The New Military Dating Scam

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.



As you know, I’ve tackled the issue of all these Nigerian and foreign scams for quite some time. I get emails and comments almost weekly from people who read one of my posts while doing research about a possible scammer. These people have become quite sophisticated in their methods. They’ve gone from the old “you’ve won a multi-trillion dollar lottery! Just send me $2500 and we can send it to you” to “I’m a Soldier in Iraq who found millions of illegal money Saddam was hording and I need your to bring it back.” The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

I got an email from a reader who came across my Military TELEX post. She told me about a man she met through that had introduced himself as Major General (MG) Tim Canny. Thankfully, she became suspicious after reading this “general’s” poor grammar:

I’m happy that you are able to release your email to me and i will like to share with you more information about me that will help us to start knowing each other better ….
I was giving birth to a wonderful family 49yrs ago. My dad was an American man that married a Malaysian woman due to his service and work in malaysia when he was younger, he was in the marine until he left and become civil engineer. I was their only son and child. I’m very simple, caring, honest and self independent..

I got married and enjoyed my matrimonial home. I and my then wife gave birth to a girl and she’s so beautiful and I love her wholeheartedly. Well, I and my wife lived happily and I worked as an Engineer before I later joined the Army 23yrs ago. I fix and inspects Cars and trucks, but I have special interest for the Military because my dad was once in the Military before He retired and started His Civil Engineer Career.

My late wife was dead 5yrs ago due to lungs cancer and I became a widow. Since then, it has been one bad experience after another; I also lost my dad last year. I really loved my wife and dad because of the relationship between us.. …She had loved me with all her heart and she had loved me for me. She was so caring and possessed all of the qualities a woman should possess. She was so much an angel that I treasured her so much but God knows why that happened to me. I also give thanks to God that she gave me a beautiful daughter Monica…
I just need someone that can love me for me and we will love each other for the rest of our lifes, because i know life is too short to play with…

I have learnt to leave my past behind and move forward to the future, though my past makes part of my life and I need to plan for my future. I need love again in my life. I had love once in my life and I need a woman that can be mine on a longterm goal. I hope I will still find love someday soon, that’s all I believe and I’m so optimistic about it.

I am ready to date from any part of the globe. I need to meet my true love, because we don’t know where our love is at the moment and we have to keep searching for it anywhere, any time and any way we can.

Presently, I’m active in the Army and been stationed at Fort Lewis, Barrack Washington State . I live alone on base, while my girl ives with my Mom in Malaysia ….though I planned to retire from the Army soon in order to start a family life
I really need a woman to come up to and be when I will be back to the state, a woman that will be mine forever and that will cherish me for me….

Thank you for spending your time in reading this long note/essay about me….if you think we are still on the same looking page let me know so we can know the waay forward…


Last time I checked, most generals were quite well versed in the English language. The way this scam works is the individual takes some time to get to know the target woman. Once he’s gained her trust and confidence, he tells her that pretty soon he will be deployed to an area without internet or communication services and won’t be able to write to each other. He then sends an e-mail address with something like, “Well to get registered with the telecommunication you will have to email them with and you have to tell them you want to use the phoning facility system with MG TIM CANNY presently on deployment in Afghanistan. The service is a way we can talk on phone without no call charges attached, all is 100% free after we get registered and pay the registration fee”

Here’s the catch: if there isn’t service in Afghanistan where a Soldier is being deployed, there isn’t service period! And I have no doubt that a MAJOR GENERAL will ever be sent anywhere that he can’t communicate. That’s where the Army sends peons like Lieutenant Colonels and below! No general officer would ever stoop so low as to be so archaic. To be honest, few LTCs do either.

If you email the company, you’re likely to get a response like this:

Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for the enquiry, our service is to provide phoning and Satellite facilities for civilian and Military Personnel.

Gsatcom provides essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available. Whether at sea, on land or in flight, our services ideally suit the maritime, aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities industries.

We specialize in providing global satellite access services. Gsatcom solutions have been implemented for United States Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Army Corps , Australian Defence Force (ADF), Command of Polish Navy, Special Military Formation GROM Especially for US Army soldiers we ship VSAT equipment within 72hrs in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

Satellite phones are about 3 times more expensive than GSM phones, but have the best coverage. Often they are the only choice for a soldier that is deployed at a remote forward operating base (FOB) that a cell phone network cannot reach.

Basic advantages of our service for Military personnel;

Possibility of communicating freely in 110 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, Asia, and Middle East

– Satellite and GSM connectivity in one telephone
– No prepaid cards needed
– Free Iridium 9555 handheld satellite phone
– Free unlimited calls for Military Personnel.
– Payment incure refundable when the officer leave the war zone

The Facility involves $400 registration fee(s).

In other to register for our phoning facility, you are advice to provide us with the information below;











Once you provide us with the above information you are no longer anonymous to us.

(We) protect your privacy. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.

All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity

The information is what we are going to use to register you with our service.


Satellite Provider – Technologie Satelitarne

First of all, Iridium phones are uber-expensive! Anytime someone mentions a satellite or iridium phone being “free,” ask some serious questions, especially in an austere place like Afghanistan. If you ask too many questions about the service, you’ll miraculously get an email from the “soldier” in question professing his undying love for you. Coincidence? No. More thank likely, the email to the GSATCOM goes directly to the “soldier.”

So, if you get an email from a “Tim Graham Canny” – who doesn’t exist in the Army – send it to your spam box immediately. These people use these internet dating services as the initial opportunity, then progress to Yahoo chat and other methods of email communication. Oh, and here’s the clincher: he made Major General in less than 23 years!!! This guy should be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if he keeps this up. And if that doesn’t convince you, these photos of the good “general” will.

Yes, these are the actual photos sent to back up his story and sucker these women into giving them money. Don’t fall for it!

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve been reading the comments on this page and I feel that I may be right in the same boat as the ones that have been tricked online. I’ve been talking to a guy named Derrick Jesus Spearing, He states he’s from Pasadena, TX which is about 35 to 40 minutes away from me in Houston/Sugar Land, TX. I met him online from a dating website. He stated at the time he messaged me he was here in my area, but on my behalf I did not message him back right away and it was about a week later that I did I noticed the distance from being close by was over 1,000 + miles away and he stated he was here for that week only and was deployed back to Kabul, Afghanistan. We’ve talked every day since I messaged him back, he’s told me that he’s coming home March 9th and that is his release date. I’ve actually seen what looks likes to be an official letter, and even travel documents like e-tickets flying from Dubai to JFK on March 9th 2020. So even though I’ve had my doubts even from the beginning now it seems to look as to be all true. Now during this month and half of talking he did mention that he was in need of some care items. So I figured okay send me a list and let me see what I can do. The list seemed very normal, Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. So I go about it and get the item sent. I’ve seen pictures of him by the way always the same person in the pictures, but what didn’t make sense to me when I sent the care package was it went to Ghana and not directly to Kabul, Afghanistan. It also took USPS way too many days other than what they quoted to get the items sent but they did make it to him. Well as of February 21 his birthday is the day that he got his papers releasing him back to come home. He sent me images of them. But then he tells me he has more to tell me tomorrow and here is where things get interesting. During his time there he met someone that was like a Dr. or someone who had money and items of high value that he actually acquired while there. They are in a storage unit if you want to call it that or a vault at a law firm. The items are tapestries, rubies, and other items. They total to over 1 million dollars. Now the items being in storage for a few months have a bill of $21,428 that need to be paid first to be released back to him. and then he asks me to contact the law firm to make the arrangements to pay the bill. Well I don’t know anyone that just has $21,000 to throw around let alone on someone that they’ve actually never met in person. So I’m like, I’m not doing it, not going to happen and forget it. He’s like this is for us and this is for our future. And the whole time I’m thinking this can’t be real. So he’s still messaging me up to this morning but nothing this afternoon or evening. I’ve sent him a long message but no response yet, and now I’ve googled searched and here I am on this website. I know my heart says its a scam but if you’ve had a similar experience would you please reply back. I have pictures I can share to see if you’ve talked to the same guy and would just like confirmation. Thank you for taking the time to read and be ware. Thanks again.

  2. Hi.
    This guy posed as Tony Kay (military doctor for United Nation stationed in Syria and relocating to Canada). He added my mom on Facebook and really messed her up. Lucky for her, I learned about the story and put an end to it. I even tried to report his profile on Facebook, but they don`t really seem to care about scammers lately.
    So you`ll find him as Tony Kay and Chris Jonathan (and maybe other identities) on Facebook.
    Visit these links and take a good look:

    Please be careful!

  3. Hi.
    This guy posed as Tony Kay (military doctor for United Nation stationed in Syria and relocating to Canada). He added my mom on Facebook and really messed her up. Lucky for her, I learned about the story and put an end to it. I even tried to report his profile on Facebook, but they don`t really seem to care about scammers lately.
    So you`ll find him as Tony Kay and Chris Jonathan (and maybe other identities) on Facebook.
    Visit these links and take a good look: 

    Please be careful!

  4. Hello,
    I am from Germany.
    What is about Fred Renteria Edward?I stayed at Tinder over a Weekend.And this man write to me and give me quickly one Telefon Number for WhatsApp.
    Dear Explanations for 3 Days.And then he asked for Money.I became very suspicious.I read Online About Love Scamming and i knew this Man ist a Fake .I wrote that to him and was very spoiled.
    I have googled the nice Pictures but found Nothing.
    This Fake Game with one Woman Heart ist very very inhuman:(

    His Story: EOD Spezialist from Columbus Ohio but working in Syria Raqqa under UN.
    Best wishes

  5. Hi
    CJ Grisham can i get ur email i need some help plz

  6. Hello!
    My name is Blessing from Nigeria. I can’t really reply all comments but I can say few things for sure. If any guy is asking you for money online no matter the reason,please do not give him. I’m not too familiar with their tactics but no reasonable guy would hassle you for cash if all he wants is “love” especially if you’ve never met him in person. This goes out mostly to the other ladies using dating sites..the truth is you guys are the easiest targets because you seem vulnerable. Ask a lot of questions and ignore the money talk…eventually they’ll get tired and look for a new mark but be sure to google their names and circulate the pictures they send in case someone else is being scammed.

  7. Hello good afternoon I need help because a military sergeant who told me that his name is Keith Collins contact me through Facebook but I text him through I just want to make sure if he is in the military but he told me that he has a mission in Aleppo Sira. I have picture of him and he send me a box filled with his document to take care of. But the box hasn’t arrived yet. He told that he is a Widow and he only has his daughter. I really want to know if his name is true or false.Also where can I send you the pictures I have of him.

      • Hi does anyone know Derren clinton? He’s on instagram , chinese ,says hes half american, servin in syria…

    • I have the same experience but different name, Sargent E9 deployer in Syria i have a photo as well

      • I was contacted by Jason Schnell in the US Army on Instagram.He gave me some elaborate story about his life. Now he’s asking me to buy him gift cards from google for some reason. Please let me know if this is real.

        • hey the same thing happened to me, do you have pictures of him?

  8. my family used me to be attacked in amercia by hire then use canada police to witness the family from belle river ont canada old phone 519 728 4459 . 344 st louis street anyway my mother decided to get revenge on amercians by using money thats mine 668.000.000.from a settlement in hawaii against the department of defence 2013 my mother got the first check and funded boston bombing .she is in red drinking wine and sister rochelle was filmed .linda langlois lexy rcmp ottawa harper security team is helping her mind control me and its not the c.i.a eather telapathy expert find me on facebook derek langlois email derek.r.langlois dereklanglois0 dereklanglois38 always at gmail

  9. Hi I have a question and wondering if this guy I have been talking to for months is in the military as Jackson Murphy and is serving in Kabul Afghanistan and has asked for money I only sent 500usd. He says he can’t video chat nor talk on the phone as it’s against rules and regulations I was trying to ask for personal information and got upset as he doesn’t want to argue with me his email is he a scammer?

    • It’s absolutely NOT against the rules to video chat or talk on the phone. Military personnel do it all the token (how do you think all those people communicate with their family while they’re serving? Their wives, husbands, children’s, parents? Of course they’re back allowed to video chat and make calls! It’s actually ENCOURAGED. The military isn’t a prison. I hate to tell you this, burn you’re being scammed. Please don’t send this person any more money.

  10. my friend started talking to a guy named Frank Jeff Thomas. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. He’s deployed in Lake Chad until April. He’s from Netherlands and moved to Ohio when he was 15. He’s 36. He hasnt asked her for money yet. First off, he has 3 first names. I did a Google image search and nothing came of it. He has asked her numerous times to video chat but she’s nervous because I tell her he’s not real. He did call her on the phone but she couldn’t hear him that well and she freaked because he didn’t sound like she thought a Dutch accent would so she hung up but he called back. He is consistent with information he gives and she’s asked him the same questions several times and he said the same stuff he said before. Never changed his response. He has pretty good grammar except a few tiny things. I’m just worried she’s going to be victim to a foreign scammer. Some things I haven’t disclosed but they seem odd. He says he’s a sergeant working with intelligence.




    • I am also a victime since April l met one sergent Kelvin David Peyers who convinced me that he has a home in Texas Dallas He was born 1968. Works under UN at Afghanistan he is widowed and l am single separated he asked me if l could be his wife I agreed cause I have been single for 12yers so l needed to settle.He expressed alot of affection and after a month he introduced to one Engern.OSUEKE CHIEBUKA EMMANUEL lives at OWERI state Nigeria . This friend of his is a travel consultant who had helped many of his friends to relocate to USA . So l was instructed to collect money to facilitate my travel to USA and when
      lam done he Kelvin would ask for leave and go to USA to meet me at the airport l collected all my ticket ,Visa , then Kelvin collect more money for my stock of clothes both for men and women which was to be purchased from Nigeria by his friend. I sent that amount also. And after they claimed a yellow seal had been placed on Kelvin’s passport so it would be impossible for him to travel and meet me in USA.Kelvin suggested l should collect 6500$ for his release so last week l managed to iiiisend the 500$ cause l said that amount was too huge for me to after sending l asked Kelvin for his address in Texas Dallas he answered rudely and said am l not the one to meet you at the airport. I said ok.from Wednesday 20th he was chatting with me for hours till day was 23rd when he chatted me and left at4:00 am East African time without saying bye he was leaving for USA send me my documents which were now in the custody of Kelvin. he needs to send me an invitation letter for me to go to USA and other relevant documents Kelvin Should have arrived by last Saturday 22nd till today 24th June he has not called to say Hi l travelled safely or I am ok I am working on your documents.l am supposed to receive them by at least 25Juneeeee cause he Kelvin told me my flight is y on Thursday 26th June. Not even aword of hello on Facebook actually he blocked I can’t send a message..And with his friend we always chatted on Whatsapp till his still on but very rude to me when I ask ask About Kelvin he becomes very rude he said he should be the one to ask me cause Kelvin All in all I have spent20.000.00$ yiplus communication and transportation bannk charges I used Western Union all the time l sent money to Nigeria. That’s my story unfortunately l dont work I have been borrowing this money there owners want their money back.l don’t know what to do
      I three months back I discovered a guy by the same names Kelvin peyers on facebook on OSueke’s time line but the guy is black lives in Afghanistan. He was in Red T-sehirt half picture. when l asked Kelvin he was very angry at me he called me a confuse illetrate..l had to apologise for the sake of our relationship l am still waiting to hear from Kelvin if he really exists.we dint have any video cause he for security reason..

    • SC Once you send Money or ANYTHING of value it’s GONE. No One can help you get your Money back.

      Google the recovery Scam

  12. Hi unfortunately I have been taken in by this scam also. Although thankfully I never handed over any money. I met him on wooplus dating site and he quickly asked me to go on Google Hangouts to chat he told me he was 58 a widow and in the military planning to retire soon. The name he used was Lucas Soren Adams. We were talking for a number of weeks and yes he was very romantic with me knowing exactly what to say to get me hooked. He told me he had a 25 year old son in New York training to be a doctor and his wife died of leukaemia 5 years ago. I did a reverse image search and found the real person on Instagram. The email he is using is he said he was doing a big deal with the Ukraine government to supply military equipment he even showed me the supposed contract which included a copy of his supposed passport . He then said he had a problem and needed to get some documents transcribed and notarized and DHL over to him could I help him with this. He said it would cost 1750 US dollars. I was so upset when I heard him look for money as I knew I had been conned the last few weeks This man is a master manipulator of feelings and also a poet. I hope and Pray that this information will help somebody else and stop them from going through the same thing I have.

    • Hi i just read what u wrote about this guy. I believe he is the same person i spoke to summer that just passed. He has done lots more to me than ask money. That is if he is the same person

    • it has helped ME thankyou
      A captain Bryan Adams asked for money.
      I didn’t have it so he went silent
      Veery romantic messages were exchanged
      Glad I saw the light

  13. Hi this guy sounds very familiar to a man I have been talking to. I would love to see the picture. He said wice killed in a car accident and lives in Dallas now in Libya. Son’s name is Augustine and he goes by Van Mario

    • Has anyone had any contact with Michael H. Hopkins? Michael claims that he is stationed in Israel on a special missions training. He gave me so many details of his Israel stay that I began to doubt that what he was saying was true. One random day, he asked for me to give him my bank information so that he could wire me some money in order for him to receive his medication there. I told him that he most definitely could not have it. I wasn’t sure that if he was in the military and he was ill. The military would figure out a way to get his meds to him. He stated that he used some one here in the states to help him with the cost of the meds. I questioned him then about his identity but we continued talking until one day that he asked me for ITunes cards. He wanted a $50 ITunes card from Walmart. I let him have it. I told him that he sounded like a scammer because anyone in the military that is fighting for our country wouldn’t be in need of anything medically or financially. There wasn’t no reason why a male should be asking a female for financial support of any sort. Would he like for this to be done to any of his female family members? Before he could answer the question I responded with a “NO”. I continued by also informing him that it wouldn’t be very low in his part if he was impersonation a fallen American Soldier. He was so butt hurt that he couldn’t imagine me questioning him about his identity. To make a long story short the conversations stopped a few days later because he went on a special mission and hasn’t not responded since. (LoL)

  14. SGT. Van Mario
    Grade: E-5. Rank sergeant, Abbr SGT. UN/US ARMY 009/16770/UNAMIL MOS-18E\OFS.
    Has anyone been contacted by this guy on fb? Has a son Augustine supposedly from Dallas Texas but currently deployed in Libya.








      Attention Rosalba Pacheco

      UN / US ARMY 009/16770 / UNAMIL Gary Raymond) This is to acknowledge your permission. Request made on behalf of his

      fiancée an American troop on peacekeeping mission here in Syria Aleppo under my command and military jurisdiction. I must

      inform you here that he has an important mission that occupies a deep position in security and monitoring tasks as part of

      our military intelligence here. Consequently, you should also bear in mind that this is not the time of the Sargeant

      official permission, but even though you will be granted an emergency license basically in your explanations on behalf of

      the sargeant and the complete introduction of your true personality along with your zeal to look for this opportunity in

      another to obtain your country to obtain the marriage with you.
      I must also warn you that the military authority of the United States does not ask our troops to pay their official

      permits or holidays / vacations assigned and approved by the military authority, but in a situation in which any member of

      the US military. own discretion and agreement with His/Her fiance requesting or requesting an emergency license must

      involve the payment of fees according to the number of weeks or months of duration the license will be selected as

      available for emergency reasons at the request of the troops in the mission of peacekeeping only.
      It is very important that you understand these points very well and have more reasons to pay and support in others to give

      this office the support to approve your request to have it at home only for marital reasons. We have the following license

      durations to be considered and approved for accepted applicants seeking to return home from their fiancée on peacekeeping

      mission and I have offered

    • I met one at Instagran by the name of Philip Gomez, sergeant with that same MOS number. We talked for more than a month and he had never asked me anything, until today. Blow! I have not sent and I will not send anything.

    • Henry:
      I here by wish to apply for EMERGENCY LEAVE  on behalf of my fiance Sgt Henry Michael(UN/US ARMY 009/16770/UNAMIL),MOS-18E\OFS stationed in Gaza Strip. I’m writing to ask if He can be granted an emergency leave vacation so that he can come home and be with me. I will be grateful if my request can be granted now.

      Honey send the mail to them

      Last message received a few hours ago via telegram +12674520120 alias @Henry_228 Friday December 13, 2019. I met him by Tinder, his uniform says Ávalos U.S. NAVY … Thank you for your stories. It is said to call Henry Michael Scott and have a daughter in ninth grade Tracey Jane Michael who contacted me by gmail

      My daughter is in military boarding school in California

      I was born in Houston Texas USA on the 8th of May 1977. I lost my parents in a fatal motor accident at the age of 15.

      I was raised up by a Military priest Rev. Fr William Tracy (late) who made me joined the Military academy in 1995.losing my Parents was my worst experience in life….My Relatives were never cool at all, they maltreated and abandoned me because of family vendettas.

      I work with the U.S Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha team, assigned to Company B, 82nd Airborne Division.
      I’m also an information management technologist by discipline

      My job here is to monitor military Intelligent including network administration, database management and computer hardware and software implementation.I also join the combat team on special missions.

      In case someone helps you

    • I met a man and he told me, ” My names are Jackson Michael Anderson _UN/US ARMY 009/16770/UNAMIL.” but I met him on Facebook and his name is Anderson Jerry. like its very suspicious. and I asked a simple question and the response was so many poems and love and I even told him you don’t know me and I don’t know you, and nothing but poems. Its All Scams.

  15. “Bonjour Moi c’est Mme Michel PETIT, Je suis sur ce forum pour partager mon expérience cause de ma joie. Voilà Et bien après mon divorce j’étais désespérée alors je me suis mise à écumer les sites de rencontre dans le but de faire une rencontre et refaire ma vie de couple et être heureuse. Je suis tombé sur un monsieur du nom de Louis PAROUX sur badoo avec qui tout marchais bien au départ. Il me promettait le paradis. Je faisais tout pour le rendre heureux mais c’est plus tard que j’ai compris que c’était une grosse arnaque. Quand j’ai commencé à douter alors il a commencé à me faire du chantage etc. Je devais toujours lui envoyé de l’argent et je lui avais envoyé près de 68.500 euros par western union. Il était en Afrique pour un problème de maladie du cœur. Mais heureusement que j’ai pu avoir pas le biais d’une amis le contact d’un inspecteur de la police de Lutte contre le Patrick delage Interpol en collaboration directe avec la police française et j’ai expliqué mon problème et enfin suivis leurs instructions. On a fini ensemble par mettre la main sur ces malfrats et j’ai réussi à bénéficier d’un remboursement suivie des frais de dédommagement qui m’avait été arnaqué. Alors je suis ici juste dans le but de vous faire bénéficier de cette aide précieuse. Je venais de nouveau et j’apprends à apprécier la vie alors je veux vous faire profiter de cette même aide. Si désormais vous avez un problème quelconque de tout individu impliqué dans l’escroquerie, fraude ou n’importe quelle organisation contribuant à l’insécurité sur votre territoire via Internet quel que soit veuillez contacter l’adresse mail suivant : Sincèrement, Mme Mickel PETIT”

  16. I found this article on another website devoted to the Romance Scam issue. It’s worth reading.

    Don’t let his smooth talk — and your desperation — cloud your judgment.

    Some people have great success with Internet dating; yet, there are hazards that must be known so that Internet dating doesn’t cost you emotionally, mentally and monetarily. Some are so desperate to find love, that they ignore warning signs, in a hopeful exchange of a possibility of being in love.
    Here are warning signs and online dating advice so you don’t waste time with frauds, and instead can focus on the possibility of real love. (Note: I used male pronouns here, but scammers can be either gender and can present themselves however they wish online):

    1. Vague profile. Start with what is stated on the Internet site. Scammers often are not specific in what they are looking for in a mate. Thus, more people will respond and fit their requirements. When making contact with you, scammers start by complementing you on your looks. Wouldn’t we rather be complemented on accomplishments or what your goals are?

    2. He loves you, sight unseen. “I love you” is a statement that everyone wishes to hear, but how do you know if it’s real? Charlatans tell you they love you before they have ever met you in real life. Think about it: How do you know if there is real charisma there? Some people can sound great on the phone, but when you meet them there is nothing there; or, physically they just don’t meet your standards. How can someone honestly love you before having met you in person?

    3. Too much, too fast. The other part of the “I love you” scam is when he says something like, “Something in me shifted, and I love you,” or, “I think I have found my soulmate.” Again, he hasn’t even met you, and there hasn’t been enough time to know you well enough to truly love you in the way you wish to be loved. How can someone want to spend the rest of their life with you when he’s known you less than a month?

    4. Going offline. There is a reason scammers wish for you to contact them directly via private email and not use messaging available through the dating site. You’re using a dating site to protect your privacy and help you avoid scammers. Don’t fall for whatever their reason is to write to him directly before meeting him in person.

    5. Avoiding questions. “How tall are you?” “What do you do for a living?” It’s almost as if his mail is sent automatically, like you are on his list and this is the next standard e-mail that is sent out. Him answering with questions to your specific questions is a sign of a scammer as he is not giving you an answer.

    6. Playing phone games. First off, I don’t recommend calling an online suitor without having met him first. But if you do … if your phone identifies the calling number, and you return the calls but the number is rarely answered or almost always goes to voicemail, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. Remember, there are a number of services where you can get a phone number with almost any prefix. Also, if he is supposedly overseas on a trip, and he gives you his foreign number and says call any time, it is more likely his real number. Why? He’s more than willing for you to get the long-distance bill, versus him calling you.

    7. He can’t meet, for some reason or another. Another indication that a scam may be going down is when there is a distance between where you both live. When you say you’ll be in his area and would like to get together, he can’t meet with you. This is a great test: Ask to meet soon after the introduction on the Internet. If there are continual excuses, then you know that person doesn’t really live where they say they do, and/or he isn’t truly interested in you.

    8. It’s all about the money. Most people who earn a decent living wish to be wanted for who they are, not for their income. Yet, scammers will often indicate that they make more than $150,000 a year in an attempt to set up the person who wants to know them for their income, and not for themselves. This way, when he says he’s gotten into a jam and requests money, the unsuspecting person thinks her investment or loan will actually get reimbursed.

    9. “How much money do you make?” Shortly after the introduction, the person asks about your financials as he’s looking to find out what kind of person he is dealing. In other words, he is really wishing to find out if you are worth his time to scam, as you have financial resources to share. Think about your friendships—do they ask you about your financials? Not many do, especially when you’ve not known each other for very long.

    10. His photos are fake. Ask him to send you a picture of himself via snail mail. When the exact same pictures show up that are on the Internet, it is an indication that the pictures may not really be of him, or why wouldn’t he send a different set of pictures? (Do a Google Image search to see if his photo shows up on stock photo sites or catalogs.) Notice the background in the pictures posted online. Are they indicating that they are wealthy? Does it show a big house, a new boat, or something else that yells wealth? Again, people who have real wealth do not advertise it. So, when a picture flagrantly indicates wealth, one needs to consider whether it’s real. Did the person go to a boat dock and simply stand in front of a great looking boat and have his picture taken? Did he ask a Realtor to show him an expensive house and then have his picture taken at the house? Be suspicious of pictures taken outdoors.

    11. He wants to “borrow” money from you. It’s easy for a scam to be set up by a foreigner, even one who is not currently in the United States. One of the more popular scams is to pretend to be a resident who has either recently moved to the States in the last two years, or who is in the process of moving here. Here’s how it goes: He gets called back to his home country to do a lucrative job with either really important people or for a really good commission or a big paycheck. Once overseas, something horrible happens that leaves him broke or close to broke—his money got stolen from the hotel, the taxi driver stole it, the airlines forced him to check his luggage and his money was in it. Whatever the reason, a smart person, or one who travels, knows better than to let it occur. He asks you for a temporary loan. Think about this. Why you? Doesn’t he have any friends or family that could help him out if the situation was true? How much money is being requested? Is the amount of money being requested realistic for the situation described? Be aware that the person may ask that you send money via DHL, or another global service to a name, other than his or her own. This is a huge red flag, as they must show ID to collect the money, so his “friend’s” name is more likely his real name. Either way, do you really want to get involved with this person? Ask yourself how desperate are you for a relationship? Scammers count on that desperation.

    13. Control by guilt. Most people are basically good people and want to help. So, if you start to get suspicious and ask if this is a scam, he will most often get mad and attempt to make you feel guilty. Then, he must create a new heartfelt situation that requires you to send money.

    14. He uses lovely speech. He writes letters filled with love, as if the letters were written right out of a romantic novel. Listen to how often flattery is used. He just met you, so how can he give honest flattery?
    In addition to the warning signs abobe, here are some of the commonalties among scammers. Remember, they have a plethora of these, but not necessarily all of these traits.
    • His name consists of two first names.
    • He has a foreigner or has an accent.
    • He doesn’t call often, as he would rather write.
    • The facts that he gives you don’t check out. Example: He’s not on the alumni list of the college he says he attended.
    • He must travel overseas shortly after meeting you.
    • He makes promises that are unrealistic.

    In summary, be smart about dating on the Internet. If the new person cannot meet you in person within the first two to three weeks of chatting or writing online, then he isn’t the person for you. If he’s moving too fast declaring his love, he’s not the person for you. If he falls in love with you before actually meeting you, he’s not for you. Constantly ask yourself, how desperate are you? The more desperate to find someone, the easier it is for you to become a pawn in the scammers’ game.

  17. Does the same Srgt Dave Harveston Crow ring true to anyone?….Met him on POF (what an awful site) He supposedly lives in Texas but deployed to Afghanistan, has an 8year old son, wife deceased (of course) I have a picture he sent me…(good looking guy, highly doubt that’s him though!!)
    For a US citizen and 52 year old Sergeant, his English isn’t great and the lingo is way off …..dead giveaway!!!

    Wish there was a way to stop these type of people….

  18. Anyone heard of Paul Jossy aka Jossy Paul. Claims he’s in Kabul Afghanistan he has a fb page but story doesn’t add up. Claims he’s retiring from army and is gay and has no family due to him announcing he’s gay. I am concerned for a friend that he’s been talking with.

    • Susan,

      I would suggest you have your friend read the article I just posted. From the little you’ve mentioned, there are clear warning signs. Your friend is almost certainly talking to a scammer.

  19. Anyone heard of Paul hissy aka jossy Paul. Claims he’s in Kabul Afghanistan he has a fb page but story doesn’t add up. Claims he’s retiring from army and is gay and has no family due to him announcing he’s gay. I am concerned for a friend that he’s been talking with

  20. Anyone heard of Michael Stone aka Stone Michael on his kik. Met him on OKC as soliderboy11tron, supposedly in South Africa in the Military as a SGT and has asked for a birthday present consisting of toothpaste, toothbrush, personal hygiene items. No money has been asked for. Thanks

  21. BEWARE THESE GUYS ARE SCAMMERS: they pose as high ranking military officers~! These guys wouldn’t need money if they are officers, they are paid thousands of dollars. They don’t need phones, tickets, medical help! or your love and concern. THEY’RE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK< WITH YOUR MONEY! This one's name was Colonel Eric Hall HE GOT NOTHING!


    • Bonjour

      Voilà ce qui m’est arrivé :
      Je me suis fait arnaquer par une personne de Cote d’Ivoire à Abidjan qui était sous le nom de “JEAN PIERRE”. Cette personne qui habitait soit disante à Bayeux dans le Calvados qui est partie en Afrique pour récupérer un, soit disant héritage de 320 000€. Et n’avait pas prévu assez d’argent pour payer des taxes, il a réussi à m’endormir et m’a fait envoyer sous forme de “coupons PCS” la somme de 19.460€, mais grâce a l’agent de la police sur le net en Afrique Mr Patrick Delage, cet escroc a été arrêté puis j’ai récupéré tout mon argent, vous pouvez faire de même si vous avez été arnaqué de cette manière

      Voici son contact mail :

      Sincère salut

  23. I think yes. His name is Arthur Scalzo. He said that the only son. She has a daughter and parents anymore. He said that in Afghjanistánu. On Google, I found that siblings and parents too have. He wants women euros per ticket. He promises that the women come and live with her in her home country. Woman learns English. Moving with him in New York. I also learned that the policeman was declared in 2014, Hampton, June 19, 2015
    This e-mail
    Promising women worldwide, uses the compiler. I’m from Czech Republic. It’s probably a bad translation.
    He wanted the euro on and phone. Unfortunately, the phone I sent. Then stopped communicating with me.

  24. does Darrel greg falcon ring a bell to anyone?

  25. Hello my name is Lisa Wadsworth and I have been talking with a man named Darrel Greg Falcon claiming he is in the Navy stationed in Ondo, Nigeria…. I was very skeptical at first and like you say he puts on all this charm and a story of his wife passing. He says he is from San Diego, California. He does have several facebook accounts under the same name and I want to know if he is real or a scammer…. Is there any way you can help me out… He says he is in trouble and fed me a story about a family he had wronged there in Nigeria but find it to be a far fetched story, now I am not very computer savvy and tried to investigate on my own with no real success…. PLEASE contact me he is asking me to send money via western union today….

    • Lisa,

      If someone claiming to be a U.S. soldier asks you (a stranger he just met online) for money, you KNOW it’s a scam. Also, there are VERY FEW American military personnel stationed in Nigeria. They’re all busy fighting the war on terrorism. They have no time for internet dating. There are however, thousands of romance scammers in Nigeria. The scammers ALWAYS come up with stories about being in trouble (needing money). I’m surprised your scammer hasn’t told you he loves you yet. That’s usually part of the scam. In any case, you should steer clear of this guy. He’ll steal your money if you let him.

  26. OMG! I’ve registered on And bingo! I met a sweet Michael Dave he told me that he have traveled to many parts of the word, his military life has spanned around the Arab world and Islamic world, where in his have put up a credible fight against terrorism etc etc.

    I almost falling to him but then I realized too good to be true…searching around on google found your website and than put his picture on search engine and then I found his picture in here with a baby around his neck:

    His email: From: Michael David

    Thank you so much for your great article and community!

  27. This morning I had another one: Grace Ayo McFall deleted her straight away but her email I just hope it helps others not to fall for these hoax emails!

  28. Hi has anyone met Karen Swain from Southbank,Melbourne? she’s been sending me emails with her pictures for a week we actually had a reasonable conversation although she never gave me a link to “the real world” all went well until last night when she had an “accident” ended up in hospital and needed my help to pay her hotel bills and so on. There is where I pulled the pin in cyber world she’s still in hospital waiting for money if anyone likes to help her her email is: but I’d stay away from it! cheers

  29. Hello,been up all night reading the comments. My name is Nnamdi i’m a Nigerian and if i must say,i am not really proud of my country because that’s where percentage of scam is high. You can imagine street boys with no job or whatsoever going around and scamming people. I have vowed to take down any scammer i see. Please you should know that the real person can never asked you for money and if you are chatting with them and they mention Africa……………………Delete and block the useless fellow….They have even invented another means to scam people especially the woman. So sorry i cant say that here because i am scared of my life.God bless you all and be with you. Thanks..

  30. I have been talking a guy on a gay dating app called Skruff. He seemed pretty cool, says he’s originally from Miami, FL and is in the Army. He hasn’t asked me for anything, we’ve just been talking and sending each other emails. He has sent me pictures of himself (which if it is him…is really quite sexy). But my defenses are up after reading this site. As I said he hasn’t asked me for anything. I offered to send him a care package of things he may miss from home or need while stationed over in Kabul. He gave me a short list of things like T-shirts, boxers, NBA style shorts, shower gel, toothpaste and candy. All things I think to be pretty much what any soldier would want or need. But here’s the weird part. He keeps asking me to take picture of the things I want to put into the care package. His grammar also throws me off. I don’t know many (ANY) Americans who would say “send me pictures of the stuffs you bought” Who says stuffs? There are other grammatical errors that make me think this could be a scam. He sent me a request on Skype and yet hasn’t made any attempt to Skype with me. He sent me pictures of what is one good looking man and I’ve inspected the pictures. While some of the pictures look as though they could be different people there is the same scars on the right hand in all the pictures and the same cleft in the chin. He says he is 40 years old and retiring in February from the Army. He claims to be a Master Sergeant but I can’t make out the rank on his uniform. Like I’ve said, I’ve asked him several questions trying to get him to slip up, but he’s just not answering all my question…he gives anyswers to some of them. On skype his birthday is listed as December 8 but in an email he claims it’s Jan 4. I did get a poem from him and I’ve already googled it and it’s a poem that was written by someone else. So now I am just waiting for a response back from an e-amil I wrote him saying: “Wow, that poem is beautiful….did you write that just for me?” To see what he says, because as an educated college student who is a Biology major with a double minor in English and Math, I am far from stupid. I just don’t want someone to pray upon my kind heart (that I wear on my sleeve). So if anyone can help me out….that would be great! I have pictures of him so if someone could tell me if he truly is a Master sergeant that would be great. He says his name Is Jonathan Spearing and his uniforms all say Spearing on them. I just can’t find any other information on anyone name Jonathan Spearing on the internet, especially one who is in the Army and came from Miami, FL.
    Thanks to anyone who can help me out and may you all have a wonderful Christmas!


  31. Hello. I am Brazilian and known meet4U. Not quite understand the English. I apologize.
    About 5 days a sudden love. Military man, betrayed. Married at sixteen. With a teenage daughter. He asked me to send an email to their commander in order to be licensed to come to me. So far not asked me any money. However behaves Semelhe the reports above.
    Stefan bush Afghanistan data
    American military army to contact his commander.
    I was browsing on google and as I am very wary of sudden loves pesquizar was until I found this site …
    I thank the people responsible for the site .. It’s a way to get rid of these criminals.

  32. I have been chatting with Lt. Col. Jeremy Robinson in Benghazi, Libya. On his facebook page he goes by Naomi Wallace but lists his name as Jaime Rob. When I asked why was his fb was under Naomi Wallace, he says that is his sister who is institutionalized and it was in her honor. When asked why the Jaime Rob, he says that is his nickname. I inquired as to where he got my name from and was told that he got it off a veterans site that I had commented on. He had all the answers for everything. His English was good but he only answered in one sentence at a time. Of course, he started with the I love yous right away. When I said he couldn’t possibly love me because he knew nothing about me. His answer was to trust in our love. It was always about the trust with him. It would upset him when I said I wasn’t a trusting person. Finally, I confronted him about it being a scam. Funny how his perfect English dissolved some when he got angry saying that he “am very disappointed in me and so angry that I could say such a thing about him.” I told him that if it wasn’t true, to send me his military e-mail account. That was the last time I have heard from him. I expected that he would delete his facebook account and clear out but he hasn’t. Has anyone else heard from the Lt. Col?

  33. I have been talking to a Colin Onstott (hasn’t told me his rank), claims to be in the Army, has a daughter who lives in Mass. with his aunt while he is stationed in Miami. He hasn’t asked me for money, but is requesting that I get a PayPal card tho he says he doesn’t need the account number. This is a bit different from the ones that I am seeing on here, but still thinking it may be a scam….has anyone run across this scenario? Is there a way to tell if he is really in the Army or not? Thanks!

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  35. This was what I got now a month since I’m talking to Boris Clinton Gilmore,,, Captain on a peace mission in Syria. Same story, wife died, this sozino, has a flha who is suffering with the nanny in Africa, and he wants me to bring to Brazil with me to look after her, but he sent a box of money, documesntos and jioas to me , and once you get it for me to bring her daughter Karem. In the beginning,, but came to believe that part of deposit money, oh suspicious and went looking for it and found this site, we have to unite and colocalos in jail. But I do not desembolsei no value. Nor will, ah … in his words, I am the most important woman in his life, he loves me and asked me to marry. We can not leave it at that.
    Tania Morrone in Brazil – Sao Paulo
    PHONE NUMBER: +447087642165
    Reference Number: NWSC/NT/504925/11

    Attention: Mrs. Tania Maria Gomes Morrone

    This is to inform you that our delegate have returned from the customs for shipment ticket charges, Clearance and duties inquiries which will cost the total sum of £(950) GBP. (Nine Hundred & Fifty British sterling Pound). you will need to wire to ICTS SECURITY COMPANY here in UK the sum of£(950)GBP. which will be used for ticket fees, Clearance and to pay duties at the customs before our diplomat who will be delivering the red cross safety trunk box to you. Be advised that the safety trunk box will be delivered to your designated address via our private diplomatic immunity.

    The moment we receive the sum of £(950)GBP from you, for the ticket fees, and to pay duties at the London customs, we shall immediately advise you the time of the shipment and time our diplomat will arrive your country, and he will call you when he arrives, so please present to the diplomat the same scanned copy of your id card for proper identification upon his arrival to you.

    Once again madam, you have to inform us as soon as you are ready to make the payment, so that we can give you bank account information to make the bank transfer, to enable us pay the ticket fees, clearance and pay duties at the customs immediately before bordering to your country.

    Be advised that when you meet with our delivery man (Diplomat) You will have to present to him your international passport or any valid form of your identity and a copy of the deposit receipt of the box before the box will be released to you to avoid misconception of any Kind.

    Hope to serve you better.

