart scammer since he used MY name of all the possibilities! Just goes to show you that no one is safe and that we are losing the infosec war!!

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  1. There’s a man using military pics that friended me on fb and I’d ignored messages for awhile but I started to get curious as to why this person kept trying to message me. So, I asked around bc he was fb friends with several people that I knew. Surprise! All women! Sparked more curiosity, so I went further and started asking around. Has anybody ever met this person? Nope…so I engaged in conversation. Dangerous game…I know. So, I’d told my friend that we should try to find out more info so that he could be exposed. He screenshot some messages and she became angry at me. Apparently, she developed feelings for him and had been his “gf” for 4 yrs. prior to all of this. She’d sent money the whole time. Well, she’s said bad things about me and tried to turn people against me, which is fine bc I had her best interest in mind. I have him on the hook, but can’t find the help I need to expose him. He has recently started a whole new page to friend me with to show me that he’s really a service member. The horrible part is that the friend is also supposedly a service member, and he’s posted videos and pics of this guy’s kid. I’m ready to stop, to give up bc it’s wasting my time but really would like to prove what’s happening to my friend. I hate that he’s using these photos and videos bc they’re not his. I’d also like for these guys to find out what’s going on as well. Thank you for your time.

    • Blake Tucker Rodger couch he is in Afghanistan he said he got shot on his leg and his arms we’ve been talking to each other for almost two and a half months he gots two kids a girl and a boy he tells me his wife have passed away I need to know if he’s in the military if he’s real please help me out with this cuz I fell in love with this man and he did not ask me for any money I hate when they lie I wish this stops now

    • do anybody know by the guy named George James in the army please let me know because he’s another one who trying to scare me didn’t get over me at all I’m sorry about that they need to be stopped and check their background and see what’s going on with these men and who is behind them and doing this to us sad please check the phone number to see what’s going on and I thought I was going to fall in love with a man that I thought I would but it didn’t

  2. My dearest

    I must first thank you for well detailed email you send to me, though I was wondering if you will ever reply to my message I send to you yesterday and how happy I was to receive your email and I am glad that you find it enthusiastic to write to me and I promise to enhance the benefits of this relationship should we find common path to happiness. I have to admit that you are really wonderful and beautiful woman even at your age, you still look beautiful and strong which I admire so much. I like you and I believe that our meeting was not by a chance or accident but rather it was predestined by God so that together we would be able to discover God’s plan for both of us. And I am comfortable with everything about you, you look great and sportive and I can have you if you promise to love and to cherish me.

    Once again my name is Martins Bloomberg, I am 49 years old a native of Michigan in United States of America I am happy to find you in my present and I will like to be associated with you, what I desire is simply in your attribute I have to bring love to my world again because I am a single father, I lost my late wife long ago and I want to find a more matured woman to find love again and I need change of environment and a new society where I can live harmoniously with you and share true love and sports feelings with you, I can say I am very adventurous due to the kind of work that I do in the Army.

    I lost my wife three years ago in a car crash I have a daughter who is 13 years old My daughter’s name is Betty, She is a good and intelligent girl and i take her to high esteem because she is my carbon copy I work as regular military personnel in American army serving the last batch of soldiers here in Syria as Allied peace keeping forces which I am the Commander and General of my Unit in Iraq and Syria, but I am coming home for my retirement by the end of this year 2015 and I will wish to relocate to you should you want me to I need a new environment for me and my little daughter, hope you don’t mind?

    There is usually a smile on my face and I have been blessed I have my own share of setbacks in the life but in spite of challenges I face in my whole life and everything i never stop being grateful to God for his mercies upon my life and all the experiences that i have been exposed to I am a fun loving man, jovial, Kind, easy going, lovely and passionate man.

    I like to have fun, work, travel, Play, and smile I think of myself as being clever but harmless My Hobbies include jogging, mounting climbing, fishing, music, horse riding, traveling, swimming, golf and cook as well, I am looking for a woman whom I will love, and also the woman that I would be able to spend the rest of my life with. I will be grateful if you will reciprocate my true feelings. Our relationship alone, it should be blessed with prayers, devotion, mutual co-operation and respect which I promise to be loyal to you and to cherish you should we be compatible to each other and trust each other in every facet of our life because that is the most important thing in every relationship, TRUST.

    Darling, I believe that a man’s happiness will never be completed until there is a woman right beside him I want someone who is happy with her life someone, who is willing to share Her lives with me and I can share my life with her and together we will be happy forever I hope that you would be the right woman for me, and I hope that our coming together would open doors of blessings and affections in our lives Please check your attachment you will see my photos And also please, feel free to tell me more about yourself and also send me more photos of you so that I can be able to look at it while still protecting/defending the world from evil people. Tell me something about yourself and answer me this few questions: Are you married? Do you wish to remarry? Do you love kids because I have one daughter, I love pets and I am very good with Dogs and cats.

    I wish you a wonderful day and angelic love I hope to hear from you soonest. Best regards and God bless you and enhance our feelings to each other. Hoping to hear from you pretty soon darling and enjoy your Christmas and a have a wonderful prosperous new year as I look forward to meet you in person once we know more and have confident in our belief as matured adults.

    Yours affectionately,

    General Martins Bloomberg.

    • Hi, my name is Cherry. I’ve been contacted by this man who claims that he is a US Marine for the past 18 years under the E-8 Gunnery Category. His name is David Raymond Tobias, a Staff Sergeant of USMC. Does anyone has been contacted by this person? He said he is single, the only son of his parents who are now both deceased. His mom died of motor accident when he was 14 and his father got died when he was 21. He said he is all alone and is looking for a serious relationship, a loving and caring woman like me who will take care of him forever. He has been working hard so that he can have a family. No friends and relatives are living far, in Washington. I ask him to call me coz I want to hear his voice and he said that he cant because he has no credit but I can call him up because we will just talk shortly coz it is restricted in their camp. He gave me his preferred time which is 8pm, Nigerian time. He said he is living with his room mate and he still needs to hide in the toilet when answering my call. Anyway, I did try to call him but I was not convinced enough with his voice, his accent doesn’t sound like he is an American, it was different. lol. I challenged him to have a video chat too even though I actually hate video chat & he refused, he said he will be in serious trouble coz the camp has a cctv all around the corner and video chatting is really restricted. Well, I don’t really believe him so much, not convinced very well. When I chat with him, I ask him so many questions & ask it all over again to check if he is consistent and sometimes his words slip. Lol You could simply spot a liar by just asking him again about your previous conversation with him. If he is honest, it will simply come out and u could feel that. Listen to your instincts too. So far he didn’t ask me anything yet. We only chat for less than 7 days yet. I’m very sure that he can never get anything from me especially after I’ve read all of your comments here. Be careful Ladies and don’t just believe and trust easily. Thanks for this forum.

  3. My daughter has been corresponding with a “soldier” named “Smiths Gordon” who says he is in Nigeria and is a member of the US Military. She is supposed to go to the airport and pick him up some time tomorrow. He has not asked for money, states that he is a captain, is widowed, etc. Says he is glad someone likes him for himself and not for his money. How can she tell if this is a scam?

  4. Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen),

    Below you’ll find a link to an Australian television program called “Insight.” This particular episode is called “Love Bait.” It deals with the issue of romance scams. I was a guest on the program (via Skype).

    If you’re nervous about clicking on the link, you can do a Google search for “Insight” and “Love Bait.” That should bring you to the show’s official website ( Portions of the show have already been posted on YouTube.

    – Gordon

  5. This week January 23, 2014 was a night mate for me….Since November last year 2013 this Team leader in the army using the name Roland Steve Gilbert West had made me fall in love with me. Then all of a sudden, he send me a package worth $3,000.00 worth of jewelry and ring without asking for my ring size. Then he said that the lady in the courier office has included his ID. Then the courier office called world wide called and asking for money because the US military ID was a contraband asking from $630.00 to another $1,700.00 USD paid to western union. Then when they were not contented they asked for more. $450.00 for a motorbike deliver. He agreed that I will call my sheriff friend and put the package on hold. He pretended to tell me he visited the post office and slap the lady who mailed his military ID by accident. Yesterday, jan 23, 2014, he asked me to write to his general for a fiancé leave and told me there’s a form and a remittance money. Now the mail was $2,700.00 USD Accrg to this scammer it’s to be returned to me 100% when he comes home. Hahahahaha.

    These groups will never be contented. They will suck you dry. Please don’t get victimized.

    Thank you.


  6. Hello !

    Its been 3 yrs knowing General Daniel Miller and he has a son name Anthony Miller he is in Afghanistan since 2009 up to present. And he want my friend his gf here in my place to help him to buy plain ticket for him because he want to get out from that war zone and im pretty sure my friend as his gf already sending money to his son Anthony who is in Accra Ghana. Please help me check if he is real US Army deployed in Afghanistan. Thank you His email ad is

  7. Hello!

    On Monday, I met with Meg Coyle of the KING 5 Television Station in Seattle, Washington to discuss the use of my photos in military dating scams. As many of you know, my pictures have been used by these criminals since at least 2009. They use various first names in their scams, but they always use some variation of my last name (HANNETT). Ms. Coyle’s story ran during Monday’s 5:30 p.m. news broadcast. You’ll find a link to the segment below:

  8. Got contacted by a Richard Hannett on the Zoosk dating site. After pouring out my heart and soul to this man named Richard a good friend of mine asked me to google his name and sure enough it was just another romance scam. Luckily I wasn’t scammed!! I would have continued with him getting my hopes up only to have them shot down. I it such a shame that these scammers exist and use god and the awesome men in he military as tools to scam lonely people!! Please be careful everyone!!

  9. Gordon Hannett,

    I am very sorry for the things these scammers have put you through for so long.
    lucky I did not send him any money but I did sent him some pictures.
    New name to add to your list: Captain Thomas Hannett Hannetthomas @
    He found me on he used Precious9878. I did enjoy your pictures for a little
    while. Best of luck and have a good life Mimi

  10. I’ve posted here many times. My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. Pictures of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009. Back in April, a new opportunity arose to combat the SCAMMERS. An editor from Glamour Magazine in New York City contacted me and asked for an interview. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. The resulting article was published in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. I’d encourage everyone to buy the magazine or read the article on-line through a link that I’ll post below. Hopefully, the story will shed more light on this under-reported crime.

