The Hypocrisy of Michael Yon

I’ve remained silent on this blog and in correspondence with the disgraced and dishonorable blogger Michael Yon long enough. It seems Michael is a pro at leveling baseless accusations using fake “sources”, but when it comes to having to answer any questions himself his former Special Forces skin isn’t quite thick enough for the heat. He constantly states that I’ve been ordered by a doctor not to have guns without providing proof of this (this is the first I’ve surely heard of it). And even if it were true, that means that someone is breaking the law sharing this information and Michael is breaking the law publicizing it. It would be protected medical information based on HIPPA. He claims I have “harassed and damaged a large number of people” without saying who and what.

Over the past two years I’ve ignored this man as he incessantly and relentlessly tried to affect my career in any manner he could. He has used FOUO information contained on AKO to expose my unit, unit leadership, and even posted satellite images of my home causing my family to fear the intent behind such actions (yes, I have screenshots of all this). I have collected over 1,000 screenshots of his libelous and defamatory posts awaiting the moment he stepped foot in the United States to be served with a lawsuit. He has also sent me email after email taunting me and leveling accusations based on supposed “sources” or “tips”.

Since my trial, Michael has continued these attacks. Here is a screenshot of just some of these emails (because I forwarded some of these emails to certain government agencies to preserve a record, I blocked those names out).










Well, after receiving “tips” and speaking to my own “sources”, I returned fire (figuratively speaking – I had to clarify that because Michael also likes to lie about being threatened and assaulted) and decided to go ahead and just go to the root of these rumors instead of ignoring them. So, I sent Michael the first email I’ve sent in over two years asking for him to respond to the allegations I’ve been getting about his conduct. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? And being the Special Forces trained former Soldier he was (prior to killing a man in anger in a bar fight), surely he can handle a little scrutiny that he demands of others.


Apparently not. Michael is good about lying about being assaulted in Afghanistan and refusing to put his allegations under oath. Michael is good about lying about being threatened in Afghanistan and refusing to put his allegations under oath. Michael is good about leveling accusations against a miriad of individuals within and without the military without facts. Michael is good about claiming that people have lied about their service or achievements without providing proof. Michael is good about sending spies and moles into the courtroom to distort the reality of what transpired without having to answer for the inaccuracies, lies and blatant misrepresentations. He masks his libel and defamation by using words like “sources say” and “there are rumors” without ever revealing the source of this. Instead of responding to these allegations or doing what I do – ignore them – Michael decides that this is something that Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno and my chain of command need to see.


Naturally, I did a reply all with these screenshots and volunteered to provide a CD-R of the hundreds of screenshots I have (the file is too large to email). I literally have over 1500 emails that comprise emails he’s sent me as well as all the comments he’s left on my blog postings (under his name and assumed names – same IP addresses) and Indiegogo fundraiser site. Keep in mind that the email in question was sent from my private email during my lunch break.

Yon also frequently states this:


Interestingly, he’s never provided proof of this either. It’s an easy claim to make. I could just as easily say I’m being stalked by Britney Spears and it would sound just as absurd without proof. Show the proof, Michael, for ALL your allegations.

If Michael wants to play gotcha games, I’m suited up.

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  2. Oh, wow. He’s at it again.

    You know what’s interesting? He has followers like Phil McKreviss, who is apparently a Phoenix PD Inspector bashing CJ for “mental illness”, yet when you check Mr. McKreviss’ twitter the guy is totally unhinged.

    Again, what I don’t understand is the idea that his followers don’t see Mr. Yon for who he is. He’s the one scamming people for simply perusing the Internet and posting updates on his blog. He never traveled to Syria or Turkey. He never accounted for his monies (He’s still a US citizen and required to pay taxes on his income). He killed a man by blindsiding him in a bar fight, was retained by the Army as a surplus Soldier, and yet he has the audacity to complain about Mr. Grisham.

    Crazy. Crazy hypocrisy.