    Dr Fred Williams
    Director of operations department

  36. Kathie, I have, I am in conversation with a Captain of rmadas forces who says he is at peace mission in Syria. The history is always the same, military, mother left, father died, his wife died, just have a daughter who is with the baba ma Nigeria, and he said to me send their retirement papers it for me to enter and cash in a box, that this money was for me to keep and for me to buy a car and bring his daughter to live with me.
    But there I received an email saying I was going to get an agent of the Red Cross. They sent another email to this ICTS SECURITY COMPANY LONDON
    PHONE NUMBER: +447087642165
    Reference Number: NWSC / NT / 504925/11
      But just send me another saying I need to put around $ 6,000.00 in Brazil, in order to draw this box family that my husband sent me. Ai came searching and found this page …
    All blow … My name is Tania and I am from Brazil

  37. I have been conversing with a Capt Robert Miller. recently retired from the US Army, Special For es, bomb and wePons specialist. Currently in Baghdad, Iraq on a contract job for joint governments. Goes by e-mail Has a son Alex studying in Eygpt. Asking for money to get private charter out of Iraq as military will not send transport for him and crew though he is stationed at a military trainig site. This is a scammer. confirms that IP address is out of Lagos,Nigeria. Have tracked his IP into Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, New York. Claims to be from Anchorage, Alaska. Wife died from breast cancer, parents are deceased, age on site was 51 but stated that he just turned 50. Requested where he wanted funds sent and was given major US bank accounts for 2 seperate bank accounts at 2 different banks registered to 2 different companies in 2 different states. Contacted banks with information and request for deposits. Tell the bank that you suspect the accounts are being used to launder moneybfor possible terriorist activity. This will automatically flag and possibly shut down the accounts. The dating site photo was of a singer on YouTube however the other photos, including uniform photos do not come up in searches. Reverse image search from Google is very helpful. C3, Cyber Crimes unit should also be noytified. for a small fee will give you IP address, also show you how lonh r-mail was opened for and how many times. If tou have been contacted by a Capt. Robert Miller please contact me via PM on Facebook. Would be interested in exchanging photos to see if it is the same person

    • would like to see photos of this Cpt Robert Miller as I may be in contact with this man

  38. Ladies,

    Be aware of the new charmer – Captain Martin Ritter serving in Kabul Afghanistan, retiring from military in less than 3 months. He sent me an invite on LinkedIn and few days later his profile was removed from the LinkedIn site, supposedly due to some terrorist threat. Martin has a home in Atlanta, GA and a 16 year old son – Roland Ritter. His wife past 8 years ago in a car accident on her way home from church. Roland’s birthday was about a week after we met. I was given a FedEx Address in East Point, GA in case I wanted to send him a gift. Roland missed his mom so much that he started calling me “Mum” after just a few email exchanges. Roland is also going on an international excursion with his school and he needed money to help pay for the deposit. The school pictures Roland sent me referenced Mill Creek so based on the fact that Martin lives in Atlanta, the school logo and name, my assumption is that the referenced school is Mill Creek High School in Hoschton, GA. Martin also asked if I could recommend a business that we could both invest in after his retirement. LOL! There were a lot of grammatical errors and very often the emails from dad and son contained the same statements, comments even down to the same exact misspelled words. Don’t fall for it!

  39. Wow..the more I research the more I find. Guess this Easton Williams is Ryan Treat…he lives in Augusta, GA

    He stated his mom and dad are dead, but on his facebook his mom is alive, Linda Johnson Treat, she just got out of surgery on July 16, 2015 and is still ALIVE!!


  40. I met a guy on (Mic_13) claims his name is Easton Williams, 46, divorced, has an 11 yr old son, mother and father pasted away and does not talk to his adoptive sister. He stated he is a general surgeon in the U.S. Army deployed in Afghanistan. His profile has Dallas, Tx. When he emailed me he signed off Easten, not Easton and gave me the number 2065527380 which I looked up online and it shows “One Twentyfour Seven Locksmith Service” in Seattle, Wa, when you call the number no one answers. He sent pictures that looked like he was 25-30 yrs old not 46. In one of the pictures the name tag is tilted but the name ‘Williams’ is straight with the picture. I don’t think the Army would give out name tags that the name is slanted. So, a red flag went up. I have been texting just to see if he is a scammer, he hasn’t asked for money ‘yet’. He has been professing his love, and states when he returns we will be married. As long as he does not ask too many personal questions which I haven’t been too “truthful with” (sorry, if he is a scammer he will never really know me and if he is not then guess I’ll have to admit I lied…lol) I do find it odd that he has time to text every day. My friend’s husband is in Afghanistan and she only hears from him every other week to a month.
    SO, if this name sounds familiar or the Mic_13….be aware he may be a scammer…
    I just did some research on Easton Williams tagged his pictures he sent me on Google Images. Come to find out he has a Facebook Name, Michael Steward also listed as Dating Scammer, Brian Bowen Jordan.
    this website will take you to the image he is sending out

    Here he is as Michael Steward and Brian Bowen Jordan
    His Facebook…
    His email…
    From the minute you start texting him, he is in love with you and wants you to move in with him and be his wife. I played along enough to get information to expose him.

  41. this website will take you to the image he is sending out stating he is Ryan Treat

  42. I met a guy on (Mic_13) claims his name is Easton Williams, 46, divorced, has an 11 yr old son, mother and father pasted away and does not talk to his adoptive sister. He stated he is a general surgeon in the U.S. Army deployed in Afghanistan. His profile has Dallas, Tx. When he emailed me he signed off Easten, not Easton and gave me the number 2065527380 which I looked up online and it shows “One Twentyfour Seven Locksmith Service” in Seattle, Wa, when you call the number no one answers. He sent pictures that looked like he was 25-30 yrs old not 46. In one of the pictures the name tag is tilted but the name ‘Williams’ is straight with the picture. I don’t think the Army would give out name tags that the name is slanted. So, a red flag went up. I have been texting just to see if he is a scammer, he hasn’t asked for money ‘yet’. He has been professing his love, and states when he returns we will be married. As long as he does not ask too many personal questions which I haven’t been too “truthful with” (sorry, if he is a scammer he will never really know me and if he is not then guess I’ll have to admit I lied…lol) I do find it odd that he has time to text every day. My friend’s husband is in Afghanistan and she only hears from him every other week to a month.
    SO, if this name sounds familiar or the Mic_13….be aware he may be a scammer…

    • I just did some research on Easton Williams tagged his pictures he sent me on Google Images. Come to find out he has a Facebook Name, Michael Steward also listed as Dating Scammer, Brian Bowen Jordan.

  43. There is another guy currently trying to scam. He started with the name James Staurt and is now on Goolgle+ under the name Charles McDowell. Same photo for both!!!! Shocking behavior. I blocked his chat under the name James Staurt and now see him following me as Charles McDowell. Have these scammers no shame!!!!

  44. I am talking to a LT Josh Hilmes does any one know him id so please email me At I think he is a con called me once had a real bad accent , please if you have heard of him contact me ,thanks BETH

  45. I think my mother in law is being scammed. Has anyone received emails from a so called Major Keith Homes or Major Keith Holmes wanting to get money back in the U.S. and willing to give you half and also wants World Bank involved.

    Please, if you have any emails, forward them to me so i can prove to her she just blew 30 something thousand.

  46. Hi there

    I’ve just been caught (well almost) by a new scam. He claims to be a US Marine currently serving in Kabul, Afghanistan by the name of Tommy Smith (email He claims to be Scottish by birth but he moved to Arizona when he was young. Both his parents died and so he joined the marines.
    We’ve been chatting for over two weeks about him relocating back to the UK and starting up an NGO using the equity from the sale of his parents property.

    And then came the scam, the money was in paintings and fine arts stored in China and the contract was fast running out. Could I accept the package for him since it couldn’t be delivered to base.

    During the correspondence his English was very very good, in fact he was quite eloquent. He used words that I had to check so there were very few clues as to the scam.
    He even contacted me via Google hangouts.

    I’m feeling a little ill-used by the whole process but a little wiser too.

    Just thought I’d pass on the experience.

  47. Hello. I have someone claiming to be Special Command Forces. I have unfortunately already wired money for a satellite phone conversion as she claims to be on a submarine. I’ve image search all her photos with no matches and looked every where I can but I now know rule one is never wire money. Not to mention the money was wired to a NJ address. A “phone conversion rep for the military.” Now she wants to talk to my kids which I am definitely not comfortable with. She finally called this morning but the call was absolutely horrendous and to me the voice sounded like it was being modified but I’ve never spoken on a satellite phone so have no clue what the quality would be. Again I assume this to be that I have been scammed but any thoughts? I know the sub she is supposedly on.

  48. Hi CJ I came across your website in hope that u can help me. I want to know if the U.S. Army soldier I have been talking to is the real deal. His name is JEFF BRAD WALLACE. Says he’s 31 from Chicago but lives in Nebraska currently in Nigeria for some ISIS mission. I believe he is fake but he is very convincing and has perfect English. Can u please help me? Thank u

    • Hello Shari,

      There is no U.S. Army mission in Nigeria. He’s a scammer.

  49. Jane E. Harmond says she is a nurse in Libya on contract to the US Army NATO W.H.O Hospital. she says she lives in Texas and will be back in 2 months. she also said she has a daughter & a widow and in love with me. How do I find out if she’s real or not?

  50. They are doing this scam over Skype also. I received a contact today by a “General Mark Walters”

    [5:35:43 PM] *** Gen Mark Walters would like to add you on Skype

    Enter a message to introduce yourself.My full name is Mark walter,I Am Army General from USA. But right now I‘m currently on assignment here in Afghanistan , regards to the War here.I just did a random search and it fell on you when i was lonely in camp, i need someone to chart with,then I decided to add you I guess you do appreciate friendship. ***

    I am from a military family. I have never once heard of an officer of that rank being so foolish to contact random people on skype, like this. I do not even have a photo linked to my account.

  51. This is crazy! Ladies just stop looking for love in dating sites and go to a library, a park, a pub, a bar, friends, travel abroad, anything but a website.

  52. I have been talking to Sergeant Steve Maldonado. Anyone heard of him?

  53. Yup Martin Ainslay. His wife ran off with a Mexican, sold his house etc… he a medic but sees active combat duty. And his English was terrible. Arsehole. Fortunately just one email exchanged, but I noticed he somehow disappeared off Glad I found this site. The bastard posted pictures of someone named Ainslay and the same guy with a little boy. Scary to think these scam artists can use people/s real pictures. Where can a person report this? Anyone know?

    • Hes a con, photos he has stolen from a dead soldier! Sick Bastard! Beware he uses Tinder and Skype too!

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  55. As a former member of the Army, these scammers are the easiest ones to detect. Just Google the unit they claim to be from. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a webpage for the actual unit, with contact information listed. Call the S-1 section (personnel and admin) during business hours, explain the situation. They will either confirm or deny that the service member is in the unit. And if you ask nicely, they can also confirm or deny if the unit is actually in the area said scammer claim to be at.

    Google is your best friend when it comes to someone claiming to be in the military. Units deployed, leave personnel behind to take of issues that come up with the families. They have websites, with tons of contact info on them.

    Call them, they hate this kind of stuff even more than you do. They will help you out, you just have to ask them.

    • thank you for your help , I come from an army background and friend of mine is on hang outs with an American special ops from Libya whom ask her to send his USA box with his retirement cheque and medals and money to her , now firstly I know all military have bank accounts and all money goes into their account not in a box !!! my friend send over £4000 to pay for the box to fly from Ghana to UK this has not happen now she been told to send £12.5000 to release from Ghana this person goes under Edward smith danso

  56. John Edwards…anyone talking to him. In the US Army currently deployed in Afghan (he says) – total scammer!


    Every women wants to find their one true love and always sort to technology to fast track the search of Mr. Right. Often, women like me get caught up with with sweet sweet words, exaggerating promises and undying love. And before you knew it, you became a victim of an online dating scam.

    My first ever experienced (and I swear my last!!!) happened just two weeks ago. being lonely, I put up account in okcupid to find ALEC BURKE ( screw_you_burke) with email add: Within two weeks time I fell in love with him. He seems legit, he has lots of photos sent to me, I am an educated person and I felt sooooo STUPID to get caught in his bait. But i will never forget and forgive myself for being such a fool.

    His story: He is a private in US Army who lives in Port Monterrey base and is on Adventurous training for two weeks in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We would chat everyday and he would skip meals (such a bait!) just to chat with me coz he only goes to a cafeteria. Then when deployment is out after AT (based on his story!) he will be on a frontline mission for 8 months in Israel. Me being stupid and crazy inlove with him (that´s what i thought) , he come up with a story that he want to have a CMD (mobile) and as his gf! (in just few days!) he asked me to write to his commandant in Port Monterrey (Lt Col/Gen Gonzalez/s – they can´t make up their minds! ) to request a CMD on his behalf. He then in return replied to my email to get some infos from me! I WAS REALLY MADE TO BELIEVE, I felt nervous and had red flags but I was crazy I ignored them all!!! Then finally send a money to a certain Marijke Hergarden which according to him is the secretary of the military in Amsterdam! Im such a fool! The address is Amsterdam and was sent to Netherlands, I never thought scammers are now really sophisticated! He even called me many times using a Netherlands´number +31… so I was fooled! such a foolish thing to believe! I can still feel the hatred inside me!

    So here i am writing to you, to hopefully warn all the woman out there…NEVER EVER TRUST EVEN IF IT FEELS SO GOOD ! SCAMMERS WILL DO EVERYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY!!!! I also googled this name ALEC BURKE but I havent found any results until yesterday! I felt sorry for this man on the photos and I´d like to warn him that his photos are being used to lure women in OKCUPID to get some money! I will be writing the FBI and US ARMY, report to our police and to NETHERLANDS coz this has to stop….35987_1496161080598_7310110_n 36822_1496160800591_6874558_n 148308_1650614741843_8267604_n 254317_2016592011046_6383049_n 293035_4239585184486_1796046962_n 315457_4086976729370_1322569847_n 399579_4396995959657_238784602_n 547866_4086978609417_671553998_n 574456_3470229791082_181858326_n
    Here is the first reply of that Lt. Gen. (copy pasted from email:)
    Lt. Gen. R Gonzalez

    Good morning to you, your email to me was received and well understood, Burke is one man that I respect so much because of his hardworking skills and abilities on and off duty posts. I had a talk with him last week via the military
    payphone and he told me about your plans to contact me on his behalf in acquiring a mobile whilst on deployment to Israel for front line for the next 8 months. Generally and practically speaking, it is against our code of conduct to allow him receive a mobile whilst on deployment but because this is a front line mission we allow because it is indeed important and necessary he stays in touch with his loved and dear ones, I am also delighted he came in through the legal
    and normal procedure because we are aware of servicemen that sneak in mobiles and laptops to base, they should know this time, when they are caught, they will be dealt with thoroughly. This comes as a huge surprise to me and I’m delighted to process it. I have never seen Burke so happy and zealous, He was one of our best trainees at the just concluded Adventurous Trainings in Amsterdam Netherlands, and would be awarded on his return to the USA on that regard, He was also nominated to be the best well behaved and comported service man on training and it comes as a thing of joy to me because he is in my division, He has never engaged himself in any form of arguments nor misunderstanding, He has been of a very imitable conduct and i am very well impressed with it all, ‘you know behind every happy and successful man, there is a good woman’ I don’t know you as much as he does but I would appreciate
    if you make him happy always. Reports came also from the just concluded training that he would always skip meals just to go to the cafeteria to communicate with you, i must let you know that it displeased me though but if you are worth it, then i have no choice in his emotional affairs, there’s something about you that makes him happy.

    Your request will be approved as soon as some requirements are met: you have to provide us with the following details and we would love you to be very secretive and treat this email as confidential because you are the ONLY person that knows Burke’s whereabouts as a civilian and this mission is very crucial
    and it needs TRUST and CONFIDENTIALITY. I am not in position to debrief you of his mission in Israel but i believe you understand that it is a military affair.

    Fill this form adequately:

    IDENTIFICATION: {Attach to your reply}

    You are to fill the detail because you alone is aware of the deployment of Burke and his safety is of utmost importance to us. The reason for these procedures is because we are very much cautious of the welfare of our servicemen on duty. Also know that we will give him any mobile you desire BUT, the cam in the mobile will be deactivated at the entrance of the base or new camp/base because cam devices ARE NOT and WILL NOT be allowed anywhere around their camp/base location for security reasons and also a tag will be given to him to ensure that no superior official embarrasses him when he is communicating with you. I have attached a copy of the guidelines on the use of mobile phones when deployed, I would appreciate if you download, read and sign it if you
    agree completely with its content.

    As soon as i receive your details and the signed paper work, i will forward it to the Department of Finance and Auditing Service {DFAS} for further

    God bless you,
    God bless Burke, God bless the world.

    Lt.Col. R. Gonzales
    Commandant, 152nd Infantry Division,
    Gamma Squad, USA Army,
    El Monterrey Base, California.
    WELL, it is a lesson learned the very hard way! Women!!! NEVER EVER BELIEVE! what you can do, if he is a military, let him prove it to you…like he should take a photo of him, holding paper with your name on it and the date! or, talk to him on cam, or best at all…never entertain him and never believe on him if you have never seen him in person! Even person we personally meet deceives us, how much more online? I wish I have listened to my instincts that be stupid and be fooled with sweet words, you know! IT IS A REAL NIGHTMARE TO ME, so I am writing this to warn everyone!!!! GOOGLE, google! google! and if someone asks money online, it is only ONE THING! SCAM!!!! Run away! never reply even if he seems sweet!

  58. been a victim of ALEC BURKE, me to write his commandant to request on his behalf a CMD since he will be deployed in ISRAEL for 8 months for a frontline mission. I was stupid I believed him ! I met him in OKCUPID…

  59. I have a Sgt billy Raymond Scott please tell me he is for real even though my gut says he is nothing but a smooth talking creep

  60. I am in communication with a person who claims to be a General …although I am chatting to him/them.. I researched him and he is on scammers hitlist and using many email addresses and pictures of the same…

    Today at 7:16 AM

    Do you know that pictures are all over the web, saying your not a person but a group of people who steel identity theft..

    Do you know that you take away people’s hope and will to live..

    Do you know just in Sydney that 56 And growing each week, people die from suicide cause by Scammers..Like this..

    That is real case history.. and just imagine on the state of NEw South Wales and then nationally and internationally… All adds up..

    You not only take money.. you take hope and the will to live..

    Your killing real people. And when you are caught, Do you know that they are changing laws and developing laws that will charge you with death.. as you are killers.

    The photos you use are plastered over the net and your id’s is listed as scammers. The people pictures you use, as also committing suicide, as they get the rough side of people’s anger….and that is also why the laws are changing for scammers… Your country is going through unite nations to stop all assistance from international countries.. so your really stuffing up your own country. The Federal, FBI and Interpol are all watching you.. as a nation of scammers.

    Even the many emails which you sent and sending me are all monitored. You have caused great international pain.

    James Parker, … banner=pwa
    since 03/12/2013

    IP: /Decimal:1654567405 / /
    ISP:Hosting Services /Services:Network sharing device or proxy server
    Recently reported forum spam source. (1)
    Geo: United States,Utah,Providence
    Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 17:51:02 -0700 (PDT)

    Email Sender: [more info]
    IP address:
    IP address country:
    IP address city:

    Jackson Miller
    Lives in New York, New York

    Jackson Miller,

    Postby Bix on Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:49 am

    – 53 y/o male
    – new york, USA
    – English, English, English
    – milltary
    – Have 1 children
    – ID: 90361
    Hello, my dear,friend, I am very pleased to address you. My name is jackson miller, I am 52 years, I am from new york, I am a U.S.A soldier currently serving in Libya in the armed forces with 3rd Army Infantry Division. I am a widow, I lost my wife 5 years ago in a car accident, May her gentle soul rest in peace I gave birth to a son who is 15 yrs now, studies in London. I contact you because I’m seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army
    Ideal match description:
    I’m seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army

    Hello, my dear,friend, I am very pleased to address you. My name is jackson miller, I am 55 years, I am from new york, I am a U.S.A soldier currently serving in Libya in the armed forces with 3rd Army Infantry Division.
    I am a widow, I lost my wife 5 years ago in a car accident, May her gentle soul rest in peace I gave birth to a son who is 15 yrs now, studies in London. I contact you because I’m seeking a soul mate to share my life after retirement in the army …contact me with my email address (jacksonmiller556@g

    From: DrDavid Smith

    At Tue, 9 Apr 2013 23:34:43 -0700 (PDT), the email sender sent you an email from the IP address located in Ghana, Accra.

    Email Sender: [more info]
    IP address:

    Su, 3 Mar. 2013
    Email Sender: Greg Washington (

    Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 03:05:15 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Greg Washington
    Reply-To: Greg Washington

    This is the latest email I got from Coby James
    X-Originating-IP: []

    Ja Loe ,
    His Facebook with photo of Stuart James

    Received: from [] Accra, Ghana
    From: James William

    He now is using an email address IP
    The phone numbers that he used
    and of course the one that showed as Private

    Flight information:
    Accra > Miami
    Thu 25 Apr 2013 – Fri 26 Apr 2013
    Booked by:
    Booking status:

    Here is another one using the pictures of Stuart James:
    his name at isnice890 Take a good care of your self for me and also let me hear back from you as soon as possible..

    James Smith
    Lives in London, United Kingdom
    Joined Facebook
    September 28, 2008 !

    Steven Larson Jackson;
    Postby IceFM on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:20 pm

    Email give a Hit in FB for Mark Lee from Ghana

    Mark Lee
    Worked at manger
    Studied at University of Ghana, Legon
    Lives in Accra, Ghana


    USER ID: 4798538
    Age: 58 (Mar 23, 1955)
    Gender: Male
    Country: Ghana
    State/Region: Greater Accra
    City: Accra
    Distance: N/A
    Registered: May 21, 2011, 04:35
    Last login: May 21, 2011, 05:14

    Postby Bix on Sat May 04, 2013 2:08 pm
    James W, 55 new york, Malaysia

    His photos are making the rounds once more. He is now going by the name Davis James. Email address:
    “Davis James” , He states he is currently in Baghdad in the Army.

    I actually think I have two other Romance Scammers who found me on the same site (OKCupid). One named Larry Rayburn who states he is a Major in the Army currently in Syria (His photos aren’t on here) & Chris Deluca who says he’s in Turkey on assignment with Aecon out of Canada. I’ll check the non-military guys out for HIS photo as well. Chris gave me his phone# & it was a number out of California. We had txt’d some but when I actually called him, his accent was so strong, I could barely understand him!!!! She said his father was Italian & mom was from Georgia. When I said I wanted to meet him the next day, he said he was flying to Turkey that day for a three month contract & actually attached a document re: his contact with Turkey. I cut off all communication with him as well.

    James Brian asked me to send the money to the following account:
    Please try all your best and send it as soon as you can so that the box will not be forced open my angel.
    Try and scan the receipt from your bank and send it through my email so that i can also send one to Dr.Johnson as a proof of payment.
    This is the bank information,
    Name….Thomas Danso
    Account number…..0121462205901
    Branch….Stanbic bank takoradi
    swift code…..SBIC GHAC
    Address… 654 Takoradi-Ghana

    I also have an ID-card of this Diplomat:


    I never gave them any personal information about me and I blocked them right afterwards

    Oliverstunnerlove0 on confirio

    55 / Male / Straight
    Living in Reston, Virginia.

    About Me
    I am a very giving and open person. Friendly and caring. I tend to put my heart “out there”. I am an affectionate person. honest…with some integrity. I value what is truly important in life. and that is Love. Love of our family…our friends..and of that special someone we are all searching for.

    Christ David,

    Postby Marisa on Sun May 19, 2013 5:50 am

    ChristAdam0619 on zorpia
    USER ID: 7139654
    Nickname: iron900
    Name: robert
    Age: 54 (Mar 14, 1959)
    Gender: Male
    Country: United States
    State/Region: Wisconsin
    City: Belgium

    Marius M
    Dernière activité :il y a 5 heures
    Consultations de profil : 44 fois
    Phrase d’accroche : i am looking for a soul mate
    Membre depuis : le 23 décembre, 2012
    Sexe : Homme
    Lieu : florida tampa, Ghana

    Ulysses S. Grant;

    Postby IceFM on Tue May 21, 2013 3:00 pm

    Username: grantlove

    there are over 300 plus registered complaints on this person and all those pictures are registered as fraud.

    All linked to you…

    Internet has got special places where the pictures linked up to many emails.. How many lives have committed suicide over you… I know you got money from women but you took their will to live also…


    Location: United States

    User IP

    This man is on Netlog, his pictures are already on this post:

    Emailadress is:

    56, Male, Chicago, Illinois, United States
    Last seen 3 hrs ago

    Username: stevenlarson1


    Location: Australia

    User IP

    • these are all the same people… and exactly the same pictures interesting..

  61. Sunny,no he’s not real any time they ask you for your help for any reason especially financially it is ALWAYS A Scammer.

    go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Educate yourself ASAP about Scammers NEVER send money to anyone you do not know and never give any personal information.

    US Military Members have Access to their own Bank Accounts and are well able to purchase what they need with no help from someone they met online and do not know,hope this helps.


  62. Andre Collard station in Iran Staff sgt..wanting money for some personal care products.. has a daughter is he for real.. he on facebook…

  63. I just come to warn that someone who calls himself Kenneth Harrison is a scammer, he is using a model photos and military photo, but he did not noticed that uniform has the army soldier name different the name he is using.
    I found those pictures with the real names and sent to him to show him that he is a liar.

    Be careful ladies don’t send money to anyone.

  64. hi I was been scam by some one name Dave Pagan from Hollywood Fl, and was in Switzerland, supposedly with the us army, after doing some digging of my own, i starting to find out that a lot of what he was saying was false, and he of course ask me to write to ask for a leave and then try to get $520 out of me, thank God I didn’t fall for that. I was really mad and hurt, I ended up finding hi e-mail address attach to the same picture he was using with the name Ken Morris, so I feel sorry for this person that his photo was been used. I hope this help other people to open their eyes about it.

  65. Adam Bernard Dunn is someone who approached me on Facebook. By the 2nd message he was wanting to be with me was in love. i called his bluff after a few messages exchanged and have not heard from him since.

  66. Adam Bernard Dunn is someone who approched me on Facebook. By the 2nd message he was wanting to be with me was in love. i called his bluff after a few mesages exchanged and have not heard from him since.

  67. To all of us here, sorry to be in this situation, we were fooled, but please ladies, don’t go to far, if a man started to ask for money, just ignore right away, and asks questions if u noticed that he is not paying attention to all the questions u have asked, something is wrong with those men. I encounter pretty much 3 of them all the stories are all similar, I fall for it at first few days, but when the money came into the conversation, that was it, I am done and hopefully I would never hear from them, their are Capt. Michael K Adams and Capt. James Fredrick. Yeap sent me real pick, good looking human being but I know something is not right and the other guy, well he Is not a capt, but same story, and use his children…blah blah blah blah……we might be lonely and longing for that someone to come along, but lets not be stupid ladies,……these guys are have nothing to do in their lives but pestering women who are vulnerable and know that they could be trap….BE SMARTER THAN THESE SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care u all….

  68. I’m talking with a guy named SGT Matt Lecain? Anyone talking to him? Supposedly in Afghanistan widower with two children. He loves in one day???? after texting very little….?

    • Kim,I sent you an Email cut off ALL Contact and do not EVER Talk to anyone you do not know online Alert Experian and other Credit Bureaus and get A copy of your Credit Report and Report Possible Identity Theft this Scammer cannot hurt you but you can hurt yourself and your Children if you continue to listen to his Threats He’s in West Africa somewhere he needs an Invite and A Sponsor and Passport and Visa to get into the US so don’t worry about the threats just cut him off now.

      If you sent pics he will use your Pics to try to Scam Men now,hope this helps.Anonn

  69. I have been talking to a clayton moore realsoldier on line says he is in the army in lybia. he wanted me to register with the fiancé dept. and send him $400 . I believe him and foolishly gave himn my ssn# and now he is threatening my lifer, thr lives of my children, and to get a loan in my name. I am scared and don’t know what to do . will someone please send suggestions?

  70. does anybody knows anything about this two guys ??? please

    owen john thompson or FORTUNE CHIBUEZE




  71. im being harassed by a Bradley Carrera he even sent me his so called US army ID card & photo Afghanistan
    Special force identification card & yes the voce dose not match his look he’s a very sweet talker & butter would not melt in his mouth he dose not give up. he pushy its when they ask you to help them with there leave pass to get out of Afghanistan & its going to cost you. iv lost track of how Meany losers have tried it on me it gets exhausting 🙁 & it docent give the US army boys a good name id up load the ID card but it wont let me 🙁

  72. i was recently contacted by a gentleman on eharmony stating that his member ship would be expiring and could i email home to a google email address. his name is chris wallace….he told me that he was in the Marines and on a special mission. i was then sent an email from eharmony that his account was compromised. he from his google email address forwarded the email from eharmony re the compromise. and also pictures of him and his daughter. he asked me to get a yahoo messanger account and not even a week into things is calling me boo, sweetie, lovely lady. today all he has talked about is how he cant wait to hear my voice. he told me that i need to email this address and tell them that i would like to be connected to his radio. and there would also be a smalll fee for this……..
    im very leary. i am pretty sure this is a scam!!!

  73. Edward Schiller retired out of military after 26 years..hes 51…sent me several pictures…and after 8 months of talking and he even called from Afghanistan before he retired…and then he took a contract job back there…and now after 8 months he is requesting me address and phone number so that he can ship some gold bars to me..Said the Prime Minister of Afghanistan offered gold bars or cash for his contract there…. .never asked me for any money…but still really leery on his motives…even sent me a picture of his passport telling me he was ready to come back to the US…i told him to send the half to his son..i didnt want it sent to me…

  74. Has anyone met Jones Alexs Prichette claims to be in Africa on peace keeping mission. I manage to ask the right questions but did not get the right answers.. He would not give me APO address “due to security reasons” but could tell me where he was. Claims he is on his last mission and wants to marry me. Unfortunately it will be 2 years before he can come back to the US however if I request leave and pay for another soldier to replace him he can come home and marry me. This is just the short of my story. I know none of this is true. Its not my first time at the fair. I just want others to know Alex is very handsome and uses lots of love poems and sonnets. His goal is to get $800 thats what it cost. And of course you will be reimbursed once “we are together for 4 days”.

  75. I have been talking with a Sgt Thomas Emad Hammond, in Kabul Afghanistan. He also goes by Emad Calvin. Has anyone heard of him, I would really like to know if he is legit or just trying to scam me.

  76. I have recently been contacted by a Sgt Colbert Collins. Email is His English is very good. He claims to be from Houston, Texas currently in Kabul Afghanistan. Widowed 4 years. 12 year old Son lives in Ontario, Canada with his sister. Scam starts out as he wants to hear my voice. He will call me in the morning. No call comes. He explains his phone card exhausted while he was talking to his son. He lost his ATM card while on a suicide bombing site. Can’t get his phone card renewed without ATM card. He is supposedly stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan since December and will be home in December. Asked me too reactivate his phone card so we could talk on the phone. $350.00 for two months of unlimited phone calls. When I said no he asked for $200.00 for one month. I said no again and he asked for a care package. Stated he needed boxers and cookies. Gave the address of: Maria Gernbauer, 124 Ansary Street, Kabul Afghanistan. Internet search finds a Doctor Maria Gernbauer in Kabul, Afghanistan. This man did have a new facebook with very little information. First tip off was that it had interested in men and women. Questioned that and immediately he was defensive and stated it was a mistake of course. It never did get fixed. His pictures that he used are of an actual military member named Sgt Brad Colbert. Pretty famous guy and was actually very easy to find. Please be aware of this scammer. He was active on a free dating site called Mingle 2. His account has been deactivated by the site under that name.

    • This is a scammer… He scammed me : alec burke aka private burke. He asked me money to pay his Cmd he was in netherlands for adventurous training and according to him will be deployed to israel front line mission. He even called me using netherlands no. What a fool i am to believe all his lies!!! He even made a prose and a poem and sung a song! Scammers are now really sophisticated!!!! Pls ladies be careful!!! And never ever trust a stranger esp if he starts asking money! Pls dont be a victim. He sent me loads of pictures too… And names like lt col/gen gonzalez should alarm u…. And the money was sent to marijke h… His email was I searched him too in google but didnt found him until i found this article. Will report to fbi and us army so they can investigate possible identity theft

  77. Oh my God!! I am impressed with all these stories. I did not know we had so many women duped by these scammers, my ladies is a huge mistake to send money to any man, you can fall in love for any man but you don’t have to send money, why they don’t send to you? Ask someone of them for money, let see if one of them will send it. Please don’t be deluded. Many of these men tried to deceive me but the first thing I said is: I sorry honey but I am a single mother that live check by check for my living and my daughter, I cannot send any dollar, so sorry. When any of them come with their sad history I tell them, I don’t want sad history, I know what game is this. Now I am talking with a Major Kenneth Harrison, is retiring from Baghdad, is waiting for his replacement, I was clear with him, he said that he will prove that he is real, I said ok prove it. I saw him in camera, send me photos, but I still don’t believe. He told me that he will come soon, but he doesn’t want tell me when, he wants surprise me, hahahaha. I said Ok. Please ladies DO NOT BELIEVE them. They are African and England red’s members. I told to this man, he knows what can expect from me. Good luck ladies!!!.

  78. Carl Terry Purple combat engineer in Libya from Alabama does anyone know if he is a scam or legit Thank you.

    • I am not sure. I was talking to a guy to claims to be in Kabul, Afganistan. And he claims their is a Col. Purple serving with him there. I would be very cautious. I am not sure who to believe.

  79. i have been talking to some one who claimed to be a general in the usa army he said hi name was chris jacob tony he has a son called mike he said he is in afgainistan and his son is in school in west india he gives yopu all the sob story that his wife died you all know the rest he then after a few days of talking to you asks for money for his son says he cant use his account because of where he is,
    when i asked him about how many stars he got and his id he started getting nasty he then managed to hack my skype account and ask my friends for money acting as me lucky enough my skype frinds know me well enough to know i wouldnt ask for money , this guy has also has a facebook account in the name of chris jacob amd has photos of this chris and his son mike i hope he will get caught cos some unknowing person might end up falling for his scam

    • OMG Annette,
      I got same story. This guy found me on Face Book shortly I had posted my divorce went through,.. Mother’s day Week-end.
      He was Major Staff Sergent US Army, station in Kabul, his son Mars was in boarding school in PA and his wife had died/
      Well today the got around to asking me for money. I copied him articals on soilders scamming women.
      I haven’t hear from him sense… LOL
      He does by Michael J Aaron. Cassey Cole and e-mails and also one
      I have pics he sent me, I’m sure they are not really him.
      But I sure would love to catch this guy, Any ideas.

  80. I also got scammed he was using the name Jim Wiseman a Lieutenat in the US Army. He found me on .Same story as so many others on here. Wife died 5 yrs ago from cancer has a 12 yr old daughter living with his mother in Canada. He said he was stationed herein California. then after two weeks of texting all of a sudden he was getting deployed the next day and was going to try and bribe his commander with $1000 to stay here. I already had some suspention and started doing some research on the phone number he was using to text and then he used a different phone number to call. Then his lies starting catching up with him and he started making mistakes. He was a very good speller but sometimes his sentences did not make sense.I chalked it up to him being from the UK. He said he was from the UK and his father was also in the Army and stationed in the UK when he was born and that made him a US citizen. Fortunately I caught on before he got any money but it does pull on your heart strings and emotions because they do know how to say all the right things. I found the pictures he sent to me on one of the scam web sites and they were marked FAKE…His email adress he used was So please ladies this just all came down yesterday so they are all still going strong. I want to know what the heck our goverment is doing about this. Our poor service men are being so dishonored by this not to mention all the money woman and men are losing to these creeps.

  81. olá gordon ,obgda por ter me ajudado ,ontem ainda estive conversando com ele no skype,disse que estava doente por isso não estava entrando na net,mas agora tenho certeza o que eu ja temia há muito tempo.não vou enviar mais dinheiro ,vou deixar ele ir sozinho ,sem confrontrar com ele ,eu lhe agradeço muito de coração esse scammer vive em pretoria eu achoe de onde vem sempre suas mensagens , bjs e obgda .

  82. olá gordon,,eu gostaria de saber ,pq minhas mensagens nunca foram respondidas ,eu preciso saber ,se este homem que se conecta comigo é realmnte o BRIGADIER GENERAL KEVIN J.NALLY .estou ha um ano me comunicando com ele, ele ja pediu dinheiro sim ,e eu enviei 3.500 dolares ,sempre pede dinheiro para sua internet ou mantimentos .mas nõ mando mais ,enquanto não souber quem realmente ele é, ja pesquisei no google não achei nada ,rastreei suas mensagens e sempre vem de Pretoria ou Johannesburgo.a penultima veio do sul da Africa,o seu e-mail é , ,por favor me ajuda gordon, preciso saber a verdade .tenho muitas fotos que ele enviou inclusivel o video da entrevista no google em 2012.Tenho também um endereço dele em toroton.Ele me parece que está no badoo,no skype ele entra como kevin loves julieta alves brito.obgda.

    • Olá Julieta ,

      O homem é um criminoso . Ele é um scammer sem conexão com os militares dos EUA . Um verdadeiro soldado não teria nenhuma necessidade de pedir um estranho para o dinheiro. Isto é especialmente verdadeiro para um general do Exército americano. Um general ganha mais de US $ 12.000 por mês. Todos os soldados têm acesso a suas contas bancárias em todos os momentos . Um general não teria nenhuma razão para pedir-lhe dinheiro . Além disso , os soldados são bem previstos no Exército. Eles comem de graça na instalação de jantar. Na maioria dos lugares , telefone e internet são livres para os soldados .

      Se você não acredita em mim , pergunte a ele por seu Exército endereço de e -mail oficial. Estes endereços sempre terminam com mil. (Exemplo: @ ) . O Exército dos EUA encoraja soldados para usar essas contas de e-mail para manter contato com amigos e familiares em casa. Tenho certeza que seu soldado falso virá com uma desculpa para por que ele não pode lhe dar o endereço.

      Finalmente , pergunte ao scammer para seu endereço físico. Se ele é um soldado americano implantado, seu endereço físico termina com ” AKO , AE ” e um código postal de cinco dígitos. Não haverá um país listado no endereço. Meu palpite é que o scammer é um jovem, negro , do sexo masculino que vivem em África. O único endereço que ele poderia dar-lhe será na África . Tenha em mente que o Exército dos EUA não tem soldados estacionados em Gana ou Nigéria. Isso é provavelmente o lugar onde vive o scammer . Boa sorte !

      I wrote this using Google Translate. I hope you can understand it.

      – Gordon

  83. Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen),

    Below you’ll find a link to an Australian television program called “Insight.” This particular episode is called “Love Bait.” It deals with the issue of romance scams. I was a guest on the program (via Skype).

    If you’re nervous about clicking on the link, you can do a Google search for “Insight” and “Love Bait.” That should bring you to the show’s official website ( Portions of the show have already been posted on YouTube.

    – Gordon

  84. i am talking to other guy name zack he want me to open checking account that his wife died in car accident 3 yrs ago that has a little boy he said he loves me and want me what do i do aboutr him

  85. Started talking to a Col. David Sims. Kabul, Afganistan. Says he needs me to request his leave and money to pay someone to take his place while he is on leave. Whats with this?

    • Colleen –

      It’s called a scam – the “leave request scam” to be precise. Real American soldiers don’t pay a fee to request leave and they don’t ask strangers to do it for them. Only the soldier can submit a leave request for himself in the U.S. Army. A soldier simply fills out a form and turns it in to his supervisor. If the request gets approved (which is almost always) the soldier goes on leave. If he’s stationed in a conflict zone such as Afghanistan or Kuwait, the Army pays to fly him home for his 15 days of leave (that’s the most allowed). Finally, the idea that a soldier must “pay someone to take his place” is just laughable. The soldier’s unit can get by for the 15 days that he’s gone. The is no need for a replacement for such a short period of time.

      If you’re still not convinced, you can Google the phrase “leave request scam.” You’ll find plenty of information about it. The link below describes the scam quite well.

      Good luck!

      – Gordon

  86. try Skype I have a few that say military as friends now I don’t think so one say he sending packaged now I know got looking at some photo on here and found out that one of the facebook friends I had was just some poor military guy that fights hard for this country just got his identity hacked and was used to try to scam people no I did not know him but apparently the scammer had me in his sight

    • Dave Edward is a scammer from South Africa. ask for money for plane ticket to the states…from N.Y. and FL, GA.