  11. CJ thank you for your help. I have an email from a person from Cambodia name Ogacici he is african, I deleted him, that night I received 3 overseas phone calls, only one person who had my number was my scammer. So ladies beware if you use Oasis dating. Cos

    • I used Oasis years ago & met a scammer with the same story as officer Robert Haggard. He said he lived in Georgia. The scammer was good but I still had some misgivings. It went on for months & I wasn’t asked for money as I made that quite clear from the beginning I was not his ATM. He also tried to get me to go on some IM and I refused as I didn’t know how secure it was. I said we can do that on Oasis, but he said he would have to pay for it. I contacted Oasis & he was no longer on that site & I asked questions, but due to privacy they wouldn’t release any information but did say I should ensure I used online dating safely. I didn’t question the scammer & I was able to google similar pictures at military functions. Alarm bells were raised & I tapped on his name & it took straight to his army email. So I let this person know that I had been communicating with someone using his name. I provided him with the email address & promised to cease contact so he could investigate this matter. The emails kept coming for about a week & the scammer read me the riot act for thinking I was too good for him. I received a genuine email from the officers email 6 months later thanking me for this information. I don’t know the outcome & I didn’t ask. I was lucky just a bruised ego. After that I changed my email & quit the dating sites forever. Truth is It started to get boring for me as it was all flowery & no reality. I tried to have some real conversation but it just became too hard. I live in Australia.

  12. Gordon, someone contacted me by his mail address; hanett bills @yahoo .com. another one using your name, collecting girlfriends for you! Ain’t you lucky!? Is there anyway,to stop these scumbags using your family name? They are destroying the integrity and names of our good soldiers.

    • Hello Luz –

      I wish there were a way to stop these criminals. Prevention is about all that we can do on our end. From what I’ve seen, CJ (through his blog) is the prime force in educating people around the world about these scammers. Toward that end, I’d like to once again offer a list of the fake names being used in conjunction with my photos. Here are a few of the scammers I’ve identified since 2009:


      Many of these names apprear on Facebook and some are certainly being used on dating websites. I do what I can to get the fake profiles removed from Facebook, but I don’t have time to worry about the dating sites. The Army keeps me plenty busy.

      Thanks for the invite, Luz. I’ll be sure to look you up if I do go to Australia. I travel frequently for work, so you just never know. Thanks also for your efforts to identify these criminals and shine a light on their activities. Best wishes, Gordon

      • Gordon,
        If you get any time whatsoever to look into fb accounts, I have a couple. Both saying they’re military. I just feel really bad bc there are children’s pics involved. I’ve had my pics stolen and plastered on dating sites and fb accounts. It broke up my relationship at that time. I’ve reported it but nothing came of it. I just don’t want to give out public info bc I know that this one in particular tries to find sites like these for info.

      • This is for Gordon I set up an dating acct with POF and in contact with a George Hannett who in profile says in Manhattan. Pic of him and black and white believe sheltie (dog) but in his text to me said was in military for 12 yrs was a staffs sargent us army. States American England nationality. Missioned in War zone on UN on a peace keeping mission
        If this is scammer be great to know. My bad has my cell number

  13. Some more scummers, who I was in contact with. Be carefull of these names and e-mails addresses: Stanley Wolf, army warrant officer in Kabul, his mail # camp400065@hotmail. from Dothan, Alabama; ; Darrin Mark Bailey from UK, but a textile businessman in malaysia, mail addresses; # Richard Mark from Florida # richard mark 12345@hotmail a mechanical engineer, parents died in car crashed; Alfred Draper his mail address,; huging 777-aka Patrick;; emma66790909@hotmail aka emmanulle-E-16 Sgt. in Afganistan; pauldeeds and pauldeeds 51 gave me his name as Wadsworth Paul Deeds, he said his father was a soldier killed in Dhaka, Afghanistan, he is stupid, Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh; now in Russia, building a warehouse worth of 1M. what a crap, and the last is John1101. Good luck ladies, be vigilant!

  14. Yeah, Gordon is the real Capt. Hannett, now a major, I have been in contact with him few times, in Facebook. He is a nice guy, now back to US. Hi Gordon, if ever you happen to come to Australia, don’t forget to drop by in my place, please. Anyway, ” I am one among your accidental girlfriends” hehehehe!! Thanks to the scammer!

  15. Hello COS –

    No, I didn’t receive any photos from you. My e-mail address isn’t posted here, so I don’t know how you could send them. A quick correction – it was Special Agent Kenya Gillis from the Roanoke, Virginia Office of the FBI who took my fraud report in April 2009. She said the scammers are in Africa and they wouldn’t be able to do much. Perhaps the CIA will launch Hellfire missiles from drones at every internet cafe in Ghana. That would be a good start I think. In any case, that was a good bit of detective work, COS. Thanks for sharing.
    – Gordon

    CJ – I know you’re busy. Quick question though, is it possible for me to share my e-mail address with one person (COS for instance) rather than simply posting it here for all the world to see?

    • Ladies, this Gordon is the REAL Gordon. I’ve verified his identity.

  16. Hahahahahaa esto me da risa y al mismo tiempo me pone furiosa como estos hombres sin escrupulos tratan de abusar de mujeres indefensas como las que nos encontramos solas y tratamos de buscar un compañero, pues a mi me ha pasado algo aprecido lo unico que yo parti por delante y de salida dije no confio porque las estafas por internet estan al dia, este se hace pasar por el major Peter Sedley Jones que se encuentra en Sudan disque quiere casarse pero necesita que se envie una solkicitud de retiro de su trabajo y la direccion es creo que este una estafa mas en la yo no voy a caer…..amigas a tener cuidado con estos tipos que creen que van delante de uno, por suerte habemos mujeres que aun tenemos cerebro y investigamos primero suerte a todas y porfavor no care en esto

  17. PS, forgot to mention he also sent me copies of his and the son’s PASSPORT photo’s, they were recent ones by the looks of them, the son looked older.
    And Gordon did you recieve the photo’s I sent to you??? cos

  18. Sorry, have not been on here for sometime. It is exactly the same words and sentences I had recieved. And yes they are good at this, same child staying with people in Ghana, same stories I recieved, including gold and needing me to send email toHenry at FDRL
    Then there was Lawyer Mr Mickael Paterson adress Brong Ahafo Ghana.
    The scams address is ID
    Location and ISP Ghana(null) Millicom Ghana LTD
    Then the gold worth $645,000.00 transfered to me from Ashanti gold mine co.
    Oh and don’t forget henry also a scammer for hannett.
    He even used to ring me at night with a excellent american accent.
    He and his son were coming to stay with me, in Dec27/11/10, what a shame couldn’t leave the countryunder arrest not enough money could I send more. HAHA NO. FlightEK408 Dubai_Melbourne.
    Yes there is a Grace Asnare they used her name she is a pastors wife.
    They used a travel agents name Travel andTours Ltd Ghana.
    Francis mobile was with e buddyMobile messenger http:/ yahoo messenger
    could help, FBI agent Frank Gills Roanoke Va USA 540-344-5561 recommended by the real Capt
    Gordon Hannett.
    So I hope I have helped you, stay vigilent. COZ



    I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. Photos of me have been used by scammers since 2006 when they were downloaded from the Webshots website. I didn’t realize the pics could be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. In any case, I frequently search Facebook for people using my last name. The scammers are kind of stuck with that name since it’s on the name tags of my uniforms in the pictures. Today, I found these imposters on Facebook:


    Each of them used a photo of me as his profile photo. I reported the imposters to Facebook and sent warning e-mails to each of their friends. Fortunately, they didn’t have many. Hopefully, FB will delete their accounts soon.

    Also on FB were CARL HANNETT and JAMES HANNETT. Neither of them had a profile picture, but each claimed to be in the US Army. I can tell you that neither of them is in the Army. There are VERY few Hannetts in the Army. The criminals read these posts, so I won’t say anything else about that. I wish I had time to prowl the dating websites for imposters, but I don’t. Be careful and DON’T SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

    • This is the real Gordon. I have verified his identity through military resources.

  20. Here is a name I haven’t seen listed on here:

    Sergeant Mike Knox. The photos of him in uniform show the name Knox.

    The usual classic story. Kabul, cheating wife, son staying with friend, retiring in a month etc.
    He contacted me through the chat on a dating site.
    There were so many red flags but I kept him going as I googled things. He didn’t seem to know I could find out instantly the current weather in Kabul.
    The “conversation” was mostly his questions that seemed to come from a list— his answers were so quick they had to be copy and paste.
    His little boy lives in Ghana fer chrissake. A trip to Wikipedia and I learn that the country has a huge crime problem from legal and illegal Nigerians moving in.

    He wrote more than once “Am ok with you”. The scammers leave off the word I ( as you’ll see in the letter).

    He signed off with byeeeeeeee– apparently another telltale.

    He was planning to open a jewelry store when he returned. Really? In THIS economy?
    He was going to sell his house and buy another one. When there are so many houses on the market NOT selling and going to auction?
    He likes poetry but doesn’t know any authors.
    He likes to walk on the beach but doesn’t know the names of any in his home area.
    Likes the mountains but doesn’t know the names of the ranges.

    I’m a total newb to online dating but have been doing research now. How to track an IP address, how to reverse search a photo. One of the photos led me to romancescammers where I saw that a Jimmy Knox had been running this in 2009.

    I share with you his only letter— some sections I recognized as pasted into the chat.
    When you see it all in one piece, it declares “Nigerian scammer”.