  3. I’ve been living in Thailand for 13 years and Yon is over here cyber panhandling the locals out of their cash. He’s constantly asking for donations from the locals via his facebook page. He’s realized that the locals are mesmerized by a former minor media celebrity from the states. Funny thing is he’s shilling for the side that is doing everything to undermine democracy. He flies down from the north. Takes a few photos. Waxes on and on about how great the protesters are then asks for donations so he can fly back up north to get his feet massaged. How in the fuck did this guy every get embedded?

  4. Wow this Guy again I think he needs professional help ASAP it is almost as if he wants to be Mr.Grisham seems to be a very sick Man.

  5. JJ made an interesting comment about Facebook, so I went to his Facebook and “quote mined” for some interesting comments. First, I want to make an observation. Do all his donors realize they’re just sending this man on a vacation on their dime? From what I see he’s passing the days sight seeing & noshing in Istanbul (if indeed, he’s there… I don’t see any pics of him there… Just pics that you could pull of the Internet). He’s literally getting an all-expenses paid vacation to Turkey! Talk about scams!

    Anyway. Here you go:

    “That Army leadership increasingly finds this behavior normal and acceptable — well, that must be killing recruiting.” – Regarding MSG Grisham’s off-duty political activities

    * Coming from a man who killed a poor drunken sap in a bar “fight” (I read on the Internet Michael Yon hit the guy when he wasn’t looking, causing him to fall and hit his head on a table.) Anyway, recruiting is at an all-time high. So, no. It’s not. Not at all. Seems like some weird wish fulfillment on his part, though.

    “This encapsulates most of what is wrong with the Army today. I no longer recommend young people to join, and that is sad for me.” – In response to a question why the Army hasn’t booted MSG Grisham, yet

    * This is an odd position coming from someone who killed a man in a drunken bar “fight”, yet wasn’t kicked out himself. The hypocrisy is stunning. Could it be Mr. Yon is simply bitter because MSG Grisham highlighted his OPSEC violations possibly leading to his dis-embed from Army units? You know… What a Counterintelligence NCO has the responsibility to do.. Eliminate the intelligence gathering efforts of the enemy, which were being handed to them on a silver platter by Mr. Yon through his OPSEC violations? Weird that people don’t see that clearly for what it is.

    “He is a convicted criminal whose life is crumbling before his eyes. The problem is the US Army who finds this acceptable for senior NCOs. In 2012 an Army doctor advised he should not have military weapons.” – In response to a poster wondering if MSG Grisham’s private emails response was slander

    * This is an odd statement regarding a Class B misdemeanor (regarded as a nuisance by the government at best) by a man who killed a drunk in a bar “fight”. Additionally, he hasn’t substantiated the “doctor’s” claim, but he’s still making it. Why not? It appears Mr. Yon is comfortable with prevaricating.

    While supposedly traveling to Turkey or Syria to do whatever he does (besides sightseeing and eating food?) Mr. Yon posted:

    “That is very sad, Ruth Cooperrider. I am sorry to read about it. Some good news for Two Blue, he had two brothers and one we could not catch, who is totally wild.” – In response to wild dogs eating one of his cats

    * Again, Mr. Yon is soliciting thousands of dollars in donations so he can travel, but from where I’m at he’s still in Thailand trying to catch those dang wild dogs (unless he proves he’s in Turkey… You know… With a simple picture…)! But hey… If people want to keep giving him money.. More power to Mr. Yon (who totally isn’t scamming his followers at all)

    Anyway. I could only scroll down a few pages on his Facebook profile. It’s just comprised of nonsense updates from searching news services on the Internet. Anyone could do that, and make a few comments. I’m not sure Mr. Yon the Milblogger ist going to be around for long. He’s just not that interesting outside of picking a fight with MSG Grisham. Sure, he had a few good dispatches from Aghanistan, but he outed himself pretty quickly when he started criticizing policy and ground forces as an Arm Chair General. Frankly, I don’t think the man is that bright, but he is clever enough to use the Internet to maintain his lifestyle. So weird that people give him money. I don’t understand that. He’s not insightful, and outside of posting updates of news feeds… He’s not really that creative, either.