  87. I have been talking to this guy name Paul Jonathan saying he is in the US Army at Kabul, Afghanistan and that he wanted to find a woman that was loyal and other things he wanted from a woman and he thinks he had found her which is me and that he wants to marry me and he was coming to the United State to be with me and it was going ok for a while until he started to ask me for money. all I want to know is this guy real, I have some photos of him. . . Sincerely: Kathy (Parr) Landon……PS:My address is: 2552 Hunting Run Rd Lucasville, Ohio 45648 and my phone number is: 1-740-820-3963

  88. a norwegian woman..iget contacted all the time..The latest im talking to now..but i just are having fun whit him..because i know hes not for real.but i really would like you to do something about this.because other women will fall for this and they will take theyr money…im sorry about my english..these people also contakted me on facebook…i will write hes email…..hes name is collin chandler he say…Regards from connie Mikkelsen…

  89. please beware of john mata, Johnson mata, Johnson Gipson, Johnson byrn he is one person but going by those names maybe more he said he was in united states army, in Kabul afganistan, and he said he a sgt, colonel. I ask for his address he said I had to go through his diplomat, but he never give me no address.

  90. I have report the case for the brasilian ciber crimes police. I got everything he sent me, as e-mails, as sites about scamers, pics which are used by him, besides my informations I sent to the scamer. etc. and I gave to the police here, maybe they wont find him out, but at least, they know, they will register in files, things like that. I have to prevent myself against the “mugus”

  91. I have found out the scamer who were trying to scam me
    He uses the pic of the politician Doug Heckman. Terrible how many names he uses, I didnt give money for him, but he was trying to send me a “package”with 600.000 dolars from Afeghanistan. Then, after he “sent”me the “package money”he sent me e-mail asking me $1750,00 for release the package from airport, of course I didnt send him money but I told him, I knew he was a scamer, since then he is trying to intimidating me saying he will use my pics as a scamer for men.
    He says in the e-mail he sent to me. He is very mad.

    “OK so you are in the game??? Well your pictures will also go to the whole world as a scarmmer. I know you enjoyed the game, don’t forget you are also a fool thinking you know my name, wait and see>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”

  92. This is the e-mail from “diplomat”who will sent me the package in my house :FROM UNITED NATIONS DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE AFGHANISTAN

    We are glad to inform you that we have concluded arrangement with Sergeant Eddie Harrison to deliver one consignment to your nominated house address information in Brazil. We have also confirm your address and your identification as required

    Below is our itinerary Information

    Today Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

    Middle East Airlines – Flight 571 Confirmed
    Middle East Airlines Reservation Number: D/11 FIIB Confirmed

    Depart: Kabul, International Airport, Afghanistan. LB (SDA) 11:55pm
    Arrive: Abu Dhabi International Airport Dubai, U.A.E (DXB) 02:30am

    Thursday, February 27th, 2014

    I have some packages to deliver in Dubai, U.A.E tomorrow morning which after that, i will fly immediately to London,UK. For some delivery and after my assignment in London, I will be in Brazil to deliver your package on Friday, February 28th,2014

    Please check this telephone number (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and make sure the number is correct and keep your telephone close to you, because I will be communicating with you always through E-mail and telephone communication. I hope that you will find this arrangements most suitable for you, I also look forward to your cooperation in making sure that you do not keep me waiting when i get to Brazil to deliver your consignment. The arrangement we made with your husband Sergeant Eddie Harrison is that your consignment will be delivered to you personally at your house address, but i will call you on telephone once i arrive to your International Airport to notify you of my safe arrival before coming to your house

    Please find attached my Identity card for you to know who you are expecting, thank you for your candid co-operation

    Yours faithfully
    Diplomat. Henry Brown

  93. I have found out the scamer who were trying to scam me
    He uses the pic of the politician Doug Heckman. Terrible how many names he uses, I didnt give money for him, but he was trying to send me a “package”with 600.000 dolars from Afeghanistan.he says he is Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army and is now in Kabul, Afeganistan he will retire at the end of March, but before that, will send me a packet through the UNITED NATIONS DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE AIR CARGO and I must save it because once he retires, he is coming to meet me and pick up the package. His name is Sergeant Major Eddie Harrison, someone knows him? he STILL not asked me money, but asked for information (address, name, ID number, etc..) To send that package, I was naive, yes, but my intuition says that something wrong. A man who says love with me, who wants to marry and we have spoke just by e-mail, he says for security reasons.Anyway, maybe someone knows and has been a victim

  94. Beware of Chris Robles SSG in the Army and stationed in Kuwait…..he is a scammer….there are pictures of him on Facebook and at this time he is using

    Here is a link to his Facebook page with pictures

  95. Thank you for your help Gordon, I did not mean that I know that he is an scammer. I meant that I read all the articles. And living in African myself. I will of course not start anything with an African scammer.

  96. Hello, two months ago a man named Ryan Stewart sent me a Facebook friends request to add him. Without thinking anything bad in the long wrong would come out of this at all. So I accepted and we’ve been chatting on private message on here as well I created a Instant Messenger with Sergeant Ryan Stewart whom claims he’s in the Army Military and has been in the Army for for years and signed up for Seven. So long story short is he started sending me all these wonderful love poems that I’m his darlin and his future wife to be Mrs. Donna Stewart when he comes back to U.S.A. in April. And he has a son whom he said just turned 13 on February 8 2001 and now resides in first Michigan now it’s Maine and when I asked him for his son’s full physical address, he replied didn’t know why his caregiver wouldn’t comply to his question. But meanwhile he kept telling me how his son only wanted and IPHONE 5 for his Birthday like the rest of the mate and could I be so kindly into wiring him $750.00 to Nigeria under this man full name and the Country he reside in was Logos and send it to him and Sergeant Ryan Stewart caregiver would be guaranteed to receive the western money order I sent plus was promised to be paid in full plus interest when he returned to the States in April. Then he started making me feel guilty. I just kept telling him that my bank account was hacked and all my funds was drained. And he asked me if I could open another account for them to deposit all the money in this one and then send the money to his caregiver to purchase a cellphone for his son Michael Stewart whom resides in Maine. And I said not until the bank completes a thorough investigation and will contact me by sending me a letter in the mail. Then now all of a sudden a curve ball was thrown at me today during our conversation he said there’s something I need to ask you my darlin and by the way I missed you somuch and love my beautiful wife to be soon and can’t wait till the day it actually comes true for your the woman whom I’ve been searching for because your intelligent unique and beautiful slender and one whom takes care of their body and it was God that connected us together and that he loves me until the end of time. And ask me if I could do his friend a favor that stationed with him in Afghanistan his wife would be sending me a Western Union check in the amount of $750.00 in my name for her husband cannot receive money any other way over there but this way to pay a fee of $9:00 dollars and send it to this man whom lives in Nigeria and Country is Logos and my boyfriend Ryan Stewart asked me if I could send him some extra cash as well until he comes home to me and he would pay me back plus interest. Well I did some investigation for I had a gut instinct something isn’t adding up and if I’m right this whole thing is a SCAM period. And received an email from my supposively boyfriend Ryan said he knew there was something wrong when I kept saying to him he needs to go to bed and get his rest and I will send him a message for him that this was done for him to read in the morning when he awakes which they are suposively 9 hours ahead of us. Now he’s saying I let him down and said So u knew u were not going to do this that was why u asked me to go and sleep? I really thought I could count on u on this but you let me down for real. Sent my take around 11 pm. My question is how can I even tell if indeed Sergeant Ryan Stewart born on May 26th, 1973 and is currently 41 yrs old at present. And he said that one of his friends created his facebook account and stumbled across my profile and wanted to become friends so that he and I could get to know one another for he want to establish a relationship with me serious one and he wasn’t playing games with me and said when I come home babe will I be sleeping in your bed or staying at a hotel and didn’t even mention anything bout his son Michael if he was going to move in as well. And he tells me everything I want to hear plus sends me awesome emails onto how much he loves me and glad that I’m a part of his life and considered his wife now until we make it official. How can I find out if he truly says who he really is. Thank you and look forward to your response. And also was told to let the FBI aware of this scam as well. Heads up everyone be on the look out for people whom are posing as your Military boyfriend or spouse and will do everything to try brain washing you that it’s truly them your talking to and like old saying is if it’s to good to be true then it’s probably this person never even exist or if they did they are now deceased and their Idenity was stolen.

    • Donna –

      He is not who he says he is. There is no RYAN STEWART. That’s a name created by your SCAMMER. He’s probably a young, black male living in Ghana or Nigeria. That’s where the vast majority of these romance scammers are located. Any photos he sent to you he found on the internet. If you’ve read any of the posts on this website, it would have been clear to you the second he asked you for money that he is a SCAMMER. Does the story he told you make ANY sense?? Why would a soldier stationed in Afghanistan want you to send money to Nigeria? Because he lives in Nigeria! He has no connection to the U.S. military whatsoever. He will steal your money if you let him.

      I’ve been in the U.S. Army for many years. I can tell you that soldiers are very well paid. No American soldier would need to ask a STRANGER he met online for money. It’s only SCAMMERS who beg women for money through e-mails and internet messages. If your RYAN STEWART really is a deployed soldier, he’ll have both an offical military e-mail address and a physical address that ends with APO and a five digit zip code. My guess is that your SCAMMER has a physical address in Ghana and a civilian e-mail account. Good luck!

  97. I am also chatting to somebody that claims to be LTG James Terry, stationed in Wiesbaden. He asked me for money in order to prepare for his retirment to come over to my country here Namibia. Which I guess I was stupid enough to send him or to his so called secretary via Bank Transfer to the United States, as I refuse W U. Then all went well for some time and now he comes up with a request of USD 40 000.00 to pay off his ex wife Julie. I need to know whether this person is for real and whether he is really divorced from his wife. Not that I am planning on paying any amount of that money. His email address is English is ok but not that great in spelling. I hope you can help me. I am willing to pay the 1U$ for any help I can get.
    Great site this

    • Hello Anne Rose,

      A lieutenant general in the U.S. Army earns more than $14,000 per month before taxes. Do you really think someone with such a salary would need you to send him “money in order to prepare for his retirement?” Anyone who claims to be an American soldier and then asks a stranger for money via the internet is a SCAMMER.

      There is only one LTG James Terry in the U.S. Army. He is happily married and he is not stationed in Germany. Photos of General Terry have been used by African scammers for many years. You could have found all of this information yourself with a simple Google search. See below:

      Good luck, Anne Rose!

      – Gordon

      • Thank you Gordon, but I know all that already, as I read all the posts on google and wikepedia. That was actually not my question but thanks all the same. Will just investigate further by myself.

        • Annerose,

          I re-read your initial post. In it, you said, “I need to know whether this person is for real and whether he is really divorced from his wife.” I gave you a lengthy response explaining that you’ve been talking to a scammer. You write back to tell me that you “know all that already.” If you know that he’s a scammer, then you know that he’s NOT “for real.” If he’s a scammer, why do you care if he’s divorced from his wife?? He’s most likely a young African male living in Ghana or Nigeria. Are you hoping for a relationship with an African scammer?

          I sometimes wonder why I bother trying to help on these blog pages.

          – Gordon

  98. Hi Guys,
    I’m from Guyana South America.

    Recently a young woman who identified herself as Lopez Dasilva J a member of the US army, and stationed in Kabul Afghanistan befriended me on Tagged. We chatted on and off for some time, until one day when i asked here how she was doing and she told me not so good. She said she and her father were having some issues. when I asked what they were, she related this story to me.
    She said she was on patrol in a Taliban village, when she and two other soldiers came across a bag of money, they did not turn it in. They split it up and her share amounted to USD 740,000. she went on to say that her friends sent their share home in washer machines.She wanted to do the same but her father told her he wanted nothing to do with it. I asked her if she didn’t have any friend or family member that she could have sent it to, her response was that she didn’t know who to trust. She said time was running out on her, cause she would be going home by March 2014.
    We chatted a little while concerning her dilemma, eventually I added her to facebook. I was somewhat interested in what she had to say, she readily offered me 30% of the money if I received it for her. I went on to explain to her that i found it hard to believe that you can send money to the US like her friends did undetected. she said they had a way, After chatting some more she asked me if she could trust me and I told her yes. She wanted my name, address, phone number, e mail and a copy of my passport.
    I sent her my info minus my passport, she sent me in return a scanned page of what suppose to be a US passport.
    The next morning to my surprise she told me she sent it, she went on to give me a site that suppose to be a shipping company and a tracking number.this is the site and this is the tracking number QXA9985772169NDZ. She then instructed me to check and see what it said, listed there was 2 LG washing machines and 1 47″ televisionshe further advocated that i track it every 6 hours.
    I decided this was too good to be true and on advice from a friend I decided to do a little snooping around, first I went to her facebook account, its stated there that she is 27 yrs old and that she went to Washington High School.
    Went I did a search of the school I discovered it use to exist and it was closed before she was born. I then decided to check the shipping company’s profile and it was vague, with no contact numbers, by this time 6 hrs had expired and I did a tracking and saw that the articles were in transit. Anyhow i did some more research and discovered that multilinks delivery service was nothing but a fraud.
    Later that evening we chatted, the usual formalities were exchanged and then i proceeded to ask her if we can have a voice chat, that surely triggered the events that followed. She proceeded to tell me she was at work and if I wanted her to lose er job. I tried to indicate that it was not my intention, the next thing she told me was that she was calling back her stuff, so i decided that it was time to drop a bomb on her and to see if she would take cover as a true soldier would do, I accused her of not going to Washington High School, her reply was that she has to hide her info for security purposes. I then accused her of being a scam artist, this is because this site and others on military scams made me realize that this was a scam as I suspected. At no time during our earlier conversations I detected any change in her style of chatting, at one time I figured her to have had an excellent English education. he response to my allegations were obscene, she called me every name under the sun and then came the African style of conversation in the chat, I imagined her on the other end actually telling me off.
    She abruptly left, deleted me from her facebook, from yahoo and whatever else, when i went back to the tracking site the info was no longer available, so I figured she or her friends mist be the ones hosting the site.
    People beware, she a smooth talker, you can view her profile on Facebook lopez dasilva j.
    Thanks for your time.

  99. Hello Again Ladies,
    I received an e-mail from a Lieutenant Colonel Johnson Millers today January 23, 2014. He is asking me to receive 25.5 million dollars in my bank account. He claims the money was found in a box in Afganistan and needs to be transferred out of the country for security reasons. His e-mail address is I tracked his e-mail address to Mountain View, California. Please be aware.

  100. Hey Ladies, I received an e-mail from a Sgt. Christian Adjei today, January 23, 2014, claiming that he works undercover for the Government of Ghana. He claims he wants to assist me in catching the people from Ghana and Nigeria that are posing as military personnel. He said he got my e-mail address from a previous comment I made on this page regarding a Sgt. Graham DanieI did a bit of research on this Christian Adjei and discovered that he too is a scammer. I tracked his ip address to Mountain View, California not Ghana where he claims he is from. So Ladies please be aware.

  101. Hey Ladies, just posting a free email address that identifies where your emails are coming from along with ip address: htttp// there is also another good site that identifies where the emails are origincurrently on a military dating site and this is my insurance against SCAMMERS, these criminals are not interested in LOVE only your Bank BALANCE, Dogs are Dogs and if you lay down with Dogs you will wake up with more than fleas. These Criminals do not want or need your Love they only want your Bank Balance. I hope this is helpful please use this as your insurance so you know who you are really chatting with.. If your man will not give you their .mil account move on, they are SCAMMERS. There are genuine Military men out there looking for love and a relationship, Protect yourself from heart ache and bankruptcy, the Military pays for everything, if they cannot ring you forget them, they are Scamming you, if they ask you for phones they are scamming you, they do not NEED OR WANT YOUR MONEY. The Military pay them very well.

  102. Hey Ladies, wanted to post a site that is free for email checks: there is also another good site for identifying emails and their ip address I hope this helps. I am on a dating site for military personnel and this is my security in weeding out the true from the SCAMMERS. Good luck in finding your true soul mate, I have shared this because there are just so many criminals now who are so savvy, but having your emails identified is one way immediately to know where the ip address is from Lagos Nigeria, or where ever. If they won’t give you their .mil account forget them and move on. Dogs are Dogs if you lay down with them you will wake up with more than fleas, financially bankrupt, they do not want your love they want your bank balance, simple as that.

  103. Hello Ladies I was scammed by a Sgt. Graham Daniel. He contacted me through facebook and e-mail. His Facebook profile is under sgtgraham Daniel and his e-mail address is He claims he is in Iraq on a peace keeping mission. Thank God I did not send money when he asked for 450 usd to finance a TS2 which is a cell phone. His supposed commandant’s e-mail address is I highly believe that they are one in the same person due to the fact that they write the exact same way. Spelling and grammar errors alike. He claims he has a 10 year old son named David. Lives in California City, CA. Is 46 years old. He tried to convince me that his eyes are brown when they are clearly blue or green in his profile pictures. He told me that his parents both died in a car accident at the same time. He told me he owns a house in Planos, Texas, California City, California and Nottingham, Engalnd. Ladies please be aware. If anyone decides to expose these scammers publically, count me in. My e-mail address is

  104. has anyone heard of a man called captain thomas hood his mos number is CMF 11 and his grade is E-7
    i want to know if this man is real or a fake

  105. i would like to ask if this is true i met a guy his name is Captain Philipp Leon thru chummy social network..and we are chattig now thru FB to make the story short we because couple thru internet only he always call me and chat with me …and the days and months goes by he told me he will go to the communicate become seldom i trusted him but one day he chatted me telling me he found 9 bars of gold in libya and he wanted my help that he will send to me in my country. Which i decline because that is to risky and i got afraid because i know many are scammers right now can you help me? i dont know if he is real or what

  106. Lisa he’s NOT Real only Scammers find People online on social sites claim to be US Military then want you to chat with them daily on Yahoo Messenger or skype let me guess he’s NEVER turned on webcam for you to prove who he is right? no need to answer me I know he hasn’t.IF he were A Real Military Member in Afghan he sure as heck would NOT be able to chat with you Daily but Scammers have all the time in the World to chat with you.

    The Name he’s using sounds like some silly Name some West African Made up using a combination of Names they do this often and Often they use the same script they always are alone in the World Parents and Spouse died either in a terrible Accident or Cancer child with a caretaker or boarding School.

    The best thing to do is Educate yourself ASAP trust if you keep talking to him he will tell you what it is he wants.

    First thing Google the Name this Scammer has stolen next Step Google Military Romance Scams

    Go To Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Pigbusters can verify his Location for you if you have email from him or email address

    If he insists he’s Real tell him to prove it ask him for his AKO and APO
    but its just best to cut off contact leave him with Nothing.

  107. My dear friends who have been scammed or potentially scammed here are two names that are scammers. First one is “jim_john63” His alleged name is Jim Miller stationed in Kabul,Afganistan and the other that just contacted me is “Kelvinwilson490”. Both are from Hi5 web site and are scammers. Kelvin’s pic is not in uniform but he is wearing a Michigan shirt and holding a Michigan beer mug. He claims to be in Kabul, Afganistan as well both on a peace keeping mission. Kelvin refused to give me his military address or his military email stating its too dangerous. I asked him dangerous for who and he said he had to go. Well ladies there you go. I have just ignored jim_john63 for about 3 months and he continues to buzz me on yahoo messenger. PLEASE listen to the information given here. Don’t let them scam you.

    • Oh I also have photos of jim_john63. When I googled him his face came up all over with different names.

  108. Has any one heard of a Brooks Theo Micheal who is from Duplin , Ca but is in Afghanistan . He requested my friendship on face book and now states that he rather talk to me everyday on yahoo messenger that is will be much better. I asked him questions and told him about Military scammers who the feds are watching and he stated oh thats not me and that some lady he was talking to before had taken him for 10,000$. Kind of a funny way to write out the money with the dollar sign on the end. I am just trying to be careful I have had alot of friends scammed out of thousands. One guy tried that b/s on me and then another guy wanted to talk oh he loved me and i said the feds were watching all my face book friends and watching my nbank account and mail due to scammers and he stated not me and very quickly defriended me on face book. Right there admits guilt.

  109. Can someone tell if SSGT Frank Brooks is REAL how do i find out

    • Angela tell him to email you from his AKO it should end in .mil only NO FREE email provider when or IF he does which he won’t because he is a FRAUD you hit compose and email him from a random email address of yours NEVER your primary email address try sending him an email address with the New account you create it will be returned to you undeliverable because he is a FAKE have you tried to Google him?

      Can’t find anything on him he’s a FRAUD in fact if you met him on any social sitte and NEVER seen him face to face NEVER heard his voice he is a Scammer No Exceptions

      Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams

      Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam for support and read as muchh as you can and learn as mucch as you can.Anonn

    • @ Angela they all have AKO and they can receive Mail so ask him for his AKO and his APO tell him you want to send him a care package NO Expensive Electronics see how fast he either lies and tell you he cannot due to security reasons or he doesn’t have one or he tells you that you have to email a diplomat or a third party that will then either ask you for money or invent reasons why you have to send money to West Africa via wire transfer give him time he will reveal himself the best thing to do is cut off all communication and as I said Educate yourself.Anonn

  110. I saw “Jerry Hendrich” on here – hes a scammer and i know his real name and address

    His name is Jerry (Koko) Durojaiye and his address is House no 30, Lane 2, Basiri Street, Ketu, Lagos.
    I have unfortunately destroyed my proof so I hope someone brings him to justice through the EFCC office in Lagos

  111. I was contact by Gen. Francis Morrison, his e-mail is : He was so nice to chat too and we spoke everyday for hours, then he started to tell me he was developing feelings for me and he wants to come and visit me when he gets back to the States. He said he is on a peacekeeping mission Syria. I really believed everything he told me. I live in South Africa. He told me he was divorced and had a 16 year old son, that he adopted and is currently in a Military Academy in London as an exchange student. He finally started asking me if I could send his son some money and he would repay me when he gets home. I said I can’t afford to send his son money and he got angry and said I feel nothing for him or his son. Luckily I read all about scammers, so I knew what to look out for. Everything was going so well, till he asked for money, then the red flag went up and I told him and he never answered me. I cut all ties with him.

  112. was anyone scammed or had been talking wiht someone that calls himself Sgt. Tom Grant ? with a 4 years old son, currently in afghanistan, us marine.. ?

  113. can anybody tell me if they have had connections with a scammer using tJ kadavy’s details pictures, information etc.

    Kind regards

  114. Hi
    Beware David Conway.. Dave.con1956@gmail he is supposed to be in Afganistan an American soldier widower with a 13 year old son. also goes under
    he is a really good liar very convincing and a scammer . tried to get 4.000 from me to have a parcel delivered but the person at the airport could not pay duty or fare to continue journey, , this person was supposed to be dr Carl Smith carl.diplomat@gmail. watch for him.

  115. I am in China and I was approached by a guy named David James on Linkedin. please check his linkedin profile as below

    He mentioned he is a major general and performs peace keeping mission in Afhganistan. He lost his wife and son 3 years ago in a fatal car accident. He has a daughter studies in Cambridge University etc. He will retire in a few month and returns to his hometown Sacramento in California. He is looking for a woman like to to complish his life etc.

    I feel it’s weird. Then, I just take him out from my Linkedin network.

    • Hello Asian Flower,

      He is a scammer. There is no doubt about it. You should stay FAR away from him. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  116. Yeah i met this military guy on line claiming he was in afganistan. He promised love and marriage and had a daughter named makenize. The email he was contacting me from was be careful out there!

  117. Hi ,
    i was sent a friend request from a ” Jeff Adams ” …we have been talking by facebook private im. for several weeks now … he says he is from pheonix az. … but is currently stationed in Lybia , Africa… he has asked me to purchase a call card from the” he gave me a e-mail address to request info on how to purchase a call card , this is the address he sent to me “ ” , i contacted this site & was sent a price list for call cards for deployed military members… prices were outrageous …” also gave me a name & ” badge number “… Sgt.Jeffery Adams
    UN / US. Army
    009/16770 UNAMIL
    HOW DO I CHECK TO SEE IF THIS IS A LEGIT PERSON OR NOT ???he says he has no e-mail , no cell phone , no address , no access to his pay , …i have not heard of this in the military… …I FEEL I AM BEIN’ SCAMMED…CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIND OUT THE INFO I NEED…

    • Shirley YOU ARE being SCAMMED and you have been speaking with a Scammer ANYTIME any Man you meet on ANY social site tells you he is US Military and begins to ask you for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer behind it NO Exceptions US Military is NOT in Lybia only Scammers who pretend to be US Military claim to be in Lybia that email address is known to be used often by Scammers.

      US Military NEVER needs you money for any reason NOT even for a FAKE calling card like this Scammer is begging for Educate yourself ASAP Do Not talk to him any longer you do NOT need to pay to talk to ANY Military Member unless he IS A SCAMMER.

      Google Military Romance Scams and also Google the email address he told you to email

      Go to Romancescam and Scamwarners for support there you will get a lot of valuable information and find out how to spot a scammer BEFORE you even waste time talking to them hope this helps.Anonn

      NEVER send money nor personal information to anyone you do not know.

  118. Hi
    I’m not sure if this one has been raised before but I had a guy potentially trying to move towards scamming me… His email is cpt.scotty12@yahoo goes by the name of Scott O’Neil. He is a medic apparently.. Really really cute photos.. I would live to fine the guy in the pictures ha ha.
    Anyway after a week he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me, but wanted to come over and spend Christmas with me… All I had to do was sent an email to, now call me crazy but why would the army release soldiers on deployment so they can find love.. Clearly I was suspicious at this point and got angry so I searched his email and it showed up under that pig busters site.. So then I searched the couple of others and got no hits.. So now I am really paranoid ha ha as I am sure you all are.
    Be careful ladies, we all want to find our soul mate and live our happily ever after but let’s play smarter too..

  119. Got a message somewhat similar to what Cheryl received. He’s posing as Brigadier Patrick Shannon deployed in Kabul and has a lot of adjectives mentioned in his message. Too bad, he got the wrong lady to scam

  120. I met Capt Greg Collins Hill on Meet Me. His age was 54 and he was in the Army stationed in Qatar. After talking for a while and falling for him he said I could write a letter to the base and request a leave for him. So stupid me did so and at first they wanted 3000 dollars and I told him I could not come up with that . So they decided I could send 500 for the leave paper . So I sent it and then they decided I needed to help pay the ticket so it cost me another 500 dollars then he was suppose to be on the way to the airport and a truck hit him he ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery well at first they wanted money from me for the doctor and I refused cause I told him the insurance he has should pay it. So then I had to send another 300 cause his ticket was not good, Then I had to send another 300 for food due to him not working while he was recuperating. and also 95 dollars for him cause he claimed he did not get his check til he got home. Well he was suppose to fly home thrusday. So I go to the airport and wait for 6 hours he is not there. And I was not waiting for the last flight. So I came home. His friend in Qatar is now telling me he is on the base in Washington Ft Lewis Army Base where he is stationed. But he has not contacted me at all. And I do believe his friend is actually him his name is Sgt. Dunn. And I have also been contacted before by General Chandler he wanted 300 dollars to fly home from Nigeria he was there on peace keeping mission. I never sent it . So watch out for either name.

  121. Just met a guy, Mike Reeves for a month. He said that he is an mechanical engineer in US Military Base in Camp Phoenix, Kabul. This is his last year in Afganistan, he is going to retire and …….. Then, suddenly he told me that his commander had transferred him to Camp Stone in Herat city. And he had bought me and my kids lots of expensive presents that he was not able to carry with. He sent the things to me. He sent me the invoices of the goods and the receipt of the airway cargo service. After 4 days, the airway cargo service called me and said that the package he sent was found with raw cash, l had to pay the penalty to get the package clearance from GuangZhou…….Then, l refused to do so. l have his photographs too. Anyone who interested to have a look please email me at . or if you had met him too, happy for sharing your story with me. Wish everyone is safe and not get hurt by the scammers out there. God blesses everyone.

  122. hi everyone, another scammer to look out for is a man called Daniel Shelton,, supposedly serving in Syria, an American soldier who I met on uniform, the usually story of asking for 3000 pounds to apply for leave, also a supposed letter coming from a col.rodriquez,who sent a form for completion to ask for leave,the address on top of the letter when googled refers to a scamwarners site,the address is fictitious and used by scammers asking for money,sheltons email address is outlook,so anyone hearing from anyone with that name please be careful.

  123. If you believe you have been scammed and need an investigation underway specifically in Ghana then contact our management team and we will help you with the information’s you have about this scammer, You can also contact us if you need to make enquaries on someone you met online, we can help you identify if this person is real or not. Contact us on
    Thank you.

    • No one Contact this Linda Person which is NOT HIS real Name it is a Scammer behind this called the recovery Scam and of all Places Ghana they will claim they can help you get your money back and begin begging you for money WALK AWAY! This Person cannot and will not help you find the person that scammed you or your money in fact HE is here phishing on this blog again this person IS A FRAUD.Ghana is also considered Scam Central as is Nigeria.


  124. ich mein verlobter wo er gerade in Afghanistan dienst ist ,beurlauben lassen,da für muss ich 1000 Euro Kaution zahlen,alles ist ok ,aber da steht
    12:45 (vor 6 Stunden)
    an mich
    Dear Aslan Gulay,

    ja Name des Absenders sollte Margarita Bens sein, werden Sie das Geld in Margarita Bens Namen senden nicht Ihren Namen, ist Margarita Bens Ihren Namen

    ja Margarita Bens der US-Army-Agent ist, werden Gebühren in ihrem Namen an die Armee Transit Konto. so müssen Sie beantworten ihre Namen immer Sie wollen, um Geld in die Armee-Konto einzahlen, mit anderen, um die Transaktion schnell und sicher.

    General Raymond Odierno
    Multinationale Korps – Afghanistan
    Public Affairs Büro, Camp Victory
    APO AE 09342.

    wenn sie ein Banke gehen und Geld überweisug wollen ,dann kommt der
    als Absender immer der Jeginger der das Gelde überweist,und nicht
    Andre Person kommt in frage. als hätte sie das Geld überwiesen geht
    ja nicht.

    ich komme gerade von der Commerzbank wo ich mein Konto habe ,sie hat
    gesagt das geht nicht ,weil ich aslan gülay nicht Margarita Bens bin,

    des wegen wurde das abgelehnt sie verstehen schon was ich meine,

    ich will ein Bank konto direk von euh haben….

    was soll ich mache ich bis verzweifelt ,ich habe nur angst das dass ganze betrug sein kann was meinen sie bitte um Antwort..

    • I my fiance where he is currently serving in Afghanistan, leave of absence, since I have to pay 1000 euro deposit, everything is ok, but there is
      U.S. ARMY
      12:45 (6 hours ago)
      Dear Gulay Aslan,

      yes Name of the sender should be Margarita Ben, will you send the money in Margarita Ben’s name is not your name, your name is Margarita Ben

      yes Margarita Ben is the U.S. Army agent fees are in her name to the army transit account. so you need to answer their names however you want to put money into the army account with others to complete the transaction quickly and safely.

      General Raymond Odierno
      Multinational Corps – Afghanistan
      Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
      APO AE 09342nd

      when they enter Banke and überweisug want money, then comes the
      the sender always Jeginger the above, the money, and not
      Andre person comes into question. as they had the money transferred is
      yes no.

      I just came from Commerzbank where I have my account, it has
      said it’s not because I’m not Margarita Ben aslan Gulay,

      which was rejected because of they understand what I mean,

      I want a bank account direct from euh have ….

      what should I do I do to desperate, I can only fear was that the whole thing please reply to my ..
      Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder

    • Aslan cutt aus allen Kontaktdaten ist dies ein Scammer Er ist nicht Ihr Verlobter und er ist nicht in der afghanischen er ist irgendwo in Afrika wird er versuchen, Ihr Geld zu stehlen, wenn Sie schickte ihn haben Geld, wenn Sie Geld geschickt haben, bevor Sie NICHT mehr senden REAL US Military Mitglieder müssen nicht Ihr Geld aus irgendeinem Grund.

      Bitte gehen Sie auf Romancescam und Scamwarners und Informieren Sie sich über Military Romance-Scams kann man auch googeln Angemeldet kümmert sich seine eigene reale US-Militär Alle Mitglieder haben Zugriff auf ihre eigenen Bankkonten zu allen Zeiten und das US-Militär,
      Hope this helps Anonn

  125. Hi again I also feel I can only do one more thing to try to fix this and make me feel better. That is make sure I told my story on here so others out there using Facebook or other internet sites on the web be careful and think when they are online, if something don’t seam totally right or feel right then step back take a better look at what’s going on with what your doing with who ! Thank You, be careful out there online people, Frank H.

  126. Hi yes I just wanted to add that after 1 month of friendship / love turned to asking for money I knew I was right about this being a scam. Thank God and for still having a clear head I did not send any money so I didn’t lose any money. So the only thing I guess I could do to fix this problem was to Unfriend this Taylor Dewitt and Blocked her Facebook page because after unfriending they still message me. So I had to block her page to stop all contact from this scam, it’s just to bad people can’t use the Facebook to meet and just be friends an not all the scams to steal some ones money all the time to bad for all the bad people in this world ! A much smarter and wiser Facebook User Now, Frank H.

  127. Hi I guess I’m the only man here that had this done by a so-called women soldier same story almost like all above. Her name was Taylor Dewitt age 33 single with 8 year old little girl back in the states with a nanny. Received friend request on Facebook. She was a only child lost her parents at young age in a car crash, grew up with grandma. In the Army for 8 years 1st deployment Kabul, Afghanistan been there for 4 years that’s one long deployment I’ll say. In one month I was the world to her all in love with me and missed me so wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. Remember now we did not know each other or see each other. Then it happen what I knew would, she said she got a letter from her child’s nanny her kid Kate she called her was very sick and needed things for school she needed $ 550.00 USD she needed to send at all cost. Did not want Kate to die or go without see Kate and me now was all she had in this world, oh so sad RIGHT ! Things never did add up lots of little things, people you can see them but the last story and her needing the $ 550.00 USD then it was very clear a SCAM, SCAM and SCAM ! Thank God, I don’t give up my hard earned cash so easy not in the name of friendship or love or whatever after only 3 weeks to 1 month. Very True Story, Frank H.

  128. Hi,
    I think surely i met a scammer, same with stories above that we met on a public internet dating website. Just about several days he showed me how much he fell in love with me wants to start a new life. I always have a doubt on him because of his poor English grammar while he is an US military personel. He is from Texas and has been debloyed in Irag about 3 years. He joined military because of his grandpa’s request who has just been retired (seem like we have similar stories ^_^). And he always excuse that he can only chat and email because of security reason. After 2 weeks, he asked me help to email to requesting his leave. Even I did (just email only) but I start to search more information on scammer and i read this website at right time.

    Can anyone help to check a guy name: Harper Jones Phills ( Is he a true military personel? I have his picture also but just wonder how can the scammers can have so many photo of US service persons for their own “purpose” to cheat on women around the world???


  129. Gordon,

    I’d like to Thank You and say that I appreciate your help in these matters. I guess it doesn’t matter if it is in person or online, you’re going to find more headaches and heartbreaks than one can deal with. One just wishes it was easy to meet people without all the lies and deceptions. Live and learn, as they say. I’m not out any money. Maybe a little blue and a whole lot of RED, but all in all I’ve gained insight in the world of online dating! Not for me! Again, Thank You.


  130. Juan Perez messaged me on Facebook, then suddenly he was Chandler Smith. I called him on it – all of the information I’ve read on this website has almost been verbatim what he tried to sell me. Now all of a sudden he is engaged, has no Facebook friends, etc. I messaged the lady that had commented on his pics and she doesn’t believe that she’s being scammed, claims they are engaged, after a 12 hour relationship. He is in “Kabul, Afghanistan”, “wife passed away 5 years ago”, “will retire in 3 months”, etc. etc. WOW!

  131. Need to talk to someone about being scammed. He goes by Steve Floyd email address Claims to being divorced and has an 11 year old daughter. Braggs about owning 4 bed room home that his parents live in to take care of while he is away in Kabul Afghanistan. After talking to him the second day he asked me to “wire” him $ 65.00 US Dollars. for phone. I have military family in all branches of the service and knew this was too good to be true.

    I know he has a Face Book account Name of: Steve Floyd, Warren Michigan also because I’ve seen the same pictures on Mingle2 dating site. Scary is that they are all him. He also sent me two others with him in in combat uniform and it is the same guy in all pictures. And one of him on a crotch rocket. I know a little about bikes so I questioned him on the make and model. He had avoided the question entirely. Would like some feed back on this please. Thank you, ~Morgan~

    • Hello Morgan –

      Your instincts are correct. This guy is a SCAMMER. He’s almost surely a young, black, male from Ghana or Nigeria. I mention his race only to point out that he looks nothing like the man in the photos he’s pretending to be. Most of the story he’s given you comes straight out of the African romance scammer playbook. He says he’s a divorced (or widowed) soldier with a young son or daughter – currently deployed to a war zone. They usually wait for a few weeks (or even months) before asking for money. Generally, they want to get you hooked before they ask for money.

      Just for fun, you should ask your SCAMMER for his AKO (Army Knowledge Online) e-mail address. Every soldier has one of these official e-mail accounts. The e-mail addresses always end with .mil (example: The U.S. Army encourages deployed soldiers to use these accounts to keep in touch with family and friends back home. You should also ask him for his physical address. Tell him you want to send him some home baked cookies. No soldier would turn that down. My guess is that your SCAMMER will either give you an address in Africa or tell you that he can’t give you his address due to security concerns. U.S. military personnel ALWAYS have access to mail when deployed. I received dozens of packages and letters while I was deployed to Iraq in 2006. A real address for a deployed soldier will end with “APO, NY” or “FPO, NY” and a zip code. It’s impossible for a SCAMMER to receive a package you mail to an APO address. Your SCAMMER’S physical address will probably include the words “Ghana” or “Nigeria.” Good luck!

      • Ok. I’ve hit jackpot! I just wrote in last week about needing to talk to someone about being scammed. Yet here it is only a week gone by if even and I think I’ve hooked another! What gives? This guy goes by the name Tomson John Carrick. E-mail address Mom and Dad deceased. From Columbus Ohio. Claims to have been raised by Aunty in UK (his parents died when he was young) He has a 15 year old son, which is Aunty is raising. He doesn’t brag about being anything but a Sgt. and always goes on patrol. I really thought this guy was alright after talking to that Steve guy. I mention Steve to him and he said there were a lot of weary people I had to watch out for! He is also stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. Where as Steve wanted me to send him money for a phone, I went a step further with Tomson. I asked him if I gave him my phone number would he call me. He did! Said he would talk to his commander and in two days called! Spoke to him briefly and he seemed like a nice guy. Well after dealing with that Steve guy I couldn’t believe it was true. Ok all seems good. My birthday is coming up. He wants to ask for leave to come meet me. But doesn’t have the funds. I don’t have them either I told him. I am recently widowed. Now here is the play. I cannot and will NOT get a loan for anyone! And I told him this. Because of my financial situation at the moment. He became really concerned about how I was managing without funds and what not and he could not stand by and watch me do without while he had the money to help me.. blah blah blah! And I am not entirely stupid. (I was just looking for people to talk to) Now look at the mess! Anyway. He said no problem, he had the money but could not send me money direct. He does want me to open an account online with He said it is a government account so I would not think he was a scammer. That he is actually with the Army. (I am going to ask him about the AKO you mentioned) He would send me money to help out with the bills. I told him I didn’t want his money. I just wanted him to see him on my birthday. I looked it up on line and it seems like a legit company. He said something about he could get his pay wired there and I could withdraw it and use it till he came “HOME” So, I proceeded to “apply” for the account. I stopped when it asked me for my social security number! Major NO NO! So now I’m thinking SCAMMER! OK instincts were correct. I told him because of the recent death of my husband, I cannot give my social (tied up in legal matters) etc.. etc.. He keeps insisting I get it done. How is it possible for him to obtain my account on that site if it is a secured site and not part of a scam itself?? If so. How are they getting the info out of that site, if it is a true company? Makes me worried and wonder how good these jerks have gotten!! If it is a new scam or have you heard about it already? Would like some feed back on this too please. And Thank you on the Steve Floyd one as well. I have posted where I think women would look to see and be aware of these guys. Thank you,


        • Hello Morgan –

          You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. He’s asking you to set up a joint bank account. If you do this, he’ll have access to all of the information you provide to USAA. He’ll be able to use that information to obtain credit cards in your name, etc. This will lead to your financial RUIN.

          USAA is a financial institution used by American soldiers and civilians alike. It is not a government agency however. So, it has no “government accounts.” Your scammer is using USAA because he thinks it sounds official and trustworthy.

          If you still think this guy is real, ask him for his physical address. Tell him you want to send him some home baked cookies. My guess is that he’ll come up with an excuse for why he can’t give you his address. Or, he’ll give you an address in Ghana or Nigeria (where he most likely lives). Second, ask him for his AKO e-mail address. That’s his official military e-mail address. American soldiers are encouraged by the Army to keep in touch with friends and family using these e-mail accounts. There is NO REASON a real soldier would not be able to give out the e-mail address. A real AKO e-mail address will end with .mil (example – or Scammers sometimes create e-mail addresses that look similar to official e-mail addresses. The fake ones will end with .com however.