    How are you doing there this morning?i hope you are doing well as am also doing great in Afghanistan here…i wanted to used this e-mail to tell you more about me…My name is Mike knox. I was born on the 3rd December,1960 at Baptist Hospital in Germany….My mother is from Germany and my father is from America Wa Spanaway…i lost my 25years son and my both parent in car accicent in Germany.My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field….Am the only son to my parent..
    I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience.I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a noncommission officer and I work in the senior management of the military…i work in the U.S ARMY and i am currently stationed in Kabul , the capital of Afghanistan.I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Afghanistan and I have already spent 10 months here in Afghanistan. My first mission to Afghanistan was in 2003. My mission ended in 2005. When back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years….i have 9years son who lives with my best friend in Africa…my best friend was also in the US ARMY but he is now retired and married to woman from Africa Ghana..That why he lives in Ghana with the woman now…
    My relationship with my ex was like this. I loved her with all my heart. In fact it is true. I wasn’t thinking she can do such a thing. I helped her in her work, support her family, spending much time with her as much as I could. Going with her to the beaches, the movies and a lot of interesting places just trying to make her the happiest woman in life. I know she is regretting it by now. Her parents once called me and were apologizing for her but I already made my mind. I don’t know why she drew away from me. Maybe, she can’t control her sexual desire. I do not get angry. It happens once in a while but I know how to control myself. In the army, if you can’t control your anger, you gonna end up fighting all the time…I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.i will end the letter here but i cant meet you online at your time 10;00am but i will meet you online at your time 8:30pm tonight…bye for now mike knox

    The IP address— surprise: Ghana.

    I’m leaving him dangling for now while I use techniques from to waste his time— less time for him to scam the innocent. I let drop my recent inheritance and the need to invest in a business. Then I let the buzzing go on and on. The rude Buzz– another telltale. Sudden loss of internet– oh dear.

    • I have been told almost the same story with the same words from E6 Staff Seargant Carlos Johnson Campbell. Is this name familiar to you?

  21. Ladies, another scammer,I encountered just yesterday. In Active OASIS- Chis1, he said he is a Civil Engineer from Canberra, Capital City, and working in UK in a Toyota Business, lives in 27 Newman St, London, WIT, IPN England London, U K. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. I google the address, do not exist. I noticed his english was so awful, so I asked, if what race is he and his degree. He said, ” what race and degree?”I asked coz, I cannot recognize him, the picture has sunglasses with a big glass of beer infront on the table.Race, where he came from, degree, is civil engineer. He asked , what do I mean. That’s it. Big Scammer, He wants to marry an australian, if I am interested. I said, no time for scammer, He signed out! Jeanti Son is also a scammer,

  22. Luz, I too have been scammed by those people, most of the names you have mention sound familar to me.
    There is not much we can do about them, just report them here.Cos

  23. Though I was not scammed of big ( just a little amount) cash, by the gang of Francis Hannett , maybe enough for their coffee and muffins, still, I was caught of their scamming scheme. The others; nothing coz, I became wiser in dealing in the networking. Beware ladies, be wise, if, someone want to contact you, search who they are. One click to your internet, you will know the real Mccoy! But do not give up too, to find your love, there are many out there who are looking for true love and genuine relationships, only be wise and observant whom you are dealing with.

  24. Here are some additional names that to be watch conniving with scambag ” Capt. Francis Hannett” Graces Asare, 23 South Rd. Park, East-Legon- Accra, Ghana 00233 ( does not exist): James Potter- personal name is Smith Peterson, Mmaduabum Godin Ubah, ( Potter’s accountant) of 57 Ijoko St.Accra, Ghana,00233, Philip Opuko- Mile 7, PO Box 11+9 , New Achimota, Accra Ghane, 00233, Victor Williams H/no. 1515 Abeka, Lapaz Accra, Ghana Tel. 0201896822, James Potter- Operator Mamager, Global Finance LTD. # =44703-1746388. I do not know if those numbers and addresses exist. Scammers posing to be these soldiers= Frank Lauer, Jonti Son- posing as Major James Micgroge( he has 4 stars insignia on his uniform); Edward Domain; Daniels ( Robert Casey, Johnson Henry- as business owner in Uk, and wesenjoy 01- as an antiques dealer from Canada. I had in contact with all these scambags. If anyone can pass all these names to the INTERPOL and the FBI, i will appreciate so much, so that they will be caught.

  25. Additional infos to help women, who would be in contact to Capt. Francis Hannett.

  26. This scambag who introduced himself as Capt. Francis Hannett’s wife died in a car accident and he is the only son of his late parents,according to him, they migrated to U.S when he was 6 yrs old the mother was a teacher, father was an army doctor, both died in a plane crash, he was a graduate of West Point and had the degree of B.S.B.A, He is a very heavy weight! West Pointer and B.S.B.A! He was commissioned in Iraq, 5 yrs and just finished last Nov. i0, this year, so he went to Accra Ghana to pick his son (13)who is presently livintg to a certain friend of his late wife, by the Name of Grace Asare, who do not want to tell her address,and phone numbers. This Francis Hannett is according to him is presently living in a hotel in Accra, and he told me that he will come to live with me in Australia ” forever and ever” coz , he said ” he loves me so much and he will spend his whole life with me” what a sweet tongue indeed.! But he has no more money to buy foods till they have their flight on Dec. 10, 2011, I told him to borrow money to his friends and we will settle them when he arrives in Australia. I said I cannot afford to send money, coz, I myself also striving! he is really very pushy, He is always in my MY, ( my mistakes I gave him my mail address) but I put him in my Stealth setting so that he cannot see me when I am online. He always open, but sign off, he cannot see me online. I am only wondering how this scammer has so many stolen identities, social internet is not safe. I wish these scammers will be dealt with maximum penalty, when they were caught, because, of fraud, stealing, manipulations, misleading,falsifications, hurting someone who are vulnerable and innocent women, whom they victimize. I told to Francis Hannett, I want to hear his voice and see his face while we are having a chat, but he said he is only using the hotel computer. I observed his english,spelling and writings, he is not happy, but still he wants to contact me but, I just ignore him. Beware ladies, Captain Francis Hannett may be looking for you, I met him online in OASIS, his mail address is hanet_bills

  27. I wish to have a direct communication to Captain Gordon Hannett, why so many scammers are using his photos, coz, a certain Capt. Francis Hannett contacted me too, when I look at the Google “who is Capt. Francis Hannett” I found out that the photos he sent me are those of Capt. Gordon Hannett. He is still sending me e-mail under hanet_bills, which I ask him to show his face, coz I want to see him while we are chatting in the net. He is asking money to buy foods for him and his son, in Ghana according to him, do not accept “standing credit card” which I do not believe, so he need help, he will pay it back to me when he arrive in Australia to live with me,He said, he loves me and wants to live with me forever and ever, scambag! ( their flight with his 13 yrs old son will be on me, Dec. 10, 2011.) He is a very good talker, very romantic tongue. I will only talk to him if he shows his face while we are having a chat. He said he is really the one in the pictures ( pictures of Capt. Gordon Hannett.) I just want to know where to report this pest, Francis Hannett., to stop him victmizing innocent women. Asked his numbers, phone and address, but he has no cell phone and he is only living in a hotel till their flight to Australia. I wrote all the names that he is using to scam innocent women. Lots of denials. I am ignoring all his e-mails.No see actual face, no talk.

  28. Hi I have a guy on facebook called Rowland Dunn, I’ve been keeping him as a friend to get as much information out of him as possible. But he has alot of pictures of a Sgt. Dunn, and I feel really bad for the guy who’s pictures got stolen. I’ve been trying to find the actuall guy on google but no luck. I’m really glad I found your site to read all this information. Do you have any suggestions on where I could post his pictures besides the nigerian scammers sites? Thank you for any help you can provide.. Oh yes I almost forgot I also found him on netlog as Sgt. Kelvin Dunn omg…

  29. Hi, I’m a girl from Sweden to which a “captain” who calls himself David Moore Hannett attempt to deceive, please alert women to this man! This man asked for pictures of you using them to defraud others, do not send pictures of you who do not know anyone personally, think that anytime we can be victims of spite or hurt anyone for a scam done in your name or photos.

    This message was translated from Swedish to English, I hope I can do to understand.

  30. Two new names to add to the list using Gordon Hannett’s photo’s
    Frank Hannett and Kelvin Hannett. The 5 photo’s I have seen are
    new one’s to me. Cos

  31. i was contacted by a soldier by the name of SGT.james hannett says he was in iraq due to be discharged in 2 months just wanted to let you know that after reading the things that were posted he won’t here from me again thank you.

  32. update on francis smith after 4 months he has again contacted me, asking me to invite him back on msm his IP is Ghana

  33. ladies it time put a stop to this guy he also got friend that goes by paul owens so be carful of him to he i saying this paul owen is his co

  34. Edwin Dunn now calls himself Sgt Edwin Dunn is email he used was he gave me the photos the others have discribed but sent me tow more new ones. One of him in a car wearing a berret and the other in an office. The one in the office had a date stamp on it that said it was taken the day he sent it to me! I stayed in contact with him and he eventually got around to to telling me he had not eaten for three days and could I please send money gave me a lot of lame exuses as to why the army had not provisioned them with more food and why he had no money! I played along conning the con man!! Till he gave me an adress to send money to him via western Union…. Barraks Road Acra Nigeria and a security qustion – Colour and answer – Red!Then I sent him an email telling him he was busted and I would be forwarding information to interpol reguarding his scam! He has sudenly gone quiet and no more correspondance – funny that… wonder why??
    He picked the wrong target in me I don’t have two pennies to rub together couldn’t have sent him money even if I had wanted to. Just hope he and his kind get what they so truely deserve if not in this life then surely in the next!

    • i was also was contact by the same person
      and got the same pictures .i am glad i found this site . just yeatarday he want me to sell every thing i own . i am so glad i caught on . by the way he also got afriend by the name paul owen be careful of him to ladies

  35. I am currently in communication with Edwen Dunn on his profile it said Major but he said he was a Sargent. He just told me that eight soldies had died of poisoning as all their food was poisoned by terorists. He has not yet asked me for money but I wrote him an email stating that I could not travel to the states as I have no money and I have not heard from him for 2 days. I only just found this site and cannot believe what I am reading. These scammers have no contience to use the IDs of soldiers fighting for their country! Thank you for alerting me to this scum bag! Can someone please inform me how I can report this scammer? I am from Australia.

  36. OK, I’ve also been having discussions with Gordon Hannett, whose wife supposedly cheated on him twice and he’s divorced and has a son in New Jersey. He’s in the Army and on his last mission. I detected red flags and now I see this website — BLESS YOU FOR CREATING! OMG I don’t know who I’m angrier at right now — him or myself for being so naive and stupid. You’d think a 53 year old woman would no better.