    Good luck, MSG Grisham. You made yourself a public figure, and I suppose this comes with the territory. Wishing you the best.


  6. I went to his poorly written blog, and something struck me as odd. Is he even in Syria? He claimed he was going there, but he hasn’t provided any proof that he’s there… He’s just posting updates that anyone can do surfing the internet. Hasn’t he solicited monies to go to Syria to “tell the story that’s not being told”?

    These are questions Michael “Surplus Soldier who gets his feet massaged two hours a day” Yon needs to answer or he risks losing all credibility!

    o JJ

  7. Only crazy people on here are the ones that support a mentally unstable NCO that got removed from duty and didn’t complete his last tour overseas…. and lied about his medal (killing how many with a 9mm…? Give me a break).

    I can’t wait till you go to jail and get busted out of the Army for good.

    As for accounting for money…. Where’s all the money CJ has collected gone to…?

    Hugs and kisses….

    • Hello Bob,

      Why do you support the remorseless murderer Michael “I get my feet massaged two hours a day” Yon? How can you support his slandering of BG Menard and Canadian troops while in theater? Why do you support his multiple OPSEC violations, and his encouragement of Soldiers to do the same? Why don’t you denounce his almost killing a CSM who was engaged in hand-to-hand combat by stealing a Soldier’s rifle and firing blindly into a building? Please provide real proof he’s actually in Turkey/Syria in addition to providing tax receipts for the monies he’s managed to secure through his for-profit website.

      You have to clear these issues up before anyone can take you seriously.

      o JJ

  8. CJ: I don’t know if you remember but War On Terror News did a series documenting YonClown’s saga. In that series, he – like you – used Yon’s own words to indict him….

    The link to WOTN main overview of YonClown – for any readers who are unaware of the reality, is this:

    That was the end of a series, and if you are interested you can just put “Michael Yon” in the WOTN search thing, t here are separate columns with documented proof of everything CJ has mentioned above (and more) using YonClown’s own words and actions.

    Oh and as an add on to JJ’s list above: YonClown maligned the whole Canadian Forces in Tarnak and falsely accused them of dereliction of duty in the matter of a bridge… All false, and all provable as false.

    But as CJ clearly shows, YonClown has never let the truth get in the way of a *good* (self-serving) story…

  9. The Hypocrisies of Michael Yon in No Particular Order & I Haven’t Even Bothered to Quote Mine His Facebook Page

    – Unhinged posts about General McChrystal (claims of a “cover up” because he was disembedded followed by a threat to sue for libel)
    – Posted a General’s email address as retribution
    – Disparaged Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan (to include slandering BG Menard)
    – Unhinged posts about Admiral Smith
    – Killed some poor drunk in a bar fight
    – He frequently embellishes his articles, and media posts (it’s called lying)
    – Was assigned as surplus when Enlisted
    – Sent MSG Grisham over 1500 harassing emails, to include accusing him of having an affair, pedophilia, and theft (MSG Grisham is a long-time devout and practicing Mormon)
    – Contacted MSG Grisham’s chain of command multiple times attempting to get him fired
    – Removed from multiple military embeds for violating their rules
    – Has committed multiple OPSEC violations & urged Soldiers to do the same
    – While on embed he picked up a Soldier’s weapon and fired it blindly into a shop where an Army CSM was engaged in hand-to-hand combat narrowly missing him
    – Deletes any posts and blocks ip addresses of people who offer a contrarian point of view on his Facebook, website, or Twitter account
    – Gets an Army 15-6 investigation initiated against MSG Grisham, but refuses to cooperate with the investigators (thus establishing that he’s only interested in harassment as retribution)
    – Often gets simple facts wrong about the military that could be learned with a quick Google search
    – He has accused Soldier’s Angels of essentially stealing from itself
    – He was handcuffed at SEA-TAC for a verbal altercation with the authorities
    – He himself said, “If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear.” Think about that when he writes anything, and then solicits money from you.
    – He was removed from a SF AO and then alluded openly that someone in the SF command may have been involved in a murder; he then posted, “Don’t you worry about me. I got your back so long as I can hold a pen or pull a trigger.” Pull a trigger he said…
    – Accused the Medical Corps in Afghanistan of not wanting to give up its helicopters because senior officers want their own helicopters to shuttle them from here to there. An astoundingly ignorant statement.
    – Has not accounted for the money donated to him (tax evation, lack of expense reports, etc…)
    – He has used Stolen Valor types as sources for his miblog articles (Mustafa Kazemi for example)