  132. Has any one had a run in with a guy going by the name John Richard? I met him on a chat site and have been very suspicious of him since the day we started chatting. He has pics posted of him in uniform and his name plate says Arnold. When I confronted him with this he claimed that he changed his last name because a fellow comrade had the same last name. (I find that to be a big crock of yeah). He has not yet tried to hit me up for any money but he is constantly asking how I make a living and how I support myself. I have not divulged too much personal information to him. I have major trust issues. Many of the things he is telling me does not add up, He uses the email address He also has a facebook account which he rarely uses. He gave me the same sob story ive seen on here many times that his wife and little brother were killed in a horrific accident. Any time I ask him questions about certain things he either goes offline or avoids the question. The has also raised my alert monitor. If anyone else has had contact with him pleast let me know. my email address I can be contacted at is
    thank u and have a blessed day

    • Lavon –

      He’s a SCAMMER – probably from Nigeria or Ghana. You can prove it by doing two things. First, ask him for his APO address. All deployed soldiers have a physical address. Friends and family often send letters and packages to deployed soldiers. I received dozens of packages during my year-long deployment to Iraq. A soldier’s physical address will end with “APO, New York” and a zip code. Your SCAMMER won’t give you his APO address because he doesn’t have one. He lives in Ghana or Nigeria. You would be very suspicious if he gave you an address in one of those countries. Second, ask him for his official military e-mail address. If it’s legitimate, it will end with .mil (example: If he gives you a .mil e-mail address, be sure to type it in to the address line of your e-mail browser. Don’t simply hit reply to an e-mail that appears to be official. That can be faked. If you type it in, it can’t be re-routed. My guess is that he’ll tell you that he can’t give you the info due to “security concerns.” Good luck!

  133. From shaadi personals, I believe Michael Corbin is a scam. He’s on facebook. His email address he shared: He hasn’t asked for money yet but I’m not going to give him the chance since he was unwilling to provide his military email address when I asked so I could confirm his identity.

  134. I believe i have found a scammer and I do not know how to report it someone from Kabul, Afghanistan sent me a request last Friday said USA Army and I decided ok because I am an ex Navy boatswainsmate so I am a veteran I know what to look for first I have never heard of a name Fill Brown second ya the pictures he sent was 4 pics and 1 did not add up talking about some man adopted him a good citizen of the state he couldnt even give his name and rank anyone I knew it was a scam so I decided to put it here because it makes me mad since I am a veteran that other countries want to steal our countries military memebers for some kind of gain disgraceful I hope they catch this idiot he has a couple facebook accounts which I will report to facebook I think he thought I was some kind of idiot but I am not I did not care what he was saying I just hope they catch these disgraceful pieces of crap that think stealing pictures and using our military is a way to go no he didnt ask for anything from me but its been a 3 or 4 days I am not gonna let someone get away with trying to disgrace the military uniform funny thing that set him off was his last name didnt match the last name on the uniform that is how I caught him

  135. “I have spent much money on spells and bought many spells three or four times as much than your spells. I was almost thinking there was no hope to reunite with my wife. But I read these good reviews about your work and bought one more spell. I put all my faith in you and followed your directions to the letter. We are happier now than ever. Everything looks perfect and so natural! That’s what I love with your spell. Thanks; if there is anybody how need help you can contact him in his email address now
    posted by
    Samlia Crown

    • The above post is a TROLL aka SCAMMER do NOT email this person they cannot help you only try to steal your Money

  136. I would like to know if anyone has had contact with a soldier in the army, stationed in Afghanistan, Jeff Martins, thank you,,

  137. Has anyone been contacted by Frank roman his email is I met him on a reputable Uk based dating website. He asked some hard questions in the begin about moral values and what I am looking ofr in a man. He says he is US military serving in Afghanistan. He has a 15 year old daughter named Caroline. He lost his wife to Cancer two-three years ago. He is planning on starting his own business in the UK when he returns from Afghanistan. His mother is British based in the US and his Father was Italian. He claims to have a house in southern California and two cars. His sim card got shot in a gun battle with terrorists in Afghanistan and his friend gave him a new sim card. which is a UK Number : 079434499927. He needs credit for his phone and I offered to help him top up. I wanted to gather enough info before posting this. If this sounds familiar please contact me. Thanks.

  138. I am blown away at all of this crazy scamming stuff, and that this continues to happen. I am uneducated on this matter, but have become a current victim of this scam.
    I was approached on and always having one eyebrow up I ask many questions. I have been told how great and amazing I am then asked many questions about how many men I date so on and so forth. I was given an answer for all the questions I asked as well as pictures although the pictures a bit blurry and do not really look like the same man I wasn’t 100%. I was then asked to send a lap top so that we could see each other better, because yes I did the web cam with him, and I believe that they are using pre made video to web cam back. When I asked him to wave at me the camera went out and he became mad ect, ect… The quick reference to I love you was the first sign for me as well as the poor use of English. I went on the web and found this site amongst many others with stories I really can not believe happened. I am so glad that this was here so thank you to those of you who have left your stories we learn from each other and hopefully they will catch and charge these disgusting people… the name of the FAKE soldier is “Wireless Garland” wirlessgarland@yahoo. and yes I have pictures that do not match up to one another as well… I am so sad for the soldiers they are ripping pictures and stories off of….

    • okay just wanted to add an update. This scammer “Wireless Garland” explained that they wanted me to send the lap top and package to ALASKA that is were the other troops would get it and bring it to Kabul for him. Needless to say that I deleted this person or person’s from my account and have placed blocks so that they are unable to contact me. This is very concerning to me that there is nothing be done about these people its absolutely disgusting behavior…

  139. Well here is another one to add to the pile of crap. Wish someone could catch these guys.! His email he was using was Sylvester Clarkson or George Sylvester Clarkson. email
    hes asked me to help pay his phone bill 470.00 so he can hear my voice and text me whenever he wants. He is very smooth. Said he wants to marry me so I can be with him forever. Tipped me off when he got mad when I didn’t send him any money. He wanted me to send it Western Union to him. Said he lived in Russia and the US. lol how funny is that. There is a lot of them on the Badoo site. Beware girls. This guy was smooth. I was actually falling in love with this guy.

  140. Hi all, im so relieved to have found this website. I was talking to this officer named John Andrew from Aryan camp. He instructed me to send an email to his general commander name Luis Jacob at He said i have to pay USD 420 for the deployment thru wstern union and i have the email and the leave application image and the bank account details which is to be transferred to them in my email still. i even have pictures of John Andrew. Please advise this is another fraud case too. Thanks.

  141. I have met a Sgt.Roy Coltons on datehook we have been talking for weeks, I was asked to email a CaptCollins@aol to request a leave for him I was sent back an email granting leave and requesting 850.00
    to be paid immeditaly back upon Sgt Roy coltons Return to me included were to official looking doucuments. does any one reconise these names and could I get help, the letter was signed by a Gen.Joseph F.Dunford Jr
    commander Multinational force, Nato International security asstance force, Kabul Afghanistan, there emails are and a If any one knows if this is a scam please email me at

    • Hello Marie,

      You’ve definitely been talking to a SCAMMER. First, the U.S. military NEVER uses civilian e-mail accounts to conduct official business. All U.S. military e-mail addresses end with .mil (example: Second, there is no fee associated with a leave request. If a soldier wants to go on leave, he simply turns in a completed form to his supervisor. There is no cost whatsoever. Finally, only the soldier can request leave for himself. A spouse, girlfriend or stranger he met on the internet certainly can’t request it for him. Good luck!

  142. Hi there some time ago i think 2010 early 2011 i was contacted by a man on facebook by the name of Ben Jackman sounded fishy so i went for some reason to Fort Hoods web sit i did find a Ben Jackman but the guy who was calling him self Ben Jackman did not match just had a odd feeling especially when he said i had to get in touch with his commander so they could send me over line release forms for him to be disgarged for personal reason .said i should say to them that i wish to marry him and he needs leave
    i then thought that is not up to me but him to get in touch with his commander so i never contacted him again but the release for came to my e mail written in big red letters it looked like a child had wrote no more contact after i deleted it i even tried to contact some one at Fort Hood because i felt the real Mr Jackman was being used in a scam why in the world anyone would do this to a military man here in Canada or United States is beyond my mind our troops are the best here in Canada and the United States God Bless all

    • I have been talking to a guy in the army claims he is a combat engineer claims he needed money to get out early i have sent money and he claims he needed a bank account to send his leave benefits to refused to use mine opened an account and $2000 was sent for me to send back to him well the check was fraud he claimed he was getting $200,000 wired to that account last friday he told me he had flight details so i said send them to me well he claims there internet went down i spoke to him monday and kept pushing for the details and he was holding a regular conversation with me and kept stalling and then signed off i told him i am not talking to you til i get them have not signed into yahoo chat he has my email have received nothing, i asked him to write me a letter even if it was just 5 words told me that’s silly claims he can’t call or Skype also what set up the red flag was if i sent a pic i would get a text on my phone he claims he is coming home October 13th i have sent over $5000 any information you can find out for me i would be grateful he goes by the name i have the names of the people that i have sent money to they were in the states by western union. Thank you. Annmarie

  143. Hi, I am an Australian woman and have been chatting for the last six weeks to LTC Kelvin Desouza, deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan,I; MOS Bomb tech of the Alpha 1 unit (which I’ve been told is actually a Ranger unit) he sent me 4 photos of himself, one in casual dress, 3 others in uniform with Desouza name on them, one shows him with another soldier, I think an MP but can’t see his name and one is of him in blue dress uniform with airborne badge on the arm…airforce?? I thought I’d found the man of my dreams, having been going through a tough time the last few years, I was very lonely and vunerable…his english was very good, the odd slip up with the grammer, the photos showed a goodlooking guy who said all the right things and sent me poetry…then he asked for money for an exit permit…I did some research and found that they don’t exist….when I confronted him about it he was upset that I didn’t trust him and emailed me Kelvin Desouza’s passport and ID….I was almost convinced, thinking how could the ID not be legit but I had to keep reminding myself that if he was legit he wouldn’t have asked for money for a permit that doesn’t exist…I have tried to find the real Kelvin Desouza to inform him that his ID is being used for scamming but have not been able to find a trace of him…are you able to find out if there is a Desouza in the military??

    • Hello Trish –

      Your instincts are correct. You’ve been corresponding with a SCAMMER…probably from western Africa (Ghana or Nigeria). First of all, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. military would never say that his MOS is bomb tech. Only sergeants and other enlisted soldiers have MOSs. It stands for military occupational specialty. An Army officer (such as a LTC) has a “branch” not an “MOS.” Also, only enlisted soldiers can be bomb disposal technicians. An officer would never be allowed to do this job. An officer can supervise bomb technicians but he cannot be one. I’ve never heard of “Alpha 1 unit.” It sounds like something made up by an African scammer.

      The fact that this guy asked you to pay for his imaginary “exit permit” tells you that he’s a scammer and not a soldier. That alone should be enough to convince you.

      Finally, I used the search function on AKO (Army Knowledge Online) to look for LTC KELVIN DESOUZA. I ran many different variations on the name and checked all of the American services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard). I also checked under all employment catergories (active-duty, reserve, national guard, civilian employees, contractors, and retirees). There is no KELVIN DESOUZA associated with the U.S. military. You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. Plain and simple.

      Just for fun, you should ask your SCAMMER for his physical address. Tell him you want to send him a greeting card or a box of homebaked cookies. A real soldier in Afghanistan will have an address that ends with APO, NY and a zip code. I bet your SCAMMER will tell you he’s not allowed to give out his physical address. That will be a lie. Real American soldiers receive care packages from home all the time. I received dozens of packages during my deployment to Iraq in 2005 and 2006.

  144. I was contacted through by a Charles Bowen(s) He claimed to be a widow whose wife died of cancer and left behind 4 year old twin boys. He talked a good talk until he asked for money to pay for his sons soccer trip because his brother used the funds. This was a red flag for sure. After I told him he was caught, he began very rude comments through messenger (email and messenger were the only way we talked) Looking back now there were so many more signs and it is so sad that people out there do that. Has anyone else heard from him?

  145. There is a guy on Facebook names Ryan Mason the pictures of him are not real I got an expert’s advice
    I have posted it here I can’t believe people can be so awful.You have rated an Answer!
    From FranL
    Saturday, March 30, 2013 9:39 PM EST
    Hi Jacustomer,

    It’s pretty easy to tell a military scammer.

    First of all, soldiers in Afghanistan are not able to internet date, and a real soldier wouldn’t risk a court martial to do it. So this is almost cerainly a scam to get your money and phish for personal identifying information to commit identity theft down the road.

    The minute a so-called US soldier asks you for money he is scamming you. The minute a US soldier involves you in any enteprise having to do with Africa he is scamming you. US soldiers can mail packages, use telephones, use the internet and get to their bank and credit card accounts no matter where in the world they are. US servicemen don’t have to pay for their leave, which they earn from time spent in the military and which is nothing an outsider can apply for on his behalf. US servicemen don’t need strangers to pay their travel expenses — they get most of it free — and the last thing they are is all alone in the world. They have an enviable support network in the US government. Any suggestion to the contrary is pure nonsense, a figment of the imagination of West African scammers who have no idea how our military works. US officers make a very fine living. A high ranking officer likely outearns you and has far less to spend it on if he’s seeiing action. He’d have no need of your money.

    If you need further reassurance, here’s how you can tell for sure if your online romance is really in the US military:

    1) Ask him for his official military email address. This is not classified information. A real US soldier may have a classified email address as well, but he also has a regular military email address with which he can write to his friends and family. Every soldier does. When he gives his email address to you, it should end in .mil It will NOT end in .com To the right of the @ sign, it should end in and not, for example,

    If it doesn’t end in .mil, he is a fake. Only US servicemen can get a .mil email address, and if he can’t produce one that you can email him back and forth with, he’s scamming you.

    Scammers can fake that on the sending end and make it look like you are getting email from a .mil address, but it can’t be faked on the receiving end.. So if he does give you a .mil address, to make sure his is for real, don’t just hit reply and send it back, start a new letter and type in the address yourself manually. Then write a message and send it. If it doesn’t bounce back as undeliverable and he actually answers it, then and only then, is he the real thing.

    2) Get his name, social security number and date of birth and enter it here on the Army’s website. This too, is not classified information and, in fact, would be information he’d have to disclose if he were ever captured. The site I have linked you to should tell you if he is a soldier and then where he is and who his commanding officer is. If he won’t tell you, then you know he’s a scammer. He has no reason to refuse to give it to you. If he does but the site doesn’t recognize him, that tells you he’s a scammer too.

    3) Look up his picture or ask about him on the “Wall of Shame” on this site. The blogger is a soldier who was upset to find that someone had used his photo as part of a military scam. He has created the blog to warn others, and he tries to keep these up to date as people report military scammers to him.

    Once your “soldier” starts asking you to wire money Western Union, cease all contact with this guy. You don’t need to explain anything. Just walk away. Do not send him any money and do not give him a chance to further manipulate you. He is not who, what or where you think he is. He’s a West African sitting at an internet cafe with a bunch of his pals, all sweet-talking too trusting, goodhearted men and women such as yourself out of their life savings. If you have sent him money already, report the fraud to your local police to and to the FBI, online at their Internet Crime Complaint center, at Add his name to the military blog to warn others.

    If you need more help, please use the reply tab to continue our conversation. If you need no further assistance, kindly rate my service, so I get credit for my work.

  146. I have one I am suspicious about but I can’t find anything on him via name, picture or yahoo screen name look-up. He says he is David Miller serving in Afghanistan for the US Army. The major red flags for me are that in less than two hours of meeting on a well known reputable dating site he is professing his undying love for me and wants me to basically tell him I am in love with him and I will wait the year or so he is deployed to be with him. What I find interesting most of all is that when I asked him what time it was where he was (and I calculated what the time zone difference should be) he answered with the right number of hours, but also answered with a half hour difference. Do times zones go by half hours???? It was 1:00 here he said it was 10:30 there, or something like that.
    Usually these guys are very easy to spot because their English is so bad. His on the other hand is quite good, with the occasional typo or misspelling going on. But that could be anyone in that regard.
    I am not sure how to proceed with this one. If anyone can shed some light if they have this same experience with him I would appreciate it. His details are: David Miller; 44 y/o, lives in Atlanta (but deployed to Afghanistan), Has a son named Lima (is that an American name???), is separated from his wife two years (already told him that was a no) but the sob story there was his wife was found in bed with his best friend. Go figure. His Yahoo screen name is tooshy001.

    • Hello MICHELLE –

      There are two simple methods for checking to see if someone is a deployed American soldier or a SCAMMER. First, offer to send him a letter or package with home baked cookies. No soldier would turn down home baked cookies. Who would turn down home baked cookies? A SCAMMER. Why? Because his address is somewhere in Ghana or Nigeria, not Afghanistan. They can’t fake a U.S. military physical address. For soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, their physical address will end with APO, NY and a 5-digit zip code. Often times, the African SCAMMERS will tell their victims to send items to them in care of a “diplomat” in Africa. They say the items will get to them quicker that way. How anyone falls for that line of BS is beyond me. Sometimes, the SCAMMERS will tell you that they can’t receive packages because of a recent mail bomb incident in Afghanistan. That is of course a lie. Check the news. There has never been a mail bomb incident in the U.S. military mail system.

      In any case, the second method for spotting a SCAMMER is to ask him to send you an e-mail from his official military e-mail account. The e-mail address will end with .mil (example: American soldiers are encouraged by the Army to use their official e-mail accounts to communicate with friends and family (especially when they’re deployed). A SCAMMER will make up a reason for not being able to send you an e-mail from that account. If he does send you an apparently geniune e-mail, be sure to reply to it by typing the address into your browser. Don’t simply hit “reply.” If it’s a fake e-mail address, you e-mail will be returned as non-deliverable and you’ll have your answer.

  147. i am talking to army sgt joe dodson in kabul, afghanistan. email is
    he hasn’t asked for money… but with all the scammers, i always wonder… have you heard of him??/

  148. hello,
    i have recently just found out i was scammed. i didnt send any money but i was talking to a soldier who is going by the name Ray Cupp. i met him on tagged. how ever i am now not on tagged anymore. he is also on facebook. I have recieved the same email as shown on here i from a ”” i also was confronted by joseph lingo on tagged though i never added him.

  149. I think these scammers are now getting back to dirty business. I am a Filipino woman and had just received a message from Michael Homls a week ago saying he is a Brigaider. He said he is serving the military and now in Afghanistan and had his wife died of cancer 6 years ago and had a daughter. He writes very long essay/letter and had sweet words and was so good in composing and one would thought he is a professional but his pictures in uniform are different from his profile picture as you can see him in facebook.

  150. Is there a way to find out who this person (in the picture really is..) someones ID has been who is this guy really..Im talking to..

    • Hello Sandra –

      You’ve almost certainly been talking to a young, black male from Ghana or Nigeria. That description fits nearly all of these romance scammers. He found the pictures of a white, American soldier online and has been pretending to be that soldier in order to scam money from women around the world. He’s probably sitting in an internet cafe in Accra, Ghana when he chats with you. Below you’ll find a link to a great website dealing with romance scams. The page shows photos of some of these African scammers. Apparently, they sometimes show themselves (accidentily or otherwise) in video chats with their victims.

  151. HAHA. So Im acting stupid right now and pretend I dont know he is fake.. I had small conversation today with him..
    ME:My friend (her husband IS in the military) was talking about LES? I did not want to ask her because I didnt want to look stupid..So can you tell me what it means..
    no answer for long time..
    Then..ohh what time is there..
    Me: 639,, so what does it mean?
    Him: You should ask your
    if he was real..the answer should have came like BAMBAM!!!!!

    • haha..dumbbutt.gave me answer..
      Law enforcement services… aehhh wrong answer!!!

  152. these men who exchange identities are very bad.
    here I leave a name … micheal francis.
    he and a perperso men.
    he said he lost espoza with his son in a car accident.
    he came alert by badoo site.
    dise be military dr.
    his photos are on Facebook.
    has another name and jane francis,,, saying that his daughter.
    care, he and a demon

  153. ok… I try to give you some infos about my “soliders” some I wanna believe him and some idk.. what to think
    1.we were talking about a leave request.. and I asked I could do one for him.. His reaction was..OMG you would for me.. but you know dont me.. we talked it over and I finally got a form and email.,, both do look legit.. and real..
    2.. He is a single dad one daughter.. Amanda.. born dec 23..she is now 7 I believe and lives with her nanny..
    3. His english is actually very good.. nice words.. spelling right.. expect a typos here and there.. he never says.. he dont. always he does..etc he does say am.. like am tired..
    4.I asked him one time why is talking to me and not working.. he said.. oh he left his posts cause he misses me and if he gets in trouble oh well..
    5. he needed money.. and that money thing has been going on for awhile..he then said he sold his daughters box.. a box she made for him..and got 35..dollars..
    6. he did ask for 100 dollars via western and Ithought I play along since I have some extra.. now here is the part Im not sure about..he said. soldiers arent allwoed to pick up money form western and I need to send to the western union person or something.. I did and he did say thank you.. a few weeks later he wanted/needed more.. send some more.. but then the money got stolen.. and he wanted to quit talking to me cause he was ashamed..
    7. supposenly some kids family was killed and he rescused the boy and took him in.. for a while..
    8.. I get a text on my phone.. with a usa phone nr.. was from him..
    9.I googled his name and pic and scam things came up.. I told him to go on FB type in the following name.. he was lke THOSE ARE MY PICS.. WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!! I told him of several other sites where Ifound his pics.. he said he had no idea..but will work on it.. and find out who it is that took his pics…(not sure if he said that to convicence me) to believe him.. idk..
    I found one pic with him it said.. this picture or document has been in used in a scam or by scamers.. (something like that).. he told me his carrier will be over soon. who ever done this is trying to destroy him..
    about 2 weeks ago… his best friend was killed in action.. and another one was wounded..

    So Im not sure.. can you do a search on a fallen soldier..???? He seemed to be very upset about the death of his friend..
    When we talk we always talk about the same time everyday.. until he has to go to work..twice a day..

    So what do you think.. Real, Fake. real fake……. he said he will send me some more pics of him..I did ask forthem..he also keeps saying that people say he isfake..a scammer..
    I want to give him a prove tome that he is real..
    so what can I do..????


    • Hello Kate –

      He’s a fake. I knew he was a SCAMMER after reading your first point. In the U.S. military, it’s the soldier’s responsibility to request leave for himself. No other person is allowed to do this. Also, there is NEVER a fee associated with a leave request. The soldier simply fills out a form and turns it in to his supervisor. So, if a “soldier” asks you to request leave for him, he’s a SCAMMER with no connection to the U.S. military.

      These African scammers try to build trust in their victims while making the victims feel sorry for them. That’s why their back stories always involve dead parents (killed in tragic accidents) and children being looked after by a “nanny” or “caretaker” (usually in a foreign country). Once they feel you’re hooked, they spring the request for money – usually a small amount at first. Later, they’ll run into trouble and need a larger amount of money from you. Of course, there is no “trouble.” It’s all part of the script they use.

      If you’re not convinced by what I’ve told you, you can always test him. I know of two sure fire ways to determine if he’s a soldier or a scammer. First, ask him for his official Army e-mail address. It should end with .mil ( My guess is that he’ll say he can’t give it to you for security reasons. That is a lie of course. Deployed soldiers are encouraged by the Army to communicate with their friends and family using their official Army e-mail accounts. If he does give you an Army e-mail address (ending with .mil), be sure to send an e-mail to that address. If it’s a fake e-mail address (one that he created), your e-mail will be returned as undeliverable. Second, you can ask to send him a package with some home baked cookies. A real soldier would never turn down home baked cookies. If he’s in Afghanistan, his physical address should end with APO, NY (or possibly FPO, NY) and a zip code. If he gives you an address in Africa., you can be absolutely certain that he’s a scammer. My guess is that he’ll give you an address in Ghana or Nigeria and tell you that his “diplomat” friend in that country will get the package to him quicker than the Army can. Once again, that will be a lie. If he does give you an APO, New York address, ask him to tell you what was in the box (allowing a couple of weeks for it to arrive in Afghanistan). Good luck!

      • Well
        My so called soldier is suppose to be here end of the month
        I be more shocked and surprised if he does show up..then if he does not!!!

  154. Any information about a guy name David Cleff… or Mike Bond, or Mike Edward (s)….

  155. i too have met someone , in a online dating (, he says he is in Kabul Afghan,( Major) from
    I’m wondering myself, but I don’t know somethings are sounding good, while others are not clicking with me, so at this point I don’t know and don’t know what to do or how to do it without him knowing, cause if he is for real I want to keep him. so if anyone out there can help me find if he for real, his daughter has even emailed me, and other things that have happen has made me wonder, I mean if he was a user, why would he have his ranger buddy send money to me and return me send it to his lawyer for a his business? why? and this has happen only once, and he send me emails from his friend from back home, i don’t understand here, i’m new at all this stuff.

    • Hello Catherine –

      You haven’t really given us much to go on. What’s your soldier’s name? Does he say he’s in the U.S. Army? Has he sent you an e-mail from his official Army e-mail account? That’s a good way to tell if he really is a soldier. The SCAMMERS can’t fake an Army e-mail address, so they’ll always tell you they can’t send you an e-mail from that account for “security reasons.” In fact, deployed soldiers are encouraged by the Army to write to friends and family using their Army e-mail addresses. An official Army e-mail address will end with .mil (ie.,

      Before asking for money, the SCAMMERS always try to build trust with their victims. They do this by sending you photos (downloaded from the internet), sending you gifts (paid for with stolen credit card numbers), and sometimes having you communicate with their “children” via e-mail or instant messages. You mention that his “ranger buddy” sent you money. I’ll bet it was a forged check and not cash. Am I right? You have to ask yourself, why would someone I met on the internet want to involve me with his legal issues? He wants you to think he trusts you so you’ll trust him. Has your soldier asked you for money yet? You should visit the website below. Lots of good info about dating scams there.

  156. I’m petrified and terrified with such shamelessness on the part of these men that pass by are military or even military. And the American government does not do anything against it! Let these men continue doing so!
    I think I’m being a victim of one of them, he says call Gen. Billy Lopez, was in Afghanistan when I started talking to him, then went to Syria and in the meantime, received his letter of retirement. Then he had to go to Ghana to pick up your bags, ended up going to England and now is in South Africa solving a matter with the bank Ecobank
    He said he is widower, has no children and no more living relatives, is 52 years old and his mother was an amrican nurse and his father Polish . What this making me angry and desperate is the fact that the name of his mother muto coincides with a story about another guy I read on the internet and many things he told me the story also hit with this other guy.
    I saw this site that there is a Brazilian woman asked for this Billy Lopez , but I can not contact her.
    If it is possible please she contact me to see if the photos are the same.

  157. USG’m petrified and terrified with such shamelessness on the part of these men that pass by are military or even military. And the American government does not do anything against it! Let these men continue doing so!
    I think I’m being a victim of one of them, he says call Gen. Billy Lopez, was in Afghanistan when I started talking to him, then went to Syria and in the meantime, received his letter of retirement. Then he had to go to Ghana to pick up your bags, ended up going to England and now resides in South Africa
    He said he is widower, has no children and no more living relatives, is 52 years old and his mother was a nurse and his father Polish American. What this making me angry and desperate is the fact that the name of his mother muto coincides with a story about another guy I read on the internet and many things he told me the story also hit with this other guy.
    I saw this site that there is a Brazilian Billy Lopez asked for this, but I can not contact her.
    If it is possible please contact me to see if the photos are the same. Regina ( )

    • Regina –

      I just sent you an e-mail. I hope you realize that you’ve been talking to a scammer who has no connection to the U.S. military. He’s pretending to be a soldier while hoping to steal your money.

      – Gordon

  158. Has anyone come across ‘Major General Joseph Reynes’ this person contacted me via SKPE and initiated contact, Ive exercised extreme caution, I have done searches on him and this person is legititimate in that he is currently a serving officer; however, it is highly unlikely this guy would initiate contact and therein someone has assumed his identity. The picture used on SKYPE is indeed of the Major and ther is two facebook pages;however, I would question a person of his position randomly scrolloing through SKYPE, in addition he has furnished my with a email address which is ‘Joseph Reynes @ Who do I contact to alert this person that someone is using his identity. I would message through facebook but I dont know if these sites are real either. .

    • Hello Lori –

      There is indeed a Major General Joseph Reynes in the U.S. Air Force. However, he’s not stationed in Afghanistan and he’s happily married. You’ve been talking to a scammer. I pulled up the two Facebook profiles for General Reynes. Both are fakes. You’ll notice that one of them has a black woman from Ghana as a Facebook friend. The scammers are starting to realize that having a skimpy Facebook page (ie., few pictures or friends) is not very convincing. So, they sometimes add their real friends to plus up the profile pages of their fake soldiers. They often have other fake soldiers as FB friends.

  159. Watch out for Master Sergeant Joshua Brantley, US Army. He is stationed in Afghanistan. He is widowed due to breast cancer and has an adopted son James living in Ghana with a caretaker. James is in the hospital with malaria and the caretaker Emmanuel needs $400 for medical expenses. Thankfully I did not fall for that and didn’t lose money. is his email super cute for the age of 51.

  160. Hi was wondering if any of you ladys had a run in with a William or Bill Ruddock ?
    or steven akanjo? My mom meet this bill guy on match .com and he said he need 650.00 to get the package she sent him out of customs then said money didnt come so could she send another 400.00 i wasable to have bank talk her out of sending for hundred and next thing you know he says the 500 finally arrived i believe its a total scam but she is so in love because she is widowed and lonely how can i prove its a scam please robert

    • Hello Robert –

      The last name RUDDOCK has been used by scammers for many years. At some point, SCAMMERS downloaded photos of the real soldier with that last name and have been using them in their crimes ever since. You’ve described a common SCAMMER tactic – offer to send a package full of gold, cash or other valuables. Of course the package always gets held up in customs requiring a bribe or other payment. There is no package. It’s all a lie designed to get the victim to send hundreds or thousands of dollars to retrieve the fake package.

      I don’t need any additional information to know that your mother is dealing with a SCAMMER, but if she doesn’t believe it, you can give me a bit more info and I can look for proof. Is this RUDDOCK guy saying he’s in the U.S. military? If so, where is he stationed? I can easily check on his military status through AKO (Army Knowledge Online). Where is the package held up? My guess is West Africa (since that’s probably where the SCAMMER lives). Did his wife die from cancer or in a tragic car accident? Does he have a child living with a caretaker in a foreign country? Most of the SCAMMERS will give you a back story like that. Has your mother met him in person? Talked to him on the phone? My guess is no. He’s a SCAMMER – plain and simple.

      • I am Robert’s mother and yes I sent him money for a pkg.that never got to him and now he wants me to send him $30,000.00 that he wants to send me but I have to pay to get it here I keep telling him I don’t have it, but he says then send what ever I have. And yes he is in the Army in Afganastion? sorry abut the spelling on that he told me that his wife died in a car crash and no kids, but now I know what is going on I am so sick on this I am a fool and we fall for all the lies they tell us and fall in love with them too. so I hope you can help me on this. Thank you so much.Brenda

        • Brenda –

          There’s really no help that anyone can offer you. The thief has stolen your money. He’s not a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. He has no connection to the U.S. military whatsoever. He’s probably a black African (not the white guy you’ve seen in the photos) living in Ghana or Nigeria. The police in those countries will do nothing if you report the crime. The police in your own country will tell you that they don’t have jurisdiction over African criminals operating outside of your country. All you can do is stop communicating with the scammer and post information about the scam on websites like this one and Perhaps another woman will learn from your experience and not become a victim.

  161. Has anyone talked to a Sargeant John Caulde, his daughter lina tracy john, or deborah caudle. He is an orthopedic physcian in Baghdad.

    • Hello IN CO –

      Just from what you’ve written it’s clear that JOHN CAULDE is a SCAMMER. First, a sergeant cannot be a physcian in the U.S. military. It’s absolutely impossible. Second, the U.S. military left Iraq in December 2011. Your SCAMMER needs to read up on the American military rank structure and buy a newspaper once in awhile.

      Finally, I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online) looking for JOHN CAULDE. There is no one with that name associated with the U.S. military. I checked all services (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) and all employment categories (active-duty, reserve, national guard, civilian employees, contractors, and retirees).

      • Gordon, so what can be done about this. I have read so many stories of these people. It needs to stop. Thank you for the confirmation and the information.

        • Hello IN CO –

          These military dating scams are a big problem and they’re only getting bigger. Every year, thousands of women (and some men) are scammed out of millions of dollars by these jerks in third world countries. It’s a crime that goes largely unreported. There are two reasons for that. First, many of the victims are embarrassed to have been fooled by these criminals. Second, even if they do report the theft, there’s almost nothing the police can do about it.

          Really, all we can do is to help educate people about the dangers of internet dating. That’s why I post frequently on CJ’s blog pages and on The information posted on those two websites has saved many people from becoming victims to these scams.

        • FYI you can use google image search to see if the pictures really belong to the person that they are saying it does.

  162. I received the following message from a person on site with picture profile as SMA Chandler Ray, profile #78978 I did some research and I think this picture on his profile belongs to you, and I see that you are married and have 6 children not one like he is posting on his profile. I have read a lot abou SMA Chandler Rayt, background and achivements and I think you are a wonderfull person and do not deserve to be used by some scammer, maybe you can do something about it and remove your picture and your name from this site. Sorry that I have to be the one to give you this kind of news. I respect people in military and I wish you the best in life. God Bless You and your family! Sincerely, Emilia
    The message :
    You’ve got a wonderful and fascinating profile so I’m sending you an email and show
    my interest. . Have been on this for more than 3 years now and
    i’m in search of my Soul & Dream Mate,Lover,Wife and Life Companion, let me give you
    a brief introduction of me. My name Ray, I am White/Caucasian. i work for the Army ,
    I have a good sense of humor. I live in Dallas Tx
    , I’m been Divorced for 3yrs now. I have just only 1 lovely KID
    <ALEX 4yrs Have been single for the past 3 years, am a man with a strong
    heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate,affectionate, I also believe in God.
    I like swimming, camping,fishing,reading &writing,tennis,Football,Basketball,Baseball,
    golfing etc. When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send
    you a message and show my interest. I would want us to continue this conversation further
    through my email which is or IM me on yahoo messenger
    "talk2jeromewaa" and i will be waiting for your respond in my yahoo email address okay?
    Have a Nice day, please tell me how long you have been on the dating site and tell me about yourself.

    SMA Chandler Ray

  163. ATTENTION EVERYONE! I’m looking for someone that lives in or near California that is willing to tell their story of being scammed to the media. CBS has contacted me and would like to bring attention to these scams. If you are in California and are willing to tell your story of being scammed, please contact me at If you’re not in California, but would like to share your story with the media so we can try to stop these people, please contact me as well. Right now, I only need those who were scammed living in the United States. I need someone as soon as possible!

  164. Can anyone tell about the military mailbox :
    I have received and e-mail from Using a real person and pictures which I have research on the mil magazine………..but I am very POSITIVE..this is a scammer. My problem is how do you contact the person or whom ever to let them know, that there out there in the middle of a scam. Any help would be helpful… This might be a new one they have started.

    Thanks..and God Bless our Women and Men and K9 out there…Love You All. 🙂

  165. Hi, First of all I am very sorry to hear our men and woman serving our country are being used this way.
    I believe I have been scammed. A man claiming to be Lt. Kris Hilson has approached me.Through FB ,
    He seemed at first to be a really incredible man, said he wanted to be my world. He asked me to receive his personal belongings from a shipping company for 810.00 , because he will be coming from his last tour on March 22nd of 2013.
    When I didn’t have the money, he cursed me and called me a liar.
    I assume the military has their own money. I assume they can have their own personal effects shipped at their costs. This man’s email is
    Thank you very much.

  166. I was aproachd by a man claiming to be in Kabuhl, Afganistan. This man claims to be Lt. Kris Middleton Hilson. an ISO officer. CLAIMING his undying love for me, I have been sent photo’s of this man. He told me that because he needs to send consignment, and personal effects I need to help him pay 810.00.

  167. I have been contacted by three women over the course of a year now claiming that they had fallen in love and established online relationships with someone using my identity. Please be aware of any communication by someone claiming to be ” Roy Emerson” using several dating sites ( Badoo, Confirio) and the email address “” to lure women into relationships and eventually sending this fraud money.

    If there is someone out there that can help me squash this, please reply. It would be greatly appreciated.

    I have submitted a complaint through the FBI to a web site called iC3 at

    I have also been communicating with a couple of the women who had been scammed, or claimed to have been. The most recent, a FB user, is being uncooperative in helping me out. Something fishy there. For all I know , could be another fraud profile attempting to gather more info about me.

    Again, the criminal is using my name a photos to scam. “Roy Emerson” be aware and report if this person attempts to establish a relationship with you online. The Real Roy Emerson….that would be me, is happily very happily married

    I am a Captain in the US Army

    Thanks for listening!


  168. Mine was Master Sergeant Troy Turner who I met on a dating site, said he was from Crystal Lake, Il, originally from New Jersey. I knew right away from his writing (detected a foreign accent) he was no way from the east coast. Gave me some kind of sob story about his wife dying from the “lungs cancer” and his son was in a Christian School. The next time I looked at his profile he was from Trinity, Texas…..We emailed back and forth for about 2 days. Also, when I tried to email him at the address he gave me ( it gave me a warning that this may be a “Phishing site”. I sent an email confronting him about all the bull he was handing out and haven’t heard from him since. I would have never given him money (I’m smarter then that) but I feel bad for the unsuspected gullible women out there who would fall for something like this. I google the real Troy Turner and found some interesting posts from other women and one from the real Troy Turner who is from Oregon. He gave a phone # and case # to the Oregon police department which I will call to report this. Don’t know if there’s anything they can do but I will try my best to bring this degenerate down.

  169. The are photos a guy on Facebook has posted and ask me for money! He is a FAKE!

  170. hi, had been in contact with a american soilder going by the name of HEGSETH PETE, Still active in afghan, patrolling in kabul…lol…Dont know his rank as he didnt mention it…Was contacted on facebook to be friends. Saw my profile throught zoosk dating site.. This is a ascamer, not the first one ive been contacted by.
    First on zoosk, fist time on dating site, thought it was safe, and never was aware about romance scamers. I knew others scams but not this. I fell in love with this scamer, recieving endearing love messages, bloody good they were, never talked to like that before. I understand how they suck u in and get money from u..I felt like a fool, and i will never go on any other dating site again,not going to waste my money and time.Anyway after telling i was in love with the scamer, i then got the email asking for money, in my case $2000. ( have kept the correnspondents between us, so want to know more i”ll email them, to who interested about this scamer). New istraight away i was being scamed for money, like i was kicked in the guts, was upset then got pissed off. This scamer is posing as November Rain on zoosk,comes from dayelsford,vic (aus) email address is, Traced the email, to Mountain View,CA….
    OK back to hegseth pete, i knew straight away was a scamer, the signs were easy to see, becoming an expert now lol…so went along with it for a bit…When he contacted me wanted a relationship, i told him not interested but was happy to be friends, which he seem ok with that…So of course he told ME all about himself
    Here is want he sent me:

    Hegseth Pete:
    Thank you so much Leanne, Am so happy to read from you i feel so special that a wonderful woman like you replied me with Good birthday wishes in Advance i am happy to say you are the first person who wished me a happy birthday and i will say you are really a virtuous woman i am willing to tell you all about me because you are special and unique from all other women in the world..
    More about me I am single never married ,born in the US, obtained my degree in the princeton and Havard university and recently reside in Austin Tx but Presently serving in Afghanistan. I find very much peace and tranquility there .I`m the one and only born child of my parent, 5`7″ 130 with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I enjoy chilling` with my love once, I like going to the movies , or watching movies in my room , I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling , going bowling and also a good cook, I can make crepes, pasta, Italian, and anything from scrape and my favorite are chips with chicken , shrimp , crab and rice . I am a family oriented person and There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself..
    I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. So come on and share it all with me. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality and potential.
    I know that there is no barrier too great for God, when He chooses to bring two people together, i am at a point in my life where i would always be honest with the chosen one, and be there with the one God has for me 24/7
    I look forward to hearing from you with anticipation.
    Warmest Thoughts,

    I told about mysef, he felt sorry, he wanted to be there for me, living with me would be the best thing that ever happened to him, make him a real man, i found my missing ribs, (WTF) am proud that i have a woman like you who is real and have alot a good sense of humour… here to make you understand that life without a true partner is like living in a world without no Air i will make the best out of you if am giving the opportunity to be the man in your life…..I kept saying not interested in a relationship, but the scamer was persistant which was i getting frustrated, and annoyed. I even ask for money, $5000, to go vist him after he retires and goes back home to boston. Wanted to see what his reaction would be…His response was…

    Hegseth Pete:
    “yes dear i am willing to give you all you need to be with me and i am so serious to meet you because you are a woman who is really good and loving so i must give you all your heart desire”

    I noticed the wedding ring in one of his pics on his facebook page, as he said never been married, i mentioned this and his excuse reply was,

    Hegseth Pete:
    “Baby that is not a wedding ring thjis was a ring which was given to me by my late dad so i wear this from my teen age ok
    I have never been married no one will think of anything if you come to be with me”.