    So now as much as I dread getting the answer, have any of you encountered communications with a soldier purporting to be Robert Miller? Supposedly his wife died of cancer two years ago? He’s a Captain in Iraq and retires this month. Hasn’t asked for a thing. But now I don’t know what to think. I’m so confused and feel so stupid.

    • Roxanne, you are not alone,Iam 63years old and have just been scammed by him also. I to am naive and stupid, and not up with this tech computer world,also so confused,by this well spoken man whose pics were the real Captain Gordon Hannett,He was just so caring for the last 7months laughed and talked, and a pure gentleman.Ahhhhhhhhhhh.Then asked for money for his son,so stupid sent it.And his name is Francis smith E5sgt in Iraq


    • Hello Roxanne, I posted a message on this site back in December listing the facts I know about this dating scam. Since then, I’ve discovered five people using photos of me on Facebook. They use the names Robert Hannett, Michael Hannett (two accounts), Benjamin Hannett, and Hannett Wright. I’ve also been contacted by two individuals from Africa asking to be “friends” on Facebook. They used the names Hannett Prince and George Hannett. I would encourage anyone who has been the victim of these scammers to contact Agent Gillis at the Roanoke, Virginia office of the FBI. Take care. – Gordon

  37. This article is about scammers on dating web sites. I joined a few, and busted three scammers. All claiming to have to work in “Nigeria”. They are completely easy to spot immediately. I am 55 and separated. Prime scammer bait. I am going to continue to bust them and hope to write articles about this disgusting crime. Is there any web site that I could do this on? The writing I mean? I hope to warn the general public about this gang of thieving con artists. None of them received anything from me and they never will. I’d like to slow them down, knowing I can’t stop them. Any comments would be appreciated on how I can go about doing this. L.V. Smarter than Scammers.

  38. The same experience with major Dunn. Revealed him in sevral hours and made him tough time for the next several ones. Just be alert, girls!

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  40. Job ID: Canada/MRHL/ 02467-09
    As per above request we need manpower to work in Center Inn Vitoria Hotel Canada. The total requirements will be 280 workers.
    Workers that have the ability to work hard only need to apply and must come from non-criminal origin and must agreed to abide by the Center Inn Victoria Hotel Canada rules and regulations. Details needed: Bio-Data’s of these workers in advance for us to do the shortlist before the conduction of interview .
    Kindly contact us immediately attached with your cv/pic via
    our private email address below.
    Best regards

    Hotel employment manager

  41. CJ lol your hilarious.

    I like to be spammed it turns me on. Just like fearmonging does for you…Got your juices flowing real good here huh? And having my IP banned…OooOooO baby! You know how to talk dirty to a grl….ROFLMAO

    The fake is You.

  42. yes, I got the same Major Dunn Edwen Oscar from Nigeria American base, he also asked for the money to buy food, and he sent me pics of him (nice looking) from but when I took phone to call him, the accent is so badly, I speak Italin to him, and he said am speaking franch, and after I pointed out my suspection, he disappear, just be aware girls

  43. No its are you serious? I posted 4 days ago on how to submit a picture. And not a peep out of lil ole you. I question the sincerity of getting any help and you come back with a half azz attempt. If and I do mean IF there was a link I would have used it. But I think seriously that this page is an attempt to set up fear. Fearmonging in terrible. But then of course if people like you didn’t attempt to put it out there what would this country be like. hahahahahaha

    • Kimmie, if people like you can’t understand what the big “Contact Us” link at the top if this site means, maybe I need to rename it. What would be easier for you to understand?

      You come in here slinging accusations and don’t even bother to try to find the answers. Even if it weren’t prominently displayed on this site, even a simple Google search would have found it.

      I have a full time job and a family. I don’t make money on this site, so excuse me having a life and not making YOU my number one priority while I’m on leave with my family over the holidays. I’m not even going to respond to your absurd and ignorant comments about my purposes in writing about these scams. If you’re unable to figure out my email address without losing it, there probably isn’t anything I can do to help you anyway.

      I don’t play politically correct games here. if you want to continue with this ludicrous attitude, I’ll gladly just send all your comments to spam and ban your IP.

  44. Kimmie, are you serious? Does everyone have to give you ALL the answers without any attempt on your part to get answers? I live by the principle that you can’t help people that won’t help themselves. My contact information is not a secret.

  45. WOW.. Thanks for all the help!! Can you smell the sarcasmism? I mean really I ask how or who do I send a pic to, so that it can be posted on site. And Nothing!!

    I think someone is failing miserably to keep public updated OR someone is doing a great job of spreading fear within the public.

    Which one are you doing?

    • Sorry for not getting back with you Kimmie, my hard drive went on my laptop and I didn’t get it back until this morning.

      CJ, didn’t mean for her to get all pi$$ed off at you!

  46. Ok, how do I send them to CJ? Is there a certain email address? I did call yesterday to the Army’s main number and spoke to someone about email. They told me depending on what branch, unit and mission the email may be classified. Could you give me your email so I could email you. I’m not comfortable posting here for fear that he may be reading this stuff and try something. I hope when they are caught, they are put under the smallest rock and smashed like mashed potatoes!

  47. Hi

    I have been talking to someone who claims he is a solider in Iraq. I was very suspicious from the beginning because he told me he was looking for a long term relationship. In the emails he sent he told me of his life and being divorced with a daughter who is in a boarding school. I started surfing the net with his name to see if indeed he was in the military but found nothing. That is how I found this site. I did question him about things and asked for him to send me email with his military account but he told me his military email was classified and he could not. He seems so sincere and real. I do not know what to believe. I haven’t talked to him for long but long enough to have a emotional attachment or so it seems. I want to know if there is a way I can send a pic of him to see if this man is indeed military or a nasty nigerian scammer.

    • Kimmie,

      He is a scammer. There military email is not classified. They are all sincere and do seem real, but believe me, they are not. They use photos and information of all military personnel alive and deceased. All I can say is block him and send your photo of him and information to CJ, he will post it for you.

  48. Thank’s Shaun for telling me that you had the same experience with the following low life scum bag.

    I also was scammed by a Major Edwen Oscar Dunn, who also has 2 daughters and is widowed. He claimed to be in Nigeria. I have been chatting to him about 5-6 days, then he started calling me Mrs Dunn.

    He keep repeating to me that he wanted to marry me and that he loved me.

    Then he messenger me and told me he hadn’t eaten for 3 days as a terrorist had been poisoned all the food at he mess and that 8 soldiers had died of food poisoning and that he needed money to buy food.

    All the romantic stuff he wrote was in perfect english but for a major in the US Army, who said he was a Italian/American amd, he can not speak very good English.

    He told me he wanted money and to send to via Western Union and like a fool I believe him, so I sent him the money and I also thought like Shaun “why would an American soldier have no money on him”.

    He also told me too look his daughter up on facebook. According to him he has two daughters one 17 & 19. The youngest daughter name is Lorena.

    I must admit the photo that is being used to do this scam is not a bad looking guy.

    This scammer is also using another photo and this photo is of the same guy in his normal clothing sitiing at home.

    I hope they catch some these scum bags.

    The same numbers that Shaun has given you are exactly the same numbers that was given to me. phone number +2348168337295 and email major.dunn@yahoo. He has

    So Ladies be careful of this scammer.

  49. Hi..

    Page on FB to everyone, that want to share your scams.

    This Major Wilson Curtis is a big Fraud..

    my name is Major Wilson Curtis …..i am army officer….currently in oversea for peace keeping.i am a man of a good heart and a man of prestige.a man searching for a soul mate,a wife to be.never mind i think i have a lot you ne…ed to know okay.i saw your picture and i was like WOW,what a natural beauty you’ve got he…re and i was captivated by your natural beauty,wow, i must tell you that you are looking stunning.

  50. I first heard that photos from my last tour of duty in Iraq were being used by an African scammer in April 2010. I contacted the Roanoke Virginia office of the FBI immediately. If anyone has personal knowledge of the scam, I would encourage you to report the matter to Agent Gillis at (540) 344-5561. I would also suggest that all members of the military be careful about where they post photos of themselves. I created several albums on the Webshots website. I didn’t realize that others could download them and use them for evil purposes. I know better now. I no longer use that or any other site to post photos. Take care, MAJ Hannett

    • I live in Tasmania, Australia and am not able to contact Agent Gillies,
      Hannett R Moore contacted me Nov. 28th 2010. Lucky I only chatted to him through Google Talk and ended contact a few days ago when I found this info. Thankyou for this site. He was a very smooth talker and was happy to move to Tasmania to live with me.(I dont think he knows where Tasmania is). He was all alone as he was an only child and his parents died when he was 21 years old.
      He didnt ask me for money, but I guess that was his next step. I have searched for him on chat sites but have had no luck. email he was using with me is

    • Gordon I feel I have known you for the last 8 months as it is your pictures I have, and seen everyday on msm. my scammer is still talking to me, but only because am trying to locate the rest of his gang. I have been scammed for a lot of money only recently, then I found out about romancescams in australia, and there were your photos, under Moore hannett, richard hagget.He is now, but my man is francis smith also calls himself Captain gordon hannett, but Iam not to tell anyone.

      • Photos of me have been used by a number of scammers – or maybe just one using various names. I’ve seen my pictures used on Facebook under the names: Hannett Cole, Robert Hannett, and Hannett Andrew. I report them to Facebook and the profiles eventually get taken down. I don’t know how extensively my photos are being used on dating websites, although I’ve heard that they’re out there. I’ve heard from over 100 women on Facebook regarding these scams. I reported the whole thing to the FBI (Roanoke, Virginia field office) in April 2009.