    Michael Yon is batshit crazy! I can’t believe how some people who follow him don’t realize he’s just making shit up as he goes along. Lol… What a nut job, and how in the holy hell did the military allow this bag of steamed dicks to weasel his way into their units? Crazy…

    o JJ

    • Great summary JJ. All of which I’ve documented here over the years with actual proof whereas Yon works off solely circumstantial or blatantly unproven assumptions.

  10. Yon will return stateside sooner or later and will have to answer for his libel and slander. The gravy train will end as readers see through his charade. It’s inevitable. I sense he is on his last hurrah.

  11. Now that I’m up to speed on Michael Yon (it still irks me he deleted my responses on his web site), I’ve noticed from perusing the Internet he doesn’t have a good reputation within the military. Sure, he can get the odd Soldier to say something supportive here and there, but I would venture to guess most military types are very leery of this person, and are well aware of his lapses in judgement.

    What I find downright scary is his relentless pursuit of you. If I were any senior member of the military I would avoid this “reporter” at all costs. You’re risking your career if you communicate with him.

    Also, you make a good point that he demands accountability from you, but doesn’t do the same himself. I’m surprised his supporters don’t recognize the hypocrisy and demand accountability from him.

  12. Hello Mr. Grisham,

    I have been keeping up with your ridiculous case involving the tyrannical Temple PD, and I have also seen many of Yon’s nonsensical posts both on Facebook and his blog. As a quiet observer I’ve seen some gusto from you, though justified and never out of line.. but from Yon, I have seen only outrageous unbacked allegations followed by personal, petty insults. I think it’s clear who the bigger man here is (well, the only man), and I’m sorry to hear that this has been going on for so long. I guess one can only remain silent for so long when enduring such horrific allegations and threats to one’s career. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll actually figure out how to cite his sources.. however I remain doubtful. He isn’t a blogger, he’s a whiner.

    • Sandra, when he continues to contact my chain of command that has better things to do (like train and fight), I can’t keep quiet. While I have been able to prove that Yon has lied over and over again about his allegations, it puts a strain on our relationship because they tire of the constant barrage of idiocy and defamation. Instead of just letting the legal process work, Yon continues to harass the command about “doing something” to me. I have kept every correspondence Yon has sent to me (it numbers in the thousands) and I only showed one page of screenshots of my inbox. I wouldn’t be concerned if one of his flights disappeared into the ocean, though I’d feel bad for the other victims.

  13. He seems like a pathetic obsessed man. Since his career is long gone, it appears he’s trying to take yours down as well. Trust me, I have heard far worse things about him from my Army friends.. I’m guessing he’s trying to deflect the attention away from himself. Keep strong, this miserable excuse for a man will surely get his due soon enough.

  14. He is the nut job and is an obsessed stalker, I have been following his facebook page and yours and pages you belong to, not making comments, just observing this obsession. I think Michael Yon needs a mental evaluation and I would be in fear for my family from this guy, he has some serious issues if he is going to post a satellite picture of your home, that is crossing the line I dont care who you are. You dont put anyones family in danger like that, that is NO ones business, especially someone in the public eye.

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