    I had enought so said had to go, cos had get up early….He replyed, hope to read from me soon…

    i even ask questions but of course didnt reply to those, just ignored them, his reply was

    Hegseth pete:
    ” Good to receive a message from you i am always so happy when i read from you i feel am so special.”

    Oh today sent him the pics of his wife and child, pics of him on tv, pics going for senate (this year).
    got a reply; “what do you mean” I have defriend him today,as i had enough and not interested in continuing in chating to him any more.

    I have found the real Pete Hegseth, still in the army but retired, is married, well is now married for the second time, with one chid, and another on the way. Anyway very easy to find the real Pete hegseth and info about him on wikipedia….Have contacted him,on facebook and informed him of the situation…But if there is anyone on this site who knows him or can contact him, and tell him about it….havent heard back from him yet…

    wasnt ask for money yet, as i believe i hadnt confess my love for him, but guarentee he would have…so please ladies be aware of this scamer….who will be on zoosk also…. Also have posted it on my facebook page to warn people…..Hope this helps anyone….

    • the email came from that address on daniel. He sent me an email after you had tried to send one to his mililtary email and said the authority contacted him and they denied access to that email and wondered who all he gave it too. I pleaded stupidity of course. I just dont know how he got to send me an email with that address. I read that that is a legite address according to some of these other letters. is there anyway i can find out if he is real or not. I dont think he is but i just want to be sure. I cant find out any information from military. I have a picture of him….

      • Hello Barb –

        You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. It looks like he made up the military e-mail address. I did a search on the Army’s e-mail system and there was “no record found” for that e-mail addess or for the name DANIEL PERSLEY. I also tried to send an e-mail to that address from my official Army e-mail account. My e-mail was returned as undeliverable with this message: (
        A problem occurred during the delivery of this message to this e-mail address. Try sending this message again. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

        I hope that answers your questions. Take care.

        – Gordon

  171. I have been chatting with a man who claims to be in Ghana now for 5 mnths..he said he bought some land over there and it is being mined for gold..He also said he went over to Syria and while over he saved some womans life and she gave him some gold and he wanted to send it to me….he said he had the money at first to send it..then weeks went on and then he asked me to get a loan from the bank for $32,000..after i did some research on him i found out that he is not who he says he is so i didnt send him any money and I also found out that there our supposedly no troops in Ghana..but anyway his name that he claims to be is Bobby Wayne..and his e-mail address is….I have quite a few pics of him as well..

  172. Following my earlier reports about a Major Rob Gidson, I did eventually find out that he was not real (surprise suprise). I got him to show his face on webcam and he admitted he has been scamming me. His excuse was that he has been scammed by a lady in the US and ended up being deported. Apparently his name is John.
    However, I am now concerned that I am receiving threats about he going to blackmail me and contact my children and family if I do not do as he wants.
    Please someone give me some advice. I am really worried now.
    I look forward to hearing back from someone.

  173. From Hi5 site man calling himself killan elbert mattew, kabul afganhistan, anyone else know this one? Has son in UK, he is on peace keeping mission he says. Hasn’t asked for money says he is just looking for someone. Anyone else talked to him or know if he is a scammer?

    • Hello Kallie –

      I did a search just now on the AKO (Army Knowledge Online) website for your KILLAN ELBERT MATTEW. First of all, it sounds like a name a SCAMMER would make up. I’ve never heard of the last name MATTEW. In any case, I ran the name several different ways: KILLAN MATTEW, ELBERT MATTEW, KILLAN MATTHEWS, and ELBERT MATTHEWS. Bottom line – there is no one with any of those names in the U.S. military. Just to be safe, I searched all services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) and all employment categories (active-duty, reserve, national guard, civilian employees, contractors, and retirees). Another good indicator that you’ve been talking to a SCAMMER is the fact that he refered to his mission in Afghanistan as “peace keeping.” No American soldier would call it that because that’s not the mission in Afghanistan. Finally, don’t you think its odd that your “soldier” has time to chat online when he’s in a war zone? During my deployment to Iraq, I NEVER had time for chatting online. I was barely able to send an e-mail once a week. You should ask your “soldier” to send you an e-mail from his official military e-mail account. My guess is that he’ll tell you he can’t for security reasons. That will be a lie. Soldiers are encouraged to communicate with friends and family using their military e-mail accounts. If he does send you an e-mail, the address line should end with .mil. Not or anything like that. Simply .mil. Good luck!

  174. I met Bradley Kasal, the marine — I met Eric Barnett —- I don’t know if they’re real — they say they’re real but i don’t really know the right questions to ask.. how and where do I verify when they give me their MOS? Is it true they’re not allowed to give out their army/marine email addresses? But then, some will give out fake MOS and there are those who give me military emails ending in I got one soldier friend, he is real he didn’t hesitate to give me his army email.

    • Hello Elizabeth –

      U.S. Army soldiers and Marines are allowed to give out their military e-mail addresses. In fact, when they’re deployed overseas, they’re encouraged to use their military e-mail to stay in touch with family and friends. If your “Marine” tells you otherwise, he’s a SCAMMER. I wouldn’t bother asking him about his MOS. Just like you, a SCAMMER can research that information online. The good SCAMMERS have that info before they start chatting with women. What they can’t fake is a military e-mail address. An e-mail address that ends in is a SCAMMER’s e-mail address. A real one will end with .mil. Nothing should follow the .mil in the address line. If one of these guys gives you a military e-mail address, be sure that you can swap e-mails with him using that address. My guess is that you’ll write to the address and your e-mail will be returned as undeliverable or even more likely, he’ll tell you that he can’t give out the address because of security reasons. That’s a clear indicator that he’s a SCAMMER. Good luck!

      • Can you tell me if there is a Captain Aaron Jackon Medina in the US Army?

        • Hello Elizabeth –

          I checked the AKO (Army Knowledge Online) website. There are three soldiers in the U.S. Army and one member of the Air Force with the name AARON MEDINA. However, none of them has the middle name JACKON and none of them is a captain (or any kind of officer). I would guess that you’re talking to a SCAMMER.

          – Gordon


      • Captain Aaron said: my army number is ako/1168/99a/0101 .. I don’t know what that is or what it means.. he said just believe it.. 🙁

      • could you please tell me if Daniel Persley is really a Captain in US army. He is stationed in Kholm he did send me an email with his military address… daniel o persley

        • did he actually send it from that email or just say that was it? If he didn’t actually send it from that email, it’s a fake. But, I already checked it for you and it’s a fake email. Don’t believe me? Send an email to and see what happens. It will get kicked back because it’s fake.

  175. hi
    look out for charles robert allen, nicholas w allen, now going by nicholas a wagner, he has to use a in his name as the uniform photo he has pinched has allen on it. saying he’s a staff seargant based in salisbury uk bomb despoal unit didn’t know exactly where he was based in salisbury couldn’t name the town yet i knew where it is as i’m local to the area and know.
    . chatted to me for few weeks then wanted a huge amount of money for him to come on leave and then money for a soldier to come n replace him. with me being in army town i knew this was wrong and smelt a rat straight away i asked if he was apart of the soldier dating scam was extremely offensive i was put off when he started to ask me to keep his mobile phone topped up which was a tmobile pay as you go phone. his nickname is ssgtcute on yahoo say’s he’s from new jersey both parents died fiance ran off with his best mate while he was based in afghan. but story kept changing. he is working his way on fb now.


  176. I would like you to check out if I am being scammed his name is Aaron Quesada Captain in Afganistan special ops not sure where maybe Kabul he says.He has akse dme for alotm of money to send to him as he got paid for work there and now wants 47,200 plus I alrewady sent him 45,000 and 9,000 for a sick mom and son CJ in Madrid they were going to be evicted.,I ahve been talking to him since Sept and he started aksing me for money end of Sepot and then monthly He says he ismout of Fort Hood Texas in Army and a Captain.Can you chekc this out for me.
    I met him on Christian Mingle .com Sept 2012.I save all emails and need proof he exists plus I ahve some pictires he sent me with himslef in uniform plus his son cj and mom in Madrid.he swears he is honest.I casheds in my retirement plus took oUT A loan and he says wqhen thr money come sI can take all rthat I loaned him out .I am in deblt now ansd scared please he,lp me to locate him if he exists thanks Can anyone helpthis is forst time for me

    • Hello Sue –

      My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. As with all U.S. Army soldiers I have access to AKO (Army Knowledge Online). It’s a website that has among other things a search function. This morning, I did a search for your Captain AARON QUESADA. I can tell you that there is no AARON QUESADA associated with the U.S. military. My search included active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard troops in all of the services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. I also searched among civilian employees of the military, contractors, and retirees. There is no AARON QUESADA. He is a creation of a SCAMMER probably sitting in an internet cafe in Western Africa. He has stolen your money and there is no way to get it back. He will continue to steal your money if you let him. I’m sorry to be the one bringing this news to you. Good luck.

      • Can you check for me if Captain Aaron Jackson (, Captain Matt Rodriquez ( and Sgt. James Daniel (


  177. Hello!

    On Monday, I met with Meg Coyle of the KING 5 Television Station in Seattle, Washington to discuss the use of my photos in military dating scams. As many of you know, my pictures have been used by these criminals since at least 2009. They use various first names in their scams, but they always use some variation of my last name (HANNETT). Ms. Coyle’s story ran during Monday’s 5:30 p.m. news broadcast. You’ll find a link to the segment below:

  178. I recently met a man by the name of Cpt. Aaron Kennedy, who has the same line of BS, you know needs the money for the phone service, is widowed, the whole shebang. Can anyone tell me how to trace his IP address and how to report him, thanks…

  179. Snook A is his tagged name, snook anderson is his name, he wrote me and asked me to write and ask how to set up account i get this back, i see lots of red flags while talking to him, i called him on it he got little upset and tried to talk his way out of it, if i could i would post a picture of him, please be ware, i believe he is using different names….

    Dear Subscriber,

    The Military TS2 Communication specialize in providing global
    satellite access services. MIC solutions have been implemented for
    United States UK Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
    United State Air force , United State Navy (USN), United State Marines
    in Afghanistan, Special Military Formation GROM, 1st Special Commando
    Regiment, NATO Forces in the Middle East National, Headquarters of
    military base , Border Guard .We specialize in the enhancement of
    Information Technology and Communications Vertex Aerospace. For this
    service to be rendered to subscribers, a subscription fees of $350.00
    USD must be made payable through Money Garm Transfer to the agents
    address below before your phone will be activated to our TS2 network:

    NAME: Lynn Stewart
    ADDRESS: 1321 grove st.
    CITY: Oshkosh
    STATE: Wisconsin
    ZIP CODE:54901

    After we receive your control number by Money Garm, the full
    name and address of the sender and the secret question and answer
    emailed to us we will immediately get your phone activated to the
    almost Worldwide TS2 force network. We advice you provide us with the
    correct information below.

    Your Full name:
    Full Address:
    Subscriber service provider:
    Phone number:

    We hope you enjoy our services

  180. I just got acammed by someone names Captial Matt Chapman in Afganistan/

    • Matt Chapman doesn’t not exsist. I was scammed for 2 weeks then he asked for money to ship his stuff home. His email is Its been 3 days and this scammer got on line and professed his love for me again then admitted it was a scam…..he then invited me to vidoe chat..I did it to see who this guy was. He was a guy about 35 years old from Malaysia…..admitted everything…and that he had fallen in love with me….yeah right. I finally chewed him out for this scam and blocked the yahoo email account so he can’t contact me.

      • @ Vickie great job he was still trying to scam you he would claim to have really fallen in love with you and then turned around and given you the sob story that he lives badly and is very poor and is forced to be a scammer or Yahoo Boy and he would then begin using that to get money from you great job.Anonn

    • Vicki trids guty says he is a captain in Afganistan and afgan gov gsave him 612,000 for a job done cash he took picture of it and sent me and my bank caught it when I tried to send him 72,000 for customs fee .Previously I sent him 45,m00 for anti terrorist cert .I need to find out if this guy exists he has a accent and saysd he is european and in US army i AM SCARED

  181. since a weak i now chatting and email with Captain Michael Miner of the second battalion , he found me on thats a dutch dating site , everything was going fine , he said he was in afganistan and after two days he would like to meet me , because i was de woman he was looking for , he would come to holland and if everything did go right he would stay forever here
    he was so nice so tender , ik was faling in love and could not believe that a guy like him was looking for a woman like me
    Yesterday he told me tomorrow a wil ask for a special holliday so i can come to you , he also has told me in the weekend that he maby most go to another place
    And this morgen he told me the email was send to have a holliday and it wil take a week before he got an answer , but he also told me that the kamp has to move this week , and he did not know if stil could talk to me on the internet , but if i want to we can call on a telex account , the only thing was he could not pay for it because he had no money there , he would give it back to me wen he comes to holland.
    I did all the things they aks send a email than told them who i was en were i lived , but something didt feel right he pust a little to hard and was faster with info from here than i was

    thank god i have seen this site and don,t give him anny money
    But i would like to know if he is realy a scam

    his name is Michael miner and he is a captain

    • Yvonne YES he is absolutely a SCAMMER delete and BLOCK him any time ANY Man finds you online claims to be Military and asks you for MONEY for any reason even if they claim it is a loan it is a SCAM and a SAMMER behind it

      The US Military takes care of its own and as far as this……we can call on a telex account , the only thing was he could not pay for it because he had no money there , he would give it back to me wen he comes to holland.

      There is NO such thing Military members can call their loved ones for FREE there is NO SAT Phone or TELEX account only scammers behind it.Anonn



  183. Watch out Ladies for a Captain John Richard of the Us Air Force stationed in Kabul Afghanistan from Orange Park Florida on Facebook.Or Richy is what he’ll ask you to call him because thats the name his father gave him whom he did not know facially. It doesn’t make sense i know but thats what he said. my thoughts were((( R U SERIOUS)) He will stoop so low and to send u a picture of an elderly lady in a hospital unit in bed with tubes, tape, and wires running everywhere looking so weak and frail and a man in scrubs thats suppose to be his sick mothers doctor at her bed side before she died from her injuries she sustained in a car accident in portugal Com’on man SERIOUSLY and the kicker of it all yeah it gets better is he will also send u by way of email a copy of his mothers last will intestiment that she had made up before her death that list him as her only son and the benificencary of her two estate properties in Florida worth $3,000,000.00. U.S. thats his on the condition that he gets married. LOL Ladies, Ladies, Ladies off the very top of the chat he said he’s a widower and she died while carrying the only kids he could have in her belly OMG. SERIOUSLY Now I know i have been out of High school 16-17 yrs and out of College what 7 yrs. but the last time i took biology 101 even the male anatomy produces millions of sperm right . ok well in his timeline he’s in a relationship. when ? about this he said thats because he just never changed it you mean you got married to the love of ur life at the time and just never got around to changing ur status to married from in a relationship to now widower wow . He will start to fall badly in love with u as he says after three days then for another three its i need in my life don’t go out of my life,and for another three its don’t give another man a chance to snatch u away from me.he then tells me to contact the militarycallingdepartm@ wow Seriously our United States Air Force can’t do no better the yahoo com’on man really so i send and email to this email address and wouldn’t u know it BIG BRIGHT RED FLAG their asking u to send $445.14 which is refundable after a week because they need to make sure ur not a terriorist cause the airmans souls belong to the military really He sweet talk you til u get this email and when u tell him u can’t afford to send the money his attitude changes from sweet amd lovely to out right hatefull and hurt full by then I became bored and tired from laughing so hard so Ladies if ur approarched take time out and do some research on this or theese guys please don’t get caught up in the words of a slick rick or richy as he calls himself SERIOUSLY who does that u ask a scammer does thats who. LOL & SMH The people of and not of this world wow the devil is working overtime and over seas to use the military in such away wow just wow ;~)my daddy would be ashame. may he rest in peace!!!!!

  184. I have been chatting with someone claiming to be a Sgt James Brewster for the past 10 months. As all the other woman he claimed his undying love and a proposal of marriage. he wanted me to request for leave and that it would cost around $300- $400 US to bring home home to me. I told him I didnt have the money but would do my best to get it, he got angry when I used the money I did have to buy a car, this set my alarm bells ringing. he suddenly came up with a brilliant idea that one of his soldiers, a female I might add had gone back state side and was willing to help financially, I just had to send him my bank account details and she would deposit the money in it then I was to forward it on to him. So he was scamming another woman in the US.
    Tonight I confronted him telling him that I had, had him investigated and knew he was a scammer. He told me I should just go out and get myself killed, so I told him he was in the best place to get a bullet and he signed out. His email is I meet him on the Netlog site.
    I am not desperate to find love but have had alot of fun drawing our so called relationship out, the lengths they will go to for money. They need to get a proper job.

  185. Has anyone talked to a Daniel Persley or Daniel Presley? He is in Afganistan and a Captain in US Army. He is from Providence and divorced

  186. Is anyone talking or talked to a Daniel Persley or Daniel Presley, claims to be a Captain in Afganistan. He is from Providence and use to be a civil Engineer. He is divorced. Please let me know

  187. Does anyone know a General Marvis Carter? Extremely good looking, said all the right things and after only a very short time he wanted me to send $1345.00 US (I am from Canada) via Western Union. I applied to United Nations (the logo and written letter seemed totally unprofessional. I had to send a form back with my name, address and cell number plus picture ID. I did everything except cell phone and now I am freaked out because of copy of my drivers license, address. Does anyone know if these scammers can cause identity theft with the information I sent? Luckily I was forwarned by a good friend about the traps like sending money, his excuse was he could’nt get access to his “safe box” which had personal documents, cash and a credit card. He said he was going to marry me once he arrived in Canada (he did say his flight was paid for and that he had been stationed in Libya for 3 years and Afghanistan for past 2 years, that he had a 4 week leave and was retiring in 1 year. Said he was divorced with 2 boys, claimed he had been so hurt by his exwife and on and on. I noticed his spelling, grammer was bad (doesn’t a General have to be literate? I am so relieved I didn’t send the $, but I am still concerned about drivers license ( I am hoping because here in B.C. Canada there is a scanning chip so that will help prevent any repercussions of my stupidity) I never gave SIN # I am just so worried now about the fact he has my identity, address. Any information I would appreciate it.

  188. This guy requested to be my friend on face book iI excepted then he asked me to download yahoo messager so we can chat then he started telling things that were to good to be true about how much he loved me his profile is Timothy Castree he suppose to be a USA solder that is station in
    Maylaysia, he wanted me to give him my bank acct of course I decline he told me to keep it a secret.

  189. Is there anyone talking to Major General Joe Burcks ? He has asked me for things . Phone,I-pad. He has sucked a 18 year old boy named Ibrahim Derick Okasha into his scam. The child is in Africia Tamale Northern Region. I think ” Joe Burcks” is trying to get ladies to bring “Ibrahim to US. To keep bothof their scamming hides out of jail.They both have had Malaria and asked for money. That I’ve never sent. Ladies Please beware of these two their both on facebook.Please let me know by e-mail if anyone is conversing with one or both of these guys. Thanks Vickie.

  190. Please I need some advice the Frank Emmanuel, ask me to help him come visit me in december. I have slowed down in my replys to him and he asking that i write to this email “” so he can be sent to me. I type in the above address and this is how I found you. Should I stop writing to him or is there anyway for the gov’t to hold these scammers?

  191. Hello,

    I have been chatting with a guy for about 2 months, I met him on a dating site called “OKCupid” I think he’s a scammer. He told me his name is Frank Emmanuel, very handsome. This is what he told in our 2nd converstaion,
    “Hi,mi name is emmanuel,currently stationed in kabul,am on a 4years contract wit the us army I have spent a year and a half wit them,got about 2and the half year left,really hoping to find someone who will love me and want to spend the rest of my life wit them,I will really love to meet you someday and start a family wit you and spend the rest of mi life wit u but it all depend if your single,tell me about your self.”
    I know he lieing because he not the first guy who tried the army thing. I never send any money to any one.”
    I also have two (2) other so called army men writing to me please tell me if they are true or not. their names are Anderson Smith- who station in Afghanistan.
    and Eng Reddick Clemer, I ‘m 45 years old, from Illinois United State of American. i am 5.8ft tall, 75kg, Fair in complexion, i was married and i have one male child he’s 20 years old. i,m US military officer currently i,m in Afghanistan for US peace keeping for the past 2 years now, as a Chief Engineer under US military force.

    Please ladies be careful. I know they are scammers because they say I love u too soon without even knowing anything about me.

  192. Has anyone heard of a guy claiming to be an officer in the army by the name of Anthony Hildress( he’s just made the wrong move in asking me for money. I’m not giving him one red cent.
    Please let me know at

  193. hello my name is erica

    i have been on, English dating site 2 mouths, and had hit on me.
    are no photo and U S army, give me they emails
    1 said in Afghanistan using his kid to get money
    2 said in the Sudan
    both of these two ask for money
    3 said in Sudan
    but russell has ask me to ask for leave for him and ask me to poss as i wife, to get the leave granted
    and the email came from,
    us army transit department
    i could do with some help with this, lying ,if to the government is not good,





  195. Ok ladies help me out…I met Maj Brian Pedersen a couple days ago. He has a son, is trying to retire, wants someone to spend the rest of his life with. From Noxon, MT, wife died in a car accident, who else as talked to him? I have a pic too…smh

  196. I have been talking to a Sgt. Justin Burke for the last few weeks, How can I check to see if he is real or not? He just asked me to help his mom because she got robbed and needed the money. I didn’t send any but I want to see if he is real or a fake.

    • Hello AMANDA –

      I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online) for you. There are several Justin Burkes in the U.S. military. One of them is an Army sergeant. His phone number and address were listed on his AKO profile, but I can’t release that info in this public forum. I sent an e-mail to SGT Burke’s official Army e-mail account this morning. So far, he hasn’t written back. If he does, I’ll let you know. Did your “SGT Burke” tell you his middle name or where he’s stationed? That would be useful information in determining if he’s real.

      However, I will be VERY surprised if you’ve been talking to the real SGT Burke. The story told by your “SGT Burke” sounds like a tall tale created by a SCAMMER to steal your money.

  197. hi met an american soldier on BADOO dating line after three week he told be that he been using his boss computer and now is boss is moving to another barrack and he will like to known me if i can send some money for him to buy another because he will like to be in touch with me and after two he real love me that he will like to take an early retired but am the one who did to apply for the form and i need to send money is about$ 1500 and when he get out he will refund me his family passed away mum ,dad and his wife was kill and has only is son and he allow to have mobile or use skype because the rule of the AMERICAN ARMY please i thought is scam how do you find out his lied how dodo you find out please help me thank you Isabella

    • Hello Isabella –

      You’ve definitely been talking to a SCAMMER. There are several clues in what he’s told you. First, only the soldier can initiate his retirement or request leave for himself. No other person is allowed to do it. Also, requesting leave or retirement is FREE for the soldier. There is NEVER a fee associated with those requests. The soldier simply fills out and turns in a form to his supervisor.

      Finally, he’s told you a very common SCAMMER story – mother, father, and wife all dead and he’s the sole caretaker for his young child. You’re supposed to feel sorry for him when he tells you this sad story. Also, Americans never say “mum.” Brits and AFRICANS say “mum.” He told you he can’t Skype with you because he doesn’t want you to see his ugly AFRICAN face, not because the US Army has a policy against it. Do not believe a word he tells you, Isabella. He is a SCAMMER.

      • Gordon Thank You, I see you are still here you are one of the good guys Thanks both you and CJ are the best Anonn

      • Gordon, I have met a guy from, his name is Colonel Rodney Wood from Mesa, Arizona (that’s what he said) email add Im a bit suspicious about him telling me he’ll gonna send me a parcel containing 2kgs of gold (long story where he got the gold) anyway. He’ll be sending it to me through this diplomat Salim Karim from Kuwait. Please help me out. Have anyone encountered his name. I have his photos and even saw him on cam (exactly same guy). Im confused.

        • Hello MIRANDA –

          You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. The “parcel containing gold” scam is one that these guys have used for a long time. If you agree to accept the non-existant gold, your SCAMMER will come up with reasons for you to send him money. First, he’ll tell you that the shipment is held up in customs and you need to pay a fee to get it out. Perhaps you’ll need to pay a bribe to another government official. He’ll take your money and the parcel will never arrive (because there is no parcel).

          Also, I checked the Army’s e-mail system (called Army Knowledge Online or AKO). There is no Colonel Rodney Wood in the U.S. military. I searched Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Public Health Service and DoD (generally). I also searched under the categories of active-duty, reserve, national guard, contractor, civil service, and retired. He’s not listed anywhere.

          Ask your SCAMMER to send you an e-mail from his military e-mail account. The e-mail address should end with .mil. If there’s anything following the .mil in the address, it’s a fake. I’m sure he’ll come up with an excuse for why he can’t send you an e-mail from that account. The U.S. Army encourages solders to use their military e-mail accounts to keep in touch with their friends and families (especially when they’re deployed overseas). Good luck, Miranda.

      • Gordon, Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it. Once again, i’ve been contacted by a us army (shadix johnson) based in kabul afghanistan. Could you please check his real identity? Thank you so much gordon.

  198. Dear Anon…I have found a couple of sites in a response you made to someone else where I can post the pics of Mr Mark Pedersen… and so LADIES…look him up and if you hear from him run!!! Run away and fast!! See his pics…

  199. well sorry I cant figure out how to paste the pic to this comment box.

    Anyway I am now in financial ruin due to this man. I stupidly allowed myself to be talked into setting up Prepaid Credit Cards in my name so that he could have his “military pay” transferred to them and then I let him convince me to withdraw the money and forward it to him via Western Union wires in Lagos, Nigeria!!!! So that he could “come home and we could begin a life of happiness and bliss together” Yes well, Sunday Sept. 23rd I was left waiting for several hours in Ohare International Airport on a non exsistant passenger. I was devistated crushed humiliated angry and so very very hurt. So please take heed to this warning STAY AWAY FROM THESE ANIMALS!!! Like I said they are very very good!!! They thought of everything including sending me a phony flight Confirmation from an actual airline that looked so real even the Booking Agent at the airport had a hard time trying to figure out if it was real or not. This is the most embarrasing and hurtful thing any human being has been put through and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

  200. Well after reading all the comments above I think I was the most foolish and stupid one !!! I not only sent this SUPERCON money but remodeled my home so that he and small child could come move in and begin a life of EMPTY promises and LIE on top of LIE until this past weekend. LADIES BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWING: (

    This is an entire NETWORK of THIEVES LIARS CONMEN and GENUINE SNAKES who will stop at nothing to weasel you out of your money and break your hearts!!!!! These creeps even invest a few dollars in sending flowers and cards and small gifts to sign and seal the deal!!!!

    Oh make no mistake they are very very good!!! Acadamy Award good!! They start out with sad stories of being a Widower loosing the wife after only a few years of marriage and being left to raise an infant child alone. They have no extended family to help. And then it snowballs from there!!!! The main man in “Operation SCREW TONI OVER” was a supposed Lt. Mark Pedersen his emails are the 1st two I listed above. He is the most dangerous of the bunch. BEWARE…I am attaching a picture sent to me that is supposed to be the person I was talking to for the past 8 months.

  201. I was talking to a Melvin Bowell only to find out he was a scam. I am talking to a Randy Stillinger now and am wondering if he might be also. He has given me another email address other than his yahoo. He sent me a picture of his passport along with other pictures. He answers every question I give him correct. He has a facebook page but when i looked him up on a website called he came up by his facebook account. The website is to help find people who scam other people. All you have to do is type in their email address. Does anyone know anything about this man?

  202. Hello…Thank you for all the replies etc, Very useful stuff. My friend who lives in florida, did find his address. She had to go through the post office. As for the APO address etc…he did give me an appropriate address to which my care pkg did arrive, but it was returned. It was in leatherneck, but he was sent to a new outpost. That’s one reason it hadn’t reached him. Apparently none of them have gotten any mail yet, but it’s only been a month. I know sometimes it takes a while to get set up and have things moving. I’m not totally believing he is for real, yet. So far, most things add up. I check into everything, but still I get vibes at times. Like I said, we’ve skyped lots over the course of over a year 1/2. We lost touch for a bit and he called me one day about 4 months ago. He knows I have many friends in the military too. He knows that I am constantly checking into him. lol! And yet, he still continues to talk to me and talk of a future with me. I don’t know what he could possibly want, as I have told him I have no money and was up front about checking him out. We don’t chat too often either…maybe about every 2-3 weeks as he says he’s on missions. It all sounds legit. except for the 27 yr thing. lol! I figure he is either lying about his age or I only thought he said 27 years…might have been 23 or 24. Now that I do the math, thats possible cuz he said he was in when he was very young. So I don’t really know. I’m hoping and praying that he is the real deal. I just found out today that some of our canadian soldiers family and friends sometimes weren’t even allowed to send care pkg’s with the soldiers name on it or a return address…only the soldiers last few digits of his service number. I wonder if that is why I wasn’t able to get my parcel to him..I also put ‘HAWK” Williams on his parcel. That’s what he says he’s gone by ever since he was 3 he was called that. I didn’t remember he told me that last year. But he has said things that I remember him saying over a year ago…..guess I just need to be sure. But I was happy to have gotten his personal address thing cleared up today. Made sense too, how he told it to me. I am still not convinced 100% though. So I will cross my fingers, and if i find out anything more, I shall post it on this site so no one else is screwed over. No loss to me has come of any of our communications over the last yr 1/2 so I am still hopeful. Thank you everyone soooo much for opening my eyes to a few things and it can help me help other friends who may go thru what some of you have. Wish me luck. 🙂

    • Francine B I to hope the one you are speaking with is real BUT the real one which I found is no longer in the Military and was only in for 4Years so good luck.Anonn

    • Francine, Ive read that you have some friends from the military, is it possible for you to check some background checking for Cl Rodney Wood whose currently based in Baghdad Iraq now. According to him he’s 42yrs old, widower, from Mesa Arizona. Is it true that soldiers deployed in Iraq has no access with their bank accounts til they go back to U.S. He talked to me in skype, msn,ym. He sent me photos and even saw him on cam. Please help me if u could.

  203. I met a man by the name of Staff Sgt. Thomas William Williams. He goes by Hawk. Met him a year and a half ago or so…march of 2011. Met on ‘connecting singles’. We had skyped lots and chatted on the phoneetc. He was in Iraq at the time. We lost tough after a few months as I started dating someone and I deleted my yahoo account. 4 months ago I get a call out of the blue, and it was him. He was in Afghanistan now and was in Germany after escorting one of his men there who was being released from military. He and I spoke on spone and video chatted on yahoo. When he was heading back to Afghanistan we even video chatted at the airport in Afghanistan as he was waiting a flight to Kandahar…He even showed me the place and I could hear the lady on the intercom periodically calling out flights etc. He was in uniform and i could see his name tag. Everything was good. I got his APO address overseas etc., and I sent him a care pkg of my own free will. He has never asked me for money or suggested anything of the sort. In fact, he says he wants to put a ring on my finger when he gets back in February. Says they have to go to Texas first and then be redeployed to their home units. He’s from North Carolina..Roanoke. I told him recently that I needed some solid proof of his identity, before I can totally believe what he is saying…that he is in love with me and wants to marry me within a year of his return. I’ve started to really have feelings for this guy, but I am leary now. I know he can’t just show me ID on line for security reasons, so he gave me his address in NC. The zip code isn’t even searchable…Doesn’t exist. Even the city itself. He wrote down Roanoke, but I could only find Roanoke Rapids in NC. I don’t know if I am being railroaded or if he is legit and he just screwed up when he typed his zip down. and perhaps didn’t write the whole name down. PPL do that sometimes. They just say the short form of their town. He says he’s with the 414th Transportation Company and he’s a reservist. He said he use to be reg force and with the 82nd reg force. I can’t seem to locate anything on him. We don’t chat very much now because where he is apparently, there is no address. No one is supposed to know their whereabouts, but them. There hasn’t been any mail where they are yet, cuz it’s a new outpost. Everything seems legit, except for the address thing. I am going to ask him his MOS and identifier if he speaks to me again. Last message I got was that he was at the hospital there and they had been hit and he’d get up with me soon. He’s gone on missions quite a bit, but recently he was off due to a medical reason. Like I said, we have known each other for over a year, and skyped and video chatted in private and in public and everything seems to add up cuz he hasn’t once wanted ANYTHING from me. But now to give me a false address….I’m worried this has all been leading up to something.. Not once on this site have I read about anyone actually video chatting with anyone though. He even says he’s been in 27 years. he’s only a Staff Sgt. too. SO that makes sense. I’m just not sure now. Has anyone ever talked or been in contact with a Staff Sgt.(Hawk) Thomas Williams? Am i just worked up about something that is probably an honest mistake? I’m so stressed out. I like this guy ALOT. Thanks for any help or advise I can get.

    • Francine you definitely have a right to be worried

      The Address he has given you does not exist=Scammer

      Says they have to go to Texas first and then be redeployed to their home units. …Scammer

      Webcams can be faked so be aware that it can and does happen

      Scammers evolve to them it is a Game he will wait for as long as it takes to get whatever he wants out of you and sometimes it may not always be about money but mark my words he will tell you what he wants and soon.

      The Name sounds made up to me but I will research it have you checked or did you ever check his IP Address

      I find it very hard to believe he does NOT know his APO because it is a new outpost it sounds like something a scammer would make up

      I will research this a little bit more but in the meantime you should go to and ASAP there you can just about find out if he is in fact real or a scammer which based on what you have typed here he is definitely a scammer.

    • @ Francine B this is what I found for the guy you asked about…..This scammer is also using this Mans Name to scam Many Women it looks like the REAL Service Member graduated in 1997 and it would be impossible for him to be in the Military for 27 Years so you have Met a Scammer I’m sorry I will send you the link ………….But below you can read how other Women are being scammed just read their comments

      Name: Sgt. Thomas F. Williams

      Hometown: Princeton, Texas

      Unit: 302nd Military Police Company, Grand Prairie, Texas, military police officer


      graduated Princetown High School, Princetown, Texas, 1997
      graduated Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Mo., 2003
      Personal: personal banker in Allen, Texas

      Military overview:

      4 yrs service
      Served in Iraq on police transition team, teaching Iraqi police officers
      A member of Wilson’s family has served in every American war
      “I answered because there was a Call to Duty, plain and simple. I was brought up to appreciate the things this country has afforded me and my freedoms have been fought for. Others fought for me so I will fight for them.”
      View photos and videos of SGT Williams on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.

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      26 Responses to “SGT Thomas Williams”

      Ivy Sherrard said

      July 28, 2010 at 00:48
      Hey BEST WARRIOR!!

      Show ‘em how the MPs Roll Baby!!!

      Much love from Sin City Las Vegas!!

      SSG Ivy “AIRBORNE” Sherrard
      314th/653rd BEST WARRIOR


      Ruth said

      November 12, 2011 at 19:29
      do you know this man


      Brie said

      June 11, 2011 at 00:05


      Manda said

      September 13, 2011 at 04:57
      sorry someone is using your pics as a dating scam


      Ruth said

      October 16, 2011 at 11:10
      what do you mean by that -because i think i have the person your talking about right now


      Manda said

      October 16, 2011 at 20:05
      Fake profiles being used with Thomases pics.
      All were reported to police.
      One on face book ebven using Thomas’s name and pics.. another was Craig Williams.. said he was in iRAQ. BE CAREFUL .. THESE PEOPLE WANT YOUR MONEY SISTER. we traced at least three!!!

      Ruth said

      October 16, 2011 at 20:29
      i have him online right now


      Ruth said

      October 16, 2011 at 20:37
      who are you and do you know the real one


      Manda said

      October 16, 2011 at 22:49
      just be careful.. ask him to take a pic of himself and send it to you. Not an army pic. Just in normal dress without a uniform to be sure. The other ones said the same as what you are being told.


      Manda said

      October 16, 2011 at 22:51
      you should be able to talk and see him through skype. if he says they dont have skype then be extra careful.


      Ruth said

      October 17, 2011 at 05:14
      do you know the real one


      Manda said

      October 17, 2011 at 22:03
      No.. but have left him messages to let him know that his pic is being used as fake profiles.If you are talking to the real one you will findout sooner or later.. check his pic through Google pics and there is another one being used at the moment so that makes 4 now


      Ruth said

      October 18, 2011 at 21:27
      he is still up to his tricks


      Manda said

      October 19, 2011 at 21:43
      I feel so sorry for all the women being used in this scam. I hope you are ok.Stay stromg and be aware. you know they only go for the kindhearted women, so you must be special.


      Liz said

      November 12, 2011 at 19:05
      I guess I’m number 5 as he contacted me on Said his name is Craig James Williams. Widow, One son – age 9 from Carlisle, PA. I thought he was fake when I noticed “cut and pasted” responses, capitals in wrong places and spacing errors.

      Ruth said

      November 12, 2011 at 19:09
      he is still getting on yahoo and he said he had a daughter and gave me a fake email for her lol im sorry but he has even tried to tell me he isnt fake and tried to setup a new account. one question is were is the real one at


      Ruth said

      November 12, 2011 at 19:11
      he has been using all the pic on the internet as i found out maybe someone needs to find this man and let him know whats going on before someone else gets hurt


      Liz said

      November 13, 2011 at 02:18
      He’s on yahoo messenger now..


      Liz said

      November 13, 2011 at 03:42
      Looks like the fraud is using Staff Sgt Jason Fiedler’s identity, too. Speeddate has closed him. He actally chatted with me today and denied being fake. Said to prove it but couldn’t come on cam nor had an APO address.


      Ruth said

      November 13, 2011 at 05:27
      he was on my yahoo and he is going by Thomas Addams William who has a daughter emily


      Thomas Williams said

      November 23, 2011 at 19:00
      I’m Thomas Williams and I am not on any dating site. Also, don’t call numbers you find for me. Someone called my parents house at after midnight one day. I dont live there. Sorry if anyone his hurt by these moronic thieves.


      Manda said

      November 26, 2011 at 10:13
      I am so glad you are aware of the scam… rotten that it is you they are using. I hope your ok.


      Dawn said

      April 11, 2012 at 07:56
      Dear Sgt Thomas Williams,
      My name is Dawn and I am really confused because, I thought I was talking to you, while you were in Afganistan, all the way up until today, I was just curious and usually I talk to this man who I thought was you, and I wanted to know everything I could before I thought you were coming home, This man said he was on his way home Friday the 13th and would be home Sunday to come spend the rest of his life with me…Now I am just heartbroken, I dont know what to think right now, I am really confused because, I even have an address to a foriegn country somewhere in Nigeria…This man i fell in love with…I had been talking to him for 2 months…Then I also have a picture that I dont see anywhere…because I asked for a new one, and also all my emails were from Afganistan, and all the messages I recieved on my phone…He said he was coming home to stay and was going to ask me to marry him in person…I was emailing pictures back and forth of houses, that he said we would go look at when he got home and it had to have a pool…


      Dawn said

      April 11, 2012 at 07:58
      I thought it was you, and I was going to marry a man that I thought was you…

      Manda said

      November 26, 2011 at 10:09
      still on line as craigwills200@


      Kelvin said

      March 20, 2012 at 04:15
      what a go reward keep it up god bless America

      But old can you show me how drive on land

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  204. Hello there, I’ve posted yesterday my story but I can’t find it anywhere here……..anyway be aware of another scammer named SSG Stephen Goodell (or Christopher Goodell) stationed recently in Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan. I haven’t sent him anything but he was working on me to apply and pay for his secondary leave…
    He did provide me with his APO and so on but refused to contact me through his military email. He contacted me yesterday with life quotes about my problem with trust….wrote him back to get life and f…off….after that received about 10 THE MOST NASTY TEXTS… language he used there was something I’ve never heard, that’s why I am wondering who he really was since his vocabulary reminds me of a ghetto slag. Anyway I’m hoping to never hear from them again, have I mentioned that they were threatening me as well!!!!!

    • Dorota don’t worry about the threats they ALWAYS do that when they find out the gig is up that means no money the ghetto slang is just that those African scammers always get Nasty when they lose out on what they think is money in the Bank He has no POWER he cannot get out of West Africa without a Visa and an invite to the US so whats he going to do threaten you to death he knows you are on to him and he will not bother you any longer because he knows there is no money in it for him so just ignore him to post the pics hes using go to and Glad you were able to recognize a scam and a scammer.Anonn

  205. I have been talking for the past week with a guy who says his name is Mike William Jones who says he is with special forces and can’t tell me where…lol…I have pretty much known he was a scammer from the get go…he sold me the story of wanting to make me his Next Of Kin and gave me an email to contact for the information I needed to become his next of kin…I played along and finally got a response from some general…I knew from reading this blog what to expect…they were asking for 2350 USD to get the NOK so he could come home and marry me…lol…the email he gave me was…he also gave me 3 email addresses…, and….I would like to post his pictures but not sure how or if I can do it here…beware of this guy…he should be able to spot…his grammar sucks…I even told him so and he seemed offended…I think he is onto the fact that I suspect him…so time to threaten him and then block him…btw…he says his parents were in vietnam together and that his dad died in vietnam and his mother was a nurse w/special forces…lol…everytime I questioned him…his story changed…a real winner…anyway let me know where I can post pictures of this guy…and thanks for all the information I have obtained here…P.S. I have gotten pretty good at spotting scammers…on…some guys are using the same picture with different usernames in different cities…sometimes the same picture will show up side by side with different information when searching…shame on for not having a better screening process…they should hire me just to do it for them…lol…good luck to every one out there and be safe…

  206. Hi Guys, keep an eye out for someone posing as “SMITH ANDREW” on facebook – total scammer!!!! These scammers are so dumb they use the pictures of famous people. This Smith Andrew’s picture is that of the WWE wrestler called Chuck Liddel. Cheers A.