  51. I also was scammed by a Major Edwen Oscar Dunn, who also has 2 daughters and is widowed. He claimed to be in Afghanistan. I had only chatted to him about 3-4 times and he wanted to marry me. Then he told me he hadn’t eaten for 4 days as a terrorist had poisened all the food at he mess and that 8 soldiers had died of food poisoning and that he needed money to buy food. All the romantic stuff he wrote was in perfect english but when he actually sent a message they were misspelt and bad english. He wanted me to bank the money in a Nigerian bank??? I can be nieve at times and also why would an American soldier have no money on him. I asked this question and he said they don’t get paid until they get home. What a croc of lies. He also told me too look his daughter up on facebook and there are plenty of photos there of other woman that have listened to him as the photos of the soldier that they are using is not a bad looking guy. The uniform is U.S. Army Airborne. I hope they catch some of these guys and I can give you a phone number +2348168337295 and email major.dunn@yahoo. Becareful Ladies

    • Maj.Dunn is a well known scammer. He has got 2 profiles on FB and 4 , which I know about, on BearShare.I know also his second yahoo address. See the posts on FB “Get the scammers….. When he is upset he threats his victims shielding himself by the name of Allah.

      • Major Dunn is not a scammer so please stop blackmailing …. i loved him and i will do anything for him.. he told me you girls on internet are not his type so please stop blackmailing him.. now he got me ..hehehehehe

  52. ladies in a life is anything gratis.
    when one man want money than musst please goverment for it and not civil people.
    no civil people sent money for a men form armee!that armee give money for a soldier.logisch.!!no body go to home when he are in armee!!!armee that arent play in which somebody gouing when want!!!that armee send they men to home but no one man cann gouing because want.they have documents whih have regulamin in armee.
    us soldier arent men which want money because they have money in armee to life and drive to home.
    when one man writte for a married that means lie!!!who married ghost from letter only.!!haa.

  53. Ladies, please watch out for words like ….byeeeeeeeeeeee and kissssssssssssssss. They will not contact you on a Sunday, cause all there internet kafee’s are closed on a Sunday. Be aware!

    • they play with us and i want know who are they!
      why not! haaa.
      i am play too a big love. important that all women know her places in a life!
      musst happen play and something to becam.
      they writting for a love ,war etc.political meeting.
      i think they are really men but not all!!
      when one man want money from women that means that arent really man for a love etc.
      and when one man writte love that means love!
      i know that a lot of men are devorced because they are in a war and they women gouing out with another men to the partys etc and they have married against.
      some men of armee are devorced and they seeking women from internet!
      i like men with play with me because i am very good play with them!
      it is super.
      when one want money that i am writting bye!!!!and writte with another!why not play is play!!!!

    • they kafee s……are close from they soldier or scams which want sent bagage!!!
      when they arent want contact with world gerls why they writting letter???
      bye and kisses i am sending all which arent becam ziel!!!!
      now they all scams or not scams ern a lot of money with scams play in cann buy these information and pack in your bagage and send with yourself to afghanistan!
      you arent understand how much gerls are ill from this fake play love!!!!!

  54. Has anyone gotten ahold of a SGT. James Smith? Middle name Nicholas. He says he’s single never been married, but he want’s to marry me as soon as he comes home but he needs 570 usd to come home on r & r . He has asked me once for help to get him home . He has not asked me sense and that was couple months ago. Basically i just want to find out if he is real or a scammer. A friend of mine her boyfriend was on here as SGT. MARK JAMES SMITH & SGT.MARK JAMES WINKERSON. He has asked her repeatively for money. She even sold her car to get the money to get him home on R & R then the day he was supposed to get home he all of sudden got into a accident and was in hospital and had his so called comander contact her on it. So BEWARE of SGT. Mark James Smith or SGT. James Winkerson. The so called commander that my friend has been talking with told her he needed 400 more usd to leave to pay his hospital bill. The commander also told her not to tell anyone but if she does these money grames few of them he will be home and she will not have to pay anything . So she did couple times picked them up then send to certain place in nigeria & china. So be very carefull of this. One thing i can say i never sent money to the one i have been talking with. Please if you have talked with a ( SGT. James Smith ) he is in the army , please let me know. Thank You !!!!!

  55. another men.
    Ich bin ein Kapitän in der US-Armee, ich meine Frau verloren vor einigen Jahren wegen Krankheit. Ich habe drei schöne Kinder. Meine Freunde beschreiben mich als Spaß mit, prinzipientreuer ehrlich und aufrichtig zu jemand, dass mein Weg kommt. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary – View detailed dictionaryinterjection0.yuk


    Be warned ladies that is the name being used by a man who sent pictures of a soldier with his 2 daughters. I recognise the man as Ruddock on this site. Same story as most..widowed..honest(LOL)..wants to start a new life, etc. etc.
    Glad I found this site as now I know for sure he wanted to scam me. Shame for him I kept looking for something like this site, shame on him for trying.

    • Yes, this man asks for finacial help. He pretends to be US soldier in Afghanistan, just fwe months before retiring. He is around 53, has two doughters and is the only son of his dead parents. Was born in Spain and soon will be retired. He sends his civil photos (one in pink hoody and with loolypop in his mouth), photo with his two doughters and one photo in uniform with a gun. The photos are some years old. He communicate first through Badoo (nickname Peterpoet), then via skype. He says he cannot show himself, as he is in army. Sometimes he speaks on microphone. He has very deep voice and very strange accent, like African. He asks to send money for his friend, who is now in Ghana and arrange things for him. He knows how to gain the woman and promises serious relationship. He works in pair – with his army boss – Commander (so like good and bad policemen in a film). Be aware of him. Marianna, January 2012

  57. sorry but i am not belive that all there men are scams!!!!!!
    NOT ALL!!!!!!!

    • I was contacted by a man who goes by “faithangle” on sayes he is capt hannett in iraq on a peace keeping mission, wife and son were killed in auto accident e-mail is when I looked him up on google I came across this sight and another that had at least 2 other mentions of gordon hannett and how he scams for laptops, cash and cell phones My last contact was 11/8/2010 and I reported him on the sight and e-mailed him directly that I had found out about him and was on to him!! So I am spreading the word to all you wonderful Worthey women—check them out!! get their military.addresses, find out their mos and company assignment!!! if they cant answer… fish on lady cause their are real men out there!!


  58. I have been chatting with Capt michael (psf)
    hegleson and I have got lots of his pics….we have been chatting for hours and this guys sounds nice and talks about our future and asked myself what kind of a CAPT is he? every 5 min he says I love you with all of my heart and I can breath you through my heart!!! crazy? he goes on and on !! sometimes he want me to stay online for ten hours just talking about love till the day when he told hun I really want to hear your voice…I said how are we going to do that? he said contact the military..i said how hun? he said send mail to them..WIRESSTS2SATELITE@GMX.COM…do it now hun!! so I did send the mail…I want to get a connection with CAPT MICHAEL HELGESON …after some hours they responded saying I have to provide my details with his own details…well the price list was sent and my soldier man said hun go for 610 pounds it is the best line please hun do it for us…I will be home soon to change your life i know things are hard for you…so i said hun I cannot afford it and I do love you too please feel sorry for me…i am a very poor single mum…yes I wanted to be loved and find a man but this kind of love scares me off and this is one of smart scammers watch out….Edward he is also a big scammer but he is still on dating site…please spend some time going through scam pages you will be shocked US soldiers in Iraq

  59. Hey All,

    My mother has just become a victim of Hannett Moore – I was just wondering if the women that have come in contact with him have his email? I need to see if this is the same person. Everything checks out just need to extra ammunition to expose this fraud. Also has he ever mentioned anyone by the name of Leonard Diplomat. Please if someone has anymore information it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jane re ‘Hannett Moore’ I have an email address for him its …
      I also have photos that he has sent to me and he is on

      but I am about to inform them that he is a scammer.
      In the last 10 months I have been contacted by 8 scammers from various dating sites so they are very prolific on these sites as well as social networks…

    • was the address he talked to me on until 21 Dec. 2010, He contacted me through Active Oasis. I am lucky tht he didn’t get to the stage of asking me for money. Sorry about your mother. Best of luck

    • Hola, yo tuve contacto con un Charles Hannet posiblemente sea la misma foto porque en realidad ya investige y el nombre es Gordon Hannet, a mi tambien me pidio dinero despues de que me mandaba correos diciendome que ya estaba por jubilarse pero que tenia un gran tesoro que compartiria conmigo solo que un diplomatico de Ghana lo traeria a mi casa, hasta que el Diplomatico se quedo varado en la frontera de Ghana y requeria de 70,000 mil dolares para poder continuar con el camino hacia mi casa, solo que yo no tengo ni un peso y asi se lo hice saber, y desde entonses no me ha contactado, sabia que algo no estaba bien ya que rapidamente me comenzo a hablar del gran amor que sentia por mi y sin conocerme, ya se queria casar….vaya!!!, las personas que hayan estado en contacto con algun Hannet, podemos compartir fotos y saber si estan utilizando las de Gordon Hnannet

      • The Above Translated to English………….

        Hello, I had contact with Charles Hannet possibly because the same picture and peek into reality and the name is Gordon Hannet, also asked me my money after I sent emails telling me that I was about to retire but had a great treasure would share with me only a diplomat from Ghana would bring him to my house until the Diplomatico was left stranded on the border of Ghana and required of 70.000 billion dollars to continue the road to my house, only that I have no one weight and so I let him know, and from entonses has not contacted me, I knew something was wrong as I quickly began to talk about the great love he felt for me and without knowing me, whether I wanted to get married …. go! , people who have been in contact with some Hannet, we can share photos and find out if they are using the Gordon Hnannet

      • Scammer from what I read on this blog Gordon does contribute here so this one is a FRAUD

        • Let me rephrase that THE REAL Gordon NOT some silly ass scammer that is in love with the REAL Gordons pics so much that in his mind he is Gordon…Anonn

  60. Romance Scam • MARK GRAHAM
    – [ Diese Seite übersetzen ]
    2 Beiträge – 1 Autor – Letzter Eintrag: 25. Mai
    Maj. Gen. Mark Graham is stationed at Fort McPherson, Atlanta. User avatar. Myra: RomanceScam Sponsor RomanceScam Sponsor …


  61. i am thinking that children from Ghana Accra have a lot of pics from soldier.
    i am seeking in differents site of internet a lot of different pics.but some pics are privat.
    for example how soldier sleept etc.
    where there pics comm from.
    i think somebody musst have a lot of privat soldier pics and buy for africa people.
    for example when i am sleept and somebody have so one pic that i am know where is that.
    i am writting with different scammer because i want know who is that and where are that all.
    and letter which i am becamm comm from soldier because africa children dont know all whats happens in armee.
    i have in my family soldier and i know that letter.
    they africa children cann scam pis but no latter so professional!!!!!
    something know only soldier and not civil people.
    i am take a lot of letter together and i am found a lot of information that somebody musst are soldier.
    i dont know which kind of soldier.
    at different sites of internet i am sending information that women are belive in scam.
    i am found a lot of majors etc.with uniform!!!!!
    but whats happen when one soldier will in reall know one girl?????
    all girls take he as a scammer.
    i am writting with one soldier because i want know who is he.!!!i am play and he was really one soldier!!!!! which seeking one girl because wife from him losst him because he musst remain in armee!he want start with another life!so happy.i musst quickly stop all writting because he start love me.
    he was happy from my letter in really and i am help him that he seeking that live another as i am start writting with him.he was desperate and i am help him so happy to be.i have problem because he love me and i am douing that he understand all !
    the best wishes for all soldier! maya

  62. CJ,

    How are they getting these photos of soldiers? I thought for sure they had scammed them in the past and then have a lot of pictures of them from that. I know my “soldier” sent me a lot of photos – real cute too!!!!

