The Irony of Michael Yon

It’s no surprise that there’s no love lost between Michael Yon and I, especially since he attacked me (and ostensibly all troops with PTSD) on his Facebook page, telling his ravenous following to “take it easy on [me].” This, of course, is what most people ignorant of PTS do – use it as a basis to discredit others who question them.

Today, Yon posted the following (note: I’m not linking to Michael Yon’s pages. If you want to see these quotes, Google him. He’ll get no hits from me):

Note on “Kill Team” Photos —

I published “Kill Team” photos days before Rolling Stone. But I didn’t hype and spin a giant indictment of the entire US military for the actions of a few.

Not to one-up Michael, but this site had the photos up about 5 hours before Yon on the same day. Since he’s got such a hard on for me, I don’t doubt that he’s been trolling here looking for more quotes and saw the photos and felt the need to also write about them. But, that’s not the point of this post. I already know I’m a better person than he is and don’t need to further prove that. The interesting aspect of this is that, at a certain level, I agree with Yon. I agree to the extent that Rolling Stone is an anti-military rag that hires even more anti-military douchebags like Michael Hastings (are all douchebags named Michael?). First, Hastings started the controversy that got General McChrystal fired. Then, he tried to get General Caldwell fired (where was Yon for that?). Now, he’s finding other ways to bring down the military by making issues out of nothing.

Michael had great things to say about the Navy’s information in Japan too: “U.S. Navy Information Flow…They seem to be doing a good job of keeping people informed. March 17 at 5:05am”

So, where’s the irony? Well, reread what Yon posted just today:

Note on “Kill Team” Photos —

I published “Kill Team” photos days before Rolling Stone. But I didn’t hype and spin a giant indictment of the entire US military for the actions of a few.

Now, consider these quotes from Yon on the same FB page a few day after hailing the Navy’s public affairs efforts:

“Wow…Is this the U.S.Navy?” Said this after posting the CPT Honors video FROM MONTHS AGO! Hmmm…not a “giant indictment of the entire US military,” Michael? Or at least the Navy.

“The United States Navy is hiding information in Japan. I don’t trust them. Not one iota.” Now, Michael can’t trust the US Navy. Isn’t that basically what Hastings is saying about the Army?

“Would be a mistake to expect any truth from senior US Navy officers.”

“Many Problems with Relief in Japan…(No wonder the US Navy is hiding from media attention.)” This he says while thousands of American troops are working their asses off in Japan helping the Japanese recover from this disaster.

“Slowboat Navy…Have numerous times offered to cover Navy operations here in Japan. The best that can be said is that they are paddling at rowboat speed.”

What happened? Well, the Navy decided against embedding him. So, instead of just seeing it for what it is – the Navy doesn’t embed douchebags – Yon proceeded to Rolling Stone the Navy. I guess he doesn’t like competition and is working hard to lead a boycott the magazine’s advertisers. What Yon doesn’t realize is that no one will notice. The only people that read Rolling Stone are stoned hippies, college students, and ignorant teens anyway.

Let me reiterate something I said long ago. I will do everything within the scope of my influence to prevent Yon from EVER embedding with another military unit. I succeeded in Japan and I’ll work hard everywhere else. He is a danger to US troops and undermines our very competent leadership when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a child with a camera and ravenously ignorant hard core following that doesn’t see the irony that is Michael Yon.

Maybe I should just leave Michael Yon alone. Didn’t he extend me the same “courtesy?”

13 Comments on “The Irony of Michael Yon

  1. I see that Michael Yon is in trouble again. I hope this finally ends commanders allowing him to embed, if this doesn’t do it nothing will. His ego is too often dangerous to the mission at hand. He wants to act like a Rolling Stone shock journalist at times with the blessing of the military. And I still think he had a hand in what happened to McChrystal. Not that the General didn’t need to be fired afterwards, but why did he and his staff think that the reporter in their midst, who seems to know Yon and seems to have quoted him in Rolling Stone article, think the guy was so benign? It still puzzles me and because Yon is so into revenge when he feels like he has been wronged, I can’t help but be suspicious. He even issued a veiled threat to military leaders that if they unbed him this time he will still report on the war, just not through their eyes or something like that. What is that supposed to mean? Knock yourself out Yon, seriously, step on a rake and knock yourself out.

  2. CJ, you need to put up a spew warning for videos like that. Almost ruined my keyboard by sitting coke all over it!

  3. Wow! What hole did Cara crawl out of. Apparently this is the first time she’s ventured this way or even heard of you. I concur with the others, apparently she didn’t take the time or is unable to read, in order to learn that CJ IS a combat vet and a damn fine Soldier.

  4. You know, it’s almost like Cara didn’t read the title of the blog. More to the point, it’s almost like Cara can’t read.

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  6. Cara,look up contributors at the top of the page and you will see that CJ is a soldier and has been in the Army a long time[including going to Iraq.]So he has stood in front of the troops where he belonged and is now doing a fine job writing.

  7. you know what CJ.. fuck you you don’t know shit about nothing why the hell don’t you get a damn life and stop being a bully and grow some balls you worthless son of a bitch.. im sorry but till you go to war you have no clue what the troops are going though.. Michael Yon is a good journalist and if anyone doesnt care they can fuck themselves tooo!! you know why the hell don’t you stand in front of our troops where you belong.. and do not bash my friend again.. or the troops.. you are so low so ugly how dare you

    • Soooo YOUR definition of GOOD journalism is a crying sissy!?!?!?!

  8. OK, CJ, I just scared the cat I was laughing so hard! He almost fought in so many places! LOL

    When I saw his “opinion” piece, I was gobsmacked, the gall of this guy.

  9. CJ,

    The video is hilarious! I was laughing so hard I almost broke my office chair!

    Keep up the great work!


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