  207. I’ve posted here many times. My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. Pictures of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009. Back in April, a new opportunity arose to combat the SCAMMERS. An editor from Glamour Magazine in New York City contacted me and asked for an interview. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. The resulting article was published in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. I’d encourage everyone to buy the magazine or read the article on-line through a link that I’ll post below. Hopefully, the story will shed more light on this under-reported crime.

    • Good for you Gordon, hopefully we will get the issue out here in Australia. 🙂

    • Gordon please help me out to trace the real identity of this guy, Colonel Rodney Wood, now deployed in Baghdad Iraq, email add I am totally confused now, i saw his photos and even talked on cam thru skype, its the same person. Though he has alot of alibis, he cant stay long talk on cam because of security reason, his bank account is on hold while on service in iraq and will be activated only once he comes back to u.s. Is this guy really in active service? I wanna know please.


  209. I think im being scammed by sgt. micheal scott. after talking for about 2 weeks he asked if i could help him get a leave and to file a leave for him sent a email to which i did then got a email back to say i need to send 250. for filing fee…but i did not send money.. he still contacks me everyday . his ip is need help

    • Jennie this is simple there is NO fee for Leave and no one can apply for leave except the Military Member so he is definitely a scammer cut off all contact with him DELETE and BLOCK him go to for support and you can also check his IP and see where his emails are coming from also you can ask for his AKO and APO if he refuses scammer demand he gets on cam and shows himself any excuses scammer which he is anyways because he has asked you for 250 dollars for fake leave Remember the Military takes care of its own they will not need your help for any reason only a scammer will find you on ANY social site and claim to be Military chat with you for days and hours at a time and invent stories or need your help for some reason REAL Military members have no time to sit online and search Women out and tell them lies and beg for money they have real JOBS scammers have all the time in the world to do just that beg and LIE.

      Military AKO end in .mil only and it will NOT be any free email provider if he sends you an email from a .mil email address to make sure it has not been spoofed or faked send an email back to that AKO address if it returns undeliverable he is a scammer which we know he is anyway hope this helps Anonn

  210. there are some social site that you can get on without paying and giving out your email address.. Tagged for instance is swarming with fake soldie profiles.. omg cesspools of them maggots! I’ve reported a few and still see their profiles up there … and have been warned my profile will be suspended or closed permanently for doing this!


  211. Please i need your help, i fall in love with that guy he said his name is Jeremy Harvey is a sargent and now is in usa enbassy in abuja nigueria. he ask me for help for cost the transit fee, for he can come to me, he say is a widow, all his money is in the military bank and he cant access them, is a sad history he say i have pictures he send me. Please is someone help me to find is that true or scam plssssss.
    407-341-5181, thanks

  212. are there any US Army in Pakistan? thats where my soldier says he’s being moved.. 🙁

  213. Dearest helptemple

    With my heart and soul I thank you. You have given me the strength to perform the work that was making me emotionally, psychologically and physically ill. I have yet to finish but I am thankful I have made progress. People came into my life to help me. They helped with my bills, my mental well being so that I was able to make good decisions. Today I received the highest rating at my job even though last year was the most horrible year of my life. I have never been rated lower than far exceeded during my entire career and I thought for sure it would happen this year. With that comes a lot of responsibility and I hope I do not fail as times are still tough and sometimes still feel sad and helpless. I wished that I could feel like a women and a person again. To be able make good decisions and get through this paperwork. Any help financially I would be extremely grateful. If it was more than I needed than I would do good with it. I have been provided with all that I prayed for.
    I am extremely grateful to you and all that you do. You are very gifted and I will never forget you. I am also grateful for the Blessed Mother, Jesus, God and St. Anthony whom I also pray to.
    I hope that my journey in this life continues with a clear mind and an open heart and soul so that I can do good for my children and this world.
    Again I thank you and send to you all that is can as will email him

    D. from USA

  214. I met a guy in May on Are you who claims to be in the Army for 17 years and is supposedly stationed in Nigeria. Today he asked me to “loan” him $1000. His name is Robert Inabnit and supposedly he’s a lieutenant and his parents are both dead and his only brother is dead. He needs the money for things in Nigeria like internet connections. I don’t trust him, so be careful!

    • Petri –

      Your ROBERT INABNIT is clearly a SCAMMER. There are several red flags in the story. First, there are no U.S. Army soldiers stationed in Nigeria. Who do you find in Nigeria? SCAMMING Nigerians. The vast majority of military dating SCAMMERS are from Ghana and Nigeria. If one of these guys tells you that he’s an American soldier stationed in Nigeria, you won’t be surprised when he tells you his address is somewhere in Nigeria. Why else would you send moeny or items to a cesspool like Nigeria. Second, It’s VERY unlikely that someone in the Army would still be a lieutenant after 17 years. It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely. Third, the Army pays for a soldier’s internet connection when he’s stationed overseas. Fourth, he would NEVER need to borrow money from a stranger over the internet. Who begs for money over the internet? African (and other) SCAMMERS. Finally, a quick Google search revealed that the name ROBERT INABNIT has been used by SCAMMERS since at least September 2010. Follow the link below. Read the posts on the blog. They’re all about CAPTAIN ROBERT INABNIT, stationed in Nigeria, asking women to buy him a satellite phone.

  215. I am wondering now if the person I’ve been talking too for a month is also a scam. We’ve been talking multiple hours and only this week did he mention he is leaving Monday on a mission. He didn’t mention the phone thing until yesterday. The phones aren’t free, compatible with prices for “smart”phones here. But I find it odd how I would have to buy a phone for him when I don’t need it…he supposedly does.
    How do I make sure he is legit. He’s told me hes an e-6 Ssgt. I don’t want to accuse him if he’s legit..but I don’t want to be scammed either.
    So how can I verify him or this whole thing?
    Oh, and his grammar is fairly normal to most people I know, so theres not a concern there.

  216. I am wondering now if the person I’ve been talking two for a month is also a scam. We’ve been talking multiple hours and only this week did he mention he is leaving Monday on a mission. He didn’t mention the phone thing until yesterday. The phones aren’t free, compatible with prices for “smart”phones here. But I find it odd how I would have to buy a phone for him when I don’t need it…he supposedly does.
    How do I make sure he is legit. He’s told me hes an e-6 Ssgt. I don’t want to accuse him if he’s legit..but I don’t want to be scammed either.
    So how can I verify him or this whole thing?
    Oh, and his grammar is fairly normal to most people I know, so theres not a concern there.

    • Shelly he is indeed a Scammer if he were a REAL US Military Member he would NOT beg you for a phone nor anything else and the fact that he has mentioned it should be clear to you he is a scammer due to the fact that real military members are able to talk to their loved ones for free they do NOT need expensive Cellphones IF you encounter any one that you meet on any social site that tells you they are US Military and asks you for ANYTHING of value or money he is absolutely a scammer the Military takes care of its own and will NOT need your money for anything nor will they need any expensive electronics and they also have access to their Money at ALL times so yes this is a scammer he will tell you to send the phone to someone in the UK or some fake courier or to send it to West Africa please delete and block him especially if you have NOT seen him on cam hope this helps Anonn

  217. uno de éstos infelices trató de empezar a engañarme, típico, con el nombre de Miller, hay tantos nombres q ha utilizado este estafador, que capaz el pobre Miller ya ni quiere escuchar su propio nombre lol. ya no es culpa tambien del Lt. Miller ser tan guapo lol, a uno la experiencia le deja ese NO VOLVER A CONFIAR EN NADIE, yo hice por mi cuenta mis investigaciones y hasta los FB que el pobre Miller tiene al parecer ninguno son de él, pero están llenos de fotos que incluso te hacen dudar, ya sea Alex, Jeffrey, Dean, o el Miller nuevamente bautizado es imposible dar con su paradero, además le encontré un twitter a Miller q ni ha de ser de él por mas bloqueado que esté. Me da pena hablar lo siguiente, pues no soy racista, pero los negros se hacen odiar, ver a tantos negros vagos pero aunque duela reconocerlos son inteligentes para sus estafas y además tan pacientes que hasta aburren, no hay manera de erradicar a estos sujetos, pues he leído por allí que ya han conocido a Miller y que al estafador se lo tomó preso, pero deja un legado que si nó es el mismo sujeto al que dejan libre y vuelve a sus andadas de estafar, o es otro negro con la misma información en cadena a cerca del pobre Miller que continúan utilizando sus fotos y sus “nombres” sin cambiar el apellido que es el visible en su camisa militar para el engaño de todas las féminas que no son ciegas y ven semejante bombón de hombre y se dejan llevar ya sea por saber de que se trata ó tratando de buscar una “lotería” como relación sentimental con este casi perfecto Adonis el tan famoso “Lt. Miller”. A veces me asalta la duda y pienso mal del mismo pobre Miller y mejor le otorgo el beneficio de la duda, tiene una hermosa sonrisa y creo que en su rostro no se designa ninguna maldad y peor de este tipo de estafas, sólo espero que haya superado éste inmenso problema sin fin del que ha sido víctima y creo q esa pag. de apoyo para él en FB es hecha por los mismos negros lol, pero estoy intentando averiguar mas sobre él, UTÓPICO lol, sé que jamás lo encontraré aunque tambien creo q nada es imposible, solo deseo ladies q conozcan hombres pero ya no a traves de internet, aquí solo hay estafadores y nada más. Saludos ladies y para mi lindo “MILLER” un besito bien rico, Hasta pronto y me gustó este foro sin límite de caracteres, sirve como desahogo, mil gracias bye bye ?
    Alejandra =)

    • Alejandra me gustaria que me enviaras un email para mantenernos en comunicacion creo que me podrias ayudar a averiguar si jeremy harvey es un scam o no por favor, estoy muy desesperada.

  218. one of these unhappy fool tried to start, typically, by the name of Miller, so many names this scammer has used q, that the poor can no longer Miller wants to hear his own name lol. and not the fault of Lt. Miller also be so cute lol, one that lets you experience never to trust anyone, I did my research on my own and even that poor FB Miller has apparently neither are his but are full of pictures that even make you doubt whether Alex, Jeffrey, Dean, or baptized again Miller is impossible to locate him, and he found a twitter q Miller or it has to be blocked by more than is. I feel bad about the following, as I am not racist, but blacks are hate to see so many vague but even if it hurts blacks are smart to recognize scams and their patients as well to get bored, there’s no way to eradicate these subjects, I read over there because they have already met the scammer Miller and took it prisoner, but leaves a legacy that if the same subject is not left free to return to their old ways of cheating, or is another black with the same chain information about the poor Miller who continue to use their photos and their “names” without changing the name that is visible in his military shirt for deception of all females who are not blind and look like marshmallow man and left carried out either in question or trying to find a “lottery” as a romantic relationship with this almost perfect Adonis so famous “Lt. Miller “. Sometimes I have doubts and think ill of the same poor Miller and awarded him the best benefit of the doubt, has a beautiful smile and I think his face is not designated any wrongdoing and worst of these scams, just hope there overcome this huge problem Endless has been the victim and believe that p q. support for him in FB is made by the same black lol, but I’m trying to find out more about him, utopian lol, never know what I’ll find but also q nothing is impossible, only men want ladies know q but not through internet, here are just scammers and nothing else. Greetings ladies and my cute “MILLER” a kiss good rich soon and I liked this forum any number of characters, serves as a relief, thank you bye bye?
    Alejandra =)

  219. I met a guy named Cpt kenneth Mills on match com,its not adding up we had good conversation week or so then he wanted to take a leave and come meet me.So he had me write this letter to the secretary.I did then I received a letter asking for a money gram to pay for his travel.Red Flag ,so I told him I didn’t have money I,lied of course,that I was a single Mom and had to talk to my lawyer.He seems ok with that but I did contact army seems fishy..any thoughts?

    • Tammy Zurowski yes you you are correct to feel like something is Fishy he is a scammer no one can request leave for any Military Member only the Military Member can do that and it does not have to be paid for EVER any Man that finds you on any social site and claims to be Military is a scammer go to and Educate yourself.Hope this helps also go to and there you can share your story.

  220. Is there where you report a scammer? Is that all we can do is report it? How do we stop this?

  221. want to warn you of a charles allen robert, he confessed his love to me extremely quickly wanted me to top up his mobile phone tmobile said he couldn’t get of barracks
    he suppose to be based in wiltshire and in bomb disposal from usa. started going on about coming to see me and wanted money for leave i’m afraid i started thinking no something not right here told him i had no money to send and kept asking me to sell something i kept saying no
    as you don’t pay for leave and you don’t get a total stranger to ask the usa army to ask for leave. he said one ammount would have to be paid then a huge ammount for a soldier to come over and replace him.
    i’m afraid i just got switched off by him then. shame as his photo was lovely had allen on his name tag as well for someone that had allot of medals he didn’t really know what he was talking about.
    he goes by ssgcute on yahoo messenger.

  222. Hi. I have been talking to someone called Mark Cole for 2 days and already alarm bells are ringing. He is apparently on a peacekeeping mission in Iraq. He first told me he was divorced then 2 days later told me he was widowed. When I questioned him about it he said his ex wife died after they were divorced !!!! He also told me his son was 15. When I asked him who was looking after his son while he was away he said his son was boarding at college studying to be a Doctor. I dont know much about the American Education system but doesn;t this seem a little young???
    He has not asked me for anything yet but I have always been on my guard anyway because why would a US Military man be contacting me via a dating site – oh and as soon as I started to talk to him on MSN he deleted his profile on
    These sick scammers need to be locked up. I feel sorry for the real heroes out there whose pictures are being stolen by these beggars.

  223. Hi any one knows Daniel Opoku , Billy Lopez , Carl Anderson , this all the mens to money from me , this is happen now after i did give 400.00 then 200.00 hurts but is the , any one can help me to try to getting my money back , i still recive from Daniel Opoku emails and calls now he needs 1000.00 jajajajajaja i stop rigth there …now i am looking for the true . Please adivice . I am from brasil

  224. Anyone knows Brian Walker?
    His wife died 7 yrs ago,his son leaves in London,he is a Dr (surgeon)at kabul.

    Sweet talking,inlove!skype and not microphone only writte.

  225. hello my people out there that are in the same position which iwas before and now i am in the next level with the powerful spell of DR. WHITE last week my i was able to contact and i told him the problem i am having with my boyfriend and he told me he will be able to give me solution,but i never believed him until yesterday when my boyfriend came to my house and was begging me to forgive him for his pass life and he was promising me that he will never hurt me no matter what i do to him.i am very happy because he has never gave me his attention that was why i was angry with him initially and now he loves me and i love him.this is my advice to who ever than have problem with his relationship should conted DR. WHITE so that your problem should stop.He is tested and trusted by me and it was a friend that told me to contact his email and this is real

    • Marie (Troll) good for you we are so happy you got your so called lover back BUT why did you leave an email address here HMMM let me guess hoping to catch a fish here so that you can try to pull some type of scam? please find another site to troll no one here is interested in Voodoo or the so called love spell specialist no one here is that desperate or stupid.Thanks Anonn

  226. Hi, I was scammed by a military troop, and he even conned me into sending him money. He said that his diplomat will be receiving the money. His name is Sergent Major Chris England. He said that he was on a peace keeping mission in Baghdad, Iraq. I had met him on He told me that he was getting out because his service time was up, but he needed some money to send home 3 duffle bags that were suppose to have important papers and stuff. The post office in Baghdad wanted him to insure the bags, then if they are lost, the country would pay him $10,000. After the insurance was paid, then he said that he needed money for the tags on the bags. I didn’t know better, I was really wanting him to be with me and my son, and I believed everything that he told me. The bags were suppose to come to me, but they went to his place, so he said. Then he needed money for the plane ticket, and said that he couldn’t go through the military to get home, and that he was on his own. I didn’t ever send him any money for the ticket, but a few weeks later, he got online and was chatting with me, and wanted to know why I abandoned him when he needed me most, so he said. But to come up with the money, I ended up pawning almost everything of any value and I sold my car. He has promised to pay, but I know that will never happen. i ENDED UP SENDING $845.90, BUT THE $45.90 WAS FOR FEES TO SEND THE MONEY. HELP!!!

    • Help? Keep your money to yourself, block the sick idiot dick and find a hobby that will take away the lonliness. I know it’s tough being alone, but honey, this isn’t living….THIS IS INSANE!

  227. hello again, i would like to know if there is a site we can place pictures wich were sent to us, so the people on the pictures can see they are beeing used for scamming? i have read that someone opend a facebook page but i cant find it.
    I got 5 pictures of a little boy (his son he said) and i think that is very wrong for childeren to be used like this. I think his real parents should know too.

    • Christina yes go to and there you can post the pics the scammer is using hope this helps Anonn

  228. hello all, very sad how scammers are praying on innocent women. so now i have a captain on msn i would like to see if anyone knows this guy. eventhough he didnt ask me money (yet) and he is very sweet i still want to know if he is who he says he is
    His name is Carl Craft and is captain in the us army, send to afghanistan. 49 years old has a son 13 years old, He send me pictures of him and of his son but not together in pictures wich i find strange and told him so.
    I google this name and searched on facebook too, even did a picture reverse search but nothing came up.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  229. I’ve recently been scammed by someone on the over 40 and single site. goes by the name frank white, alias fwhyte20 and fwhyte45…both have been deleted, but now known as fwhyte. I have pics to share…where do I send them. Kindly reply to

  230. I have been chatting with a man that claims to be in Africa his name is LTC Kelvin Mathins I D is # LTC2179 he is located in Nigeria working under the Department: 2nDivision Adekunle Fajuyi cantonment.He wants me to send a leave request to the following address ; I have been hesitating to send the email that he sent me to request it and I am so glad that I did after reading all this that has been posted I know now that he has been lieing to me all along…It is so hard to believe there are such monsters out there pretending to be good men. How dare they pose as Military Men. Our men our out there fighting for our freedom and these A_ _ H_ _ _s are out there trying to make a quick buck. How dare they. So Ladies watch out for this one.

  231. This is crazy! I messaged a Sgt. Trey Durand (37 years old, stationed in Afghanistan) for a few months wherein he professed his undying love. Myself being always the skeptic was always in the “ya right” frame of mind and sometimes it was quite ridiculous. However, at times it was almost nice to believe. He told me he had lost his wife in childbirth and his son was being taken care of in the states by a nanny, and his parents were dead. Then he asked for help setting up a bank account because he been blocked from his US account. Then he needed me to send $800 for him to be allowed to return home. What?! I began pointing out holes in his story and asking too many questions and told him I wouldn’t be sending him the money so he terminated contact.

    Now another one has taken to messaging me, today! Am I magnet for them now? 40 year old, David LeCain, stationed in Kabul… status in the US Army unknown at this point. Anyone have any info on him? Should we automatically be distrustful of anyone saying they’re in the Army, etc…?

  232. i have been talking to a so called morgan lopez i now discover he has been talking to many he did ask me for a lap top but i said no he wanted a cell phone he gave me address at camp eggers i have since found out he is not there any way how can the real person be told of this he is obviously in the military because of pictures etc is there any way to contact him or find his wheerabouts ? ann

  233. i to have had two men talking to me one was a Sgt.James Ruddock he has a son that lives in Fla. needed money to get a laptop or somthing so he could continue to talk to me because his buddy was not going to let him use his computer forever then he wanted money sent to Ghana to a Jabril Muberak so he could send gold and diamonds thru customs but once it passed i could have some of the money……Then now i have another man talking to me his name is Sgt. David Luis Mark needs money to come home he tells me if i don’t send the money will die and he don’t want to die he wants to come home and marry me he confesses his UNDIEING love to me, although im not sure if this address is real or not ,( is this address real?? I don’t want to make them all out to be bad i have pics and letters if you need to see them

    • Crystal those two are BOTH scammers and the email address is BOGUS as hell first of all Military email ends in .Mil only anything beyond .mil is a scam and a scammer behind it. THIS IS A FRAUD they have both asked you for money if they ask for money for ANY reason they are scammers as Military Members have access to their money at all times no matter where they are and wherever the Military sends them they NEVER need money for a return trip only scammers need your money he does NOT Love you he loves the idea of stealing your money please block and delete him and educate yourself about scammers because they beg.

      So let me sum this up:

      If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
      If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
      If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
      If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
      If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
      If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
      If you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

      The Us Military takes care of its own so in short they will NOT need your money for any reason nor your help

      For a flight home for a fake telephone nor will they have some diplomat nor does their mail have to go through a third party

      If he is real Military he will have an APO ask for his APO then google it tell him to get on webcam and prove who he is
      Real US Military members have access to the Bank accounts at ALL TIMES see where Im going with this DO NOT send money for any reason to anyone that claims to be Military and begs for money

      Leave and retirement does not have to be paid for care packages should NOT contain expensive electronics so tell this scammer to put up or shut up if he emails you from a .mil address do not assume he is real try to send an email to that email address and if it comes back undeliverable there is your answer so start asking him questions or better yet delete and block him if he found you on any social site and claims to be US Military that is an automatic give away that he is a scammer hope this helps Anonn

  234. Thank you so much for the education and eye opening accts of events and so sorry for those who lost money, time and energy on these criminals. I was communicating with Capt. Christopher Green, of the US Army, states he is a widower of 2 yrs (wife died of breast cancer), and

  235. I am soo thankful I discovered this site. Thank you to all you ladies who have educated me and opened my eyes to these Scammers. I am a recent widow and have been communicating with Capt. Christopher Green of the U.S.Army. States he is a recent widower with 2 sons……….e=mail address is

  236. try Sgt Peter Sherman U.S. Army at Camp Eggers in Kabul who tried to get me to access a sqareup account in my name for him. We have been communicating for about a month now and he said he fell for me. We originally contacted through POF dating site and like a fool I fell hard for him. I would take a picture of the one he has on dating site but wouldn’t that be invasion of privacy. I thankfully did not activate the squareup account and know there are many women out there niave enough to fall for these scammers. My advise is to never send anything or activate anything for them and never send money to them. My heart is broken but thank goodness my money is still in my hands. Anyone with info on this so called Peter Sherman pleases don
    t hesitate to contact me, I will gladly take the steps require to have him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  237. Still reading the posts on this site…I am lost for words!!! Can anyone tell me if the names of Preston Edwards and Maj Gen Wayne Preston Devoe have been seen or heard off? I have pictures of Wayne and also is there a site where pictures are posted of these people? I appreciate any information you are willing to share and I also have information.

    • Paula please google this……….Maj Gen Wayne Preston Devoe………when you do that you will find your answers you will find that this is a damn scammer that has made up a Name do not give personal information NOR ever send money for any reason Military takes care of its own and will not need your help for any reason block and delete please these are all scammers if you have not seen them on webcam and they found you on any social site and claim to be US Military they are scammers.Anonn

      • Anonn..Thank you for your reply…have you seen the name Maj Gen Wayne Preston Devoe on any sites or does he go by other names any pictures for me to see…do you know of him???

        • Paula I asked you to google the Name because there you will find this is NOT even a real Name but it is a combination of two or more Mens names scammers are notorius for making up assinine Names they are not familiar with first and last Names so when you have the time just google that Name and you will see just what I mean.Anonn

          Also go to and also check the IP from the emails he sends to you usually tells you where they are Im sure hes NOT in Afghan

  238. Hi Ladies,

    I’ve been on for a year and chatting with decent guys, then in March 2012 started chatting with a US Army Sgt Jackson Philips who is 39 years old and saw my profile and photos and fell in love with me.
    We chatted from then until June 2012 and he asked me some questions? If i was married before and if I had any children and I told him no I was never married or don’t have any kids… He said good and he then started saying Angela de los Santos and give me your email address so we can chat on messenger so I gave him it and he gave me his and he started to tell me babe I wanna spend the rest of my life with you and I said you and I have never met in person yet?


    • You sound like a troll and i notice this is the second time you have left both of these email addresses here so what exactly is your point meaning what are you trying to pull are you that desperate to get a fish everyone here knows that Name has been associated with a scammer because it is a made up name now go troll somehwere else please Thanks

  239. Pam when I googled the Name this scammer is using I found MANY pages under 419 scam so this is definitely a scammer…….see below.

    From: “Barr.Perry Cole”
    Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 02:12:55 +0600

    Good day,

    My working partner has helped me to send your first payment of US$7,500 to you
    as instructed by Mr. James Gordon Brown and will keep sending you US$7,500
    twice a week until the payment of (US$360,000) is completed within six months
    and here is the information below:

    SENDER’S NAME: Mr. Mark Daniel
    AMOUNT: US$7,500

    To track your funds forward Western Union Money Transfer agent your Full Names
    and Mobile Number via Email.

    Barr.Perry Cole

  240. Has anyone talk to a sgt Perry cole who goes by the name Noble. He said he is in kandahar military base afghanistan?

    • Pam Noble is a popular Name scammers have been using if he sends you an email check the IP sunnyvale california is where yahoo is located I am betting this is a scammer tell him to email you from his Military email address it should end in .mil and it will not be a free email provider things to remember……

      The Us Military takes care of its own so in short they will NOT need your money for any reason nor your help

      For a flight home for a fake telephone nor will they have some diplomat nor does their mail have to go through a third party

      If he is real Military he will have an APO ask for his APO then google it tell him to get on webcam and prove who he is
      Real US Military members have access to the Bank accounts at ALL TIMES see where Im going with this DO NOT send money for any reason to anyone that claims to be Military and begs for money

      Leave and retirement does not have to be paid for care packages should NOT contain expensive electronics so tell this scammer to put up or shut up if he emails you from a .mil address do not assume he is real try to send an email to that email address and if it comes back undeliverable there is your answer so start asking him questions or better yet delete and block him if he found you on any social site and claims to be US Military that is an automatic give away that he is a scammer hope this helps Anonn

  241. Ladies! I came up with a decent way to find out if your man is a scammer. I was talking to three of them, so I asked for the phone number to a relative or friend I could contact here in the US to talk to about them.

    I asked all three, none of them could give me a number, they had every excuse in the book from I’m still looking for someone to live with right down to they’re not allowed to contact anyone while they’re oversea’s. Really? Didn’t you contact me?
    Seriously? what does who your living with have to do with me talking to a relative or friend?

    If your not sure if your man is real, wait until they confess their undying love for you then tell them you’d like to talk to one of your future relatives and ask for a phone number of one of them in the US. If your man is a scammer, you won’t get a number.

    This has worked for me three times already, I hope it works for you also!! Good luck!!

    • Thank you for this idea! I am doing this the next time I talk to him.

  242. I to am currently talking to a military man who claims his wife died 7 years ago. He has even gone to the extreme as to have his son contact me thru Yahoo messenger. He goes by the name of Joel Watkins Rancout and his sons name is Swain.
    As soon as you start talking to him he will confess his undying love for you, his son will start the conversation by calling you mom and tell you that they just want someone to love forever. They both speak broken English and are online ALL the time. Show me ANY military person who has access to a computer from Afghanistan 24/7?
    I then received another contact from a Louis Robles, he to is in Afghanistan on a mission and is not married. He claims his wife was unfaithful. He also has one child.
    These three men are NOT military, I don’t know who the pictures belong to as I just started talking to them within the last two days. I’m still trying to get any information I can to report them.
    Thank you all for letting me know about this scam!! I am deep grateful!! I hope they all get caught and sent to jail for preying on the hearts of women and using false identities to do it!

  243. I was nearly scammed by a soldier calling himself Mark James (Afghanistan) email: He contacted me on He was very charming and persistent about sending me photos and sending them to me by personal email. I stupidly game him my email address and when I received his photos was impressed by this very handsome looking soldier. He asked me to chat on Yahoo Messenger and I agreed. After communicating with him for a while I noticed he had a limited vocabulary and his grammar was terrible. I ignored this red flag, knowing that the man in the photo looked much more intelligent than this person sending me messages. I began to investigate a little and started asking him questions related to what he was doing in Afghanistan; his rank, job, etc. He told me he was a Staff Sergeant E9 and he did Patrol. So I researched military rank and pay and found that to be incorrect. He then told me his birthday was coming up and wanted to know what I going to send him. I asked him what he wanted and he said a phone and computer. I said I would buy them at Best Buy, but needed his credit card #. He was shocked I asked for his CC#, it scared him and said I didn’t have to buy them after all. I told him I would send cookies and candy and needed his mailing address. This is when I really know this was all wrong. He gave me an email address to email for instructions on how to send him mail: I emailed just to see the response and was not surprised to find Jerry Dorleagbenu, AT453, Accra Ghana. Confirmation this was a scam! Thank goodness my woman’s intuition kicked in and wasn’t taken advantage of by this character. I’m just a little sad, because the soldier in the photo was really someone I would love to meet. If anyone wants to find out where an email is sent from just open up the Full Header of the email address, copy and past onto the following link:
    Best Regards,

    • Kim great job I love it this beggar tried the old my Birthday is in a few days scam and you straight burst his bubble by telling him sure and then asked for his credit card number I love it LOL great job now you can also go to and and share the pics this poser is using and it can help other Women from falling victim to the old its my birthday scam nice job Anonn

  244. Well there is a new scammer to add to the list. His name is Joseph Dodson, and I almost sent him a phone today. He said that his roommate was being sent to another camp and taking his computer with him, thus our communication ending. I don’t think he even had to come out and ask me for a phone, I wanted to get him one this guy was so believable. I’m a single mom of 5 children – wtf was I even thinking a man would be excited to be with me and an instant father of 5. LOL He said he would be coming home in 2 months and would fly to where i was. He already loved my family. He was lonely. His Mom died 2 months before deployment. His father’s family was spread out and not close. His wife stold 50k from him and ran off with their grown daughter and another man. I was warned before I sent anything, luckily, and what hurts the most is that my kids made cards for this creep and I have to open their eyes to the fact that there are people in this world that are not honest. I played dumb today when he was talking to me, purposely trying to change the subject off the phone and saying things like “we will make it, just have faith” and “so how is your day” or talking about my kids, but he always managed to bring the conversation back to the phone. It was actually quite humerous to know that I was messing with him – it was my little revenge I suppose. I met him on a dating website, and 10 days later I’m wanting to send him a phone. Can’t believe I fell for this. I am not this stupid!!!!

    • Michelle GREAT job glad you recognized the old I need a phone or phoneline scam REAL Military members can call home for free these Scammers are ALWAYS coming up with really weird far from the truth stories or their life story and it is sadistic glad you noticed all he wanted was the phone beware of any man that finds you on any social site and claims to be in the Military and needing anything from you real Military members will NEVER beg for anything from a total stranger as they have access to their bank accounts at all times for support and for more info you can also go to and also Anonn

  245. Watch out for . he is based in Lagos. He is very heavy. They sent me death and kidnapping threats which I reported. I’m so far a way it would cost them more to get there.

  246. Well I was amost out of 1680.00 today After chatting with someone claming to be SGT .Peter Hopkins and of course falling for him as he sweet talked me, He said he was a sniper for the US militaryHe aslo said his wife died 4 years ago of lung cancer ..How he had only met girls that wanted one night stands and how he wanted someone to love for ever and marrie.So long story short , he said yesterday that he would be sent to front line and wanted to know if i would ask for a leave so we could be married.I fell for today he sent me a web address to get the paper work . i sent for it .he had said that there would be a small fee.well when i recived the paperwork it said the cost was 1680.00 to send it by western union and he would come be with me. again i fell for it and the address was to Cindy Mobley a address stating it was from the department of defense.So i go to the bank and ask if they could send it and thanks to the employees there.they new it was fake.I insisted it was real but they refused to send it for me.upset I go to my car set at my laptop and start googling the names of the people on the form LT COL. ROBERT GONZALEZ and LT.COL ROBERT FRIEDMAN no longer alive.and this CINDY MOBLEY oh and she is alive and lives at the address given to send the money (look Her Up Ladies on face book) and while you are there look for David Mark he is on her friends list and he tried to friend me today they waste no time.But in the end they did not recieve a dime.

    • Vickie great job glad you found out this was a begging lying poser and were able to keep your money wise move as US Military will not ever beg a total stranger for money NOR will REAL Military members tell ANYONE they are special ops or a Sniper like this beggar told you Please delete and block him do NOT speak to him he has tried to steal from you for support and to better Educate yourself so this doesnt happen again go to and great job on the part of the employees at your bank.Anonn

  247. Well I have looked on all of this site but cannot find a Felyse Esquivel, so watch out……it could be a new name that has come to light. I havent been asked for any money stil but I am sure that will come. The leave forms are all filled in and leave has been granted. I just find it amazing that the photos are all good and none of them has been put together. I really would love to know who Esquivel really is because from all the photos he is or was definately in a war zone. and after all girls, thats the man we have really enjoyed being with isnt it…..just a pity the b****** pulling the strings is not real. I think I have another one on Facebook as well, Roland James from America, travels to Nigeria and back and also to Australia where is sister lives. She is ill. He is only just getting down to the romance though because I have not been receptive but I think that will have to change because i WANT TO CHECK IT OUT FURTHER AND PUT A WARNING ON FACEBOOK.why cant life be a little more pleasant. I am having fun with it because I know butnI know a lot of ladies have bee taken.

  248. Some statements that should at least make you question his affiliation:

    He is in a special operations unit and therefore cannot share any information with you. I would say that 95% of the ones we have proved to be fakes were claiming to be in a special operations unit. This is usually easy to figure out as they claim awards, schools or beret colors that just don’t make sense. Or their pictures in uniforms are all messed up – I’ve seen Army uniforms with Air Force tapes and Navy insignia – no joke.

    He has been deployed for two years, has been denied leave time and will not be coming home any time soon therefore you won’t be able to meet. Just not plausible at all.

    He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, we certainly do have troops in other countries. However, they don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t tell you they are on a “top secret mission”. Also, any special operations soldier worth his beret will not reveal his location to someone he doesn’t know (or even someone he does!).

    He says he is not allowed to talk about what he does, however, he has cleared it with his CO that he can tell you enough to make you believe he is who he says. This is usually followed by outrageous lies. If he truly is not allowed to share any details about his job, his CO doesn’t even allow him to talk about it with family, much less someone he met on the internet.

    He says he doesn’t have a mailing address because either he is in a classified unit or his position changes so often. It is RARE for a soldier not to have a mailing address overseas, even if he is in special operations.

    He says he needs you to pay for his R&R leave because the Army doesn’t pay for it. This is absolutely false! A real soldier will not request money to travel home as he doesn’t need it! The Army pays for all travel to and from a war zone. It’s not like you just book your own flight home from Afghanistan on Delta.

    He says he can come home but you have to request his leave through an email address. If all an Army spouse had to do was email her soldier’s commander to get him home from deployment, don’t you think ALL Army spouses would be doing this? There would be no one deployed. The Army does not require leave requests from Army family members. In fact, even in the case of the death of an immediate family member, the information has to be verified by the American Red Cross before the soldier’s command is contacted for possible leave by officials at the Red Cross – they don’t just take your word for it.

    So how can you attempt to find out if he’s telling the truth?

    Ask for his mailing address overseas. If he can’t provide one, he is likely lying. There is nothing secretive about an APO address.
    Ask him to give you his AKO email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. This will be his name All soldiers have an AKO account. There is NO reason why he can’t provide it – regardless of what unit he is assigned to, what his mission may be, who he’s working for, etc. And the AKO account is free so him saying his credit card hasn’t been processed or his account is locked because he didn’t pay is also a lie.
    Ask him about the unit he is assigned to and where he is stationed. Usually, though not always, they will trip up and give the wrong duty station for a unit. Ask for specifics about the unit. So rather than just 3ID, have him tell you his company, etc.
    Ask him what his MOS is and then ask him for the identifier. For example, infantry is 11Bravo. If he passes that test, then ask him about the training for his MOS. How long was it? Where did he go for it? You can easily find this information online to fact check him.
    You can easily do this by playing the “I don’t know anything about the military, teach me!” card without raising suspicions. If you need further help to find out the truth, email me the story you’ve been given and I can give you more specific questions based on your situation.

    Many have been provided pictures, copies of military identification cards, even videos. First, pictures can be grabbed from anywhere on the internet – there’s no guarantee you’re talking to that person. They may very well be using the picture of a real soldier but that doesn’t mean you’re talking to him. I’ve seen very badly doctored military ID cards where it’s obvious he’s typed over information on the card. What’s funny is he’ll type over the only legitimate information on the card and replace it with something that makes no sense. Such as rank of SPC and pay grade of MAJ. Some of these scumbags are using the pictures of soldiers who were killed in action to run their scams. It’s sick.

    99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

    So let me sum this up:

    If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
    If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
    If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
    If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
    If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
    If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
    If you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

  249. hi i was talking to a soldier called mark boone only for coupel days said he had a son in england his wife had left him his mum had died in a plane crash he lost all his home in a californian fire , hes english was crap so i told him then he sent me pictures of him a white guy then i told him the way he spoke on line sounded like he was african, he then said he was mixed race i said but u white in pictures he then asked for a 1000 of me i told him to piss off and stay in nigeria im not that stupid id never gve anyone my money , i told him im not giving u nothing u are a disgusting human being and then he blocked me couldent stop laughing after cos id never give anyone any of my money ive worked too hard for it these people should be shot playing on womens vulnrabillity

    • Miss Walker when I reverse searched that email address I found that this is a scammer location is Nigeria Pig Busters read below………………..Lee Morgan
      oh thanx babe i promise u that i will pay u back all the money okay
      ZIP CODE,,,,92154

      babe plz let me have the info when u send the money okay and the amount u sent to the doctor okay i really love u so much with all my life


      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The above scammer has been verified at Pigbusters location is Nigeria and the above is what he typed when begging for money Please delete and block and do not let him know you know he is a scammer.Anonn

  250. hello, coming on this website following few mails with a commandant. I understand now he is a scammer. All the stories i am reading on these differents persons are terrible. I am tchating with a man called Kenneth Moon, based in Afghanistan and asking for money after five month of mails to bring his bags back to france as he is retiring from the US army. He was asking for 2000 euros. i met him on as “special_love_a_700. your site just confirmed my suspicion. Can’t we do anytyhing against this sort of scammer ?

  251. I received a contact from a Gary Cooper, claiming he lived in Brisbane ( wanted to chat off the site. I obliged with an alias address I have and when I received his first email I was immediately suspicious. I think any email that reads as if english is a second language talking about love and giving a massive sob story is just ridiculous.
    Thanks for this site, its always great to confirm a suspicion.

  252. Can you pls. check also this doctor(Dr. Horris), we have a chat this afternoon and he is using the email add. by the name of steve craft. This is the email add. He is asking money for the medicine of steve craft. This Steve Craft has a daughter name sharon craft. Im praying this is not a scam????

    • Thelma, I’m sorry to say but you are most certainly being scammed, Military especially the medics/hospital don’t require money for blood products or for medicine, I know this for a fact as I am in the medical field. You are being scammed!!!

  253. i dont know if this is a scam? i send money to steve craft assign in oyo nigeria. Can you pls. check on him bec. Dr, Horris from Shalom with me last night. Doctor was saying Steve craft has an accident in the airport road in oyo nigeria. He needs a a blood, medicine and a surgery. Pls. check on him.

    • THELMA –

      Ant is correct. U.S. service members NEVER have to pay for health care. The U.S. Government provides all of those services for free to soldiers, sailors and airmen. The biggest RED FLAG in your story is that he says he’s stationed in Nigeria. There are no American troops stationed in Nigeria or Ghana. These SCAMMERS tell you that because that’s where THEY (the scammers) are located. How else could they get you to wire money to Nigeria or Ghana if they don’t get you to believe that the fictional soldier is in Nigeria or Ghana?

      Do not send these beggars any money. It’s all a big lie.

  254. im talking for 3 weeks now with a capt Moe Jerry, send me also pics and poems , and now he want a urly rellieve of R&R to be with me here in holland ,
    i dont send any money do, but these guy`s gives the good guy`s a bad name

    • Syliva, this guys is a scammer, and should cut all ties with him. DO NOT send any money, its all fake!!

      • i did cut all ties and didnt send no money, in my facebook postmail there are more of these guys with the same story and ill send all the same messege to them * if you want my money FORGET IT*

        So lady`s beware of these guy`s

        • Sylvia,
          You should keep your FB private. Do not open it to the public, only friends.