    • who know who is who in a armee.
      maj gen .or sss.
      wher know that information?!
      wher know where they are stationed?!
      wher have all pics and information about soldier?!
      wher know that countrys how russia .africa etc?!
      i am thinking that all working together!
      and play together!

    • all people can scamm to be!that all people from faceebook!or internet!
      whay they scam exactly armee?!and special person from armee?!and who from person!
      scamm means fake!!!!!!
      i am thinking there are play from both sides!
      soldier and another people.

    • If you on Google and then Images, you can type in “military” and you will get lots of images of the army men in Afghanistan. The pictures I was sent were from this site and that is how I confirmed my gut feelings.

        WANT MONEY!


  63. How are you doing my dream wife..
    > am doing well here and wanted you to know that i have been also
    > thinking of you and i want you to know if you can begin to
    > offer the activities that a wife will give to his husband then
    > i can call you my wife and make arrangements to add your name on
    > my personal detail form here to prove you and i are into
    > something real serious…
    > have a great day and let me know if you are able to stand as
    > a wife and make sure you are the woman for the husband..this
    > week i will go to Uk but will want you to do something for me
    > when i get to Uk..ok
    > kisses..

  64. Hello and thanks so much for your reply to me…i am glad we
    > can get to make things work between us..
    > i only want you to understand that i have sent all the recent
    > pictures i had to you…
    > i will be able to send you pictures when i can get a camera
    > because before i was coming i had no intentions
    > of sending pictures to any one and secondly i have plans to go
    > for a meeting in Uk concerning suicide…
    > i think i will want you to meet me there if you at now
    > i do not even know if i will be capable to go for the press
    > conference there ..
    > but only on one condition you can meet me in Uk,,..bye
    > marke

    • and these arent comm from scammer.scammer dont know so information.!!!!!!!

  65. hello and how are you doing my dear maya…am fine and today
    > sunday was very nice day for me
    > i went to church and prayed for all my friends and loved one…do
    > you go to church?i am happy to hear
    > from you and i love to read your son is called william
    > he is 16 years old..i have left
    > him in the care of my care taker ..i want to get to know you
    > better and soon when i come out we
    > meet face to face ..can you send money to him there for school
    > fees and some other necessities? when can you send it to him..
    > I will advice that you send through western union as soon as
    > possible since i must work here in iraq ….
    > my care takers name…Mr BRIGHT WILLIE
    > ADDRESS…124 Baker street, London W1U 6TY, united kingdom..
    > he will need 1000 pounds for that…he is the reason why i want
    > to go for the UN SOVIET CONFERENCE..
    > i see from your actions and speech that you love children…i know
    > you will love my son…
    > i will send you my pictures soon since the pictures i have here
    > are old i try and get new ones for yo…
    > ok
    > kisses
    > mark….

    • that was 3 letter and the last.these comm from scammer.

  66. I am so glad that someone is doing something to help fight these scammers. They are everywhere. Doing everything but to sink so low as to use servicemen’s photos and claim to be boogles my mind. Ladies, turn off your computers and get outside to find “Mr. Right”. He is probably right in your own neighborhood, city or town. Volunteer, go to the museum, go to a store or walk your dog (or your neighbor’s dog). The men are out there, you just need to invest a little time and be smart enough to check, check, and check some more. If he asks for money..RUN!

  67. So, how do we find out if its a scam? My guy has not asked for anything and we have communicated for months. Unfortunately, my son is actively serving in Afghanistan. but this gives me a little inside information. The pictures “my guy” sent were of a Colonel giving a speach. The email address references him as an SGT but he has told me he is an SSG. When questioned, he states he is actually a CSM, but still no explanation of the uniform. He chats with perfect english, but does not have video or voice on his computer. Sound alarming? I imagine there are actual service members that are on these sites, so I don’t want to just assume. Google gave me no answers…or too many to count. So, where to from here?

    • If you google the Army ranks you will notice there is QUITE a difference going from a SGT to a CSM…doesn’t sound good for you. Also, why would he send you a pic of a Colonel? I think it sounds fishy. Unless he gives you an AKO e-mail which they have access to EVERY DAY, or an APO address…it’s a no go.

    • Hi Marsha – would this be Colonel James Conway? I have been corresponding with a fellow who calls himself Comway but has sent me pictures of a General James Conway doing speeches. Blue background?? I have just now caught onto him and his IP address which is from Nigeria. Found him on a Christian dating site and he is quite smooth! Asked for money so that we could have secure phone lines which would have cost me $300 +! Did some internet searches and found LOTS of info that made me a bit smarter than him! Take care out there!

  68. Hi! Can I have a romantic long distance relationship with you? Just kidding – happily married but I think your blog is great! I’m proud of the work you are doing and glad that you are getting this positive exposure. 🙂

  69. Hello C.J.,

    Congrats on the CNN story. I have read your blog several times during the past few months as I really enjoy your writing. So it was great to see you referenced on the story. Thank you for doing your part to point out these scams.

    One thing that I would suggest to folks who would like to meet our military members is volunteering. There are many great organizations who help our troops and most that I encounter can always use the extra help. Obviously you must sincerely want to volunteer – these aren’t meat markets. But helping out not only feels great, it’s a fantastic way to build a real world social network. It’s kind of funny after reading that story, but at the one I volunteer for, part of my job is to require military members to show me a valid and current military ID. Sorry Nigeria!!

    Anyway, C.J., lots of love and Light to you on your quest to heal from PTSD. My heart goes out to you and I sincerely hope that you are totally free from all that causes you anguish very soon.

    All the best,

  70. I am so glad to hear that something is being done about this. I recently fell prey to one of these scammers. Thankfully I caught on before things got serious, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one. My guy was impersonating SSG Matthew Zedwick. I would have never caught on had he not mentioned he was awarded the Silver Star in 2006. Being from Canada and not knowing what the Silver Star was about, I Googled it. One of the sites I was on listed some recipients and low and behold there was “my guys” SSG Matthew Zedwick. As I read his story, I realized that “my guys” story was falling apart. “My guy” told me he was 38, widowed, his mother had recently died and that he had a bad relationship with the rest of his family. Also that he was currently fighting overseas for the Marine Corp. From the website Americas Army, I was able to find out the real SSG Matthew Zedwick, was 28 not 38, married and that his wife was still very much alive, as was his mother and he has a great relationship with both his parents. Then to top things off the real SSG Matthew Zedwick was not even overseas, he is at home in OR pursuing further education while being ready to serve when need be with the Army Guard not the Marine Corp. Also, all the pictures on his profile, were easily located online using Google Images. Thankfully I found out about all of this after only a few discussions so I didn’t have anything invested in a relationship. However, it still hurt to be lied too and annoyed me that someone would impersonate a service member. I did email this guy back, and confront him with my findings…surprise, surprise I never heard from him again!
    So for all you girls out there, if you get a message from SSG Matthew “Mark” Zedwick then steer clear, he isn’t whom he says he is!

    • Melissa,

      I am a little computer illiterate, how did you do a photo search on Google Images. I have photo’s of my “soldier” that I am trying to locate and was wondering if I could do the same. Please email me at with the instructions. Thanks I greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me.

    • I nearly fell prey to Major Peter Jones. I busted him just in time. Ladies, please look out for Major Peter Jones!

      • Hello
        Wrote me a man named Major Peter Jones, sent me some pictures three exactly, I started talking to him, and almost immediately I speak of love and wanted to marry me, but trying to know more about him, I put his name in google and discovered this page, at night when I wrote turned to him and said he was a black Nigerian, the course denied it, he told me that was real, I even gave llamo.Me mail from a General to Ann Dunwood to write and can learn that he is real.
        Not guilty, he continued to write, yet I have not asked for money, it is not my Peter the photos, but it is perhaps to be found, however, they will not take me out a dime

      • yo tambien he estado en contacto con Peter Jones, que se encuentra supuestamente en Sudan y que es un mayor de la armada, la verdad que no le he creido mucho, por suerete encontre a alguien que ya fue contactada por este hombre que se hacer pasar por Peter jones, estafadores estupido…. mujeres no dejemos que jeuguen con nuestra inteligencia y nuestros sentimientos alerta no le envien dinero a nadie….

    • Hi
      I have recentley received contact from this man. I too google hima s he told me thetale of his wife being killed in a plane crash, his second wife cheated on him. And his child lives in the uk with another woman. I worked out he was a scammer in the irst onversation I had with him. As I had seen the video of his interview and his writing wasnt the same he spoke.
      Please be aware

    • Would you actually think I found your inaifmrtoon on a website. I think you are my true love…write back to me soon” is real from someone you don’t know or have never seen? Let alone not even properly addressed to you [it won’t say “Dear John” or “Dear Sarah” even though they claim to have seen your inaifmrtoon]. Only a desparate love/sex-denied person would fall for this.