  255. Hello, these military scammer truly amaze me. I have been chatting with someone for about three weeks now and claims he is in Kabul, Afghanistan and is supposedly a staff sgt. in the u.s. army. says he’s from florida and divorced 6 years with a 22 yr old son in miami college. Said he would like to get to know me better and started with the love letters and so much in love right away. I met this person on I am a widow. almost instantly this man asked me to send him a cell phone, that lead to a laptop and now asking me to send him 2000 dollars and to send it to a delivery person in Acra Ghana. This was all to suspicious to me but I played along so I could try to search this man out on my own and behold I found a picture of the same man listed on a website of scammers. He goes by Larry James – He sent me a pic in military apparrel and one in civilian clothes. The same pic I found with the name James Malm. I reported him to and confronted him about all of this, this man is very demanding and insists that someone used his picture, he sent me emails with such profanity then sent more love letters suggesting he is who he says he is and says I decieved him! at first I agreed to send the phone but one thing lead to another and my instincts told me no. He says he can’t talk to me if he has no laptop but he is always online and says it is a friends or his commanders laptop. I asked him to prove who he was by sending me a pic of either a passport or military ID and he tells me he has no ID lol I know if he is in the military he hs to have some sort of ID. So now he loves me but just send the 2 grand ok, tell me what you think this was his message and I never laughed so hard. I even at one point told him if he was so much in love with me it would not matter about the money being sent and I did tell him exactly what I thought. He continues to send email trying to make me beleive that he is who he says he is. I would like to know how to find out if this person, the real Larry James does exist in the military. He says his birthdate is July 2, 1958. Does anyone else know of this person. also the man in Ghana is Bernard Quaye. Thank you

    • Linda you were right he is VERY much a scammer even the silly Name he has made up sounds so typical of those stupid ass scammers and like CJ has said anyone that begs for money for any reason is a scammer and also let me add if they are begging for ANT type of help including cellphones or any electronics for any reason SCAMMER.

      He told you he has NO ID huge redflag HUGE and hes begging you for money the Name he has made up is NOT a typical American Name did you google it Im sure hes used it many times also did you google his email address Im sure he was stupid enough to use it many times as well

      This scammer also told you where he is located which is in Ghana which is of all places close to Nigeria and is a common place for scammers.Great Job Anonn

    • Only I can put up photos and I’m not doing that any longer. If someone is asking you for money that you’ve never met, it’s a scam, plain and simple. It’s that easy.

  256. Estuve conociendo a un Coronel de nombre Greg Campbell que estaba en Darfur africa, como oficial de la ONU,
    el tipo fue demasiado elocuente conmigo, y me pidio dinero para su licencia y venir disque a casarse conmigo,tambien me pidio un telefono Blacberry de ultima tecnologia disque para poder comunicarse conmigo cuando viajara hacia mi pas. Pero el tipo se llevo un gran fiasco conmigo pues o cai en su juego, este personaje nunca se mostro por camara siempre me decia que por razones de seguridad no podia usar la web cam,y por este motivo, no me deje envolver con sus mentiras y no pudo sacarme dinero. Espero que recuerden que el individuo se llama GREG CAMPBELL y se hace pasar por Coronel del Ejercito de los Estados Unidos, su correo es, y se enceuntra inscrito en la pagina de Badoo.

    • The above Comment Translated to English…

      I know a Colonel named Greg Campbell who was in africa Darfur as UN official, the type was too eloquent to me and asked me money for his license and dial come to marry me, I also ordered a Blackberry phone to dial latest technology to communicate with me when I travel to my country. But the guy took a big fiasco for me and I fell into your game, this character never showed on camera always told me that for security reasons could not use the web cam, and for this reason, do not let me wrap their lies and could not get me money. I hope you remember that the individual is called GREG CAMPBELL and passed by Colonel U.S. Army, your mail is greg.campbell12 @, and enceuntra registered on the website of Badoo.

  257. Has anyone heard of a 4-Star General Mark Robinson..He is overseas and he gave me a history, but I still feel it is fishy…his yahoo address is
    I have tried to check him out on spokeo but no luck.
    Thanks for any help.

    J. Baker

  258. i was on this web site my year book when this guy contacted me andsaid he liked my profile and we started to talk on msn.hes name is micheal robin paul age 47 in the british army in AfaghanIstan. he said he wanted me to come off yearbook because he didnt want anyone else to take me away from him.i did this but i also asked him to do the same. after a couple of day i went and check he had two profiles i then said to him about it and he said could not delect them forgot password.after him telling me he wife had died in accient 3 years ago and that he had a son josh.we chatted every day and then he said we should talk on the phone so he went to admin and asked them to send detail which they did.they asked for 300 pounds to be sent to usa which i did. after 2 days then i got another email saying that we needed a code because of the talaiban this was 1200 pounds which i sent then after a couple of days. micheal said he had good news he was going home the 1500 pounds would be used for him to return home. iwas wrapped up with all he was telling me. i beleaived him totally. what a stupid person i am.he sent pictures of himself and of this son to me what was there not to beleave.then i resevered a email from hes general telling me to send 2000 pounds to nigeria for him to return. he was very very encourging to me to send money or he would die out there i sent it. then i was asked again to send 1000 pounds for a replacement for micheal which i did, all this time micheal was tell me that he was going to pay me every penny back and i beleaved him because i had fallen in love with him. then yesterday i was asked for a finial payment of 1000 pounds to fly him home i spoke to him he said it would be all over yesterday at 9pm when i was to pick him up from airport.but not micheal. and i have tryed to contact him on msn and email nothing also nothing form army as well i feel a stupid and a fool for beleaving him i would never ever trust another person again. the sad thing is i wait and wait in hope that im wrong and he will come on line again how sad is that. hes name is sst micheal robin paul of the britsh army i have pictures hes email is also michealpaul82@hotmail.comif this person contacts you please be very careful i have lost all my hard earn saves.

  259. well you can now ad Major Micheal Berger to your list of scammers he is suppose to be in Afighanistan
    wanted me to write a letter to his commander to get him deployed then when I talked to him this morning he wanted me to pay 585 to help get him out of there, to a Janeen shoemaker,State: illinois
    : City: Rockford
    Berger Michael: Zipcode: 61104 his email is

    lol I figured he was to good to be true and nothing he said made much sense he was suppose to be on foot AfaghanIstan
    is suppose to have a 13 yr old daughter who he had to leave with a nanny he didnt know but a few days please and his wife died 2 yrs ago.

  260. Gordon, I don’t know if you can assist but I have been chatting to “Daniel J Barnes” for the past month or so. He is apparently deployed to Afghanistan. His family lives in California and he lives in Iowa. He has said he is an engineer and went to college in California. He hasn’t asked for money or anything but with all of the military dating scams I am concerned. Is there anyway I can be sure he is legit?

    • Hello Anon –

      I checked the Army’s e-mail system (AKO) this morning. It lists e-mail addresses and other contact information for all members of the U.S. military (including National Guard, Reserves, Active-Duty, contractors, civilians, and retirees). There were several individuals with the name DANIEL BARNES and a few with he name DANIEL J. BARNES.

      I would need more information from you to determine if you’ve been talking with one of these guys. For instance, what is his military rank? Which service is he in (Army, Air Force, etc.)? Of course, you can always ask him to send you an e-mail from his military e-mail account. EVERY member of the U.S. military has one. If he says he can’t do it because of security reasons or some other lame excuse, he’s a lying scammer.

      – Gordon

  261. i was talking to captain max moose at – he’s retiring in a couple of months – max never paid his adopted son’s school bill in Ghana – he asked for $1000, when i refused to send it he became very vulgar and verbally abusive – that relationship ended
    then staff sergeant george moose at sought me out from the same dating site
    finally george sent me pictures and the man in the picture is the same max moose – he’s retiring in a couple of months too – his teen daughter is in Ghana with a hole in her heart – we’ve only been online for maybe two weeks but he loves me dearly – george hasn’t asked me for money yet but when he retires in a couple of months, he wants to come to my hometown – this guy has no creativity to at least adjust his story line

    • @ Margie great job this is so typical of these scammers they reinvent themselves in their scamming little minds they assume you will not know this one in this case is a MORON he had the nerve to try it again using same last name what an idiot great job being able to smell bullshit when you see it.The Real Anonn

  262. Has anyone had any dealings with Gary Bank? He uses a yahoo account. Chatted once or twice and now he is sending messages about failling in love with me. It is stupid. How could he be? He has not asked for any money. I replied today telling him that i wanted an email using his military email address and a recent picture holding up something with my name on it or never contact me again.

  263. Has anyone heard from a I have been talking to him and he even had his “15” yr old son talking to me. Wants to me to fill out a transit for him to come meet me. And now I got an email from a bank that he is “part” of saying I have to pay $460 for a tax before I can recieve the money he is sending me. The email says that the transfer is coming from Baghdad, Iraq. I emailed the bank and now just waiting to hear back from them. I have never heard of having to pay for a transfer but I have never done international.

    • Penny –

      You are being SCAMMED. If you read some of the previous posts on this blog, you’ll see that the TRANSIT LEAVE scam is one of the oldest being used by these African criminals. REAL SOLDIERS request their own leave – no need for another person to do it for them. And there’s NEVER A FEE to request leave.

      The BANK TRANSFER scam is another old one. Does it make any sense that he would send money to someone he’s never met in person? Also, there is NEVER a tax on bank transfers. He’s trying to STEAL YOUR MONEY. Finally, there are no U.S. SOLDIERS left in Iraq. They all departed last year. Your LEWIS CHRISTIAN needs to read a newspaper, stop begging for money, and GET A JOB.

  264. I busted a scammer last night. Supposedly 45yr old Army Sgt in Kabul who’s mother and daughter live in Nigeria and wanted me to open a chase account so he could wire me money to send to his mom. The whole wife died of lung cancer, dad was a marine and died….etc, is exactly what he was telling me. Within 2 minutes of me calling him out he deleted his FB account. He went by Andrew Phil Shiels (Shields). I figured it was a scam from the start.

    • @ Mary please google this email address you will see how many more times this clown has been listed on this site and how many other names hes used and how many other Names hes tried to use to scam Women so YES HE IS A SCAMMER.

      • Mary!!! You need to listen to Anonn, everything you are being told by Anonn is true!!! this “Scott” person is as fake as Pamela Anderson’s breast are!!! I’m sorry but you have been scammed, stop sending anymore money to this lowlife!!!

  265. I am needing to know if a Man that goes by Scott Jackson is fake, because he and I have been talking for months now, and I have sent him lots of money. He goes by the email as and I am scared he is fake.

    • @ Mary you already know this is a scammer have you ever seen him on cam whay are you sending him your money when if he were a REAL Military Member he would have no need for your money nor your help sorry you have been scammed but you fell in love with the picture only dont believe me DEMAND this begging clown gets on cam trust me you will see a much uglier Man DELETE and block him and move on with your life need support go to and they will tell you that this scammer is an UGLY begging African do NOT send this Liar anymore moneyfor any reason tell him to get a job and educate yourself and learn the signs so this will not happen again in the future beware of any man that finds you on any social site and claims to be military and then beg you for money.Anonn

  266. Hi Elzabeth,
    me again, sorry to bother you again, I just want to ask you to give my email to Steve Lopez to bringing all the information I that he really knows what they are doing with his photos and his name again!!!!!
    now if HE is not interested or you have not recieved my email with this request please just let me know and so I dont waste my time trying to help, after all that I dont get anything with this.
    I appreciate your time,Than you
    SorryI forgot to put my Email

  267. Hello, I need information on two staff sgts the US army stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. One is requesting money for leave out of a war zone and the other is requesting care packages, cell phones, I pad 3, laptops. Ones name is mark carpenter and he changes from ssgt to sgt at times. He has two emails and He claims to need the money for leave in a war zone. I chatted with his supposedly CO General Philip Harrison his email is philipharrison49@ yahoo. co. uk. The second army sgt and ssgt whichever title comes up name is Kennedy James. But in signing his emails he sometimes signs them as James. He has only one email that I know of and it is I have done an email search for both these men and it comes up with nothing. I have an email tracker and Marks emails come from Virginia USA, and Kennedy’s email sometimes come from Accra Ghana. If you have any information pls email me at

  268. prosze o pomoc czy ktos zna cpt.Jacka Chandler podejrzewam ze to nastepny oszust chcialabym dotrzec do prawdziwego Jacka Chandlera bo mysle ze ktos posluguje sie jego zdjeciami bardzo prosze o pomoc

  269. this seems to have no solution! THE BEST PART OF this is that WE have to pay for a dating website… TO BE… SCAM…. RIGHT?


    • @Pat — there are some social site that you can get on without paying and giving out your email address.. Tagged for instance is swarming with fake soldie profiles.. omg cesspools of them maggots! I’ve reported a few and still see their profiles up there … and have been warned my profile will be suspended or closed permanently for doing this!

  270. I have been talking to this guy named Jason Wallace and i want to know if anyone has talked to him!! i want to believe he is a real guy but i just dont know!! he said he is from south carolina but lives in new york. he is in kabul afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. i dont really ask much about what he does but he says he is a staff sergent and has been in the army for 12 years. please someone help me! i just want to know the truth. and hes grammer and spelling are really good soo i just dont know.


    • @ Janet Im not sure what you need but this is a SCAMMER once again there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria he is a Nigerian sorry if you sent this liar money but he is a FRAUD Anonn

  272. I’ve been reading through the posts here and see many people suggesting that if you’re suspicious of someone claiming to be a U.S. service member, you should ask for a photocopy or scan of his ID CARD.

    Believe it or not, it would be a crime for him to do so. Even though it’s a common practice for landlords and businesses located near military posts to ask for a copy of a soldier’s ID CARD, this is still prohibited by law under TITLE 18 U.S.C. § 701: U.S. Code – Section 701: Official badges, identification cards, other insignia.

    “Whoever manufactures, sells or possesses any badge, identification card or other insignia of the design prescribed by the head of any department or agency of the United States for use by any officer or employee thereof, or any colorable imitation thereof, or photographs, prints, or in any other manner makes or executes any engraving, photograph, print, or impression in the likeness of any such badge, identification card, or other insignia, or any colorable imitation thereof, except as authorized under regulations made pursuant to law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

    This law is part of the U.S. Code and reflects the bill passed by Congress in January 2008. The Web site for this can be found at

    Of course, most of these African scammers will be happy to send you a copy of a forged ID CARD.

    • @ Gordon Thanks for the heads up My Husbands out to sea right now Ive actually advised women to do just that never knew that so you taught me something new Husband and I never talked bout that again Thanks so we now know that when scammers send these poor replicas of a US Military Id it does prove that they are just that SCAMMERS because REAL Military members would know that just what you said is true only one problem now these lying assholes troll this site and will try to use this info to their lazy lying advantage.Anonn

  273. I have been contacted by a Cpt David Lingo, who claims to be on a peacekeeping mission in Malaysia, and I am suspicious too. He sent me pictures as well. His “english” is terrible and he can’t spell. He asked me if I want to invest when he retires! Has anyone heard from him? His email is

  274. Hi there, I met a James Willingham Wiseman on…..He claims he is a sargeant in the USArmy currently deployed in Afghanistan with the Alabama National Guards 278 battalion in Kabul He said he is the commanding officer for this surveillance unit…..I have searched online for this person and could not find any information about him, personal or military…..I am still in communication with him but he is now asking me to send him a care package to enclose some very expensive items…..This is a red flag and it doesn’t sound right. He gave me an address to send the care package to: Mary Howard 1603 Milam La Mamarque, Texas.

    There are a few James Wiseman online but the pictures are different, its not him….His email address is…….Does anyone know of this person??? Thanks…..Falisha

    • @ Falisha you are 100% correct he is a FRAUD because REAL Military members will not find a total stranger and then beg them for anything and care packages for REAL military members will not consist of the latest CellPhone or the newest Ipad or ANY Electronics this is a scammer all day block and delete him NOW Anonn




  276. I am currently involved with a CAPTAIN STEVEN CHRISTOPHER BARRERA, and he wants $2,500 for me “pay for his leave,” and I haven’t done it. He’s professing to be a “millionaire” because he claims he has $850,000 in his account, since he’s been in the Army for over 20+ years; he’s 52 and supposedly an American who was born and raised in Arizona, but, he DOESN’T KNOW WHO SANTA CLAUS IS ????? Recently, he closed his account, and he won’t talk to me. Could it be cause he’s wanted this money and I haven’t given it to him? I met him on this “Sugar Daddy” website, where I was looking for someone who WAS a Millionaire, and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride. He told me he wanted to marry me and have kids, but, ALL of our conversations has to do with whether or not I’ve come up with the money to pay for HIM to be with me. I’m sorry, I had fallen for him, but, I was raised that if a man wants to be with you, HE pays for whatever! I’m NOT saying that I am against showing a man a good time, but, he’s started out demanding money and things–like cell phones; for me to get a car for his “friend” at a Michigan auction, etc.. He is supposed to be stationed in Afghanistan, and a Captain in a “peace keeping” mission, but he goes to Nigeria all the time? I admit I was involved in an internet scam where I had $85 taken from me, but, this kind of scam is far worse. Everyone tries to tell me that I’m stupid for falling for any kind of internet scam, but, I say in response: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY. Pride cometh before the fall. There was a recent rash of scams that happened NOT on the Internet, but with my mom’s Credit Union. An employee took money from a few members and went to Arizona or Mexico! I guess SOME people have nothing better to do? We all wanna trust someone, and some scams snag some people, and some don’t. The Internet makes it easy for some ruthless, lazy fuck to steal from someone rather than GET A JOB. I’d like for anyone who has been a vitim like me, to email me. Maybe we can warn each other, and keep each other informed! Thanks, Denise (

    • @Denise good job figuring out bullshit when you saw it thats all these damn scammers do is lie and BEG ……..He’s professing to be a “millionaire” because he claims he has $850,000 in his account…….had I been you I would have turned da tables on him and told him you say you have so much money dumb ass what do you think the site is for Im looking for a Sugardaddy not some broke begging LOSER like you give me money or stop talking to me.

    • denise i read your letter now , i have some problem, id fall inlove to the person whos i dont know him, but he sent a lot of picture of mine, maybe 5 picture,,now he request for leave i pay, 1350 usd, then 2nd, fir his transit i pay1,100, now he deal his boss the gen,name from afgan he is for now processing his retirement now 5,500usd, i can pay this amount now cos i dont have enough money, he had a sweet person he wanted to be with for the rest of my life..i really fall in love with him,, i dont what im going to do,,now
      pls help me…

  277. Hi Everyone,

    I have been being courted by a scamer for almost a month. I have suspected it was a scam for about 3 weeks. It has been entertaining at best. Actually my scamer is quite charming LOL….I do know what he is up to. I just read some to the posts here. And its funny, I got an email from the phone company, I might add with mispelled words. I have asked the phone company for a phone number to call customer support. I suspect my scamer will try another scam as this one has not worked. I feel sad that this people have the nerve to say they are an American service member. I have tried to report this, i can find no where to report it to. I have talked to the local VA and the police. There is no way to report them. I feel sorry for folks who fall for this garbage. The person says there name is Fred Milton, he goes by fredgreen221 on yahoo. I met him on the Zoosk dating site. I am grateful that I have not fallen for this. All i want is to know where to report it to.
    any one know?

    • Hello Jean Ann –

      My photos have been used by scammers since 2005 or 2006 (when I was in Iraq with the Army). I reported it to the FBI when I found out about it in 2009. They told me they couldn’t do much since the criminals are most likely in Africa. They have no jurisdiction over Ghanaian or Nigerian citizens unless they come to the U.S. Of course, there are lots of bad guys in Pakistan, Yemen, and other countries over whom we have no legal jurisdiction. Hellfire missiles fired from drones have ended the careers of many of those foreign criminals. I’m lobbying hard for the CIA to take out a few internet cafes in Ghana. That might get the attention of these scamming scum bags.

      Long story short, the most affirmative step we can take with regard to these scams is to report them on websites devoted to the issue. CJ and his blog have no doubt saved countless women from around the world from becoming victims of these smooth talking jerks.

      On a related note, look for an upcoming article on the topic in Glamour Magazine. I’m not sure which edition it’ll be in – probably in the next couple of months though.

  278. Forgot ask him for his APO address and then google it if he says he cannot tell you due to safety reasons guarantee he is a scammer which I know he is anyways because he had enough time to search for you on a dating site and then told you he was in the military.Anonn

  279. Katie if he found you on any social site and claims to be Military and you have never seen his face for an internet chat for at least 2 hours YES HE is A SCAMMER REAL Military members have no time to sit on the computer and search for dates and chat for hours at a time but African Scammers do.Anonn

    If he insists hes real tell him to prove it show himself and email you from his military email it should end in .mil only ANYTHING beyond ,Mil is a FRAUD if he asks for any type of assistance he is a scammer if hes sent you pics in uniform go to and they will help you from there in the mean time cut him off and check your computers security settings

  280. Hi-Have any one met this soldier before
    I put his name into google and comes up with place,but can;t find him on here.
    Done any one know he is a real soldier or fake.?
    Like to know.

  281. Hello,my name is Antoaneta,i am bulgarian,i live in Spain.I first want to apologize for bad english,i use a translator.Year ago i met with Colonel William Turner,Kabul Afghanistan.My contact with him last seven months.Very thoughtful,inteligent,kind,a man for a woman can only dream.Divorced with two children who live with his sister while he was absent.In Tampa,Florida.I naturally believed him and i see most women.I sent him a package in Accra,Ghana.Wanted to send him 350euros,but i did not do it.He deleted all the profiles,just buried deep into the earth.I looked through it all possible.I have pictures in love with this man.What i read here…..God,i’m amazed right.However in this whole story has many questions and smail details that trouble me.I want to see the true man of the pictures to assure full.Please if there is any site which publishes photos of these scammers,let me know.I am currently in contact with officer Johnson Smith from California.I saw the same in Facebook,but did not dare to go into his profile.Interesting about this is that it reminds me of the other,speaks to me in the same way,just feel it.The other thing that he claimed to be in Afghanistan,But watch it reflects the place where it is currently.Just California time.Which means that it is in California.But i was silent for a moment.Very gentlie and love asked him if he needs something,how can i help him,If he wants to send him something,but he is adamant wants nothing.Only asking me to write every day,he sent me a love letter and i answer.Nothing so far.Please if anyone can help me to master many these two,because i do not speak english and it is difficult,many will be thankful.Who can help me let me write the email address i will send photos of their recognition.

    This is my email-KREMENABG@HOTMAIL.COM

    Girls,i look forward to your answer.Thanks.Antoaneta

    • @ Antoaneta I have heard this Name before and it was a scammer….. Johnson Smith… go to for support and also there you can post the pics this scammer is using demand he gets on cam and proves to you who he is for an interactive chat for an hour or more any excuses at all and you know hes a scammer but you and I know he isnt real or you would not be here Johnson Smith from california yes I have heard that Name both on this site and others have you tried to google the Name and check his Ip Address with the headers from his email.speaking of email tell him to email you from his military email address it should end in .Mil only anything beyond .Mil is a fraud and a scammer be prepared because he will swear it is him and his pics have been stolen and then he will play the omg im so hurt you dont trust me or you call me a scammer he will then bring up God and how he cant scam anyone and when the gig is up meaning no money or whatever else he begs you for he will get Nasty just block and delete him he has NO POWER Anonn

  282. hi will you please add a major benjamin burgess says hes in iraq

  283. Has anyone heard of a Major John Jones Murphy? He has been messaging me for almost a month now and i suspect he is not who he says he is


    • Hello Karen,

      I’m an active-duty Army officer. I checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online) for you this morning. There is no JOHN JONES MURPHY is the U.S. military. My search covered all services and all employment varieties (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard – military member, contractor, civil service, active duty, Reserves, and National Gurard). There is a MAJ John Murphy in the Army, but his middle name is not Jones. Since some of the scammers read these blog pages, I won’t say any thing else about the real MAJ Murphy.

      If you read through some of these blog posts, you’ll see the warning signs that help to identify scammers. If your “soldier” is behaving like a scammer, he almost surely is a scammer. An Army major earns a good salary from the US government. He has no need whatsoever to ask you for money. If he’s professing his love for you after a few typed conversations, he’s a scammer. If he’s serving in Afghanistan, he has no time for long e-mail or Skype conversations. It’s low-life scammers sitting in internet cafes in Ghana who have plenty of time to chat.

      • Thank you for checking this out for me, I suspected he was not who he said he was from quite early on. I have now deleted him from all my contacts

      • Hello Gordon,

        Could you check a Sgt. David lucas for me ? he is in Tripoli Libya.
        I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a reply in my email ..
        Thanks Again

        • @ Pamela he is a SCAMMER from what I understand there are no US Military troops in Libya tell this poser to get on webcam demand it ASAP he wont trust me tell this poser to send you an email from his Military email account it should end in .mil anything beyond .Mil is a scam and a scammer.Anonn

      • Can you check for me if Captain Aaron Jackson (, Captain Matt Rodriquez ( and Sgt. James Daniel (

        I found 2 fakes on the same week: Commander Ben Dawson ( and Cpt. James Billy ( I saw their real faces on cam of course they are fkkkn nigerians!

  284. Has anyone heard of a “Bill Ramos” supposedly a US Soldier??, he’s contacted me on Facebook wanted to be my friend – I smell a scam. If anyone has had a scam from this name could you let me know?
    Cheers Ant.

    • Ant walk away Ramos is a famous Name scammers have been using demend this scammer gets online and proves who he is for a chat 3 hours or more DO NOT add people you do not know on facebook and also keep your pics and profile hidden at all times on Facebook it is full of scammers and fb does NOTHING about it Anonn for more info you can email me if u like Ant no worries I know scammers troll this site and I know they will send me a ton of spam/scam messages but Im used to it I just delete the crap.Anonn

      • @Anonn, thanks mate, yeah I did some research and found the real Ramos, I’ve told FB about let’s see what they do, I never add people I don’t know. I’ve got your email address now and will email you soon with mine if you want to delete your message above. Would you believe I even found a photo of all these scammers sitting in a room all on PC’s typing – they were all young guys and there was about 20 of them probably scamming women around the world – FILTHY PIGS!!!

        • @ Ant AGREE they are lying filthy PIGS and they are always trolling this site when I posted the above just that quickly they sent me over 200 spam/scam emails but Im no amateur so no need to erase.Thanks Anonn

  285. My message is gone!
    My spammer ‘s pic is on here, going by another name and rank, and story To me he was Roberto Ramaris or Ramos Ramiris, from Wisconsin, had 16 years in and wanted out, soon. On here he is Colonel(sp) ______Burke_______. I cant find his pic now. His general ..General John Allen is a real serviceman somewhere.
    I didnt think Id fall for a scam..he approached me on a dating site, for Big and Beautiful people, and name was SRG Roberto Ramaris. Good luck everyone., MB

  286. My message is gone!
    My spammer ‘s pic is on here, going by another name and rank, and story To me he was Roberto Ramaris or Ramos Ramiris, from Wisconsin, had 16 years in and wanted out, soon. On here he is Colonel(sp) ______Burke_______. I cant find his pic now. His general ..General John Allen is a real serviceman somewhere.
    I didnt think Id fall for a scam..he approached me on a dating site, for Big and Beautiful people, and name was SRG Roberto Ramaris. Good luck everyone., MB

  287. ive read all these comments and i too want to make sure im not being scammed, never been asked for money, or to take over accounts or anything like that, i dont know how you guys find out if people are scammers or not but the guy im talking to name is SGT Harry Glass Jeff, in the us army and is currently located kabul afghanistan his email is, i meet him on connectingsingles website, hes probably gonna get to some home soon and he wants to meet me, i just need to know before hand before i agree to meet with him. if you could help me out that would be great. my email address is

    • @ Amber have you googled that Name Harry Glass Jeff that is nothing but a silly Name that some scammer would make up DEMAND he get on webcam and shows you who he is for 2 hours or more any excuses as to why he cant get on cam it is a scammer also remember the US Military takes care of its own so do not send ANYTHING especially if it has to do with a diplomat or any other representative they can receive mail and they can get on cam and they can call home for free so they will NOT need any of your money nor your help for ANY reason ONLY a scammer will find you on some social dating site claim to be military beg you for money or your help Also US Military have NO time to sit and search social sites and chat with you for hours at a time if they do not know you but SCAMMERS have nothing but time on their hands.Anonn

      • yes i did all the research and found it it was a scam, cause all his military info he gave me, his UIC his unit, everything didnt match up, because i contacted the national guard and the unit he was supposed to be in and nothing matched at all, i did think its odd when he said he didnt have a webcam because they have the “older” computers, and then when he wanted me to fill out forms for his leave and i had to pay, i said i dont think so that put up a red flag right there and thats how it all got started. he says his real name is hayden glass but nothing under that either, my cousin has a buddy in the military and hes gonna do some more looking, he keeps telling me he’s real but i dont believe it

        • @ Amber this line right here proves he is absolutely a SCAMMER…….he wanted me to fill out forms for his leave and i had to pay,……No ONE can apply for leave except the service member and it DOES NOT have to be paid for it is like earned vacation time also ALL REAL US Military Members will NOT need your help nor money for any reason the US Military takes care of ALL of their needs only scammers will find you on any social site such as dating sites claim to be US Military and then invent lies to steal your money they make up stories about the US Military because they are completely clueless about the Military Us Military has no time for this crap but African Scammers do they have all day and night to sit and pretend to be someone they are not and beg and steal money Also NEVER talk to anyone you do NOT know nor send money nor give ANY information to anyone you do NOT know a scammers worse enemy is silence Anonn

  288. Oh my Dr Lametu, I GOT ERIC BACK. I am so excited, It only took a 4 days for him to come home. bless you and bless god. i must be dreaming as i never thoughts he would be back to me after all this time. I am so much shock and just cant believe my eyes. thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whosoever that which to be happy just like me should meet this kind man on

    • @ Vennisa/Dude/Troll ok good for you now could you go Thank God somewhere else instead of trying to catsh a fish here MUGU no one wants to hear this bullshit here ok so find another site to troll and try to scam on and we are so happy for you that you have got back the Man of your scamming little dreams ok Mister or your Female Name which is Venissa so in other words STAY da fuck off of this blog with your bullshit NO One here is buying it ok so fuck off!

    • All the above is a SCAMMER if you do not know pay close attention to the way this moron types.IGNORE it Anonn

    • @ Vennisa! I am in total agreeance with Anonn!


      It’s so obvious you clearly cannot speak the English language, STOP destroying our beautiful English language with your half-arsed attempts to speak it!

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves posing as a US soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for not only the USA but also the rest of the world!

      You’re all a bunch of inbreds – SHAME ON YOU for trying to deceive innocent people!


  289. Hi ladies and fellow scam fighters I posted on here awhile ago about one that calls himself Derrick Wilson well he has changed his name like you change your underware and yes still up to his tricks I found him on Facbook under Paul Rapp I have repoerted him now he is going under Joey Edward and stll spewing the crap he is on numerous dating sites all the photos he uses are stolen I am enclosing some email addresses that he uses . …… …. David Rapp ……
    Joey Edward .. also uses the name williamsondan75 also Sgt James Clayton together we stand and United we can bring them down.He is posted on scamwarners so hope this helps cheers

  290. The following name is another scam. Sgt Christopher Ogle. Fortunately as soon as he said he could NOT receive snail mail I became suspicious. My exhusband is a marine and I know better. So I decided to go along till the money request, in hopes of turning all the information over to the proper authorities and getting the scumbag caught. Other red flags, undying love and a marriage proposal with in 2 days, grammar and spelling errors. I threw some military terms out and he questioned what I was talking about. The best was an email with a marriage vow but he must have forgot to change the name so it was a CWO Jonathan Shaul pledging his unwaivering love for me. When I questioned it, I was told he asked his bunkmate, who was a good christian, to send me a love vow and he forgot to change his name. I have pictures he sent too but they dont match pictures I googled for the actual people.
    these people are disgusting, tarnishing the names of our Soldiers while they are putting their lives on the line.

  291. Hi guys

    Beware of a guy claiming to be 1st Class Sargent Mark Adams stationed in Afganistan age around 47-49. His email address is He states he is from Colorado/Texas, gives the usual sob story of his wife and child being killed in a car crash and only has one son. The photo of I have is of a 1st Class Sargent Adams, he is bald with a cute smile.

    Be aware of this fake, I came across him on eHarmony in Australia, he stated his Country was Sydney, Australia. I have notified the US Embassy here in Australia and I have contacted eHarmony.

    These people are absolute animals taking the identities of these poor unsuspecting soldiers!

    If you need any further information or a photo just let me know. I will be checking up regularly

    Ant in Australia

  292. NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

    Hello.. my name is Mr Wilson i am a police officer who help others to get they money back if they have been a scam victims you should not worry i will get all your money back for you as soon you want your money back this is my mail address i will kindly replay your fast hope to hear from you soon

    • Thanks CJ,

      I still doesn’t cease to amaze how this morons/muppets, think how dumb westerners are! I just wish I could inflict the same pain that they have inflicted to many woman, not to mention how they much anguish and pain they have inflicted to these poor soldiers’ identities but also to their families.

      What disgusting pieces of human beings these people are! I’m so mad at these vile animals I just want to beat the crap out of them!!!!

    • Great job CJ yet another damn low life African troll on this site in a perfect world internet access would be cut off or when these lying beggars scam the penalty would be they lose two fingers then the lying begging bastards cant use the computer anyways unless they use they mouth or internet access should be so expensive that these lying beggars could not afford it either way is good for me and it wouldnt be soon enough these assholes need to be taught a real lesson LAZY asses.Anonn

  293. i have been talking to a u.s soldier for a while now, first he wanted me to send £100 for a phone and then when that didn’t go through he’s now asked me to apply for him vocational leave so he doesn’t have to go to iran next month. The u.s army are askin me to pay £500 to proccess his leave and will get a full refund once he is with me in britan. i have told him i cann’t afford to pay it and now he’s telling me that when he gets to iran there will be no contact either by email or letters as he is on a specail mission, now i’m begining to wounder if this is a scam. he’s sent me photo’s and loads of lovely poems. his name is Lieutenant Mark Guevara.

    • Trust me Louise this is a scam, I’ve recently met a US soldier on a eHarmony – Australia. He tried to scam me as well, I was asked for 650USD for a satellite phone, to which I realised it was all rubbish and told him to take a flying leap, I even have a photo of the soldier with his name on their, it just breaks my heart that they have stolen the identity of this poor soldier.

      I bet if you have a read of all the comments above you will see that the story you’ve been given by this so-called Soldier is probably the same story you’ve been given by this fake soldier. Don’t send any money, the US Army looks after their soldiers, they are allowed to phone their loved ones and they are allowed to receive letters and parcels.

      This vocational leave is excuse the language bulls**t. DON’T DO IT DON’T SEND ANY MONEY!!
      Cheers Ant from Australia

      • @ Ant I Love it Great job Lady you are starting to spread the word and thats great keep up the great work Anonn

        • @ Anonn as we say here in Australia “No Worries”! It my pleasure to help out wherever I can, I will be visiting here often and helping out.

          I have even now joined the “Soldiers Angel” and will be corresponding with a soldier deployed and will send a parcel when I can. I suppose something good has come out of all of this! I still wish I could contact the real soldier and let him know.
          Take care

        • @ Anonn

          You’ll never guess what!

          I did a bit of detective work and I found the real SFC Mark Adams!!!!! He is actually known as SFC John Adams. All the photos of him have been stolen from this website. Its a website for Army heroes this is where they are stealing info and photos of various soldiers.

          These bast***ds are using this website to steal photos and pose as these poor soldiers! SHAME ON THEM!!!

          I’m made as hell at these vile people! Nothing worse than the scorn of a woman!! LOL

          Take care
          Ant from Sydney!

    • This website has saved me a lot of grief and my bank account!

  294. I met this guy on My Year Book. He told me his name was James Conel. He had sent me picture of himself in uniform and out of uniform.He told me he was on a peace keeping mission in West Africa.Said he is in Nigeria. He said he is on a mission called the Boko harram for peace.At the time I wasn’t thinking and believed him. After a couple of days something didn’t seem right. I was looking at his uniform and noticed his last name is different than what he told me. I confronted him about it and he finally told me that his name is James Richard Morgan. He sent me more pictures. Once again I believed him.He said he wanted to hear my voice and it would cost $100 a minute.So he asked if I could sent him money.He told me he had to use the patrol phone.I asked him about the DSN line.He said they had it but not up and running.Once again I believed him. I sent him a total of $600 from the time we started chatting online til the time I thought enough was enough.I contacted a friend of mine that used to be in the military and she gave me all the info I asked for.The real James Morgan is a retired Army SSGT living in Texas with his wife. The person this guy is pretending to be is Shawn Morgan,who I believe is in the military and is stationed over in Afghanistan. I got a lot of info out of this identity theft person before I stopped chatting with him. I reported him to the military and to the CID/FBI.He or his friend is impersonating Brandon Shaffer to who is also in the military. A guy named David Staffers is impersonating Brandon Shaffers. I later did some more digging on this guy to find out who it was and it turned out to be a young kid at the age of 15. He is on facebook by the name of Folorunso Opeyemi Wizson. After a month and a half of talking to a guy that I fell for turned out to be a scammer. I was so mad at myself because I used to be in the military and I should have known this but didn’t pay attention to the little bells going off in my head. After I got more info that I needed I asked him a few questions. He failed all of them.That’s when I told him not to bother me anymore. I also made a mistake of giving him my e-mail address to.I’m going to have to make a new one now.

    All I can say is this,if you really want to write or send packages to a soldier to help them get thru there deployment over seas contact the Adopt A US Soldier. That is a legit site. I am on there and there you will have to sign up in order to receive a soldier.When you sign up the people that are in charge of this website will look your info over to make sure everything is legit.It is ran by volunteers,and some of them have been in the military. If your approved to be on the site you will wait 2-5 days to be assigned a soldier.It only took me 2 days and I got mine.As I said it is a legit site and these soldiers are real they are not fake.They will give you a legit mailing address and e-mail address if they have access to the internet.They explain everything to you if you get approved. THEY DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY EITHER.

    • @ Gene I am so sorry you lost money but this ……….He said he is on a mission called the Boko harram for peace….IS A LIE People PAY ATTENTION this lying scammer has this is NOT supposed to happen until JUNE and only SPECIAL OPS PLEASE remember A Special OPS Military Member will NEVER tell you he or she is SPECIAL OPS ONLY Scammers will tell that LIE PAY ATTENTION and that way you will stay on top of these lying beggars some read on the internet the ones that can read so you need to do the same

      There is NO Military base in NIGERIA but special ops ONLY is supposed to be there in JUNE 2012 so you really need to be on guard because the beggars in Nigeria will be Anonn

      • Also remember if a Military Member is Special Ops he/she will NEVER tell ANYONE Especially NOT some Stranger they met online BUT A SCAMMER you know an UGLY begging Scammer mostly Nigerians or West Africans will claim to be God for the promise of money Anonn

  295. If You get an email like this DO NOT RESPOND NOT only is it a SCAMMER but they will know your email address is active and will sell it to other scammers and send you garbage like this day in and out…..Anonn


    Permit me with the manner with which I am seeking your assistance. I want to trust you with this classified and confidential information.

    Before I continue, let me introduce myself to you, I am Capt.Nicholas Hamilton, the commander of the Special N.A.T.O coalition force with the United Nation troops in Afghanistan, on war against terrorism. I have now in my possession the sum of Fifteen million US Dollars($15million) which I recovered from one of our raids on terrorists’ camp here in Afghanistan.

    This box of money have been deposited with the red cross society here in Kabul as a diplomatic luggage for safe keep and to make contacts for its proper use. As the team leader, it is under my power to approve whoever comes forth for this money.

    So I need someone I can deal with on trust and that is why I contacted you. so If you accept, I will put you forward as the beneficiary/owner of the funds and then move the money to you. As a military personnel, I cannot parade such an amount or carry it to my country so I need to present someone as the beneficiary. I just need your acceptance and all is done. I have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money through a diplomatic courier service to you where arrangements will be made to proceed to your country.

    Once I confirm your interest to my proposal, and your positive reply, I will proceed to register your name as the beneficiary. This money is my life and I am willing to give you 40% of the total sum when the money is delivered to you. I wait your response so we can proceed immediately. In less than 5days the money should be in your safe custody.

    The only telephone access we have is radio message which is for our general use and is being monitored. Therefore all communication will be via email until we finish our assignment here and fly straight to your country to meet you. Thank God for President Barrack Obama whose keen interest is to call us back home soon.


    Capt.Nicholas Hamilton

  296. Over the past few years on dating sites I have come a cross a few and all seemed a little suspect. I have never been asked for money though and in a short time after asking questions or not web caming till I saw them, they soon disappeared. My recent contact on Skype lead me to this site and this educational readings.

    1. gwccc_1949 claiming to be George William Casey 58, widow. Received a friend request with a message that had poor English grammar. March 2012.

    2. George working in Afghanistan and an Australian commando but born in US. e-mail address 2010 – 2011

    3. Lastly not claiming to be military but uses the same sort of sorties is David Morgan 2010 – 2011

    Watch out for all 3 of these men.