  71. Hi CJ, I am JJ a moderator and peer counselor with yahoo group. This site was started 5 years ago and now has more than 15,000 members. That is only a fraction of the number who simply passed through. We are seeing more and more US Military photos being used by West African Scammers and it is sickening. Our purpose is provide support and guidance to current victims and also to educate people who are on any social networking site how to recognize and block scammers. They are on every site and are experts in the use of Social Engineering to manipulate their victims. The primary defense we have right now is Education and Public exposure. Thank you for what you do. JJ

  72. I also had a Richard Brown in the US Marines and serving in Afghanistan. He made me feel so great and special. I realised what his motive was after nearly 2 months of chatting. Thank God I did not send him any money. He hanged on because he thought Im getting money. I played with him for another month. I must say that he is very smooth. Be carefull girls!!!!

  73. Dear Jacqui,

    I am so glad that you found this site before you sent this Scub Bag any money, He took my sister for alot of money and is still trying for $500 to get his bags so he can come to the USA to her ,she is the one,,lol. If you want you can ask him about his love from the US by the name of Barb see if he tries to explain that, also tell him that the FBI in the USA is after him..He also goes by Dicson Hannett,George Hannett.. Please do not send him money he just keeps coming back or more…When she sent him the money it was sent to Emmanuel Ansah, and a Mr. Suley, because of an ID problem. Best of luck with your life but run away from this man before he destroys your life. He did a number on my sister but she is getting back to being herself now and is very happy with a good man so hang in there mr. Right will come without asking for money.

    • I was taken in by Dicson Leonado Hannett. Are there pictures of this guy out there? I have some, and of his so-called son in Accra, Ghana I would be willing to share. I’d also like to find the REAL Hannett and let him know he is being used to hurt people.

      • Ive contacted him and am waiting for a response. gordon hannett is the one he stole the pics from if im not mistaken.

        • I am currently about to throw up. I have been contacted by one “Robert Hannett”, thru Claims he is in the army, stationed over in Iraq. Claims his “15 yr. old son”, is studying currently in Belgium. I asked for his “address” over there, so I could send a card, and I got some cock and bull story about “security” and his CO would give him address of “minister/dipolmat” that they “guard” and send to him. Asked for a laptop, cell phone, boxers, tshirts and cologne. I have 2 sons serving in the USMC and several nephews. We always were able to “send” care packages. When I just read this thing, the BUZZ thingy he does on Yahoo messanger what the final straw. Something made me look all nite on line to try to figure out this “feeling” i had. He sent me 5 fotos on my cell fone, and when I tried to forward them, they come up “copyrighted”. He has a facebook page under the name of Robert Hannett. His story just didn’t jive with me. Please, everyone beware and can you do something about this????? I am really upset!!! Thank you.

        • Also, I looked up Gordon Hannett on Facebook and the fotos match…

        • i was on line with a sgt james hannett. wonder if it is the same. just yesterday he ask for care package this threw up a red flag wanted size small in shirts and he is suppose to be 6ft tall brought this to his attention have not heard back if you have pictures please send so i can see if this the same scum bag thank you

        • Apparently, there are several scammers out there using photos of me. Back in 2005 and 2006, I was stationed in Iraq with the U.S. Army. While I was there, I posted dozens of photos on the Webshots website for my family back in the States to see. I didn’t realize the photos could be downloaded by anyone in the world. In 2009, I created a Facebook account. Since then, I’ve heard from over 100 women who’ve been contacted by these scammers – and in some cases bilked of their money. Most of them realize that I’m a victim in this too. Although, one woman simply wrote, “Die, you scamming bastard.” She blocked me before I could tell her the story. In any case, I’m sorry for the trouble my photos have caused. I will NEVER again post a photo on the internet – not even on Facebook. I’m this website is here to warn people of the dangers posed by these scammers. FYI – the Army Times published a great article on the topic last summer. You may be able to find it online.

        • I forgot to mention that I reported all of this to the Roanoke, Virginia office of the FBI in April 2009. Agent Gillis was handling the case. Feel free to contact her if you believe you’ve been the victim of a scam involving my photos.

  74. Hello Jacqui, I would say, it is so obviously that the person behind is a scammer. I stop the contact with “my scammer”. It was tooooo stupid for me to spend time with the empty conversations. But the skype-profils are still existing. I do not know what is good to do to warn the real person behind the pseudo-profile!!?? regards from Germany

  75. I have been scammed, this is a copy of the last conversation I’ve just had with Hannett Moore. Thank God I discovered Soldiers perspective today, just in time. I will send the e-mails and photos which was send to me, what a bunch of a#@s*h@les!
    We’re sorry! Hannett Moore does not appear to be using a version of Yahoo! Messenger that supports video calling.

    Hannett Moore: Hello baby
    Hannett Moore: Are you there??
    Hannett Moore: Honey please talk to me
    Hannett Moore: I need to talk to you baby
    wjacqui57: i babe, how are you doing!
    Hannett Moore: brb
    wjacqui57: what did you say, love I don’t understand, what is brb???
    wjacqui57: I’ve just this minute replied to your e-mail, what seems to be the problem with your luggage?
    wjacqui57: Are you still there??
    Hannett Moore: Yes
    Hannett Moore: How are you doing my love
    wjacqui57: I am fine, just very worried about you!
    Hannett Moore: Yes baby
    Hannett Moore: And i dont know what to do hun
    wjacqui57: Tell me what is wrong!
    Hannett Moore: I sent you an email did you had it
    wjacqui57: I got your mail and I have replied, how can I help you?
    Hannett Moore: Ok a min honey
    Hannett Moore: Honey am Back
    Hannett Moore: And done with your email
    Hannett Moore: Where is your cam honey
    wjacqui57: Why babe, please just talk to me, I need to hear what the problem is!
    Hannett Moore: My bags are with the customs due to some payment
    Hannett Moore: And i need it so bad baby
    Hannett Moore: Can you help Jacqui
    Hannett Moore: ??
    wjacqui57: What do you need my darling?
    Hannett Moore: I want you to send me some money so i can pick my bags up
    Hannett Moore: I dont have much time baby
    wjacqui57: Alright, tell me what you want me to do!
    Hannett Moore: How they want me to pay 1500 $
    wjacqui57: Yes
    Hannett Moore: Honey can you
    wjacqui57: Yes I can give you a loan!
    Hannett Moore: Thank you baby
    Hannett Moore: Can you do that today ??
    wjacqui57: I have to go to the bank in the morning to do transfer, please tell me where I can send the money, do you have a bank account number?
    Hannett Moore: No noone of my Credit Card or ATM worked here
    Hannett Moore: So i think you need to go to any post and ask of money Tranfer ‘
    wjacqui57: Ok, how do I do that and what account number can I use?
    Hannett Moore: Honey i think they will ask you of my name and country
    wjacqui57: Yes
    Hannett Moore: You know my name honey
    wjacqui57: Yes baby and what else – it is Robert Moore Hannett – is that correct, but they will need some other reference
    Hannett Moore: Honey use Robert Hannett
    Hannett Moore: Thats what i have on my passport
    Hannett Moore: Can u see you on cam for a moment
    Hannett Moore: I will book my flight tomorrow after i have the bags
    wjacqui57: Baby you have to give me more information, give me your passport number, they will not give you funds without some identification!
    wjacqui57: Also you must give me the Country, City, Town and the name of the Post Office where I should transfer money
    Hannett Moore: Honey i will need to ask someone here
    Hannett Moore: Am at cyber Cafe poor me
    wjacqui57: Oh you poor thing!
    wjacqui57: Send me all the details on e-mail when you have more info, I will take with me to the Post office to pay money
    Hannett Moore: Honey would you mind if i go back to the airport and ask how you gonna transfer it
    Hannett Moore: So i can be on in the next hour
    wjacqui57: Baby, please give me all details, send me an e-mail, when you get back from airport, ok
    wjacqui57: I am feeling good today, have taken some medicine, so I am going to sleep now, but I will wait for your e-mail and reply in the morning before going to the bank!
    Hannett Moore: Ok baby
    Hannett Moore: Can i see you on cam before i go please
    wjacqui57: Sorry I am not feeling good! lol! very confused with medicine!
    Hannett Moore: Just for a sec please
    wjacqui57: Baby not now, I think tomorrow and we can make plans for you to come to SA, when all problems sorted out!
    Hannett Moore: Ok baby
    wjacqui57: I don’t want you to see me like this, so I will wait for your e-mail!
    wjacqui57: I hope everything works out, I love you soo much, i can’t wait to see you baby!
    Hannett Moore: I love you to baby
    Hannett Moore: I need in my arms
    Hannett Moore: I wanna feel your lips on mine
    wjacqui57: I know, wow, I know you will be here very soon, take care my love
    wjacqui57: I love you, I will see you tomorrow, I will wait for your e-mail!
    Hannett Moore: ok hun xxx
    Hannett Moore: i love you so much
    wjacqui57: Bye baby
    Hannett Moore: bye hun xx
    Hannett Moore has signed out. (7/20/2010 8:24 PM)

    Last message received on 7/20 at 8:23 PMBookmark

  76. …I forgot to say, that the pseudo Major General John f. Campbell is in Iraq and Aphganistan at the moment!!!! And even he call me – his voice and accent is like the african people are speaking. INteresting is that my homepage was visited two times from somebody from Ghana – exsactly at the beginning of the contact. I think there is a conection.

  77. dear all,

    I was searching for information about pseudo profiles or stolen identyties of servicemember and find this page.

    I write you because I have made the experiance with scammer who contact me via skype and who is using the identity of person – a US army general major – General Major John F. Cambbell. I am sure, that this i a scammer and the image and person of Mr. John f. Campbell is abused, what is realy pity.

    In Skype exist two profiles with a photo of Maj. Gen. John f. Campbell, wich is from internet. Other personal informations are stollen as well from internet. My investigations confirm my mistrust, that behind the profile is a scammer. He still did not ask me for money, but the style of communication is typical for scammer. My decision is to keep contact for the moment and to provoke him more after he will start to speak about his real aims. BUt he love me also very much and I am the woman of his dreams….and, and…

    Under the name John f. Campbell you can find the one account and the other is under LOVE AND HONEST. The second profile contact me and introduce him self as General Major John f. Campbell. I contact the other account to proof, if there is the real person behid. My conclusion is that both of them a scammer.

    Have somebody “meet” this person?

    • Hi SWE
      I have somebody emailing me with a hotmail adress of Major Gen.John F Campbell
      Also on Skype how in heavens name to they allow people to open up Skype accounts …like this …Skype is not a Pick up site it is a business site…..One`s business can suffer badly …ecause you open yourself up , profile of yourself & your Business….How can I trace up this bastard…..
      He is very,very smooth, VERY SMART WHITH WORDS, Write`s Beautiful Poem`s
      He has been writing to me from July 2011
      He know the full history of this General
      I also read that the Major is Married with two children
      I have been on google and been following all the Press conferances, interviews of this General.
      I have opened myself up to this smooth talker & He has been emailing me
      I am just afriad that he has all my details ,I sent him Photo`s & sent him my email address ect.
      This Guy have not asked for Money yet ,,,But he knows my were abouts….
      I Read that you also had an run with this MG John F Campbell
      Looking forward to your reply
      SHAZZ Cape Town SA

  78. CJ – how do I get my name on the google alert site – I was scammed recently and I know he has pictures of me and my family – do not want them out there scamming someone else?


    • Sam, just go to and create a news alert with your name. Make sure you put it in quotation marks when you do.

      • CJ,
        My son Leo is in the US Army, stationed out of Fort Hood, TX He recently returned from overseas. He has a facebook account and yep! it has been scamed. Someone is using his photos, name and profile to create several new accounts in attempts to scam women. What can he do to protect himself. any suggestions would be helpful.
        Thank you, A concerned Mother Sally

      • CJ if you know of a way to stop these scammers please check out this site is loaded with military men mostly generals from the US army you can type in the section which country you want to meet men USAR center it’s loaded with men posing as generals in the army.
        David Hannett has five different profiles
        Carter Ham, Mark Jayson, Kenneth Robinson
        Maxwell Brown, Henry Wilson
        William Caldwell
        David Petrauer
        Poor guys don’t know they are being used to scam women of money. Another scam they have is posing as government agents in Kabul Afghanistan a whole load of American civilians. I hope the army FBI puts a stop to it, it’s demoralizing our military men.

  79. Kristy,

    All you can do on this stage ….report it under the 519 Scam on the South African Police website….but you have to send his mail address.

    Or send me his mail address….i love to stalk them, some of these Nigerians sitting in South Africa

    • Can you stalk a couple of them for me?
      The first is SSGT George England and then the other is These 2 scammed me!!! And I am going after them, the legal way!!! Thank you for stalking them for me, they have blocked me so I am not a “threat” to them anymore…HA, let’s just wait and see…

      • I also was approached by a George England.
        He has a profile as steeprope. His email is His emails and conversations were just like the letters I viewed. I took a chance and called him on it as a scamer. Sure enough he is. I can’t believe these people get away with preying on single mothers! But I had a feeling with the wording so I checked around. Most white gentlemen in the army don’t use the word learnt, pretty, what is you say?etc. I was the lucky one as I researched right away not out any money at all. ALL woman check out photos, emails everything before you commit to anything even emailing. Be safe. Look for identification in emails not just names.
        *sigh* too bad I really wanted to find someone special and feel very preyed upon.

    • Hi Helen
      So Amazing…that I have been on google
      I would like you to help me trap these Barstards

      I have two on skype (they are not blocked yet)
      I also have email adresses for theses scum Bags
      How in heavens name do these people get to open up hotmail adresses & open up on skype accounts
      like Gen Major John F Campbell the other one is Gen Richard Dannatt
      Is there any way one can trae them by there Hotmail adresses
      let me Know shazz

      • Have you found a way to trap these bastards! If so please let me know how! I have a friend who is being scammed right now by someone using the name of Capt. Phillip Hannett, Us Army.

        • Pam,,,,,
          I know someone (me) is writing to Captain Philip Hannett….e-mail me…we can talk……Vickie

        • RE: Captain Philip Hannett
          I met a man John Hannett in April 2013 and we corresponded for 3 mos. I never suspected anything until in July he asked me for $1375. when I did’nt respond that was the end of him. Just yesterday 1/14/14 I got a message on chemistry that someone was interested in me. When I answered and saw his picture, it was John only he said his name was Philip Hannett. I asked several questions but he insisted he was NOT the man I had previously known. He said to check him on google and I did, and sure enough so many pictures of John(Philip). I believe it was the same man although he said he was not. the John I knew. Just today I checked google again and sure enough all the pictures that were on disappeared. Quite a coincidence. Is Philip Hannett real or a scammer? Who knows.

        • Oh, my God, have been writing to this GUY for 2 mos and he tried the “care package” scheme which failed since I would not send the package to the tune of $111.00. So let that drop and is now in the process of sending me Gold Bars(10 of them)—today the courrier just informed me he needs money —–end of conversation. Little stupid on their part if I couldn’t do $111what makes them think I would send more…..crazy. End of conversation on my part!!!!!

  80. Satu bulan ini saya berkomunikasi dengan orang yang menyebut dirinya Sgt CJ Grisham.. Dia adalah salah satu tentara Perang amerika yang ditugaskan di Afganistan..
    Dia meminta saya mengirim uang sejumlah 220$ dan dia berhadil menerima uang dari saya..
    Kemudian dia meminta lagi saya untuk mengirimkan uang sejumlah 600$ yang harus dikirimkan paling lambat hari senin 19 Juli 2010.. sebelum saya mengirimkan uang itu saya membuka informasi tentang CJ Grisham melalui Google Searce.. Beruntung saya membaca komentar2 anda semua.. sehingga saya tidak perlu kehilangan uang saya..
    Diamengaku bahwa dirinya memiliki anak bernama Chris.. setahu saya melalu google search Sgt CJ Grisham memiliki 3 orang Anak.. dan dia hidup bahagia dengan istri dan anak2 nya..
    Terimakasih karena saya sudah membaca informasi dari komentar2 anda semuanya..

    • Hallo Ayu,
      Aduuhhh ini anak kok bisa dikibulin sama
      orang niger….? Kalau kamu mau tahu gambar2
      mereka saya punja koleksinya, dan juga saya bisa kasi kamu dia punya nama2 kalau ngirim
      emails…..kamu bisa kirim email kesaya…
      email saya;
      kamu musti diajarin nih, supaya kagak dikerjain lagi sama tukang tipu!
      Kirim surat kesaya ya, dan kalau ada mau yang nipu anda kasi tahu ke saya.Nanti saya ajarin gimana bisa mengecek dia punja alamat
      Saya tunggu!

    • CJ, this message is for you….
      and she is from Indonesia….
      I translate her message quote

      I have been communicating for over a month now with a guy called himself Sgt.CJ Grisham
      He claims that he is from the US Army and stations in Afghanistan.
      He has asked me to send him money USD220.-and he has succeeded to get this from me.
      He again has asked me to send him another
      USD600.-to be sent latest Monday 19thJuly2010
      But prior to send this, I have surfed on Google and found the story of CJ Grisham.
      After reading all your comments, I feel such relieve,because your forum has safe me from losing another money.
      That scam told me he has a son named Chris,
      but when I Googled, I read that the real Sgt.CJ Grisham has 3 children and lives happily married with his wife and children.

      I am very happy and appreciate very much to all ladies who have wrítten their comments and experiences about those scammers.

  81. I also made contact on this page by viewing the article in the SA magazine. Reason being that one of my friends is being scammed by this very thing, however, I don’t know who to report this to and to prove to her that she is being scammed!! Help anyone

  82. Thanks for the warnings, as per Linda check out the you magazine, published in S.A. and read page 8&9.
    A pitty, my soldier was a Staff Sergeant and he also received about 200,000 rand from me and is very quiet now that I haven’t got any more money to send.

  83. Also met American man called himself Mick Bruno Carlton,after long chats and calls one day i was told his dad was sick,next thing he was flying to Nigeria to get money his dad had invested in the country haha next he wanted my banking details to pay the 2,4 mil into my acc and the next thing he was asking for money
    for the hotel bill as the transaction taken longer and he had outstayed his money and they wanted him out! But he will pay me back when he gets to South Africa
    I cut all ties and the next thing the phone no and e-mail was not avail any more!!

  84. Hi there CJ,

    We’ve just had a spate of media articles in South Africa about this type ofd scam that’s apparently perpetuated from Ghana. (I read about your blog in an article). Ladies losing lots of money! I was contacted by someone calling himself “Thomas” on a South African dating site. Sad story of this poor US Marine stranded in Irak, etc – but having read a lot of the Nigerian type scam letters I saw through the thing and blasted off an angry letter. What was creepy though is that when I wanted to report the profile it could not be found on the dating site. Yet, the very next day the person chatted to me again on the site itself. This means that they are hackers of note although their poor English communication should alert their victims immediately. We should be very careful indeed!

  85. CJ It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I bet it doesn’t surprse you either!!! You got somebody’s attention…

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  87. My favorite part is that you are listed as 5’11”! :o)

    It’s down. I clicked on the link and it says the person is no longer listed there.

  88. I spent several years working in banks in a prior life and was presented many times with these scam letters. Most of the time elderly women would bring them in, wanting to transfer their life savings to “Help A Soldier.” Some of the women would believe me when I told them it was a scam, others would verbally abuse me when I refused to make the transfer for them, calling me unpatriotic, along with a slough of other insults. (Which is quite funny if you know me.) I am pretty sure there is a special place in hell for the evil doers who pray off of the naive and elderly.

    • How do I go about a man in Nigeria that I think is scamming me I meet him on meet me and he’s been asking for money first it was not much 500dollars now it’s 10,000and I keep asking to he where to send and his name and he tells me to put someone else name on it please you can contact me on this

        • And say food isn’t being brought in for the military service and give me the names of Kenny Tobi and Oseni john to send the money to but that not the Name he’s using for Meet-me

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  90. Says you are 5’11” and 57 lbs. Who knew? Seriously though, that is one of the reasons there are no pictures of me online, because of the lack of control over personal info…I am presuming you can get that all taken down?

    I, of course, am 5’11” and 125 lbs or something, a Texas gal…;)

  91. I just pulled this up on Google Alerts at the same time I opened this post. Super creepy and pretty ironic. Wow. Just wow.

  92. Creepy CJ! It’s still up, too. I just clicked on it. They need to take that down ASAP.

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