  297. Just to update this a little, all U.S. combat troops were removed from Iraq in December 2011. If you got some email from an “American in Iraq” then you got an email from an idiotic internet criminal who doesn’t keep up with the news.

    Also, In my post above, anywhere it says Iraq you can replace it with Afghanistan. Scammers (the ones who actually read the news) know that there are still American troops in Afghanistan. Some of them are updating their scam formats.

    If you get an email from “an American in Libya” it’s absolutely a scam. American military personnel are NOT in Libya.

  298. I met a man named sgt david morgan, 45, on WAYN, he told me he is stationed in Afghanistan and has been there for 11 years. He also said he’s originally from California and has a 5 year old daughter; his wife died from cancer 2 years ago. After 48 hours of chatting with him, he asked me to send his commanding officer an email requesting his leave of absence so he can return to the United States to be with me and that it would cost me some money. Of course, i had no intentions of contacting anyone on his behalf or sending any money. Red flags flew then, i confronted him about his scam and about scammers posing as military men and decided never to talk to him again.

  299. I just found another imposter on Facebook: MICHAEL HANNETTE. He’s using a picture of me as his profile picture.


    I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. Photos of me have been used by scammers since 2006 when they were downloaded from the Webshots website. I didn’t realize the pics could be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. In any case, I frequently search Facebook for people using my last name. The scammers are kind of stuck with that name since it’s on the name tags of my uniforms in the pictures. Today, I found these imposters on Facebook:


    Each of them used a photo of me as his profile photo. I reported the imposters to Facebook and sent warning e-mails to each of their friends. Fortunately, they didn’t have many. Hopefully, FB will delete their accounts soon.

    Also on FB were CARL HANNETT and JAMES HANNETT. Neither of them had a profile picture, but each claimed to be in the US Army. I can tell you that neither of them is in the Army. There are VERY few Hannetts in the Army. The criminals read these posts, so I won’t say anything else about that. I wish I had time to prowl the dating websites for imposters, but I don’t. Be careful and DON’T SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

  301. Hi everybody… Its so good to hear I’m not alone… I’m pretty sure I’m in the same boat, but just wondering if the name Sean P Tucker ID/02718/OD rings any bells with anyone? He’s supposedly stationed in good old Afghan, but isn’t claiming to be a soldier as such, but an Explosives and Ordnance “consultant”. Supposedly turned 49 last Monday 12th March… Have been chatting to him for about a month, after he initially contacted me on Right from the start, he has always said his tour was up 28th March, then on Friday he said he’d been called to a meeting with his Colonel (Patrick Alonso), and told that his tour was being extended for a period of 6 months. He says he declined to agree to the tour extension, so he was CM’d and told a fine will be imposed on him. He has asked me if I will make an “End of Tour Request”, as they will only accept this from a spouse or partner, and I’m the nearest he’s got to one… Has anyone come across this name before? I’m assuming he’s not who he says he is, but would be useful to know if he’s a seasoned one or not! Thanks! Michelle.

    • Ok, here’s the next installment…having agreed to, and having submitted the ‘End of Tour Request’ on his behalf, I received an email from said Colonel Patrick Alonso:

      Colonel Patrick Alonso,
      Base Vulcan,
      United States Army,
      Kabul, Afghanistan.

      To: Michelle Basson

      End of Tour Request Application Feedback

      Your request for an End of Tour leave on behalf of the deployed military staff; Mr. Sean P. Tucker ID/02718/OD as has been faxed to the pentagon for proper documentation and all necessary signatories to review the request for possible approval.

      As per your concern regarding your legal obligation on this matter, I am not supposed to disclose any piece of information to you until I receive an order from the pentagon. But, due to considerable explanations made to me by the deployed staff Mr. Sean Tucker regarding this matter, I would brief you in a summary on what your legal obligations are.

      Your legal obligations consist of being able to settle any basic charges/fines levied on the deployed staff following the tour extension refusal. You must have fully agreed with the deployed staff (Mr. Sean Tucker) to embark on this process. You MUST be aware that the deployed staff would not be allowed to leave his base of tour without a sealed pass following his tour extension denial.

      I shall get back to you with necessary information as soon as I get a go ahead order from the Pentagon


      Col. Patrick O. Alonso
      For: U.S Army & The Pentagon

      Observed By: Sgt. David C. Heckler

      The next email I got was this:

      The Colonels Office
      United States Army,
      10th Infantry DIV,
      Kabul, Afghanistan.

      To: Michelle Basson

      A feedback has been faxed in from the pentagon in reference to your end of tour application request for the deployed military staff Mr. Sean Tucker ID/02718/OD and your application has been approved by necessary signatories.

      I have also been given a go ahead order to handle the process and clarify all steps involved with you as due.

      The pentagon and the U.S army fine & drill committee has fined the deployed military staff Mr. Sean Tucker a sum of $2,520.00USD = £1,591.00GPB referencing all protocol as due. Payment must be made in your local currency totalling the above mentioned amount in dollars.

      You will be provided with a U.S army scribe payment information to have the above mentioned amount paid to as soon as you acknowledge this email.

      The deployed military staff would be handed a pass to leave the base without any further delay as soon as payment has been received and confirmed.


      Col. Patrick O. Alonso

      Observed By: Sgt. Marion F. Smith (SSGT)

      Needless to say, alarm bells were ringing by this point…but I “acknowledged the email” as instructed, and about 24 hours later, I received this:

      The Colonels Office
      United States Army,
      10th Infantry DIV,
      Kabul, Afghanistan.

      To: Michelle Basson

      I have received the U.S army fine scribe payment information which the $2,520.00USD = £1,591.00GPB fine for tour extension refusal should be paid to. You have been asked to make payment through Money Gram Money transfer which is the most suitable for your region.

      Payment Information:

      Name: Tashona Hayes
      City: Houston
      State: Texas
      Zip Code: 77036
      Country: United States

      Test Question: uacm
      Answer: texas

      You should send a scan copy of the full payment receipt to me through email so I could forward it to SSgt.Tashona Hayes who is in charge of fines and drills to confirm your payment. As soon as your payment is confirmed. The pentagon would give me a go ahead order to issue a pass to the deployed officer to leave the base immediately.

      Col. Patrick O. Alonso

      Observed By: Sgt. Marion F. Smith (SSGT)

      Although I’ve hoped that this was somehow all above board, I know in my heart of hearts that it isn’t. But oh my god, whoever is behind this is really good! And I mean really really good!!! The grammar of these communications is impeccable… My opinion is that there’s no way these have been written by anyone that isn’t English or American, they’re just too good! And why ask me to send a scanned copy of the payment receipt? Once the money got there, they don’t need anything else that it might contain, in order to collect…? I guess they’ll go to some serious lengths to make it look good!

      And the other bit that’s really really worrying is that this one is asking that the money be paid to somewhere in the U.S. as opposed to good old Africa… I guess they’ve figured out we’re getting wiser on that front! Either that, or scams impersonating the U. S. Military are getting a whole lot closer to their own home soil!!

      Does anyone know if there’s any way of checking if ANY of these supposed names are real? Because if there’s a real Col. Patrick O. Alonso, Sgt. David C. Heckler, Sgt. Marion F. Smith (SSGT), or indeed a real Sean P Tucker, then there are a hell of a lot of other victims in this besides me…

      Ladies…I’ve only given my heart to this guy…but that’s enough to have left me feeling like a foolish child. I’m just so thankful for my cynical nature at this point! Please please please be careful, and tell anyone and everyone you know that might be on any sites where these guys are registered. I was contacted on and he had actually paid for a membership on there…I guess he saw it as a good investment!

      If this scenario is anything to go by, our scammer friends have certainly raised the benchmark by a considerable amount!

      I just hope my mistakes might stop someone else falling for their lies…

      I’ve got the pictures of the (incredibly gorgeous) “Sean P Tucker” if anyone thinks they might be relevant…

      Michelle 🙁

  302. So i need some advice…my mom is completely being scammed by some jerk from Ghana. She started talking to him in Nov 2011, he told her he was in the military and he would be retiring and returning to the states a few days before christmas…of course something happened and he wasnt able to return home….he’s supposably been trying to get back to the states for the last 3 months now….im pretty sure she sent him a phone and im not sure what else she has sent him but she thinks she is in love with him and he is going to be here anyday now and they will live happily ever after. He says he lives in New York and he is back in the states now so yesterday she went to pick up a computer that he bought from walmart online and she is supposed to ship it to him…this makes no sense at all to me…i askked her why he doesnt just have it shipped to himself but she doesnt have an answer for that. I asked her why he is stilll calling from a ghana phone number if he is here in the states and she told me it is so his friends will still be able to get ahold of him. She has a stupid excuse for everything i call him out on. I have tried to convince her over and over again that she is being scammed but she refuses to believe me…im just worried that she is going to get herself in a lot of trouble because im assuming the merchandise he is buying from walmart is bought with a stolen credit card….does anyone have any advice for me??? I just dont know what to do anymore.

    • Traci tell your Mother to go to and yes she is being scammed and used this is an Ugly African a Ghanian he has a Ghana number because Ghana is his home plain and simple.Anonn

    • PLease be patient with ur Mam these men r clever they have being doing this sort off thing for years
      they tell u they love u they promise u the world between u both u make a whole new future together ur Mam is lonely he is telling her wot she wants too hear ur probably reading this now and thinking wot do u know.
      I was taken for a ride by one off these guys let me tell u they r good at wot they do i was chatting too him for 15 months and in that time he conned £6000 out off me he used the name SHAWN MICHEAL and said he was living in Lakeland in Florida but was working out in Nigeria we wood chat every nite on yahoo text everyday and chat on the phone regualy i didnt know wot a Nigerian sounded like so i knew no different. Show this too ur Mam if she is willing too look at it if u wood like too chat my email is

  303. Anonn, i sent email for you on GMAIL, please open your GMAIL !, thank you.

  304. this guy I am chatting with wants me to send money to him.he is quite good. if any ones heard of a mark pelzer please inbox me asap. I also have photoes

  305. I think I am being scammed by a mark pelzer… I have photoes. please help

    • laura contact me please my email is i have a Patrick Pelzer trying too scam me at the moment the sir name is uncommon im wondering if maybe they could be the same person

  306. beware of scammers sending expensive things in package..then the courier will found out that in the package they’ve discovered a sum of money and they will asked you to pay for the delivery fees, administrative and other fees concern on the package and they will instructed you to pay at western union aware of this scammers..they are everywhere in dating sites especially in tagged

  307. im also chatting with a man named Steve Brown and he said he is us army soldier base in Libya for peacekeeping…we only chatted since february..then he asked me if i want to hear his voice..then he asked me to request to their base in libya..he even gave me the instruction for the request and he also said that i have to pay for the phone call for $250…he also send pictures in a gear battle uniform..he said that they are not allowed to use any communications devices and he is using a laptop for our communications…see that he is using a laptop but not allowed to use phone…until now he is chatting with me..and telling me if i send the request to their base…scammers every where …

  308. Last week was contacted by Mark Burkott thru dating site with a letter almost exact as posted in this
    article. Claims to be stationed in Darfur Sudan doing peace keeping for with United
    Nations. After chatting a short time was asked to pay for an online account so he
    could contact friends.

  309. Bueno, Yo gracias a Dios, descubrí a tiempo lo de el que se hace pasar por el sargento norteamericano Troy Turner. El año antepasado me recomendaron una página de internet para buscar pareja Zoosk. Yo entré a la página, Conocí a varias personas a través de élla. Luego me llegó una foto de un sr llamado Troy Turner. Según sargento del ejército, yo al principio creí, decía cosas maravillosas, además me envió unas fotos, una vestido de militar. Yo muy preocupada por lo que sucede en Afghanistan por mi amado Turner. Empecé a buscar información de Afghanistan y me imaginaba a ese sargento que había perdido a su esposa y su hijo, además a sus padres. Según tenía un hermoso hijo llamado Williams al que cuidaba una niñera. Claro, no hay que negarlo es muy atractivo el sargento, no hay ninguna duda. Yo emocionada y preocupada y estaba haciendo planes para esperar al pequeño de 10 años a vivir conmigo. Luego, el lunes en la mañana, me conecto a la red. y estaba el supuesto Turner conectado. empezamos a chatear, pero no tengo camara web instalada. Y me preguntó si había visto lo de Afghanistan y yo le respondí que si, que para mi era terrible esa situación, y el me dijo que había habido un tiroteo. Claro por la noticia, vi que habían asesinado a dos oficiales norteamericanos a quemarropa. Yo sufriendo por mi Turner y por su pequeño, Luego me dice que si yo puedo enviar a los Estados Unidos 300 euros porque su niñera y su hijo se han quedado sin alimentos, Yo le dije que si esto estaba pasando por qué el no me lo había dicho antes. Me dijo que porque el mensaje le terminaba de llegar y que el no podía movilizarse por lo que pasaba en la base de OTAN allá.
    Le dije que me enviará el numero de teléfono para llamar a la niñera o su hijo y me dijo que el teléfono estaba desconectado. Le dije que no podía creer que el ejercito mas poderoso del planeta dejara a los hijos de sus combatientes a la deriva. Yo le sugerí y pedí permiso para llamar a la embajada norteamericana en mi país y avisar por lo que pasaba su pequeño hijo, y me dijo que para que iba a llamar a la embajada, porque el pequeño Williams no podía viajara solo. Dijo que le enviara por wester union el dinero, yo le dije que durante el día iba a estar ocupada, yo le había enviado allá mi horario de trabajo. Le dije también que yo podía llamar a un familiar que vive en USA para que le tendiera una mano al pequeño y a su niñera y me respondió que se gastaría más dinero, porque mi familiar y el niño estaban en estados distantes. Se molestó cuando le dije que por qué me estaba probando por tan poco dinero, entre otras cosas. Ahí logré ver que todo fue una mentira. Eso fue esta semana 26-02-2012. Ya dejó de comunicarse. Revisé en Badoo y aparecen unas fotos iguales a las que yo tengo en el correo de esa persona. Es decir que quien suplanta al querido Troy está en boga, su email es Quizás sea el mismo que está en badoo y hay otro en, el cual dice que nació en Nueva Jersey y que actualmente vive en Lincoln Nebrasca, allí en badoo dice que tiene un hijo, en este momento no recuerdo el nombre. Gracias a Dios a mi no logró quitarme cosas materiales, pero si se llevó algunas de mis fotos, seguro las utilizará como usó las de Troy Turner. Por esa situación me puse a huzmear en la red hasta que conseguí este sitio, que no se si es otra de las guaridas del farsante. No les niego me divertí mucho, sufrí por la escena del pequeño que ese hombre me pintó y uno trata de ayudar . Claro cuando tenga mayor cobertura me gustaría enviar nuestras conversaciones por este medio. El que se hace pasar por Troy Turner me conectó la primera semana del pasado mes de febrero. Creí que yo era la única víctima, veo que hay muchas aquí y a las que no solo le quisieron robar el corazón sino que las estafaron. Dios les bendiga. Saludos al verdadero Troy Turner, un abrazo.
    P.D: Pueda que con esto me esté exponiendo a algo peor. Gracias a Dios uno actúa de buena fe.

    • Hola Maria,me llamo Antoaneta,vivo en Madrid.Yo soy una victima como tu i muchas mujeres.Esto no me deja a paz..Quiero subir las fotos i cartas de estas scammers,pero como que yo estoy muy mal con ingles no entiendo como se hase.Si tu puedes audarme,por favor haselo.
      Un beso Antoaneta

  310. Anonn Dear, please open your GMAIL, i sent you email there, thank’s

    • @ Rosse I have received your email and I have also returned yours I’m a new Mommy x2 so I am trying to adapt sorry its taken me so long also all if I’m Not on very often know that I will monitor this blog still and will help out as much as I can to expose these lying beggars and thieves Anonn

  311. Anyone had contact with “Antonio Hernandez”. Supposedly a Lt. in the Marines in Afghanistan. He’s mentioned the pay to call thing once. Said it was $1,000. But then said never mind. I guess he figured he was pushing too fast.

    • Hello! I havent had a contact with Antonio Hernandez but with another man named George Greg and i find
      George Greg at a datingsajt: Are you Interested. He was tolding me he was in US arme but is retaierd from it from 30 of januari-12. He is not there anymore. He said to me he was in South Africa and his sister are living there and his son was ill and need money to the hospitel. He ask me for help and like me to send the money to Dr. Antonio Hernadez by Western Union Bank. I was stupid and give him the money he need. *It was 1000 dollar.
      I am living in Sweden and i am sorry if my english is not correct but i hope you understand what i am wrighting.
      He was giving me a picture from Afghanistan and he was waring an armeuniform. He was sending me an another picture too.He said it was from Georgia there he lives. I havent seen his name here but i hope someone will look after it.

    • “Antonio Hernadez” is a scammer, do not continue talking to him

  312. If you can’t get military email address or anything is asked for play along just enough to find out the truth then add their email to the shame list

  313. I was almost scammed but outwitted him. he says his name is steve wilson in afghanistan… widowed with one son. LOL sorry email is my friend told me about this site and for three days I’ve been conversing with him to see how much he would go for asking from me. As i have real family in the military and highly respect them I shame those who try to use their identities to get anything. he try to tell me that they didn’t pay him his money so I offered to contact someone in the washington D.C. Department of veterans affairs to aide him in his situation in which he didn’t know who I was talking about.. LOL needless to say our conversation was over and I didn’t lose anything but my pride.

  314. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY……..Because there will be a flood of Scammers trying to steal your money for sure now but notice it says SPECIAL Ops Basically Elite Forces REMEMBER if a REAL US Military Member is Special Ops or Elite Forces he will NEVER advertise it nor tell you NOR will they beg you for money…..

    U.S Commados to Storm Nigeria in June to Help with the Boko Haram Issue0 Comments
    By admin
    Posted on 23 Feb 2012 at 7:59am

    Baring any last minutes change, top United States elite forces made up of members of the Marines, Navy Seals and Special Forces, will be in Nigeria in June as part of effort to help the country deal with the Boko Haram insurgence.

    Nigeria and the United States Military have existing agreements in counter-terrorism, Maritime Security, military transformation and other areas.

    A U.S. Army officer, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the mission said U.S. troop members on the mission have already been informed.

    Monica Matoush, spokeswoman for the U.S Defense Department did not return calls when sort for clarifications on the planned June mission.

    Nicole M. Dalrymple Media Action Officer, West and Central Africa AFRICOM Public Affairs Office told us that she cannot immediately confirm the June mission but disclosed that counter terrorism, Maritime Security and others are areas the U.S is rendering assistance to Nigeria.

    “If I’m able to find anything out about specific training in June I will let you know,” she told us in an email exchange.

    In public comments, Nigerian and U.S. officials acknowledge “strategic cooperation” and confirm high-level meetings. However, they play down the meetings as routine, apparently for fear the Northern Muslim leaders will be outraged.

    The military source said the mission is purely training but did not rule out a possible change of plans based on a new request for assistance from Nigeria.

    “The mission is purely for a training purpose but we understand there is a new request and I don’t know details of it yet. But if we have directive to do otherwise, then we won’t have any choice than to do just that. I am aware that some senior officials are in talks with some Nigerian officials for more help but I cannot say what other help it is.”

    We could not confirm details of the latest request from the Nigerian Government to the U.S Military. Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense,Colonel Mohammed and Army Spokesman, Colonel Usman Abdul did not pick up their calls.

    The source confirmed that the soldiers on the mission would be drawn from AFRICOM and from those who just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan because of their understanding of the Arab world.

    Dalrymple however disclosed, “our partnership with Nigeria is focused in four areas requested by the Nigerians. Those areas are maritime security, crisis response (i.e. peacekeeping operations, pandemic response, airlift), counter terrorism, and military transformation (i.e.joint doctrine development, integration of women into the military, civil-military capability).

    She said while there are no U.S. troops on the ground in an operational capacity assisting the Nigerian military in their response to Boko Haram attacks, “Nigeria is a member of the U.S. State Department’s Trans Sahara Counter Terrorism

    According to her, “In recent years, at Nigeria’s request, the U.S. has been working with the Nigerian military on their nascent counter-force through recurring training events.

    “This training has included basic soldiering skills, basic small unit infantry tactics and leadership training,” she told us.

    Boko Haram employs the tactics of Al-Qaeda, using suicide bombers and waging guerilla warfare in their quest to Islamize Nigeria. Their insurgency has led to several deaths and destruction of properties including the United Nations building in the Nigeria capital of Abuja in 2011.

    Ambassador J. Anthony Holmes, U.S. Africa Command’s civilian Deputy had in October 2011 said “Given the realities on the continent, however, our focus tends to be on Somalia and the surrounding countries to deal with al-Shabaab, and in West Africa, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which is based in northern Mali but increasingly has ties with Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. So we try to assist the governments and militaries of the countries in that region to develop the capacity to come to grips with and solve its own terrorism problem.

  315. Also Military email addresses end in .Mil only anything beyond .Mil is a scam and a scammer ask this scammer to email you from his Military email address and also ask him for his Military Address in Iraq and google it but either way he is begging you for money so he is a scammer.Anonn

  316. Bill Hendricks also uses the yahoo messenger account sgt.billhendricks

  317. Add the name William (Bill) Hendricks to this list. He claims to be a sergent stationed in Afghanistan. Once he told me his unit had led the raid on Sadams house and he stole 16 million dollars, asking me to accept delivery of it to get it out of the country. I kept talking to him figuring I’d eventually have hims send what ever it was to my local court house. Then told me he had financial problems and could I send him money. His myspace account is

  318. I have been chatting with a man claiming to be Kennedy D. Lewis who was stationed at Camp Pendleton in CA. He told me that he had no family because his mother died when he was young, his father died during his first deployment and his twin brother just died in Iraq. He sent pics the first night of him and his twin brother and I can’t lie whoever is really in the pics were really handsome. He said he was Dominican and his father was half Cherokee. .I was a bit skeptical when he started to say that he loved me after within 24 hours. He was waiting on his deployment letter to come and was supposed to go to Afghanistan. He left for Afghanistan on Jan. 12 and within a week he was emailing me asking me to send him a laptop through a diplomat. I didn’t do it. About a week or so after that, he messaged me asking me to send him some money for food. I thought this was odd because I thought that all of the needs of the soldiers were taken care of. He then tried to guilt trip me into sending him money by saying that the other troops’ wives were sending them money. That didn’t work either, so he dropped the subject. He contacted me last me and told me that he was in Iraq because he had malaria and would be back in Afghanistan this week. At that time he asked me to accept a package for him. He asked for me address and he sent me roses and a teddy bear for Valentine’s day. Yesterday he sent me a message asking me to pick up a package from Best Buy that he had ordered and send it to a diplomat in Africa who was there for the UN summit. He gave me a name and address and when I looked up the name, it led me to a page on Facebook of an African man. BEWARE! Today he contacted me again and this is the conversation:
    Sgt Lewis: hi
    chosen11275: hi
    Sgt Lewis: how u doing?
    chosen11275: good…u?
    Sgt Lewis: doing great honey..did you call for the package
    chosen11275: no
    Sgt Lewis: ok…wont you?
    chosen11275: no
    Sgt Lewis: no what?
    chosen11275: I
    chosen11275: m not going to
    Sgt Lewis: and why did you said you can?
    Sgt Lewis: that fine…but how wicked are you?
    chosen11275: I’m as wicked as you are
    chosen11275: I’m not wicked you are
    Sgt Lewis: I’m not ok
    Sgt Lewis: why did you play games with me
    chosen11275: I didn’t play games, you were the one playing games and trying to run a scam on me
    Sgt Lewis: I have nothing to say but i’ll call to cancel the order
    chosen11275: okay
    Sgt Lewis: what is wrong with you?
    chosen11275: I told you, I don’t like to be toyed with
    Sgt Lewis: you have a bad negative thinking
    Sgt Lewis: i never toyed you but you have a bad character
    chosen11275: What’s your MOS?
    chosen11275: If I have bad character why did you contact me?
    Sgt Lewis: you fucking wanna verify again
    Sgt Lewis: go to hell and ask for MOS
    chosen11275: no need for profanity…
    chosen11275: lol
    chosen11275: You’re the one headed to hell
    Sgt Lewis: what is lol…you not gonna have a man,with ya bad behavior
    chosen11275: okay
    Sgt Lewis: well have a nice search…
    chosen11275: okay…thank you
    chosen11275: Good luck trying to scam someone else
    chosen11275: I am a genius, remember
    Sgt Lewis: God forgive you for calling me a scammer
    chosen11275: I pray that God forgives you
    Sgt Lewis: genius in hell i think you are
    chosen11275: Stop bringing God into your deceitful acts
    chosen11275: May God have mercy on your soul
    Sgt Lewis: oh you too..merciful God will forgive you always
    Sgt Lewis: i’ll also pray for your evil soul
    chosen11275: My soul is not evil…yours is
    Sgt Lewis: beware never think of wasting a man time,if you do something may happen to you
    chosen11275: How did I waste your time?
    chosen11275: You obviously had plenty of time since you were on here more than you were patrolling
    Sgt Lewis: ask yourself
    Sgt Lewis: really…shame on you liar
    chosen11275: I’m not the liar…you are and now you’re mad because you got found out
    chosen11275: shame on you
    Sgt Lewis: you’re a disgrace
    chosen11275: You’re a disgrace….the Marine Corp would be ashamed of you…oh that’s right you are not even a marine
    Sgt Lewis: you have to learn how to love…unfaithful being
    Sgt Lewis: oh now I’m not even a marine
    Sgt Lewis: I think u crazy
    chosen11275: Who is your commanding officer?
    Sgt Lewis: you cant even write thank you letter for a gift
    Sgt Lewis: shame on you
    chosen11275: I sent an email
    chosen11275: I sent 2 emails
    Sgt Lewis: go ask your computer adviser
    chosen11275: lol
    chosen11275: I’m going to contact the Dept of Defense and Camp Pendleton and see if you are truly a Marine
    Sgt Lewis: you better do,cause you a fucking fool
    chosen11275: What’s your military issued email address?
    Sgt Lewis: what you gonna do if you found me in there?
    chosen11275: I won’t find you there
    Sgt Lewis: ok..well i have alot to do now…bye and even contact me with your fucking love for men
    Sgt Lewis: go to hell and find yaself a date
    chosen11275: You have nothing to do but try to scam other women from your hole in the wall in Africa
    Sgt Lewis has signed out. (2/18/2012 9:26 AM)

    Last message received on 2/18 at 9:25 AM

    • @ Kat………He then tried to guilt trip me into sending him money by saying that the other troops’ wives were sending them money………Ah and he didnt have access to his own bank account or money to buy food because??? they ALWAYS have access to their money if they are REAL Military members hes NOT in Iraq troops left Iraq back in December 2011 he has malaria because hes in Africa that is his home he is an AFRICAN great job of doing your homework this lying beggar didnt care about you anytime they claim to have a diplomat they are scammers US Military does NOT need diplomats for ANY reason to receive mail or care packages My Husband is Military I have yet to hear him talk about any Diplomat he even finds it laughable only a dumb ass scammer would come up with bullshit like this.Anonn

  319. I am checking on a Senior Sgt. Jeff Roberts in the United States Army supposedly deployed in IRAQ and he is asking me to send money via western union to the wireless calling department of the army so that we may have calling access with one another. He claims he cannot access his funds. I have not sent the money and I want to believe him but am also not a dumb ass….lol…I have am email address for the wireless calling department: Does anyone know of this department or had similar situation.

    I appreciate all who are willing to help me with this. I also have photos of Jeff and his email is

    He says there are no calling centers and this is the only way he can hear my most sweet voice….lol

    Thanks everyone.


    • Kelli DO NOT send a dime this IS a Scammer US Military does NOT use western union or moneygram to conduct Business at ANYTIME they can talk on the phone for free and also this is a Scammer and a BAD Liar first of all ALL US MILITARY are NO LONGER IN IRAQ this African is lying to you tell him to get his lying ass on Cam and prove to you who he really is trust me he is an UGLY Black African with a huge mishaped head…………….you typed this…… He claims he cannot access his funds. He has no funds because he is a SCAMMER a lying Beggar tell him to get a JOB!..

      wireless calling department of the army =This scammer wants money to either buy a cellphone or he has one and he wants you to send money so he can buy credits for his phone as they call it he is a LIAR

      Anyone who finds you on ANY social site and says they are US Military especially in Iraq and then begs you for any type of help is a SCAMMER you have been warned Anonn

    • @ Kelli go to facebook and type in this scammers email address you will see on his Facebook page that hes doing the same crap to some lady named Vanessa Perez I checked it out and here is what his profile says……… Am a guy that want the best for me and for my soul mate,i love my daughter so much,cause she is all have got left,am single…and hope one day i will find the special woman to fill the space my ex left….

      Americans do NOT talk like this but Africans do…..Anonn.

  320. Wow, this is pathetic. Good thing I caught this in time. I’m so dumb for even thinking this is real! *block* and *delete*!!!

  321. I almost fell for this scam..I am still livid and angry..I tried an online dating service and met a “soldier” named Steve Lingo stationed in Afganistan..He gave me this sob story and we began emailing each other..shortly after he deleted his profile on the dating website. Within the last few days he has been asking me fora care package with a camera, laptop, Ipod, and a G Shock watch…also something for the children in the refugee camp. I was asked to email his diplomat for an address, I did and his diplomat said he was in Japan and on his way to Guana then Afganistan. He asked me to phone him with a tracking number and he would pick up the package and deliver it. Ugh!! I feel so dumb for not picking up on this when he said he was a PFC and in the Army for 18 years…and when I asked why his the uniform on his photo stated he was a Staff Sargeant…he apologized and said it was a typo…I emailed him one last time today asking for his military email..he declined stating it didn’t work well out there..right…
    I have his and his diplomats email and his photo…I would like to help put a stop to these scammers who are using our soldiers as scape goats…can anyone give me some advice on how I can help others??

  322. Ladies, there are men on Mate1, that are also targeting us. The man I mentioned earlier who wasn’t giving me any signals of being a fake army man is indeed a big fake. He’s going by the name Captain Nicholas (Nick) Mann with the U.S. Army. First – there is no Captain rank in the Army, second – there is in fact a SSg. Nick Mann within the Army. The fake Nick I met says he’s stationed in Panama City (even gave me his address there, which of course, doesn’t exist), 49 years of age, and goes by the username ghanaman1107 on the Mate1 dating site. I have pictures of this fake Nick if someone will tell me where and to who I send them. Now, the REAL Nick Mann was/is stationed in Afghanistan as of July 2011, 29 years old, from Tucson, AZ, and is with the 2nd Battalion 27th Infantry Regiment.. as per the picture and brief caption that I viewed in the Yahoo news this evening via a google search.
    With all that I’ve read in all of these Army scam stories from women, I’ve read over and over about how you get an idea that something’s not right just by the way these scam artists speak the English language. However, the fake Nick Mann, appears to be very intelligent, speaks perfect English and was able to give me a lot of info about the Army that I’ve double checked, just to be on the safe side.
    I’m disheartened, angry, and sick to my stomach that I’ve been played by this so-called Army man. I hate the fact that women are such targets of this kind of disgusting behavior by men we meet and think we can trust. Is this crap ever going to stop?!
    I’m really hoping that women out there who meet a supposed military man online do a thorough search online about him, before things go too far.

    • How do you find out if the person you are talking to is real…… If they are who they say they are.. Can you look up their name ect……

  323. I found out yesterday that I have also been fooled by one of these scammers, going by the name of Jeff Dawson, or Ssgt Jeffrey D Dawson of 802 Airbourne out of Fort Bragg. A widower with a 9 year old son, deployed to Afghanistan since last June and then sent to Nigeria last Tuesday! I paid for the phone connection of $250 but when he asked $1200 for the VAT on his leave request, I realised something was n’t right. I have photos of this guy and I’ve spoken to him on the phone. I feel so stupid and humiliated. I hope you can stop this scam because it does nothing but hurt.

  324. Hello Debbie, or anyone else who has been contacted by Captin Aaron Johnson can you please contact me, I too have two aurtistic sons, and i am recently Widowed. Alarm bells are ringing. I would like to here from debbie Who was also in touch with Aaron Johnson. Please contact me on this, Thank you, Cheryl Nelson.

  325. @Anonn… After all the astonishing reading I’ve been doing all day about these vile African scammers, I saw that you commented that there won’t be any US military in Nigeria or Ghana which tells me that I’m glad I paid attention to this Sgt. John Lingo, jlingo42 yahoo id. Now I know without a doubt that he’s also a scammer, considering he told me he was deployed to Nigeria in the past 36 hours. It’s a huge disgrace that innocent soldiers lives are being affected because these digusting African parasites are using their pictures to portray themselves so they can scam women. I seriously hope something is being done to stop this.
    Also, do you by any chance know how myself, as well as all the other women on here can find out if the men they start chatting with are for real and really from the US Military? As I said earlier, I’ve started chatting with another guy who says he’s in the military but isn’t stationed anywhere near Africa or that side of the world period but I would like to know if he’s for real. I’m just unsure of where I can on the web to find out if he’s the real thing or not. I’d appreciate an answer or an email,
    I’m very thankful these sites are available!

    • @ Victoria great job glad you paid attention but to spot a scammer pretending to be us military is SIMPLE

      demand they get on webcam for an hour to 2 to chat with you a SCAMMER will NOT he will have an excuse

      demand he email you from his Military email account it should end in .mil Anything passed .mil is a scam

      demand a copy of his military id and state id card dont worry you will spot a fake African scammers know NOTHING about the military which is a beautiful thing

      demand they give you their military mailing address and then google it

      google the Name they are using they are IDIOTS many are using fake names they made up or using fallen soldiers pics

      be aware that REAL US Military members have NO time to search social sites looking for love or a date they are BUSY but lazy ass Nigerian and other African Scammers do in fact all they have is time on their hands

      Bottom line the Military takes care of its own they will NOT need you assistance for ANY reason meaning they do NOT have any need for your MONEY especially NOT in a hostile fire zone
      they can talk on the phone for free and leave does NOT have to be paid for and neither does the flight back to the US

      NEVER send money to anyone you do not know Anonn

  326. The name Lingo is being used often. I met a Sergeant John Lingo on a dating site recently. Is this another name that’s out there being circulated amongst all the other Lingo’s? We got onto each other’s yahoo messengers right away rather than chatting on the dating site. I had alarm bells going off quite quickly. It wasn’t necessarily what he said in his messages but the look of his messages. I’m 99% sure he was copying and pasting his messages to me from something else, like it was messages that he sends to all the women he speaks to. Also, the couple of times I tripped him up with info he’d already given me or talked about the military he would miraculously go offline for a bit of time, come back online and say he was called to his commandants office. Commandant? Really? Not Commander? I know stupidity when I see it! At first he told me he was at his base in Dallas, Texas, but within 24 hours he tells me he’s been deployed and is now in Nigeria on a mission to eliminate a terrorist there (he also gave me the name of the terrorist). As soon as he said Nigeria, I was immediately alarmed because I know from experience, websites and news, how many scams are being run from that country. This is so out of hand and the fact that it’s being done using the US Military is disgusting!! It’s pretty much the same story from any of the Lingo’s or any of these men who are supposedly with the military and stationed in Nigeria or other African countries. I’m not American but it really ticks me off and disgusts me that these scam artists are using the US military as their supposed background!!
    Now I’m not sure if this is coincidence or not but I’ve happened to meet another military man on the same dating website but so far I haven’t had any alarm bells going off in my head. He’s sent me pictures of him in army fatigues and with fellow army members. Be sure that I’ll be addressing these military scams to him the next time we chat, see what he says and watch for everything he says from now on.
    I seriously hope that women will keep their eyes wide open to men who contact them in any way, asking for money, and are stationed outside of North America. This is has been a world-wide problem for years, women need to pay attention and stop being suckered into these scams. Pay attention to websites like this and to the news. It’s all over the place about these scam artists.

  327. Well here we go again, theres a new boy on the block, goes by the name of Captain Mike Edwards Wood, based currently in LIBYA, he claims he’s a widower of 4years and asks for money to a Tadiran Communications company so he can hear “your sexy voice” by satelite phone! then he wants your phone number, so u can hear a black nigerian talk on the end of it. Also he’s in the process of selling three homes , one in south carolina, one in Houston and the other in ohio, he claims he is wealthy , he wants to buy you a new mercedes ml320, so he can go buy himself another one! i will provide photo’s of this soldier if u need them, he operates alongside a Janet Woodgate who claims to be his sister, she’s trying to find him a wife! Be warned ladies this ones a slippery customer!

  328. Hi everyone has anyone been in contact with somebody going by the name Michael Mooris or more or moore. his nick name is Mic & is a Cpt US army. his email is or if anyone has or has any photos. so i can see if its the same person. because i really think im being scammed please help me xx thankyou xx

  329. does anybody know someone with the name steve palmer he is also in the army his camp number USTM0060881CBI
    Name: Sgt. Steve Palmer
    Date of Birth: 8th of March 1970
    State: Michigan
    Country: USA
    en that is the rest can somebody check this or does somebody allso talkt to him because hi says he is telling the truth but i do not know for sure hi also want to leave early from the army and this is the email where they send a letter with i do not now if its right and the adres is the same GENERAL WALKER ZARAH
    Multi-National Corps Iraq
    Chief of Deployment Affairs Office,
    Camp Victory,
    APO AE 09342.
    i really want to now if this soldiers is telling the truth or not

    • @ Deborah YES you are being scammed he is a liar and he is A FRAUD if he were real he would NOT need your help for ANY reason nor would he ask you for your assistance for ANY reason demand this scammer get on cam and shows himself for 2-3 hour chat

      hi also want to leave early from the army IF he were REAL US Military he could NOT leave the Army until his Contract is up the only place this scammer wants to leave is Nigeria or ghana or whatever part of West Africa he lives in Anonn

  330. Ladies as well as Gents Please PAY ATTENTION

    Real Us Service members will NOT need your Money for any reason they have access to their own accounts at all times yes even in the war zone there will be no freeze on their accounts for ANY reason
    Real Service members will NOT Beg a stranger for money for ANY reason
    Yes they can use a webcam even if they are special ops
    Real Us Service members will understand things like Mos AAfes or Les and SGLI Scammers will NOT
    Real Service Members will NOT be on any site soliciting you for any dates many have families and have no time for Facebook or any other sites NONE Many do NOT and will NOT Post Pics anywhere due to them being stolen by scammers and used to scam Men and Women out of Money
    Many Us Service members are No Longer in Iraq
    All Service members ARE allowed to receive mail and care packages scammers will say different
    All US Military members have a military email account and they may use it when they want scammers will say different because they are frauds
    US Military does NOT and will not use free email accounts of any kind they also do NOT Use Western Union or Moneygram for any reason
    Any Us Service member that asks you for Money for any reason is A FRAUD A SCAMMER plain and simple
    The US Military takes care of its own
    Scammers hate being asked questions they cannot answer

    Always insist after the first email to see their military id as well as their state id card or drivers license and no photoshopped crap and not the same pic the scammer sent you to begin with because the scammer will NOT be able to produce a id card pic as State Id cards cannot be photoshopped if they are its not hard to tell
    for instance if the scammer sends you a pic of the soldier or sialor they are impersonating the pic thats on the state Id should not be the same pic of the soldier or sailor in uniform PAY attention always

    pay attention to their grammer they always have spelling errors they NEVER type nor speak like Americans also insist that you hear their voice they cannot hide their accents

    US Military will not be in a place like Nigeria nor Ghana Watch the news There Is no base in Nigeria not even tents NONE

    Diplomats or anyone in the US supposedly collecting money for the service member SCAM

    Bottom Line REAL US Service Members Or Military members Period will NOT need your Money for any reason

    ALL Real Military Members have a Military email account ending in .Mil anything beyond .Mil is a FRAUD

    US Military does NOT use free email accounts nor do they Use Western Union or Moneygram BUT Scammers do.

    Leave these Scammers and their sorry asses and their life and sob stories with absolutely NOTHING…

    And stay on your toes because after troops withdraw from Afghan these scammers will come up with other lies and sob stories but stay vigilant NEVER send money to anyone you do not know even charities as many of them are scams as well.

    Example of an email I received from a scammer impersonating a Marine until I called him on his BS this is just an example of the silly type of crap they will type…

    Thanks you so much for the mail you sent me on tagged,well I am a down to earth person even if the marines thought us to be tough and strong,I have had a really straight life until now that I realise that I don’t have anybody to call my own family,I have never been married and I lost my dad two years ago,I also have a 63 years old mother who is my only source of joy.I just realised I wasted my life and I should have looked for you earlier in life..I will love to know more about you and I hope I will hear from you soon..Love Thomas


  332. new name to look out for ladies, hes scamming asking to pay for his fees to go home syas his mom is helping pay ,changes his words all the time each day changing his story of how he needs another 300 or 700 dolars to get home.ughhh these guys are relentless.are there any honest men in the military.i have yet to meet one who doesnt ask for money.